Rule #32: If you’re caught doing something bad, it’s cute

Dee-lee-shous leepy steecky.

I must have eet!


Melissa—your puppy looks great in "Precious Pink"!



  1. I have a nephew who makes that exact same face when he gets in trouble; not nearly as cute

  2. Elizabeth B. says:

    Notice how the poodle looks so innocent. Trickery trickery trickery!

    Reminds me of the time I tried to dye my mother’s poodle pink. Of course, he is gray and does not take the color so well. This little darlin would be excellent in green, methinks.

  3. pookiepuff says:

    The look on that puppy’s face is priceless! I love it!

  4. But it IS cute.
    How do you ever say no to a puppy like this?

  5. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    That’s a really… unfortunate color for him to have gotten into. It looks like hr just killed something… O_O ^_^

  6. Look has innocent has my cat when they bring back a dead mouse or bird and say….look look its a girft for oyu…its to show that i love you:)cant change nature!

  7. Constance says:

    …oh God.


    love it

  8. Omg. Yes. After my Bichon chewed up our couch, I could not be mad at her.
    That is too cute.

  9. *little kid voice* It wav’nt me Mommy! The cat knockeded me down an’ cheweded open th’ lipstick stuff an smearded it all over me an’ then he runned away and lef’ me here! Honest!


  10. I lurv it!!!!

  11. I’m laughing so hard at this picture that it HURTS! That’s the look my cats give me when they’re doing something they shouldn’t be.

    Oh, and DTD…that’d make a verra funny caption for this picture.

  12. sizzzzlerz says:

    Who? Moi?

    It was, err, ummm, the baby. Yeah, that’s it. The baby did it.


  13. My dog and cat once conspired to eat a tube of my lip gloss. I would have been very made at them, but it was Lip Venom, so I think they learned their lesson.

  14. holy….

  15. Oooo, somebody’s going to get it!

    Puppy’s owner must of had a heck of a time trying not to laugh out loud, especially while taking photos!

  16. Darn! I should have tried to look cute when my mom caught me putting on her makeup when I was eight!

  17. Ummmm… how did this only make number 32??? Doesn’t everyone with a pet know that this should be at LEAST number five?

  18. *Holy BEF*
    This one is redonkulous ><

  19. D2D – Bravo!!

    (Singsong) Uh..oh. Somebody’s gonna get in TROOUUble!!!

  20. Yep, mimicing mom and “borrowing” her lipgloss.

    How are they going to get that stuff out of the carpet?

  21. Someone’s going to have a tummy ache!

  22. Oh my goodness. That has given me a terrible case of the giggles.

  23. AuntieMame says:


  24. Where’s the pair of big high heels that she was also trying on? Just out of camera range I’m sure.

  25. The head tilt is killing me.


  27. OMFG…..That’s What Myy Granddaughter Looked Like A Few Years Back. I Lambasted My Husband For It Too!!!!! It’s Cuter from A Puppy Dog.

  28. Trin…..Oxy Clean And Spray And Wash Both Work Well. I Know; I Got RED RED Out Of My Carpet And A 3 Year Old Childs Brand New Shorts And WHITE Top.

  29. Yitzysmommie says:

    Look! My nails match my lips!! This is hilariouos.

  30. My daughter’s Chi will eat anything left out for her, including lip gloss, chapstick, etc.

  31. Oh, Lizzie, I feel so bad for your Lip Venom eating pets! I can’t imagine how bad that must have hurt!

    As a make-up diva, I have to say that without Meg’s captions, I wouldn’t think this too cute. But something about the accent just makes me giggle too much.

  32. I love how the lip gloss gives her a red mustache and goatee. Very distinguished.

  33. *Lizzy. Sorry.

  34. this may just be the funniest picture EVER. that look is priceless. and those pouty puppy lips!!!

  35. Oh, that is SO somthing my muttlette would do! When that picture was loading at first I was all, “ACK Blood.” Silly really.

    Really cute shot. Someone must have had the very best of timing.

  36. That little pup is so working the “Ta-daaa!!!!” look. “Loiky what I did, I got all nice an’ pretty jus’ for you!”

  37. It is amazing how cute these lipstick pics look – until after you’ve taken the pic… and you either have to scrub a dog, or hold a toddler and a dog back from a lipstick crime scene involving a white couch, carpet, etc…

    Thank GAWD for cute. Cute has saved many a life in this house. That is fo sho.

