Single screens are for looooosers

I am a duel-screen Kitteh.

See, when I play Nintendogs, I need lots of screen real estate, to walk my "dogs", pet them and give them baths. My Nintendog is named "Pants".

Here Pants! Paaaaaaaants! Walkies! [pats screen with paw]          

Duel Screen Kitteh!

Anne I.—the Scottish Fold kittehs get us every time.



  1. OMG it’s a NERDY Scottish Fold!!! [LURVE]

  2. First!.. That’s a new one! Scottish fold kitteh’s do get us.. wooo

  3. Darn you Theo!!!!
    I shall have my kittenish revenge!

  4. OMG kitty, are you playing video games? Coz you just pwned me.

    (Pwn intended.)

  5. C’mon Faekitty… you HAD to know that was going to happen. You’re lucky you’re not getting bleened. (THIS TIME.)

  6. What a strange, dark color its eyes are.

  7. Silly Kitty!

  8. So this is what I get to look forward to when my mom’s cat moves in with my husband and I, eh?

    Well, as long as she doesn’t log onto my World of Warcraft account, I guess we can deal… 😉

  9. bleened?.. In all my *counts on fingers & toes*..8 years online and I’ve never heard of bleened? What teh hedge??

  10. Actually I think the kitteh is playing Final Fantasy III. Nerd!

  11. My right brain says “Ooooooh, kitty ears!” My left brain says “Oooooh, you spelled ‘dual’ wrong.”

  12. Such cute eyes.

  13. MissV — no objection to the “Kitteh” spelling, though, eh?

  14. I think the kitthe is trying to communicate something….look…get it? understand me?

  15. I think kitty is strategically placing his techie toy where it is to *hide* his lack of pants.

    And what *is* it about Scottish Fold kitties? They make everything look sillier and cuter automagically.

  16. I might rename my cat “Pants.”

  17. It does seem like a very nerdy kitten! It’s ears look more like a toupee!

  18. Kitteh, time to take a break. You don’t want to get Nintendo paw.

    Mmm…need to save this pic for hubby’s Masters thesis: Why are kittens so silly?

  19. I must say that I love the word “automagically”! Such a cute kitteh! I love his wee ears!

  20. Elizabeth B. says:

    A thinker – It’s the roundness. As we found out with leetle pufferfishie yesterday, the more round, the more anerable.

    Folding of ears = rounder kitty head = the magic of the Scottish Fold.

  21. Hurrah for Scottish Folds! They always look like they’ve just been goosed.

  22. when my brother and i were young, we had a plastic farm, complete with plastic animals – we named the sheepdog “Trousers.”

  23. ha-EEE-ha-EEE-ha-EEE-ha-EEE-ha-EEE-ha-EEE-ha-EEE-ha-EEE-ha-EEE-ha-EEE

    (^^That would be the sound of me hyperventilating a la Patrick Star.)

  24. MissV – I think Meg spelt it *intentionally* as “duel”. (Battle games, y’see.)

  25. Theo –

    Certainly not! Everyone knows that “kitteh” is a word. And so is “puppeh”!

  26. you guys r silly says:

    PLEASE please please please please . . .
    WHAT is *BLEEN* ?????

  27. useta hada kitteh says:

    Thinkie, he may not have “pants” but I think he’s got “pantaloons”!

    Faekitty, do you visit here often? If you do, I just gotta say — you never heard of “bleen”?? If you’re around Theo for any length of time at all, you’re bound to encounter “bleen”!! (‘specially if you do that “first” thing. That’s a definite bleener.)

    Meantime, in the Fold Department, I lurves this kitteh with his laptop!

  28. If the eyes were blue, this kitteh would look *exactly* like my late Scottish fold. Such a wonderful cat.

  29. leprechaun says:

    Is it just me, or do its eyes seem creepily big? Like almost to an unsettling level.

  30. useta hada kitteh says:

    Yeah, I’m back again…

    YGRS, I think “bleen” means whatever Theo wants it to mean at the time. And I get the feeling that if anyone does the “First” dance, he’s apt to bleen them with his yeems.

    Somebody gave some fancy explanation about a color called glue-bleen (which I don’t think would be as attractive as sky-blue pink) but I prefer my version — it’s a multi-purpose word with scary undertones.

  31. i think that scottish folds are just cute…no matter what they are doing

  32. Can’t you see he’s busy?? Cute AND busy?!

  33. Oh my Gods…


    That is beyond awesome. I love it!

  34. ACK! One perfectly adorable pic!

  35. all new meaning to the phrase: ‘Lap Cat’?

    Or is it now: ‘Laptop Cat’?

  36. “automagically”

    My new favorite word. Thank you, thinkie.

  37. All kitty needs now is some nerdy glasses and a pocket full of pens.

    I wish I could challenge him/her to a game of chess.

