OMG—Holy jaws of life!



Whatever you say, Mom!Gawde! [Napoleon Dynamite voice]

Darren N., I had to watch this five times in a row.


  1. TwinklyTerrapin says:

    Whoa–that ending was a little frightening for a moment…but then it all ended happily…

  2. AHH! kinda scary… but adorable too. I’m torn…

  3. Ohhh… the little wee mews!! My cat heard the video playing and came tearing in here – she started licking the speakers. Guess she thought the cutie was stuck inside!

  4. Catman Dude =^-.-^= says:

    Mommy…..Mommy…..Mommy….Mommy!Mommmy! Mommmmmm!…Moooooommmmmyyyy! MOM! MOM! MOM!

  5. Haha, I bet mom kitty was getting quite a headache

  6. Catman – ahahahahaha

    My cats were flipping out trying to figure out where the mewing was coming from. Pretty cute…

    *goes to watch again*

  7. hahaha
    The mom is like FINE!!!!
    Ill come and get you!

  8. GAAHH! Mom, what took you so long!?

  9. Aww…reminds me of my mom–a little too large and scary, but comforting and reliable.

  10. Glomph!

  11. Yitzysmommie says:

    This ANERABLE video perked Yitzy’s ears right up and made him “Baroo?” in his cat fashion.
    SSSOOOOO cute – much watch again (and again).

  12. useta hada kitteh says:

    Didn’t even need to put the sound up for that little guy! I’m so glad momma showed up in the end. They really glompf the kitteh, don’t they? Although my farm childhood was enhanced by a wonderful momma cat and her kittens, I never saw such a closeup of the glompfing action. Whoa!

  13. lol, I was just gonna say, *put that babeh with his momma!*

  14. Mom, mom, mom! Where are you! Mom! I’m lost! Mom!

    Hey! That’s my head!

  15. lurkingsmirk says:

    Man, I actually screamed in shock when the momma cat darted out…

  16. lol, agree with the first comment up there ;)

    No cats here to lick speakers, but as soon as the mewing started, my radiator started making very similar noises, conversational fashion. That was a little funny, but now it still is. Little creepy.

  17. Mom’s cool. She’s, “mrowr”, not “yeeeow”. I love the final vocals they share. Shuttle Kitty docking with the Mother Station.

  18. *GLOMPH* (exactly, Useta) (and Soxfan)

    [sigh] …awesome. Yeah, momcats don’t act super-gentle with their kitters, but they’re built for it. It’s all good. (wish WE had some o’ these around, right now)

  19. *now goes back and watches 3 more times*

  20. i’m glad mine weren’t the only cats freaking out, trying to figure out where i’d stashed the new kitten.

  21. Now I see why my kitty is an incessant meower- she never had the loving discipline of a mama kitty. =(

  22. Poor cat.But it’s cute and sort of funny.It sort of reminds me of my cat Poot.

  23. benvenuta says:

    ohhh, what a voice this tiny baby has! less than 2 weeks old…

    those jaws look scary, but they are actually very gentle… Momcats can carry fragile newborns around without hurting them.
    cats are wonderful mothers. I was amazed every time I had a chance to watch a mama kitty with babies.

  24. *mew*!

    {{{Mama chomf}}}

  25. Didn’t expect that. Mommy is taking care of her little baby.

  26. LMAO! Love it. Be careful what you ask for, baby! ;-)

  27. How old is this little guy, anyway? He doesn’t even look like he can stand up. He has quite the voice though!

    I basically jumped a foot when the mother cat popped out of nowhere and dragged the kit off screen at the end.

    He’s 7 ounces of mouth :)

  28. Oh!! My cat went nuts!! She’s still meowing, looking for the widdle one..

  29. hehehe…you don’t realize how little baby is until momma comes from nowhere and CHOMP…carries him away.

  30. Little kitties markings are fabulous. Momma is all white? Daddy must be of the tiger persuasion.

  31. For those who asked the kitten’s age, the blurb on the original YouTube page says 10 hours.

  32. TanksMommy says:

    HAHA! It’s like human children yelling MOM MOM MOM MOM MOM.. and mom finally screaming WHAT!!!!! only much much cuter! Love it!

