Hedges ‘n’ Racks? Nah-ahn

Um, "Hedges ‘n’ Racks" is DEF a new category, People.

//Photos removed!//

The Peeps are always innovating, what can I say…



  1. I just don’t think there’ll be a lot of these.

  2. hedgie is totally cute, the girl however does not appear old enough for you to be advertising her rack

  3. BCteagirl says:

    ha ha ha ha! ow 😛

  4. Ehn! I thought the general concensus was that ‘da peeps don’t like the (fill in the blank) and racks photos. *sigh* I’ve never felt a hedgie but I’m assuming its bristly and coarse vs. soft, so…um…*hands Tirza a bottle of lotion and a sweater*

  5. chet's momma says:

    *settles in with popcorn and beer to watch the debate begin!*

  6. chet's momma says:

    *settles in with popcorn and beer to watch the debate begin!*

  7. chet's momma says:

    *settles in with popcorn and beer to watch the debate begin!*

  8. chet's momma says:

    *settles in with popcorn and beer to watch the debate begin!*

  9. chet's momma says:

    *settles in with popcorn and beer to watch the debate begin!*

  10. chet's momma says:

    *settles in with popcorn and beer to watch the debate begin!*

  11. I agree wif Dee

  12. For once, I kinda think this pic is a little too far, too. She’s seems really young, and at the bottom right of the second picture… seems a little indecent. ^^;

  13. thedistractor says:

    I really don’t mind *insert animal* ‘n racks pictures, but can the girl at least wear a top that doesn’t give her a split-boob? I’m sure it was accidental though.

  14. I approve of this post 1000%. By which I mean “Yowza.”

  15. umm, excuse me miss, but it seems as if your breasticle if popping out

  16. Tirza’s the cutest thing on the whole page. But maybe a little bit on the young side, true.

  17. Tirza’s the cutest thing on the whole page. But maybe a little bit on the young side, true.

  18. pookiepuff says:

    Um… are pictures like this necessary? Well, whatever. I don’t really care, but I personally do not like coming to this site to see cute animals, and instead seeing a boob coming out of a top. I don’t have a huge problem with it or anything, but I’d prefer not to see them. More cute animals and less racks please!

  19. Yikes. She definitely looks too young… and the boob floppage is completely uncalled for. Inappropriate…

  20. marymagpie says:

    I dunno, it was kind of cute the first couple of times but now it’s just starting to feel a little too gratuitous. Besides, why can’t we see more guys cuddling kitties, etc? That’s just as cute.

  21. BCteagirl says:

    Will set some pudding up in the fridge, come back and look at the fighting tomorrow LOL. Oh no! A person’s body 😛

  22. Awww, how unfortunate! She spent all that money getting a hedgey and now she can’t afford clothing!

    Seriously though, the hedgehog is darling – but the girl looks like my 13 year-old cousin.

  23. luckycliff says:

    Wow Tirza is really pretty! But is it really indecent to see a bit of her epidermis? I say, if you don’t like Megasilly’s very individualistic blog, don’t look.

  24. Come on people don’t be so prude. Getting freaked out by someone in swimsuit, tss…

    I think the hedge’s cute!

  25. Under-age under-boob 😦

  26. “Ehn! I thought the general concensus was that ‘da peeps don’t like the (fill in the blank) and racks photos.”

    The consensus was it’s Meg’s blog and she will continue to post whatever she wants.

    And hedgehog underbelly is soft, very moishe so.

  27. acelightning says:

    I just think it looks a bit painful – aren’t hedgehogs all prickly? (Oh noes, she’s wearing a *bathing suit*! Peeps, this is the 21st century, not the 19th!)

  28. That girl is way too young. Cute Overload should be more responsible in their decisions of what pictures will be posted.

  29. Y’all really think she looks underage? She looks like my friends and I when we were in college…and when we got out. And frankly? I didn’t even notice her…wardrobe problems until people on here pointed it out, so maybe the problem is not Meg’s, or Tirza’s, but those of you who are staring at the photo looking not at the cute, but for something to be upset about.

    (P.S. I wish I had the bod for that bathing suit)

  30. Awright, y’all boys gots Cats n Racks and now hedgies n’ racks.

    Us girlz wanna see ferrets n’ shorts or sumpthin.

    Just sayin’


  31. Are fan signs not too far behind…?! 😉

    And to say something about the seeming lack of ‘guys & _____’ images, there really are few placed to place an animal thatd have the same effect. ARMADILLOS & ARMPITS :(.

  32. Popcorn, check.
    Pudding, check.
    We’re set.
    Oh, Chet, beer too.

  33. Ah, I love it when the prudes freak out.

  34. Speedocute says:

    Okay, so I’m thinkin as long as it’s advertising the animals (yes even pic #2) and not a person (underage or not – pic #1) it’s all good.

    But…seriously, what if I had a hamster near my speedo line, with a bit of my bits popping out. It would definitely be banned forever.

    Just saying.

  35. I love lounging around in my bikini on the leather chair.

  36. Ok….but animals in cleavage is not hot….slut

  37. Both the hedgepiggie and the girl are very cute, which is why I really like the first pic. The second pic is ruined only because of that teeny wardrobe malfunction. (Plus, IMO, the composition and colours of the bikini etc completely overshadow lil’ hedgie-poo.)

    I really like pets n racks, but I have to admit the pics look a bit gratituous sometimes.


    Peeps, Do Not Upstage Your Pets!!!

    *goes off kitten-huffing*

  38. I really don’t intend to get drawn into a flame war here, but Christ, calling her a slut makes you more unattractive than any picture that has been posted on cute overload.

  39. Does it really matter how old she is? The picture is not meant to arouse you. It’s about a cute hedgie getting a snuggle. There are plenty of places on the internet where you can see girls in swimwear; many of them have a disclaimer on the front that says all artists are 18. So go to one of those sites and relax, safe in your neuroses.
    This is not one of those sites, and never will be.

    With regards to the comment about being responsible: should we also enforce blacked out windows in schools in case people drive past looking? I don’t need Cuteoverload to be my moral compass. Nor do I need a person’s date of birth to determine if I think they are attractive.
    But I do need cuteoverload for my fix of cute bunnehs.
    More bunnehs please!

  40. I agree that Tirza is a very attractive girl, but I came her to see cute animals, not attractive girls coming out of their swimming suits (although I’m sure it was unintentional). And I am also getting sick of the “(animal name)s & racks” category. Perhaps if the lower right-hand corner of the picture were edited just a bit, there would be no issue at all. Maybe Meg should review the pictures a bit closer before posting them…

  41. Cheers to Claire: yes it is Meg’s blog after all and she can post whatever she wants. I’m just very glad she shares it with all of us. Keep the pics coming, Meg, be they cute stuff n racks, cute stuff n earlobes or what have you. I, for one, love it all.

  42. Meg, in general I love your site and think your have good taste about this stuff. But this looks like a young teenager who’s staged a picture trying to get sexual attention… (I might have done the same thing when I was 14, put on makeup and my bikini and tried to get older guys interested. But adults would have rolled their eyes and tried to stop me doing it, right?)

  43. Hearsawho says:

    I know how you guys feel. Every day, it’s so hard to get out of bed, knowing that every second person I see… there will be BOOBS. It gets harder and harder to avert my eyes, lest I know the horror of seeing them.

    Those horrible, horrible women! Can’t they hide them? Walk backward? Have SOME courtesy for us poor folk who cannot bear the sight of them?

    My OWN MOTHER betrays me.

    And… oh my GOD. I HAVE THEM TOO. Oh sweet baby Jesus what will I DO?

    My life is overrrr. The boobs win!

  44. Martha in Washington says:

    Ok, can I just say that IMO that is one ugly bikini.
    Thanks for listening.

  45. So, are you people scared of going to the beach too? Nobody under 18 is allowed to wear a bikini, true fact! Only, you know, not. She looks like my sister too. Said sister is 19. So, whatever.

    More racks, wee.

  46. -Hedger: cute
    -Girl: kinda cute (won’t say she’s to young… at almost 30, fellow teachers still confuse me with students…)
    -Bikini: not vry cute
    -Boobie sticking out: NOT. CUTE.
    -Reading the coments about the boobie and the (supposedly young) gal: priceless!

  47. Oh good lord, god forbid we see some skin. XD People get freaked out over the strangest things…

  48. nibblin’ on choc-lit watching the show!

    the only beef i have is i keep sending photos of my kittehs, and they are still not up on CO, *sigh*

  49. The girl seriously looks like she’s twelve to me. I was pretty disturbed to see this, and I recall a few other questionable ages in the ___n’racks categories. I’m not even a prude, and don’t care about seeing a little boob popping out. I just don’t want it to be a twelve-year-old’s.

  50. She’s probably old enough, and the peek-a-boobage isn’t that big a deal. But if it becomes more about the boobs and less about the critter, then something’s up, peeps.

    Focus on the cute hedgie! Not so much the girl and her boobs…

  51. Awww, sweeeet, to the 1st pic. 2nd one isn’t bad, I just like the first one better. The suit slippage is unfortunate.

    Generally I don’t mind ___’s n’ racks. [Racks are awesome, in general, right?] I do mind the pics when they’re really gratuitously set up, but this one doesn’t trigger that button for me. What gets me is that comments saying “everyone who doesn’t like them is a prude! Go away!” seem so… uncute.

  52. charlotte says:

    i doubt this girl is as young as you’re all thinking. i just think that the animals in racks theme isn’t cute at all, and i come here to see cute! animals in racks is esentially pretty boring animal photos.

  53. First of all, its the owner’s site. She can post whatever she so chooses to post. If you don’t like it, don’t look at it! It is not her responsibility to bend over backwards to please you. Secondly, this is not the Victorian Era. Those are boobs. Women have them. Men have them. (some men have moobs and go topless, anatomically theres no major difference *shudder* )Get over it. Yeah theres a little boobage popping out at the bottom, but ladies, honestly, can you tell me you’ve NEVER had a little side or bottom cleavage showing in a bathing suit? I can’t.

    It has not crossed the line of innapropriatness or public decency laws. If it offends your values, I hope you stay clear of a public beach. Focus on the cute little critter going “OOOH SHINY!!!” over the bathing suit ring (he is sooooo checking that out), and don’t look at it if you don’t like it.

  54. You know what really gets me about when these photos get posted? The commentroversy always breaks out…

    And Meg posts more. Because she likes them. Her track history says there will always been pets ‘n’ racks pictures on CuteOverload. So…I’m not going to tell you to get out, but complaining is completely an absolutely pointless.

    This picture reminds me of my own experience with a hedgie though. I wasn’t wearing a bikini, but a baggy shirt that the hedgie fell in love with, and decided to chew upon to annoint himself. It took three people to detatch said hedgie. I love hedgies <3

  55. That looks potentially painful. Still, it’s cute how the hedgie’s contemplating going through the ring in the second pic.

    I don’t think Tirza is a kid, either. She seems like a petite woman, which is why she appears maybe a bit childlike on first glance.

    Aaaaand… eh… y’know… I guess it’s cute and all… and Lord knows how much I love pretty girls in bikini tops… but maybe this isn’t quite the right stuff to have on C.O. :\ Still, cute hedgie! And cute girl.

  56. The above-posters are right, too. I’d just hate to see C.O. move from animal-cute to girl-cute too much. If I want to see hot girls showing skin, that’s easy enough to find. But the animals thing is sort of rare, these days.

    Don’t get on me about that, either. I think Meg’s doing a better job than most of you ever could – certainly better than I ever could. But there’s nothing wrong with me having an opinion, either.

  57. i am tired of “racks” myself. i come here to see cute animals not exhibitionist girls. it’s just cheese overload then.

