C’mere Bebeh

Listen Honey—I heard you were dating George Clooney, but if you got time to spend with me too—I’ll take it—ah-huhn.


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Diana, They’re lookin’ purdy comfterbuls there. Honk-shus all around.



  1. Ahahaha, that’s absolutely awesome. I think the cat is too good for Barbie there. What was he thinking? 😉

  2. Oh, Kitty, you and George both can do better!

  3. Anastasia_Beaverhousen says:

    First time poster, long time lurker…I couldn’t help myself…can someone tell me why the cat is sleeping with a naked Barbie? with it’s arm wrapped around her???

  4. Isn’t it obvious, Anastasia?

    That’s one loooong tuxie, too.

  5. All he needs is a wand to complete his magicians outfit!

  6. Whoa! That is a loooooong streeeeeetch!

  7. This just proves my theory.

    Cats have rubber bands instead of bones. That’s why they’re so springy when they’re zipping around the house, and super-stretchy when it’s time for sleeps.

  8. HAHAHAHAAHAH…. gasp, gasp… HAHAHAAHAH… gasp, deep breath…
    Awesome kitteh and pic!!

    And on another note –
    oh for god’s sake, George!! How could you stoop so low?!?!

  9. oh wait… I just read the whole thing… he’s denying it. Whew!

  10. Kitteh looks like he should get up and walk like that, all upright and two-legged.

    Barbie should be ashamed, all nekkid like that.

  11. Simpson O'Brien says:

    OMG!!!! Kudos to you, Anastasia Beaverhausen, for taking the alias of my very fave character EVER on TV – Ms. WAlker!!!!

  12. Longcat’s a playa!

  13. some serious kitteh-belleh huffin’ potential thar

  14. Hmmm, he’s more like James Bond, what with the tux and all, and the hot blonde babe.


    Obviously, this poor cat has been tortured! Strapped to the rack and STRETCHED! Oh, cruel world, is nothing sacred! Leave the tuxkit alone!

    (Hmmm, he must be a spy kitty. Look at the super model on his arm and the mask on his face. I wonder what information the refused to give to Blofeld.)


    Hey, they have the same body composische: long and lean. The perfect couple! This should go to stuffonmycat.com, too.

  17. The Guy Over There says:

    My god, it’s like the reverse dream of every animalist! And not that they become Aryanish plastic dolls with really thin hips.

  18. I think they are breaking one of the Commandments

  19. OMG! I can’t stop laughing! I would love to be stretched out like that…..and would it be wrong to say with george Clooney???????

  20. Sue in NoCal says:

    I love the dudecat’s soul patch under that satisfied smile.

  21. If we humans can sleep with fake stuffed kitties under our arms, why can’t a kitty sleep with a fake person under his?

  22. Tracy Flick says:

    That is the longest cat I have ever seen.

  23. martha in mobile says:

    Of course the barbie is naked. All barbies end up naked because they are to effing hard to dress, what with the huge plastic b**bs and all. They also end up with the cotton-candy hair because little girls try to comb it. Never was a more worthless doll produced. And they hurt when you step on them.

  24. “Tall and [tux] and young and handsome…”

  25. I’m hearing Sean Connery’s voice saying, “Barbie. Malibu Barbie.”

  26. I just know that kitteh has a little side-Barbie acton going on somewhere.

  27. Martha in Mobile: I have one worse doll to offer, that makes Barbie seem tame by comparison…

    …Bratz dolls are the spawn of Satan. Everything you described, AND selfish, shallow, materialistic little wannabe hookers to boot. I work in the Toy Department of the local Borg Cube and let me tell you, I shudder whenever I have to stock that aisle…

    As for Soul Tux up thar, hey–at least he’s chillin’ with a classic! She’s been everything, from an astronaut to President, and she’s still got her figure… 😉


  28. LOL! That’s not a tuxedo, that’s a CAPE kitty!!!

    But I wish the kitty had a cuter toy. Barbies are ugly – they spoil the Qte. Give him a Blythe instead! 😉

  29. Cats ‘n’ (plastic) racks.

  30. I had thousands of hours of fun with my Barbies when I was a kid. (barbie at least LOOKED better back in the late 70’s/early 80’s..I saw some of the new ones while Christmas shopping and freaked…BAD redesign!).