  33. SO.



    Notice how the baby really ramps up the “crying” once s/he hears momma’s voice?

    It’s amazing the BIG sounds that come out of those little critters.

  34. And the little “umbiblical” cord is still attached!

  35. Not really cute to me. When they’re older, then it will be cute.

  36. that was horrible!

  37. mama dragged her baby off like a predator, not like a mommy! It’s little body just dragging….

  38. I feel Momma’s pain.. many’s a time I’ve wanted to bap my kids on the head like that and chomp them around the neck when they’re hollering incessantly at me from the other room…

  39. awww cute little baby!!

    Mommy be GENTLE! You almost bit poor babys head off.

  40. i figured it was gonna be quiet, so i cranked it up and my collie came running, like “whozzit and wheredit come form????” with his ears all perked up. “i hear, but not see, must…find…and rescue…..”

  41. oh no its WRONG and SCARY!

    oh my god im still shocked! :O

  42. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL! Newborn baby kittie!!! It’s barely bigger than her mouth!!!

    LOL @ Redzilla’s mom!

  43. Jeez, people. Momma kitties have been carrying their baby kitties like this for eons. It’s all good. No baby kitties were harmed in the making of this video. And the baby is supposed to go limp when momma grabs hold. Thus the efficacy of “scruffing” kitties of all ages. Veterinary professionals do it, for goodness sake!

  44. ThreeCatNight says:

    So small and helpless. A momma knows. You go Mom!
    (And yes, they do carry their babies that way; no need for alarm.)

  45. well, if my husband had not been keeled by the *other* adorable kitteh vid, this would have done the trick anyway.

    i’m still alive, btw, NOT THAT ANYONE ASKED, but am blinded by tears of kitteh joy.

  46. I almost looked like it was filmed in stop-motion. Cute!

  47. EEEEE!!! Too adorable for words!!
    But there must and will be words said! Little teeny tiny adorabul, anerable.. (not so teeny).. words said!

    *Head s’plodes*..

  48. I hereby dub that kitteh “Mr. Wobbles”. Loved it, love your site!

  49. Teeny brand new kitten!
    Mama is coming sweetie!

  50. awwwwwwww. this is just about the cutest thing i’ve ever seen here. mom-cat was probably moving the whole litter, and little tigger here was the last to go.

    and yes, my kitties rallied round the laptop too, to see who was making that racket!

  51. anner, sorry about your family tragedy, but your comments are keeling me!

  52. I think my daughter and I have had the same conversation!

    “OK! OK! OK!”

  53. That is one skilled Mama Cat. She’s had babies before and knows just what to do with a screamy newborn.

  54. Juniper Jupiter says:

    What you don’t see is the mama kitty viciously giving the cameraman the smackdown for hiding her bebeh!

    TOO CUTE!!

  55. Aww, the poor little kitten is so insistent!

  56. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    Just… can’t… take it…! *splodes*

  57. herpantsness says:

    Sad but Cute, cute but sad. Poor little baby was all shaking.

  58. herpantsness says:

    Oh, and is that the umbilical cord I see?

  59. There must be a difference between a GALGH and a GLOMPH, as evidenced in this video.


  60. Yeah, not to be morbid but that ending was scaaarrry. The hit didn’t seem typical of a Mama cat. Maybe a tense Mama cat but I just hope to sweet lord that wasn’t a male!

    Rae Rae

  61. HerPantsNess & others — that “umbilical” is probably just tail. If bebeh was THAT new, its eyes wouldn’t be open yet, and it probably couldn’t raise its head at all.

  62. Hey! Heeeeyyyy! Hey! HEY! HEY MOM!


  63. Theo, I beg to differ. There is most definitily the remnants of an umbilical cord. You can see it on the belly just as she drags the baby off.

    And I’m not entirely convinced that baby’s eyes ARE open. The video is very fuzzy and it’s hard to tell. Nor is it really doing the greatest job at holding it’s head up.

