Um, Señor Kitteh?Quit with the nonchalance, you are ASKIN’ fer it!Git out quick, before someone hits the ULTRA HEAVY LOAD HIGH HEAT option!Geeshe.


“Bella” the troublemaker was sent in by Kim S. who claims she is addicted to C.O. Shud we start C.O.A. (Anonymous) for her?


  1. The leaning elbow and half-closed eyes say that if you want her to move, you’re going to have to SERIOUSLY explain why.

    Yes, MA’AM!

  2. ka9q's wife says:

    we already have a COA. Not that i need it i can quit anytime. *Twitchy eyes*

  3. This kitteh tewtally has attitude.

  4. Keep that “summertime” glow, all year ’round — at …


    Relax in our hygienic stainless-steel tanning beds, featuring our exclusive patented AutoFlip(tm) rotating mechanism, for a perfectly even tan every time.

    Why look like this?
    … when you can wear a golden-brown “tiger” tan just like Bella, at Men A. Nin’s Kitty Tanning Salon! Now open in the Phlegmbrook Galleria, Paramus.

  5. NTMTOM: Bravo! LMAO!!!

    C.O. Anonymous?? Um, I don’t WANNA quit! I have to have my cute fix several times a day *leans down, deeply huffs kitteh in lap* *exhales* Ahhhhhhhhhh…… uh, yeah? you were sayin’?

  6. LOL at The Other Mike!

  7. Don’t we ALL need C.O.A.?

    Kitties in dryers…was she set on extra fluffy?

  8. Cat to owner in best Cagney voice:

    “What are ya staring at toots? What you never seen a cat lay down before? Its warm in here, see. Now beat before you get yourself into trouble. The nerve of some babes!”

  9. This cat soooo has the “Go ahead, reach for the start button, do you feel lucky punk? Well, do ya? ” vibe going. Eastwood as a cat – just look at the eyes…

  10. Kitty has just had a bath and best blowdry ever.

  11. There is a video on YouTube of a “PetSpa” — a chamber that washes your pet for you. The cat put in it did NOT, repeat NOT NOT NOT like it. I was absolutely torn between “oh my god, that poor kitty,” and laughing, “What MOOK came up with that thing?”

    The cat owners said they stopped the cycle and took him out, but he was Not a Happy Kitty.

    Inspired choice of music, though: “Under the Sea.”

    Let the debate begin…..

  12. LOL!!!

    I think I’d do my laundry more often if there were cats in the laundry room.

  13. And a big LOL and a tip o’ the hat to NTMTOM, as usual.

  14. acelightning says:

    Yep, there’s some serious CAT-titude going on there. But I suspect he’ll leave once the dryer cools off a little more…

  15. that explains all the missing sock-mates.

  16. I’m in UR dryer, interupting UR washday.

  17. This post reminds me of that video clip I saw of [EDITED blah blah blah]. That was a great video.

    [NOTE FROM MODERATOR — if you continue this kind of nonsense, 88, I’ll be taking it up with your ISP. You are persona non grata.]

  18. useta hada kitteh says:

    Teho? Clean-up on aisle 8.

    Meanwhile, if kitteh drinkin’ water in the last post decides to dry his fur, he ain’t gonna get past this guy…”Don’t even think about it…”

    Also, pyrit? If ya didn’t see my comment answering your latest on BabyBabyOtterOtter, look for fable.


  19. useta hada kitteh says:

    Also, um, pyrit? May I just say, be careful what you wish for.

  20. Clearly an intelligent cat why go to the bother of shreading on clean clothes when when spread all over the house when you can be warm and shread over all the cothes as they are dried.

  21. LOL Suda Nim – that video is causing maaad controversy.

    at first glance at this CU post, i was scurred bcz i thought the metal thing was a huge cheese grater

  22. cute kitteh…but I want that dryer! niiiiice.
    you know yer getting old when you covet other people’s appliances.

