OK, "yawning" and "otter" don’t really combine to make an intelligble word, but it almost did… I love how otters have that built-in shelfie — perfect for Superbowl beverages.


Lori H., I’d crack open a fresh mussel for you if I could.



  1. Yaotter

  2. Ask and you shall receive.
    Little guy is so sweepy.
    Nappy time.

  3. good old whatshername says:

    “Yawntter” really is a word. It’s used thusly:

    “Jeet yet?”

    Totally ripped off from Jeff Foxworthy, of course. Oh, and cute otter BTW. 🙂

  4. It looks like “The Scream” by Edvard Munch, only it’s an otter.

  5. all the little whiskers pointing straight forward…so noozle-ey cute

  6. OMKamisama!!! Kawaiii!!

  7. new rule suggestion: otter. all otters are cute all the time in any and all positions/poses.

  8. I just love otters. I have yet to see one that didn’t make me go, “Awww…”

  9. Looks like a baaaad case of toothache to me. Do otters have wisdom teeth?

  10. I second Karmina’s suggestion. I have yet to see an otter that didn’t nearly make my head explode.

  11. It’s the little paws on the cheeks that get me…so tie-tie….

  12. I am in love. I am totally, totally in love.

  13. I am in love. I am totally, totally in love.

  14. It looks like it has a case of Home Alone face.

    We have otters at the local aquarium, and I always loved them. I have a small stuffed one I got as a kid around here someplace.

  15. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    I third Karmina’s suggestion. Rule of Cuteness #??: “Otters are cute. Nuff said.”
    Can this guy come and watch the Super bowl with me? Pwease…?

  16. BenPanced says:


  17. No need to call it Rule # anything. It’s the Otter Doctrine.

    This otter cannot believe the Colts just scored.

  18. Ho hummm!!…he otter go to bed if he so tietie.

  19. blueberries4me says:

    Why do they always do the cutest things like hold hands? Or touch their cheek puffs? I love them.

  20. “I can’t HEEEEAAAARRRRR yooooouuuuu!”

  21. i’ve felt like this all day. only not as cute. and not as recently bathed.

  22. Otters kick the tocks of just about everything else as far as all qte, all the time.

    So seepies… must have a full tummy of shellfish.

    Either that, or he’s yelling “DOOOD! Get me another beer while you’re in the fridge!”

  23. Aelfwyn — He caught sight of his own cuteness reflected in the water, and the utter sweetness did him in.

    Get that otter some Novocaine!

  24. He seems to be screaming!

  25. Home Alone otter!

  26. I think he needs to take a nap on an otter-yawn.

  27. “oh, you … you otter be in pictures….” [sings]

  28. Everytime I see an otter, it makes me think of Denis Leary…

    What are you?
    I’m an otter.

    What to you do?
    I swim around, doing cute little human things with my hands.

    You’re free to go. next.

    What are you?
    I’m a cow.

    Get in the truck.
    Hang on, I’m an animal, I’ve got rights!

    You’re a f***ing baseball glove, get in the f***ing truck!

  29. I agree… Otter cuteness is above the level of a rule. It simply “is”.

    The Otter Doctrine! Cute, at all times, in all poses.


  30. He’s screaming about a picture of a chickin sitting in someone’s earlobe. GAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!

  31. first, otter and yawn together is own (pronounced awwwwwn) secondly, it’s not an “own/yawnnter” anyway. he’s going “how in the Qte of the world did the bears and colts make it to the superbowl??? oh well, i gotta root for sum1!!!”

  32. JALG posted this shot in Octover 2005

  33. and christina, why did they stuff it? why couldn’t they just give it a decent burial?????! *huge tears* and why would you buy it? would YOU like to be stuffed instead of buried when YOU’RE dead? lol, just messin’ with you….

  34. And is anyone else thinking of the Luke/Vader “i am your father” thingie??? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

  35. Anybody else laugh anytime they think of the South Park episode where the otters were incredibly disdainful of the humans because we chop up trees for tables when we have perfectly good tummies to eat on?

  36. Hahahaha, you are so right, ebee! 😀

  37. Tooo…much…Qte….*ploit*

    He is all “Ex-squeeeeee-ze me!!”…which is totally what I feel like on a hectic Friday, except not with mind-blowingly cute whiskers and wee furry paws 🙂

  38. ShelleyTambo says:

    Sigh. Tisha, I just wasted ten minutes looking for a link to that Denis Leary riff to post, only to scroll down a little and realize that someone beat me to it.

  39. ebee beat me to it.

  40. Hehehe, Shalley Tambo! I’m glad I’m not the only one! lol

  41. How sweet! He’s so tired he can barely hold his head up, lol!

  42. pookiepuff says:

    I love otters! This is a great picture! I once saw this video clip on tv of a mommy otter oh so carefully placing her bebeh otter from her tummy onto a rock and it was cute cute CUTE! I’ve loved otters ever since. This one is just too cute! He’s a little yawnter!

