The insanity continues

OK, People, you never cease to amaze. Stherious.

This just in: (literally)

Sender-inner Brian with chick "Sophia Suzie Cuatro" sleeping in his earring. Yes, we have reached new levels OF INSANITY!


Ah, Ms. Cuatro. Welcome to the asylum.



  1. There are simply no words. Brian kinda looks like his chick.

  2. ClosetCOLuvah says:

    It’s more disturbing than cats n’ racks.

  3. Yikes!

  4. ……???? Ow!

  5. Hahaha… this isn’t disturbing, it’s fabulous! What could be more springy? I know my addiction is reaching new peaks of bliss after this…

  6. That guy is my hero. He has a built in chick bed!

  7. Cats n Racks

    Chicks n … Lobes?

    Hmmm… it doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. lol

  8. ok, i’d love the chickie, but the earlobe is quite disturbing, and ur eyes just get drawn back to it!!!

  9. ew

  10. ha ha ha…. that’s bleening awesome!

  11. Jupiter Star says:

    Heee…I love it. I usually find those size holes kind of disturbing but they’re just like built in birdie perches! And given how my birdies try to climb into my ear or try to make my regular tiny piercings accomodate their little feetsies, I shouldn’t be surprised!

  12. Well, the little ckick is adorable!

  13. I had to keep my rats out of my shirts/sweatshirts because they’d crawl up there and bite…ahem…certain piercings I have. Ouch!

  14. Luckily they make even bigger sizes. You know, for when Chicken Little grows up.

    Mwahahahahaha! You can’t stop from picturing it.

  15. Brand new use for that particular style of piercing! LMAO!!!! I *have* to show this to our tattooist!

  16. I think my computer broke. It’s like TV channels are combining. I see Danny Bonaduce with Tweety-Bird.

  17. Simpson O'Brien says:

    …it’s like a train wreck, you just can’t look away. cute birdie!

  18. Chicks really dig piercings.

  19. ROFL lauowolf!

  20. Do you think they sell that particular style at the store? Cause when I went there weren’t nothing so cute as little fluffball there. 🙂

  21. *stares at the screen with a look on her face that causes her mother to come over, inspect said screen, shake her head, and walk away*

  22. eeek.

    cute chickie, though.

  23. CO has reached a new lobe.

  24. +1 ROFL lauowolf

  25. martha in mobile says:

    I bet plenty of plastic surgeons are gleefully over the future income stream that will be generated by this particular form of self-adornment. Cute chickie, though!

  26. May I just second the above-noted “Ew.”

  27. The baby chickie is adorable – the earlob is gross. But, knowing the world he’ll start a trend – somewhere.

  28. *speechless*

  29. i love how everyone is like “eww look at his ear”.. come on people, haven’t you ever seen gauged ears before? puh-lease. as someone who gauges, i say RIGHT ON! and if you can make a comfy nest for a cute chicky, all the better! I wish something that cute would sleep in my ears! 😀

  30. heh-heh. this just BEGS for an extreme close-up of the chickie, though!

  31. Chickie lobes her little ear nest.

  32. Redzilla is an evil genius. Emphasis on the EEEEvil.

    LOL, Aubrey and lauowolf!

    Is this what’s meant by Peep Show?

  33. I think, like “Cute or Sad?” we also need a category:

    “Cute or disturbing?”

    I nominate this picture as the first entry.

    (I’m sorry but I just have issues with the ‘gauging’ practice of stretching out one’s earlobes…it’s just a very personal ick-factor thing for me, and while I know it’s the person’s body and their right to do it…still it makes me uncomfortable.)

  34. yoostereo says:

    It’s like Brian is a new age Pirate. Instead of a parrot, it is a baby chick. And instead of a shoulder, its an earlobe.

  35. I have to say… the guy is hot.

    Any maybe he’ll get a canary that can swing merrily from his earlobe.

  36. sorry, but this is 100% NOT cute!

    I think it might be because good digital cameras make beards look gross.

    Also, piercing is cool but those stretchy things are weird looking. And I’m pretty sure proper hygene care includes keeping wildlife out of the hole.

  37. yoostereo – No, it’s not like.

  38. That is so freaking adorable. I love the expression on the dude’s face.

  39. What chicken?

  40. How come people are uncomfortable and/or see something “artsy” or “alt” about all bod mods except for the “standard” ear piercings?

    I mean, all those mamas with good values and sensible shoes don’t bat an eye at piercing their daughters’ earlobes, even when said daughters are tweens, children, infants! And yet, same tiny piercing, different place–nose, septum, navel, eyebrow–and it’s *shocking*!!

    Interesting, what? I think of this because my older sister thinks that piercing ears is “mutilation” and won’t do it. 🙂 I bought her magnetic earrings that looks like studs, only the backs are wee magnets, so she could wear pearl “earrings” on her wedding day. 🙂

  41. I concur with everyone who thought this was TEWTALLY AWESHOM!!

    Carry On..

  42. Add me to the “trainwreck” crew, will ya?

  43. Oh, and to comment on the photo–I wonder what the deal is… did this guy adopt a chicken as a pet?

    I cringe at the thought–the wabbits already make a horrendous enough mess of the house; I wonder what a chicken or two would do! :O

  44. Arvay, luv ya and all, but I’m not not big on “odd” piercings… never have been.

    How your sister can stand the pain of clips/screw-on backs but “normal” ear piercing is weird is, well, interesting [insert Mr. Spock inflections]. Because those things hurt like blue blazes!