    My barbies were allied with GIJoe’s forces against the attempt to achive World Domination ™ by the plastic dinosaurs and the Transformers. Barbie could knock a t-rex across the playroom with one well aimed high kick, not lose her high heel, and then rescue GIJoe from Bumblebee’s evil clutches.

    Hours of fun. It’s all in how the little girl looks at it.

    Neither of my kitteh’s stretches like that…in my sight anyway. 😦

  31. Maureen — how right you are. Updating category assignment now…

  32. No, Mr. Cat, I expect you to sleep.

    (The bad guys are getting more realistic these days.)

  33. I want to rub that fuzzy kitteh belly!

  34. Hmm… I took off Barbie’s arms and legs and put them on backwards. And that was the extend of my Barbie playing.

    I did, however, appreciate her invisible joints. I think you could bend her knees, but there were no visible hinges, which I thought was pretty cool. Also, you could make her sit down without her legs splaying into a V. But I still liked Strawberry Shortcakes more, though they did not have these attributes.

    Strawberry Shortcakes, mmm! Early lunch, anyone?

  35. I don’t know which of these I feel sorry for. I can’t tell whose drink got spiked at the party last night, but one of them is going to wake up very embarrassed.

    Good observation, Maureen. You can’t get much racky-er than that.

  36. Redzilla–
    I think Mr. Cat is above embarrassment.

  37. Sally Brown says:

    Another long-time lurker, first-time poster here. I HAD to post a comment just to say how awesome it is that this is in the Cats’n’Racks category.

    And in re: Bratz, TwoDragons…my 5-and 7-yr-old daughters know not to even mention those dolls around me, lest I go into a tirade. I refer to them as ‘Slutz’ (tho not when the kiddies are around).

    Y’all are wonderful! Thanks for making my day on a regular basis.

  38. my barbies always had a good time dancing with my new kids on the block dolls. and then when they got bored with the nkotb boys, they had sex with each other.

    oh, the things kids will do…

  39. My kid was scared of Barbies, and dolls in general, so though we had bunches of doll paraphernalia, she wouldn’t play with dolls.
    Instead she used her stuffed animals (mostly cats).
    Barbie clothing acutally fits Beany Babies.
    The stuffing compresses, and then Beanie Kitty has a figure.
    And Beanie Kitty went off and saved the universe.

  40. lauowolf- “No, Mr. Cat, I expect you to sleep.”

    Ha ha haaaaa!!

  41. I’m in ur dreamhouse;
    Lovin’ ur barbie

  42. I’m with you, Redzilla. Something’s not quite right here. I think this is a setup…George would never sink to a one night stand with a blonde bimbette…someone slipped him a micky to get these photos.

  43. LMAO @ TFMS

  44. “… and they hurt when you step on them.” Sorry – I laughed more at that – real life mommy moments that no one else would ever think of. My brother played w/ me w/ my barbies & his GI Joes, only we would built a ‘house’ in the fireplace, put the barbies in it, set it on fire, & the Joes would rescue them – well – for the most part. We did this quite often (of course mostly in the winter when we were exeptionally bored, and could think of nothing better to do….), and really never thought anything of it …. Yes, we’re fine, now – Really.
    Oh – the actual SMILE on that cats face: Priceless.

    (come on, somebody: One blond hooker -$500 (sorry – don’t know the going rate right now), night on the town:$200, etc, etc…. )

  45. For TMFS or anybody:

  46. I dunno guys, that smile on kitty’s face makes me think he ain’t dreaming of catnip.

    And please, let’s not compare Pamela to Barbie, one’s way classier than the other. Although probably comparable in terms of plastic.

  47. TanksMommy says:

    :::::dies laughing:::::::

  48. And I hadn’t mentioned how very handsome Mr. Cat is.
    I am such a sucker for Tuxie kittiehs.
    Sooo, is this Dick York or Dick Sargent?

