Mmmm. Deeleeshous watères. I must have eet.

At any cost, I must leeck the watères.

Eet ees like a spring from dee Perrier. [much slurpitude]


So is this how it is at your house, Lorrie K.?



  1. ironically enough, I bought a new showerhead yesterday. Almost identical to that one. LOL Two paws up for WaterPik !

  2. OH! What a pretty kitty! I hope he doesn’t fall in and get that pretty coat of his all wet.

  3. What a balancing act!!! What a sweet face on the kitty with it’s eyes closed.

  4. Hmmm…haven’t we seen this cat before?

  5. Uhmm… yes I believe we have… I have some suspicions…

  6. You know.. this is the curse of CO: You see a picture of furbrow doggies, you see beeyotiful shots of hammies and kittehs and each time I think.. “omg, THIS is my favorite”. Then another one comes and it’s like .. “Can’t… handle.. anymore….cute..” (/Shatner)

  7. OK… I *have* seen this thirsty ninja tabby pic before, but I don’t know that it’s ever been a proper Cute Overload *post*.

  8. Aww, so cute. Eyes closed, balancing, trying to get that water….perfect.

  9. I think I’ve seen this before too, but not on C.O.

  10. I think it was linked to when that other cat’s (Sylvie’s)photos of balancing on tops of doors and the shower were posted.

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  12. its going to be so funny when he falls in. 😛

  13. Aww.. he looks pretty well balanced to me. This would be a great shot from the back side. Tocks!

  14. texirishrose says:

    It’s such a delish shot of the kitteh, but it’s REALLY old for posting. I had this photo on my desktop at my old job two years ago. Schweet specimento, tho. 😀

  15. Renee in Texas says:

    some things are worth repeating!

  16. When we first found our baby Zoe, we kept her in the bathroom till she was box-trained. I was laying in a bath reading and she hopped onto the edge of the tub, teetered a bit, stuck her sweet little white paw into the water and then flicked it toward my face. Almost like she meant to be a smart-ass.

    Now her smart-assery is head-butting the blender off the counter ..

  17. My first pet, a cat given to me when I was about eight, used to try to hop into the bathtub while it was full. He managed to father a litter before being neutered. His son (also my cat) managed to father one littler before being neutered (may family has historic bad luck). All of the cats in my family have been somehow related. As a result of that ONE strange kitty years and years ago, all the cat’s since have been attracted to tubs. They still hop in the shower after people get out to lick up the leftover water.

  18. R. Moore – My kitties do that too. One of my cats, Pooh, used to walk around on the tub ledge at one end while I took a shower at the other end. He didn’t even care if he got a little wet! SEEELEEEYY KITTEH!

  19. j – if this kitty has the same reaction to being wet as my old cats then by “funny” you might mean “horribly painful cat climbing ur nekked body to get out of the shower experience” lol

  20. I’ve seen this picture before, but not on CuteOverload — it’s been circulating teh int0rnets with all those “IM IN UR SHOWER, SNIFFIN UR WATERS” type captions on it.

  21. as much as the pic, i love the fake french talk ^^

  22. OMG I love the pattern of the fur.

    It still amazes me how FLAT cats can get.

  23. acelightning says:

    This pic goes back even further than the “IM IN YR ***, ***IN YR ***” jokes. I’m pretty sure I remember seeing it three or four years ago. Nevertheless, that’s certainly an acro-CAT!

  24. Those markings remind me of marble cake :p

  25. useta hada kitteh says:

    One of our neighbors used to call cats with similar markings “watermelon cats”. This guy’s just a “water cat”.

    Aren’t there easier ways to get a drink of water? (Answers self, “yes, there are, but where’s the challenge in that? Where’s the fun? And besides, you don’t get your picture posted on the internet by drinking out of your dish…”

  26. My kitteh Mistletoe Swordback DEMANDS that I turn on the bath tap just a lil stream so she can lick at it. Every time anyone goes into the bathroom, she follows them and watches them if they don’t turn on her water. My brother was most disturbed last time he visited.

  27. Every morning after my shower, I *must* open the bathroom door so Brin, the biggest of our cats — and at 21 lbs. the biggest of a lot of people’s cats — can come in. Why? Because he wants to drink water out of the bathroom sink. Every day. And if I don’t let him in, he sits outside and cries.
    It’s just a part of our lives here, but sometimes our overnight guests get a little confused.

  28. I have to shut one of my kitties up in the other room while my son takes a bath. Kitty will sit at the ledge and put his tail in the water.

  29. This is seriously the cutest picture I have ever seen. Seriously.

  30. All three of our cats want to drink out of the bathroom sink or the bowl next to it– and the water had better be fresh (despite the fact that one of them also drinks from the birdbath). The first human up in the morning may get all three of them in there jockeying for position, and it gets pretty darn crowded.