    Maybe he/she could help me with college trigonometry and Mandarin Chinese?

    Aw, my water is boiling now to put in my coffee press. Better go.

  38. TanksMommy says:

    You need sumpin? Im uh sorta in the middle of sumpin here….Kitteh is buseh….

  39. christina says:

    Oh those ears…those eyes. So cute it hurts!

  40. Omahgawd. I finally finally truly understand tiny ear to head ratio!

  41. *bows*

    Except, I don’t think automagically is my word. I do believe I’ve seen Teho use it before here…

  42. you guys r silly says:

    I’m not too sure about the glue-bleen theory either, and you might have something there with the Teho explanation, but I’m thinking there’s a more definitive thing because once someone said they looked bleen up on the CO glossary and found “NADA” and Teho’s reply was “EXACTLY!”…
    seems mighty cryptic and possibly sinister to me…
    [[scowls slightly and shifts beady eyes left & right…]]

  43. Ta hedge with teh ‘bleen’.. It’s silly and fun to be first.. and I’ve seeped in and out of the ‘posting’ scene Useta hada kitteh..Now I simpleh adore the qte..*nod*

  44. lurkingsmirk says:

    Im in ur DS walkin ur dogz.

  45. you guys r silly says:

    i’m in ur laptop, reading ur email.

  46. re: “automagically” — nope, not my word. This one pre-dates Cute Overload.

  47. Doesn’t anyone recognize those Puss in Boots eyes? Can’t you hear Antonio Banderas purrrrrring?

  48. Computer hacker cat, trying to hack into the Pentagon and the IRS. Better stop him before he does something! He could end up with not just life in prison, but nine lives in prison.

  49. …to be served consecutively

  50. Fell of the chair laughin’ when I saw this picture! Thank you for the joy!

  51. Everybody say Hi to Mathijs and Lucy 2.0!

    PS — info here:

  52. The eyes! The eyes!! XD

  53. As Simon Cowell might say, “Kitteh, you look like a bush baby. A really cute bush baby. Welcome to Hollywood.”

  54. What is it about Scottish Folds and sitting up like people, anyway? Love it!

  55. Video game addict. That’s MY kind of kitteh!

  56. that is insanely adorable!! level-up, kitteh!

    and yes, “automagically” is old computer programming slang. a very handy word.

    …and according to the jargon file, it was even used in advertising in the 40s. i did not know that.

  57. Props to Noel- Computer Hacker Cat = javascript hairball

  58. OMG, I looked at this while I was playing on the internet in class (rather than paying attention), and I nearly laughed out loud (and believe me, the professor was saying nothing even remotely funny). This little guy almost got me in trouble!

  59. Tiff, this little guy could get EVERYONE in trouble.

  60. Man – I was beginning to feel like the only adult in the world with a DS – anyone else????

    Cute pic too, BTW. That’s why I come here multiple times a day!

  61. This is hysterical. I had a Tiffany moment; have you ever seen a cat make that expression?? Pants??!!

  62. Kitteh likes to practice for eventually ruling the universe.

  63. I saw this kitty and it was so cute I had to call the hubby to tell him I wanted a kitty.

    I think my exact words were “I want a teeny tiny itty bitty calico kitty”.

    And he’s out looking for my kitteh RIGHT NOW! I can’t wait to go home tonight! 🙂


    2.) I wanna know what kitteh is playing.

  65. My-Kat-My-Mews says:

    Shannon- my husbands DS got taken over during Thanksgiving by the adults(!) now one of my brother-in-laws is getting one as is my mother-in-law.

    Such a pretty kitty, my kitties would never let me do this. (The gaming must just be on the human side.)

  66. Hannelore says:

    I didn’t know what would happen…I just typed in PUSSY!

  67. My BF looks EXACTLY like that when I accuse him of playing video games too much! Precisely the same face. This is amazing.

  68. Cat with Hat says:

    Awww… the kitten looks sooo funny! 🙂
    It reminded me of that cat from the “Shrek 2” cartoon.

    Here’s an entertaining video clip of a small Scottish Fold kitty (second from the top):

  69. i’d like to see a kitteh playing Wii.

  70. Shannon- my bf and I are both avid gamers in our adulthood, we went out and got matching black DSes 🙂 I want to know where the heck they got an aquamarine one! All I’ve seen in the US is white, black, and pink. Anyone know?

  71. My guess is it’s NOT an American model. Scottish Folds are popular in Japan, so…

  72. Pika Hikari KT says:

    I ran into that exact pic on GSCentral when they were preparing the rest of the codes for us loyal cheaters.XD

    It’s hard to tell, but that kitty might be playing Mario 64 DS. Good taste, that cat does.^^

  73. acelightning says:

    “Whadda ya want? This better be important – you’re interrupting my game!”