  49. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Denita TwoDragons: “I work in the Toy Department of the local Borg Cube and let me tell you”

    LOL! That’s great. ^_^
    And I agree–say all you want about Barbie, but I’d rather it be her than one of those [CENSORED] Bratz dolls.

  50. How sad…Ken never stood a chance…

  51. Hihi..
    “No martini – no party” (c)

  52. BenPanced says:

    Kitteh: “Hmmm…fake like I’m asleep for a couple hours then sneak out before she wakes up…it’s a plan…”

  53. LOL – ali, I am soooo glad I wasn’t the only one letting my Barbie have sex…only I had a Ken doll rather than a NKOTB.

  54. Cute Overload… yup, this sums it up quite nicely!

  55. It’s the Bride of Longcat! *should really stay away from 4chan*

  56. Dang. That is one loooong cat. I thought my kitteh was long when she stretched out (we sometimes call her the furry snake)… but dang.

  57. Karen in Toronto says:

    Ghost of lobster on kitteh belleh.

  58. Eeeeee!

    It’s like my long lean tuxie boy TK all growed up. He’s nearly that long already. But there are no Barbies here either.

    (Did anyone else’s Barbie always leave Ken for GI Joe?)

    Karen, I see the lobster.

  59. At the risk of setting off a maelstrom of Pam and PETA commentroversey, I must point out that Pamela Anderson, through her work with PETA, is a defender of many creatures cute and not so cute.

  60. martha in mobile says:

    D2D — don’t get me started on ProstiTot dolls(tm) (aka bratz). I didn’t think about them at first because they are bimbos non gratia at our house.

  61. Karen in Toronto – *English accent) By George, I think you’re right!! Capital, dear girl! Capital!!

  62. i was about to type: karen,ur wierd (but nicely), then i saw lurkertype ….never mind.

  63. “Saw lurkertype…” WHAT?

    Apropos of nuthin, I saw the “Hallmark” mag in the drug store yesterday and reread the Skloot story about CO. Ahn. Yay Peeps!

  64. on seeing LOBSTERS in kitteh bellies, dude – not seeing U…..! (don’t know if that would be wierd, or not – whatdu think?)

  65. “Just one hit of catnip and next thing I knew, I woke up in Vegas with a Barbie Doll”

  66. Cat-astrophe says:

    Lobster… hmm, well, sort-of.

    Glad to hear I’m not the only mom whose banned the Bratz gang from the house. At least Barbie has careers which don’t involve walking the streets at night.

  67. late to post, and laughing at all of y’alls very astute and funny commentary.
    but I must point out that what is keeeling me here is the right-paw-on-hip. very cocky.
    KiT and LT, yep, lobster. white and furry, but lobster.
    and LT, I tewtally thought of TK when I saw the pic, ‘cept that TK don’t have a soul patch

  68. LMAO!!!
    Great pic and furry lobster belly!

    WTH??? I just read Cat-astrophe…Bratz has streetwalker dolls? I have no idea, I am out of that loop…thank gawd!!!

  69. rpennefe, we are that cool! barbie sex!

  70. That kitty is such a gentleman that he will respect her in the morning!

  71. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Pink nose, blissfully closed eyes, jellybean toes, soul patch… Honestly, this site is making me into a full-time zombie. Braaaaaains.

  72. where I come from, that’s known as the furry boyfriend pose — he’s got it down pat.

  73. I have 2 boys, so I don’t have to deal with Barbies etc. But the cats have a blast leaving legos out in the middle of the floor… try stepping on one of those at 2am. My cats love to steal Beanie babies too… they must smell like mouse.

  74. useta hada kitteh says:

    Took me a while to see the lobster, but I’ve got it now. I was seeing a very long-nosed skinny rat face. (The lobster claws are the ears). (De, I’m weird, too.)

    Anybody notice he’s wearing a white bow-tie? A little askew, but whaddya expect? If her hair’s that messy, his bow-tie is bound to be askew.