  64. [watches again]
    …well, I definitely see blinking and eye-squeezes. The tail thing is less clear, but if the eyes are open, the umbilical’s long gone.

    But this *IS* definitely a newbie cat right here. There’s no coordination yet (though that head is defintely hoisted).

  65. Er wups.
    Sorry, I’m wrong about the umbilical, it *IS* there (visible below with the tail still in the frame, above). It’s dried up & ready to fall off though.

  66. As for the notion that Momma is “whacking” kitteh, I don’t think so. I think our nature photog has put kitteh up on a shelf or cat tree and Momma seems to have to do a little leap up maneuver to get ahold of the kitteh.

  67. pheas – so much carnage today!

  68. So many insistant kitten mews!

    I played this video while my cat was sitting next to me. I turned it up and she sat at attention trying to figure out where the little kitten was. With every cry her pupils got huge! It was amazing to see. After I played it the first time my other cat, also a female, joined us. They both got on my desk to find the lost kitten.

  69. Relevant to nearly nothing:

    [raises & waves lighter during 20-minute epic]

  70. Farhibide says:

    I recognise that tone of voice. Mom’s saying “alright already, I’m comin’, I’m comin’. Quit your whining.”

  71. That gives a whole other meaning to “Stop your whining!”

  72. Kitten: Mom…mom…mom..MOM!

    Mamma Kat: Coming dear….lets go!

    Kitten: Whoa!

  73. My cat was not happy with the sounds and my dog was looking for the KITTEH!!!!! (He luffs kittys)

  74. listening to all that mewling and meowing, my cats are giving me a “what the HELL is going on????” look

  75. Theo… the link doesnt work :(
    What a sweet kitty! Remember, spring is kitten season and foster parents are always welcome! Call your vet or the local animal rescue. I should get my first load of eyes closed newbies this week.

  76. Alice Shortcake says:

    “Come ‘ere, ya little varmint!” I always cringe when I see mother cats pick their younsters up by the head – it looks like kitten abuse but they don’t seem to mind…

  77. Okay, I think I’ve reached my daily quotient of cute kitteh mews. Think I’ve watched the video twenty times already!!

  78. Sneezy said:”There must be a difference between a GALGH and a GLOMPH, as evidenced in this video.”

    Sneezy, a long time ago my bro and I came up with the term “clomp” for what mama cats do to their kittehs to pick them up… or actually ANY time a critter puts its mouth completely around something.

    I do like “glomph” tho…

  79. MamaDawn — you mean the link to the blurb from The Onion? That’s weird; it works OK for me (in both FireFox and IE). You’re not on some network that specifically blocks The Onion, by any chance, are you? (Oh noes — SATIRE!!)

    Try this…

  80. O M F G…..My Cat Is ON TOP Of My Tower Looking For The Baby Kitty In The Speakers. Wish I Had A Camera Right Now.

  81. The mommy taxi is very unforgiving.

  82. My kitty loves this and is sitting in front of my speakers while I keep playing it- lol

  83. Harper…..Isn’t It Funny; Zarafina Is Noising Over It To; As If She’s Saying “It’s OK; I’m Here”

  84. Rosie…..I Was Wondering If The Dogs Were Affected. Zarafina Scared Me When She Jumped Up To Find It In My Speaker. She Came Out Of Nowhere

    For Those Eeewwwwwing; Momma Isn’t Hurting Baby.

  85. Theo – funny, my husband was singing the Roofi songs from the Simpsons this morning for no aparent reason.

    Not being a parent, I didn’t know that was such a close parody of a specific performer. Just goes to show that their references are funny even if you don’t get them.

  86. First – My heart was breaking listening to the li’l mews, hoping hoping HOPING mama kat would show up. And then WHAMMO! There she is on the rescue. I laughed out loud, very loud.

    Second – Teho, I’m so grateful for the Onion link. A 20 minute rendition of “Bananaphone”?!?! Fabulous. Just fabulous. Doooood….

