[insert outsourcing joke here]

Really, though, all low yukkery aside… this kind of international cooperation helps everybody, don’t you agree?Tux_pawz

This is Chaandu Pottu ("Cha" as in "cha-cha" with the "a" extended; "d" pronounced soft like "th" in "the", with very little emphasis on the "u" in both words)… also known as Bindi Spot, Esq.  Spot lives in Kochi, Kerala, in South India.Tux_mouf

Many thanks to Subhangi for providing the photos & pronunciation.  (That’s her elbow under tuxie-boy, btw.)



  1. First Post???? 😛

  2. Awww, it’s the International House of Cuteness!

  3. mischievous madchen says:

    Uhhh…am I misssing something here? Cute cat, but what’s the “international cooperation” part?

  4. I must beep that nosie!

  5. OK, Subhangi… *TECHNICALLY* you are correct. This is in fact your first post on Cute Overload. You also happen to have snagged the first COMMENT. So OK. You get away with it… this time.

    (Don’t think this means it’s time for an FP free-for-all, Peeps.)


  6. Oh my goodness – what a beautiful cat!

  7. LOL – I wasn’t wrong, this time!!!

    Anyhoo – that’s my tux bebeh at the age of 7 months. This pic was taken in November ’06.

  8. Awwww! Hey, three tux=ie critters in a row!

  9. Gold star for Claire! Yep, the theme was intentional.

  10. EEEK!!! Da paws! With just a hint of furs about the edges. Kitteh looks most comfy.

  11. That kitteh could give Roofies a run for his money. He’s pretty suave, got sexy eyes, and he’s permanently in a tux. Yep. Could give George Clooney a run for his money.

  12. Look here, Subhangi, I will not put up with the outsourcing of snorgling. :oP

  13. Yay, Subhangi! Got a post in, and got in a post, to boot!

  14. Post and comment. Post and COMMENT. Geesh!

  15. The theme was intentionnal? Quick! Go into Meg’s inbox and post my cat’s pic! He’s a tux! And he’s cute! It’s a “FLUMP” picture, kinda like this pic : http://mfrost.typepad.com/cute_overload/2006/10/wednesdays_suuu.html

    It’s perfect! Come one Theo, RISE TO THE OCCASION!!! (perverted pun unintended)

  16. [sigh]… though, again, I suppose you’re TECHNICALLY correct, Laurie C.

  17. Helene — two things:
    1) Married
    2) Only Meg has the keys to the Cute Overload in-box.

  18. Theo,

    1) In yo dreams pervert
    2) Awwwwnh, too bad. Quick, give her a call!

  19. Respectfully submitted, Mr. Hatter:
    “When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said, “it means just what I choose it to mean, neither more nor less.”

  20. Helene —
    1) YOU said it, not me… I’d’ve let it ride (honest)
    2) I think 3’s the magic number here. Keep the faith tho.

  21. What a handsome boy!

  22. useta hada kitteh says:

    That is one sweetie-kitteh! I luvs me dem tuxies.

    Nice to “meet” yer elbow, Subhangi! And yer kitteh!

  23. Namaste, Lil Indian Tuxedo Cat.

  24. Theo,

    3) Charmed yet?

    Seriously, what’s Meg turnaround time? Is she down to Feb 2005 email now? I sent several anerable ones recently, and ma kitteh didn’t make it here! I mean, I got the FLUMP picture, I got one of my other cat all curled up in a ball and smiling in her sleep… What more can a Meg want?

    -Desperate in Montreal

  25. Theo, why did you edit your post? so mine would sound all weird?

  26. Theo-
    I’ll bet kitteh could get into any in-box in the world.
    You just need to get your cat accomplices to work

  27. (Helene — my bad; I’m not good with the “Preview” button)

    (PS — no idea what the CO inbox turnaround is; Meggie Moo is forever mysterious)

  28. Must…put…on…computer…wallpaper! It’s from the land of Aisharya Rai and the Taj Mahal, nonetheless! Can I have some curry and saris with this cuteness?