  23. super cute, but I am worried b/c actually the cat could meet its maker by accident w/this behav. I’m not judging tho’ i have a pic. of my own cat doing the same thing! I

  24. thedistractor says:

    It’s like he’s in his secret chamber, planning world domination.

    “What are you doing in there kitty?”
    “The same thing I do every night. Trying to take over the world.”
    *pardon the awkward grammar*

  25. Suda — let’s just say that’s one YouTube vid that won’t be showing up on Teh Qte™.

  26. Yitzysmommie says:

    Kim S’ new energy saving clothes drying technique: The Bella death ray – clothes dried in an instant!

  27. Yitzysmommie says:

    Oh Suda Nim – I had to turn that youtube video off – the poor kitteh! Now mind you, I’m blessed with a very warped sense o’ humor (LOVE Bonsai Kitten) but that one just wasn’t funny for the poor kitteh. I hope he got many treats and loves and left many scratch marks. I hope the MOOK who invented it gets locked in it 🙂
    The music was TOO funny….

  28. I have to keep my dryer door closed at all times now, because kittehs liked it too much, and I was having nightmares every time I did laundry. Now they sleep in the warm fleece basket on top instead, while the dryer purrs them to sleep.

  29. vansassanova says:

    My kitties get into everything when I’m involved with it – the dustpan, the filing cabinet, the shower, stuck in the fabric underneath the boxspring (their crying woke and scared me to death, until i saw what happened and had to laugh), a paw stuck under the fridge (I still don’t understand how that happened), and on and on. One day the male kitty got into the dryer. I didn’t know it until I heard the thumps when I started the cycle, opened the door, and he wobbled out. He was ok, but I was hysterical. I have obsessively checked the dryer ever since, because you know what? He still tries to go in there.

  30. senor kitteh is like ehh, i am not moving. my cat got in the dryer once and i did not know it, sounded like sneakers where drying. believe me he doesnt get in it anymore.

  31. Yeah, dryer kitty comes a little too close to home for me as well. Mom did that once to our tiny little Zellie. Fortunately she did not leave the room immediately and heard the thumping and plaintive meowing. Zellie was shaken, but unharmed, but that made us both really paranoid. And I have heard of a poor kitty who stayed in for the whole cycle…and did not survive. *sniff* Poor kitty.

  32. ah! the new 2007 maytags have arrived, with the spiffy self-cat-hairing feature!

    no more waiting for tabbé to finish nawming his paws and climb into the “folded” basket

  33. How ironic this pic is, for I am washing clothes right now! Makes it go by faster, that’s for sure…
    I had a cat named Twizzler who not only went into the washer ad dryer, but SLEPT in them too. Luckily, we always checked before we put the clothes in. Apparently, washers/dryers are great places for kittehs to hide…

  34. PLEASE keep your dryer door closed. My cat was KILLED in the dryer, and it was a horrific experience for the whole family. Please be aware that cats like to crawl into warm spots-under the hood of cars, etc… Be very careful about these things.

  35. And this is why I never leave my washer or dryer open for even a second before or after loading/unloading. My tabby gets into everything.

  36. My Mom once told me that when I was very young there was a rash of people finding their small children in horrible places. Freezers, dryers, stuff like that. Ever since then whenever a pet or person is missing, the first place she looks is the freezer and dryer. It’s rubbed off on me, though. I’m paranoid about it, too. Just not with people who logically don’t FIT in those places. Like, my 21 year old sister.

    And I knew a family that was going through a really rough time (death in the family) and while doing laundry their new baby kitten hopped in the dryer under the clothes, so they couldn’t see. Thankfully they realized what had happened quickly and got him out, but he still needed major vet care. My heart just bled for them.

  37. And Lisa,

    I’m so sorry, I can only imagine how horrible that would be. I also bang on the hood of the car whenever it’s cold.

  38. Lisa, so sorry about your cat. How awful. I’m lucky that the only places my cats have gotten themselves shut into are closets and the pantry.

