Name this Panda

In fact, don’t just name this panda, name ALL EIGHTEEN BEBEH pan-pan cubs in a Name a Giant Panda contest put on by the Research and Conservation Center for Giant Pandas. is collecting name submissions until February 5.

May I suggest: "’Tock ‘Tock"? (Will you puh-lease check out bebeh panda #13 below)



Pandafix, THE place to snort panda photos, told us about this breaking panda news. [bowing head in thanks] Oh, and Pandafix is the only place on teh InterWebs with a category called "Panda Lovemaking." And you thought I was weird.



  1. [singsong]
    Oh MusicChickTwooooo….

  2. Very, very cute!

  3. Sleepy, Happy, Grumpy, Dopey, Sneezy, Bashful, Doc, Fluffy, Flippy, Roly, Poly, Flaily……

  4. too. moishe. panda. what are you trying to do to meee???? oh lawd. I wanna steal #11 and snorgle him like he’s never been snorgled befo. can you imagine the insanity that would ensue?

  5. Perhaps we can swipe names straight out of the CO glossary?

    etc, etc.

    But not Nuff or any of it’s variations. Nuff does not suit the Pandas.

  6. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Gah! I wants them all.

  7. Teri — LOL! How about:
    “Dream Office”
    “First Post”
    “Knitting Rabies”

    …etc etc etc

  8. omg, lookit that liddle tail-io…

  9. Name them after major international cities…? Like Berlin, London, Tokyo, Paris, Rome, Ontario, etc.

    Or you could name them after all the things in chocolate that make it so yummy: Sugar, Caffeine, Theobromine, Anandamide, Tryptophan, Phenylethylamine…*grin*


  10. THGA — d00d. Lemme get you a Bushmills.

  11. D2D — I kinda like your ninth suggestion there. Maybe for cub #9?

  12. Theo: LOL!!!!!

    Barfing Rainbow

  13. i would totally name a panda “kronshe”….LOL

  14. Number 12 is mine. MINE I tell you!!

  15. Peg of Tilling says:

    How can that panda cling to the wall like that???

    Oh. Nevermind.

  16. I fell in love with pandas after the birth of Tai Shan. What wonderful creatures they are.

  17. The insane cuteness is more than I can stand and now I must pass out.


  18. …Flopsy, Mopsy, Topsy, Dropsy, Popsy, oh, and Lasagna.

  19. I submitted mine!
    I reinforced the name “Tock Tock” for no. 13 but I also used sneezles for one of them and Yawnie for another.

  20. Why can’t I have one? I want one and I want it NOW!!!!!!!! (channeling Veruca Salt (sp?) and attempting to unleash the inner demon who desperately wants a panda).

    Okay, whew. That was close. I would also like to add furbrow, belleh, chub, eye capsule, paw pad, and of course ehn. Which is very close to ahn but not too close.

  21. Jenn — here, I’ve got some gum for you to try. It’s blueberry.

  22. The CO dictionary totally has it covered.


  23. Those aren’t bad, Pheas… but I think you’re looking at a different Glossary than I am.

  24. Stephanie C. says:

    Is it wrong to want to squeeeeeeze all the bebeh pandas? They have to be the cuddliest creatures on earth.

  25. How could that be wrong, Stephanie? (…then we don’t wanna be right!)

  26. …oh, and RedZ — LOL @ “Dropsy”

  27. [beep] X 15

    A friend sent me this last week! The descrips of the bebehs’ personalities are so adorable.

  28. sorry, pandies 16-18, didn’t see you there…!



    Paw-Paw (aka 2 paws up)

  30. If one of these is the baby from the sneezing panda video, then they should name it Choo!

  31. I so totally want #15! And #2 & #11! I’d name #15 Dreamy, #2 Yeller and #11 Squee!!

  32. I want to name one of ’em “Falun Gong” … but then again I’m a smartass.

  33. DAMMIT. First I see these 18 lil’ heartbreakers on MusicChick2’s vox, and splode my head, and now here too. Dammit dammit da-

    Oh and here are my names


    My brain’s a mess, man. You just SAW it happen.

  34. Agh! So cute it makes me a little bit sick. You should check out the China Daily article with the contest, if you haven’t — there are some very nice personality descriptions of each panda’s character. As below, re: No, 18:

    “She likes staying with mom, and when people come near them, she will bellow loudly. Cute and interesting.”