  58. the myth vs reality:)

  59. I dunno, the boobsquish made me giggle a little bit, myself. Dunno why, maybe it’s just because it’s dagnasty o’clock where I’m at, and I’m sleepy…

    The hedgy in pic 2 just looks like he’s totally going after that shineything. I didn’t really notice the boobs, just his facination with the shiny.

  60. My word. Purty girl with a hedgehog. Sorry everyone, I’m in favour.

  61. fine, we had ONE picture of a guy that wasn’t even particularly attractive with a cat up his pants, and now back to cleavage. Speedocute, please do submit revealing scrotal photos. And if Meg posts them, she’s cooler than I think she is. Because it looks to me like she’s picking another very-young-looking woman’s photo of her breasts, with a little animal nearby as an excuse, so that she’ll get controversy and hits will go up and advertisers will pay her some more. I’m not saying Meg wanting fame and fortune is BAD, but does she have to be this blatant about it? I’d like to feel that this site is about collecting cute images, not creating scandal.

  62. pistache268 says:

    It’s really hard to guess a woman’s age from her face/rack. Some women have babyfaceness, and look younger. From this picture it’s hard to tell – most likely she looks in her late teens or twenties, but she has BIG EYES and a high forehead that make her look younger.


  63. Not sick of the racks or the animals that dwell within them.

    I AM sick of people with sticks up their $%%es though.

  64. I’m no prude, nor do I have a stick up my butt, but I do dislike opening up this page and seeing a young girl’s boob. And yes, she’s young folks. This is just going to bring out the pedophiles. I agree with a previous poster who said when it becomes more about racks than animals, something is wrong. I like to show my 7-year-old niece this site because of the darling animals–pictures like these are NOT something she should see, nor would want to see, I imagine. I’m extremely disappointed in the choice to post this picture. Let’s go back to focusing on the darling animals in NATURAL, candid shots.

  65. I’m glad the hedgie isn’t squished in the cleavage like the previous kitten-in-rack. OUCH!

    Not a very pretty bikini, but the hedgehog sure finds the shiny attractive…

  66. *plops beside chet’s momma and grabs a handful popcorn*

  67. Breasts are a natural part of the body, just like arms or hair. No one can debate that.

    That some people in this culture have decided that it’s indecent to show breasts is exactly the same as when other cultures have decided that their women can’t show their hair (or other parts).

    Some people say that they don’t want their kids to see these things, but the same kids have looked at breasts through their entire babyhood.

    At what age does it suddenly get harmful? The only thing that is harmful is when you teach them that certain parts of their bodies are shameful. Don’t you know that nothing catches kids’ interest as much as things that are secret/forbidden!?

  68. Cute++

  69. A person could get a prickly rash that way.

  70. violetgreen says:

    Oooh, that’s pointy! (Talkin’ about the hedgehog fuselage.) And oh goody, looks like it’s time for the OC police to whip themselves into another fine froth.

  71. violetgreen says:

    oops, I mean CO. Any room left on that couch, Chet’s momma?

  72. You’re really dumb if you think this picture is going to “bring out the pedophiles.” Good lord.

  73. I had decided I was going to avoid this thread, but I’ve decided instead to leave a comment but not actually bother to read all the other comments, because I’m afraid the level of stupid will kill my brain.

    1) She is clothed. If she is indeed underage, there is nothing shown here that isn’t seen legally on beaches on a regular basis.
    2) There is no evidence of her age other than “she looks…”, which means nothing, because I know girls who are 20 that look 15 and vice versa. The fact that she “looks” young does not mean she is young.

    So, what we have is no nudity, and no evidence of age, making all ZOMG KIDDY PORN comments pretty much dismissed, IMO.

    You may now go back to your self-righteous wanking, tyvm.

  74. Totally unnecessary. The pics are supposed to be about cute animals all cozied up in a convieniently warm spot. And not GIRLS showing off their rack.

    She could have at least “tucked in” and then taken another pic.

  75. hummm boobies?


  76. Y’all I changed my mind. My Ma said “What if there was no hedgehog in the pics” and she’s right. No hedgehog = peado porn.

  77. titilating!!!!ha ha

  78. Maybe a compromise could be reached. I see two scenarios for this.

    1) Meg continues posting whatever she likes, since it’s her blog, and if you dont like it, you go away and stop whining.

    2) Meg puts “‘n racks”, and “in shorts”, etc photos behind a cut, so they don’t show on the front page, and you actively have to click them.

    Either way seems good to me.

  79. What a cute hedgie! (As for the boob slippage, it’s less than an inch of skin, people. if it was coming out of the top no one would care, why is it so indecent coming out of the bottom?)

  80. OK, Rik… I vote for scenario #1.

    Give me a BREAK, people. This is not that big a deal…

    I admit that I’d rather not see this girl’s breast, but it’s not because it’s indecent, but because I wish my breasts still looked that good!

    Hey prudes! Get over yourselves and stop telling Meg what to do!

  81. I happen to love boobs. And I think women are gorgeous. This girl is cute. She doesn’t look underage to me. The underboob doesn’t bother me.

    But, to me, the “___ in Racks” pictures are submitted only for attention. Only a few of them are cute, because it’s not really the animal that’s the focal point, but the boobs.

    I come to this website to see cute animals, not cute girl’s cleavage.

    It also seems unfair to me that we have “___ and Racks” and no male version. ;(

  82. Do we know how old she is? No. So let’s not jump the gun.

    Everyone “bigger” than a triple A knows that stuff occasionally “falls out”. I don’t think hedgehogs have the patience to sit around and wait for another picture to be taken.

  83. It IS kinda like hedgey porn. Hedgehog is cute, but I didn’t need to see under-boob first thing in the a.m., ‘specially when I have my own.

  84. All I know is that the conversation here is much more intelligent and fun when there aren’t racks involved.

  85. it might have been better, actually, to just post the second pic. it seems to me that the most controversy is generated when you actually see the girl’s face. but as a stand-alone shot, the hedgie diving through the shiny ring is pretty funny, and cute!

  86. Pfft. The poor misguided girl is just promoting her supposed “hotness” here. Please, spare Cute Overload from any more of this sort. Just use your common sense.

  87. i dont like it either. but this sites known for trying to be contraversial.

  88. It’s ALL cute.

  89. TanksMommy says:

    Cute hedgehog..tewtally. Boobage…eh..oh well. Boobies boobies everywhere!

  90. chet's momma says:

    “will someone please go and get some more popcorn and beer? yep, we’ll need major reinforcements as we wait for Speedocute’s revealing scrotal shots…..WHO’S WITH ME???” [sounds of crickets and tumble weeds…]

  91. chet's momma says:

    “will someone please go and get some more popcorn and beer? yep, we’ll need major reinforcements as we wait for Speedocute’s revealing scrotal shots…..WHO’S WITH ME???” [sounds of crickets and tumble weeds…]

  92. chet's momma says:

    “will someone please go and get some more popcorn and beer? yep, we’ll need major reinforcements as we wait for Speedocute’s revealing scrotal shots…..WHO’S WITH ME???” [sounds of crickets and tumble weeds…]

  93. chet's momma says:

    “will someone please go and get some more popcorn and beer? yep, we’ll need major reinforcements as we wait for Speedocute’s revealing scrotal shots…..WHO’S WITH ME???” [sounds of crickets and tumble weeds…]

  94. chet's momma says:

    “will someone please go and get some more popcorn and beer? yep, we’ll need major reinforcements as we wait for Speedocute’s revealing scrotal shots…..WHO’S WITH ME???” [sounds of crickets and tumble weeds…]

  95. chet's momma says:

    “will someone please go and get some more popcorn and beer? yep, we’ll need major reinforcements as we wait for Speedocute’s revealing scrotal shots…..WHO’S WITH ME???” [sounds of crickets and tumble weeds…]

  96. Eh, I really don’t think it’s a big deal. The photo could have been cropped, but there’s just not very much boob coming out of there for me to consider it profane.
    Look at the hedgehog!

  97. hmm…

    I’d rather see another yawtter or pictures of a pupperoo.
    I come to CO to get my fix since I’m at college right now and can’t go home to see the snoofers grow up. 😦

    People can surely decide that the boob slip is not cute just as that prarie dog thing with the “tail” that looked like a…well..you know was not cute.

    I offer up a dose to give you today’s fix–>check out my puppies (as I will be in the coming weeks)

    and we can miss them together 🙂

  98. 100%snuggles says:

    What a storm in a B-cup!!
    She’s cute.
    Hedgie is cute.
    Lurid geometric 70’s patterned swimsuit is so garish it does overwhelm every thing else about the picture, which is a tad unfortunate, as it detracts from the adorableness of the hedgie, thats the only problem!!

  99. And Katie, you’re “really dumb” if you think otherwise. What are you, fifteen?

  100. I imagine Meg and/or Theo popped enough corn to fill a bathtub after agreeing to post this photo.

    I’m all for MORE photos of the lovely English Claire H., of James T. Kitteh fame!

    Claire H…are you there?

    In all fairness, there needs to be a steady posting of mens crotches in a “packages and pets” category…”hangouts” and bulges a MUST!

    Please make sure there is more hair/fur on the pet than on the gents legs!

  101. Sick of Tits says:

    Ok this is ridiculous, these animals in racks photos are distracting me from the real cuteness that used to be cuteoverload. Are we going to let anyone with a random animal in random cleavage get on the same page?

    I think I’m getting sick of this stupid category.

  102. Sick of Tits Again says:

    In addition, it’s not entirely SFW, can we omit humans on this page entirely? I mean anyone can hold up a cut animal and then stick it on a body part, that doesn’t make it anymore cute so what’s the point (especially when it appears this girl is trying so hard to get into the category, because it’s normal to lounge around the house in January in a bikini top)?

    What next? Cats snuggling up to a pair of testicles? Grow up

  103. Although I am for the posting of these images, putting them behind a cut may be advantageous for those checkin gin from work.
    But I am absolutely for the posting of these. And even more so for the posting of bunnies.

  104. Alright, what is the big deal with most Americans and breasts. Yes, oh god, I said Breasts!

    This is the same sort of mindless assumption that women’s body parts are always sexual that causes issues when women try to breastfeed in public places.

  105. Cassie and 100%snuggles – Well said.

    Also, the thought just occured to me that in pic#2, hedgie is trying to get a nose ring after seeing Brian’s ear piercings a couple of posts back! 😉

  106. Someone pass me the popcorn and the beer.

    As soon as I saw this picture I knew this was gonna happen.

    Um Theo? Maybe this thread should be put to sleep before it gets nasty.

  107. holy crap! What is that girl like 13?? Not sure I like this picture very much :-p

  108. Ok, enough already with the under-age half-a-boob. I love c.o. with all it’s moishness and ability to put pictures up that makes your head splode -but this is just inappropriate.

  109. tee-hee! this is xtra cute, as this girl is lovely, and a lovely person who loves her unusual aminal is very charming.

    the second pic has a great geometric modern-art sort of composition, and evokes a nice tactile sense of spines-vs.-soft-skin. this is a really great pic. i’d like to see it in b/w.

  110. Don’t care for either picture much. The hedgehog is cute but the boobs do not make him any cuter. Totally gratuitous. If anything the precocious girl annoys me and detracts from the hedgehog.

  111. I don’t have a problem with breasts. Honestly, I don’t (*le wink*) but I can see why people would get annoyed by things like this in abundance. Like…we have much cuter hedge pics on CO, this one is nothing special, and it seems it was only posted cause of the boob factor.