    I can’t get over how lean he is. I’d been thinking earlier that my Panther Cat (gone for 30+ years now, but still vivid in memory) would never have been caught in such a compromising position, but then, Panther would not have looked like this anyway. Tux, yep. Lean, nope. Solid, that was Panth. (and very dignified. When his picture was taken, he always sat up very straight and faced the camera. Regal, even. His other name was Sir Alexander J. Pussycat.)

    About Barbies, I liked the bendy legs, too, but my Barbies suffered a lot of broken legs, because they liked high-jumping over the clothesline. They were great on the takeoff, but weren’t all that coordinated about their landings.

  75. someone who is saying this: says:

    wow…..ummm im so shocked im not sure what to say i mean how could barbie do something like that to mr tuxer?

  76. someone who is saying this: says:

    tee-hee it does kinda look like a lobster!

  77. Teughcats says:

    If that lobster closes its claws together Mr. Tux here is going to have a very painful awakening!
    [delirium setting in from fever, wanders off to find aspirin…]

  78. (not dead yet…)

    …lovely, lithe, tux-irious kitteh…

    (staggers from keyboard, bumps into Teughcats, steals aspirin)

  79. DTD I hear you, I was in a toy store for the first time in a long time the other day and was horrified at the dolls. I was looking for just one doll that looked like, well, a doll. Nothing. All slutty slut sluts, which personally I find nothing wrong with on an adult if she chooses to look that way, but teaching little girls that they’re expected to be hyper-sexualized when they grow up, and that that’s what women are supposed to look like? I really would have thought we humans get smarter over time, not stupider. I know, poor naïve me.

    All I was looking for was one Holly Hobbie type doll. One. Nothing. All either hyper sexy slut dolls or baby dolls, which I guess are the two choices available to women/girls, right? Slut/mommy, bad girl/good girl. Pardon me, I just came from a couple radfem websites and I’m supposed to be here clearing the anger and frustration out of my brain, and it’s taking longer than usual.

    I’ll admit I never liked Strawberry Shortcake or all those other fruit-flavored dolls that came out in what the 70’s? Just too weird for me. Plastic should NOT be fruity flavored.

    I never had Barbies as a kid; I guess my mom wouldn’t get them on principle, but we had GI Joe’s (we still have them; my sister got a Vespa for him around Christmastime), and he was the single, probably divorced dad to the 3 Holly Hobby dolls. He had recently been sitting on a table in the living room for the longest time, in a shirt I’d made him when I was a kid, and a feeble pink skirt masking-taped onto him because his pants had gone missing. Poor bastard. And this is the GI Joe with the beard, so he looked extra cross-dressery. Out of pity I made him a pair of jeans while my sister and I laughed hysterically over his secret life.

    As for things that are horrible to step on–does anyone here remember Finger Magics? I’ve seen them recently in a toy store, they must be making some kind of nostalgic comeback; if you haven’t seen them they are an assembly-type toy shaped like a ring with four feet off the bottom which invariably land upside-down with the four feet pointing upwards. My mom always called them “Finger Magic Foot Tragic”.

    Wow this is one long post. Seriously babbling here…

  80. Hmmm, there are Bond references in this thread, yet there is a certain Peep missing. R. Moore?

    Aubrey – Maybe they are just Pirin tablets. (A la Birdcage)

  81. My kitty streeeetches out on his back all long like that too. He’s much meatier than this guy though. Cow-kitty, so the colors are the same. Aww.

    Thalia, what about a Raggedy Ann doll? I’m sure those are still around, and seems kinda closer to what you want. I loved mine!

    And whoever mentioned PETA as being a good thing, you might want to research that opinion a bit. If they had their way we’d have no pets at all. That is their ultimate goal.
    (Sowry for the downer all!)

  82. While my original post said nothing about my personal opinion about PETA (I agree with many of their philosophies, but certainly not all of them), it was really more of a defense of Pam Anderson. I admire her for her devotion to an organization she believes in, especially one that is concerned with the welfare of animals.

  83. /enters really late

    “My work here is done.”

    /dusts off hands and leaves

  84. If that cat is sleeping he is dreaming about that really coool song that get the real party started, with miss barbie, and it does not start with sleeping but ends

  85. never mind my spelling I does not feel good tonight great pic , thanks for that tonight

  86. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Carly: “it was really more of a defense of Pam Anderson. I admire her for her devotion to an organization she believes in, especially one that is concerned with the welfare of animals.”