  38. TanksMommy says:

    What? Don’t I look pretty! I think I look beauuuuutiful!!! Take my picture!

  39. As this was loading, I too had “there MUST be an explanation for what appears to be blood all over this bichon-like pup” running though my head.

    But even after realizing what was going on, all I could think of was Monty Python’s killer bunny rabbit.


  40. GreenEyedHawk says:

    EEEE Vampires puppies! *runs away in panic, smacking into the sliding glass door and knocking herself out*

  41. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but this totally makes me want a dog.

  42. What flavor was the gloss? My cats hate both my lemon and my chocolate gloss. But they LOVE peppermint.

    I dont think most animals like cinnamon, so I’m guessing cherry…?

  43. I laughed SO HARD at this picture… seriously one of the best I’ve seen on CO. Everything about it- the beady eyes, the tilted head, the pink-smeared-beard… absolute redonk.

  44. so cute and couldn’t get mad at that prank. Such an expression and puppy looks so proud.
    Look what I did!!!!! It was soooooo much fun!!!!

  45. If Melissa is reading the comments, could you please email me and tell me how you keep your Maltese’s eyes so clean and white?


  46. georgia w says:

    look at those eyes, you could never be angry at this dog. oh my

  47. LOL!!! I did the EXACT same thing with my aunt’s lipstick when I was three.

    AND I drew funny faces with it all over the mirror.

  48. Did the faces show a progression of expressions, maybe sounding out a sentence?

  49. ka9q's wife says:

    When i was about 10 i ran through my grandparents sliding glass door. Unfortunately it was not open. I emerged from the shattered glass unscathed.
    As far as the pup goes. It’s cute but i have nightmares about my own pup doing just that.

  50. this rule needs to be re-worded: “If SOMEONE ELSE’S pet gets caught doing something bad…” 😉

  51. *gasp* This is the most precious photo! I am keeping it on my hard drive so i can bring it up every time i could use a smile!

  52. LMAO!!

    I’m in UR lip gloss makin myself purty.

  53. My bichon did the same exact thing once! I pulled up at the house, and could see him through the window and thought “How lovely! The pinkish rays of the setting sun are reflecting against his white fur!”

    Uh no. He ate an entire Wet N Wild. Who knew it tasted so yummy delish?

  54. What a mess – good luck washing that out.

  55. Ceebs – *applause!!!*

  56. AWwww….. That is super cute! My heart is melting! 😀

  57. elizabells says:

    We have a very similar picture of my brother at the age of three emerging from a closet covered in shoe polish…

  58. ROFL!!!
    The Frawnsh assent says it all, mon ami.

    Ultra Qte!!!

  59. ahahahaha lol, I had a stomach ache and was crying because I was laughing so hard XD, I must agree, how on earth do you say no to that face? lol…

  60. Gah!!!!
    I love that his/her little smile is so accentuated with the glossy!

  61. omg! my aunts dog would totaly do that! That’s just hilarous

  62. tabbycat917 says:

    this is my new most favoritist pics<3
    i love it!!!

  63. This dog looks like it has just eaten another dog. SO has refused to look at another CO cuteness with me until the “scary dog has gone away.”

  64. OH MY LAWRD!! Good gracious, that so dawrn CUTE!! Jeebus in Heaven, help me, I’m dyin’ over here!! Ahhh!! I can’t stop smiling and laughing!!


  65. OMG!! Adorable, but HOW do you get that color off him?!!? And it can’t be as simple as makeup remover. That color stains my lips for days!! Imagine white fur and beige carpet?!?

  66. I have to agree with Carole, that pup-o* looks so proud.

    *pup-o is what my dad always called my border collie mix – it comes from a 3 Stooges short where Curly has to make hor douvres and uses Pup-O Dog biscuits for crackers.

  67. For all the folks wondering how the stuff will come off both Pooch and Floor…it’s quite simple, really: A good shampooing for the canine beauty-queen, with a dab of dish soap thrown into the bathwater. As for the carpet, a paste of water, dish soap, and OxyClean applied to the stains, followed up by scrubbing gently with an old toothbrush to work the soap mixture into the fabric pile. Pour some hot water over the soaped-up area to bring the emulsified mixture up, then run your home carpet steam-cleaner over it all, until no more water comes up. Carpet should be good as new!