  45. pookiepuff says:

    Oh my goodness! There is a little peep perched IN his ear! Um… wow! hehe.

  46. Why dio I have a what?
    I have a ….
    I’m sorry, I can’t hear you beause I have a chicken in my ear.

  47. (Hand pressed to mouth, cheeks blowing out) Errrmm, “To ear his own.” Wait, “To each his own.” (Lurch, gag, hurl)

  48. *clears throat, sings a couple of octaves in voice warmup*

    Do your ears hang low?
    Do they wobble to and fro?
    Can you put a chick in one?
    And then send the pic to C.O.?

  49. Sorry…. I’m on the ch “ick” side of the fence. eeewwww

  50. constance says:

    …that’s all fine and good NOW…but what happens what that chicklet turns into a chicken?!

  51. Cat-astrophe says:

    All I know is, I don’t think I’ll ever look at one of these “gauged” piercings again without picturing a birdie inside!

  52. I don’t have any “odd” piercings either, but I did do my ears in the conventional fashion. 🙂

    My sister actually *did* complain that the magneto-earrings hurt, but our mother didn’t let her take them off. Our mother has been constantly upset over neither of her daughters being very “feminine.” 🙂

  53. lol. I’m both disturbed and cracked up. I like the pirate comment too! lol.


  55. Ew! Ew! Ew!

    Jeez, that image is going to be stuck in my head for hours. :/

  56. i do find the stretched-out lobes a bit icky, but much improved with the addition of a fuzzy chick. a wee hammie would fit in there too! then it would be a little hammock, wouldn’t it.

  57. Pyrit-
    No, to ear is human, to forgive feline.
    No, wait…

  58. Jason Ozuma says:

    Not cute

  59. As someone with formerly-stretched lobes (yes, everyone, as long as they’re not absolutely huge, they do go entirely back to normal) I must say… this is the best argument for Kaos I have ever seen. They should buy rights to this photo and use it on their website.

  60. Hey, you haven’t even seen the woman with the hamster wheel in her lower lip.

    I kid. I kid. But you can imagine it right…just put a hamster wheel in there where the plate is?

  61. bok!

  62. AliceTanzer says:

    This is fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. Man. I want my lobes to be big enough to put a baby chicken in em. You could fit a tiny hamster in there! Gah! So cute.

  63. Hi, my name is Earnest.

  64. Peg of Tilling says:

    Two ears is human, two chicks devine?

  65. He looks like a ‘real chick’ magnet!

  66. “I’m in UR earlobez, fluffing my featherz…”

  67. Don’t be mean . . . this is really really cute! If I was a chick I’d love to cuddle in someone’s ear. So is he a pet chick or what?

  68. I think that’s pretty awesome.

    I don’t have any problem with gauging — I think it’s cool when people use their bodies to make an artistic statement. And I love how happy this dude is with his baby chick. 🙂

  69. a Theo request:

    Please help Redzilla with the visualization? I want to see it!

  70. Okay, his next step should be the full CD-size plates stretching his upper and lower lips, and he can have some cute animal dancing on them.


    Mutilate your body if you want to, but I’m not going to think it’s attractive. And I doubt many potential employers do either.

  71. creepy but cute, no creepy.

  72. *Sigh*

    It’s ‘stretching’, not ‘gauging’.

    This picture is 100% cute and fabulous.

    Do you know how rude some of you are being? I’m sure you wouldn’t feel too good if Brian here looked at your face and said, “EWW!!”

  73. You know, he looks to be of age.
    It’s his ear.
    Doesn’t seem to be harmful to others.

    And the guy’s got a sweet baby animal, that trusts him enough to cuddle up close.

    I’ve got no problems here.

  74. Zap, don’t be silly. Mutilation can be decorative, too.

    Ask yourself whether you consider the following “yuck”:
    1) ear piercing
    2) nose piercing
    3) vanity cosmetic surgery
    4) cosmetic surgury to correct “birth defects” (although the line between 3 and 4 can be pretty darned thin!)

    “YUCK” is rather harsh for what boils down to just a difference of opinion on asthetics. 🙂

    And yeah, I agree with you about potential employers. But to do a bod mod is a free choice, and you take the hits (change in people’s perspective of you) with the gains (happiness with your new decoration). So many choices in life involve such weighing and balancing.

    Life’s short. If no-one is harmed, live and let live, ya know?

  75. I couldn’t ever pierce anything myself, but what people do to their own bodies is their business, and this pic is totally adorable.

    I don’t understand why anyone would say “That poor chick!” … the chick looks like he/she’s quite comfy. xD

  76. Aaaand, we get a glimpse at just how conventional people on this site are. 😀

  77. “Hi, my name is Earnest.”

    Pyrit! You kill. This wins for joke that took me the longest to get, but made me laugh the hardest. It’s important to be Earnest.

  78. (As to employers… Chances are he doesn’t WANT to work the kind of job that is going to discriminate like that. Creative and enlightened fields generally accept that sort of thing.)

  79. WHAT THE….?!?!?

  80. Laurie H: let’s see how wonderful you think it is when your son perches baby fowl in his lobe holes!

  81. Ewww! that is so gross. your hole in your ear is so freakin’ big!! the duck is cute but you ruin the picture and your hole ruined the freakin’ picture to. talkin’ about that peircing right below your lip thats pretty gross too! i’m pretty sure it took a long time to get the hole in your ear that big to fit that thing in it. and im sure it hurt too.