  29. Meggie Moo
    I beg of yoo
    If you read this
    Please post my kitts!

  30. *Aishwarya

  31. Way to go Subhangi- congrats on the post & the comment (thought I’d best get it right Theo)- that’s a very cute kitteh. Such prosh bindhi (spelt wrong probably) markings on his face.

  32. why does theo always post boring stuff 😦

  33. sabrina, play nice!

  34. First they outsourced technical support, now they’re outsourcing snorgling! I *knew* we should never have given them independence! (tongue in cheek here, speaking as a citizen of a former colonial power ;).

  35. Sabrina — it’s harder to tell, these days, who’s posting what. Just sayin’.

  36. EEEEE!

    I opened up the CO and saw this and I RECOGNIZED HIM (and Subh’s arm). I was all “isn’t that Subhangi’s tuxie?” Yes!

    Him’s adorable in any language.

    The fact that I recognized him and Su’s shirt shows how many hours of my life (and sectors of my brain) is given over to Teh Qte.


    (Also, Teej, like it or not, aren’t you technically a subject? Heh heh heh.)

  37. I love the black spot on the end of the kitteh’s nose. Someday I, too, will have a tuxie kitteh.

  38. if this cat woke me up in the morning by jumping on my head and purring in my ear and licking my nose i wouldn’t be that mad

  39. Yaaaaaay Subhangi!!!! 🙂
    Cute kitty cat!!!!!
    got sorta that “come-hither-and-snorgle-me” look to him…

  40. martha in mobile says:

    I love his wittle nosie! It looks like the Maker-of-All-Kitties slipped with the Magic Marker!

  41. OMG, the come hither glance! I cain’t staaaaaannnd it!

  42. Subhangi – I’m so happy for you and Chaandu Pottu. This is beautiful. Lovely. You’re both wonderful.
    Flourish of hat and flowing bow to you.

  43. you guys r silly says:

    *YAY*!!! for Subhangi and her booooootiful tuxie boy! He’s adorable!
    Please give him a schmoochie-schmoochie on the tip of his tuxie nosicle from ME, ok?????

  44. “Maker-of-All-Kitties”

    Heh-heh, that’s GREAT, martha in mobile! That should totally be God’s new name, no matter what religion a person is! Heck, I’m agnostic and I love that name, lol!

    And yer right about the magic marker slippage too, lol!

  45. Namaste lil’ tuxkit!

  46. wOOt big time for Subhangi!!!
    First post, first comment and delish tuxkit! It’s a grande’ slame’!!!

    YOU GO GIRL!!!!

  47. In the second pic, it seems he’s looking towards the Maker-Of-All-Kitties and saying “Thank you for making me so anerable!”

  48. Way to go, Subhangi! What a handsome fellow. I luerve white whiskers coming out of black fur.

  49. *PLEASE* will someone explain what the outsourcing joke is?!?! How can I so utterly not get this one… *stands in corner/feels (and probably looks) dunce-like*

  50. Ummm, it’s just that a lot of jobs are outsourced to India, and Subhangi and Chaandu Pottu are IN India!

    Global Qte, it’s a good thang! 😀

  51. martha – it has to do with the whole it industry outsourcing work to india. it’s a hot political topic and has people up in arms. if you want more info, here’s a link to an article from wired. i haven’t read it so i’m not making claims about right or wrong. usually, though, wired does make a good point or at least is polite about their subject matter: http://www.wired.com/wired/archive/12.02/india.html

    peace out.

  52. errr, yeah. by the time it took my to type my comment, lauri had already provided a good answer.

    i agree, global qte. it’s a good thing.

  53. Wow, very interesting article, hronnsa!

  54. acelightning says:

    Beautiful tux-kitty, with a charmingly asymmetric nose-spot! (And clever Subhangi, for managing to *NOT* make this a “cat in rack” photo 😉 )

  55. Psst everybody! Cuteoverload.com was mentioned on yahoo’s “the nine” video thing they do every week today. YAY!

    Also, cute tuxie, Subhangi!