  74. I love cats but the “Scottish Fold” is not really a favorite. I like the big standup ears with soft velvety fur inside.
    Not that I would kick this kitteh out of bed if he happened to want to snuggle, y’understand.

  75. i love fold kittehs! i sooo want one for my next kitteh.

  76. He’s not programming in C++. He’s programming in CAT++, the latest version of feline computer programming.

    Javascript hairball? I beg to differ. I think he coughs up HTML codes.

    His meow is worse than his byte.

    Sorry, I didn’t get past Visual Basic 6.0 in college, and that was a few years ago. I’m really rusty on the terminology.

  77. He (?) looks like his name should be Percy, with little spectacles on and a little cup of tea nearby! TOO CUTE!! I want one…now.

  78. I’ve seen this one before on (scroll down a little..)

    I thought that just about al sent in pics were from the cats’ owners?

  79. The other day after reading a particularly hilarious bunch of comments “the feeling of the imp” (as my mother-in-law would say) came over me and I was driven to giving some sass to my boss – who now hasn’t spoken to me for TWO DAYS!! Admit it people! This is all part of your diabolical plan to TAKE OVER THE WORLD. By subliminally implanting impertinent thoughts into people’s minds you will undermine communication at a management level – thus leading to market insecurity and other economic things I don’t understand and eventually WORLD DOMINATION!!

    From now on you shall collectively be known as “The Brain” (Who this kitty reminds me of anyway)

  80. Lex — sometimes folks submit stuff that doesn’t belong to them, without knowing the original source. You know how photos & emails get passed around… can you translate the text from that Power Unlimited page?

    Bear in mind, it’s also likely that somebody sent the same photo to THEM… so it’s quite possible that Power Unlimited is not the original source either.

  81. The Power Unlimited page doesn’t state where it came from or the name of the game (My husband speaks Dutch), it’s just an average blog post.

  82. it’s likely from a japanese site from the color of the DS. And I found it linked off of Kotaku which linked it off of a Japanese site which called it the Nyatendo cat.

    “Nya” being the Japanese equivalent of “Meow”.

  83. I’ve been saying “automagically” for years, but I don’t know where I got it.

    Those are some gorgeous eyes on Kitteh there.

  84. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Yay for nerdy laptop kitty!

  85. I totally submitted this here.
    Perhaps my speedy fingers weren’t speedy enough.
    I found the pic off of

    Shot through the heart,
    and you’re to blame, Meg.

  86. “I saved over your game”

  87. Desiboo — thanks — but it’s a meme, not a Cute Overload exclusive. Can you tell me where it came from before had it? (…I’m guessing the Dutch site mentioned upthread, btw, based on the submitter’s name: “Ludwig”)

    Don’t be blaming teh Megs fer whut she ain’t guilty of.

  88. Nah, I ain’t blaming.
    Just bummed that I am no speedy gonzales and can have no CO fame

    Also, no idea what a meme is.

  89. alright, I’m workin’ on something…
    There should be a whole section of animals and hightechry.
    That would be sweeet.
    I’d love to see a ferret rockin’ an ipod.

  90. My new bumper sticker is gonna have to say: “I squeee for kitteh-gamers!”




  92. Noel I like the byte line he is a cutie but It looks like you scared him hope he does not lose his place in the game !

  93. When I get interrupted while playing my computer games, all H E double hockey sticks breaks loose, and the world ceases to exist as we know it.

    If you ever see a mushroom cloud in my direction, it’s because someone DARED to interrupt my video game playing.

    If I were the cat, I wouldn’t look scared, I’d look PISSED.


  94. ellenwings says:

    I believe this intelligent muted calico is almost surely a she, not a he. If I am wrong, please someone update me on the genetics of calico cats.

  95. LOL – Scottish Folsds actually creep me out a little bit. The eyes are bigger than the ears…

    but SWEET DS! That’s the best color I’ve ever seen. I have the pink one cause all the others were sold out

  96. I think the game is on ‘paws’

  97. I love the thought of a cat saying “walkies.”

    And this picture actually makes me think of a skit Dutch West TV did once, but I can’t find it on their site. So instead I’ll link to this one, which is more CO oriented anyway 🙂

  98. I swear by all that is cute, my Bichon’s name was “Pants”! and we called her just like that: Paaaaaaaaaaants! She got the name when someone said, as she stood at the counter, paws up, that she looked like a little boy in fur pants. Soon, she was known as Furpants, and then, eventually, PANTS!

  99. OMG I HEART THIS! what? on two of my fave blogs- CO and geekologie? I’m in heaven! Next it’ll be on that kitteh caption site!

    “I’m in your room, gankin’ your DS.”

  100. this picture is really funny, take care with the kittys, kissesss