  87. Speaking of carrying cats in mouths – and my brother’s massive and stupid yellow lab was carrying a cat around in his mouth. Brother rescued kitty and put it in another barn. Minutes later he looked outside, same thing. Cat in dog’s mouth. Rescued cat, went back inside. Looked out again, cat in dog’s mouth. Shrugged, let it go.

  88. OK; I Wanna Play It Again, But Just Recently Can Aired My Puter Of All It’s Cat Hair. Sooooo I Will Wait For Grandaughter To Get Home. She Will Fall On The Floor When She Sees Zarafina’s Reaction.

  89. Ms. Amanda says:

    I gotta stop watching these. They’re making my poor cat a little crazy trying to find the baby.

  90. Carrie- Will Defend For Work says:

    It askeered me when the Mama jumped and glommed onto it’s widdle haid.

    Glad my mommy never picked me up like that.

  91. Erin – that wasn’t horrible. That was mother nature. Cats don’t have opposable thumbs, remember.

  92. No kittehs here at work to hear the mewing… but it works pretty well on my medical assistants, who say, “AWWWWW!!!! ooh da little kitty” and words to that effect.

  93. dreamspinnercheryl says:

    Mama cat is obviously miffed that the photographer MOVED HER young’un!!, and is on a desperate mission to relocate him to a safer environment. Bet it’s gonna be hard to find him again, too-that’s one protective, stressed-out mama there. Oh, and my Blue Heeler mix nearly went nuts looking for the baby..

  94. On a day when it’s vicious cold outside (Extreme Cold Alert in the city of Toronto), and I’m terribly sick with *something* (not quite a cold, not quite the flu…just feel like total dirt), today’s total CuteOverLoad line up is just what i need on the brief period of time that I can sit upright at the computer.

    I shall now head back to bed and try to remember that my two monsters were once as wee as this adorables bebeh.

  95. This makes me miss my kittens. Nothing sweeter than those little mews. I wish my man would let me foster kittens, but he says NO. He’s a meannie.

  96. Sammy's Auntie Wendy says:

    I think Raffi needs to remember who his audience is and how he got to where he is today!

  97. I just discovered that my cat is a little self-centered. I read all the posts about people’s cats coming in the room, so I brought him in to listen. He just sat on my lap, started purring and “making biscuits” as if to say “haha, guess who’s getting the attention? Not YOU feeble kitten!”

  98. My cat is taking a screwdriver to my speakers right now! She heard from the other room and jumped right up!
    Wish I Had My Camera, Too!

  99. Awwwww Poor Teri…..I Wont Be Cruel And Tell You It’s 79 Here In Phoenix Right Now.

  100. L O L Kate; My Cat Won’t Make Bisquits. But I Get Exfoliated And Serenaded Every Day. She Was Crying For The BeeBee Kitty.

  101. Teri – I too have a cold in the Extreme Cold Alert city of Toronto. I’m hanging with my kitteh Lucy Veronica, and she freaked out at the little mews!

  102. rangelife says:

    Yeah! Eat it! EAT IT HARD!

  103. chipnotizer says:

    I’m also freezing and really sick but the tiny bebeh kitty really warmed me up and woke up my two kittehs!! I rescued the girl kitteh and I always ask her if she had bebeh kittehs of her own. She won’t say. But the look on her face when she watched the video 10 times told it all! She knew the bebeh kitteh needed snorgling from Momeh!! Pleezzzzz remind your blase’ kittehs they should be really grateful for their warm homes and snorgling Mommehs-as we all should!! Everyone snorgle!! It’ll make you warm!! Arggh-snorgle-mfff-mfff-mfff-mfff. OOhhhh! My lips are furry!!

  104. So very glad i’m not the only one suffering both *a* cold and *the* cold today…lol…I don’t feel so alone.

  105. Many years ago when I thought you fixed cats at six months, my girl cat had kittens.
    In my lap.
    She then moved them to the closet, reasonably enough.

    First one she started to pick up by the front of its throat.
    Decided that wasn’t right.
    Then she picked him up by a back leg.
    That’s no good.
    Got the back of the neck, and we’re ready to roll.
    That’s the way it works.