    She could easily show and practice her concern with animal welfare without being a member of PETA.

  87. you know, barbie’s not so bad; some of the new barbie movies are pretty cute, actually. and her chestal region isn’t quite as big nowadays as it used to be. my 6 year old loves the little games on the barbie website. d2d, i agree, bratz are nasty. do you know they even have bratz babyz?! they look like little mini tramps. it’s really disgusting to think that 1) people make these and 2) people buy them and give them to their children! gross.

  88. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Thalia: “He had recently been sitting on a table in the living room for the longest time, in […] a feeble pink skirt masking-taped onto him because his pants had gone missing. Poor bastard. And this is the GI Joe with the beard, so he looked extra cross-dressery.”

    Oh, lord, that’s hysterical!
    Ah, the fun we have with our toys… ^_^

  89. I’m coming in a little late, but re the comment that “Ken never had a chance”…..
    ever considered that Mr. Tux might not be all….there….either?

  90. I’m so grateful for Cute Overload! Feeling all anxious and then I see THIS!

  91. Plug for Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer singing “Daughters of Feminists”: “How do they get so girly? Why does she want a Barbie?… or are they just trying to stick it to Mother?” Great song on “A Parent’s Home Companion” album.

    Marcy said a little girl she knew wanted her to play with Barbie, and she was worried about this until the girl pulled Barbie’s head off, filled it with water, and used it as a squirt gun. That was okay. Another girl, when asked why Barbie was floating face down in the toilet, replied, “She’s snorkeling.” Barbie is what you make of her.

  92. Yay! So many people who agree with me about the Bratz dolls! Oh I know about all those awful permutations of an awful brand, because so many of them are stocked in my department. I despise every one of them, and the Babyz most of all. If they go on clearance, I take perverse delight in sticking the “WAS / NOW” price stickers on them, telling each one “Know what that means? You’re not just a little tramp, you’re a CHEAP little tramp!”

    I had to stop calling them nasty names in casual conversation, though…when a customer’s enquiry almost had me answering with “Your granddaughter is looking at the Slutz dolls two aisles down, ma’am…” };-)


  93. I find it very interesting that everyone here seems to think the bottom white patch looks like a lobster.

    To ME it looks like an erect human meat-and-two-veg (nudge-nudge, wink-wink, saynomore!) which makes the picture SO much funnier.

    C’mon, someone’s gotta agree with me here . . .

  94. FEnM, like I said, Joe also owns a Vespa. Maybe he’s more of a metrosexual?

    soxfan, no, they didn’t have any Raggedy Anns. I know they can’t be out of business or whatever; I guess they’re just not in demand. 😦

  95. Freud, I got no comment on that. Except that I’ve always been more of a Jungian…

  96. woah! that is the skinniest kitty i have ever seen!

    or maybe i just have two really fatty cats, hehe :]

  97. the Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Barbie…Wayall ah jerst lurve yore Tux ayes it Brioni.
    Cat nope it just growed honey, it just growed.

  98. useta hada kitteh says:

    Good grief, is this guy still asleepin’?? Maybe if I tickle his stretchied-out feets he’ll wake up. I wanna see the look on his face when he sees who he spent the night with… (I also wanna see what size he is when he’s not all stretchied out like that)

  99. geez, regarding Bratz, i didn’t know cute clothing and lots of makeup automatically made you a hooker.

    i’m glad i find out, though, because now i can start collecting the income i so richly deserve.

  100. That cat looks like my Bennie–I can’t stop laughing every time I see it….OMG!!!!!!!!

  101. AuntieMame says:

    There are cute clothes and there are tacky, trashy clothes. The line between them isn’t all that fine, frankly, and the Bratz dolls are way over that line.

    There are certain clothing styles that are completely inappropriate for children, too, and especially little girls. Midriff shirts and microscopic skirts and low slung jeans with your butt-crack hanging out, to name only a few.

    The same goes for makeup. Little girls don’t need makeup at all. Period. And wear your makeup subtly. Nobody needs to be painted up like a ho.

