Mini popsicles

We’re just a skooooosh tongue-centric today. Lil’ goat "SugarPie" discovered flying snowflakes and is testing them out. Sugarpie’s all: ‘Lurp, lurp’


Can you see in the birdhouse behind SugarPie, there is a boid ramping up a mini snow cone business? Each snow cone would have to have a perfect bit of bird seed on top. Right Sarah H.?



  1. Pffwhtt.

  2. That bird is ramping up mini-snowcones! I hope that’s what he’s dropping in the air.

    They are so perfectly round and cute. He’s obviously an organizer!

  3. eikoleigh says:

    Too cute – He looks like he’s totally trying to catch snowflakes on his little tongue…! Precious.

  4. OMG. absolutely perfectly undeniably cute! the kid’s like, “look, ma, i’m catching snowflakes on my tongue!” and sugarpie! what a great goat name! squeeee! oh, and talk about coinkydinks, NYC got its first more-than-a-dusting snow tonight! come on, sugarpie, let’s make a snowgoat!

  5. This kid’s lapping up those flakes like they’re sugar-goated!

  6. LOL!!! He looks like he’s saying ‘thppppp’ to the snowflakes!

  7. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    My God I was doing the snowflake thing last Wednesday on the way to work. Does this mean I am a reincarnation of a Goat!

  8. A goat wearing a coat…pretty darned cute!

    I believe those “sno-cones” are in actuality a fence.

  9. This is officially my favoritest picture ever.

  10. acelightning says:

    Gotta love the goat-sweater! I wonder if this green sweater has anything to do with the green sweater on the kitten from last week? And if he were an angora goat (I know he’s not), wouldn’t he already be wearing an angora sweater?

    Oh, and there are few taste treats as elusive but delightful as snowflakes on one’s tongue…

  11. Gaaaaaaahhhhggghhh! (head explodes from cuteness)

  12. oooo!
    I love goaties! I want one in my garden (when I get a garden)…

  13. (Linus) Needs sugar. (end Linus)

  14. This is just entirely too cute. Props to Meg for always finding the unconventional cuteness. : )

  15. [head cocked sideways] …huh.


  16. Cucumbers are good for you.

  17. Sugarpie is a cutiepie for sure!

    Baby goats are the cutest things. Adult goats, not so much.

  18. He looks like he’s giving everyone the “neener neener” look.

  19. A goatie in a coatie! Cute cute cute! The snow slurpage is “Sugar” on the cone.

  20. No, Sugarpie, no! Don’t stick your tongue on the corral post! D’oh! Too late.

  21. Sugar Pie is the sweetest thing…he started off the week just right!

  22. Beauregard says:

    Oh he is just so soft and lovely looking. I really wish I could pet heem!

  23. OK…fess up! How many of you stuck your tongue back out at the goat when you saw this pic?? Huh? Huh? *raises hand, looks around sheepishly for others*

  24. MC2 — I’ll do it, but only because you suggest it.
    [raises hand goatishly]

  25. Eeee – Goat! There aren’t enough cute goat pictures in the world. Square pupils for the win.

    Maybe I should try and dig out the pictures of my kids. I’m pretty sure I have at least one goat-in-a-diaper pic somwhere.

  26. AIEEEEEE! I want a goat that licks snowflakes! 😀


  28. Sooo cute!

  29. Methinks this is a mini, rather than a baby, goat. And he’s wearing a GoatCoat(TM)! Never seen that before.

  30. Teho, love how you’re tidying up the place.

  31. “If all the snowflakes
    were Hershey bars and milkshakes,
    oh what a snow it would be!
    I’d stand outside with my mouth open wide going
    eh-eheh-eh eheh-eh eheh-eh.
    If all the snowflakes
    were Hershey bars and milkshakes,
    oh what a snow it would be!”

    Sing it, Sugarpie! Sing it!

  32. Laurie C — ;^)

  33. RPenn — or how ’bout this?

    Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch
    I’m saucer-eyed and chilly
    I can’t help myself
    What is this stuff that’s falling on me?

    Wanna tell me maaa it scares me
    Hide inside my hut, and I’ve tried
    But when I catch one on my tongue
    I get all goofy inside

  34. What a awesome pic. For some reason I think its just a beautiful shot. How alike we all are, animals and humans.

  35. this is to much! ackk, falls out of chair, poink!

  36. This reminds me of what I used to do as a kid.

    A kid.

    Oh my gosh, I’m a goat!

  37. …you’ve got to be kidding!

  38. My son caught schnee flakes on his tongue for the first time a couple weeks ago. He looked just like this goat…but with less hair and rounder pupils. 😉


  39. Yey! More goats (w/ or w/o coats) please! They’re almost as cool as rabbits…

  40. …in habits?

  41. It’s the little things in life, folks…

    This goat’s got it down.

  42. DKN — no no… the down’s over here:

    (nyuk dyuck)

  43. LOL! Rabbits in habits.

    Dogs in clogs

    Cats (or rats) in spats

  44. Oh yes, I missed that one!

    And my calling, apparently 😉

  45. How about meadow voles in camisoles?

  46. LOL!!

    …very good!