    Then again…if it were up to me what to post and what not to…I probably would have posted it too just to see the people fighting in the comments! But…>_> That’s besides the point! 😛

  112. Pic 1 is adorable, pic 2 is a little much. Hedgie trying to get through the ring is pretty cute/funny, though.

    I have to say, though, that I don’t understand people’s objection to their kids seeing this given that they will see similar things if you ever take them to a beach, and a 7-year-old girl will see NUDE breasts if you ever take her to a public swimming pool. I just don’t see anything wrong with kids knowing what body parts look like.

  113. Smiling Lurker says:

    I’ve been coming to CO for months and I always find myself amused. After my husband deployed, I started coming more frequently to chase away nasty clouds of sadness. I’ve watched so many debates here. Sometimes I choose sides. Sometimes I don’t. Luckily, I don’t have a passionate opinion one way or the other on this one. I just giggle and leave the fussing to the pros.

    There’s one thing I’d like to point out after watching the fierce battles over the last few days. At least Meg gave you guys something tangible to argue about. There’s no question that the animal is alive. There isn’t a debate over it possibly being photoshopped. We know there’s no cruelty happening. The age thing is a little vague, but that’s sort of a lesser point. The fact is…those are definitely boobs and that’s definitely a cute hedgie. Enjoy it while it lasts! It’s amazing the stuff that people figure out to be angry over. 🙂

  114. The only thing – the ONLY thing – I find offensive about this picture is the fact that she is clearly not at a beach, and is just wearing the swimsuit for the hell of being in a swimsuit on the internet. Before snapping the picture, she probably could have tucked her breast back into the swimsuit, too.

    Outside of that, however, I think they’re adorably pictures! I love how the little hedgie’s poking his nose through the conveniently-placed ring.

  115. I never had a problem with the cats in racks. and i’m no prude. but today was the first time I looked at a photo and said “ewwww”. These pics are supposed to make me happy, not nauseated.

  116. and ferrets are much more deserving of a category than hedgies in racks!

  117. Debate or no….am I the only one that thinks the animal picture is ruined if theres a person in it?

  118. Anyone forgetting “Cute boy and Duck!” everyone loved that. Ohh I loved that, THe hegie looks happy, going all sonic for her bikini ring, so lets all just chilll

  119. I’m sick of all the rack pictures. I don’t care how old someone is either.

  120. I’m in the other camp: I say Meg should go full force and start posting “fluffs and muffs” or “buns and…buns”. Full on porn! May you could do what Donavan Freberg did and have a separate site just fo’ the kitty porn.

  121. Um, okay, before anyone says that I am a prude or ashamed of breasts or whatnot, I’m not “brain-scarred” by this picture. I was a little girl once, too.

    However, I am horrified that this girl (I know adults who look young but I also know some children and this is a GIRL) has a closeup shot of parts which in MOST cultures are considered seductive because of their basically exclusively feminine nature (in other words, most guys don’t have boobs, ya’ll) – so I don’t care if one reader is from a special place – she is attracting attention from ALL over the world. If it were a charge I loved, I’d be against it. What if this girl’s family is against it? Whatever your personal beliefs are, you ought to respect others’.

    Hedgehogs are cute. Kids are cute. Hedgehogs and kids are cute together. But animals on specific body parts are at best silly. Would ya’ll like a picture of a possum on some guy’s naked arse? What? Arses aren’t sexual! C’mon. It’s not always about that.

  122. why not label it into a more accurate category, like “women objectifying themselves to get on a popular website”

    no more animals and tits, please.

  123. erm….please…no more super-young looking girls in the “racks” pics. Just leave their faces out if you have to. its unnerving.

  124. gloom raider says:

    What gets me is that when an animal is shown cuddling up to a, shall we say, more two-dimensional bosom, no one seems to care.

    I admit letting a hedgehog investigate the Valley of the Shadow of Rack looks ouchy, but that’s my only negative comment.

  125. Hooray for racks! Keep ’em coming!

  126. First off, I’m 33 and I look about as old as the chick in the pic. Guess it’s just genetics or something. Second of all, underboob is nothing new. Take a look at Vogue. Also in Vogue, scantily clad models that look like they’re 13. Third, cute hedgehog. Americans and their double standards! It slays me. Go hide your shameful underboob, little girl, and pet your hedgehog on the outside of your shirt. LOL.

  127. I agree that I feel pretty uncomfortable about this particular post, would prefer that racks be *covered* by cats, hedgehogs, etc or at least by a *shirt* Thanks!

  128. Cuuuuute hedgie! He’s like ::sniffle::

    Secondly: Intarwebz serius bizness. O NOES A BEWB.

  129. Anonymous says:


  130. Actually, most of the models in Vogue that look thirteen usually ARE thirteen. But I digress. Cute pictures.

  131. ummm – under age for ?
    Getting her pic taken?
    Having a cute hedgeie?
    wearing a bikini (OK loud bikini)?
    having boobs?

    (long time lurker, first time commenter. Bringing some beer to introduce myself, I’ll just sit over there on the floor…tip-toes…opps…sorry…’scuse….getting crowded.)

  132. This girl is disgusting. There’s absolutely no reason for her to be wearing a revealing bikini to put a hedgie in her NON EXISTANT rack.

    I totally sent in a picture of myself with a “hedgie in rack” and didn’t reveal the UNDERSIDE of my breast.

    There is a such a thing as propriety.

  133. I agree, she looks possibly underage, and the 2nd photo (with boob hanging out) is on the indecent side. I came to this site looking for cute animals, not looking for boobs.

  134. Yawn…

    I gots me my coffee, fed da kittehs.
    It’s a beautiful morning.

    Let’s take a look in at CO, and see what’s….


    Can I hide in the couch.
    I’ve brought raisin bread toast for brekkies.

  135. bcteagirl says:

    Glad I made pudding! Can I join the party. I’m surprised no one is claiming hedgie abuse yet.. rotfl… 😛

  136. Ana: “why not label it into a more accurate category, like “women objectifying themselves to get on a popular website”

    IAWTC. Completely. *gahh*.

    Although, whoever made the observation about lil’ Sonic going after the golden ring was SPOT ON, mistah!!

  137. Jennifuh sez: Actually, most of the models in Vogue that look thirteen usually ARE thirteen.

    Precisely my point.

  138. That Is One UGLY Bathing Suit That She Doesn’t Fit Into Real Well; As Is Aparrant In The First Photo Where She Has The Top Pulled Up, And The Second Picture Well; That’s Just Obvious Too.

    BUT; Little Hedgie Is Cute With A Capital “C”.

  139. All I can say to the “So what if she’s a teenage girl showing off?” people is, if that was your daughter, would you still be saying that? Would you be fine with close-ups of your little girl’s cleavage for the world to see?

    Methinks not.

  140. Hedgie: “Now, this ring is going to be flaming when we do the stunt live, right? I mean it’s going to be a flaming ring? ‘Cause it looks kinda small.”

  141. Martha In Washington…..^5
    That Top Is Fugly

  142. I have a question for the puritans. What makes you think that if this girl would feel explotied by having this pic put up that she would even submit it in the first place??

    This ISN’T kiddie porn! And considering the real Child pornography that IS out there and all the millions of children who are abused and exploited every year HOW DARE ANYBODY make that call on this website. You all owe Meg an apology.

  143. sweet jane says:

    Is that hedgie motorboatin’???

  144. God bless America, where Meg can post what she wants, and we can say what we want about it.

    I’m way too Saturday morning to count, but I’d say the percentage of the pix on this site that &rax shots comprise is probably lower than the percentage of people that enjoy them, based on the fairly even split of this friendly town hall meeting.

    I’d guess Meggers really does supply lotsa shots with no humans in them, so the “I come here to see critters” folks don’t have much to complain about IMHO.

    Is there room on the couch for me? I brought Kolaches…

  145. BB/VA…..L M F A O At Prickly Rash.

  146. Chet;s Mamma…..Speedo’s…..Worse Than Fugly, Ill Fitting Halter Tops.




  148. I enjoy the underboob.

  149. Jaime Shaw says:

    Definately innappropriate. I think the animal in cleavage shots are getting a little old.

  150. Christine B says:

    Normally I’d be on the side of those who are heckling others for being “too prude” — but the truth is that I saw these pictures and just thought, “Oh, gross.”

    That’s just the reaction I had. When exposed skin is tastefully done, there’s no problem with it. Unfortunately, this really simply does look like some pathetic, attention-starved, little teenager with an tragically adorable hedgehoggie.

  151. KhaytSith says:

    Wow… The comments are just pr00f as to why the redstates won the last election. OMG B00BI3Z MAKE MY EYES BURRRRRNNN THE HORROR REMEMBER 1/31/07!!!!


    Seriouly tho… There’s a neat thing on the mouse that allows one to scroll past things they don’t want to see without even having to click the comment button. It’s an awesome device. I hate to say this but without the interesting photo content along with the CUTE this place would get pretty goddamned midwest pretty fucking fast 😛

  152. 1. Is it possible for this particular bloger program to filter out words (I’m thinking specifically of slut/skank/whore and the like, since these are HIGHLY offenisve words)

    2. Did anyone consider that she’s in a bikini because it’s, like, HOT out when the picture was taken or where she happens to be? I don’t know about anyone else, but when it gets uber hot up this way, I hang out in my house in a bikini top.

    3. Please stop judging an individuals motivations/thoughts/personality/sexual promiscusness based solely on one or two pictues sent in of them and a critter and placed on a blog called CuteOverLoad. Makes you look uber judgemental and not particularly nice. If you don’t like, just say “me no like” or skip past.

    4. Hedgehogs are cute.

    5. How does one care for them as a pet?

    6. What do they eat?

    7. What kind of cage do they prefer?

    8. Are they good with other critters?

  153. anonymous says:

    It’s a trap!

  154. All the net’s a wide-open domain. Let the nay-sayers start their own boob-free, young women-free, human-free, boring-as-hell cute animal sites.

    Kaytsith: good recommendation, but evidently beyond the ken of some folks, or those who want to point fingers and climb onto their OMG HIGH PONIES!!1!!1!

  155. KhaytSith…..Yes; One Could Pass Up The Comment Section, But Then How Would Meg Know How People Felt? As For Scrolling Past The Pictures, You Don’t Know What Is In The Picture.

    As Christine B Stated, This Looks Like An Attempt At Getting Attention From This Girl. She Could Well Have Snuggled Both Bimples In Place After Pulling Her Top Down After The First Picture Was Taken. If Y’All Look At It; You Can See She Has Her Top Pulled Up To Expose Cleavage Behind Her Hand.

  156. They have a point says:

    I think the folks saying the images should be behind a cut have a point. CO is, inherently, safe for work. However, this picture is not. I understand that yes, it’s Meg’s site and she can do whatever she wants with it, but I think it would be courteous of her to either scale it down to a small thumbnail or put it behind a cut entirely.

    I’m not asking that the content on here be altered or censored in any way, I just think it would be a kind gesture that many regulars (who don’t always necessarily comment) would greatly appreciate.

    Just, for a second, think of the difference between having a co-worker or supervisor come up behind your desk and see you looking at this picture, as opposed to one of bunnies eating carrots or manatees with smooshy noses. COMPLETELY different reaction.

  157. i see a bit of breastsicle haha. but i’m here for the animals and hedge hogs are my FAVORITEEEEEE so i approve.