  102. This whole Bratz debate is pretty interesting to me. See, I wasn’t allowed to play with Barbies as a kid because they were too racy. My parents were afraid I’d grow up to be a bleached blonde big-tit ho with a Corvette and a plastic boyfriend. Now parents are glad to have boring old Barbie because something sluttier has come along. Maybe next we can have Porn Star Dolls that’ll make Bratz seem comparatively tame.

  103. I love this semi-tangent; mind if I add a little fuel to the fire?

  104. Karen in Toronto says:

    I am soooo glad I am over 50, child-free (momma got no grandkids, boohoo) and thus well under the radar of the Heinous Toy Industry.

  105. Karen in Toronto says:

    And Mel, I’m sooo glad I put off getting a coffee. If I’d been reading your post, I’d have gsnerked it all over the company’s expensive equipment.

  106. Karen (and other folks) — there definitely are alternatives to Bratz. Check out the “Groovy Girls” line, here: http://www.manhattantoy.com/

  107. Yeah, but do Groovy Girls hurt when you step on them?

  108. Karen in Toronto says:

    Speaking of “meat and two veg,” Fiasco T. Peabrain, was carried unceremoniously to the vet for The Operation this morning.

    And of course Barbie has had a job walking the streets at night, Cat-astrophe! Don’t you remember “Ride Along Barbie”? She was going to be the next Charlie’s Angel and she travelled with a couple of patrol constables so she could “immerse herself in her character.”

  109. See…with Barbie…the idea that a toy would influence me to try to obtain some strange ideal in beauty never crossed my mother’s mind. It was a toy. And for me it was just a toy, like all my other toys. Something to use as an extention of my imagination.

    Just my $0.02 (Canadian)

  110. i’m sure glad my parents – a science geek and a tomboy – didn’t try to dictate my taste. they gave me the credit to understand that your appearance does not necessarily reflect you spirit and the stereotypes of any kind are harmful. makeup and dress-up-clothes were my favorite things to play with (next to all my cuddly stuffed animals, of course!), and i liked Barbies, not because of their odd perportions, but because i thought glamour was fun. makup was like coloring, only better because i got to color MYSELF.

    as a librarian / opera singer, married to the one of the few men i’ve ever met who is as respectful towards women as my father, i don’t feel like a hoebag at all, just because subtlety isn’t my thing. but there is the odd woman at work or back in grad school who, though i felt we got along just fine, i found out didn’t like me because of my appearance.

    to bring this subject back to relevance for this arena…animals are happily unaware of these social constructs. they just like you if you’re nice and fun. what a great example for us all to follow!

  111. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Groovy Girls are still out of proportion, extra long legs and skinny arms

  112. o crap, did i just pontificate? it’s like letting out a big fart – you don’t mean to, it’s unpleasant for those around you, but if feels pretty good.

    anyway, i’ll try and hold it in the future and get back to the cute!

    [shamefaced, continues layering on moss-green eyeshadow]

  113. Hey, if ya’ll need a little cute injection until the next CO post…might drop over to the Cuteologist group on Vox. Just, you know, no pressure, but we got snowy skwerls and some turkles and stuff.
    It’s okay, you won’t get addicted-dicted-dicted.

  114. “it’s like letting out a big fart – you don’t mean to, it’s unpleasant for those around you, but if feels pretty good.”

    Whether you pontificated or not, that was a great line.

  115. Anner–look, hon, it’s OK to dress that way…you are an adult and it’s within your rights to do so.

    But if you were oh, say, ten years old? That’s another story.

    What someone does, says, or wears once they reach the age of adulthood is their own business. But I have watched a parade of preteen kids trot through my toy department in high heels and push-up bras and low-cut jeans, with enough makeup painted on to make Jezebel herself seem tame by comparison. It’s terrifying to think that these little girls are convinced that this is what all grown-ups look like, or that they even WANT to BE grown up. What happened to just being a kid…?