  82. I’ve never liked those piercings (or any piercings for that matter!) but that is pretty darn cute.

  83. P.S. Marissa, it’s a chick, not a duck. LOL.

  84. bravepotato says:

    i’ve never been a fan of gauging, but i have to say, this is the best use of it i’ve ever seen!

    i hope it catches on in san francisco!

  85. pmy: I’d still think it’s 100% cute and fabulous. I don’t know how it would matter if it was my son or not.

  86. lurkingsmirk says:

    Poor chick nothing, he looks quite happy to be there. He probably tumbled in himself. What I want to know is what’s sleeping in the other ear! Two chicks = twice as fancy.

  87. Aww! He’s so cute!
    Oh and so is the birdie.

  88. And then the bartender says, ‘That’s not a duck!’

    *wait for laughter*

    …Four score and seven years ago…

  89. The bird is WAY cute!

    The hole in that guy’s ear is WAY icky! (That was what I thought the first time I saw those African natives w/ their icky ear holes … ugh!) :p

    fwiw & imho.

  90. This just goes to show how closed minded people can be. They think that ear piercing is fine, and plastic surgery, and maybe even body building. The latter two are considered an extreme body modification just the same as stretching ears or any other part of the body. Why condone one and turn your nose up at the other.

    How about, if you dont have anything nice to say, DONT POST.

    I think this is amazing and super duper cute!!!! I lurve it!!! <3

  91. AliceTanzer says:
  92. Marissa sounds a little upset. Let her say duck.

    Mel – Your song was just in time. The only reason I stuck with this thread.

    Redz – Wont you be my neighbor?

    To those who are concerned about the rude comments. As for me, I stand by mine. It does make me feel croaky, but, to each his own. I *suspect* Brian can handle the comments.

  93. Beh beh rattie! How cute is that?!?


    I miss having ratties. :*

  94. AliceTanzer says:

    Arvay – Isn’t it adorable? He probably climbed right up there all on his own. its shiney AND fun to climb on 😀

  95. I KNOW! And he’s holding his widdle iddle tootsies! Dayum!

    All that being said, I dunno if I *quite* miss having *baby* rats. I like ’em best when they are all growned up–sofft and squishy and cuddly. :*)

  96. If he gets an earache, he may have a hard time explainefd the doctor how those feathers got in his ear!

  97. Um, not cute. Gross.

    Just damn!

  98. I am in the awwww….eeewwww…owwwww camp. I have seen people with stretched ears. Personally it is not my thing and I find it icky. Just as people have the right to stretch their ears, I have the right to look at said ears and say “ewww” or “owwww” or “cool.” It’s called free speech! Plus, people who do that have to expect and know that not everyone will find it the most attractive fashion statement. I mean, come on. It is a matter of personal tastes.

    I do like the chickie tho and the dude looks quite pleased. But, I rate the entire pic as low on the cute factor.

  99. I love long, unusual chandelier earrings. So I don’t see anything truly wrong with these Chanticleer earrings.

    i found something cute:

    this rottweiler is taking care of two baby lambs on a farm.

  101. Another Angela says:

    I hope you people freaked out by body mods never have to visit Berkeley, or San Francisco, or Olympia, or any other wild west coast town. The people who shop in Target are the ones who freak me out. LOVE the rattie too!!

  102. All I can say is OUCH! I mean, I know a babeh chick doesn’t weigh much, but I’m kind of picky about how heavy my earrings are.

    For the stretching he already has, he probably has a collection of other babeh farm animals to wear, depending on mood and attire.

  103. Gahahaha, Peg of Tilling! Two ears is human, two chicks divine! Yes!

    And Aubrey, Chanticleer earrings! So good!

    I am confident that Chris can handle a few people’s “Ewws and Ahhs”. He looks like a cool dude. And baby chick and baby ratties couldn’t be cuter!

  104. Hahaha, or Walmart, Another Angela. 😛

  105. Violet's mama says:

    Okay. Part of me wants to say ew, but not a very big part. I don’t find “stretching,” “gauging,” or whatever it’s called gross. The only thing that ever crosses my mind is: “What will they look like in 20, 30, 40 years?” I know Sara (I think it was a Sara) said they go back to normal, but what if someone keeps it like this for a long time? Just curious. That’s what I am when I see these types of piercings.

    Oh, the subject? Very cute! So’s the chickie….

  106. Holy shmoly.

    You wouldn’t find me with two inch earlobes, but this is pretty badarse!

    The chickie looks so content to be sitting there. It’s probably pretty toasty!

  107. Erp, where did I get Chris? Brian. Sorry bout dat. He looks just like a Chris. 😉

  108. Gah, so many rude, ignorant people. The dude’s got some well-healed ears. He’s clearly a grown man, and seems pretty happy.

    Like someone else mentioned: If you have nothing to say, keep it that way.

    Ohh, and as someone else also pointed out, please, for the love of all things good in this world, stop calling stretched piercings ‘gauges’. Once you go past actual gauges(i.e. anything smaller than 00ga), you get into millimetres or inches. Therefore, no longer measured in gauges. ‘Stretching’ is the term. It makes sense(almost universally).