  56. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Subhangi, he’s adorable! Please give him a kiss from me, right on that sweet spot on his muzzlepuff!

  57. Hi Subhangi! Nice kitty!

  58. Subhangi – he is beautiful, looks just like my Mikey who sadly went over the rainbow bridge last May at the age of 15. He too was a real sweetheart.

  59. Meow.

  60. Awwwww I love asymetrical kitteh faces!!!! My Vinci (a black and white Maine Coon) has adorable black beauty spots in his white fur and a white beauty sploch on his forehead!!! We say that the Maker-of-all-Kitties’ paintbrush slipped when he painted him!

    Psst Helene – I am in Montreal too! (And I’m also waiting for the day when Meg will post the pics I sent in!)

  61. Hronnsa…very good article…thanks for it. Yeah. I know all (more now 🙂 about outsourcing. I just didn’t get the connection between Meg’s pics, comments, the tuxedo cat, etc. Pretty sure I was just trying to hard. lol

  62. Has anyone noticed the wispy little fur fluffs sticking out between the toesies?!?!?! OMG!!! Could that *be* any cuter?!?!?!

  63. TanksMommy says:

    “Look into my iiiizzz and tell meh you luv meh dahling” smoochies Kitty!

  64. little gator says:

    such exquisiste eyes.

  65. WHAT?

  66. ::bows to the fellow Montrealer::

  67. Awwwwww… So cute! I love his face, it’s soooo cute.

    Congratulations to you and the kitty, Subhangi!! I love his paws, too, btw. *snorgle*

  68. Namaste Subhangi!!

    What a darling kitty – I love his nose pottu!

    Those are such adorable pics. I want to kiss his little white feet.

    I wish I was in Kerala. I would eat ALL the dosais and sambar and coconut chutney in the city.

    Your friend,


  69. Lurker – yes, technically I *am* a subject, but the great thing about a monarchy is you’re sometimes allowed to cut their heads off 🙂

  70. If I were to kiss kitteh’s nose enuf, would all the “magic marker” come off? It already looks like the “ink” is starting to smear into the white area. lol

    He’s got a keeeeyyyyooooot widdle kissee-nosee.

    I soooooo love tux kittehs!

  71. Hmm…if we’re on a “tux-critter” theme, I sent in a link to some serious panda-cub-snorgling that should qualify.

  72. Fun new hobby: Going onto CO and reading random comments out of context. People seem to be saying the most random things.

  73. R. Moore — if I had to speculate, I’d hazard that the bodhrán provides more of a background drone, like a heartbeat, to most Irish listening audiences, and doesn’t actually become progressively more irritating as the songs “wear on” as you’re (not) asserting here. They simply drink a lot of Guinness because it’s Guinness.


  74. TeeJ and RedZ – Too late! Churchill’s probably disapproving as well. 😉

    Shelby – You forgot the toddy. 😉

    Thanks for the snorgles, peeps! I will duly forward them to Spot, Esq.

  75. Nice arm candy, SubH.

  76. the Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Shouldn’t the bindi spot be on her forehead and if she is married a red line through her hair?
    Beautiful Kitty!

  77. TeeJ sez,
    “the great thing about a monarchy is you’re sometimes allowed to cut their heads off :)”

    good point there, TeeJ. if only we…
    [goes off daydreaming]

  78. I love this cat he is very cute I would like the same but my mother don’t want bouh !!!

  79. heh. I just realized the lil’ fella has ½ half of a Hitler moustache.
    does that make him a “Hit” cat or a “Ler” cat?

  80. Let’s say he’s a nice Chap (lin).

  81. dee peenk leeps….dey arr so keesable….