  158. This site is totally awesome, and i love hedgehogs. This is the first time i have looked at a forrum on any of the photos, and you know, its really going to be the last time too. OK, its a boob. Your point is what? That you don’t like boobs? If so, you are lying. So you can whine about your prudish sentiments and say “boo-freaking-hoo my inosence is gone because i saw a bit of flesh.” Why use the virtual space on this webpage to even write this? If you have slightest idea that you are making a difference, stop kidding yourself. I think its an adorable picture of a girl with her pet. Its not a picture of a boob. DKN has a huge point. If you are so offended by this, you would be offended by all the things that are happening to kids that are actually being abused, but i guess that problem is just too big to your to worry about so you will just try to give your conservative and purtianical lives meaning by writing useless comments on a site that’s purpose is to make people smile. You are a happy hater. Meg, i think that you have done something amazing by posting that photo, you are taking part in the small revolution to break down the prudish barriers of our society. Maybe one day a people will realize that all they are doing by being so prudish is adding fear and anxiety to their banal lives. Maybe we should also ban music videos, and dancing, and bright colors while you are at it. Cause we all know, dancing leads to touching, and touching leads to REALLY FREAKING ANNOYING FORRUMS!!

  159. sillygirl says:

    WHO CARES!!!!! Everyone needs to get over it. And for those of you checking out CO at work… I don’t think ANYONE’S boss apporoves of internet surfing at work anyway, clean or dirty. If we didn’t have such puritanical attitudes about breasts in the US, things would be so much different in a better way. Blah, blah, blah.

  160. Posts like these just look like young girls are looking for an excuse to parade their cleavage all over the internet – it’s maybe 20% cute hedgehog, 80% gratuitous boobage.

    And no, I’m not a prude. Hell, I -like- boobs, but I don’t go to websites like CuteOverload to look at them. I want to see cute animals rather than budding attention whores.

  161. The hedgehog is cute, but it appears the intent of the photo is some squishin’ out boob action. I have my own two to play with, and I’d rather see cute animals than boobs. It’s nothing personal, Tirza.

  162. Thought I’d bring over some virtual bagels from vox for the folks on the couch.
    Watch out for the Montreal ones, they’re sort-of weird.

    But good though.
    (Moose reference….)

  163. My two biggest concerns here are a) And I thought cat claws were bad!

    and b) She needs to adjust her top, or else she WILL regret it. (shivers at memory of most embarrassing beach trip ever)

  164. girl, you’re not hot. stop trying. ugh, flappy boobs

  165. Abigail St-Hilaire says:

    This girl is like, 12, and falling out of her bathing suit, which she clearly put on JUST for this picture. PLEASE. Have a little more judgement than to post something like this…smut. Other people are far more creative. And tasteful.

  166. boob overload

  167. kwitcherbitchin says:

    Complaint about underaged female.

    Subtle generalization of self as “voice of the shocked and disgusted people.”

    Declaration of free speech, while ignoring that of original site owner’s.

    Implication of being “forced” to come to this site and see these pictures.

    Licking of one’s own ass in self-congratulations for stopping such inappropriate picture posting.

  168. Not too crazy about the animals in cleavage.

  169. She’s way too young. This is truly disgusting. I’m tired of seeing breasts called “racks” too. Have some respect for these life-giving organs.

  170. I would much rather see more of these pics rather than another pic of the guy with his earlobe all stretched out…and I’m a girl 🙂

  171. Bridget F. says:

    It’s too set up and contrived for my liking. I’m not a big fan of the rack pictures in general, but some of them are really cute! This however, is not.

    I’m definitely cute underloaded. But hey! Pictures like these make me appreciate the really cute ones. 🙂

  172. I’m a big prude in real life, since I deal with students who sometimes live under horrendous conditions and who have babies out of wedlock so often that I’m shocked when I find out any of them are married- and I find the rack pictures here to be freakin’ hilarious.

    Is it chocolate puddin? ‘Cause I have milk and almond syrup. We can have hot milk with almond, and puddin, and all kinds of stuff.

  173. Tammie from Nebraska says:

    I’m seriously beginning to wonder about ya Meg. Do you have a thing for underage boobage?

  174. *innocently wanders in, pretending to be unaware of OMFG BOOB DRAMA!*

    Aww…I looooves his cute little face…and the eyes are just..awwww. He’s too prosh for words. I found a hedgehog garden ornament that we just might have to get to put…somewhere… *looks down* Cuz I have a nonexistent rack…

    *smirk* On another note…I’m 21 and always get mistaken for 13. I’m not giving my opinion on the hedgies and racks controversy, just sayin’…

  175. The comments say more about the quality of peopls’ mind than it does the picture.
    There is no cruelty to animal… the person doesn’t look exploited…. Get a life people.

  176. And who here thinks CO doesn’t read any of these comments, and thus doesn’t give a rat’s bum what anybody thinks?

  177. Michelle…..Is It Starbucks Syrup? I Have Some Caramel Here.

  178. The funny thing is… I don’t think mickey gives a damm where he is inbetween. Probably more fasinated by the metal ring he’s about to put his head through.

  179. Dave Newton says:

    Almost hate to weigh in… but I’ve never wanted to be a hedgehog more. *Evar*

    Coming soon, for the ladies: cock and balls pic.


    I *knew* I’d have a use for that picture someday.

  180. Hmmmmm Markokon…..I Wonder If Ear Pierced Guy Could Swap Pets With Boob Girl

  181. Hey Dave…..Know What You Get When You Cross a Rooster And An Owl?

    Should I?

    Oh Hell

    Why Not

    A Cock That Stays Up All Night

  182. Lenn Thompson says:

    i think that this female in the photo above is just a little to young to be showing older men and women what she does with her animals. Come on she looks like she is 12 yrs old for peet sake.

  183. This would be a much more fun shot if she weren’t wearing the bathing suit. No, not like that- I’m picturing hedgie running around with the ring through his nose, trying to shimmy his way on through it.

  184. The only thing I’m shocked about is how quickly we Cutologists were to judge this poor girl. Everything from her age to her motives to her self-esteem. From reading these comments I have to assume that a very vocal minority of us are nothing more than busybody drama mongers. I say “us” because I will always be a Cutologist, no matter how my fellows make us look at times.

    Look at what’s important here: she is the loving owner of a hedgehog! She reads this site! She is one of us!

    And Tirza, if you are reading this, email me. 😉

  185. Wow. (I say as I snortle) That is all.

  186. luckycliff says:

    Listen people! Megasilly has been posting pics of cats n racks for years! She’s NOT GOING TO STOP! You can count on seeing one of these pics about once a month for the duration of this blog. IF YOU DON”T WANT TO SEE THESE PICS YOU SHOULD NOT VISIT THIS WEBLOG PERIOD! WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU? GO LOOK AT NICK JR geeze

  187. GAH.

    Is she naked? No. Is the image indecent? No. Is it sexual? No. Therefore her age isn’t a relevant point.


    OK, I guess it’s sexual if you choose to see it that way.


    HOW CAN YOU ENDORSE THIS? Should not this site be family friendly?
    I think she forgot to fix her top too….I like this site until you have this stuff. I show my daughter the pics but have to censer even cuteoverload.com. Is there any end to trash????

  189. I don’t care about the boobs.

    But the hedgehog just isn’t all that cute in those pictures. I thought this site was for outstandingly cute stuff – not the standard person-holding-an-animal pics.

  190. Misanthropist says:

    Gee, guys, I’m glad to see that all the hissy fits y’all are throwing about the pic is actually WORKING.

    Except, you know, that it’s not.

    It’s not that hard of a solution, here. Scroll past the pictures you’re not a huge fan of, and continue to “squeee!” over the ones you do approve of. What’s so hard about simply clicking past something?

  191. this page is supposed to be “cuteoverload” not “booboverload”…if i wanted to see a closeup of underage boobs, i’m sure there are other sites i could choose to visit. when i come to cuteoverload i want to see cute animals, not boobs. i think these pictures are going down the wrong road! please take note of all the comments on this post, cuteoverload administrators!

  192. Misanthropist says:

    “i’m sure there are other sites i could choose to visit”

    Okay, this isn’t that hard.
    If there’s other sites, then go to those.
    Easy solution.

  193. robotslave says:

    Er, hello? This site draws all of its traffic by means of photos of NAKED PRE-PUBESCENT ANIMALS, many of which have VISIBLE, UNCENSORED GENITALIA.

    Here we’ve got this HUGE bestiality-pedophile-porn problem, and people are getting upset at seeing a little bit of the underside of a post-pubescent boob that MIGHT not be old enough to drive?

    What the hell is the matter with you people?

  194. i think it would be more “cute overload style” if the first piccie wasn’t so “this is me i am cute, oh yeah, and i have a cute hedgie.” If this was more about the hedgie only, it may not be so…”here is me and my rack and my hedge trying to eat my suit.” and a little more about the cute overload of hedgies, and not the showing off face, rack AND cuties. i dunno, that’s just me. Less face, more animals and them being cute.

  195. I’m assuming -though she doesn’t look old enough to even know Sonic- that THAT is why she’s wearing the bathing suit,(golden ring) everyone, geez. (For everyone who thinks it’s an ugly suit, or that the pic would be cuter w/out it – the SUIT IS the whole point). And I would also point out that the 2nd pic is not at all flattering, so doubt it was intentional. This is not a defense of pic, either, ’cause nothing about it appeals to me.

  196. And not one single person here is able to answer my queries above about hedgehogs as pets?

    Boobs and outrage over them and assumptions therof prevent folks from seeing that I have asked genuine questions about having a hedgehog as a pet. THAT makes me sad.

    meh, I shall repost said questions. Remove boobies from your minds if you have the answers pretty please so that I may know said answers.

    4. Hedgehogs are cute.

    5. How does one care for them as a pet?

    6. What do they eat?

    7. What kind of cage do they prefer?

    8. Are they good with other critters?

  197. Anyone who prefaces thier prudish comments with “I’m not a prude, but…” is 99 & 44/100% guaranteed to be an actual prude.

    Meg never advertised this site as a family friendly site, so all you people who are pretending not to be prudes should stick to reading your church newsletter instead.

  198. OK…I’m not even reading the debate before posting.

    JUust a word of advice:

    Before taking up close pics to send all over the internet, PUT YOUR BREAST AWAY!

    Unless, of course, that was the point…and then it doesn’t belong here.

    I’m usually sitting here laughing at the people fliiping out about rack pics, but this is a little much.

  199. CAuse I actually DO want to know…..

    4. Hedgehogs are cute.

    5. How does one care for them as a pet?

    6. What do they eat?

    7. What kind of cage do they prefer?

    8. Are they good with other critters?

    (also trying to steer conversation to what for *me* is central to the bloody picture…the freaking hedgehog)

  200. Yeah, how old is that girl? That’s just wrong.

  201. pookiepuff says:

    Like I said before, I don’t really care if these animals in racks photos are posted, but just as Tammie from Nebraska said, I’m wondering why pictures like this are posted? Does Meg think boobs are cute or something? I suppose just because it’s “funny”. Anyway, I agree somewhat that this website should be a little more family friendly. I’m sure many young kids come on here to look at animals but instead they occasionally find booby pictures. Of course children have seen women in bathing suits while at the beach, but a picture that showcases boobies with an animal near them so that the children cannot help but to LOOK at the boobies is not something a kid should see when they come to look at cute pictures. But yes, these pictures really aren’t that sexual and if a little kid were looking at these pictures they probably wouldn’t think anything of it. So I see both sides of the argument. And yes, someone said this site needs more bunnies and I definately agree with that. More bunnies! Buns BUNS BUNNIES! ^.^

  202. Roberta, why is every word you type capitalized?

  203. Hedgehog? Pretty please? HEDGEHOGS!!!!

  204. At least she is wearing Bears colours.

  205. Sorry, Teri. I have no idea. Maybe Wikipedia will say?

    And people. Can we be called anything but “prudes” or “perverts” just because we have an opinion on the matter? I see lots of assumptions here and all the favorite pet peeves coming out. Get over it. Sheesh.