  39. Yeah my sister in law lost a cat to a dryer-so this make me feel a little uncomfortable- as for the video link- I thought that was horrible- I dont’ care how much money it brings in, I wouldn’t have that in my petstore.

  40. martha in mobile says:

    Y’all are making me grateful that my laundry room is the (effing cold!) garage and therefore far, far away from my indoor kitteh!

  41. Ok my cat once got an accidental “ride” in the dryer once, she came out ok, lucky we heard her after less than a minute! Pics like this make me nervous!

  42. I don’t want to be preachy or anything, but I know from personal experience that a cat in a dryer is a very bad thing. It happened to us once, and unfortunately, we didn’t hear the thumping or meowing. The experience was so horrible that I can hardly stand to write about it. And I wouldn’t except that it might save another kitty a horrible death.

  43. Cute. And stressful. Stressfully cute. Oh just please get him out of there.

  44. At least we can all safely assume that after this was taken a loving person took kitty out. It would be much scarier if there was clothes in there, too.

    Plus, maybe it’s a brand new dryer yet to be installed, and this was one of those “even the cat likes the new appliances!” pictures.

    It saves a lot of stress and worry to assume the best.

  45. I was wondering, if one were to put a smell around a washer and drier, an odor that cats hate, if it might help keep cats from getting into those things?

  46. My name’s Loris, and I’m a Cuteaholic.

  47. Hi, Loris.

  48. Lady Douji says:

    I’ll admit that I laughed the first time I saw the petspa video, for the first 30 seconds. Then I realized just how terrified the cat must have been and it stopped being funny. Even worse is I was discussing it on another forum and some-one mentioned a cat on lsd video. I had to be stupid and google for it. D: Poor poor kitty.

  49. 1. What cat doesn’t have attitude?

    2. I have never thought that I was lucky to NOT have laundry facilities in my apartment. Now, I’m not so sure that having to lug my laundry to the laudromat is such a drag.

    3. I’m starting up a CA (Cute-a-holics Annoymous) group. Anyone in the Chicago area is welcome to join. Just remember, all we need to do is to take it one day at a time….

  50. Martha in Washington says:

    About the “Kitty Washing Machine”- did they ever find enough pieces of the owners of that poor cat to bury? I would seriously have been afraid to sleep at night with that cat still in the house.

  51. First, my condolences to those who have had terrible experiences with dryers and kitties. My heart breaks for you.

    Second, my cousin has a very elderly gray tuxedo cat who practically lives in the dryer. To the point where my cousin hangs his laundry out to dry so as not to disturb him.

  52. useta hada kitteh says:

    rpennefe: I already take my cute one day at a time (well, more frequently than that)… (well, lots more frequently than that), and I’m happy with that.

  53. Martha in Washington says:

    Kitty in Dryer: “Go ahead. I double-dog dare you to turn it on.”

  54. Karen in Toronto says:

    I don’t fear my kits getting into the laundry machines. I fear taking my well-matted spherical kit to the groomer. The first time I dropped her off for a “lion cut” the groomer called me a half-hour later and told me bluntly to come and get my cat. I pleaded with her and took my lunch hour (plus an hour) to help. Bwai absolutely freaked at the electric clipper. Linda the groomer and I had to tourniquet the poor thing in a towel. When I booked again the next summer, she told me I had to participate and that the kit had to be tranqu’ed. I still put her through it every year because her long fur is so fine (all undercoat, little top coat) and she hates being brushed. I had to take an extra hour to go home and changed out of my spit-soap-cat pee and bloody clothes (my blood, not Bwai’s). She’s hell on paws on a steel table; on a lap, she’s dahlingk.

  55. This cat’s cute, but I had a kitty that bit the dust this way when I was little. He was tiny and my Mom didn’t even notice him until the load was finished. It was horrible…I ran down the road screaming “murderer.” She had to take me to my dad’s work, and I promptly told him in front of his customers that mom killed the cat. I never start a dryer w/o locating both of my cats.