    While I’m at it, when you’re out somewhere, and you get the feeling that you need to explain your stance on the way other people look(you’re out there, I deal with you almost daily), just do yourself a favour, and don’t. I don’t ask why your hair looks like a bird’s nest, or why you wear a kilogram of makeup, so please be as considerate.

  109. That’s another common thread with bod mods–people go, “What will it look like when you’re 80?”

    I have two responses:
    1) I’ll be an 80-year-old tattooed lady. So?
    2) Who gives a rip what I look like when I’m 80?!?


  110. I love how the ring is JUST THE RIGHT SIZE for the chick, and how proud Brian looks to HAVE said chickie in his ear.

    Also, come on, the chick’s name is “Sophia Suzie Cuatro.” FTW, Brian. FTW.

  111. Arvay: When people ask me what I’m going to do when I’m 50, I tell them that I’m not sure, but I’d kind of like to travel.

  112. for anyone who’s interested or cares either way:
    Stretched piercings (anywhere on the body) CAN go back to normal if the hole isn’t stretched too big (Brian’s ear has no chance of going back to normal, but i doubt he has an issue with that, heh).. it takes a bit of time, just like it does to get the piercing that stretched out.
    The alternative some people go for who break their earlobes by stretching to thin, or by doing it the wrong way (yes, there is a RIGHT way to do it), is cosmetic surgery- basically the doctor cuts off the stretched part and sews the remainder of the lobe together to look like a normal ,albeit shorter, earlobe.
    Please keep in mind that these piercings aren’t done in order to gross people out- for many people, myself included, stretching is a testament to one’s will, patience, and spirit.

  113. kittygobang says:


  114. Not Kewt. Not.

  115. Attention whore overload?

  116. -ahem-

    Just announcing myself as long-time lurker, first time poster.

    Now on to the actual message…

    No one finds it cute that a big burly man who looks like an irish santa clause and could probably take on just about anyone decided to sit down with a little chick on his ear-stretchy-thing and take a picture with a cute smile just to send in to CO?


    Come on look at the rosy cheeks!

    Okay maybe that’s just me.

  117. That is soooo yucky!!!

  118. This might be in the top three cutest things I have ever seen. Right up there with the bunny with the pancake on it’s head. 🙂 Bravo!

  119. I agree with fillyjonk: new category needed. Cute or Disturbing? I vote ‘Disturbing’. That makes five ‘disturbing’s, versus nine ‘cutes’.

  120. Interesting combination of cute and gross … the chick is cute, the piercing is na-ha-ha-hasty. 🙂

  121. Howdy, Nienna.
    Pull up some puddin and stay a while.
    (and, yeah, there’s a whole lot of cute involved in a big guy and a ittie bittie bird.)

  122. this is stretching *wink, wink* the imagination a bit, but try teaming this pic with the menagerie at CO and you get:

    menag – eerie …


    manag – ear – eeeiiiee

    just bein’ part of the insanity

  123. That is DISGUSTING, not cute. Why would you put 3-inch holes in your body?

  124. That is both totally awesome AND cute! Brian and accompanying chick-earring are simply magnifique.

  125. Is the puddin for eating or for sitting?

    And I think he’s precious.

  126. Nienna,

    It’s both for eating up and sitting in. In fact, I’m doing both as I type this.

  127. *Smacks lips, wiggles toes*

    aaaah, eating puddin’, warmin’ toes in warm pudding.

    It’s all gooooood.

  128. oo yay!

    -joins in-

    But my point is, as burly as that man is, you know that chickie gets lots of love, even though Brian could probably like squish him easily.

  129. TanksMommy says:

    The guy is brilliant. He made his ear into a PEEP house! PEEP PEEP!!!

  130. TanksMommy says:

    Sheesh! Everyone is busting on the gauged man. He has a PEEP for a pet for gods sake. He’s got to be wonderful! Only lovable lugs love cute little chickadee peeps!

  131. Aw cute chick! and Brian looks so happy to have found a sweet little pal to ride along. His little chickie can peep in his ear as they go along.


  132. Adorable!!!!!!

    And… uh… those of you who wonder about 2- or 3-inch holes in bodies? You just opened a bigger hole – or would have, if you had spoken instead of typed.

  133. So to jump into the controversial “gross or cute” thing going on, I have to say it’s a tad bit of both. I think that having baby chicks just sitting there, waiting to poop, is gross. (I was traumatized raising my chickens :P) I also agree with Arvay that the ear thing isn’t so bad. I ALSO agree with Arvay’s sister that ear piercing is a form of mutilation, but I don’t find it to be harmful in most cases. There is some slight risk of infection or things like that in some areas (belly buttons are iffy), and they can cause pain (obviously the initial piercing, even of ear lobes, hurts, but so does making those holes bigger, no matter how gradually), but the person is not intentionally causing lasting pain or discomfort, and is, in fact, taking part in a very old multi-cultural practice.

    That said, I keep secretly (or not to secretly) hoping that a friend of mine with “snakebites” or double lip piercings gets them sized up so I can see her drink water 😛

    And I’m telling another acquaintance that he has to try this.

  134. Arvay, yeah, I do consider those other piercings yucky, though of course correcting a cleft palate is a whole other category, as I hope you agree. I’m just saying, as people have said about numerous photos posted on this site, that I think this ain’t cute. I’m sitting at the computer, not interfering with anybody’s right to do what they want.