  206. moneytalks says:

    If you really think the racks-n-anything posts stink and you want it to stop, then boycott the advertisers supporting CO and let them know why you are. Money talks when it walks. Clearly that’s the only way to get Meg to reconsider some of these posts.

  207. Teri, as I’ve never owned a hedgehog I can’t be of any help.

    But, the Internet is a big place. There’s GOT to be a site somewhere that will tell you what you want to know. I’m sure you could Google “hedghog care” or something.

    Especially since I don’t think you’re going to get any help here. 🙂

    To quote Jack O’Neill *from Stargate SG-1*: If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try try try try try try……”

  208. cats (or anything ‘n’ racks) category is getting old. I don’t even like seeing people on here regardless of what parts of their bodies are exposed. I like the cute animals, not the people.

  209. Nikki & Villy….I think you guys are right, most folks commenting in this thread don’t seem to notice the actual critter query, leaving me to go elsewhere to seek the answers. (But thank you both for noting it anyway….lol)

    Here’s hoping hedges get along with two fat and lazy kittehs!

  210. HedgePigLove says:

    Teri – check-out the following websites, all about hedgehogs:

    http://www.chins-n-quills.com (the “Quills” side of things)
    Also, the Yahoo! Groups: “hedgehogwelfare,” “hedgehoghelp,” and “pog-chit-chat”.

    (I don’t want to overwhelm the “comments” thread with hedgie care stuff.) BUT – they are cute, they make excellent (but expensive and challenging) pets, they need solid bottom cages, with lots of space to run around, they eat high-protein low-fat cat kibble as a primary diet, and they pretty much ignore other animals. Hope this helps! Laura

  211. HedgePiglove…THANKS!!!! 🙂 Totally appreciate the links.

    By expensive and challenging, is there anything particular in that? I’m assuming I’d need to find a vet who specializes in small animals as opposed to my regular one who sees mainly puppers and kittehs? Are there particular health concerns I should note?

    (Hedgehog care is a better discussion that watching any number of folks make assumptions about some girl based on a couple of photos)

  212. Hmmm.. will anyone still be reading by the time they get to this comment (which is #200ish??? I am among those who didn’t even notice the slippage until I read a comment about it. My eyes were all on the hedgie. Also – best point made here – coming out of top it’s cleavage but out of the bottom it’s porn??? Whatev. Go Meg! Do your thing – I love it all!!

  213. You people are hilarious! Thanks for the giggles!

  214. thalias_ash says:

    What really bothers me is that Roberta (pointing way, way up in the comments) felt the need to capitalize Every Frickin’ Word In Her Comment.

    Sorry, I’m an English teacher. It gave me a rash…much like the one I would have if I stuffed a hedgie down my shirt. *itch*

  215. That hedgehog is adorable! Maybe he likes it there.

    Teri – I think they eat mostly insects (larvae, grubs, etc.). They also like cheese and eggs. They need a big cage with lots of little places to snuggle and hide. I’m not sure whether they get on well with other animals. I’m hoping to get my first hedgehog next summer, I have always wanted one!

  216. Teri, those links ought to do you well. Or search CO for previous hedgie pix. We’ve learned here that there’s hedgehog Olympics!

    I think the pattern of the girl’s bikini is heeeeeeeedious (my eyes!) but hedge lookin’ at the shiny ring is cute.

    Pass the puddin’s.

  217. hrh.squeak says:

    Hey Teri,

    I love hedgies mineself, but I can’t have them ’cause they’re illegal to keep as pets in California. (whaaaaah) I know several other states ban them also; maybe the links Laura posted will tell? Anyway, you should check on that, cause it’s hard to find vets for pets that aren’t legal. Does anyone remember where that hilarious list of pets that are banned in NYC ( what? No whales? ) was?

  218. The fact that this picture causes so much prudish outrage just shows how silly everyone is. Be thankful that your life is so uninteresting that you get hysterical over a picture with absolutely no prurient interest. It’s a hedgehog and a bikini top worn by a young woman. Get over it.

  219. thalias_ash says:

    Oh and another good hedgehog site, that if the (in?)famous Numo:


    I don’t own a hedgie (I’m a cat/rabbit/goldfish kinda gal) but I really enjoy reading this blog. It’s not just cuteness…there’s some actual useful info for hedgecare. And Numo went to the aforementioned Hedgie Olympics!

    Wouldn’t it be funny at Hedgehog Olympics if all participants came marching into a tiny stadium carrying little flags?

  220. snapesworst says:

    It’s not an issue of the girl’s age as far as being inappropriate for viewing in her bathing suit as you can see that on the beach, but having her chest posted on the internet and with her looking so young is a risk for it to be viewed by pedophiles. I’m sure she doesn’t really want some pervert staring at that picture while imagining dirty thoughts, and i know she didn’t think about it. Nobody does. That’s the only problem that i have with it… not that people might see it and go, “ew, gross, little girl! gross!” … it’s what the OTHER people do when they see it that worries me.

  221. the point is, this isn’t cute. why will any shot with boobs in it make it on c.o. even if it isn’t cute? is this becoming boobsoverload like the rest of the world? can a girl please just come home from a hard day at work and see some pups and kitties without having boobs shoved in her face? why hasn’t cuteoverload realized that (a lot of) ITS VIEWERS ARE SICK OF THIS!?!

  222. HedgePigLove says:


    Hedgehogs are wonderful pets – but most don’t like to cuddle, many don’t even like to be held – finding a knowledgeable vet can be a challenge and when a hedgie gets sick, things get expensive (trust me on this one!).

    If you’re seriously thinking about getting one, check out the sites I posted upthread and read through the archives for information on housing/care needs. When you’re ready for one, check-out this site: http://www.hedgehogbreedersalliance.com – I’d recommend against purchasing from a pet store (I’m active in animal rescue, so that’s part of the reason, but also ’cause hedgehogs have some genetic problems [http://www.wobblyhedgehog.org ] and you want to get one from a breeder who keeps track of the lineage).

    Good luck! Laura (and the Quilled Friends)

  223. Dave Newton says:

    “with her looking so young is a risk for it to be viewed by pedophiles.”

    That’s among the silliest things I’ve seen all day.

    1) “Looking” so young: it has been pointed out, but I’ll say it again, a) we don’t know how old she is, and b) some people look young regardless of how old they are.

    2) Everything on the internet is “a risk for it to be viewed by pedophiles,” silly.

    Am I pedophile if I she turns out to be 30? What if I hadn’t seen the first picture and all I saw was a hedgie and boobs? I’m a boy, it’s a boob, I’m gonna look; I wouldn’t have *any* clue how old (or young) she was if all I saw was hedgie and boob.

    Think CO is doing it for advertising? STOP READING if it bothers you.

    I’m here for critters, I *LERRRRVE* animals.

    Boobs are a bonus. I’m single and lonely.

  224. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this post. Go Meg!

  225. Ambria, it’s each to his or her own. What one person finds cute others do not. CO has had this category for years. I’ts not going away. Perhaps you should make your own website, populate with things that only you find cute, then keep it private so you won’t have to read other peoples comments about how uncute the content is.

    I don’t mean to attack ‘you’ personally. This comment is aimed at the many, many people who state that cuteoverload should post only what *they* feel is correct and ignore everyone else.

  226. I didn’t know pet hedgies were illegal in CA. My friend in wabbit rescue had one. I must confess, she was a cute ickle thing. But I wouldn’t want one because I like to cuddle my pets.

    Yes, even Mr. Grumphus Bumfus Bunn B. Doofus, Esq.

  227. how about some nipple with that hedge?

  228. 4chanPartyVan says:



  230. Wowzah. Peeps need to CHILL THE EFF OUT, dudes. Um, just felt the need to comment to the people who felt the need to PERSONALLY ATTACK the girl in the photo: Feeling pretty self-righteous, eh? Frankly, your opinion of her doesn’t matter; but I guess I hope you feel better making immature, completely innappropriate comments, b/c clearly there’s something lacking in your lives if you feel you absolutely MUST try to bring others down in order to bring yourselves up. Geez, join a support group; cuteoverload can only do so much.

  231. I run a life-drawing salon in SF and take naked pictures of women as a hobby,so I see female bodies (including my own) regularly, and I am sure this girl is not as young as everyone seems to think she is.

  232. this IS indecent. i thought this was supposed to be a site of cute stuff. it doesn’t matter what century this is, that’s not cute or funny, it’s just uncomfortable to view as an adult.

  233. This girl is being blatantly exploited for hits. I blame the patriarchy.

  234. One has to wonder if any of these people complaining about a girl in a bathing suit have ever been to a swimming pool or beach before. Girls of all ages (even under 18!) in bathing suits. They don’t even check to see if you’re a pedophile before they let you in!

    (Is there a soft-core porn site featuring naked people and fuzzy animals yet? Because that definitely ought to exist.)

  235. You know someone is getting off on this pic.

    Stupid category just BEGS for cam-whores anyway.

  236. joie_de_livre says:

    OMG! How can I go on living, now that I’ve encountered the horror of the underboob on CO?
    Please. Cute hedgie, cute Tirza, cute bikini. Viva Meg!

  237. But seriously — since when has Meg ever listened to what people who visit the site think? She’s really oblivious.

  238. Single Malt says:

    She actually kind of looks like a hedgehog. Cute!

  239. I still get carded as being underaged and I’m 26. Not that it matters, ’cause, uh, it doesn’t matter.

    People, listen– turning on red carpet footage for any awards show will yield more and younger boobs than this. It’s not porn. Srsly, chill.

    And my vote? Pups n pecs. Pleeeeeeease? Honestly. Nothing hotter than a guy and his puppy. We can even broaden it to pets n pecs.

  240. Thank you to those few who did not focus on TEH BOOBIES and instead answered my questions and gave me info-packed links on being owned by a hedgehog.

    i have no idea as to what pets would be illegal in Ontario, or in Toronto (since sometimes it seems as if Toronto City Hall thinks it’s its own province…lol), but I’ll definitely look into that. I’d hate to get myself one of these little cuties and find that I have a heck of a time getting a vet for them. So first to find that out, then to educate myself on the bebehs so that when I talk my hubby into it, I can be knowledgeable about what I say and then can actually take good care of the little one.

    And no worries, I’ve never obtained an animal from a pet store (Well, on a Technicallity, The Dude came from a pet supply shop, but only because his momma was the store’s ‘mascot’ kitteh and the guys knew I’d take good care of him)

    Oh, and last thing…folks, stop making assumptions with regards to the person in the picture. Makes you look like a total jerk that no one will like to be around. Seriously, are you THAT judgemental in real life?

  241. Tirza has obviously done this on purpose for some sexual attention.

    While editing the photos, wouldnt she have seen the underboob action? she could have easily cropped the bottom of it!

  242. it’s the self-righteous comments in the negative vein that actually make me uncomfortable here. Not the picture.

  243. My husband said…

    There’s a hedgie in that second picture?

    ha ha ha

  244. Another Angela says:

    I’m rooting for the underboob! The comments are amazing. I’d post more n’racks just to see everyone freak out some more 😉 It’s only posts with animals in questionable situations that make me uncomfortable. I trust Meg to know what she wants to post though. CO is hardly porn. I’m sure pedophiles have somewhere else to go for that.

  245. Personally, I’d really like to see some otters n’ otters. Bring on the man-pelts!

  246. also sick of tits says:

    i have a hard time believing that pic #2 is an “oops.”

  247. A nuff is a nuff is a nuff.

    My last trip to the Monterrey Aquarium, I’m hanging out (as usual) watching the otters.

