OK, OK, more leeps

  A happy bunny 
  Originally uploaded by all4you.

MORE BUNNY LEEPS that is! Sorry, had to blog this one too,
it’s just so ridiculous. I think it’s beggin’ for an animation
and an English accent.





  1. WOW; Now It’s Raing Cats & Dogs And Bunnys Too.

  2. I can’t believe it!!! FINALLY rabbits that aren’t disapproving!!!!

  3. OMG! A smiling bunny!!!!!

  4. pookiepuff says:

    I thought this bunny was fake because she’s soooo cute! I love it sooo much! I want a bunny like that! EEEEEEEEEEEE! I am litterally squealing over this bunny! I waaant eeet!

  5. We are amused, says Queen Victoria bunneh, with a carrot top tucked away in each cheek

  6. I never pretend to know the difference – but isn’t that a hare lip?

  7. Good Gawd. Leeps? I die.

    Kees the leeps.


  8. Kinda of creepy, kind of cute? Crute? creet?

    Ello poppet, capital day it is. Care for eh spot ovf tea and a romp cross the moor?!

  9. Goodness gracious, that’s a cutie. What breed is it? Do you know?

  10. Jessica – I’m not sure, but I think it’s cuteus rabbitus necklessitus

  11. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Hey use whats with da Inglish accent.
    As a county gel of some standing one gets increasingly miffed, that you think we are all what ho pip pip tally ho and how absolutely gahstly.
    Well actually we are but I am dammed if I am going to admit to it my old china.

  12. Aubrey – groan! 😉 Hee hee…

    Lone – perfect!

    Viola – LOL!

  13. He needs a monacle and a top hat.

    Photoshop anyone???

  14. acelightning says:

    This should go on a Valentine – “Kiss me, you fool!”

  15. Pahdon me, would it be time for tea & crumpets?

  16. TanksMommy says:

    Those leeeps! Smoochies! KISS KISS…his widdle face is so fat!

  17. Wow, I love it. I wish we had the space for bunnies at the moment, because there are a few at the shelter right now. 😦

  18. what a cutie, that is the most huggable looking bunny I have ever seen./ love the up close on those little lips, smoochies snowball

  19. Ummm….Where’s his teefs?

  20. useta hada kitteh says:

    jen — his teefs are hiding behind his leeps! You can just see ’em peeking out.

    I was wondering, if boy rabbits have buck teeth, do girl rabbits have doe teeth? (I obviously need more sleep…)

  21. that bunny is absolutely SMILING!

    also, is it just me or is this posted twice? deja vous…

  22. This bunny is everything you want a stuffed toy to be–incomprehensibley cute and alive and smiling!!! What could be better?! Nuthin.

  23. It probably bites. That rabbit’s dynamite!


  24. Aww! You can see his tongue in the xtreme close up too!

    He sure does look happy!

  25. Sorry, folks, but just as irony is the new sincere…happy bunny is just the new, hip disapproving rabbit.

    Sure, he’s smiling, but he still *disapproves*. He’s just being ironic.

  26. Moochiecat says:

    *In English accent*
    Oh tiddles….I’m so happy I do believe I’ve dropped my monacle!

  27. I am DEFINITELY going to smoochees this wee man. Hopefully his proper demeanor won’t disapprove.

  28. re: The Honourable Gladys Anstruther,

    tally ho!

  29. I thought we had a new breed of Bun Bun! The approving bunneh, ,sooo Qte and Floofy

  30. Jessica,
    Looks like a Mini Lop.

    …and C.O., i have to say, i’ve done rabbit fostering/rescue for over 10 years and this is the ONE and ONLY time that i’ve ever seen a bunny actually SMILE!!!

    I die….

  31. …but I went to check out the link and it’s just temporary, a bit of gas. He certainly disapproves.

  32. useta–

    it’s quite fawnny that you mentioned that…

  33. Redz–

    If a felon commits a felony, then God is an iron.

  34. ThreeCatNight says:

    What an adorable bun! I may soon develop “Infectious Rabbititis!”

  35. Those bun-bun lips are too much! They need some serious smooching!

  36. OMG….I have had bunnies for ten years and never had one smile like that. Just in time for Valentines Day. That picture would make a great card.

  37. Cripes! Cute bunnie, but the mouth creeps me out a bit…

  38. Ah, the secret of cute bunny lips is out!

    As some of us know, bunnies are perfect. In every way.

    ( )
    ” “

  39. heidilynn says:

    Is this Thlayli (aka, Big Wig) ?? Or one of the Efrafran rabbits, all fat and sassy?

  40. I think it’s one of the buns from Strawberry’s warren, HeidiLynn.

  41. heidilynn says:

    Theo–I agree; too soft and well fed-looking to be from Efrafra or to be BigWig; must be from the warren of snares. 🙂

  42. Alice Shortcake says:

    Hilarious. Looks as though it should be living next door to Wallace and Gromit!

  43. Oh if my boss only knew I was sitting here staring at an extreme close-up of bunny lips….

  44. E. Collison…I heartily CONCUR!!!

    When i’m on the floor with them, one of my buns will run up to me, sit down, stare right in the eye, and move only his little chin…He looks like a silent movie! Bowls me over EVERYTIME!

    Buns rule!

  45. Doesn’t anyone notice that this poor bunny has a cleft lip? I feel bad for the little guy…although he is UBER cutesie!

  46. Anyone notice the teeny teefs poking out on the extreme closeup?

  47. well yeah, but all the other bunnies disapprove of him.
    Now we all know they can smile.

  48. I haaave a bunny…but it think he is just a fake bunny cause no bunny can be a bunny without being into….well you know the white bunny ear magazine?

  49. thalias_ash says:

    I dunno…this bunny looks a bit too happy. Almost lobotomy-ish.

    Kinda creepy. (And I’m a bun owner…no bun discrimination here!)

  50. Is anyone else reminded of the singer Gunther? I can almost hear the bunny singing “Deep in the niiight, I am looking for some wuv…”

  51. Brak_Silverbone says:

    This absolutely cannot be a live animal. It’s a plush toy, right? Right? ‘Cause I mean, it LOOKS like a toy… it’s so goshdarn cute and it’s smiling too…

  52. AliceTanzer says:

    Emilie – I was thinking the same thing. I would be concerned if it were a baby bun-bun, but he looks pretty happy and well fed. He doesnt look like he has a cleft palate, which would probably be a death sentance for the bunbun.

  53. Am I the only person who finds this rabbit a little creepy and not cute at all??

    And I thought I liked bunnies..

  54. I want to kees it’s wittle bunny leeps.

  55. OMG!! Puffy lips bunnie!!!! I’m in Llloooove! 😀
    He looks like he’s smiling in a *gheee* way. Isn’t he?

    Love love love! It’s Made in Cute 100%! And meant to appear on Cute Overload!

    Woaw, bunnie.

  56. Emilie

    That’s not a cleft lip…it’s a HARE-LIP!

    Thank you…thank you…try the veal….

  57. OMG – I think I may have to rethink the whole “no rabbits as pets” policy.


  58. Double post? A tad too much red wine, Meg?

    Whatevs, cute NEEDS to be replicated for ever and ever!

  59. Wow, it looks like an Ewok of sorts…

  60. that wabbit is a total chunkanubbin

  61. ok, that is just too ridiculous. i love it. tubby bunny!!!

  62. DanaDoo, I agree. The leeps look disturbing human to me, not bunnyish at all, especially up close.

    And not cute.

    The leeps, look at the leeeeeps!!