  68. We had a Jack Russell Terrier, the revered Jade, dog among dogs, who used to steal my daughters’ lipsticks out of their pocket books. She also stole money and Lifesavers and hid everything in her crate. Gosh, I miss her.

  69. mleiv:

    Cats love peppermint, for the most part. I think it’s a close cousin to catnip.

    If you will hold the Altoid, my Micro will lick it until her tongue gets tired. She loves fresh toothpaste breath as well, BUT if I ever tried to brush her teeth, she would eat my face. 🙂

  70. This pup’s ready for some Valentine’s smoochin!

  71. so cute! my kitten got into my blush recently was walking around carrying the blush brush in her little pink stained mouth.

  72. Chloe – My cat likes the blush brush too. Guess it’s like a furry mouse to them or somethin’. But no peeenk moufs here. My cats are male. Gay, but male. 😉

  73. I think that look on his/her face totally says I know I did something wrong and why isn’t momma getting upset about it?

  74. lol

  75. I must say, the dog has excellent taste in make-up colors! It blends in very well with her skin tone! She otta be a make-up artist! By the way, that’s my favorite shade of lip gloss. She’s so pretty, all done up like that! LOL

  76. GreenEyedHawk – (cracking up) You OK? (laughing) I looove slapstick. Hope you’re OK! (hee hee hee)

  77. The Only Thing My Schnoodle Ever tried To Eat Was A Toad…..Learned A Valuable Lesson Early. Poor Thing Was Foamin At The Mouth.

  78. Oh Nooooooooooo!!! Too furkin cute. Pretty pink pampered poodle pooch!

  79. Awwwwwwwwwww

  80. Makes me want to go right out and get a puppy just like this one! Too stinkin cute!

  81. I can’t believe people say their kitties love mint and toothpaste and such. My kitty hates it. He gets totally offended when I brush my teeth. He recoils and squints his eyes at me when he gets the slightest whiff of toothpaste. I always apologize profusely of course. LOL.

  82. GreenEyedHawk says:

    IF you wanta messy dog story, my aunt’s dog once ate an ENTIRE economy-sized tub of Vaseline. She is a smaller dog, so she managed to get her whole head in the jar (of course). SHe was horrendously greasy at both ends for WEEKS. They finally had to capitulate and bring her to a professional groomer (me, of course) to try and shift the greasy mess off their dog.

  83. teenwolftsdw says:

    awww it so sooo cute with lip stick on….i bet it’s thinking “muhuhahaha no date tonight!”

  84. Dustbunny says:

    CO is making me lose my mind. I bought some lipstick at Walgreens yesterday and said to the sales lady: “Thees leep stick — I like eet very moishe”. The words came out of my mouth before my brain knew what I was saying…she looked at me like I was a total nutcase. I don’t think I can go back to that store while she’s there and they have Lindt chocolate on sale today that I want. Waaah!!

  85. The 13th Rabbit says:

    This lipstick wasn’t tested on animals…it was tested BY animals! I think it passed for color but not for packaging durability.

    Wotta mess, dear!

  86. to soxfan and Debbie: i used to have a kitten, we had to give her away though, but anyway, she also hated the smell of toothpaste and backed away with squinty eyes when she smelled it XD i cracked up when i read your comment.

  87. to soxfan and Debbie: i used to have a kitten, we had to give her away though, but anyway, she also hated the smell of toothpaste and backed away with squinty eyes when she smelled it XD i cracked up when i read your comment.

  88. sorry for the double post.

  89. Dustbunny that story made me guffaw. Maybe when you go back in wear dark glasses and a wig.

    Ok back to Puppy Bowl!

  90. (Am recordink Puppy Bowl now. Already havink dog show from yesterday.)

  91. “Ah em rahd-ee for ah ni-i-ite on ze town.”

    I’m not a dog person, but this picture slays me.

  92. Artsy Pup was painting. Lack of opposable thumbs made up for by the opening of the tube of lovely red tint with mouth.