  135. Sweet Mary & Joseph That Is Too Much When You Are Eating Hot Wings & Ice Tea.
    GREAT STUFF!!!!!

  136. Close minded bunch, aren’t you?

    Oh noes, something different than what I’m used to!!!11!! Call the EWWW police! It’s so yucky and wrong because it’s not for me!!!11!!one!

    If this same chick was curled up on the same guy’s chest, everyone would be oooohing and awwwing. Seriously, what’s gross about it? Nothing. It’s a guy with a bird, get over it!

  137. Brak_Silverbone says:

    He’s a big burly guy with extreme ear-modification, and he’s not worried about being too manly to have a photo of himself with a CUTE FUZZY CHICK! posted on the internet! This guy is brave! I salute him! (Me? Right earlobe pierced once, left earlobe pierced twice, two tattoos.)

  138. Actually, that picture of a hamster hiding from a cat should be the first cute or disturbing. That would be a cool category.

  139. Um, to all of you folks who are upset by all of us that find this man’s appearance odd and uncomfortable, remember that this is the “Comments” section. We are “Commenting” on the photo. OK?

  140. I think everyone has commented in a mature and orderly fashion. No one has really flipped out. No one has gone on for inches and inches of screen.

    It’s all been good. Post your opinions. Be rational.


  141. gross is all I have to say people

  142. Another Angela says:

    Guy is cute, chickie is cute. Gentle animal-loving guy that has chick in his ear–super cute!

  143. Another Angela says:

    oooh, and a trout/salmon poster in the background!! Is Brian a fisheries biologist like me??

  144. that earlobe looks like a scrotum

  145. Since when is everything out of the ordinary gross and awful? Getting braces involves a lot of pain and moving of parts too, but since when is that so weird? And I luv the yellowfluff. I just hope he keeps it when it’s no longer a tiny cute fluffball, cuz chickens can actually be good as pets, I think.

  146. Upon a second viewing, I find myself pondering how the guy at my piercing hop would look with set of hamsters sticking out of the hugely-gauge holes in each side of his nose.

    The sneezing…

    The hamsters would go flying!

  147. I don’t find the ear thing nearly as disturbing as the overgrown mustache. I hate it when they grow over the lips like that…

  148. Oh, hello, and why has no one mentioned that this is a total peep hole? PEEP HOLE!!!

    *nibbles upon her pudding*

  149. — the overgrown mustache is most likely a non-waxed handlebar mustache…my cousin’s looks exactly the same way (all overgrown over the lips) when it’s not waxed and curled upwards.

  150. who gives their chickie a name like that?! that’s fabulous! if this is Sophia Suzie Cuatro, is there also an Uno, Dos, and Tres?

  151. This guy rocks! The funniest part is that he has this tough guy image …and babeh fuzzy chicky is tainting it! Way too cute really! 🙂

  152. I’m not usually a fan of body mods, but this is faaaaantaaaaastic! 😀 So cute!

  153. martha in mobile says:

    I don’t think self-mutilation for adornment is a bad thing. People have been doing it for thousands of years, right? I’m just sayin that stretched ears remind me of when the elastic gives out on my granny underpants…

  154. I have a bunch of piercings and a few tattoos but none of them are as cute as this! I think the best part is the fact that most people think people with body-mods are so tough and stoic… but then you go and find us cooing over C.O. just like everyone else!!! Fantabulous picture!

  155. nightbird says:

    The only comment I haf to say is…”Is it just me or does that chick have some huge honkin’ feet?”

  156. …there are no words. NO WORDS, I say!

    Chickie looks comfy. Literally just kinda hangin’ out. And I heart chickons 🙂

  157. Alexandra says:

    Wowza. A man with stretched lobes and an appreciation for small fluzzy things. I think I’m in love.

  158. That is so adorable. I love his lobes, and labret, and the little chickie is so squeefully cute!

    Besides, it sure helps disprove that whole “modded people are scary and mean!” thing. 🙂

  159. Sara…..I Think You’re Right About The Handlebar. Plus; He’s Got His Lips Pulled Up In A Smirky Way. I Think He Just Showered And Shaved; Cause His Neck Is All Red.

  160. ummmm….

  161. i wonder if this is from central pennsylvania (also known in some circles as “pennsyl-tucky.” it’s the only place i’ve ever been where i saw lots of body piercings and lots of farm animals in the same place.

    i loves me a tough guy with a very obvious soft side! you can bet chickie doesn’t care about this guy’s decorative sense, beyond the fact that it provides a great place to snuggle with his favorite peep.

  162. Piggalette says:

    One word: high-larious. 🙂 Very cool indeed.

  163. acelightning says:

    Oh, I love it! Obviously Brian likes messing with people’s heads – the piercings, the facial hair, and the ultimate fashion accessory, a live birdie! 😉
    (I liked the other ones, with the baby rat and the tiny frog, too.)
    At first glance, I thought he had a hoop earring, and the chickie was perched in the hoop… but that could be painful and/or dangerous, if the hoop were hanging from an ordinary piercing. If you’re gonna have little pets frolicking in your jewelry, it needs to be properly supported.

    No, I don’t have any piercings myself, but that’s purely a personal thing. I do have three tattoos, and I’m beginning to think about another one. Oh, and I’m 59 years old. What will I look like when I’m 80? An 80-year-old woman with tattoos!

