“Snowball” the Bunny leeps

  Originally uploaded by all4you. Sent in by Sherilyn F.

Bunny leeps, bunny leeps!
I bet you’ve never seen… BUNNY LEEPS!

(I bet you’ve never seen a Cute Overload Xtreme Close Up either…)





  1. IT LOOKS LIKE AN EASTER CARD!!! Or a Disney movie…either way, I wants to huggle it…

  2. so squuoossshy… love da bunny……

  3. Oh and…bleen? *dodges in vain*

  4. Hey!!! It’s an APPROVING bunbun!

  5. That is the prettiest bun I’ve ever seen!

  6. Ice Bunny says:

    I’ve seen bunny lips! Many many times… 🙂

  7. Janie Glass says:

    I LOVE it!

  8. Anyone else think that bunny lips are creepy?

  9. Awwww he looks like my Chatouil!!! Except Chatouil is even cuter!!! 😀

  10. eikoleigh says:

    That is the cutest bunny!

  11. OMG! Is that photoshopped??? THats really for real?? Never seen the likes of it before.

  12. He looks so big and…um, sturdy. I guess the only bunnies I’ve seen are the wild ones that come and eat the flower beds in the wee hours of the morning. How big do they get, weight wise?

  13. Wow,nice pantaloons!

  14. *dies* Thats TOO cute.

  15. Spookymuffins says:

    “Could you be… the most cute little bunny in the world…(could you be)

    It’s plain to see…(plain to see) you’re the reason that we don’t wear fur”- sung to the tune of ‘beautiful girl’ by Prince.

  16. acelightning says:

    Is it perverted to want to kiss a bunny on the lips?

  17. TanksMommy says:

    Ok the leeps are adorable but did anyone else notice the pawsitude? Short stubby little paws!!!!

  18. Is that bunny wearing lip gloss??

  19. GROSS
    sorry, had to express meself
    the bunny overall is, however, cute.

  20. Dear Lord this is almost too much adorable for first thing in the morning!!!!! TOO CUTE!

  21. Oh, lawd, I am keelt by the Mystery Smile.

  22. How precious. I hope the bunny has a loving home.

  23. Oh my gawd!
    What a snoogums. Such a happy boy.
    The close-ups look like a person wearing a bunny costume.

  24. I dissaprove of bunny leeps.

  25. Jessica, fifi — I must admit that these leeps are not my preferred flavor of cute, but what bothers me more is his bulbous skull and flattened forehead. Kind of a cave-bunneh look to me. But cute is ever in the eyes of the Cuteologist, I say.

  26. An approving bunneh!!!
    (My dog’s name is Snowball too.)

  27. OMG! I think he wet his lips for the pucker picture. So cute. Leeps is awesome!!

  28. ThreeCatNight says:

    And I will hug you and kees you up!

  29. is it just me…or does snowball have a hare lip?

  30. [groan]

  31. ha! my plan to make theo groan has come to fruition!

  32. (NO pervy intent in that last comment)

  33. Aaaaargh!

  34. My personal fave bun to date. CUTELICIOUS!!!

  35. anner – You made a groan man cry. . . 😉

  36. In the immortal words of John Parr: Naughty, naughty.


  37. heidilynn says:

    To me, the bunny with his funky leeps looks like an Ewok–imagine him saying “nyub nyub” and banging the ground with his little spear, ala Star Wars.

  38. pyrit – you have out-punned me! there is no form of defeat so enjoyable.

    btw, did you seem my poem on the hedgie/rack post? i’m not as skilled as you, but i gave it a shot.

  39. heidilynn – THATS where I’ve seen that face before. He’s an EWOK, of course. It all makes sense now.

  40. aphraeldanae says:

    Cute bunneh – looks like he’s wearing lipgloss…

  41. OMG, that’s so true! He looks like an Ewok!!

  42. those lips are utterly smoochable ^^

    the bunneh looks like it’s smiling all the time, and it’s so cuddly and cute.

    me wants hug from teh bunneh 😦

  43. Whoa! Is there such a thing as bunny cleft-pallet? Cute yet weird.

  44. Its a denergized, floppy down bunny thats just cant listen to its natural calling because he is been turn into a show pet…thats what i say!

  45. Bunny ear up …. please:)

  46. Pinky Earl says:

    I’m glad there are other people who appreciate the cuteness of the bunny lips. I would try to kiss my bunny on the lips, if I wasn’t afraid he would bite my nose.

  47. This one is more Mona Lisa like with the smile.

  48. No, I am not addicted. (Ack, who am I kidding?) says:

    Those must be the most kissable bunny lips ever.

  49. This is the COOLEST rabbit evah! He looks half human! I hereby annoint this rabbit as Most Royal Bunny of the Shire.

    Wish I could cuddle! Love, love, LOVE!

  50. mufusisrad says:

    Bunny put lipstick

  51. Jackcollins says:

    This is the best picture of a harelip I have ever seen