  56. yankeebird says:

    My heart was breaking for the poor terrified kitty in the video Suda Nim linked, but reading the comments after just made me cry. My deepest sympathies to all of you who have experienced such horrific losses as described here.

  57. Maybe he likes the smell of the fabric softener that might have been used in there previously? Cats in driers…wondering why they like them so much.

  58. About COA. I check this site AT LEAST 10 times a day, and that’s on a GOOD day. Does that qualify for needing help? LOL!

  59. AuntieMame says:

    I’m in ur dryer…you got a problem wit dat?

    That dryer is suspiciously clean. Where is all the lint and the dust and missing socks?

  60. Martha in Washington says:

    Mame-And the crayon markings and the rocks and the loose change.

  61. you guys r silly says:

    AuntieMame & Martha in Washington: And the stickers now permanently stuck onto the sides of the barrel?

  62. I am ze QUEEN of ze dryair. Eet belongs to ME.

  63. Yeah, and I’m General Electric. Now shoo. 😉

  64. What the heck is it with cats and dryers? My cat always has this obsession when I open the dryer… whether it’s empty or full of freshly-cleaned clothes, I have to watch out because she’ll jump right in! Silly kitty – you don’t want to be in there – trust me!

    Maybe it’s because she associates it with warmth?

  65. “If you DARE put your wet clothes in HERE, I will eat THEM and then eat YOU!”
    —the cat

  66. Iris, maybe it has an odor to it that only cats can smell, and sort of like catnip.

    Your guess is as good as mine.

    I used to have a cat at one time, when I had better days. She used to get into the dryer and the shower.

    Every time I would take a shower, she’d either be in there, or would sit outside the shower door (or the bathroom door if I locked it) and meow, meow, meow, meow, meow. What cured her of that was one time I put her in the shower stall and turned the water on. She jumped out fast and never went back in. LOL

    I miss my cat Princess, but I don’t have the health or the finances right now to take care of a pet. Maybe I will see her someday in heaven.

  67. Auntimame, maybe the cat ate the lint, dust, and missing socks. That could explain a few things. LOL

  68. I can’t imagine losing a cat to a dryer. That is HORRIBLE BEYOND WORDS! Wow…I don’t know what to say. (((( hugs ))))

  69. that looks exactly like my cat. I have never seen any cat so close to him.

  70. …but is that your DRYER?

  71. TanksMommy says:

    He is SOOOOO posing! He knows he’s cute! I love the paw propping…he’s having a “casual” day. God I love it.

  72. I honestly don’t think this picture or caption is appropriate for CO. I have personally watched a cat die after going through the dryer when I was working at a vet clinic; it’s not a sight I’d wish on anyone. In light of all the painful responses this post brought up, I think it would be kinder of CO to remove this.

  73. My friend’s cat died in a dryer. Cute, but DANGEROUS!

  74. Peeps, just FYI: *I* won’t be taking down a post simply because somebody on the internet says their friend’s cat had an outrageous (yet just plausible enough) accident in a clothes dryer. And I don’t imagine Meg will either.

  75. Theo, I am curious. Since when does dangerous + deadly = cute? I can’t seem to find the humor and/or cuteness in this post.

  76. 1) Tigers.
    2) Lighten up.

    Seriously, if you want to address issues head-on, this ain’t your forum.

  77. Do you remember the Energizer battery commercial of a few years ago that showed a housewife/mom going around cleaning up the various messes her kids made? She stopped one kid just in time to keep him from putting a cat in the clothes dryer.

    I wrote an outraged email to Energizer, and urged everyone I knew online to do the same. I said in the email that while I realized in the commercial that the cat got rescued, that small children were very influenced by what they saw on TV, and I was afraid someone out there would try that just to see what the big deal was (why was that mommy taking the kitty out of the dryer?) I’m pleased to say they changed the commercial! The new version showed the mom taking a basket of eggs out of the dryer.