  93. Someone should photoshop a teddy bear covered in red into this picture. That would be hilarious.

  94. That’s my poodle puppy. 🙂 To answer questions: *I used dog shampoo (which didn’t work), so then I used dish soap (which mostly worked). *The carpet is still pink, though I’m going to try the suggestions on here! *It was a tube of Merle Norman’s liquid lipstick (unflavored, and VERY heavy on the dye since it wasn’t lipgloss) *The day after she did this, I caught her shredding my Genetics textbook, which wasn’t as funny, but almost as cute. *And I keep her eyes white by using baby wipes nightly, and using a clipper to trim the stained fur every few days! Oh, also, she didn’t get in trouble because I was laughing way too hard to be mad.

  95. oh no, mom is gonna be so mad! such a cute picture. got to go pretend to be mad at mine cause hubby left burgers unattended and pup snagged a few.

  96. shouldn’t that be “prosh pink?”

    that dog is actually smiling.

  97. Mary E. Seymour says:


  98. Melissa–just be sure to test a small, out-of-the-way area of the carpet just in case the OxyClean takes the color out. I doubt it would do anything unfortunate to the material, but ya never know…

    …As for Little Miss Pink, she’s hysterical! Sorry about your textbook, though–but at least you can honestly tell the teacher “Sorry, The Dog Ate My Homework!” 😉


  99. Green Eyed…..Did It Affect The Poor Puppys Bowels?

  100. I apologize for not knowing what y’all are talking about just now…but…
    yay aminal planeet.
    (the kitten bowl has much funkier music than the puppy bowl…why? so cute.)


  102. Dustbunny…..I Catch Myself Wanting To Say Certain Things Too.

  103. Melissa…..My Husband Had This Shampoo He Loved…..Until I Told Him It Was For DOGS.

    He Was In The Apartment Business And Found This Never Opened Bottle Of Shampoo For white Hair. And It Had a Fancy Word (Awapuhi) On It; So He Figured It Was Just An Expensive Bottle Of shampoo For His Silver Hair.

    I Never Did Let Him Forget That One.

  104. ROFL, Dustbunny! I do that all the time! Cutese….CO makin’ it into the langwadge!!!


  105. Dustbunny says:

    Roberta: at least you catch yourself before saying stoopid stuff! My brain and my mouth don’t seem to be on the same wavelength at times 😛

  106. Looks like the pup is trying to go ‘barou?’ innocently, but failing so badly at it because he forgot to hide the evidence!

  107. She’s saying, “Hi, Momma. I wuvs you…”

  108. It’s a smirk… like, “I know I am soo busted but I am soo cute too!” 🙂

  109. hey! perky little (evil) princess! you can tell she didn’t get in trouble cos the first thought was a photoshoot instead of a spanking… from the person who has to clean it all up! as we know, Cute heals all wounds.

    oh, and +1 “vampire puppies”! wahaha!

  110. This pup is adorable! I hope you forgave her. PS–Spot Shot carpet cleaner will take that stain right out of your carpet.

  111. Daaaaaaling …
    You look faaaaaabulous.

  112. For all the Aussies here . . “OH MR HART…. WHAT A MESS”

  113. I can’t stop looking at this picture! The expression and the little ear flop from the cocked head…

  114. Speaking of how much went in the dog, I once saw an estimate of how much lipstick gets swallowed world wide on a daily basis.

    Tons, many many tons.

    What doesn’t come off on your kissing partner or the glass, cup or napkin, you consume.

  115. Trouble face. Sweet and cute.

  116. gigglingpear says:

    It’s like; “oh hey Mel, didn’t see you there at first! Borrowed your gloss, hope u dun mind 🙂 u don’t, right?”

  117. darkshines says:

    I don’t get why people are saying it looks like blood. If your blood is floresant pink, please go and see a doctor now…..

  118. samiam cape canav.fla says:

    i visit this site daily and its both for the perfection of the photos and the wit behind the captions.handshakes and back pats all around

  119. samiam cape canav.fla says:

    now thats funny friends

  120. This is an adooooooorable puppy.

    I wish my husband’s cat was this cute when she’s being, uh, “creative” about where she pees.

    My husband, on the other hand, has got it down. 🙂

    (I almost feel like there should be a chalk outline around the tube of lip goo.)

  121. This is the best picture ever! That puppy looks so proud of himself!

    “Look ma, I look just like you”

    I love it!

  122. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    All right Mr DeMille, I’m ready for my close up

  123. definitely a killer head tilt. i luv eet

  124. Eet ees deelishous berry flavour, mama, may I have more, s’il vous plait?

  125. darkshines — On at least some monitors, mine included, the lip color looks red.