  106. Fuzzybutt says:

    My cats are going NUTZ hearing the mewing!!

  107. laughs at theo – thats so obviously an umbilical cord lol! you must need glasses! :P
    Also my kittens could lift their heads, and were very similar ;)
    hmm nice video but obvy the owner removed the kitten in the first place held back momma cat, knowing little one would feel lost and alone and would squeal for the camara. When she took her hand of the momma cat she jumped up to grab the kitten from below. Thats why it took her so long to get to the kitten ;) I know these things, Im an AC (animal communicator)

  108. Doing our best not to freeze our patooties off in Northern NJ, NYC metro area today as well. Snorgling warm fuzzy kitties and cuddly little boys as often as possible.

  109. Martin-san says:

    Wow, now I know how to cry “mom” in Cat. Sweet^^

  110. My adult MALE cats just sat there all blase as if to say, “SO??” But then Tipper went and grabbed the scruff of Pooh’s neck (if ya’ know what I mean). *sigh*

  111. I don’t know…is this CO’s first instance of Mom Kronsche?

  112. Hah…when I played this my cat went crazy looking for the kittens.

  113. DKN- some do!! my kitty that’s on my lap purring (named Jelly Belly for his tummy as a kitten and as now) has a couple extra toes, and they’re HUGE!!! he got ‘em from Momma.
    I tried taking a COXCU of his paws, but my camera just goes out of focus. can any1 help me figure out how to focus on near objects? i’m EI. (electronically impaired) i need to make a COXCU!1!!! and guess what! i know COXCU without even thinking of the words!! yay me and all my CO addict friends that i’ve never met!!!!11

  114. Rosie — check your camera’s manual & see if it has a “macro” mode. Most point-and-shoot cameras these days have that setting for close-ups. Sample result below…
    …just remember to hold it *really* steady (brace against something stable, or even use a tripod) and let it get all the way into focus before taking the shot.

  115. while i think it’s not cool to take a kitten that small from his mom for very long, the mamma cat was obviusly close by. My kitty, Boo, flipped out after about the third time I watched this and started meowing back to the momma cat instead of the kitten, which was so funny. She was like “you bebe ish okay!”

  116. My 100 pd. lab wants to take care of that bebe and so does my 20 year old kitteh,, please mom they are asking can we help pleeeeeaaaaassssssseeeeee

  117. My poor puppy is still running in and out of the house, smelling speakers and crying for the lost kitten. She thinks she is a cat I suppose. Better get a little tike for the dog to raise. LOL It was good for a laugh watching my half blind dog go crazy.

  118. Have you ever notice how some peep like to bring you up and down and up and down just for the sake of keeping you under their control…fake mom or control freak?

  119. I agree that kittehs who open and blink their little eyeses don’t usually still have umbilical cord attached… but that’s sure what it looks like. Either that, or something really disgusting is stuck to that baby belleh. And I’d really rather not think about that.

    Finally home, played it for my kitties… the young male is the most interested. Go figure.

  120. I am not sure the kitty wants to deal with the problem of his invisible maybe missing umbilical cord here on this forum…but he can sure call his mom about it! no bunny ….they jump.jump.

  121. leah…..20 Years Old…..WOW; That Cat Must Have Played Safe And Kept The 9 Lives For Future Use.

  122. My roommates cats came running when they heard this kitten mewing! And when I played it again, they all began calling for it and looking around! Awww, they wanna save the bebeh!

  123. I just got Sir Lewis out of bed and he SO did not care nor did either of the dogs. I am so disappointed.

  124. Polly went nuts. I just played it and she tried to crawl into the screen and then went behind my desk to look for the behbeh. And when she couldn’t find it she looked and me and meowed.

  125. OMG! My cats FREAKED out when I played that! They are still wandering around the room looking for the distraught kitty. I want to play it again but fear I will be torturing my poor confused kitties.

  126. Now that I finally made it home from work (thank you out-of-the-blue-blizzard) 2 hours late, the first thing I did was check out the videos so I could hear the meeps!