    My cats don’t try to get in the dryer, but I’ve always got to keep an eye out for my ferrets.

  78. Brak_Silverbone says:

    When my dog does that arm-propping thing on a pillow or whatever, we call it “the Perry Como pose.”

    This cat is clearly pretending he’s a villain in a James Bond movie, in his secret lair.

  79. genetic lemon says:

    “No, Mr. Bond … I expect you to DRY!” *smashes buttons with paw*

  80. Noelegy,

    Good for you for sending the email to Energizer, and encouraging others to do the same!

    Cats in driers. In my opinion, this sort of thing is neither cute or funny.

    By the way, I’m an activist during my free time, and am an organic vegetarian.

    I love animals, and hate the idea of something really hurting them.

    I especially love cats.

  81. genetic lemon says:

    I don’t understand why this image is bringing up so much drama — I didn’t say I wasn’t surprised — but the dryer’s not running, the owner clearly SEES their cat in the dryer, and I doubt they will be running the dryer with the cat inside. Now, it’s sad that there have been cases of cats and children and other living beings getting stuck in running dryers, but safety is in the discretion of the owner. Who in their right mind actually loads a dryer without checking it first, especially if they have a cat and children? And if it’s a child putting the cat into the dryer, or themselves into a dryer, then there’s some serious parental issues going down. Washers, dryers, ovens, stoves, bath tubes, vacuums … they’re all DANGEROUS and should be LOCKED away from those who do not know how to use them without guidance.

    Personally, I think this picture is adorable, especially since the cat was unharmed in the taking of this photo. It’s pointless dwelling on things like this — CO is here for enjoyment, not to depress people.

  82. I [heart] Genetic Lemon.

    [trots off to watch “You Only Live Twice” on DVD]
    […er, only because I don’t have “Goldfinger”]

  83. Sorry.

    I’m just VERY over-protective of animals, especially felines, to the point that I go over-the-top.

    I’m an animal rights activist, by the way.

  84. Why is that cat in a giant round cheese grater?

  85. Jules — it’s a cheese cat, duh.

  86. Have you added Snuffinghams to the Glossary yet, hon?

  87. …was waiting to see if anybody liked it. So far, 1 vote (in the positive).

  88. PLEASE READ: THIS IS ACTUALLY MY CAT (BELLA) IN THIS PICTURE AND I WANTED TO CLARIFY THAT THIS IS A WASHER AND NOT A DRYER!! a friend of mine sent the picture of bella and the information behind the picture needs to be clairified!! she is actually in a front-loader washer. it is not the dryer. the dryer sits on top of the washer and is unseen in this photo. Bella does this nearly every time I do laundry. it is actually a funny story! Once I open the door to the washer, she waits for me to start unloading the clothes, and then jumps in before the clothes are completely unloaded. Once in, it becomes “Bella’s Washer”. She gives you that squinty eye, cat-titude look, and she won’t let me take the rest of the clothes out (she’ll growl and pretend to bite my arm). It usually gets the point where I need a break and have to go outside and let her hang out in there until she is bored with it and ready to bother callie (my other kitty!!). to make sure that my kitties are safe before i start the washer or dryer, i always say “kitty one and kitty two” and locate both! i get very worried that they could have gotten in and i would not have noticed. Bella is always up to something, from being queen of the washer to putting socks, toys and other clothes into her water bowl and relocating them to another spot in the house. so, i hope that resolves all issues and now you can enjoy the pricelessness of the photo. no harm done! i am very sorry to hear the stories where individuals lost their pets in washer/dryer accidents. my tip for the day: if you have a kitty (or any pet) and they have the tendency to get near or in these appliances, do what i do, say “kitty one (and kitty two)” and locate them before loading the washer/dryer!!

  89. bad kitteh says:

    What a gorgeous tabby kitteh