  164. Oh my god! He pierced my tongue when I was 17 in Portland! Brian is the SHIT! 😀

  165. I thought this was cute 🙂 !

  166. OMG, that’s hilarious! His ear is a little thoroughly stretched for my taste, but I LOVE that he has this adorable little chick in it.

  167. Is that a chicken in your ear or are you just glad to see me? Seriously, peep hole was the BEST comment! Why are so many folks coming down on the guy for gauging? If you don’t like it don’t do it, but he has a right to gauge his ears if he wants. He better step it up some so his chickie will have a place to roost when it’s full grown. 🙂

  168. But is it cute? nope. sorry

  169. I like the combination of red hair and yellow-blonde chick.

    My first response to this kind of piercing the first time I saw it on a live person was:”OMG! It’s a window! COOL!” (As a mom, in a school office seeing a classmate of my teen child…)

    I think I’ll start crocheting little chickens, baby rats and making little fimo frogs to go in people’s large caliber piercings.

  170. Cute chick, creepy guy.

  171. LOL!!! I for one, would personally like to welcome Pirate Brian aboard the USS McSnorgle!

    I’m not a fan of stretched lobes myself (though I have ear piercings), but Brian has the personality to carry it off, and a cute chick for company to boot. It’s sad to see such rude comments on someone’s personal style.

  172. AnotherAngela;
    having been born, raised, and educated in Berkeley, I can say that we really don’t have that many people out here that would waste time, effort, and pain to make their ears look like that. Also, I think it’s lame how many people are commenting just to announce how cool and open minded they are about body modification. Do you want a medal because you don’t get shocked by people who alter their appearance for the purpose of shocking other people? But anyway, I’m going to jump on the bandwagon and give my own personal (and irrelevant) point of view, which is that the human body is most attractive au natural. Yes, I pierced my ears six times so I can accessorize for special occasions, and I really don’t think it’s a bad thing to want to look unique. But in general piercings strike me as being much like make-up and haircuts; trendy and unnecessary. I think this picture is pretty cute though because I like redheads and baby chicks. I can’t help feeling that it’s unsanitary though. Maybe the chick needs a diaper?

  173. darkshines says:

    Brian, you’re gorgeous, and so’s your chick, the flesh tunnel looks fab!

  174. This is awesome (along with the bling-baby rat and the eenny-weenie froggie).

    *sends pic to friend with similar ear mod as a challenge*

  175. Brian is a real chick magnet.

    Very funny picture, love it!

  176. absolutely adorable in so many ways


  177. EW?

  178. TanksMommy says:

    I see Brian is getting lots of comments still! Good! I love to see tattooed, pierced men who turn into mush at cute little fluffy things. Epitome of cuteness!!! Some of us luv ya Brian and your chickie!

  179. The chick’s probably wondering how to get down from there. I love it!!!

  180. Aww! That is so adorable. Cute guy + cute baby chick = LOVE!

    Oh, and Monique, not all people who alter their appearance with body modification are doing it to shock people. They do it because it makes them happy.

  181. Monique…..You Sound A Bit Contradictory In Your Post. You Don’t Like The Lame Ego Trips But Have To State That You Are From Berkley And That People There Don’t “Waste Their Time” On Piercings Etc; BUT You Have 6. And; Piercings Are Unnecessary & Trendy But You Have 6.
    As For Being Unsanitary, The Hole Itself Is Probably Healed; So There Would Be No Sanitary Problems.

  182. Nice Capitals Roberta!

    I was just resposnding to someone claiming that practically everyone in my home town has stretched ears. When you’re from a cool and famous town, you get sick of it being used as an example by people who’ve never even been there. Also, trendy and unnecessary doesn’t mean evil. I did something trendy and probably unecessary when I got so many piercings, but I don’t think it was a mistake. I really don’t think there was any call for a personal attack.

  183. Monique…..Glad You Like The Caps.

    I Just Think That When Others Post What They Do; They May Be In The Same Mindset As You; That It’s Not Their Cup Of Tea, But They Can Get Into Individuality.

    And It Was By Far; Not An Attack, Just An Observation.

    :::Reaching Out To Shake Moniques Hand:::

  184. Another Angela says:

    Monique, I lived in Berkeley for 12 years. Most of those next to the North Gate of the University of California campus. I worked a block from Durant and Telegraph and each day walked down Telegraph Ave. to see all kinds of body mods I never would have dreamed of. I then lived in Arcata where many young white people sport dreadlocks. I now live in Olympia, WA, where just about everyone has a tattoo. I am 45 years old and have never had a piercing of any kind, nor do I have a tattoo. I like my body natural too. I just don’t care what other people do to theirs. But anyway, I don’t even like humans that much, I think they should stop breeding, and yes, I need a medal!!!

  185. bunnyslave says:


  186. gah!!!! that’s the most wonderful pic I’ve seen in a while!!!

  187. darkshines says:

    People need to see PAST the flesh tunnel, INTO the chicks eyes. The hatred is making him sad. I think I see a tiny chick tear…….

    Hug it out folks!

  188. “Beauty is in the ear of the beholder.”

  189. It hurts my brain. Hello, cute chicklet!

  190. Why would one subject a wee little chick to that abomination. Hey “redbeard”…get a life……and stop trying to be something you are NOT. Grow Up.

  191. rofer you get a lol and lauowolf two.
    its a perch people.
    and ya don’t have to comment if ya don’t like it.
    it made ME giggle….