  126. B-but Mom – pink and white are the colors for Spring! All the models will be wearing this! C’mon, Mom!
    Please don’t be mad!
    Okay, I’ll clean it up!

  127. She’ll be breaking hearts all her life – cute-gaze that winds grown men!

  128. This is pretty much how my toddler daughter looks after she’s been eating strawberries!

  129. I always wondered what a dog would look like with make-up on. Now I know. LOL

  130. Angela P., that is so cute! I love little kids with berry faces! 🙂

  131. Looks like the Leeps steeeck put up a helluva fight. 🙂

  132. So instead of animal testing, have cosmetics companies turned to animal ‘tasting’?

    Did anyone else vote for the pomeranian for MVP?

  133. you guys r silly says:

    CO disclaimer:
    “no leeeep steeeeck was harmed in the making of theeeeees … er … um …. nevermind.”

  134. Sammy's Auntie Wendy says:

    Grrrrrrr…No Puppy Bowl north of the border unless you have a satellite dish…silly Canadian content rules.

  135. Extreme naughtiness.

  136. Aubrey, I voted for the bulldog. That run she made for three field lengths was just amazing! I admit I may have missed some Pom-wonderfulness, though. Apparently there was some kind of football event on TV yesterday, so I had to share my viewing time.

  137. Whatever happened to “more posts more often” ?

  138. good old whatshername says:

    Oh lord, that dog is GRINNING. The grin, and the head tilt, and the…I give up. It’s too much. 🙂

  139. Carrie- Hamster Defender says:


    Almost as cute, but ok not really cute at all……… my dog ate superglue once. SHE LIVED. No harm, no foul. THANK GOODNESS.

    by the way Meg, if you’re reading. My nightly ritual with my 6 year old son is to sit down and check out the CO. I can’t with the hedgehog picture and won’t be able to if you don’t add more pictures. (i can’t get the other posts to load to post on that thread.)

  140. I love this site, but man am I getting sick of the fakey French accent in every single caption.

  141. Wendy — so that’s why I couldn’t find the puppy bowl on TV anywhere :(.

    The lipstick looks just a little too pinkish to be blood — maybe halfway between rasberry and strawberry — on my screen.

  142. Whatever happened to “more posts more often” ?
    Posted by: So | Feb 05, 2007 at 10:05 AM

    I Wanna Know Too…..It’s Monday Morning…..Wake Up Sleepy Heads

  143. Four stars.

  144. CO saves the day again.

    I just got really bad news at work, was in a really foul mood so I clicked on my favorite link and lo and behold there’s the cutest pic!

    Thanks CO! I feel much better now.

  145. me –
    “I don’t wanna talk to you no more, you emptay headed animale food trough wipair! I laugh in your generawl direcsheyonne! Your mothair was ze hamstair and your father smelt of ze eldairberrays!”

    so – So?

    Roberta – Capital idea, my dear! But patience is a virtue.

  146. Ah! I can’t stop looking at this picture. No tube of chapstick or pack of gum is safe unattended in my household because of my doggy’s shared fetish for these items. I sent this link to my parents and they guffawed with me.

  147. Pyrit…..I Have NEVER Been Big On Patience 🙂

    I Start Singing Buffet Everytime I See Your Name

    Yes I am a pirate
    Two hundred years too late
    The cannons don’t thunder, there’s nothin’ to plunder
    I’m an over-forty victim of fate
    Arriving too late, arriving too late

  148. People always say that pets look like their owners, but this pup tried to take it just one step further…..

  149. Carrie – Hamster Defender:

    That is funny, I do the same thing with my 8 year old daughter! We sit down together every night and read CO and SOMC! She usually isn’t sitting, more like rolling around on the floor laughing — literally! It’s a great way to bond with your kids!

  150. Aubrey, et al.

    The Samoyeds rocked the Puppy Bowl! What a force to be reckoned with, and teamwork. Plus…the earses! Samoyeds have those fabu thick plush earses I lurve. Oops, must also comment on lipstick pup—magnificent innocent head-tilt!

  151. Jen…..I Do That With My 5 Year Old Grandaughter. She Ouuhhh’s And Awww’s And Giggles She Likes The Kitty Pictures The Best; So We Go To Kitten Of The Day.

