This just in from Punxsutawney, Phil says "Expect an early spring!"


Thanks McKibbers and C. Spackler friends of *little* *brown* *furry* *rodents*!



  1. Aiiiii!!!! too cute!

  2. Yay! I can’t wait ’til Spring! (And I love the leetle paw around the flower stem!)

  3. I must admit, that’s pretty darn cute.

  4. Look at his leetle hands, I want to hold them and snorgle him lots

  5. Schweet!

  6. He ees kronshing a wildflowere. KRONSHE!

  7. Look at his two front teeefus! This is an AWESOME picture.. I love the groundhog. I had no idea they were so cute!

  8. Teughcats says:

    Early spring my you-know-what! It’s supposed to be frickin’ freezin’ here for the foreseeable future. [wanders off grumbling to find warm puddin’]

  9. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! What an adorable, rotund little gentleman! I love those delicate fingers, and the tri-color effect of his fur, lol….

    Enjoy your wee flower, oh furry one!

  10. Ayee!

    Thanks Punxsy – that means warm weather for Mardi Gras!

  11. Am I the only one who thinks Phil has gone punk and dyed his head-fur purple? It’s gorgeous, but unexpected. Do I need to get my eyes checked?

  12. Indigo: Are you by any chance from the Louisiana area?

    SarahR: HA! I see the purple now! Maybe he’s getting ready for Mardi Gras too.

    Ooooooooo, he’s just so FLOOFY! It’s a shame those anerable paws have some sharp pointies on the end. I don’t think he’d go for snorgling too much, though I’d probably try anyway!

  13. Fuzzybutt says:

    Don’t drive angry. Do not drive angry.

  14. Does he have a little furbrow going on there?

  15. My group of friends and I call ourselves the Woodchucks. So I am very happy to see this. I make woodchuck cupcakes on this our high holy day. They are pretty cute. I wonder if they are cute enough to make it on CO? Hmmm

    Here’s to chuckin’ wood!

  16. Am I the only one who sees a grouchy old man watching some teenagers spray-painting a wall?

    He’s all, “Durn kids these days, I tell ya.” *takes a bite* “Ya can’t teach ’em nuthin. They don’ listen to ya.” *another bite* *grinds slowly and glowers* “Durn kids…”

  17. Karen in Toronto says:

    Can I have another one of these with some booze in it?

  18. Arvay: I’m hearing the voice of “Gopher” from Winnie the Pooh.

  19. he looks to grumpy.. but at the same time so sweet holding that little thistle!

  20. Do any of you kids know if Meg is planning on hiring help or taking any other measures so she can increase the number of posts per day. This one-a-day, two-a-day stuff is TORTURE! What’s weird is that you’d think she’d be putting MORE posts up, not LESS, considering all the recent media attention.

  21. mmm…clover kronches…

    such a pretty colorful picture! It looks even nicer when it’s so cold and freakin’ grey here!

  22. weavermis says:

    I just love groundhogs. Some folks in the western NC mountains call them “Whistlepigs”. To cute!!!

  23. AWWWWWW! I have a groundhog in my back yard. They are so cute. She had a baby 3 years ago.

  24. Martha in Washington says:

    YAY for little furry brown rodents!!

    YAY for an early Spring!!!!
    Although we’ve been having some very Spring-like weather here in the Great Pacific Northwest. My tulips, daffodils and crocuses are already bursting out of the ground.

    Thank You Phil for all your hard work.

  25. More cute pictures. It’s Friday we need more pics.

  26. Actually his name is Punkatawny Phil — hence the purple hair.

    har har har.

  27. Hims is cute and chunky.

  28. jeez, some of us (northeastern U.S.) haven’t even had winter yet. ah well, is big black button nosicle makes any news he brings welcome.

  29. Groundhog Day is big in our household. It’s also my SO’s birthday. He’s 32 this year! Anyway, super cute pic! Love the “purple head fur” and the cut little hands.

  30. Heee, he does have a bit of a furbrow!

    Whistlepigs, groundhogs and woodchucks…and ground chucks…..all closely related!