  192. Picking up Arvay’s thread
    ( “people go, “What will it look like when you’re 80?”) – I can truthfully answer that since I waited to have my tattoos (until 50 plus, actually), they’ll be fresh, brilliant, and not VERY saggy. I think Brian has mischief in his gaze, and that’s even cuter than the chick.

  193. Jkitty-
    My sister did that too.
    Celebrated turning fifty by going and getting her tatto, finally.
    She’d wanted one since she was a teen.


    And now for something completely different:

    Moma said not to put Chicks in My Ear
    Chicks in My Ear
    Chicks in My Ear
    Moma Said Not to put Chicks in My Ear.
    Chicks in My Ear.

  194. This guy just pierced my nose and the picture is totally awesome!

    Thanks Brian, I love my nose =)

  195. Kinda cute, I love his expression and attitude and the chick is pretty cute (though looking a little grubby?). I thought the teensy frog picture someone linked was VERY cute. Stretched earlobes are not my thing, but what makes all the difference for me is whether they’re still angry red . . . ouch.

  196. I’m with whoever it was that said Brian is a new sort of pirate. 🙂 I wouldn’t put a hole like this in my own ear, but as countless others have said, it’s his body, he looks supremely comfortable and confident, and not too tough a guy to let a peep perch in his ear. Personally, I think this is a very cute and clever picture.

  197. Oh, and speaking as someone who’s married to a redhead, let me also comment on Brian’s handsome red beard!

  198. Monique, I guess all I have to say is, haircuts are unnecessary? WTF? I guess if you want to waste the time brushing out several feet of tangles every night.

    — Peri, proudly short-haired and planning to have cosmetic surgery. All Is Vanity. 😀

  199. You guys are SRSLY being UN-cute buttholes.

    And that photo is just the epitome of cute. Forever.

  200. AliceTanzer says:

    cera- It is pretty suprising how mean and un-cute the aditudes of a lot of people are getting here. Its confusing.

  201. The chick is cute. The guy is disgusting. Red beard. Barf. Stretch ear lobes. Vomit.

  202. A great number of the comments here (and under the recent hedgie/bikini post) typify the reasons I just don’t like people. And this is the elite “internet savvy” portion of the masses I’m talking about, too. (Way to go, dip$#!ts.)

    In other old news, there are still a few folks who justify their weight on the ground, even to my cynical mind. (And honestly, people, it doesn’t take much. A little earnest effort, or simple politeness, and we’re cool.)

    So, thanks to the peeps who are making positive contributions. I do mean it.

  203. Persephone, I’m all for long flowing (or afro-ing depending on your level of curl) hippy hair. Yes, you do have to comb out the tangles. But you get a lot of compliments and you never have to pay salons. What I meant was just that people don’t NEED makeup or haircuts any more than they need piercings, but that it’s not really anyone’s business but their own if they WANT them. So good luck on your cosmetic surgery even though you probably are already beautiful.

    AnotherAngela, I think I’ve seen like half a dozen people with earlobes this stretched. That doesn’t seem like very many to me but maybe I don’t spend enough time at Zebra. Sorry I questioned your street cred.

    And Theo, I bet I’m not one of the people you were thanking and therefore a dips#%t, but I think it’s pretty harsh that you wish most of the people posting were not alive wasting weight on the ground. Do you count yourself among the nice ones after saying something like that? Also, then what would you do all day if there were no people looking at CO?

  204. Monique — I count myself as someone I can’t live without.

    It wouldn’t hurt you to read more carefully, either.

  205. Theo – You used the word earnest!!!! You used the word earnest!!!! Gahhhh. I’ma slap yew on de haid boway.

    It is important to be so.

  207. Theo – Jes’ slap me a hi-5 wit yer bad ol mouse.

  208. Pyrit-

    So that’s what my cat is trying to do when she slings around a rodent.

    (These days it’s likely to be a catnip faux rodent. Not a real rattie with cute potential.)

  209. I want the enjoy this picture but I have an unfortunate hereditary trait of passing out at dumb things like blood, needles and apparently big ear lobes. I’m all “OHH HOW CUTE HE”S FUNNY – WEEE there goes the world over my left sholder!!!” Dang it!!!

  210. This guy just looks too happy to have his favorite chickie in his ear for me to be bothered about anything. It just makes me smile. Plus, ear piercings have been as large as this for centuries. Have you ever seen ancient Egyptian earrings in a museum? While certainly not this size, they are much larger than the common gauge.

  211. Fred – (waking up on the floor next to Fred) You said it my friend.

  212. oh, she’s not a grubby chick. she’s got some grey/black/brown feathers. They actually tell what color she’ll be when she’s older…
    (it’s distracting me from the Bears losing teh Superbowl).

  213. It’s just the babel chicken.
    Now he can understand everyone.

  214. Pyrit – fellow passer-outer-er! Welcome to the land of stars and loud buzzing noises (or is that just me?)

  215. caerulius says:

    Babel chicken!!!

    *Dies with happy, a little*

    I love this pic.

    Also: Given the number of people of the past and present few generations who have come to embrace body mods, tattoos, etc, I think by the time this guy is old… Old will look different than it does now. The 80 year old tattooed lady or 75 year old guy with facial piercings won’t seem like that big of an anomaly.

    And kids will think death metal and punk is for fogies.