  152. (Not quickly replying to Roberta. May wait until tomorrow.) *psych*

  153. Oi Peeps —

    Just an FYI, if there’s no new Meg post by this evening, I’ll put something together m’self.

    I got yer backs.

    (Oi Voxen — maybe PM Teho if you’ve got ideas, eh? And thanks already, MC2!)

  154. you guys r silly says:

    !YAY ! TEHO !

  155. Theo, there’s always my awesome panda picture! (the link is in Subhangi’s kitty thread). OK, I promise to shut up about my panda picture now. But really, it’s cute.

  156. pink & pretty puppy!
    (but I’m really concerned about the carpet… awww)

  157. I sent this to my mom earlier she said she almost peed her pants laughing.

  158. LMAO!

  159. Is the Kitty Halftime Show up on the net anywhere? I missed it. And the whole Puppy Bowl. And the football.

  160. omgomgomg that is soo cute it reminds me of that show super sweet sixteen when that girl died her poodels pink~~!!~~

  161. The bulldog pup gets my vote. She was so squishy and roly-poly and mellow!

    This pooch has got to be wearing Revlon’s “Cherries in the Snow.” A classic.

  162. Stephanie S. says:

    To all those saying their cats love/hate peppermint: My cat loves artificial grape flavoring, but that’s just about it. Is anyone else’s cat like this?

  163. All I know is, Winston (the cat) loooves mashed potatoes! Remember Winston?

  164. WickedWendy says:


  165. Lurker – go on the Animal Planet page on the Discovery site. I believe they have vids already up; from last year, too.

    What was the deal with those kittehs wrestling?

  166. This picture owned me, the look on this dog’s face is priceless!

  167. stephanie j says:

    Melissa! You’ve run away from us and become famous! Super cool!

  168. OMG I used to eat lipstick in hiding when I was really little. It was creamy and tasted like flowers I think… anyway, mom’s favorite missing shade didn’t go unnoticed – eep!

  169. “*little kid voice* It wav’nt me Mommy! The cat knockeded me down an’ cheweded open th’ lipstick stuff an smearded it all over me an’ then he runned away and lef’ me here! Honest!”

    You kid, TwoDragons, but one of my dogs has actually done that.

    Storytime: Mom comes home one day to find a very purple PsychoPuppy to greet her at the door. She investigates and finds that PP has chewed up a purple Sharpie in the basement. Mom is obviously none too pleased.

    PP then runs off to fetch DopeyDog (the older of the two, who used to be PsychoPuppy until PP came along to make him look sane) from his nap in a different part of the house, and he has streaky purple marks all over him, approximately the width of PP’s paws.

    No, seriously.

  170. No posts since the third…

    I’m not having withdrawal. Seriously.

    *chews gum vigorously*

  171. useta hada kitteh says:

    Hims/hers eyeses and nosie are made of the same size buttons!

    I love the look on that face! (And yes, puppers, you are gorgeous. That color is YOU!)

  172. Hey everyone! Here’s the link for the kitty halftime show!

    You’ll find lots of links for the Puppy Bowl too. Enjoy!

  173. I have a couple of cute pics up on my blog if anyone is going through withdrawal and needs a quick fix. 😉

  174. I got busted doing exactly this same thing when I was five.

  175. I’m working on an exclusive. Update (most hopefully) soon.

    In the meantime, I’ve got some Vox love for y’all too…
    This is about our current foster kitty, who’s SUPPOSED to be pregnant. Posts are in reverse chronological order. (If we had some kittens right now, believe you me, they’d be all OVER Teh Qte™.)

  176. useta hada kitteh says:

    Theo — beautiful pix of Maya. Thanks for sharing. I’ve been wondering, do hooman pregnancy tests work for cats? You know, the kind you can buy at the drugstore? Just wondering. I’m trying to keep believing in kitters, but it’s getting harder and harder.

  177. useta… I doubt it, since the hormone that pregnancy tests actually test for contains the word “human”… human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG).

    I wonder if vets have tests for animals?

  178. Did anybody else just go “EH WOT??”

  179. useta hada kitteh says:

    I can’t pronounce them words Sarcasta said. I wuz just hopin’ there was somethin’ easy that would say “Kitters” or “Sorry, No Kitters”.

    I miss the Doonses. And I didn’t even know the Doonses.

