Not sure if this is right [shifty eyes]

Will you please look at this sheared neck action, and accidental bebeh Alpaca smoooosh. Could be a good one to send to that certain someone on Valentine’s day. It’s like; "I theenk I want to smoosh you, but I’m only 90% sure/shear"


Nice McSmooshersons, Christina P…



  1. oh good lord, that’s adorable! little-old-man looking wrinkley faces, and a SMOOCH!

  2. That *would* be a good Valentine for a fellow Cute-Appreciator.

    Oh, and alpacas in parkas 😉

  3. herpantsness says:

    “Hello Tina, may I lick the ham casserole off of your tasty lips? MMMMMMMM.”

  4. Oh my god. Look at that. Could this get any more awkwardly cute? Five minutes later, they’ll be staring at each other, blinking, all “What just happened?” “I dunno.” “Let’s pretend it didn’t happen.” “‘kay.”

  5. One short, one long.

    (I’m talking about the alpacas’ coats, but we actually have a sign that says this, right after the words “Fire Alarm Signal”)

  6. SeaBreeze says:

    That is some seriously cute fluffitude! =)

  7. Allie and Jojo-s Mom says:

    Al-paccy Kiseesssss

  8. ¿Cómo se llama? Guanaco back to your place? Alpaca few things.

  9. Uh-oh, Aubrey’s getting upstaged by Pheas! 😉

    Alpaca keesies are teh KAH-YOOT! Just what I needed to see before heading off for a doctor’s visit. Yay for ruminant-y goodness! ^__^


  10. Adorable! Cutesy cutesy.

  11. lurkingsmirk says:

    Uh oh…their braces might be stuck together!

  12. Alex Struntinski says:

    Oh alpacas 🙂 I’ve been waiting forever for some more pictures! 😀

    The only time I get to see these guys in person is every summer at my grandparents farm D:

    Too adorable xD

  13. Alpaca on the left seems to be thinking, “My mother warned me about you long-hair types, but…you are kinda cute.”
    Alpace on the right: “Come on, baby, you can trust me.”

  14. Pheas – Pheas.
    I *just* finally got caught up with all the posts and comments.
    Pheas – You made it so worth it.

  15. Love is in the air….by the way, thank you Pheas! I almost wet my pants!

  16. A I y e t a e u t .
    U w p w i r t p a
    B i e a l e o r g
    R l s y y a s i a
    E l i s o b i g i
    Y t d ‘ u l t h n

  17. Never mind the llamas – Pheas, you’re a GENIUS.

    *Deep, deep bow*

    (Um, that was bow as in curtsy, not “arf”.)

  18. pheas your comment fits perfect!!!!!!!

    But don’t pack the shears I got that part done already

  19. That first tender schmoosh – how tender, how hesitant, how wondrous! Hello, young lovers, wherever you are… (sigh – the memories….)

  20. OMG!!!

  21. Tina, you stupid llama, come get some dinner!

  22. How sweet!

  23. Aw, Pyrit, that’s so thoughtful of you. Sweet.

  24. I want an Alpaca kiss!

    OMG! Where can I get me one of those!

  25. A little something for you movie trivia buffs: This was an early concept for the 1967 movie “Dr. Dolittle.” This would become the creature called the “Pushme-Pullyou,” but as you can see, they didn’t get it quite right on the first try.

  26. Aw! I love alpacas! They have those beautiful, innocent eyes, too, just like my Milliebun!

  27. Alpacas! Alpacasalpacasalpacasalpacas!
    *head asplodes*
    They’re nearly llamas, and as you can see by my username, I have a bit of a llama fixation. Conveniently enough, my bestest friend lives next to a llama and alpaca (and a few random goats) farm…and no, I had no idea of this when I befriended her!

  28. Aw, shucks, y’all. 🙂

    llamas, I llove’em, too! Do you know about the Naked Dancing Llama?

  29. NTMTOM: they used the “mirror” transformation in CorelDraw, but got it the wrong way round.

  30. I am totally unaware of the Naked Dancing Llama…do tell!

  31. Pheas — that was *original* punditry? I assumed you were quoting…??

  32. llamas, he is naked, he dances, he is a llama, and, oh, he is also running for president. Visit his amazing llamitude at White llamas are my faves!