    Speak and Isis are still wandering around the laptop looking for the bebbeh. Isis keeps pawing at the side of the laptop, wondering if it’s under the computer!
    Silly kitty.

  127. Kitty looking for bebbeh? that is the play you are eternally rehearsing in your head silly:)In the bottom of my heart i think kitty and bebbeh know exactly where they are.

  128. But no…keep looking…just keep keep looking…its not there yet:)

  129. And for sure…never leave it…kepp an old to it…cause you dont know it might fell out of your hand….and leave…FOREVER!

  130. You know like those human in front of horses….whoooo….wooooo….dont goo…woooo….awww god miss those wild wild horses:)

  131. Awwwl, the poor baby kitteh sounds like he’s imitating a car that won’t start T__T;

  132. thalias_ash says:

    My cats are all “where is babykitteh?” and running around the house in mild alarm.

    Oh…now they’re asleep again. Never mind.

  133. Heck with those scary jaws, I just about jumped at that giant claw!

  134. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Karen beat me to the punch–tinybabykitten sounds like a car trying to start!

    (NOT that I’m asking for that kind of karma. Car-ma. Ha haha. It took me 1 1/4 hours to get home from work today where it usually takes 20 minutes, thank you snowstorm.)

  135. Kitten translation: “Muuuuuuuuuuuum! Mum! Mum! Mum! Mum!”

  136. My cats just came running into the room when they heard that and then stared at me accusingly, like I was the one not picking up the kitten.

  137. oaklandcat says:

    Mama’s paw looks GI-NORMOUS! I love it.

  138. LOL… I can’t decided whether this is funny or cute? I laughed so I guess it is funny! :O

  139. dandy_warhol says:

    while i was watching the video my kitty had to jump up and see what all the mewing was about. i played it again for her and she watched very intently. she even checked the keyboard for me to make sure i wasn’t hiding any kittens behind the keys.

  140. Whoa! is right! Sheesh, simmer down youngin, Mom’s here.

    Wendy: “umbiblical” cord? Never heard of that part. :)

    Theo: hmm… I thought you had posted this one. No? No reason — it just didn’t have the tell-tale “Meg-speak”. Kinda hard to tell since it doesn’t say any longer. Bummer. I kinda liked seeing “posted by Meg” or “posted by Theo”.

    Cute meeuuwwwwws

  141. SPB, God bless you for having the patience to read through every single post!

    “Umbiblical.” Heard some kid say it somewhere along the line and I just thought it was so cute, it stuck!

  142. bad kitteh says:

    ‘err, how’d you get over there? *glomps* *gives camera guy a dirty look and runs off*

  143. natalie q says:

    it soooo LITTLE! *melts 1000 times over*

    more “mew’vies are always appreciated

  144. acelightning says:

    Poor scared little baby… the world is so new and frightening… but don’t worry, here comes Mama to the rescue…

  145. Tizzylish says:

    Oh my gahwd! Too cute.

  146. my roommates cat went running around the room trying to find where the kitty was at lol ^_^

  147. that kitty was sooo small it couldnt even hold its liddle head up. so what’s it doin’ up there? a human put him there for sure to take a video of him wobbling! cruel. I’m about done with these set up vids of vulnerable kitties, second one this week. Can we get back to the photos please!?

  148. poor violet says:

    Holy Mackerel! That was incredible! It’s been a long time since anyone carried me around by my head…

  149. that was great! i was wondering when someone would come to take care of the poor little kitty, and then momma comes along and is all like CHOMP! awesome.

  150. Sosososososo cuuuute!!! Ohmygod!! Ohmyfreakinggod…I really really loved that. It made me explode over and over and over and over…there is a mess over here with me and my boyfriend combined…

    SOOO CUTE!!!! And mommy’s all like “Eh. I’m comin’…”

  151. anonymous says:

    thats sad :(

  152. little Alex says:

    I’m so bad… I’ve been playing that over and over again to watch my cat’s reaction to it. He’s, like, looking around so puzzledly.