  35. freetomato says:

    I wanna be the guy in the top photo:

  36. Meg, Theo – thank you thank you thank you for posting this. I don’t know if you got it from MY submishe or someone elses. But I’m so happy to see it! *doing the Snoopy happy dance*

    By the way, you have to use THIS link in order to get a clickable option to actually submit a name. Enjoy!

  37. “when people come near them, she will bellow loudly”

    I wish it was appropriate for me to bellow loudly when I was unhappy or uncomfortable.

  38. Theo, I was using my mental CO glossary, culled from hours of obsessive cute-surfing. It’s a gift, albeit apparently one without lucrative career applications.

  39. T – well, NOW it IS there. Either I had a glitch, or the drugs are affecting my powers of observation. Sorry for the confusion. PANDA PALOOZA!!

  40. #11 on “Talk to the hand!” LMAO!!

  41. I submitted the sneezing panda video to cuteoverload, but it was a no-show. Here’s the video if anyone wants to see pa cuteness/hilarity:

  42. OMG – they are so cute!
    i checked out all the pics and enjoyed every minute.
    arent they the cutest at 1 month?

  43. “It’s a gift, albeit apparently one without lucrative career applications.”

    Pheas, you’re not working at the right place… 😉

  44. Name No. 2 Nick –

    Lady in Car: What are you gonna name it?

    Alison Bradbury: What?

    Lady: The baby.

    Alison: Well, if it’s a girl, Cynthia, and if it’s a boy, Elliot.

    Lady: Those are lovely names.

    Walter (Gib) Gibson: Elliot? You’re gonna name the kid Elliot? No, you can’t name the kid Elliot. Elliot is a fat kid with glasses who eats paste. You’re not gonna name the kid Elliot. You gotta give him a real name. Give him a name. Like Nick.

    Alison: Nick?

    Gib: Yeah, Nick! Nick’s a real name. Nick’s your buddy. Nick’s the kind of guy you can trust, the kind of guy you can drink a beer with, the kind of guy who doesn’t mind if you puke in his car. Nick!
    – From “The Sure Thing”

  45. MC2 — I updated the link. Thanks.

  46. [threadjack]
    This video is funny+sad.


  47. 響亮地發表 = Loud voice for #11 (I got the Chinese from


  49. Oh, my GOD! #13 is so cute he makes my heart hurt! I want to schnorgle him until he makes little panda grunts.

    Too much cute!!

  50. Awwwww that panda is to cute. I love him already and i have never seen him before i want him so bad. i would dump my boyfriend for that LIL’ SEXY BEAST OF GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Did you see the pictures of #10 as a baby? He looks like he’s on Broadway in picture 2.

  52. #17 is in a cheesecake pose, ready for her centerfold photo shoot. She’d be all “come hither” on a bearskin rug if it weren’t politically (polar-itically?) incorrect.

  53. Oreo! The perfect panda name. Mmmmm … snorgle that sweet creamy middle.

  54. Anh-Anh

    Best. Panda. Names. EVER

  55. It’d be “Ehn-Ehn” though, if you’re sticking strictly to established Cuteisms.
    [dots the “i”]

  56. {sticks out tongue at Theo] I done typed too fast and mixed up where the h and the n were on my keyboard. I did indeed mean Ehn-ehn.

    Wait, no…the keyboard shifted my h and n keys around! Yeah, that’s it……

  57. I’ve had my mocha. Monday has no power over me.

  58. Hmmm…methinks tis time for me to escape the shackles of my office and head on over to the Second Cup for a verra tasty mug of Vanilla Latte.

    VANILLA LATTE!!!! Panda name!

  59. OK – baby Panda’s, and Panda’s in general, should be made ILLEGAL. They are just TOO cute to be safe for the public.

  60. NUMBER TEN IS MINE AND NO ONE CAN STOP ME. I shall name him Buddha.

  61. you guys r silly says:

    #12 could be named “Tubbs” because of the little washtub thingy he’s in there… &:o)
    ALL of them have little *smiles*…!!! So precious!

  62. /threadjack for childhood story relating to Chinese names/
    When I was a kid, our church had a Chinese missionary come for a summer. His name was Wing Wong, or at any rate that was the Podunk, Kansas, pronunciation. Capitalizing on his uncertainty in English, the high school kids taught him to say, “Wing Wong plays Ping Pong with his Ding Dong.”
    /End threadjack with my apologies/

  63. …in Hong Kong?