    Little boy of maybe six or seven next to me turns to him mom — after a rather spectacular bunch of otterdom — and says

    “He’s just doing that to get attention.”

    So I guess we shouldn’t have so many pictures of those pesky attention-seeking otters either.

    Maybe we should all just go sit in a closet somewhere.
    In the dark.

    (Will someone remember to bring the couch along, and some pud?)

  248. Rachie Waffles says:

    i have to agree. its cute pictures. but she looks really really young.
    im 21 and people always mistaken me for high-school. but i still look older then her.

  249. Marcellus Deuce says:

    Underboobs are wonderful.
    Hedgies are even more wonderful.

    I see absolutely nothing wrong with this post.

    If CO was nothing BUT “____ n’ Racks”, I might not look at it often. However, an occasional sprinkling of cute + OMG TEEZ0RS just brings a smile to my face and a spring to my step. It keeps the site just on this side of sacchrine glurge. We need EDGES people, EDGES!

  250. has this become a softcore site just wondering cause i bet alot of little kids love this site not that theyve never seen breasts but…
    oh wait yeah i guess thats not my real problem… it’s because my boyfriend looks at this site and it kind of irks me to have boobs thrust in his face when he’s tryin to be a good boy i guess i am just self conscious… if youve got it flaunt it… cause i guess thats what i do in real life just not on this website yet … but i dont feel right putting my stuff in everybody elses face anyway especially other womens mens….. ok ok ok im done thanks for letting me half vent

  251. gwenchocolate says:

    Since so many peeps are writing to say how offended they are, instead of remaining silent like I normally am, I will add my two cents and say: I AM NOT OFFENDED, BOOBS ARE GREAT! (So is the hedgie!)

  252. oh yeah and wheres the under scrotum??? j/k

  253. I am really sick of seeing yet another photo of a young lady who is more comfortable with her body than I have ever been; obviously the maintainers of this site are more interested in furthering their own sick San Francisco agenda than paying attention to the opinions of people like ME.

    Since our repeated complaints on these forums have not resulted in a change of course, I suggest we take a more drastic approach:

    let’s go away.

    Surely once we take our clicks to one of the multitude of baby animal blogs on the Internet, the maintainers of this site will realize how valuable the 5 of us are, and will further refrain from any posts that are un-wholesome in any way.

    Come on ladies, let’s do it: LET’S ALL GO AWAY!

  254. Bye Barb-
    Hope you feel better about your body soon.

  255. gravyboat says:

    I feel dirty after looking at that picture. I’m going to go wash my eyes.

  256. Um, no offense to any of the posters on this fascinating commentroversy, but I was just wondering….
    Is this REALLY something to get our panties all in a knot over?? I mean, there ARE much more important things going on in the world. Like, um, our kids being killed in Iraq? Or something much less vital but (to some) of supreme importance…the SUPER BOWL tomorrow??? The Bears vs. the Colts?? Discuss….

    *sits down next to Lauowolf. Reaches for the popcorn and a wine cooler. MC2 to Lauowolf: “Is there a remote for this discussion??” GEEZ!* 😉

  257. Suggestions for the boys version of racks posts.

    Puppies and Packages?

    Fruit Bats and Balls?

    Jackalops and Johnsons?

    Skunks and Scrotums?

  258. One more question:
    Is anyone keeping score?? For animals ‘n racks vs. Against? *yawns*

  259. some person says:

    I don’t get how topboob is somewhat okay, but underboob is OMG THAT’S INAPPROPRIATE!!@#@oneelven

    Seriously, I’m a guy and the first thing that popped into my mind once I looked at the second picture was “Wow, that’s an ugly bikini top.”

    And y’know what? Welcome to the internet. You’ll see a lot worse daily on MySpace.

  260. Regina – *shakes head in exasperation* Not EVEN cute…eew

  261. I guess I just don’t see the cute here? Earlier pics of baby kittehs curling up in a rack may be cuter, but these pictures are just of a hedgehog walking around… there’s no real aw factor to these pictures, not to mention the quality of the photos themselves is pretty poor… All I can say is that, with all of the emails Meg gets in a day, surely there must be SOMETHING out there cuter than this??

    And, just to clarify again so I don’t get the word prude heaved at me, I’m not saying this because I don’t like the rack or the girl looks too young, simply because what’s cute about this picture?

  262. AuntieMame says:

    Folks…I think Barbara was being ironic…

    I, too, think this young lady looks very young, but it’s also a very cute hedgehog.

    I strongly suggest to Meg and/or Theo that they simply shut down the comments right now, since there is no point allowing this discussion to continue.

    (Did it never occur to anyone that jumping on the nuffs only perpetuates the controversy?)

  263. Well, the hedgie looks pretty cute to me. 🙂

  264. You’re right Auntie M–
    (ducks head behind puddin’ cone).

    I do want to say, though, the hedgie is *really* cute.
    And I want a baby hedgie to walk around on my chest too, but all I have around here are possums.

    Last night I opened the back door and found a possum sitting in the extra litter box.
    I think he was just hanging out.
    D’you think Meg could find a cute possum for us?

  265. Yitzysmommie says:

    Cute hedgie, cuter Tirza. The boobie? Ehn- I like this pic much better than the dood with the chick in his ear. That had a much higher YICK factor.

  266. Single Malt says:

    She actually kind of looks like a hedgehog. Cute!

  267. Boobs rock! 63 million years of mammalian evolution – fuzz and boobs! What’s to complain about!

  268. Single Malt says:

    That’s really weird. I did not just post that comment now. I posted it at 4:37pm.

  269. gravyboat says:

    25 year old boob = yay!!!
    12 year old boob = nay.

  270. those are some saggy floppy titties.

  271. thalias_ash…..Sorry; It’s An OCD Thing I Got Goin On. It Was Driving Me Crazy Not Being Able To Use Both Hands To Type. It Was Way To Hard…..But; I Am Getting Use Back With The Help Of Some Great Physical Therapist And A LOT Of Exercise.

    Now Back To The Picture…..

    Girl…..Cute; Does Look Young, But I Think That’s Just Her Appearance


    Boob Shot(S)…..Doesn’t Agree With Me. I Know You See It On The Beach All The Time; But It’s Annoying…..I Wanna Reach Over And FIX IT…..Kinda Like You And My Caps…..L O L

  272. I vote that we start a new category: Racks ‘n; Commentroversy. They seem to go hand in hand.

    …hey, is this sweeps week for bloggers or something?

  273. Hedgehog: “Whoa, where did these mountains come from?”
    Guys who see this photo: “Lucky hedgehog.”

    Seriously though enough of the attention starved girls doing this. It was cheeky the first couple o’ times, but now it “omg i want all teh boyz to tell me i’m hawt !11!!!” I come for cute, not for attention-seeking teens.

  274. Persephone says:

    ok, can’t resist joining in…

    1. I CANNOT believe that someone thinks this site is “known for trying to be controversial”! I mean, it is a site for pictures of people’s pets! If anything, it should be known for proving that people will find controversy in ANYTHING if they have enough work to put off (personally, I’m typing this to avoid cleaning the kitchen).

    2. The one girl who posts to criticize Tirza for having an allegedly small rack, and then mentions that she, herself sent in a rack picture, is hilarious. Jealous much?

    3. That post also proves wrong all the people who say that Meg will post anything with boobs in it — obviously pissed-off commenter girl wasn’t. Therefore, it’s safe to assume that she only posts them if she is especially fond of either the pet or the boobs.

    4. Has it crossed anyone’s mind that Meg posts these pics, not because she is trying to sell advertising (increased comments are not the same as increased hits), or because she thrives on OMG commentroversy, but because she likes them? Seriously, it is possible for a woman to be attracted to other women. Hell, I have girl-parts, and I love girl-parts, too. It is Meg’s blog where we go to see what Meg wanted to post. We all know that she likes animal butts, paws up, and tiny ears. She also likes pictures of animals in boobs.

    If you were paying to visit this site, you could rightly complain that you were not getting what you were looking for as a customer. Since you are not, well, start your own site! It’s incredibly easy, really.

  275. Persephone says:

    Also, I have an awesome guy friend who has some really cute pictures of him with his kittehs. I keep forgetting that I really should send some in in the interests of, ah, gender equality.

    … and ogling cute boys and kitties.

  276. I REALLY love the fact that cuteoverload is just pictures of animals doing adorable things. I really don’t think that includes any little myspace chick sending in a photo of a hedgehog in her bikini. It’s clearly a sad cry for attention, and really NOT a cute overload – just a boob overload. NO MORE!!!

  277. Harri:

    cuteoverload is NOT “just pictures of animals doing adorable things” – if that were the case, it’d be no different (and no more popular) than any of the other bazillion animal picture sites. Hell, if that’s all you’re looking for, go to http://rabbit.org/fun/net-bunnies.html – I guarantee that there will be no “little myspace chicks” that you may find threatening.

  278. If she’s old enough to know the rules, she’s old enough to play the game. Hedgehogs are ridiculous creatures.

  279. OsamaBunnyLadin says:

    This site chould carry a warning: Warning! One half inch of female flesh! May drive Americans wild!

    In the future, I would like to see a new category please:

    “Bunnies and Burkhas”

    That way I will never be offended by evil female flesh!!!

  280. QUOTE
    This girl is disgusting. There’s absolutely no reason for her to be wearing a revealing bikini to put a hedgie in her NON EXISTANT rack.

    I totally sent in a picture of myself with a “hedgie in rack” and didn’t reveal the UNDERSIDE of my breast.

    There is a such a thing as propriety.

    *cackles* oh noes, her “small rack” got posted and yours didn’t.

    At first I was a bit startled by underboobage, and she does look young, but as a 39 yr. old woman who looks 22, who am I to judge her age? seriously, you people just need to relax!

  281. What about Marmosets in Muumuus? Kittens in Kilts?

  282. OsamaBunnyLadin says:

    Ms. Rissu,

    Do you know that your name means “squirrel” in Japanese?

    Are you Japanese? Are you a squirrel?

  283. Danielle W says:

    Let’s see if anyone actually reads down this far…

    It’s not like this site’s target audience is horny males (if it were, I’d be more concerned about that than the possibly underage girl). I’d actually hazard to bet that there aren’t any (or very, very few) straight men who even have this site bookmarked or visit it regularly.

    The hedgie’s cute, the girl’s cute, I even think the bikini is cute (as I have one in a one-piece, and blue). Overall, the picture is cute. Who cares if there’s a teeny bit of boobage peaking out – I, by the way, had to look the bottom picture over very carefully to even notice it once it was mentioned.

    Get over it, stop being prudes, and get on with your lives. Don’t you people have anything better to do than argue over something this trivial?

  284. For all of the prudes here who’ve got their panties in a twist over this girl’s (mostly covered) skin, I’d just like to point out a bigger problem with these picts.

    That hedgehog isn’t wearing any clothing at all.

    Think about it. This is hedgehog porn. And do you know if that hedgehog is mature?

    Oh I’m shivering with indignation!

  285. Actually, I think Barbara’s sarcasm was better than mine.

    Good on you, Barb.

  286. Persephone says:

    Danielle, I know tons of straight guys who read this site. They just don’t admit it. 😀

  287. My cackling reply to 39 yr. old who thinks she looks 22: as someone who actually is 22, I find it offensive when middle-aged hags try to pass themselves off as still being in their prime. Seriously, get over your mid-life crisis and go knit some sweaters for your grandkids.

    OsamaBunnyLaden: There’s only one S in “risu”.

    Hedgehogs are cute!
    That girl is not.

  288. too moishe for me too… 12? 13? too young – too boobily hanging outedly for me too.

    Hedgie is cute, girl is cute also, no cute boobies hanging out though sorry.

