I’m newborn and I ken’t git up


I’m just born and I ken’t turn over!

ehn! ehn! ehn! [feets waving]

Yi Y., nice pick.

Love the ‘modesty’ tail. Great submishe, Yi Y.—we’re speechless too.



  1. Awww, lookit his little feetsies!

  2. OMG EEEEEEEEEEEE! Sleepity puppity poo!!! Lookit the furious pawing!


  3. This is almost too hard to watch because I want to help him turn over!

    Ahhh too cute!

  4. *rises from the dead just long enough to …*

    The BELLY!!! The pink milk belly!!!

    *dies again*

  5. I’m there with you, Natalie. Although, instead of turning him over, I might have picked him up and smelled his wee belleh.

  6. natalie q says:

    I’m sure that with all that running he caught the cat he was after.

    sweet dreams little guy! <33333

  7. Smooch smooch smooch smooch smooch smooch smooch.

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  9. help thems! wow i have mental problems i am talking to a video.

  10. Pink puppeh belleh!!! *leans forward and attempts to zerbert the screen*…



  11. I don’t think she’s trying to turn over – I think she’s dreaming big dreams…A serious cutie pup.

  12. Ish so squishy… I wanna poke it! :3

  13. Um … you’ve got some debugging to do, Teho.

  14. Reminds me of the brother on A Christmas Story that falls down and can’t get up because he’s too bundled up in all his snow gear… Only he doesn’t fall asleep at the end like Pupper McPuppersons…

    It’s like enh, enh, Ehnzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz honkshu.

  15. Aluriaphin says:

    OMG!!! This is the cutest leetle pup EVAR!!! *implodes*

  16. What kinda puppy do you think that is? Besides a cute one?

  17. OK OK…. this wee guy has officially handed me my “pup person” i.d. card. He/she is so completely helpless and adorable. How many rules of cuteness?

  18. He’s so adorable! Few things can compete with a newborn puppy in the “Awww!” department. I think I’d name him “Turtle” if he were my tiny baby.

  19. I Too Think The Wittle One Is Dweaming.

  20. Sebastian Redl says:

    I don’t think this puppy is trying to stand up – I think it’s just dreaming.

  21. EEEEEEKKKK!!!!!!

    Pink widdle paws!!! Pink widdle belleh!!!!! And such a kissable wee nosie!

  22. wolfwhocriedboy says:

    It took every ounce of self-control I had to not squish my face into that belleh/my computer screen.


  23. Dees is just too moishe!!!

    *dies of cute puppeh overloadness*

  24. Sebastian: What do you think he’s dreaming about? Biting a kitteh? Playing wif his brovvers?

  25. I love the way infant things go from on to off so quickly.

  26. sillygirl says:

    I wanna poke the widdle belleh! It makes me want a puppeh or kitteh (to add to my three cats… yeah.)

  27. TanksMommy says:

    The pink chubby belly! KISSES KISSES!!!! And the teeny tiny tail hiding his teeny tiny privates. GOD I LOVE IT!!!! dies…

  28. This is SO CUTE! But I don’t think he’s trying to roll over, I think he’s having a dream that he’s running through a field after a bunny. My dog has been doing that in his sleep his whole life and he knows how to roll over. Hee hee, so cute!

  29. I’m just…it…I…but it…
    AWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s soooo cuuuuute!! I…no words to…
    *head finally splodes*

  30. Raise your hand if your paws…erm…hands…went into the air too as the puppy was waving them and you urged him on. Vocally. Extra points if there were people around.

    -raises hand-

  31. I just died over. The puppeh just killed me dead. I’m just a sqweeing mass of goo now.

  32. mwaaahaahhaa OMG Puppy dreaming of wabbit huntin….

  33. pup: eeeeeeeehn!!

  34. Sleep-ehn.

  35. Martha in Washington says:

    I love the way he just goes “forget it, I’ll just sleep on my back”.
    Could he possibly be a very little, teeny-tiny St Bernard? He has the right color and markings.
    I would give money to snorgle his little babeh bellie!

  36. awwww leetle pudgeh bebeh!!!
    i know that pink belly has got to be like buttah!!! oh my gawd!

  37. what an angel.

  38. Adorable! The first time I watched I thougth he was struggling and wanted to help, but the second time I watched it seemed like he was asleep and dreaming.