  153. bebeh kitty was all like “where’s my mama” and i was all like “call 911″ and bebeh kitty was all like “yeah call 911″ and mama kitty was all like “where’s my bebeh” and bebeh kitty was all like “yeah call 911 mama” and mama kitty was all like “how’d you get up there?” and bebeh kitty was all like “i dunno” and mama kitty was all like *leap*, *re-leap*, *soft kronsche*, *abscond* and i was all like “whew, another success for the 911 emergency response system”

  154. HAHA!! This video drives my cat CRAZY!! She’s running all over the house trying to find the kitten!

  155. Five out of five stars!

  156. My cats were furious with me when I played this video…

    Go GET the baby and take him to his momma already. WTF is wrong with you, stupid human…

    Had to SHOW them the video, and that indeed Momma comes to get him.

  157. OMG, it sent my cat into fits! Whatever standard cuteness points the bebeh might be lacking, the video makes up for with the reaction from cats across the world!

  158. Lil, mother cats leave their babies for much longer stretches than shown in this brief video. They need to hunt or visit the food dish, or just get a break from the non-stop demands of kittens. The little ‘uns sometimes mew pitifully, sure. But it’s not “cruel” for Momcat to be out of the frame for a minute.

  159. ‘Moooooooooom? MOM! MOM! Mom … MOM! MOM!’ ‘What.’ ‘MOM!’ ‘WHAT.’ ‘MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!’ ‘WHAT?????’ ‘MOM! MOM!’ *galgh!!!* ‘Weeeeeh …’

  160. I saw that vid a long time ago… Watch my cat reaction to it ^^

  161. Me tinks dees belongs in Cute or Sad. ;)

  162. useta hada kitteh says:

    mute — that video of your cat’s reaction is wonderful! Shows just what all the peeps have been saying, the meeping kitten drives cats nuts.

    And I gotta say it again, that baby has a LOUD voice!

    (and for those who’ve been worried about the kitteh, I’m sure he wasn’t psychologically scarred for life by this incident. As others have pointed out, momma cats leave the kitters alone for stretches of time — to eat, to attend to other, erm, “things”; if they’re outdoor farm or feral cats, they go off to hunt — and the babies are just fine. A little annoyed sometimes, perhaps, but they’re fine. Mothers of any variety, cat, human, whatever, can’t be with their babies 24/7, even when they’re newborn. Little Meepy McMeepersons will be just fine.

  163. LOL I’m not sure what the kitty was saying but JamesTheCat was definitely upset by it. He likes my laptop even less now!

  164. 3 kittehs says:

    omg. my kittehs came running, full speed at the sound of this video. I wouldn’t be surprised if thems was still looking for the baby.

  165. dear dr. cute my cat thought the kitty movie was her kitty!when it said meow .so she looked and looked to find it! it was so funny! from lisa.

  166. Oh, poor little angry/scared kitty!

    My Kaatskill was completely freaked out by the baby kitty noise and came creeping over to my laptop, the look on her face clearly saying, “I hear baby!kitty but I don’t *smell* baby!kitty!”

    I quickly turned off the sound and she *flinched,* and started rapidly sniffing sniffing sniffing and looking for the baby kitty. She gave my computer speakers a good long sniff and after searching everything – including pawing my husband’s coat pockets suspiciously – she sorta settled down.

    But moments later, she’s up and doing a patrol all under the bed.

    Oh, Kaatskill, I’m SO sorry. ::stiffles empathtic/cute overloaded/apologetic giggles.

    Boy, am I getting the Eveeevil Eye.

  167. this is hilarious. i am relieved to find that mine is not the only cat to freak out about this video. i was feeling a little guilty.

  168. My own went caraaazy lookin for the baby!!! Even now after it is over, she is all at attention!

  169. My male cat darling got all confused looking for the meowing!

    I love my kitty.

  170. The reactions were definitely gender-related here. The Boy was all “meh,” but the girl, who was a teenage mom before I adopted her, became very agitated, looking everywhere for the kitten. I had to stop playing the clip! I worry that she is all sad now and missing her kittens. I had wondered if she remembered having them, but now I’m pretty sure she does.