  82. heh. good one, Po’T

  83. littlelizard says:

    Kiddha Chaandu Pottu!
    Cute kitty 🙂

  84. YAY, Subbhi!! Love your tuxkit (and your shirt…)

  85. Oh, no you di-in’t!
    Rottweiler adopts lambs:

  86. Peg of Tilling says:

    Cute story…but I hope the names “Lucky” and “Charm” don’t mean the lambs will one day be magically delicious!

  87. Peg of Tilling – Trix are for kids, not lambs.
    (I love yer wit!!!)

  88. Peg of Tilling says:

    Thanks, pyrit–I thought that joke was pretty dark meat myself (((concentrating madly on happy fluffy bouncing lambs romping eternally with their Rotty mamma in bright sunny fields)))

  89. Oh, make that 3 Montrealers on aboard the Good Ship Qte.

    :bows to Helene & Clarice:

  90. o what a cutie

  91. Are there technical difficulties today??? I almost freaked out! went to cuteoverload.com got something else entirely, then went to it through google and still no cute photos! My world is upside down! I had to go through typepad.com.

  92. Snowpea and Helene, I am not from Montreal but I’ve been here since last January for my studies. I love it here!!!!!!! But I terribly miss my bf who is still in NS. 😦

  93. Teughcats says:

    So has anyone seen a Cute Overlod bumpere stickere (sorry, can’t do accent marks) on another vehicle yet? I’ve been looking – but of course everything in Grand Rapids right now is covered with snow/slush/salt.

  94. South India, home of delicious yummy food and handsome kitties!

    I am NOT making fun of Chaandu Pottu’s name, but my sleepy eyes parsed it as “Chamber Pot.” Maybe I need to go back to bed…

  95. so… while we’re waiting for the CO to be updated, I thought I’d again draw attention to this picture I took of Yang-Yang, the Atlanta zoo’s male panda, posing with a log in the exact same pose his daughter Mei Lan was shown in here recently.


    Cause I don’t think many people saw it last time and it is redonkulously Qte.

  96. so… while we’re waiting for the CO to be updated, I thought I’d again draw attention to this picture I took of Yang-Yang, the Atlanta zoo’s male panda, posing with a log in the exact same pose his daughter Mei Lan was shown in here recently.


    Cause I don’t think many people saw it last time and it is redonkulously Qte.

  97. whoops — it wasn’t THAT cute!

  98. Katherine – you’re wrong. It IS that cute. Pandas rule!!!

  99. *slack-jawed at the size of daddy panda*

    Katherine – Are you SURE that’s not a polar bear painted black?!

  100. Whoa, that is one monstro sized set of panda tocks! :O

  101. thanks subhangi! and your cat is gorgeous btw. I’m pretty sure he’s not a painted polar bear, at least I hope not! He’s certainly quite the chubster.

  102. Awww, that is a cute story about the Rottie and the Lambie pies! (not literally pies)

  103. I haven’t seen any other Qte bumpere’ stickeres’ Teughcats! I am in SE Michigan and my car is too covered with frozen mud since I got mine to put it on! 😦
    Come spring we will have to do drivebys to see each others’ bumperstickers! 🙂

  104. I dont want to be a party pooper, but this kitty doesnt have that absolute cuteness as in a lot of other posts. sorry

  105. keep looking Lil — it’s a little more subtle, but check out that come-hither look in the top photo and the peenk leeps in the second one. Kitty will win you over!

  106. Subhangi—-Beautiful kitty!
    Love the name, too :o)

  107. ka9q's wife says:

    Subhangi you is famous. Can i have yer autograph? What a sweet bebeh you have. Obvy you love him bery bery moishe

  108. A wise one. Look in the eyes. A wise one.
    Don’t forget that. Ever.

  109. That’s one cute kitty!

  110. And Lil, you are so wrong!

  111. thats a pretty ordinary run of the mill cat. I wonder why my photos dont get posted??!!

  112. Wups … mistake, peeps … Spot, Esq. was actually 4 months old at the time of the pic, not 7.