Movie (er, Tuesday!) continues

Let’s give it up for the ‘silent meow’ People—you know what I’m ‘tockin about—when a kitteh opens his mouth to meow, and nothing comes out. At first!

Brush brusha brusha, Atalhualpa1!

// DON’T PANIC, PEEPS — it’s technically Tuesday today.  Deep breaths. //



  1. Bleen post!
    Awwwww!!! Such little meows!

  2. heidilynn says:

    Thats kinda what my daughter looks like when I try to brush her hair, but a lot louder and a lot sooner!

  3. I know this kitten. Haven’t we seen this kitten before?

  4. My orange tabby does the silent meow thing, but with him it is an artform. He generally couples the silent meow with the most pathetic look he can manage:

    I’ve been conned out of more bits of roasted chicken that way.

  5. Does anyone know the book _The Silent Miaow_ by Paul Gallico? It’s one of my faves.

  6. Uh-oh Erica, watch for the bleen!

  7. rpennefe, LOL!
    This kitteh looks much larger until you see a human hand for perspective…actually a little bitty sweetie. It’s cold and blustery outside, I need a purring kitters on my lap!!

  8. eh, my kitteh’s not so big on chicken…she likes powdered donuts!

  9. Kitty likes to be brushed! Wow!

  10. ThreeCatNight says:

    My cat Spanky does the same thing, especially when he’s pleading for more food. It’s usually backed up by a very soft purr.
    This little sweetie has the most adorable kitteh belleh, though. So hard to resist them!

  11. Ms. Amanda says:

    The best sort of silent meow is the kind that comes from behind a sliding glass door when someone wants in. You can’t hear it, but you can see your kitteh opening and closing his mouth. Priceless.

  12. I thought my cat was the only one who had an addiction to powdered sugar donuts. Anything sweet, actually. Or anything that I’m trying to eat.

  13. Kitteh: “Wait. Are you filming this? That’s not cool.”

    Purrbot is afraid of ending up on Kitters Gone Wild.

  14. Oh, what a cutie kitteh!!!!

  15. Uhh…its tuesday…why is it movie monday?

  16. well noted, Beth

  17. Now that is just what I needed today.

    I love the silent meows–one of mine does that all the time, we call it her “meh” because she barely gets out a sound.

  18. Paw up!

  19. raspberrysoda says:

    This is one of my favorite vids on You Tube! 🙂

  20. manohmanohman
    teh yellowness
    teh pinkpink nose
    teh pinkpink lips
    teh pinkpink tongue
    teh tiny highpitch ‘meew’

    I’m slayed. slayed I tellz you. dead from teh qte.

  21. ohmigosh, Ms. Amanda, I was going to write exactly the same thing — only my late, great kitteh, Maggie, really wouldn’t be making any noise. I think she thought it beneath her. (see nose in air)

  22. ShelleyTambo says:

    Beth, for a second I thought I was the only one that noticed! Then I started wondering if maybe I was wrong. I wouldn’t mind if yesterday was just a bad dream…

  23. Isn’t today Tuesday?
    Time-Warp Tuesday perhaps 😉

  24. Awwwwwwww lookit the sleppy kitty.


  25. OMG the “meep”s!!!

  26. It’s ‘Movie Monday’ *continues*. Imagine a comma after the word Monday. 🙂

  27. You woke the kitten and he objects!

  28. beth, it’s because we had no posts yesterday, so today is monday to meg.

  29. yes Perf, and it was great, but i like the abandoned much more, it’s so sad….

  30. Elizabeth B. says:

    I love how the little ears are ever so slightly splayed to the sides.

    Sadly, none of my current kitties choose to express themselves so… demurely.

    (Current kitty uses sentences. I wake up in the morning to “Meah, meah mrr-mor mrow; meah meah. Maow?”)

  31. I call that “being on mute” when my cat does it. No sound comes out at all sometimes.

  32. chet's momma says:

    daddy! don’t stop! brusha brusha!

  33. Perf, I was thinking of that book too! I loved that book! *goes off to Amazon to see if it’s still in print…*

  34. BenPanced says:

    So much pinkness!

  35. geminaide says:

    Lol the kitten totally woke up and was all like, “Hey that felt good why’d you stop?”

