We’re up for BEST AMERRRICAN WEBLOG! Holy McCrapulence!

This means you absolutely must vote for Cute Overload.

Think of the kittehs.





  1. Voting. Voting… VOTING!!!

  2. Vote’d! <3

  3. Done!

  4. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Ok, I voted…
    Now what?

  5. Voted!!

  6. I voted too!!

  7. Ooo thankfully PostSecret was available in other categories, otherwise it was going to be a hard choice 🙂

  8. Bunnny! Penguin!Yeah! Wooopie!

  9. one more vote from Brisbane, Australia

  10. Oh, PostSecret is in other categories? That’s good, now I can vote :). I couldn’t pick one of PostSecret or Cute O over the other.

  11. And one from Geneva, Switzerland.

  12. Voted already!

  13. acelightning says:

    Okay, I voted.

    Y’know, I have at least four other email addresses…

  14. Done–I voted 🙂

  15. Think of the kittehs, peeps! THINK OF THE KITTEHS!

  16. I’ve voted. After all, what would we do without all those cute little critters?

  17. chica con gatitas says:

    Oooooh yays. I seeenk of zee kittehs ALL da taaaahm. J’ai bien vote! Vive les chattes/chatons!

  18. Done and done! Any more instructions, oh mistress of cuteness?

  19. In true Chicagah fashion, I voted early and voted often!! (jk)

  20. I voted!

  21. Voted, voted, Voted.
    Bit disappointed only 1 nomination clearly webbies aren’t what they should be

  22. I voted for you at the bloggies. I’m smitten by all the cuteness!

  23. unlike other frail souls, I had no qualms pickin’ co over postsecret…been there done that co is 100x better
    (don’ wory I’m just trash talkin)

  24. Yitzysmommie says:

    Yitzy & I voted….he was enthralled last night with the scottish fold kitteh’s teensy mews

  25. I found you because of the nomination. And now I can get a daily does of cute, thanks.

  26. Sammy's Auntie Wendy says:

    Yay! I just voted for the cute,too!!’s my free kitten?

  27. Yay! Congrats—

    Just wanted to give a hint —

    The rules state that if you put in a second vote your first one will be replaced…(meaning only vote once)

    So—I am putting in a vote for CO from each of my 18 million different email addresses!!!!

    You can too if you have more than one email address!

  28. misschelley says:

    i voted.
    i count.

  29. voted. will now twist husband’s arm and make him vote for the qte.

  30. I voted last night.

  31. Mary Wallace says:

    I voted for the kittehs!

  32. I VOTED! so happy post secret was in other catagories!

  33. I voted-but isn’t it a done deal? What could possibly beat Cute Overload? Nothing!

  34. I voted!!!

    but I must be horribly internet ignorant, cause I didn’t know any other websites except this and youtube. 😦 I feel like such a huge nerd.

  35. I voted for CO, but I did pick Fark, postsecret, Boing Boing and Pink is the new blog in the other categories.
    VOTE OR DIE (and not from teh qte)!

  36. AdieAngel says:

    I voted, too!

  37. I loved this site till I saw the photo of the cat in the dryer. You should remove that photo immediately. It sets a horrible example for pet owners. I spreak from experience.

  38. … and also my vote is done … 🙂

  39. Ok – Im in hurry but I will admit I havnet been to the other nominees. But what CO nominations for best photography and best written??? I saw other sites were nominated for more than one cat….

    I voted!!! (where’s my sticker?)

  40. Teh Qte is up for the Holy McCrapulence award?? Well of course my vote goes for CO…of course. Consider it a done deal.

  41. I voted LAST NIGHT when I also posted the link here and over on teh VOX.

    If you’re going to vote from all your million billion email addresses, maybe mix it up in the categories you don’t know so much about?

    CO is ONLY nominated for “Best American Blog”, which rilly rilly isn’t enough noms. So we Peeps must make sure it wins that category!

  42. I voted! Go CO!!

  43. I always visit you guys, this is just the first time I post…think so…
    Anyway, I voted for you! I feel kinda bad for the other sites, I ´ve never even seen them. I suppose they just can´t be better than this,

  44. Voted…hurrah!

  45. Another vote for CO…I checked out some of the other blogs too and all I have to say is don’t go to postsecret if you’re squeamish. There’s a close-up photo of the inside of somebody’s stomach right there at the top! Ick. I feel sick now : P

  46. I voted too, and was also happy to see Postsecret in another category.
    Susan C., my daughter sent the cat for a spin in the dryer accidentally. She learned her lesson, never leave the dryer door open, and always check for kitties before turning it on. I am sure most pet owners would not put their kitty in a dryer just because they saw a picture of a kitty in the dryer.

  47. teenwolftsdw says:

    this is so cute yay to the website and yay to the mkers i’ve told all my bff’s about this…

  48. Didn’t we vote for this already? or you’re serisouly telling me that a year past since I voted for you and almost 2 since I’ve been a fan??

    Oh and you didn’t get best “tropical blog” this year?? what’s up with that?!

  49. Aldana — maybe you’re thinking of the Webbys?

  50. WOO HOO Cute Overload!! My vote is in for you…and the kittehs!!

  51. Voted!

  52. Martha in Washington says:

    I voted late today-but I’m on the west coast so the polls open later. That’s my excuse for the lateness anyway.
    And yeah, where’s my sticker too?

  53. book_monstercats says:

    I’ve tried and failed. I keep getting “page can’t be displayed”. Is it because I is British?

  54. ok done!

  55. Voting!! Voting!! Voting!! Brazil is voting!!

  56. book_monstercats says:

    Now it’s worked! Go CO! I particularly liked the cat in the dryer. What an expression – no CO’er would dream of doing anything silly or bad to any beastie.

  57. you guys r silly says:

    Yay! I voted for CO too!
    (this doesn’t mean I’m gonna get called for jury duty now, does it??? &:o(

  58. Book Monstercats — it depends. If the beastie is pooing in the Comments every day…

  59. book_monstercats says:

    I’m convinced that no true CO’er would mind any amount of beastie poo, as long as it was accompanied by complete anerableness, as is always the case on CO. BP is part of the territory, n’est ce pas, Theo?

  60. Book — true, a certain amount of griefing does come with the territory.
    Fitting you should choose that word specifically, though.

    [sprays] …mine


  61. georgia w. says:

    I voted. Yeah! I like voting and giving my opinion. lol

  62. book_monstercats says:

    Theo, it’s an expression I use when my working day has been absolutely s*^t (apart from my daily vist to CO at lunchtime), and I have to remind myself I chose my path. Very apt for CO, though.

  63. peachypie says:

    I voted! And since I live in Austin and am off work that day, I shall see you at the awards during SXSW!

  64. I cant see a way to choose ANY site. click on the “icon” and there you are at the site.

    fill in the info requested—there is no slot for my choice, just “submit”.

    someone gimme a clue…I want to vote for CO, but cant quite get there…EEEHHNN!

  65. Tomi — every site thumbnail has a little radio button above it. There should be 4 (or 5?) per category. Just click on 1 site per category as you scroll down the page, then click Submit.

    You’ll need to enter an email address, then click a “confirmation link” in an email message sent to that address, after you click Submit.

  66. I voted — and how!!! Nothing makes me snort and giggle out loud like this site! Keep up the great work!

  67. I LOVE your website! It always makes me happy. I ABSOLUTEly voted for you!!!! (i was thinking of the kittehs ….!)