  180. Maybe it’s because I’m a vault of random knowledge…but I know how to pronounce human chorionic gonadotropin. *deep breath* “hyoo-man kor-eye-on-ik go-nad-oh-trope-in holy sh*t I’m preggers the condom must have had a hole in it somewhere!” 😉


  181. Plicking Pyrit Upside The Ear

  182. She just has a very VERY strong resemblence DeeDee from Dexter’s Lab!


    All she needs is a pink ballet leotard(sp)!


  183. Re: cats and peppermint,

  184. I almost spit out my coffee laughing at this one!!!

  185. short-tan says:

    someone has forgot to mention that if my dog did this, it’d be outside. Makeup is expensive!!! 😦 BAD DOG!!

  186. Pheas…thanks for making sure that my day will no longer be as productive as I had planned…I now have a lot of catching up to do on the antics of Ebenezer and Snooch… 🙂


  187. Sorry, D2D, but how perfect was that timing? I lurv Two Lumps. The good news for those of us trying to accomplish anything is that it’s not a daily comic.

    P.S. I did exactly the same thing when a friend turned me on to them!

  188. guineapiggin9 says:

    *shrill horror music and maniacal scream*…So cute, its scary!!! *evil laugh*

  189. It’s all good, Pheas–here in the Lone Star State it’s a balmy 60 degrees and sunny, the breeze is teasing the curtains, and it’s too darn beautiful a day to waste on chores anyways. A glass of tea, a tuna sammich, and crazy cat comics sounds much more fun! ^__^


  190. D2D:

    Nowcast as of 12:14 PM CST on February 6, 2007

    Snow has tapered to flurries across southern Minnesota and far western Wisconsin. Little addtional snow is expected today. The winds are light…the air is very cold…the snow is very fluffy and slick. General snowfall totals are ranging from around 2.5 to 4 inches. A narrow band of 5 to 6 inch reports have been coming in from parts of central into southeast Minnesota. This narrow band runs from just south of Glenwood near Gilchrist… over to New London… Hutchinson… Glencoe… and Faribault to Mantorville in southeast Minnesota. Areas of light snow or flurries snow are expect to last until mid- afternoon. Little additional snow accumulation is expected across the region today. Plan on slow traffic… allow extra travel time to reach your destination this morning.

    Rest of Today
    Cloudy with a 50 percent chance of snow. Highs around 5 above. Northeast winds 5 mph.

  191. *emails sunshine and puddins to Theo*


  192. LesbianNeoCon says:

    **Dee-lee-shous leepy steecky.
    I must have eet!**

    That’s a riot, even without the photo. But then add the pup, and it’s OVER, people!!

  193. Lol, LesbianNeoCon, that is exactly what I was going to say! Just now!
    The line is so awesome and then the picture…..!!!! Wheeee, perfection!!!

  194. I think I just died.

  195. Melissa,

    I hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to get a print of that and carry it around with me so I can look at it when I am tempted to throat punch idiot customers

  196. This reminds me of when my roommates and I came home to find our dog Sassy (a beagle/Jack Russell mix) covered in red ink from chewing a pen…also had it all over the cream-colored carpet. The pen had been WAAAY up on a shelf that Sassy had no access to reach. Across the room, our evil Torti cat Amber was laying on the table with a smug look. We just KNEW she had knocked the pen down for Sassy to play with…”Here you go, have at it!”

  197. OK, I can’t stop laughing! 😀

  198. I have had this photo posted in my office for about 3 weeks now (new to COL, and loving it)
    it never fails to bring a smile and a out-loud laugh! I LOVE it its my favorite photo from COL. thanks Melissa for sharing it!

  199. ewwws

  200. this is sOoOoO cute , almost everday i go 2 see thies little cutie! what kind of dog is she!?!?!? 🙂

  201. tehe , this is just to cute …

    “Watch out! he’s got some serious lip-gloss eating to go”

    Don’t worrie buddy i do the same thing. it’s cool!

  202. Monster Mommy says:

    Funny thing is……I have a maltese that does the EXACT same thing. Only the expensive lip glosses though….never the cheapies!! I have a photo that is almost identical (short haircut and all) to this one that my lil’ “monster” posed for…..maddening!! hehe

  203. That is a very cute puppy you have! LOL! I recommend you to use a dog shampoo from to clean you cute dog.