Rule #7 much?

Rule #7 much, Peeps?

These kittehs are all over it:


Ansley B—catastrophe!



  1. I get the feeling this post will get people who claim this to be ‘shopped.

    Cute, whether it is or not. If it is, they at least changed the markings.

  2. pookiepuff says:

    Oh my goodness! Such cute kitties!

  3. OMG that is soooo adorable!!!

  4. Matrushka Kitties!

  5. How can this be?!

  6. tarzankun says:

    come on now people. Get your kitties in row. chop chop!

  7. pookiepuff says:

    Hmm… on second look they do look shopped. Well, the smallest two kitties anyway. But I don’t really care. It’s still a really cute pictures of really cute kitties!

  8. If this is a real photo it is awesome!! Cute kitties!

  9. now that i look at it again, the two smaller kitties look photoshopped

  10. Stephanie S. says:


  11. useta hada kitteh says:

    Why fuss about photochopped or not photochopped? Tis CUTE! And somebody beat me to the nesting dolls thought.

  12. Sara Tincher says:

    Amazing! I mean..the whole scenario and picture…amazing!

  13. They “achieved felinear waterfowl compliancy”. Ah heck, I never could get that one.
    I like the statuesque, Egyptian one at the back.

  14. Paws Inside The Bars At All Times; No Standing Or Leaning

    Every Cat Ready?

    Haavvveeee Fuuunnnnn

  15. KITTEH!!!!

  16. Yitzysmommie says:

    YAY- I was in CO withdrawals!
    This is wonderful – kitty Matrushkas, indeed 🙂

  17. Constance says:

    …oh my God.

    I can barely type that’s so cute.

    Who cares if it’s “shopped”?

    It’s freakin adorable!

  18. It’s the Incredible Shrinking Kitty, just like in the comix.

  19. oh



    It is an unbearably qte image, fake or not.

  20. Constance says:

    The best part is that it splits my screen, so I had to scroll down…first one cat…then two…then…Oh my! Could it be?!?! THREE?! What? What’s this? Scrolling down further…AH! 4!!! I AM KEEEEEELLLED!


  21. If you look really closely the markings ARE slightly different on each one, as if in each successive litter the orange on the head got smaller and smaller. It’s possible if you have a couple of identical cat couples who are coupling and then a couple of the offspring couple (incest!!)…. Ya’ think? 😉

  22. Well, crap. For once I agree… I think we only have 3 cats here, the 4th & smallest being a digital embellishment. Aargh.

    I like it anyway. And here, take five…
    (all reals this time)

  23. misscrisp says:

    OMG no ways.
    But eeither way, hoorays for fresh Qte™!

  24. oh. no. they. di-int!!!!!

    (I was strugglin’.)

  26. aiee!! the multiple cuteosity!

  27. Huzzah to Meg!! Huzzah to Theo!! All hail the Qte!! *boogies with all the peeps seeing the new Qte*

  28. MC2 — it was all Meg. I was working on something that never really bloomed. [sigh]

    I have a good start on something *else* for next time, though.

  29. reminds me of sumthing i was gonna do, but i never had the time to do… we had 3 or 4 kittehs that were all black and white and were each a little smaller than the next, but i didn’t…. i’m glad someone else got to tho!!!!

    and theo, don’t feel bad. at least we have something to do for next time we start suffering from lack of Qte!

  30. sillygirl says:

    LOVE IT!

  31. Ayup. #4 is ‘chopped in. Hehe.

    I likes #1.

  32. i_luv_popsicls says:

    OMG *ded*

  33. Why you don’t wash cats in hot water.

  34. It’s photoshopped! Here’s an animation showing an overlay of the fourth cat over the third cat. (I did this to win a bet.)

  35. I Like It Jeffrey…..They Look Like They Are Going On A Water Ride At The Animal Fair.

  36. sadly photoshopped :(.
    Kitty #4 has the same line above his eye as #3, the same exact pattern of ear hair in the ears, and the same distinct shadow under the right side of the chin. And he has a slight orange tint to the white hair where the orange on the head was on kitty #3

  37. How does this even happen?

  38. were they fed after midnight? did someone throw water on them?

  39. Its like the photoshopper decided that 3 cats was not ridiculous enough.

    I’d be good with 3 cats doing this!

  40. yes they are photoshopped LOL I could make that 😉

  41. S-M-L-XL

  42. OMG it looks like the “evelution of the Kitteh”

  43. REALITY is cute (can we make that a rule)!

    Photoshop, not so much.

  44. are they sitting on the ledge of an outdoor grill?

    perhaps they’re lined up for shishkabobing.

    sorry, had to.

  45. Eenie, Meenie, Minie, AND Moe… I’ll take all four :o)

  46. ok what did you bribe them with chicken, extra kibble to sit like that ??????? no matter what you did great pic kitteh party

  47. It’s Rule 7 “overload”!

    OK, that was dumb.

    But the kitteh’s are A-DOR-A-BLE!

  48. Why is everyone all upset about cloning? This pic proooooves that cloning kittehs is a good thing.

    [stuffs sock in mouths of photoshop denouncers–la la la. Can’t hear you.]

  49. Note:

    Only the very smallest kitten is photoshopped. Look at the ear hairs.
    Very very adorable though!!

  50. get out.
    i can’t believe someone even got *three* cats to sit like that…

  51. Yitzysmommie says:

    OY, lauowolf – PLEASE give us a coffee through the nose keyboard alert before saying something so funny!!!

  52. It’s like stairs.

  53. HAha! Kitty stacking dolls!

  54. RedZ — the folks who see #4 as a CG ghost are right. But I agree with you too.
    And Ceejoe. And so forth.

    PS — next time try tying socks over your *eyes*… I can still type while gagged. ;-X

    PPS — JeffreyAtW — not bad… so somebody widened the eyes, too; I’ve done something like:

  55. ThreeCatNight says:

    Multiple, stackable kittehs.
    Actually looks like an age-progression of my cat Pumpkin, the little red devil!

  56. Add one more and you’ve got a Cingular commercial.

  57. [LOL in spite of self]
    …Wendy, I can see it.

  58. Absolutely adorable!

  59. Ha! Wendy, how many bars/purrs do you have?

  60. Wow!
    This a set of matreshka-cats 🙂

  61. citizen4nr says:

    LOL, they do look like those matrioshka russian dolls. only cuter. heehee.

  62. hahaha this is freaking me out. but in a good way.

  63. …this, of course, being the moment before they all leap at the cameraman in unison.

  64. this made my day ^_^

  65. Uhhhhhhhhhh…………what’s rule #7?

    They all look like my long-departed Butterscotch =sigh= (the first Kat my ex would ever admit to being able to stand – they got to be budz, and every so often I’d find them asleep in a heap)

    Shopped, GIMP’d, who gives a flying fish? I’ll take my keeeee-YOO-OO-OO-OO-OO-OO-OO-OOT any way I can get it!