  39. Misanthropist says:


    That belly would be an amazing snorgle experiance.
    *nods wisely*

  40. Andrea DuBois says:

    it’s like it kicked and kicked then just says… “ah, screw it! i’m laying here…”

  41. I love the fact that the back ones are going way faster than the front one. Shake da booty. :-p

  42. That tummy is MADE for a serious furbert. Even if it would wake puppers up. He’d go right back to sleep, maybe after a baroo.

  43. I will love him, and squeeze him, and call him George.

  44. hrh.squeak says:


    Thank goodness Puppy Bowl is on in a few minutes on Animal Planet. I must see more puppehbelleh!!!

  45. And no one’s even mentioned the wonderful little crest puppy’s got running down his chest.
    It’s like he’s got his little crease ironed in.

  46. JuliaJellicoe says:

    He’s so PINK! Pink nose and mouth, pink pads, pink belly! He’s all pink and squiggly!

  47. Martha: I think it’s a Corgi! Has the right coloring and marking, as well as the cute stubby tail.

  48. The crest is like where the material meets on a stuffed toy!!!

    …Are you sure it’s a real puppy?


  49. OMG…that is the cutest thing EVER!!!

  50. Wodgie wodgie!!! EEEE! look at the feetsies inddeed!!!!

  51. OMG I wanna bite his fat little belleh! Sooooooooo cute!

  52. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Can’t handle how cute this is ::joins pile slain by puppeh::

  53. AuntieMame says:

    Trying to get up? Or trying to katch a kitteh?

    You decide.

  54. fawn lust says:

    oh mah gah!!!!

  55. Persephone says:

    I think that may in fact be the cutest thing I have ever seen.

    I want to show everyone I know now!

  56. Martha in Washington says:

    Sarah- I think you might be right. The ears appear too small for a St Bernard, too. He is one healthy (read: fat) little puppeh.

  57. I could just put that squirmy little sausage in my pocket and take him home.

  58. Bucky Spalding says:


  59. Bucky Spalding says:

    it’s a corgie pup!!

  60. WOOK at those little feeties AND that fat belly!!!!

    I can’t take the cuteness!


  61. i wanna steal it and squeeze it and hug it and love it forever!!!

  62. That pup is dreaming something. Maybe a nightmare.

  63. S’ok, little pup. Mama and me loves you. smooches, little one.

  64. Puppi I loves you! I want to squish that pup to my chest. Pups and racks doesn’t sound as good as cats n racks, but it’s just as cute. Do pups and racks!

  65. Puppi I loves you! I want to squish that pup to my chest. Pups and racks doesn’t sound as good as cats n racks, but it’s just as cute. Do pups and racks!

  66. This baby is so sweet. . . it is making my heart ache.

  67. furoiusMB says:

    This is reckless and potentially dangerous cuteness. It is uncalled for and completely out of line. This extreme exposure to redonk cuteness is unfair and I can’t take it anymore.

  68. i just want to point out that it’s impossible to move when you’re dreaming. you dream during your REM cycle of sleep, and during this time, you are virtually paralyzed.


  69. cute overload OVERDOSE! That is way tooooooo much

  70. I have days like that, tryin to get out of bed to go to work…”ehn! ehn! Oh wat the h*ll, I give up. Let’s just lay here.” If I had a puppy snuggling with me, forget it.


  72. What a delicious little puppeh belleh! I just want to kiss it, just like I do to my kittehs bellehs!
    Sleep sweet, little one!

  73. My 4 year old overweight dog does this too!!!

  74. Smiling Lurker says:


    Some fun info about sleep! You can move! 🙂

  75. Karen in Toronto says:

    I like how the top half goes down before the bottom half relents.

  76. Do I see one black-padded toe in the midst of all that pink?

  77. I hate it when I use all my energy just trying to get out of bed…

  78. Dancing in the bed. It seems like it. But that is so cute.

  79. guineapiggin9 says:

    OMG!!! somebody turn him over already!!! oh the humanity! for the love of god please sumone, anyone turn this helpless little chubby cutie over! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

  80. OMG!!! X] This is the cutest thinf I have EVER seen! I screamed when I saw it because it is so0o0o0o0 cute!