  47. Termagants in pants…

  48. Wait, that’s not an animal. Nevamind.

  49. hee

  50. Let’s try:

    Shrews in shoes

    Ducks in tuxes

    Mouses in blouses

  51. Cormorants in training pants.

  52. STOP ME NOW.

  53. Llamas in pajamas.

    (And, silly me, I thought the *goat* was a little flakey.)


  55. I think “cormorant” was what I was going for with termagant. Thanks, Teho.

    Termites in tights.

  56. One good tern deserves an otter.
    (and anot’er)

  57. Bobcats in Bowler Hats

  58. otterotterotterotterotterotterotterotterotterotterotterotterotterotter


  59. Dinosaurs in pinafores.

  60. AHA! Pyrit wins.

  61. Dangit! And here I was about to suggest Tony Dorsett in a whalebone corset, too…

  62. Teehee! You guys are providing my daily quotient of belly laughs, anyway.

  63. How about…

    Fleas on skis.

  64. Too easy but, apes in capes. The mental imagery.

    A thinker, (shaking finger) that’s a vewy bad game you started.

  65. Oh, we’re doing ‘on’ now?

    Hooters on computers.

    As in owl!!!

  66. Pyrit — in *this* case, I think the game was well afoot before Thinkie showed up. See Tiberia’s comment, upthread.

  67. I think it was Teho who started it. But it is fun. It is providing some amusement and distraction from what I’m supposed to be doing 😉

  68. Oi now!

  69. Oh, and while we’re on habits and capes, how about:

    Owls in cowls.

  70. …and [ducks] from Teho’s wrath 😉

  71. (Theo’s brain in mortal pain)

  72. Ostriches in baggy britches.

  73. See, I had copyright concerns about the cowl thing; turtleneck; like zebra.

    Black widows in stilettos.

  74. YAY!! Laurie C in on the fun 😉

  75. Peacocks in droopy socks.
    (This could be a picture book.)

  76. Teho’s in Tevas.

  77. A snowshoe hare in underwear.

    (Any illustrators in here?)

  78. Snakes… on a plane.

  79. I bet he in in the warmer weather, pyrit.

  80. Gingrich newts in birthday suits.

  81. I mean *is*, in the warmer weather.

  82. Pyrit doesn’t win anymore.

  83. Don’t newts come in birthday suits, by default?

  84. I’m betting more by *accident*

  85. Eew, pyrit, my eyes!

  86. Tiny newts in pinstripe suits.
    (There, that’s better.)

  87. A thinker – (the look)
    Thanks Theo – I dint wanna touch that one.

    Peeps in Jeeps.

  88. Wearing cowboy boots.

  89. Whahuh?

  90. Thinkie, pinstrip suits and cowboys boots. (Look waaay up, as the Friendly Giant used to say.)

  91. Pyrit —
    (We gave this book to my sister at Christmas, to read to my li’l nephew, and he LOVES it.)

  92. OK, if we’re on vehicles now:

    Yaks in Cadillacs.

    (btw, Teho, that is one of my all-time favourite books).

  93. A thinker – If it’s, ‘the look’, you are whahuhing to; it was the school-marm-down-the-nose-over-pince nez ‘look’. 😉

  94. But what did I get it *for*? This is what’s puzzling me.

    I seem to have inadvertently said something inappropriate…

  95. I have a guess, but if it’s correct, it’s probably best left unexplained…

  96. Ask your mother.
    [buries head in sports section]

  97. (cracking up)

  98. acelightning says:

    Geese in fleece.
    Hawks in socks.
    A deer in foul-weather gear.
    ‘Roos in shoes.
    Rats in spats and bats with hats!

  99. Turtles in girdles.

  100. Pandas in spandex?

  101. maybe not

  102. Collies with lollies (as in lolly pops)

    Kittens in mittens

    Labs in cabs?

    An Ox in socks?

  103. What, no cats in spats yet?

  104. useta hada kitteh says:

    I think there was/were cats in spats waaaaaay up yonder.

    geese in fleece

  105. useta hada kitteh says:

    yeah yeah I know, I’m late to the party…

    elephants in stripy pants

    bowsers in trousers

    gnus in shoes

    alligators in new hip waders

  106. useta hada kitteh says:

    oops, geese in fleece was already up there. I din’t mean ta copy!

  107. A thinker –
    “I seem to have inadvertently said something inappropriate…”

    Not really.

    I think we got too silly since it was CO Happy Hour when we read your,
    “Don’t newts come in birthday suits, by default?”
    Thazza great line.

  108. Oh. Hokay. Now I feels better 🙂

    Ellies in wellies.

  109. This is tewtallyyy why I LOVE this site!

  110. St. Bernard in a leotard.

  111. G’night. I’m giving up on this madness for now.

  112. Hey, … … … who’s gonna help me get all these clothes and animals put away? Look at this. I can’t catch a shrew! So. many. birds. That ostrich needs a belt. What are the ox and yak doing? Whose spandex is this? (checking label) I’ll just leave the newt.