  31. Another award-winning pet name up there… “Mistletoe Swordback”

  32. I would like to point out the dedication of hte photographer in this case. They got in their shower, with their camera (presumably naked because really who would want to be in a shower with clothes on even it is just to take a picture), turned on the water, waited patiently while the kitteh assumed the position and caught this moment of teh qte through sheer tenancity. I applaud this cutologist for their dedication, for their ability not to get their camera wet, not to slip and fall and break something while trying to capture this shot and for realizing what a darlingk creature their have in their life. Le sigh.

  33. dreamspinnercheryl says:

    I have a confession to make. After having “showered” our two house dogs, Sugar and RedDoggie, I decided the cats needed a good bath, too. Yep-into the shower. Picture flea shampoo, hand-held shower head, and totally freaked out cats. Buddy took it like a man, Tubby (aka Sissy) cried the whole time, Elvira activated her death-ray green eyes, but kitten Ziggy beat akk-he managed to climb the glass doors! Still haven’t figured that one out..

  34. I can’t stop being distracted , wondering what scenario led to being in the shower with a camera! Just in case something interesting happened? Does anyone have a link to the rest of the photoshoot?? 8^D

  35. That cat is a Bengal breed actually. They are known for loving water. See the marbled pattern? Most of them have that. I would love to have one because they are so sweet. But this is a very old picture like someone else said. At least 2 to 3 years old. Nice example of a Marble pattern.

  36. cats are just marvels of engineering. I, too, have had more than one cat who seemed to enjoy water. And I don’t care how old the picture is, I’m enjoyin’ it now…

  37. Tracy Flick. says:



    Let’s see the Russians try to screw us out of this.

  38. Tracy Flick. says:


    MEMO TO ALL CATS: Please make up your minds. One minute you hate water, the next minute you are in LOVE with the stuff and are water baby kittehs. Then the next you are on that mean YouTube Spa video everyone hates.

    Do you like H20 or not? MAKE UP YOUR MINDS!

    I will be waiting to hear from the chairman of the Kitteh Board.

  39. The water is yummmmmy!

  40. Dear Tracy Flick.,
    We are cats, therefore owe no human an explanation for any contradictory behavior.

    Now, send tuna, or we’ll shred the sofa.

    Chairman of the Board, Cats, Inc.

  41. Hee hee! His/her back legs are so pushed up from the shower door, (s)he looks like (s)he’s got “butt shoulders”!


  42. Martha in Washington says:

    Would someone PLEASE get this poor cat a water bowl!! 😉

  43. bengalbengalbengalbengalbengalbengal

  44. Mewton likes water too, and he likes to wait until the tub is empty. But not to jump in or lick the sides; rather that’s when the wet naked human comes out and he can lick their wet legs. He seems to much prefer it to the water bowl, or even the faucet left on drip. I try not to think about what he likes about the taste. He really seems like such a sweet kitty…

  45. Dadgummit, peeps! These comments are composed almost ENTIRELY of words I’ve seen before! All those “the”s and “and”s and stuff! Obviously, I deserve never to see words I’ve seen before!

  46. Laurie C–

    Unless, of course, I lay in a nice supply of tuna for kitties because they like it so much, in which case it immediately becomes that-which-we-do-not-eat.

    So it becomes shred the couch until we see something that isn’t tuna.

  47. Beaugorgeous cat. Impressive photo. Cutest thing about this photo is the penguin on the kitteh’s shoulder area.

  48. useta hada kitteh says:

    Wow — good eye, pyrit! (I wuz gonna say “good eyes”, but I assume one’s covered with one o’them patch thingies, being as how you’re a pyrit and all…)

    That is totally a penguin on kitteh’s shoulder. (Mucho better than having a chip on one’s shoulder. Unless the chip is salt and vinegar flavored.)

  49. AuntieMame says:

    I don’t see a penguin! I see a…mastadon. Or maybe a squid. But no penguin.

    (And I want to see the after photo when kitteh’s paws slip and he slides down the wrong side of the shower door…)

  50. AuntieMame – The mastodon’s (elephant, guy wearing long gas mask?) trunk is the penguin’s wing. The stripey bits to the left are on the penguin’s belly. The mastodon is looking at the kitteh’s ear but the penguin is looking the other way, at the kitteh’s elbow. I see the squid (octopus to me) too.
    Whew. Fur real man.

  51. Brown Marble Tabbies UNITE!!!

  52. AuntieMame says:


    *studies kitteh’s shoulder again”

    I dunno. I see him looking the other way, but he still looks more like a Groke than a penguin. Or else it’s Edgar Allan Poe.

  53. Gonna wash that man right offa my nose…

  54. OMG, this cat is absolutely gorgeous!

  55. Not to be a Nuffington, but this photo has been circulating the Internets for some years. Doesn’t make it any less cute, though!

  56. Gene Kelly’s reincarnation had some odd side effects.

  57. I may not comment often, but when I do…:)

  58. What a “brave” cat!

  59. I who rules the world... says:

    This is sooooooooooo cute!

    I lof eet!!! OMG

    (where ees my kitteh when i need eet)