    So please understand, we’re not snarking about you–an adult, capable of deciding for yourself what you will do with yourself. I’m presuming that you haven’t had kids yet, I didn’t see any mention of them but I may be wrong. (And if I am, I sincerely apologize!) but as parents, many of us are concerned about the latest trend in children’s “entertainment” options, which seem to be running toward precociousness and promiscuity, towards the kind of attitude that should ONLY be decided upon when one has developed into adulthood…and not when they’re just out of the toddler stage!


  116. When are we gonna get a new pic?? I know this one is lully, but still….in my time (London) there’s been nothing new since yesterday afternoon!!
    How I’ve managed to keep so happy throughout today with no new posts is beyond me!

  117. Karen in Toronto says:

    Lisa, it’s the commentary that’s keeping ME going. Here’s how my morning has gone:

    “ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaah”
    (deep breath)”ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaah” (long sigh; back to work)(works for 2 minutes)(back to Qte): “ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaah” (deep breath)”ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaah” (long sigh; back to work)

  118. Cat-astrophe says:

    Freud – OK, now you ruined the lobster for me!

    Someone asked – Groovy Girls are squishy, so no foot damage in the middle of the night. My daughter also loves the “My Generation” doll – a much less expensive version of the American Girls, but also potentially hard on feet.

  119. Here, Lisa, go suck on this:
    No, really, I klonked myself over this kitteh pic.

  120. DTD — point well taken. and you are right, i do not, and may never, have children (i mean, not the furless kind you give birth to yourself).

    also, i remember a bit, and now know the full extent, of my mother’s fear of the way men perceived me – and there certaily were boundaries set as to what i could wear ouside the house. i understand that the way young girls look can be construed in all sorts of scary ways by predators, and i don’t mean to dimish that.

    i’m just worried that girls sometimes get an opposite message – that if you enjoy your appearance, or your taste leans a certain way, there is something wrong with you and you will never be strong and intelligent and have positive romantic, platonic or professional relationships with men. as an adult, having make-up-less women assume i am victimized and shallow (when all i assumed about them is that they don’t feel like wearing makeup -that is if i even notice)makes me feel that this is indeed a danger.

    but i didn’t mean to imply that’s what’s going on in your home(s).

    the fact is, i just really like the Bratz on a visceral level and probably would have loved them as a child.

    thank you for your thoughtful response.

  121. Sometimes I wonder if we put too much stock into what ‘lessons’ toys teach our kids. I mean, I certainly do see the validitity in the points raised here and elsewhere, and there are those points that I wholeheartedly agree with….

    But in the end, from where I stand…they’re only toys and not meant to be a representation of reality. It’s up to parents, extended family, teachers, etc, to present reality in all it’s glory to our kids.

    And ANY parent that’s letting their kids out looking like Two-Dragon’s is describing (and I’ve seen them too)…make me wonder. As I fully agree that it’s totally wrong for a tween to look like that!

  122. Someone may have already mentioned this-I haven’t read all the comments-The New Yorker recently had a very good article, “Little Hotties” about this doll debate. I recommend it.

  123. Yo.

    I’m with Anner on this one. I’m not a big fan of Bratz, but I’m a semi-professional dancer, and I love makeup and clothes and costuming. 🙂 I’ve also done grad-level Women’s Studies courses and know my way around a feminist text. I agree with what Tina Fey said in the movie Mean Girls: “We’ve got to stop calling each other sluts and whores. When we do it, it just makes guys think that it’s ok for them to call us that.”

    Pamela Anderson might not be everyone’s very favorite actress, but she is a professional woman with a successful career who stands up for causes she believes in and wasn’t afraid to leave an abusive relationship. I also think that she’s a very funny and talented performer. I will take Clooney’s word for it that they aren’t together, but I don’t see why it would be the end of the world if they were — it’s not like he isn’t well-known for dating models in their 20s.

  124. Oh yeah, and the picture is hilarious. 😀

  125. Luv it!

  126. Good comments all around folks. I think you all have some good points.

    This reminds me of a dumb woman I saw in a toy store with her son. The little (I mean, 4 years old maybe) boy bent down and picked up a small sewing kit with multicolored thread in it because it caught his eye, it was pretty!