  31. arvay, i see what you’re saying, but he’s just not holding it right for that…. it looks like he’s holding a mic. maybe he’s like an old principle/teacher at the dance that grouches whenever they get too rowdy. “you there, just coming out of the hole, quiet that party down!!!”

  32. Mary (in Washington too) says:

    To me it looks like he’s been in a disapproving mood and is just about to give the flower a trial sniff: “Hmph. I don’t think this will smell good but let’s just see. Well. Maybe it’s not so bad. Phrmrph.” He’s grumpy, but open-minded.

    And I definitely needed him to erase the picture of the bird-in-earring from my mind.

  33. Arvay – Thank you. Enjoyed your comment. “glowers”. 🙂

  34. Hey Martha in Washington… we’re heading your way in 10 days…
    And Ground chuck wood hogs are goregeous… we have a hoooj big boy living in our back yard.. but he’s so shy, he just runs away when I try to go and talk with him…..

  35. He’s just grouchy that IT’S ALREADY SPRING, and he hasn’t even done his predicting yet, for Pete’s sake,

    “I say we’ll have an early spring — but I have to wade through the goshdarn *flowers!* to look for my shadow.
    Do I have to do everything around here myself?
    Okay, folks, winter’s over with, already. What a surprise.
    Reporters, sniff, couldn’t find their own whiskers with a map.
    I tell you, world’s goin’ to heck in a handbasket.”

    And grumbles back to his hole, bringing a little clover treat for Mrs. Phil, cos she’s little tetchy first thing in the spring.

  36. michellemybelle says:

    I grew up near to Punxsy, so Groundhog Day is very near and dear to me – I love the piggies!

  37. Hey Mary & Martha in Washington, and Pixelpix: I’m also in WA, Seattle. Maybe we should have a mini C.O. bash! Used to do it in another chat room I frequented YEARS ago. If you’re interested, drop me a line and we’ll plan something. (Hear that all you people in the Pacific NW? Possible C.O. get together brewin’)

  38. Oops…. proper link to me should show up now, for anyone in the Seattle area who might want to par-tay!

  39. lauowolf – You’re funny all over the place today. I don’t mean, “today” as in, not other days. 🙂

  40. Pyrit,

    Aww, shucks.

  41. YEA…early Spring…New Yorkers

  42. Yay Phil! Yay early spring!

  43. *hands Teughcats some warm chocolate pudding as Jackie goes to work in single-digit temperatures*

    And they say groudhogs aren’t cute…that pic just SCREAMS “Hallmark card cover”!

  44. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Hey, Phil, tell spring to hurry it up… it’s 14 freakin’ degrees here…

  45. thanks Phil! winter is just getting started here and i am ready for spring already.

  46. Ooooh, Senor Groundhog is waiting for me with a flower in his mouf, all ready to do the tango!

    *tangoes with hoggie*

  47. It’s too bad the NYTimes has gotten to a policy of asking people to pay for some content. So I can’t post a link. But. There was an article 1/12 about Staten Island Chuck, the city’s own prognosticator. He’s a young’un, less than a year old. His trainer has been working with him HARD, because the trainer says, paraphrasing here, Chuck’s basic attitude is “kill ’em all and let God sort ’em out”. So he wasn’t sure Chuck would even be gracious on his big day. But apparently all went well and Chuck DIDN’T see his shadow. So YAY indeed for early spring! Incidentally, we have two groundhogs on Long Island where I live, and they gave a split decision yesterday. Musta been patchy clouds out East.

    Is this photo actually an eastern groundhog, or is it a western yellow-bellied marmot, first cousin to the groundhog? Sorta looks yellow bellied to me. Not casting any aspersions on courage, peeps!

  48. Spring is coming!

  49. Will you be my Valentine, Mr. ‘Hog? :~*

  50. Mmmm…groundhoggies are tasty. Or maybe that’s just if you’re a cat.

    I posted in my blog about how I cooked and ated one today. It was onlee stuffed…mom won’t let me have real rodents. It’s not fair…