  43. Verry cute pic! I lurves otters, more since I’ve paid homage to the Qte. This photo reminds me of THIS photo: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0099785/posters

  44. Whoops! Guess I better read all the posts first before I post a link that others have already referenced *face red with shame* Waaahhhh!!

  45. You people and your Otter Doctrine – I agree, I’ve never seen an otter that wasn’t cute, but now I’m kind of inspired to look for one.

  46. My favourite out of all the otter icons I’ve made 🙂 Probably the only otter picture out there that SCREAMS “lalalala I can’t heaaaar yoooou” 😛

  47. He’s just regulating his ears after an especially deep dive. Very cute little fellow.

  48. YES megusmaximus! Gets me every time. And now whenever I see a picture of an otter I think of that episode. My favorite quote from that episode is when the Otter King gets so angry about Cartman aka “Time Child” deceiving him and says “I will kill the Time Child and eat his entrails off my belly!!” LOL! Pure genius.

  49. “NOT LISTENING! I’M NOT LISTENING!” I love otters.

    On Animal Planet this morning (I watch it while I exercise in the mornings), “Adoption Stories” was doing a piece on a baby sea otter named Calypso who was being transferred from the Alaska SeaLife Center to a Seattle aquarium. She was so adorable! Just the sweetest little thing. I kept squealing on my CardioGlide.

  50. gwenchocolate says:

    Peeps, I have made an amazing discovery.
    When your head ‘splodes from teh Qte, don’t worry, it’s not painful. It’s kinda like a blissful, covered in yummy flannel all over kinda feeling. With puddding.
    Really, don’t be afraid. Let the otter make you go *poit*. You gonna love it.

  51. Looks a bit like an audition for American Idol – you know, the one where the singer covers one of their ears and belts out “blue moon” or something equally horrifying

  52. Oh, c’mon. Everybody knows that otter is just doing the Mackaulay Culkin face from ‘Home Alone.’

  53. See? The world can’t be all bad if a creature THIS CUTE exists. 🙂

  54. Yawn + otter = yawtter

  55. Aw. Poor little otter just flew in and is trying to pop his ears.

    Did you have a long flight, little otter?

  56. “Oh my gawd, it’s two days before the Super Bowl and my mother-in-law is coming for a surprise visit on Sunday! AAAAAGH!!!”

    God, I love otters!

  57. Another Angela says:

    Mebbe a little chickie just pecked his piercing?

  58. Been here for hour or so with all the cute pictures

  59. Interesting otter fact: Not only do they use their tummies as tables, they have an extra fold of skin under their armpit that forms a pocket. They can store all kinds of stuff in there. It’s true. I learned that in my volunteer orientation at the Shedd Aquarium.

  60. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Someone else has probably already said this, but he kinda looks like he’s yelling “LA LA LA LA I CAN’T HEEEEAR YOU!”

  61. ka9q's wife says:

    Gwenchocolate know you know why some of us are CO addicts.

  62. cornbread says:

    That photo is so cute it’s ridiculous.

    In fact, it’s *diriculous*.

  63. Brak: Exactly. Same thing I was thinking.

  64. ok, every picture of an otter looks the same, there’s no point in posting them anymore

  65. ack! my bowl of cheetoos fell off!!!

  66. Karin, I think there is a point and they should be on co everyday….

    how about we get some raccoons a bit more often tho? that would be nice *makes purdy eyes at Megypoo and Teho*

  67. Heeee … methinks Otter is yelling “GO >insert favourite team name here< " in his sleep!!!

  68. So you’ve brought up Denis Leary and South Park *both quality references, I might add* but what about John Pinette?

    “When I have trouble with a jar, he’ll say “Give it here John I’ll beat the sh!t out of it!!!”


  69. YAY!! Otters are the bestest!! 😀

  70. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Hey! I thought of you guys today! I was driving home from work, and I passed a convenience store that had a neon “LOTTERY” sign in the front window. The “L” had burned out, though, so the sign said “OTTERY!”

  71. Bonniebunnie says:

    Uh guys?

    I love otters as much as the next person, but THIS is a beaver! :o)

  72. useta hada kitteh says:

    bonniebunnie — this is SO not a beaver. This is an OTTER! Me luvs otterses. Sigh. Me happy.

  73. useta hada kitteh – You beaver cleaver. 😉 But, Leave It To Otter really doesn’t have the right alliteration.

  74. otter… beaver.. who cares?!
    such a incredible cute thing. 🙂

  75. Brak — y’know, *every* strip mall and convenience store needs an OTTERY. In fact, when I run for President, that will be my platform.

  76. useta hada kitteh says:

    Teho — I’m votin’ for you! Even though I’m in the wrong country, (well, I like it, it’s the right country for me, but it’s the wrong country for voting for president…oh, you know what I mean…)

    A Vote for Teho is a Vote for OTTERS! Win the Ottery with Teho! You Otter vote for He! (Can I be your campaign manager? I loves me some otters, and that’s gotter be one of the main qualifications, right?)

  77. I’ll have my people call your people.