    This hag smacked him and yelled “That’s for GIRLS.”

    This happened probably 35 years ago and it still pisses me off royally.

    I imagine that poor kid is in prison for being a rapist, now.

  127. Gawd Lauri, that’s really awful.

    I myself also love crazy clothes and costumes, though I don’t usually bother to wear makeup (I usually don’t bother to put my contacts in either and just go with the glasses); that isn’t my complaint with the Bratz at all, rather that it was getting little girls used to being sexualized, which should not be happening. It’s telling that anner mentioned predators in a sort of variation on the theme (but for little girls) of what women should expect i.e., “you wore that short skirt, you should expect to be raped” kind of deal, as if little girls in outfits like that are “bait” for sickos when it probably wouldn’t matter what they’re wearing.

    And I do think that Barbie’s looks and figure affect us more than just toys-how many of us women do now or did at some point think our “ideal weight” is much lower than what is actually a healthy one? It’s not an overt thing–I don’t think any kid thinks people really look like that–more an internalised thing.

    Hope that makes some sense.

    Anyhoo, it’s a really cute cat!

  128. Man, this is such a sticky issue, and one on which people with similar ideologies can differ so widely.

    I both agree and disagree with what Thalia mentions about revealing clothings making women/girls “bait.” I know sickos are sickos, and I believe strongly the way you dress SHOULN’T make you more or less vulnerable.

    But I have had arguments with numerous men in my life (happily, not my husband, who likes me makeupless in sweats as well as all decked out in a minidress, and most importantly likes me on the inside. i am lucky lucky lucky) about the idea that women tend dress for THEMSELVES, and that they do not necessarily look pretty, sexy or what have you to send of vibes to signal-seeking men.These arguments invariably leave me in tears, as I’ve found out that a lot more guys than I’d ever imagined really do think that way on some level.

    What sticks in my craw is that telling little girls certain things are “inappropriate” ALSO sexualizes them. What little girl would think of her belly button as something sexual until she was told it’s “bad” to show it? I guess distinctions like this are now a necessary evil.

    I’d like to clarify, just for the heck of it, that i don’t dress exactly like a Bratz doll. To add another contradictory layer to this issue…i consider myself too old! Plus I like a little more couture influence in my glam. Anyway, as someone whose taste leans towards the drag-queenie and who considers herself a good person, words like “slut” and “whore” cause me actual physical pain, and the Tina Fey quote really speaks to why that is.

    I guess we can all agree on a couple of basic things:

    Women and girls deserve to feel good about them selves and not be victimized.

    And that stretchy cat utterly sublime.

    OK, I’m pooped!

  129. little gator says:

    I wish I was that Barbeh.

  130. Achk! For goodness sakes, Barbie! Put some clothes on!

  131. Barbie is having a secret affair with kitteh, and we have the photo to prove it.

    Shhhhhhhh! Don’t tell Ken!

  132. Well, she’s wearing a *cat* — isn’t that enough?

  133. moofyboof says:

    haha i made this one earlier (before i saw the dreamhouse one, i feel a tad late!)


  134. George the kitteh has been fe-lyin’ about this rende-mew the whole time.

    I’ve changed my mind. I’m takin’ this photo STRAIGHT to the tabby-loids without paws-ing.

    The cat is out of the bag, so to say.

  135. Noel, fur shame!

  136. Yeah. If I have my way, he’ll end up in the doghouse, that’s for sure. I mean, cat house. I mean…well…you know what I mean. 😉

  137. Freud: obviously he is an ink blot cat for some of us.

    Sometimes a lobster is only a lobster. LOL

    What happens at the Barbie house stays at the Barbie house.

  138. Why do they always fall asleep after! WTF!?!? 😀

  139. Cat Feral says:

    I didn’t think a cat’s body could even stretch out into that position!

  140. um that is some pic u got there although i h8 barbie i really h8 barbie but hey the cat is cute

  141. Cinderella Kumquat says:

    Love all these posts. I didn’t want my daughter play w/ Barbie, as that doll was too slutty for my sweet baby girl. Midge is Barbie’s “younger sister”?? Then why does she look so much like Ken?