    Theo, it wouldn’t surprise me if someone, when faced with canoodling camelid cuteness, had said the same or similar before, but AFAIK, it drifted into my mind all on its own from the cute-o-sphere. Shall I fax a resume over to the Dream Office?

  33. Theo – Dubiousity killed the chat? 😉 Chilled a rat? Spilled the hat?

  34. Funny how they can’t look each other in the eye, like they’re all “Feels like I’m keesing my seester.”

  35. Props to Pheas for the laugh!

    And double props to Herpantsness for the Napoleon Dynomite reference! GAWSH!

  36. Pheas — boot firrst wee moost BUILD eet!

    Pyrit — makes ‘tocks outta U and ME

  37. granny moon –
    “Hello young lovers, whatever you are…
    And it’s the theme for the day, I think.

  38. When I grows up I want to own a small farm where I can raise alpacas, let them mingle with my kittehs and some puppers and I can shear, spin, dye and knit all dang day while the critters run about.

  39. Theo – My confidence in you has led me on a web search for llama puns. (Dalai Llamas a plenty)
    My search was not exhaustive at all but I found no evidence of unsportsmanslike punduct on Pheas’ part. 🙂

    Came across this: (hope it works)

    And we thought we were a fun bunch.

  40. Pheas-
    They’ll llama you, without Dali.

  41. Buy an Alpaca for poor farmers – Oxfam in Britan is offering a great way to donate money: help farmers in Peru buy an Alpaca

    well, you never get to meet “your” Alpaca but you get a nice letter and a quite beautiful Alpaca magnet for your fridge.

  42. Valentin-
    Sounds great.
    And I’m not sure where I’d put an alpaca aound here anyway.
    (There’s probably an alpaca in it somewhere joke to be made, but I need another coffee first.)

  43. TanksMommy says:

    “Letta me keeeees you me looooove” Smoochies…

  44. Have we all forgotten about the Llama Song?:

  45. OOoooh! Alpaca! Must knit fur…..

  46. eee! I’m tewtally printing this out as a V-day card for my fiance, we both *heart* alpacas 😀

  47. Curse you, ebee. It took me six months to get that song out of my head!!

  48. Llama gonna kiss you now!

    That joke was awful! Alpaca your bags, get out!

  49. Pheas — there’s always that OTHER song… y’know, the one about communicative fruit…

  50. Communicado avocado?

  51. You *wish*, Pyrit.

  52. Double-curse you, ebee.
    I’ve got double earworms going here, cos my kid’s home sick.

    …llama, llama, duck.

  53. A one ‘l’ lama, he’s a priest
    A two ‘l’ llama, he’s a beast
    And I will bet a silk pyjama
    There isn’t any three ‘l’ lllama.
    – Ogden Nash

  54. ebee – you have keeeeled me for the rest of the afternoon, dang it all anyway. Must. go. find. suitable. earworm. replacement. NOW!!

  55. Theo — what do you think the llama song was replacing? Aaaaarrrggghh!

  56. Naked dancing llamas??

  57. Alpaca jokes?
    Gee, the things you can find on the internet *shakes head in disbelief*

  58. Ahhhh, it’s good to be back reading the astoundingly talented “Peep Show”!

  59. k, so this has been pointed out before. but notice how they’re not looking at each other? SO WEIRD. animals never make eye contact. even when they’re smooching….just something to think about..could be a rule of cuteness???

  60. hahaha! omg they look embarrassed. definitely are not enjoying that accidental invasion of personal body space :O

  61. useta hada kitteh says:

    These guys remind me of a Valentine LadyBug toy I’ve seen. I think if you pull them apart, there’ll be a string that pulls ’em back together, with a kissy noise.

  62. 😀

    My work here is done.

  63. HA! No I hadn’t…that’s totally awesome.

  64. Cat Feral says:

    This is adorable. Can you tell me where you got it, please? I’ve been looking on photobucket, but no duck – I mean, luck – so far.

    “Here’s a llama
    There’s a llama
    And another little llama
    Fuzzy llama
    Funny llama
    Llama llama

  65. This pic is sooooooo cute!!

  66. its called llama love! ^_^

  67. Devyn Ens says:

    LLAMA KISS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!