    I could bring the snack wagon along if anyone else in the fray would like a treat.

  289. To CUTE and BEEEYOND!

    I wuv cats n racks, no matter whar anyone says.

  290. Gr hedgies n racks. Blah.

  291. Meg is laughing.

  292. I am an adult and I don’t find this indecent at all. I guess it HAS to be a difference in cultures, I don’t think Europeans are quite as touchy about OMGBOOBS as…ahem, others.

    Teri: don’t know if anyone mentioned yet, but some find hedgehogs great for people with “normal” pet allergies. Although, I’ve heard allergic people getting a rash if they’ve been handling hedges, so don’t know 😦

  293. Hedgies are simply adorable!

  294. texirishrose says:


  295. QUOTE
    My cackling reply to 39 yr. old who thinks she looks 22: as someone who actually is 22, I find it offensive when middle-aged hags try to pass themselves off as still being in their prime. Seriously, get over your mid-life crisis and go knit some sweaters for your grandkids.

    hahahaha. i was just thinking the same thing. i love how she points out that she looks 22. not “in my 20s”, but specifically 22. what an idiot.

  296. Christine says:

    I think it’s an outdated belief that sending in pictures of your bikini-clad rack to a website that gets millions of views (I’m assuming) is a Girl-Power, enlightened thing to do. Those of you who see it as such might be projecting your own ideas on to the submitter. Just as the “prudes” might be projecting their own ideas that she is attention-starved, promiscuous, etc.

    So, until we know what her true intentions were (and for that matter, even if we never find out), people are justified in FEELING however they want to feel about it.

    Someone who objects to the photos shouldn’t be called a prude. They also shouldn’t be told by other commenters that it’s Meg’s Site and they have no right to criticize. Meg put the comments section on Her Site on purpose so that people could discuss the photos.

    The objectors who have called the submitter names or made rude comments about what she must be like in real life are also totally out of line.

    I don’t know. This kind of controversy is like a car accident that I can’t look away from…

  297. I love hedgehogs and everything…but I think what gets under my skin is that this girl has figured out that people who come to post here will usually make favorable comments towards the physical appearance of human subjects that happen to be in the pictures…especially women/girls. Of course, I didn’t have a problem with that because the the majority of them (save for a few of the “rack” ones) didn’t appear forced or planned. However, this girl is just plainly and annoyingly grabbing any attention she can get – she basically found an excuse (cute lil’ hedgehog) to indirectly get all eyes on her. It is unnerving when the people/person who runs this sight don’t realize that and go ahead and give in anyways. I couldn’t care less about her age or that there is a “boob on the internet” – that kind of stuff is everywhere. She’s just obnoxious. Get over yourself.


  299. Straight American Male CO Regular says:

    I like breasts. But honestly this was a cute couple of hedgehog pix (and a cute pair of human eyes) until I started reading the comments. I did not notice the underboob until it was pointed out, and I’m sure all involved in creating the post either didn’t notice or didn’t mind.

    It actually took me a few weeks of visiting this site to realize the Zeroth Rule of Cuteness “Got to be an animal to be ‘cute’.” However, a glance at Rule #16 (the non-nevermind one) revives my hope of submitting pix of the cute things my stuff friends do! (What’s with the twin rules 15 and 17, by the way?)

    Do we need more than one “pets-n-racks” category? Also, I’m in favor of CO developing a sister site of pets and parts in cute, non-sexual contexts. Willing to heavily assist such a site if anyone is interested in starting/running it; especially Meg, who has a suspiciously good eye for cute racks.

    There are plenty of young ladies who have thought “hey; I have a rack and a rack-sized pet…” To those who think Tirza is in the wrong for acting on that impulse: please refer to Rule #32.
    To those who think she is “small:” refer to Rule #14.
    To those afraid of attracting pedophiles: try being more careful about adding “underage boob” to the page’s searchable space.
    To those honestly disgusted: get therapy. Seriously.
    To those who want to escape such folks: meet me at the museum!

    My applause to:
    kelly | Feb 03, 2007 at 08:51 AM
    kwitcherbitchin | Feb 03, 2007 at 11:38 AM
    robotslave | Feb 03, 2007 at 01:26 PM
    Molly | Feb 03, 2007 at 04:22 PM

  300. First off the girl looks 20 to me, but if she is 12 oh well…. there is no nipple revealing so its perfectly fine. If I was 12 and had boobs like that, id hang out in a bikini all year round, of course mine would be a pretty pattern. The picture looks staged, but so do most _____and racks pictures.

    Lastly, The hedgehog isnt the cutest ive ever seen so Im led to believe this was posted for controversy… which entertains me greatly so.. YAY MEG!!!

  301. Rdhwyalane says:

    Once you look past the borderline kiddie-porn, you can see that the hedgie is adorable. Perhaps we should forward the pics to her parents and get their input?!?

  302. scarecrow says:

    I would so be grounding that kid if I was her mom!

    Cute hedgehog, though.

  303. Nothing is cuter than a big man cuddling a cute little animal…this isnt called cutetitoverload.com

  304. So, regardless of anyone’s personal preferance for animals in racks, it’s probably not the best idea to post a bit of Australian Clevage on a site that children come to. That being said, it took longer for me to scroll to the bottom of all 260 comments, than it did for me to photoshop the underboob out. Here is the fixed image.


  305. Dear Hilary, am far from middle-aged and whether you agree that I look young or not, that is just your opinion. Are you really that insecure about yourself or do you feel better about yourself by insulting others? So sorry for targetting the age 22, but I do look young, shrug.

    To OsamaBinBunny, yep, squirrel is a nickname, and chose Rissu as the “japanese” version, adding the extra “s” because I needed more than 4 letters as a login for another website.

    Seriously, people need to get over themselves, excuse me while I go knit my non-existent grandkids some sweaters. =p

  306. Scrabblelover42 says:

    i thought this was cute overload, not icky boob with weird girl overload.

  307. geeze hillary and baby, bitchy much? and since when is 22 the “prime of life”? grow up!

  308. Sarah…..That Picture Looked A Whole Lot Better. Like The Top Actually Fit.

  309. Well, it comes as no big surprise that most of the complaints are coming from females. Frankly, I think it has less to do with them actually being “prudes” or finding the pictures “indecent,” and more to do with feeling jealous and/or threatened by a cute girl revealing a nice rack (not even remotely in a pornographic fashion). But of course, it makes a much better impression to come off as morally righteous than as a jealous shrew. If you’re so insecure that you have to rather visciously attack someone whose exhibitionism scarcely (if at all) resembles anything close to “risque,” just realize that this makes you seem even less attractive. And given the communication medium, it has nothing to do with how you look.

    Anyway, I find both the hedgehog and the young lady to be adorably cute, and it even tickles me to think about those teeny hedge-feet and claws sinking ever so slightly into my skin – the way that they appear to be doing to Tirza in the second picture.

    Oh, and I actually like the bikini top, as I think it goes well with her complexion and hair color.

  310. misscrisp says:

    Commentroversy! (sing to Prince song)
    Meg….never ever ever ditch teh “blanks n racks” pix ever. Maybe more menfolk, but don’t stop.

  311. OK, I wasn’t going to say anything, but…

    Sigh. Not again. Yawn.

    [leaves thread to go and look at CO archives]

  312. I don’t care about the boobs – look at the hedgehog’s ears in the second picture! Adorable! 🙂

    Hedgehogs are extra cute… wouldn’t want to see this kid if someone said “pffft” near her when she was taking the second picture. A prickly ball of spikes between one’s breasts doesn’t sound fun at all.

  313. you know what I love? arguing about a single girl’s 1/16th of a breast on the internet. it’s such a tremendous use of my time!

    you know what else I love? cute animals cuddled to things that are also cute.

  314. Just weighing in on the debate here, since some people seem to be confused about the motivations of people objecting to the picture.

    1. I don’t have a problem with the ___ ‘n racks pictures, in general. I think this one is sort of pushing the limits, but it’s clearly not pr0n or anything even close to it.

    2. I’m not *insecure* about my body. I think a lot of the women complaining would be complaining the same as if it were man-parts-a-flappin’ in the picture.

    3. I can’t, for the life of me, see why it is SO UNREASONABLE for people to (politely, I might add) request that ____ ‘n racks pictures be put behind a cut. Again, for the record, I would still click on them, but it would be nice for parents or people at work to have the option of not looking at them. To the people who say “Just scroll past it,” you have to be kidding, right? You can’t UNSEE something.

    Look, Meg can do whatever she wants. I’m not questioning or debating that. I just don’t understand why the images can’t be put behind a cut (or maybe scaled way down so that you have to click to see the full-res version?).

    And if she wants commentroversy (not that I’m saying that’s what she wants), there will never be a shortage of that. All she’ll have to do is make an offhand comment (in jest) that the she hopes the animals aren’t stuffed and she’ll get 500 comments in NO time.

  315. Another Angela says:

    It’s still happening here! I really want to send a photo of my baby sheep with my 45-year-old cleavage–RACK OF LAMB!! I’ll never grow up.

  316. Don’t worry, wtf.
    We all know you wish you 20 again — or at least looked remotely like it.

  317. Single Malt says:

    Enjoy 20. Enjoy 40. If you’re lucky, you’ll all live to be 60! We all end up in the same boat… 🙂

  318. teh cuteness is overwhelming!

  319. What, no pictures of him sticking his head through the loop and not being able to get it out because his spines go the other way?? He would be so adorably confused until he figured out that he could just keep moving forward!!

  320. dat wud make a good football !!!!, aye aint talkin about “bfffttt” but headers n volleys.

  321. Another Angela — y’know, if you can overcome the inherent logistical difficulties…

  322. Another Angela-

    I wuvs you
    Never grow up

  323. Straight American Male CO Regular says:

    I support Diane. (Although I think parents who would teach their children that this hedgehog’s scenery is “dirty” should seek professional help. You’re as sick as a pedophile, possibly more so by trying to enforce your views on the public.)

    I also support this bikini, pattern and all, which in turn supports two very non-12-year-old breasts!
    If she looked like that at 12, she’d either be very shy about it or much more blatant about showing them off. Not the comfortable-with-having-all-the-ingredients-for-n’racks-photos woman we see here.

    Diane, maybe we can work together on the cutepetsnparts site, so the rest of the clean part of the pet/part spectrum can be explored and CO can be “safe” from pictures like this.

  324. ok, the hedgie was adorable, but the boob shot ruined the cuteness and my day!! 😦

  325. breasticle… wow.

  326. Someone With a Nice Rack says:

    Hey, Andrea.

    I’ve got a nice rack, better than that girls and I still think this post is a little far.

  327. Stephanie S. says:

    Yeah, I never liked the “… ‘n racks” part of CO, but… whatever?

  328. unnecessary.
    show more bebeh bunnehs instead.

  329. This is EXACTLY why the girl submitted these pictures in the first place, just so they’ll be posted & a bunch people will start talking about her tits! She got what she wanted out of this.

  330. texirishrose:

    Maybe you should be more concerned about where your 16 year old son picked up that kind of lanugage, and less concerned with girls in bikini tops.

    ….and why is “PHOTO” in quotes?

    I’m just sayin.

    You people crack me up. Seriously.

    Meg, I adore you!

  331. Another Angela…..Rack Of Lamb…..That Was Firetruckin Funny.

  332. Single Malt…..I Agree; Any Time in Life Can Be fun If you Let It. I Got Carded 2 weeks Before My 38th Birthday. Not That I Looked That Young, But They Had To Card If You Looked Like 26. I Actually Forgot One Year How Old I Was.

    Sadly The Past 5-10 Years Has Been Difficult Ones, And The Look Is Catching Up To the Years. Such Is Life. This 57 Year Old Broad Is Going On A Cruise The End Of May.