  64. One must be named Moon Cake

  65. I think I would call this one FatButt. Though TockTock would work, as well.

  66. you guys r silly says:

    …and in * sing * song. *

  67. YGRS —

    (sorry… had to do it)

  68. Louise – “Jazz paws??”

  69. At least one, or maybe the group, should be called Panda Monium. My childhood (stuffed toy) Panda was called the excellent name Philakadusha (as in You’re my Philakdusha, Skinamaroushka… a Jimmy Durante song) * Theo, how DO you stay so witty, tolerant and up on popular culture, I am in awe.

  70. It’s the mocha talking.

    (PS — link ‘specially for EzReader:


  71. Lizzie_the_kitty_lover says:

    Hehehe. Not sure about the others but just ’cause it’s number 13, I’d suggest(for no. 13, doy)Lucky. Hehe. ^-^

  72. Too cute… can’t breathe…

  73. Lizzie_the_kitty_lover says:

    What is WITH no.11, man? O_O that is just horrible. Lol.

  74. Lizzie_the_kitty_lover says:

    Oo! And maybe number 12 could be Bafftime(Baff for short)*gigglesnort*. It kinda looks like it’s havin’ a bath in thar.

  75. #16, “Bits” as in panda bits.

  76. I think number 10’s funny tail action, with all that transparent fuzz sticking out, really deserves a mention. SO CUTE.

  77. oops, i meant #13. i was overcome by the fuzziness.

  78. I am beyond jealous of the karma-blessed staff of the RCCGP.

  79. number 10 needs to be called Bubba

  80. you’re all delusional. quite clearly their names should be:

    newlee’s sweet huggy-kissybunchy; newlee’s delicious snugglemuffin; newlee’s happy honeyfloof; newlee’s silly snorglepie

    and so on….

    i already bought ID bracelets for them.

  81. Oh, man, how sad is THAT? #13 was found ABANDONED by its mother!!!

  82. OMG….
    Beleh and
    tiny tail stubage
    X 18 = More cuteness than I can stand in one day.

  83. 11 looks like he’s just been told the funniest joke ever, and 12 CLEARLY knows he’s gonna show up on CO: belleh, paws up in ‘wazzup’ mode, fuzziness, ear-to head, etc.

  84. my head exploded in glee

  85. LOL I absolutely LOVE number 12 being weighed.

    She looks all “Yaaaaaaaaaaaay weighing tiiiiiiiiime!”

    Number 11 playing peekaboo’s pretty irresistable too. 😉

  86. chelonianmobile says:

    I’d suggest “Arloest” but I doubt anyone here but me would get it, and I’m not linking to a comic that gruesome on a family forum. That and, considering what happened to her, it’s probably a bad omen.

    *goes back to squeeing*

    Well, “Fluffy” became cliche for a good reason, so maybe that?

  87. P.S. This TRULY brings “cute overload” to an all new level of overload. Srsly.

  88. The Pandas should be given American TV names:

    Mr. Belding
    Kelly Kapowski
    Mr. Eddie’s Father
    Chief Wiggum
    Herman Munster
    Counselor Troi
    Punky the Brewster
    Balki Bartokamus
    Jimmy JJ

  89. marsheeeee says:

    Adorable, except aren’t some of them a little young to be taken from their Moms?

  90. TanksMommy says:

    I want to reach through the computer screen and squeeze them all to pieces! Baby pandas…to cute for the world! Epitome of cuteness!

  91. not that anyone cares, but this brought back to me how I first came in contact w/ co last winter, via some time spent surfing or pictures of cute pandas. Ah, the circle of life.

  92. I spent four months in China and got to visit this panda reserve–my head nearly exploded while I was there. Marsheee, according to the workers there, when the pandas are first born, the mothers will often just ignore them. Don’t know why, but the workers were speculating that that was another reason why pandas are so endangered, because there’s some instinct missing to immediately protect their young. So when the pandas are born, they are usually taken to a ‘nursery’ and cared for by humans. I didn’t really understand the process by which they are returned to their mothers later (my Chinese isn’t that great). So anyways, yeah, these guys are quintessential cuteoverload.

  93. I name number 12 Cutie McSpanker Pants!

  94. ‘s not fair, they have 18 pandas and I don’t even have one.

  95. Hmmm….

    Ichigo, Rukia, Uryu, Orihime, Tatsuke, Yuzu, Karin, Mamoru, Ami, Rei, Makoto, Minako, Setsuna, Michiru, Haruka, Yamato, Sakura, Tomoyo, Rika, Li, Touya, Yukito, Naoko….yeah, I could name so very many names here. Don’t ask. Free cookies to whoever can tell me where these names are from.

