This couldn’t be more Rule 7-ish if it tried

Tama Zoo Park in Tokyo is pushin’ the Rule #7 envelope, People. It’s like Rule #7 taunting us! Is rule # 7 ALWAYS seen in pairs of koalas?

I …. don’t…. understannd! [Shatner voice]


Spock! I mean, Thanks to sender-inner Brinke. ❤ U



  1. random girl says:


  2. I almost fell out of my chair on this one! Way Two Cute here!!

  3. random girl says:

    yay, i was bleen!!! koalas are so cute!! i have a friend who liked koalas when she was younger, and then for years everyone got her koala stuff, even after she didnt like them anymore. maybe i will send her this photo so she likes them again!!!

  4. I wanna get sniffed by Koalas!

  5. Koala Mom: Well, actually, WE think he looks more like his dad, but he does have my eyes.

  6. I luv koalas……..

  7. My fondest wish in this life is to hug a koala.

  8. Stacked Animal Madness!!!!

  9. Awww, da mamma and da bebeh! I wuv dem!!!

  10. Sniffed to death by koalas is good.

  11. Must’ve had on the old eucalyptus perfume that day.

  12. Totally jealous of the person getting nosed by the curious koala pair!!!

  13. How is it that koalas have already mastered cloning while we humans play catchup?

  14. It makes me think of an interrogation! And the widdle one is always going to echo the question the biggow one asks!

    “Do you thwink weow cute?”
    “Yeah, do you thwink weow cute?”

  15. SeaBreeze says:

    “Ok, dear, when a human approaches you, lean forward and take a good snuffle of them.”

    “Like this, ma?”

    “Yes, dear, that’s perfect.”

  16. TanksMommy says:

    Mom…wacha doin? Mom…Mom….hmmmm what are those things? SMOOCHIES KOALALALALLAS!!!

  17. they’re leaning in for a dual koala keeees

  18. useta hada kitteh says:

    Aussie-wallas! I loves em! gimme. now. These two are unbeliegable! gimme. now.

    psst..pyrit (whiiiisper) I left ya a msg, if da goat didn’t eat it…

  19. Koalies love to do the piggyback thing, with da babies. It’s muy qte. I have a series of photos from a zoo of mom + baby like this, but unfortunately none are quite CO quality…

  20. Is that person wearing two pairs of glasses?

  21. TanksMommy says:

    Thank God for this site! All these years I thought I was the only person who was obsessed with animal cuteness and talked in silly voices about animals. I am not alone apparently. LMAO!

  22. Sweet jumping Montezuma I needed this…a severe asthma attack last night had me whisked away by ambulance to the local emergency room for a couple hours, I’m feeling like hammered crap and my lungs hurt and I’m so scared of how bad the bill for this little adventure is gonna be…and then CO comes through and makes me squee and barf rainbows.

    Thank you, Meg, and thanks to all my Peeps and their wonderfully silly comments. Y’all are tha greatest!


  23. useta hada kitteh says:

    Feel better soon, D2D! May the koalas be with you!

  24. “Your breath smells like cough drops.”

  25. “Mom? You think we can scare them if I lay reeeeal close on your back and we pretend to be one two-headed koala?”

  26. Haha Teho 😉

  27. Sweet Jebus – look at the soft fluffy folds of mommy’s belleh.

    I know, Koala’s really aren’t soft, their fur is rather coarse. But still…they LOOK so soft.

  28. …what?
    [looks all inno-cent]

  29. Koala Snorgles!!!

    What do they smell liike Ma’ – huh, huh?

  30. book-monstercats says:

    Kritter, I think it’s a new style in frames (blind as a CO bat,and so notice these things, having worn them since I was a tiddler. They have split arms now and usually look good, but obvy not from that angle). I luuuuurvvvve the expression on mum’s face.

  31. book-monstercats says:

    PS, sorry about the asthma attck, D2D (wheezing). Hope you’re feeling better soon.

  32. onionpencil musashi says:

    look at the baby looking! if it gets anymore cute one of will explode *pop* oops too late.

    hang in there d2d

  33. michellemybelle says:

    D2D – “Take 2 (koalas) and call me in the morning!”

  34. Doubleclick says:

    “you ain’t seen us, seeeee”

  35. Where are these commercially available…. ‘snot right that just one peeps gets to snorgle ikkle koalas…. WE All Need to snorgle… I wants Right NOW!

  36. I want one. No, I want both!

  37. They’re staring at those glasses and wondering if they’re seeing double.

  38. redhed — If you ever make it out to Australia, Cairns Tropical Zoo is one of the few places in the country where you can hug a koala. Here’s me:

  39. nightbird1962 says:

    And the best part is it also falls under “I Shall Keesh Yuuuu”!!!!

  40. Sha Sha — two thoughts:
    1) OMG the jealousy
    2) OMG those CLAWS!

  41. Sha Sha… do they really smell like Vicks Vaporub (eucalyptus?)
    D2D… we’re thinking about you… hang in there.

  42. Apparently fed up with snakes, on his next visit to the zoo with the Dursleys, Harry Potter used his magic to get close to the koalas.

  43. D2D, don’t scare us like that! Feel better, babe.

  44. D2D-
    Word gets around fast.
    The koalas are all “but D2D, she’s home today, and better, isn’t she?” for you.

  45. what this setup needs is another tinier koala on the baby’s back…

  46. Has the world gotten cuter lately?

    CG – I think I would absolutely explode if that happened.

  47. The double-double is too much today.

    Sha Sha: you’re so lucky! But the next picture (with a wombat?) is KILLER!

    And yes, do koalas smell like eucalyptus?