  36. Such a tiny meow! he sounds more like a wee (really wee!) chipping sparrow.

  37. violetgreen says:

    …zzzzz…[dreaming]…Momcat cleaning me…hmm, Mom’s tongue very wide today!…nice though…purr-…*HEY!*

  38. omg dees ess de cutest sleppy keety!!!

    Mel, I think this kitty looks familiar to me too!!! but who who who?

  39. I LOVE SILENT MEOWS! My cat does them all the time…. 🙂

  40. sarah_beth says:

    my parents had two cats…a brother and sister…for 18 years. the cats were around long before i was, and i’d never heard punkin, the girl, make any noise,so i assumed she was mute. she’d just open her mouth and no sound would come out. i found out later that when my parents moved cross country, before i was born, from california to michigan, and the cats spent what must have seemed like *forever* in a car, in a cat carrier…she essentially made one long yowl for 3 days of travel, and the day they settled in their new home is the day punkin stopped talking. at the end of her life, though…on what we soon found out was her last night on earth, her and her brother talked to eachother the entire night. i swear to god it was the saddest thing i’ve ever witnessed, and i just made myself cry a little remembering it!
    anyway. thought i’d share. 🙂

  41. The cutest part is the purr-motor starting up at the end…

  42. sarah beth – You are really good at sharing. Thanks.

  43. Sarah_Beth, thanks for sharing. That made me cry a bit too….

  44. Kitty believes in speaking nicely to the staff.

  45. There is nothing better than a cat who LIKES to be brushed!

  46. I love this sound! My cat makes ’em all the time!

  47. violetgreen says:

    OMG sarah_beth, that is too strange & beautiful! Thank-you!

  48. Our kitteh hated grooming. We had to wait until she walked by; and then one of us would reach out and give her a ‘drive-by brushing’.

    And sara_beth, thank you. It just goes to prove that animals can see beyond what humans can. Perhaps Punkin was telling her bro where she’d be waiting at the Rainbow Bridge?

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  50. Erica — cool, thanks… just so’s you know, though, Cute Overload is definitely PG-13.
    We’re kind of a rowdy crew, but we’re good-hearted. 😉

    Also, the video belongs to “Atahualpa1” on YouTube…
    …it was just SUBMITTED to Cute Overload (where we’re more than happy to show it).

  51. (slaps T. good-naturedly)

  52. (I needed that)

  53. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!

    I had a kitters for years who looked like that, liked the brush, and did the silent miaow.

    I’m all verklempt. Wuvs thees kitteh.

  54. My marmy & white kitty has the “meh” as well. I wonder, do all orange and white cats have the silent meow?

    His brother, a stout black and white cat more than makes up for it with a loud shouting meow and heavy feet.

  55. Ahh, as soon as I posted I remembered my sister had a orange and white monster who would yell all the time.

  56. little meeps,oh little meeps what a wonderful sound thats is something we all should here on a time warped monday aka tuesday

  57. Thanks for clueing me in on the “technically Tuesday,” Theo. I had a hard day yesterday and was not happy about having to repeat it..

  58. VERY different to this loud baby kitteh and its harsh Mom

  59. oops … forgot the link …

  60. dammit – wrong link – sorry

  61. My cat Cassius has the silent meow but I think it’s just that his squeaker is badly broken. He just about never makes any sound except for a sort of gasp at the end of the would-be-meow. When he’s begging for food, it’s the most endearing thing because he’ll stand up on his hind legs, give me the pleading eyes, open his mouth, and say, “…………geh!”

  62. Listen closely and you can hear the purring!

    Thats one happy kitty.

    Talking of which, when I was younger (like around 5) I always let go of the kitties when they started purring, it scared me. Now I know better.

  63. Is that…is that a MAN combing that kittykins?!

  64. All I have to do is hold up the brush and Elvis comes running. He’ll flop down so I can do one side, purring so much you’d think his li’l heart will burst. Then he’ll roll over so I can get his other side. Oh, sweet joy!

  65. OMG Brinnann and April, my kitteh also loves powdered sugar donuts! She doesn’t seem to care too much about other sugary stuff but she loves those.