    Times change. And I love them for it.

  216. “Oh, Frhett, don’t, for I shall faint.”

  217. wow, i’m amazed so many people have such strong feelings about this. i see more mods everytime i go to a concert.

    i love the little chicky. cute cute cute, keep posting stuff like this 🙂

  218. Hey, Fred & Pyrit…glad to hear it’s not just me!! I almost passed out the first time I tried contact lenses (at about 16 y.o.) Just looking at some stuff makes my stomach do leaps, all on its own.

    That said, I love Brian’s chicklet, and the happy smirk on his face!

  219. “Separate we stand, united we fall” . . no wait, that’s not right . . or is it?

  220. It saddens me how nasty some of the people posting in this thread are. I thought this pic was really cute and I was going to send the link to a friend of mine whose boyfriend has stretched lobes, but now I don’t want to because some of the comments are so ugly. thanks for ruining the cute, y’all.

  221. Hey, he’s still here, necking with his chick.

    (Katherine, they can maybe just kinda read around some of the comments. Picture’s still sweet.)

  222. loveeee ittt

  223. Mia – I can relate to that. I actually passed out when I got my ears pierced. The gun thingy got stuck on my ear – it was all down hill from there. Literally & metaphorically. “How To Cause Pandemonium at the Beauty Salon 101” 🙂

  224. Lauowolf–

    Now that he has the babel chicken and can understand everything, Let’s just hope that he doesn’t come across a Vogon ship because we all know how horrible their poetry is.
    And to those mean people out there, now he can understand your harsh criticism with his babel chicken, so stop being mean. I believe even the chick understands, look at her bowed head, trying not to cry… 😥

  225. [snicker] “…Babel Chicken”

  226. The sheer ignorance of some people writing here astounds me.
    I also find it amusing that the people who dislike body modifications such as these and find themselves superior for it, cannot come up with reasons why other than
    He looks extremely happy & comfortable with himself, so I’m sure he really isn’t bothered by people who focus on his ears & go eurghhhh. Just because it’s different to what you very sheltered people are used to does not mean it’s wrong or disgusting.
    The ignorant people who keep saying “OmFGGGG TREND OVERLOADZZZZZ0RZ!!1!one!!” are pretty stupid, as many, many people stretch & have stretched their ears already.
    I also like how no one has commented on his large gauge labret, also an “unusual” piercing.

  227. bucket of bunnies says:

    Siannn, they have bigger fish to fry

  228. To anyone who left a negative comment about Brian’s appearance, consider a couple of things:
    Do you wear make-up?
    Do you color your hair?
    Do you shave your face, legs, armpits or wax anything or everything?
    It’s all body modification. Take a look at yourself. Think you look pretty? Yeah, well Brian thinks he looks pretty, too and I agree. I love this picture!

  229. Hello, I am French and I make a thesis on the modifications of soft fabrics of the oro-labial sphere and I wanted to know if you authorize to me to put the photograph of your site to illustrate my thesis? I find it really original!!! Thank you in advance Elects P.S.: is the bird it a truth?

  230. aww hes so cute!im talking about the bird.

  231. aww hes so cute!im talking about the bird.

  232. eeeewwwwwwwwww disgusting(i mean the man nnnot the chick)

  233. jyo jyo says:

    I’m into body mod and what they guy has is nothing compared to others believe me

    and this is just super cute

    the guys is like a happy lumber jack or something and there chickie is just chilling

    as for you whackos who are icked out about it

    there are far more things to be grossed out about so nyah nyah

  234. oaklandcat says:

    hey I missed this commentroversy! I realize I’m late to the game here, but seriously Monique, I’m mystified at your comments, having lived in Berkeley/Oakland for 17 years now… there are stretchy-lobey people all over the place! After a while, all the funny people just kind of blend in…and that’s exactly why I love it here! (Collapsed freeway and all.)
    This guy could EASILY live in Oakland, and we’d welcome him and his lil’ chicky. OK, local-pride moment over.

  235. I’m certain that once this cute, happy fellow has read the comments here and discovered that some people who’ve never met him don’t find him attractive, he’ll immediately see the light and submit himself to the aesthetic judgment of others. He’ll scurry to get lobe-reduction surgery, remove his labret, shave, and give the chicken away in favor of a more popular pet. Don’t worry, guys, together we’ll eradicate scary abnormality in the world one unacceptable person at a time.

    I don’t suppose I can fit my 12-pound cat through my 1/2″ lobes….?

  236. omg this is some crazy junk here how can yall stand that stuff it looks like it herts mad bad…….?

  237. omg this is some crazy junk here how can yall stand that stuff it looks like it herts mad bad…….?

  238. omg this is some crazy junk here how can yall stand that stuff it looks like it herts mad bad…….?

  239. Miraren Firefly says:

    The man’s attractive, the gauge is attractive (though I often *don’t* like gauges), the chick is adorable, and the whole photo is CUTE! <3

  240. Miraren Firefly says:

    There is a solution to all that. Don’t get your ears pierced with a gun. Get it done at a shop! SO much safer. The equipment is better, it doesn’t tear up your ear, and the person actually knows what they’re doing!

    Also, to everyone who’s “ick”ing and “yuck”ing, is this really all it takes to reduce you to stammering children?

  241. Aw that’s so cute.
    …I bet it felt really odd o.O
    ahah the chick is like what the fuck am I doing here o.o;