  333. Speaking of all the Sonicness.. one of my friends linked me to this and noted the whole thing with Princess Elise in the new Sonic game. She’s a readhead human, and Sonic… well… tee hee hee.

  334. Obviously you people are over reacting. These photos were probably selected for the hedgie! Not for the girl’s rack!

  335. Hmm..how about to settle the score, we ladies get some buffed up men with cute wittle animals!

  336. What is the deal with these boob shots on Cute Overload? It first started with cats down shirts and now this? These are definitely my least favorite posts on the site. They aren’t even cute.

  337. Dudes, 16 yr old boys don’t need to be “taught” to say dumb stuff like “teen t*ts”

    And everyone’s thinking it anyway, so stop fingerpointing.

    And 22 yr old whoever you are, I’m 26 and get asked if I’m 18/19 all the time; my boyf is 31 and gets asked if he’s 23/24/25 all the time; so can your venom for a moment to trust that your own life experience isn’t the only one

    And bottom line: these photos don’t bother me b/c I’m prude; they bother me b/c I come here to look at animals, and animals alone

  338. Rissu… I am 22, and I just want to say that I hope you don’t think every 22 year old is as horrible a person as baby and Hilary.

  339. dear meg,

    in the future, please taylor your blog to my exact values and tastes.


    self-absorbed moralists who don’t understand what a blog is


    dear meg,

    thank you for sharing your blog with everyone. i hope you continue to enjoy posting it as much as your readers enjoy viewing.


    anner and many others

  340. Dear Meg,

    I cannot think of a poem or a song for this one. I am busted.


  341. I love how Meg continues to post these animals in racks pictures despite all the flack she gets for it. And that’s definitely not sarcasm. Good for you, Meg! Keep on doin’ whatchu doin’.

  342. Sheesh! People get over it! 12 year old girls don’t have boobs, I know. When I was 12 I wasn’t wearing a bra yet and now I have real size G’s (no joke). She is not that young, she’s just not a wrinkly hag like some of the people who are complaining.

  343. WHAT AN UGLY HEDGEHOG. this ruined my day

  344. gravyboat says:

    “My cackling reply to 39 yr. old who thinks she looks 22: as someone who actually is 22, I find it offensive when middle-aged hags try to pass themselves off as still being in their prime. Seriously, get over your mid-life crisis and go knit some sweaters for your grandkids. “

    Sophia Loren?
    Isabella Rosselini?
    Michelle Pfeiffer?
    Nicole Kidman?
    Jamie Lee Curtis?
    Raquel Welsh?
    Priscilla Presley?

    Older women can be mega-hot. Sit down and shut up, Pee Wee.

  345. People need to stop reading their own neuroses into female behavior.

  346. I love that all the people who keep saying “Meg can say whatever she wants!” also say that those who object to teenage cleavage should shut the hell up.

  347. Some people don’t like it, that’s ok isn’t it? I mean everyone is entitled to their opinion right? Anyway, I don’t care for it, hardly a prude so don’t throw that overused term my way lol Alot of people say, don’t look at the girl, look at the hedgehog…well um, why not just have a pic of the hedgehog then 🙂 I think it would be a good idea to maybe keep the blanks and racks pics in a place by themselves and maybe not on the main page. That way people who are desparate for a peek or to just enjoy the beauty of the human body (teehee) can go there and gawk, er look til their little teeny heart’s are content! No need to get testy and start throwing around terms like self-righteous (bah!) just allow people to have their own opinions. This is a great site and I’ll continue to enjoy it and my kids will too after I make sure my 12 and 16 year old boys aren’t going to get an eyeful…you know how hormonal they can be at that age hehehe Anywho, keep up the good work!

  348. GravyBoat…..Gotta Disagree On Nicole…..She Is Neither Old Nor Hot. I Think Raquel Is Super Hot For Her Age.

  349. Suzie Wrote: “That way people who are desparate for a peek or to just enjoy the beauty of the human body (teehee) can go there and gawk, er look til their little teeny heart’s are content!”

    Suzie…..I’m Glad You Used Hearts In That Sentence With Little Teeny And Content.

  350. :::looks at comments:::

    :::looks back at picture:::

    First off, if this girl is underage, then so is Audrey Tautou.

    Second, a tiny sliver of underboob does not make the picture overly sexual. Seriously, I went back after reading this whole thing only to find it was even less revealing than I first observed. I am going to go out on a limb to say it is no less appropriate than any of the other “pets n’ racks” pics on this site.

  351. Oh NOES! A BODY! It’s a dirty nasty thing that should be ignored at all costs. My God, can you imagine what could happen if a quarter inch of under-breast were to show to the international web public? There would be blood in the streets, widespread famine in the homeland, and the interweb’s tubes would clog!

    They’re breasts. 100% of human-kind has them, roughly 50% of them are more developed than the other half, and the fact that we see a quarter inch on bottom and an inch or so on top? Not a big problem.

    What’s that you say? She’s 16? Stop looking at her chest if it somehow offends your 18th century sense of decency. If she were on the beach and took a picture dressed as she is, it wouldn’t be a crime. You’d be fine with it.

    So stop preaching internet purity, look at the fuzzy animals, and enjoy your dang day.

  352. Oh, and Meg: Keep up the good work, we love your site.

  353. anonymous coward says:

    I really enjoy how y’all seem to demand a standard of *service* from Meg when she’s providing HER blog to you so that you can enjoy the cuteness.

    The internet is a wide open place. If you don’t like what you see, then, by all means, don’t look. No one is shoving boobies in your face and making you look at them.

  354. What really ANGERS me is that the Hedgehog is clearly UNDERAGE and NAKED, and no one is taking issue with that.


  355. gigglingpear says:

    Ok, at first I was all like, “egad! I dun wanna see that, I would be so embarassed if my boob escaped my top!” (i kno, it’s only a little, but that little can lead to full boobage exposure when you’re wearing a loose bathing suit-yea, it was quite the experience).

    But anyway, I find it slightly funny now. The picture I mean. lol. The only thing is that it isn’t overloaded w/ cuteness in my opinion!

  356. heartbrokenbethy says:

    1. Meg…You are great. You bring so much happiness to my world.

    2. If you don’t like the flaming comments, I would cut faces from pics, and let them argue about how old the boobs look.

    3. I don’t particularly mind this one, just not whoamygodthatissocuteiwanttodie… But- It’s not about my taste.

    4. Keep up the good work.

  357. Um, Im beginning to think most of the people who come to this site must be fairly old or something, Im 21 and she looks no older than my 19 year old girlfriend. So unless you guys really know her age I say you people stop your bitching and moaning, seriously, you did the same thing with the meg girl and her bunny thing. WHO CARES. There is NOTHING wrong or even ILLEGE with this picture, there is no law saying you cant show a minor in a swimsuit with a hamster between her boobs.

  358. My opinion is as follows:

    I believe that the photos are NOT SEXUALISED because of what was exposed (I believe the peek-a-boo was an accident, and a bikini is still clothing..) but I do think that the come-hither expression on the beautiful lass’s face does make them sexual. I also think the sexualisation comes from how naturally beautiful and seductive she is. An average looking girl, with a normal expression on her face would not have resulted in this controversy.

    I dont care if she did it for attention. Who sends in pictures to this website (particularly to the racks category) who doesnt want attention?? Anyone who loves this site would feel immensely proud to see themselves or their little poochy snooky wookums in the bright lights!!!

    A lot of you are criticising her for her appearance, her choice of bikini, her motives. Anyone who has written a personal slight like to that effect are selfish, thoughtless and actually evil. THINK ABOUT IT, YOU IDIOTS! She obviously reads the site?? You think she is a delicate teen who needs attention? Well HOW IS SHE GOING TO FEEL to come online SO PROUD to see herself on this website, and then read all of these people slagging her off? Youre convinced that she is a teenager? Well you just dont say those kinds of things to teenagers! It messes with their heads! terrible, terrible terrible thing to do.

    Tirza if you are reading this then please I beg of you not to take these comments to heart!! You are so beautiful and it is sweet that you have a hedgehog and I hope that you can forget that any of this happened!

  359. Wow, you people are extremely cruel. This girl reads this site and will likely read your comments. I feel sorry for her, she was just having a bit of fun with her pet and she gets torn apart by douchebags for it.

    If you’re reading this T, much love to you, your hedgie and your rack – they’re all worthy of CO. I hope you can laugh off all these stupid people.

  360. I’m not the biggest fan of _ and racks, mostly because they seem so staged/forced and a plea for attention. Why else would this girl suit up in a bikini at home and pose with her hedgehog? She could’ve very well taken a pic of JUST the hedgehog. It’s a very transparent stunt to get on CO… a stunt that, quite honestly, I’m getting tired of.

  361. To those who cry “attention whore!” about a girl they don’t know, whose completely non-pornographic pictures they can easily scroll past (honestly, how are these sexual? I don’t see it): Wittle baby animal wuvvers shouldn’t also be insulting judgmental hypersensitive JERKS.

    Tirza–if you’re reading this–nice pics. 🙂

  362. Americans are funny, and Tirza is very pretty 🙂

  363. I was hoping that, perhaps, Tirza would write in and let us know how old she is so we can put a stop to all the prurient interest in her breasts. Not only that, but if Tirza lives in the country I think she does (judging by her name) she’s facing a lot more important issues than a little “wardrobe malfunction.” So maybe we can just cut her some slack for goodness sake.

  364. The way I see it, the religious ones are offended because they like to show this site to their nephews, and apparently the little ones cannot see boobs… Do you blindfold them when taking them to the beach? Or are there special Christian beaches where everybody wears a toga? 🙂

    Rack on, Meg, rack on…

  365. LOL, I think this picture is qte…

    But I just HAD to tell Jenki (whom I’m assuming is female also).. that my 12 year old cousin Dierdre almost has D-cups.. from the back the girl looks 20 something..I get more and more concerned every time I see her, my hometown is a dangerous place to grow up.

    Aside from that lovely depression, I couldn’t guess how old this girl was if my life depended on it, but I still love the hedgie, and meh.. who cares about teh boobage? I’ve got em’, you’ve got em’.. and if your male and you’ve got em’.. well..all the more power to you to flash em’ at us.

  366. This is hilarious! Meg, you’re a STINKER! So are you Teho! (I noticed you didn’t post until MUCH later -unless it was under an alias–hmmmm?)You’re both sitting there laughing your butts off at the controversy. Tirza is probably in on it, too, Peeps!

  367. hedgie, hedgie
    ‘tween zee neeples.
    beaucoup de comments
    from zee peeples!

  368. Awww, cute hedgie!

    Tirza, you would be a leetle less gratuitously begging for attention if your top actually fit 😉

  369. My only problem with it is that I could actualy get fired for looking at this pic on my computer at work. I work for a huge corporation and they are extrememly strict about ANY sort of nudity or even a hint of it. I wish I could go to CO everyday without worrying about some RACK pics! its supposed to be cute animals people!

  370. GiddyKitty says:

    I think she’s just petit not so young. And I like the pets in racks. I think I want to enter one!

  371. Oh geez, 300-some commentroversy!

  372. I don’t like this one. If I want porn, I’ll go to some other site. This used to be a safe place on the internet!

  373. I have a question. Could the hedger fit through that ring? Can they fit through narrow things the way ferrets and rats can, for example?

    If they can, I would love to have seen the next pic in this series.

  374. 1) it’s not porn
    2) she’s not underage
    3) yes, the bikini *is* atrocious
    4) no, I don’t recommend trying this at home
    5) …this is *more* than enough now. Comments closed.