    Hard as it may be to believe, there was a time when we Koala did not dominate planet Earth. Indeed, the most prevalent species is the one that today serves our labor needs — humans!

    So how did this sea change take place? For the answer, we must look back hundreds of years, to the early days of what the humans called the “21st Century.” Back then, the Koala was a slow-witted, sluggish creature, but environmental changes, in particular global climate change, would soon intervene.

    Evolutionary forces were at work, and slowly, over the course of countless generations, the lowly Koala began to develop the vestigial beginnings of the second head that we take for granted today.

    Thus equipped with an extra brain, the Koala became an advanced problem-solver, highly prized by its human masters. Koalas migrated from zoos and nature preserves into corporate boardrooms and government offices. World problems, such as overpopulation, hunger, terrorism and disease, were rapidly solved.

    Ironically, this would prove to be the downfall of the human species itself, as the now mentally-agile Koala proved too smart for the humans to control. Acting on Koala advice, the humans created vast complexes for exercise and entertainment, which turned out to be concentration camps where even today, humans on treadmills provide the Koala population with safe, clean, renewable energy.

    So the next time you complain about brushing the teeth of YOUR second head, remember — it’s the reason we Koalas rule the Earth.

  49. :: awe at Other Mike ::

  50. :::Bows to NTMTOM:::

    :::Applauds for 20 minutes for NTMTOM:::

    BRAVO!!!!!! ROFL!!!!

  51. …most DEFINITELY going on the Dream Office breakroom wall.

  52. lol NTMTOM!

  53. Is that a baby koala on your head, or are you just glad to see me?

  54. Theo — 1) Koala hugging was my only requirement for my friend planning our trip to Australia. TOTALLY worth it. 2) The claws look imposing, but I don’t remember them being particularly pointy.

    MamaDawn — She didn’t smell like eucalyptus to me, but I was only holding her for the amount of time it took to snap a couple of pictures, so I didn’t really have time to inhale deeply. 🙂

    Snowpea — I also got to hold a wombat in Melbourne:

  55. hey momma, did your litte one just ask if that strange wearing specs guy if he eats eucalyptus like we do ? Momma says I’ll check , no my child he smells like a wee bit of fish , oh thanks for telling me mom, mom whats a fish ???

  56. Now THAT is super-cute!! My uncle just traveled to Australia, and when I saw his photos I was very jealous whenever I saw one that involved koalas, wallabies (sp?), kangaroos, or (what I believed to be) hedgehogs.

    On a different note – I’d like to give a shout-out to Barbaro and the equine veterinarians in PA who expended so much energy to try to save him (he lost his battle for recovery yesterday). No matter how you feel about horse racing, Barbaro was a beautiful animal, and I hope that he was comfortable in his final days.

  57. this pic is really cute – but …

    having had a koala living in a gum tree (what else, duh) in my backyard for nearly 7 months, it wasn’t at all cute …

    it peed and pooped non-stop and it grunted, way louder than a pig, ALL night long …

    up the road from where I live in Brisbane, Australia, is a State Forest with a Koala Sanctuary that hoardes of peeps go to, to ooh & ahhh at these bears …

    sorry to disillusion you all, but koalas are nice to look at but not nice to live with

  58. HRH, if you think they’re not nice to live with NOW, just wait a few centuries, when they (pause for dramatic effect) … GROW AN EXTRA BRAIN AND ENSLAVE US ALL!

    [music] dun, dun, DUNNNNNNNNNN!

  59. Just wanted to add good thoughts for D2D! Having asthma that bad is scary! I used to have it, but 1) moving away from major air pollution helped a lot, and 2) counseling! Turns out that for some of us, asthma is a grief/stress response … so I greatly benefitted by working w/ a good trained professional who helped me shrink my problems down to size. NOT suggesting anything for anyone else, just saying that’s what made all the difference for me. Hoping you figure out whatever it is your body needs to lessen and even eliminate your asthma. =)

  60. Thanks, y’all are the best medicine EVAR! 🙂

    I’m feeling a hundred times better than I did last night, and reading such sweet comments (And NTMike’s high-sterical Koala Future story!) have really brightened things up a lot. Y’all are tha greatest!

    *GROUP HUGS (and puddin’s for Aubrey of the Sore Back, too!) FOR EVERYONE!!*


  61. …percoset puddins.

  62. “Sir, step away from the capybara.”

  63. D2D — I still have some of my codeine cough syrup. I’ll email you some as an attachment.

  64. THANK YOU ! I enjoy your blog so very much !!!!!

  65. sha sha – where did you get to hug a koala?? I am studying in Australia for the next 4 months (leaving on Sunday!) and want to experience all the cuddles and marsupial cuteness possible…

  66. Glah!!!!

  67. My head just a-sploded. thankyaveramush.

  68. “Irishka has left the building”

  69. Suda–*Homer Simpson* Codeine cough syrup…haaaaaahhhh…*/Homer Simpson*



  70. D2D – Palm trees, teal waters, warm sand, puffy clouds, seashells, white sails, beach chair, tiki bar, personal assistant, manicurist, masseuse, wealthy admirer . . . you can go there any time.

  71. Dr. Koala- all right Ms. Nakamura, we’re going to check the fit of these new spectacles.

    Ms. Nakamura- I’ll tell you what, Dr. K, you need to check my prescription! I’m seeing double.

    Dr. Koala- No, it’s take your child to work day!

    Little Koala- Hi there!

    (Audience laughs)

  72. Rich — not bad, not bad at all

  73. book_monstercats says:

    Rich – great.

    NTMTOM – lost for words.

  74. aww! this is great. just great! ^_^