    And Sarah Beth,thanks for sharing. Nice story. Sad but nice.

  66. Misanthropist says:
  67. Misanthropist says:

    Oh, and that little guy is rocking the FURBROW and Di eyes…

  68. Here’s more sleepiness!

  69. Forget the silent meow , I luuuuvff the purr-meow @ teh end. Seeewww Sweet.

    My kitteh has expensive tastes. I bring in Leonidas (belgian chocolates into the house, and she acts like it’s CATNIP.

    Starts mewing pitifuly and rolling on the floor. She must smell the heavy cream. She goes cra-zee.

    I had to put them in the cabnet, only to come back later to find door wide open, the box ripped to pieces, and bits of chewed chocolates all over the floor.

  70. OK, I was all right with sarah_beth’s story, until I read Aubrey’s post script. I hate getting teary-eyed at work!!!

  71. I have a little one that does the scratchy meow too….always sounds like he’s got a sore throat. So cute.

  72. In my house we call that “silent bitching”.

  73. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Paws up!

  74. omg…sometimes these pics and vids are so cute it makes my stomach hurt from cuteness… *sigh*

  75. Leyla, isn’t chocolate bad for kitties? Or was that dogs? I can’t remember (kitten-deprived childhood)

  76. CG, that’s to both cats and dogs, but many don’t get affected by chocolate. i had a collie, by the name of Treve (for those Lad fans) who ate EVERYTHING and survived. Lava lamp goo, glasses, stereo parts, chocolate, BATTERIES, and a ton more, and it didn’t even affect him!!! sadly, he got hit by a car… =(

  77. violetgreen says:
  78. I wholeheartedly endorse the foundation of Kitty Movie Tuesdays at Cute Overload.

  79. natalie q says:


    translation: Bruuushmeeee!!!

  80. acelightning says:

    *opens mouth, makes barely-audible “mew” sounds…*

    Darn. Doesn’t work when humans do it.

  81. I have a friend who has a sweet kitty who does not miaow at all, ever. D has had Marcel Miaow since he was about 2 weeks old (Marcel Miaow, not my friend. 😉 ) and bottle raised him and his brother. Marcel has never ever miaowed, even when getting shots, or trying to convince someone he’s starving, not even when he was in kitty jail (quarantine) for several months when they moved from Europe to Canada. Marcel is champion purrer, though.

  82. paws tha heck up, peeps!!

    what a sweet face. i do love the Silent Miaow, accented with the Plaintive Kitteny Pleas ™

    I have a tiny little stripey ladycat and the silent meow is her trademark, too, accented in her case with a miniscule creaky “enh”. my old housemate nicknamed her “Beepsie”. (her other nickname is “Cutinsky”, btw) If I want to show off her little utterance to someone who’s never heard it I just need to spank her vigorously (forward of her tail, people. this is a family show.) for a few seconds and stop, whereupon she crankily demands more spanking, using said meow…

    i just realized i have to try to make a video of this.

  83. Awwwww, nothing like looking at a happy kitty (again!) early in the moooorning …

    BTW, Meg and Theo, is it possible to put up a sign saying “PG-13” somewhere on CO? For clarity purposes. Just sayin’.

  84. gawd that sound makes my biological clock skip a beat. (Human infants make it run and hide) Kitteh bebbehs – *sigh*

  85. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    My two, Flo and Glad would do the silent miaow, like I’m so weak from lack of food I can’t miaow properly. Flo was a champion purrer she even loved me combing flea powder through her fur, By the way to add to the c onfusion its wednesday in the U.K.

  86. SOO adorable!!!

  87. I love the Silent Miaow book… I stumbled on it completely by accident; I got a copy free from the library where I worked because they were getting rid of it, and I just picked it up because it had a cat on the cover. Turned out to be one of the best books I’ve ever read. Awesome =)

  88. your commentary keeps getting more adorables. that’s what i’m ‘tockin’ bout.

  89. Kitteh squeeki! Da kitteh squoke!

  90. I’m very late on this comment, but my big burly black boycat (alliteration, much?) rarely meows properly either; it’s the funniest thing ever to hear a wee ‘meh’ come out of such an imposing-looking kitteh.

  91. aww too sweet 😀
    this is my favourite