  113. awwwwhh! Goats are my favorite! I love goat kisses. 🙂

  114. acelightning says:

    Springboks in knee socks.
    Llamas in pajamas.
    Guinea pigs in powdered wigs.
    Malamutes in bathing suits.
    Harbor seals in five-inch heels.

    (You’re all welcome to experiment to find out which will shut me up – chocolate pudding, or creme brulee?)

  115. See, this is why the time difference ruins all the fun. I leave my computer, only to find that a party has been happening while I was asleep.

    Oh, and malamutes in track suits.

  116. useta hada kitteh says:

    I don’t really want to shut you up, acelightning, I just feel like flingin’ some puddin’. Cho’late puddins comin’ at ya! (only it’s morning now, and you’re not here, so the cho’late puddin will just have to hover in cyberspace until you show up, and then….splat!)

    um, pyrit, you missed one when you were putting all the animals and clothes away…

    angora cats in fedora hats

  117. Oh no.

    Komodos in kimonos.

    useta – (whiiisper) thx 4, y’no, the tip, abt y’no who.
    I don’t even wanna know how u knew i is f.

    Pelicans in Ray Bans.
    Lemurs in jodhpurs.
    Deep Sea Basses in sunglasses.

  118. Wow. Pyrit, you sure has some brain. I am left flabbergasted by your creativity. What do you *do* all day long, anyway?

  119. useta hada kitteh says:

    pyrit (whiiiisper back): it’s maaaagic. or it’s email addresses. your choice.

    and Thinkie’s right, you sure have some brain. Do you think up the animal first or the article of clothing? I kept thinking of animals that didn’t rhyme with anything. Can you do anything with zebra or rottweiler?

  120. Zebras in Wonderbras (ok, it sort of works)

    I’ll get back to you on Rottweiler. Unless pyrit gets there first.

  121. Geeky Rottweilers with kernel compilers?

  122. …oh, and Zebras in Zubaz. Of course.

  123. Rottweilers with hair stylers.

    Rottweilers with nail filers.

    Now, somebody stop *me*.

  124. Well, I could always close the comments… but I don’ wanna.

  125. Sugarpie I love you! You made it to my desktop, EvEn!

  126. Said Schuyler:
    “‘Twill beguile-er
    if a pile-er
    Rottweilers wear corsets with hook n’ eylers.”

    Tee hee.

  127. …surreal indeed

  128. Hey Peeps, Usually Tue. is laundry day but we got invited out to play today instead so I’m just back. Saw all the new posts and will save ’em for later when I have more time. Checked Sugarpie (I’m usually such a responsible sort) and, oh okayyy…

    useta – I, too, thought of “mousers in trousers”, and bowsers in trousers. Next time, listen to your inner voice when it says, ‘meh’! GAH! 😉

    ace – llamas in pajamas – helloooo-oo. Little wavey hand.

    We can’t use zebras, or turtlenecks, they will sue us. Any animal with articles of clothing already in the name.

    A thinker – Thank you. What do I do all day? Watch the horizon I guess.

    useta – The animals and clothing, it’s like trying to find a lid to fit your Tupperware. Keep digging around.

    Rottweilers – Must be German clothing that rhymes?

    Rottweilers in Argylers.

    Some words rhyme at the beginning or middle.

    Corgis in corduroy.
    Macaques in kahki.

    Now, be gone. Sir Real and I need some time alone, together.

  129. Thoroughbreds in purple Keds.

  130. Shh, Thinker, they’re canoodling.

  131. Oops.

    [takes thoroughbred by the halter and quietly tiptoes out]

  132. [thoroughbred is rather noisy due to Keds]

  133. Whuhh? So why are they called “sneakers,” then?

  134. Hmm. Lemme ponder that one and get back to you.

  135. Brak_Silverbone says:


    Laurie C is my hero ’cause she remembers the Friendly Giant too! (And here’s a rocking chair, if any of you would like to rock.)

  136. Rottweilers….ok, it’s not clothing, but how about “Rottweilers in hang gliders”?

    Kinda scary!

  137. useta hada kitteh says:

    Brak Silverbone — and here’s another chair for two more to curl up in.

    I think I’d like to go and live in a bookbag in a castle for a while. Seems a peaceful sort of life… (and the recorder music starts in, with “early one morning, just as the sun was rising…”)

    And thanks, everyone, for all the rottweiler rhymes! Who knew rotties could have so many different things rhymed with them.

  138. acelightning says:

    useta – mmm, chocolate cyberpudding for my midnight snack!

    pyrit – there have been several duplicates already. Besides, I’m usually posting in the middle of the night.

    Sugar gliders in TopSiders.
    Ibex in Spandex.
    Woodpeckers in frilly knickers.

    (Okay… time to go eat the cyberpudding…)

  139. Huh what happened. Oh my I think I swooned. Hope I didn’t do anything silly, like canoodling and such.

  140. acelightning –
    “In the middle of the night,
    You go typing like a Peep
    Through the pictures of the Cute
    To the comments so deep
    We all get the notion
    We all heart the theme
    We’re all carried along
    By the river of dreams
    In the middle of the night

  141. Pyrit – s’ok, I think I passed out as well.

  142. There’s something vaguely sad about that.

  143. teresaa=] says:

    um new word. GOATEH