  96. I just imploded (it’s tidier than explosion).

    This is TOO. MUCH.

    I like No. 11 — he looks like he’s been having a good time since the womb.

  97. well actually if you mention it…number 16 too…

  98. Poor number 13 alone in its little bed…at least it is sleeping!

  99. oh is it a panda “focus” group…oh thats whyyyyy they all look the same!

  100. Me you think i am ze panda…no its him…no him…no him…who are we again?????

  101. Aoide,

    Sounds like someone’s anime overload encountered their panda overload.

  102. ^-^;

    Guilty as charged, Anon. You can still try for the free cookies, as can everyone else.

    (Hint for those who probably don’t already know- They’re not all from the same anime)

  103. I kinda want to name them after sub-atomic particles…

    Like the quarks; Up, Down, Strange, Charm…

    Oh God. I’m a dork.

  104. From all the useless trivia festering in my head, here goes: Bleach, Sailor Moon, and Card Captor Sakura. I can’t believe I actually remember these.

  105. And the grand prize goes to Anon! I present to you this basket of cookies. *gives basket o’ cookies*

  106. I want to name all of them tiny baby chicken fluff fluffs. And I’ve already asked if I could bring one home. It would sleep with me (and get a tiny baby pillow of it’s own, although I would cuddle with it every night). I don’t see how there is any way I could be denied, unless the Chinese just hate me. Which really is uncalled for.

  107. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Howzabout calling one of em lowest common denominator. As in panda-ing to the lowest common denominator. Yuk. Yuk.

  108. I do like ‘Tock Tock’! ;o)

  109. The Chinese are trying to bamboozle us!
    It wont work! I will not be tricked into losing one more entire day thinking of roly-poly-fuzzy-black & white names! Nooo!
    I am done with Snoopy, Eddie Munster, soccer ball, Twinkie, Pepe Le Pew, Shamu, checkers, KISS, Pingu, spats, Oreo, Chaplin, Tux, Cruella, Adidas, Snow White, and my two faves, Jolly Roger and Black Pearrrrlll.

  110. “Tock-Tock” – DEF.

  111. Mr. Gladys — I like it, except… people would inevitably shorten it to something like “Low” or even “LCD”. Of course, this conjures images in my head of a little bear who sits yoga-style on my desk. We’d have staring contests. He’d always win but I wouldn’t mind… [hopelessly lost]

  112. Thanks, Theo, that video is outtasite! Far out, Man…

  113. Ok, #11…that is just not fair. That thing is a stuffed animal, right? That’s totally redonk.

    Oh…and Oreo is the best Panda name EVAR.

  114. “Features: he was found in the wild in Baoxing, abandoned by his mother. He has a wide and round mouth, is a little bit introverted and falls asleep easily.”

    Note to self: Keep eyes open whenever in the wild as there may be baby pandas scattered about.

    Also, note: baby pandas may be rather like current husbands.

    Suggested names:

    1. Cute
    2. Cuter
    3. Cuterer
    4. Cutererer
    5-18 (etc.)

  115. Marla — er, you’re saying you have 18 current husbands scattered about??!

  116. Stephanie C. says:

    Re: zhi shan’s post about the panda reserve…what a job! Panda snorgler!! I can’t imagine how much fun it would be to play with bebeh pandas all day long. Of course, I would get attached to them, and want to take them home…

  117. kittymomma333 says:

    These pictures could quite possible bring about world peace.

  118. you guys r silly says:

    Teho —- heh-heh-heh…just saw the King Kong link up above …

  119. Panda Names:

  120. Hey, did anyone else play “follow the links” and see the photo of #11 at one day old??? OM(effin)G! Pandas are practically microscopic when newborn! Maybe panda mums just get a little distracted, “…ooh, nice bamboo!…” and forget the bebehs exist.

    And #15 should be called Tie-tie.

  121. Brak_Silverbone says:


    The manga/anime BLEACH, right?

  122. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Oh, and I think all the pandas should be named Snurfle McSnurflesons. Simply because a few too many brain cells have been killed by their uber-cuteness for me to think of 18 different names.

  123. House of Mayhem says:


  124. Johnny Poopwater says:

    I think the name is obvious: STEPHEN COLBERT for all of them.

  125. Hey guys I just wanted to share this video on China’s Panda Conservation Center: