That rabbit’s dynamite!

OK, this isn’t exactly cute, but… well, see for yourselves.

And here I was, thinking it was CATS you had to watch out for.

This video’s all over YouTube, FileCabinet, LiveJournal blogs, etc.  I got the link from Mon Schmoop Cherie, though. (Um, for clarity, this is Theo, filling in on a Friday morning.  Heh.)  So if somebody can point me to the original source, I’ll happily credit ’em.  Happy Friday!



  1. She’s keeping her place safe! Hard on the snake, though.

  2. I think it’s terribly cute! That bunny’s all “GIT ON OUTTA HEAH! GO ON! GIT!”

  3. you GO, bunny!

  4. Badass bunneh!

  5. I envision the denizens of CO scripting out Teh Qte version of a certain Monty Python movie bit after this video.

    Mr. Bunny sez, “Get out my yard, biotch!”

  6. Peg of Tilling says:

    Stop that, you crazy rabbit, you’ll get hurt…?

    Go bunny go…?

    Run! um, slither! Mr. Snake…?

    My feelings are just so mixed!

  7. Geez Louise! I feel kinda sorry for the snake! I wonder if the rabbit had a nest nearby – although mommy rabbits don’t normally hang out near their nests – they don’t want to attract attention to their babies.

  8. That rabbit IS dynamite. She literally *treed* the snake. That’s some SEVERE disapproval!

  9. misscrisp says:

    The best thing about this video is the ambient captioning. Those guys are funny.

  10. Death awaits you all with nasty big pointy teeth….

  11. that wascally wabbit!

  12. useta hada kitteh says:

    ATTACK RABBIT!!! (who’d a thunk it?) I was so scared for the “poor little bunny”…little did I know how fierce bunbuns can be.

    And — Thanks, Theo, I was going into withdrawal!

  13. as a rabbit owner, i am all for the rabbit. they are nature’s idea of take-a-way, and it is nice when they strike back. 🙂 i am training mine to take over the world as i type. bunny bunny bunny

  14. Man! I was so afraid that bunny was getting repeatedly bitten at the start of this vid.

    Okay, pet/snake story from someone I know who came from South Africa. His family had a nice big house, with many cats. Also, in the yard, many different kinds of animals than we’re used to, including huge black earthworms about an inch in diameter.
    In the living room one day, the kids see one of the household kittens batting at this long black thing they think at first is an earthworm.
    Kitten: bat, dance dance backward, bounce forward, bat!

    “Earthworm”: coils up, HISS!
    Kitten: bat! dance dance backward
    Kids: SNAKE! DAD!
    Kitten: bounce forward, bat!
    Snake: HISS!
    Dad: enters room, loading shotgun
    Shotgun: BLAM!
    Snake: dead

    Apart from the snake, the only other damage was the the vast, butter colored carpet in the living room. Mom was not pleased.

  15. I think I saw it on America’s Funniest Home videos (it’s my guilty pleasure)

  16. I guess we now know why rabbits “bink” too.

  17. Why is this cute? Today I am underwhelmed by cuteness. I’m taking my cute elsewhere.

  18. blueberries4me says:

    I am so not surprised. You should see my normally dociel rabbits, Daphne and Bean, attack me when I try to clean their cages. Pointy bunneh paws pow-powing it at you.

  19. that was one determined bunneh!!! pretty funny except I could have done without the narrative.
    what about the surfing meeces/ratties???? 😉

  20. Holy moly…poor snake looked so harassed. However now I’m going to have nightmares about snakes hiding in trees.

  21. I think the “narrator’s” obvious delight and wonderful cackling qualify as cute.

  22. The audio commentary is pretty cool. I’m also digging the chicken (?) in the first part that comes closer to watch the action. Go bunbun go! it’s great to see a typically timid animal stand up for itself. 🙂

  23. Maybe it was a double dare by his rabbit buddies???

  24. OH



    I don’t know what’s funnier, that a soft, fuzzy, cute, cuddly rabbit “treed” a gigantic snake, or that the man on that video actually said “dad gum” in real life!

    Who says that?

    Good, good laugh for a Friday morning.

  25. Holy Cow-I wouldn’t have believed THAT if I hadn’t seen it! Very impressive rabbit!!!

  26. CutePoPo — GoodByeBye!

  27. Amazing video! I have never seen a rabbit OR a snake behave that way! Anybody know what kind of snake that was?
    Kinda makes me want to put ol’ Elmer Fudd out in that yard-see how long he lasts!

  28. I LOVE Cute Overload, but this isn’t what I come here for.

    Please stick with posting CUTE!

    This video is awful, I hope it goes away.

  29. Anyone who’s read Watership Down is smiling and nodding at this FIERCE bunneh:

    El-ahrairah would be proud!


  30. I LOVE the commentary by the guy.. Dad Gummit! Golllly! This was GREAT.

  31. Elizabeth B. says:

    This would come as more of a shock to me if I hadn’t read Watership Down ten million-bazillion times.

    Bunnies are bad-ass. Bunnies are SOOOOO bad-ass.

  32. Elizabeth B. says:

    Wow, M….which one of us is psychic?

  33. Bunnicula to the rescue!

  34. THis is sooooo funny I’ve done gone and posted it on several message boards.

  35. If you live with bunnies and snakes in the “real world” (i.e., cavorting wild and free in the back 40 instead of in your living room) then you can totally appreciate every last bit of hilarity here. Go bunny go!

    Plus the commentary from the guy taping this? Priceless.

    P.S. If you are having an epiphany with jk about the fact that snakes can climb trees, well, sorry to have your bubble burst.

  36. What a brave little bunbun! 🙂 It’s amazing to see how animals can be so protective of their territory! My kitteh (10 pounds of adorableness) was out playing in our yard once, and we’ve got a lot of turkeys that hang around, and one was poking its head through the chain-link fence between our yard and our neighbors’ backyard… well, my kitteh walked right up to that turkey and smacked it across the face with her teeny velvet paw! THAT’S a moment I wish I had on video!

  37. Wow! Why would a rabbit behave like this, I wonder? I take it they don’t normally attack snakes, which can sometimes have them for lunch (nature’s takeaway! ha!)! And I wonder if it was a venomous snake. I had the sound off, so didn’t hear the commentary (I’m at work!).

  38. “Cute” and “fall-down funny” sort of overlap in my world, so I love this video. I swear, that snake looks embarrassed.

    And yes… the rabbit scene in Holy Grail was my first thought too.

  39. OMG this is the most appropriate post to read on my birthday, guard BUNZLE! I’m so happy!

  40. Snakes on a bun! Or…well, Buns on a snake!! Who needs mongoose??

  41. Wow, cute all around.

    Bunneh: “Sonuva – I KEEL you!!”

    Snake: “Oh, dear god in heaven – tree!”

    Men: they sound wonderful.

  42. Wascally wabbit!

    I don’t know which was funnier, the rabbit or the guy talking and laughing in the background!

  43. LOL! That was great! The commentary is really perfect, too, I’d sound about that stupid if I was watching something like that.

  44. What’s not cute about that bun kicking some squiggly arse? I ask you.

  45. Snakes can jump!?!

  46. haha, that was great! I had to watch it twice and show the husband.

  47. When cute attacks…

  48. Wow! That was scary to watch.

    Bunny: Oh, what’s this?
    Snake: RAH, I bite you!
    Bunny: No! *hops away* Comes back and bites tail
    Snake: Ha, I really showed that– OW! Hey!
    Bunny: Get out of here! I bite YOU!
    Snake: Augh, leave me alone! *climbs up tree*


  49. I have never seen something like this before! Amazing! What a brave bun-bun!

  50. I tole youse wabbits are savage. But did anyone believe me? Nooooooo

  51. inSANE. I love how it takes Killer Bun a couple tries to figure out which end of the snake to go after.

    And indeed, Theo, this completely answers “why do rabbits bink?” ‘Cause it’s good practice, in case you ever need to torment and harrass a snake.

  52. Arvay, I’m very much of the opinion that bunnies are a lot like Lord Byron – “Mad, bad, and dangerous to know.” That’s why I lofs them!

    Re. binking – correct. It’s play, but also workin’ on the bun ninja skillz.

    A number of peeps over on Etherbun think that this is a mom defending her nest. My guess is that they’re right…

  53. I think that rabbit was a mongoose in another life! Maybe it’s name is Rikki-Tikki-Tavi!!!

  54. arrrgh, I am missing the cute! Clip will not download for me. I will have to come back later.

  55. oh, and – w00t!

    ( )
    ” “

  56. Sebastian Redl says:

    This is what we call species confusion. The rabbit obviously thinks it’s a mongoose.

  57. I was reading a book awhile back where they said that antelope will sometimes bound around the lions to taunt them (“You can’t catch me! Nyah Nyah Nyah!”). Evidently there is even a word for that behavior, when the prey mocks the predator (but I can’t remember what it was).

    The bunny at the beginning looks like he’s doing that, bouncing at the snake’s head and away. Very cute.

  58. …and I AM currently reading Watership Down! 😉

  59. Dat der is a Southern drink; uh milk snake and a Jack Daniels Rabbit chaser.

    Dat rabbit is ALL, “Git R Duuun!”

  60. Regarding snakes climbing trees: my grandpa used to tell us about water mocassins climbing trees and hanging off the limbs and dropping into the boat with him and his brothers when they went fishing. Creepy!

  61. violetgreen says:

    SuperBun kicks…hey, where IS a snake’s ass, anyway? BTW, the birds walking around nearby are meadowlarks.

  62. nermalkitty says:

    if i weren’t at work i probly would have fallen outa my chair laughin, i watched it twice. i luv most of the comments, specially wendy, dadgummit. never seen anything like this. like, this lawn ain’t big enuf for both of us. you go, bunneh!!

  63. Snake, on CO, rabbit bites YOU

  64. Jenn Jordan says:


  65. Be honest, now – how many of us had an instant Monty Python flashback?!

  66. Poor bunny! Poor bunny!

    Poor … snakey … Yeah, poor snakey!!

  67. I’m not surprised by the bunny’s ferocity–I’ve been bitten by a bunny before. It was a very cute black and white small bunny named Marilyn Bunroe (because of his beauty mark), but he bit me good right on my thigh as I was sitting next to him! Vicious!

  68. Poor snakey! I feel sorry for it, althought the vid is hilare. We have two wee pythons who LOVE to climb. Terrestrial my tookis.

  69. go bun!

  70. The behavior antelopes do when the are showing off to predators how strong and healthy they are is called “pronking”. They kind of leap in the air and probably say to themselves, “BOING, boing boing”!

  71. What kind of snake is it?
    It’s a Lynyrd Skynyrd snake, “Gimme Three Steps, gimme three steps bunny . . .”

  72. LauraK and I are on the same page–I too first saw this on America’s Funniest Videos…and I too feel guilty that I watch it so much. Like, every episode. (I should qualify: every episode now that Tom Bergeron’s on–he’s the only decent host they’ve ever had–AND since they quit putting in stupid sound effects and “wacky” voiceovers over the clips. Now Tom makes one joke, we’re in, we’re out, badda boom. This is my justification for my obsession.)


  73. Hey Theo! What is “bink”ing? Is that part of the CO Dictionary? (The link to which I can’t seem to find, for some reason…)

  74. ShelleyTambo says:

    Well dad gum! This guy reminds me of my grandma! I expect that right after he stopped taping he told someone to go gargle a pineapple. (And I too will admit to watching AFV too much–but only for the animal clips, I swear!)

  75. Tracy B — I’d argue that the Daisy Fuentes/John Fugelsang combo was much more fun.
    But anyway. AFV info can be found here:

  76. As the personal slave to several different bunnies, they are not all cute and docile. I had a female that would attack anyone she did not know. My bunny even tried to take on a neighbor’s lab. They can be very fearless. Chances are there is a nest of babies nearby and momma is not taking any chances.

  77. Tom Bergeron – Def!

  78. BUNNEH!!! Looks like Slimy Sam got to close to a momma buns nest.

    Recently i did medical checks on a group of 20+ buns rescued from a hoarder and by the end of that i looked like i had fought a lion…those cute little faces hid cold blooded fighters!

    Heck even my bunneh Max bites me on the bum if i don’t move out of his way fast enough =D

  79. My large cat got into a rabbit hutch. There was a lot of commotion, but we had to rescue him because Thumper had him by the scruff of the neck, and was thumping him.

  80. Bunny Friend says:

    I am going to get some guard bunnies TODAY!

  81. Christine says:

    Oh my god, it’s the bunny from the Holy Grail!

  82. I almost soiled my armor, watching this…

  83. Oh! – Watership Down – YEah!! Was 14 when I read it the 1st time(then word-for-word at least twice after that). I always read all the reviews at the front of a book before I read – just a habit, and there were-like 10 pages of GLOWING, UNbelievable, SPECTACular, etc reviews from all the biggest, most important newsppers & mag’s from around the world. So I start reading, and-when I realized that the ENTIRE book was COMPLETELY about rabbits – EVERY character was a rabbit-OY!, I threw it down in disgust -I am NOT going read an entire-very THICK-book all about BUNNIES, for God’s sake! How Stupid! Well, I was bored, and really needed something new to read, so after a few min’s, I picked it back up,RE-read all the reviews, thinking -OK – ALL these intelligent people cannot be completely crazy; I’ll give it to the end of the 2nd chapter. Well, li’l Fiver slayed me – I was under his spell for the next 2 days – till I finished. Tried to xplain to a friend why I was reading it a 2nd time, later – told him it was all about rabbits (OK, I should’ve known that was NOT a good way to describe it – he look at me like -Oh, are’nt u cute? -eye’s shift) Sigh.

  84. Aubrey- Hee hEEEEE! Coffee came shooting out of my nose!

  85. Thanks Melissa! “pronking.” What a totally appropriate word for the silliness. 🙂

  86. That was my brother Andres G that sent it! 😀

  87. Cheryl Shipman says:

    please, sir, explain why this is also posted in “I shall leeck you?” Doesn’t look like licking to me. Or to my cats who think the little brown snakes in our garden are cat toys. (They’d probably be too chicken to tangle with a big snake like this one.)

  88. Tracy B.!!!

    Binky’s are pure rabbit joy!!! You have never seen anything that will make you happier than a bunny binky!!!!

  89. Cheryl S — heh. There wasn’t a category for “I’M-A WHUP YO’ ASSLESS TAIL SIDEWAYS, YA LOW-DOWN COLD-BLOODED BURROW PREDATOR!”

  90. thedistractor says:

    This is going to sound odd, but I was listening to Outkast’s Hey Ya while watching this and the chorus part (shake it, shake it etc) synced up perfectly with the bunny jumping next to the tree.

    Little coincidences like that make my day.

  91. (everyone runs to get their old outkast cd …..try to time it just right ….)

  92. Heh, I think I’ll try “Dark Side of the Moon” instead. [snicker]

  93. OMG!!! It’s the killer rabbit of Caerbannog! We had bunnies for pets and my daughter’s big black male bun LOVED to chase and harrass our 180 lb Newfoundland. I have never seen a big dog move that fast! He was terrified!

  94. The bunnies .. they are cute, they are cuddly, and they will take a sucka OUT. My DH had a pet rabbit who took on a dog and won. The dog made the mistake of cornering the rabbit exactly once.

    Me, I love the commentary. That guy’s delight is just charming.

  95. Loved the video and am also glad for the info. that AFV now has (1) Tom Bergeron and (2) no stupid voiceovers. Maybe I’ll start watching it too. Can’t have enough funny videos in life! 🙂

  96. I love the Monty Python quote. Did anyone else catch that?

  97. Python? PYTHON??? Where?!

  98. In the TREE, Silly ….

  99. Thank you Teho – your answer makes perfect sense.
    BTW, snakes don’t have asses, but they do have anal openings. Everything below that is the tail.

  100. ….and-hopefully, that is the one and ONLY time the “a” word is ever used on a site called “CUTE Overload” …. uh -thanks(?), cheryl

  101. No such luck, De. It’s “prime-time TV” language here.

  102. Hey Theo, thanks for linking to Thistle bunny’s garden-lurking picture! But I like this one of him better:

  103. blueberries4me says:

    BunFF – I love that website!

    Daphne, used to wake me up at dawn with her binkies and she would go crazy. I’d turn around and give her my crazy eye stare but she’d continue. Bunneh’s are the masters of the universe.

  104. Chris C — you’re welcome… that was mostly about the comment under it that explained “binking”, but I like your blog site in general. Nice “harlequin” face on that rabbit, too.

  105. I once saw some nature show footage of a mama bunny who fought off a large bird that was trying to fly off with her bebe. With her back to the bird, she balanced herself on her front legs and pummeled him with her hind legs. Amazing! (Yes, the bird gave up and went in search of an orphan to snack on.)

  106. That reminds me of the mobbing behavior of the meerkats on Meerkat Manor (Animal Planet). They all get together and pester, growl and show their teeth at the pesky snake in an effort to run it off! Pretty amazing! I had no idea!

  107. Hilarious video and I love the guy commenting!!

    Bunny’s indeed can be quite tough…

    Does anyone here remember the True Story of the former President Jimmy Carter actually having to fight off a giant bunny with an oar???

    Actually their are pictures of it on the net…I think it happened in the late 70’s…..those type of bunnies are quite aggressive and large…

  108. OMG, it’s Steve Irwin bunneh!

  109. Devon — yes! Me Schmoop even suggested that this might in fact be THAT RABBIT.

  110. thedistractor says:

    Teho, I kind of want to see if The Who’s Tommy will sync up.

  111. That’s what the world needs: Security Bunnies. LOL

    I love the moment when the bun figures out to attack the other end of the snake.

    Good critical thinking there.

    I love the narration. That is just so CUTE.

  112. LOL, Distractor!
    [snake singing from tree]
    “See me
    “Feel me
    “Touch me
    “Heal me…”

  113. T – a big fat panda sittin’ in a tree sayin ‘Sup, my bitches? IS cute ….

  114. (wonder what he would say to the snake ….jus’ got me thinkin – that’s all…)

  115. thedistractor says:

    Teho, my thoughts exactly. I’m going to start calling that snake Tommy in my head. The bunny will either be Tina Turner or Ann-Margaret.

  116. Oh -Tina Turner -def.! …But the snake would, of course, have to be Ike ;>

  117. We’re the buns famous in fable
    We bink when ere we’re able,
    We do routines and battle fiends
    With footwork impeccable.
    We’re captured on the cam alot,
    We’ve been on the Internet a lot.

    We’re the buns famous in fable
    Our teeth are formidable,
    But many times, despite the signs
    We think are quite readable
    We’re invaded here by snakes alot
    We kick their ’tilian butts
    a looooooot.

    On lawns we’re tough and able,
    Quite indefatigable,
    Don’t even jest, we’ll punch your chests
    And make your walk unstable

    But for fame we only had one shot
    We’re grateful to T. – thanks lot!

  118. [Aubrey-plause]

    (uhmm… means I’m clapping.)

  119. Another note to Chris C (Creek Running North) —

    I really like these from your Flikr stream: Thistle…

    …and Big Dog With Little Cats:

  120. ” …on the cam alot” – oh my gosh -you whupped pyrit’s, T’s, & that other guy’s(?) buts forever w/ that -Congrats! So that’s what u’v been doin for the last hour and uh – 53 mins? Well worth it 🙂

  121. Aubrey – brilliant!

  122. Blueberries…
    Bunnies definately rule the roost…

    I went to a basketball game the other night, got home late, and went to bed without giving Max “his due” so all night he would pick up his metal salad bowl, hop to the top of the bunny condo and drop said metal bowl on the hard wood floor…..alllll night long…….

  123. De — yeah, she does thatalot.

  124. Tillianna says:

    i’m so disturbed that this is on cuteoverload…so disappointed. i’m sure this bunneh is protecting some bunlets, but the bites will definitely kill this bunneh. oh man, so sad, and right at the onset of my weekend.

  125. As personal assistant to two bunnies, I am not surprised at all by this video.

    Here’s their tally –
    Bun-Bun: Male, 10 lbs, grey agouti-colored rabbit, built more or less like a tank
    – 3 small birds (face swat)
    – 2 squirrels (face swat)
    – 1 chipmunk (face swat)
    – 1 neighborhood cat (punch)
    – 2 evil ex-roommates who would try to kick him (ankle bites, scratches)
    – 1 labrador retriever (full-body slam, charging)
    – 1 trained hunting dog who never hunted rabbits again (headbutt)
    Sanjuro: Female, 15 lbs, black with white blaze markings, long and very fast
    – 1 plumber (butt bite)
    – 2 Weimeriners at the same time (full-body slam, charging)
    – 1 idiot neighbor (charging / chase)
    – 1 squirrel (jumped on)
    – 1 cat; our cat, actually, who is a Maine Coon and weighs more than 20 lbs. (lots of chasing, jumpings, swats, you name it. He is the court jester that the queen likes to torment)

    Bunnies are cute, but VERY dangerous, which is just one of the many reasons they’re so awesome. This video made our day – Thanks! ^_^

  126. “1 trained hunting dog who never hunted rabbits again” — LOL!!

  127. I kind’ve enjoyed the ‘plumber butt bite’ –well, of course! (it be a plumber)

  128. Keeeler Buuunny!

    Just goes to show little cute fuzzy gentle critters can defend themselves, and kick some boott! ^~

  129. snake-booty-kicking-bunneh yeah!!

  130. bunny probably having anaconda for dinner.

  131. Where do i get me one a doz bunnies

  132. de – I prefer to call it Poetic Bust Us.

    Aubrey – ;-*

  133. Lisa…

    “Doz Bunnies”

    Sounded just like Kehar in the animated “Watership Downs”…

    “Stupid Bunnehs…wares you mates?”


  134. ok, pyrit -just took me 1/2 min, there, to get it -you & T are getting desperate (thatalot?) Groan. But ‘least u didn’t throw in the towel …. 🙂

  135. LOL! Wow!

    That is one brave rabbit. I have heard of dogs chasing cats up trees, but I’ve never heard of rabbits chasing snakes up trees.

    *Wanders away, shaking head*

  136. i like to watch AFV on mute. same effect, no stupid jokes or voices. this reminded me of one of the funniest vids ever on that show–two rabbits, one kept jumping over the other, then the other would turn to face the leaper, then leaper bunny would hop over its pal again. just ridonkulous

  137. Cokane — that’d be “binkscotching”.

  138. I feel the need to tell the Hunting Dog Story, so here goes.
    I was living with my parents at the time and was sitting on the back deck, watching Bun-bun as he played in the lawn, not ten feet from me. Two houses away, our neighbor’s trained hunting dog was out and suddenly noticed Bun-bun happily snacking on the dandelions. There were no fences between the lawns, and the dog started baying and lunging, determined to get the rabbit or strangle himself trying. Bun-bun gave him A Look and went back to his greens. The hunter’s wife came out of the house and scolded the dog for being so loud, then noticed Bun-bun. She asked if it was my bunny, and commented on how cute he was, for he is quite the handsome bun.
    Despite her admonishments, the dog wouldn’t stop, so she unhooked the leash. She didn’t grab his collar before she did so; she expected him to obediently follow her inside for some strange reason.
    Of course, the dog went off like a shot straight at Bun-bun. Bun didn’t budge, but stood his ground. The dog was approaching HIS lawn, and no one walks on HIS lawn without his say-so! Bun stood straight up on his hind legs, his ears sticking straight back and scowling.
    The dog stopped dead, and started to circle back and forth. This bunny wasn’t acting like other bunnies. They were supposed to run, and he was supposed to give chase and grab them. Maybe this wasn’t a bunny? The dog’s tail wagged a few times in what looked like a nervous greeting to me, and he stepped forward to sniff at Bun-bun’s nose.
    I honestly heard the ring of the bell in my head when their noses touched, because the dog had taken a step onto Bun-bun’s lawn. It might have been a perfect Kodak moment.
    Bun-bun snarled, grabbed the dog’s muzzle with his paws, and delivered a mighty headbutt, right between the dog’s eyes! The dog yelped and ran back to his lady. Bun thumped angrily a few times (“That’ll learn ya!”) and went back to eating.
    During all this, the woman had been yelling but made no attempt to come and get her dog away from Bun-bun. When the dog returned to her, she started yelling at ME for having such a mean bunny! 0_0 As soon as they were inside, I broke out laughing and joined Bun-bun for a snuggle in the grass.
    I admit, when the dog made a beeline for Bun-bun, I rose half out of my chair, then sat back down. Part of me knew what was coming because by this time I had seen him take on most of the other animals I had listed. I had also timed his “pencil-width dowel chewing” at 30 seconds and seen him chew through a Wolverine work boot to bite my stepdad’s foot when he mentioned “rabbit stew”. Needless to say, the dog never hunted rabbits again. I heard from my stepdad (also a hunter who would hunt with our neighbor sometimes) that the dog would hide, whimpering, behind them upon seeing a rabbit, even the ones that are the size of kittens.

    Rabbits: Cute, cuddly, and Deadly.

  139. [more applause]

    This has been a good day.

  140. LOL – rabbit pwnd.

  141. hee! reminds me of that picture/story of the cat who treed a bear a while ago. cute animals pwn!

  142. My bfs reaction to this video:


  143. Aubrey, that’s beyond even your usual splendor (in the grass).

    Am now picturing a chorus line of bunrabs in armor!

  144. michellemybelle says:

    Cute Overload – ‘Tis a Silly Place.

  145. “Tis so it is.

  146. [revokes Pyrit’s Ye Olde Englyshe license]

  147. “Cute, cuddly and deadly!” LOL. Awesome story, Crazed. And great video-thanks muchly, Teho. As has been remarked earlier, no personal attendant to any rabbit will be at all surprised by the lagomorphic ferocity displayed here.

  148. “Cute, cuddly and deadly!” LOL. Awesome story, Crazed. And great video-thanks muchly, Teho. As has been remarked earlier, no personal attendant to any rabbit will be at all surprised by the lagomorphic ferocity displayed here.

  149. “Cute, cuddly and deadly!” LOL. Awesome story, Crazed. And great video-thanks muchly, Teho. As has been remarked earlier, no personal attendant to any rabbit will be at all surprised by the lagomorphic ferocity displayed here.

  150. “Cute, cuddly and deadly!” LOL. Awesome story, Crazed. And great video-thanks muchly, Teho. As has been remarked earlier, no personal attendant to any rabbit will be at all surprised by the lagomorphic ferocity displayed here.

  151. “Cute, cuddly and deadly!” LOL. Awesome story, Crazed. And great video-thanks muchly, Teho. As has been remarked earlier, no personal attendant to any rabbit will be at all surprised by the lagomorphic ferocity displayed here.

  152. “Cute, cuddly and deadly!” LOL. Awesome story, Crazed. And great video-thanks muchly, Teho. As has been remarked earlier, no personal attendant to any rabbit will be at all surprised by the lagomorphic ferocity displayed here.

  153. Tracy Flick. says:

    We all need to bring out our inner snake once in a while, no matter what our role in society is perceived to be.

    Thanks for the lesson, Bunny.

    Now for Gilmore Girls…

  154. If it had been the other way around (snake attacking bunny) we would all be crying. But since it was a bunny attacking a snake…. CHEER! Us humans are funny things.

  155. As one of the above posters noted, bunnies really are evil. Once, when I was a kid, some other kids and I found this bunny rabbit running around at a party. We chased it, and I wasn’t fast enough to keep up, and I’m glad I wasn’t. When one of the other girls caught it, it slashed her arms up somehow. There was blood everywhere. She wasn’t seriously hurt… but I’ve never underestimated bunnies since. Thus I must commend this bunbun for its restraint and honor in not slashing that snake up!

  156. Rabbits are the ultimate underdog, both in nature (“nature’s takeaway”) and in how they are misconstrued as pets. I think what everyone is cheering for is the turning of the tables in this specific incident.

  157. WickedWendy says:

    That just totally rocked my world! I love it!

  158. Silly wabbit. Thinks he’s a mongoose!

  159. I KNEW it! Irrefutable proof that rabbits are cold-clooded killers! My extreme fear of bunnies is sensical, after all!

  160. acelightning says:

    I once saw a half-grown wild cottontail chase away a VERY large crow that seemed to have lunch plans involving the bunny… except the bunny had other ideas. The crow was at least twice the size of the bun. It flew down and landed next to her on the grass, but as soon as the crow took a couple of steps toward the rabbit, the rabbit *charged* at it, and it flapped away. This must have gone on for twenty minutes – crow starts to go after bunny, bunny charges or pounces at it, crow backs off, then comes back for another try, over and over. Finally the crow gave up and flew away, and the bunny went back to peacefully nibbling the grass. Yay for bunnies who stick up for themselves!

  161. I just keep hearing a voice going “Imma get joo, snake! Imma get joo!” in an Appalachian accent.

  162. I hope the snake was okay…

  163. This is one hysterical bunny. I knew they were territorial, but whoa…. don’t double cross your buns!

  164. PWN’D!

    Also: Laurie C’s and Crazed’s stories should be C.O. posts in and of themselves.

  165. “You should feel sorry for that rabbit a lot because I know what it feels like to be bit by a snake.”

  166. Maybe this wasn’t a bunny-eating snake? Some snakes are very specific in their prey, but a bunny, even one smart enough to figure out the safe end on something with fangs to attack, prolly wouldn’t know a safe snake from a dangerous snake.

    Go bunny!

  167. all I have to say (and quite frankly I’m surprised no one else has come out and actually said it) is, “ITS NO ORDIANRY RABBIT!!!!”

  168. My kitty jumps like a bunny.

  169. He rocks in the back yard all a day long
    Hoppin’ and a-boppin’ and a-singin’ his song
    All the little buns on Rabbit Street
    Love to hear the bunny stomp his feets, feets, feets

    Rockin’ Rabbit (bink bink bink)
    Rockin’ Rabbit (bink bink bink)
    Oh rockin’ Rabbit well you really gonna stomp tonight

    Every little mongoose, every wallaby
    Every little snake in the tall oak tree
    The wise old owl, the big black crow
    Flapping them wings sayin’ go bun go

    Rockin’ Rabbit (bink bink bink)
    Rockin’ Rabbit (bink bink bink)
    Oh rockin’ Rabbit well you really gonna stomp tonight

    A nasty little serpent at the bun’s first dance
    Taught him how to do the hop and it was grand
    He started Jumpin’ steady and bless my soul
    He out hopped that snakey right back into his hole!

    He rocks in the back yard all a day long
    Hoppin’ and a-boppin’ and a-singin’ his song
    All the little buns on Rabbit Street
    Love to hear the bunny stomp his feets, feets, feets

    Rockin’ Rabbit (bink bink bink)
    Rockin’ Rabbit (bink bink bink)
    Oh rockin’ Rabbit well you really gonna stomp tonight

  170. Anyone remember poor President Carter being reamed out by the press for fending off an attack rabbit while out rowing? See. He wasn’t overreacting, after all!

  171. “I am in your space killing your doodz”

  172. This def. belongs in the CUTE OR SAD category!

  173. Old Bugs Bunny lines:
    “Of course you realize this means war!”
    “He don’t know me very well, do he?”
    I wonder if the bunneh in the clip speaks in a Brooklyn accent. 🙂

  174. BTW, re: the “I shall leeck you” category: American English has a colloquialism in which “lick” means “defeat decisively in a fight”. So the category is completely appropriate!

  175. Cadra 74 – “don’t double cross your buns!” *fell over laughing*

    what about hot cross buns? Can you double HOT cross buns?

  176. In case anyone is curious to see my insane, “I will scar you for life” rabbits, I’ll share my tiny Flickr photo collection. It’s all of the pets and they’re cute, too!

  177. Oh dear, I think I’m a bit shocked actually! 😐

  178. useta hada kitteh says:

    MC2 — that song ROCKS!!!!!11!!!!

    And about Hot Cross Buns, every Easter our minister rolls out the “joke” about what you get when you pour boiling water down a rabbit hole. I must share this vid with him, because obviously THIS is what you get!

  179. MC2 – You little music’chick’adee! Tweedlee deedle ee deet. Perfect lyrics. Love the lyrics.

    Hmmm, I got one,
    “The dread, dread rabbit goes grab, grab, grab it along.”

    Oh that’s woeful, scratch, wont do at all, sorry, mumble, hrmmm.

  180. classic – I actually thought the cackling and comments made it even funnier!!

  181. [playing upright bass along with MC2]

    and Bob — yes, exactly.

  182. Re: Snakes in trees – when I was in the rainforest in Costa Rica, people said you should never go for a walk in the jungle with a herpetologist. They see snakes *everywhere*. Underfoot, in bushes along trails, at eyelevel in trees – everywhere. Better to live in ignorance.

  183. She was probably protecting her young. Don’t cross a bunny momma.

  184. Cadra74: “Don’t double cross your buns”: hilarious!

  185. Carolee maybe:

    I’m on your lawn treeing your snakzzz.

  186. Your Friday Manatee Show:

    “Hiss Hiss Boing Boing” starring
    Rabbit Downey Jr.


  187. That’s a weird scene man. Straight out of Watership Down.

    Even the bird in the background seems shocked. He actually is moving in and stares at the the whole thing as the rabbit starts chewing on the snake. Maybe he wants to get a little revenge himself.

  188. I thought this would be over today, but -thankgod it’s not: Subhangi – you’re a genius. My LOL for the day -well, so far… ;> HOW do you people come UP w/ these things —I mean, I’m creative – a writer, even, but I can’t come close to yous ….(tips hat).

  189. Oh yeah, Tank – once you get over the bunny/snake thing, then start paying attention to the bird – adds a whole new level of hilarity to the thing.

  190. That might be the furthest thing from cute on this website. Talk about animal cruelty; I don’t even know where to begin. First, to sit back and watch a rabbit in danger. Then, to sit back and watch a snake in danger. All accompanied by stereotypical redneck banter. It’s sick.

  191. (anyone know what on earth that woman’s talking about?)

  192. Crazed, I loved your stories, but have to say this: you – and Bunbun – were lucky. Rabbit/dog interactions of the kind you’re talking about usually go in one direction, and it doesn’t favor the bunny. I don’t take my bun outside because of the fact that I don’t have a fence and there are a lot of predators in my neighborhood (dogs + wild animals – I live on the edge of a forest, and don’t own the property).

    Sadly, sometimes even “trusted” dogs go for bunnies they’ve known for a long time – and I’m not saying that to fault the dogs or owners. It’s kind of hard-wired into the dogs, that predator thing. Even the most vigilant dog/ bunny owners sometimes have unfortunate accidents, and they usually happen so fast that their humans aren’t able to intervene.

    So mad props to BunBun, but…. saftey first.

  193. err, that was supposed to be “safety first.”


  194. OMG! That was very funny!

  195. Hilassy–

    I speak as someone who interrupts cat fights regularly, when I point out that the absolute last thing that would help this rabbit would be for some well-intensioned person to blunder into this fight.

    Half the time, when I go to break up a cat fight, I only end up getting my guy distracted so the other guy whomps him.

    And Bun here is in a higher stake game than my cat.
    Distract him (or actually probably she — I think it’s a mom) and it’s dinner time for the snake.

  196. brokentreasures says:

    what would make you think that this is cute? this is a disgrace!! i want to see cute, not some poor frightened animal. you should be ashamed!!

  197. i’m starting to wonder if some folks is far to sensitive to be permitted access to the outside world…even via a video clip on a computer.

  198. Teri — no kidding.

    BrokenTreasures — yes, I’m ashamed. So ashamed. Oh dear sweet lord, the shame. Stick it.

  199. The bleeding hearts out there should take a deep breath and calm down. It was probably a rat snake. They are aggressive biters but are not venomous. They can easily climb trees, and they also have quite the taste for baby buns straight from the nest (common knowledge and corroborated by personal experience). Most rattlers would have coiled defensively before striking. So bunny was probably not in much danger herself.

  200. /threadjack
    And now, for some SERIOUS cute overload, I humbly submit to you 18 baby pandas waiting to be named!!! The adorableness, people!!! …Squeeee!!! I can hardly stand it myself. What shall we name them?
    /end threadjack

  201. To the nuffs:
    I’ll agree that this isn’t cute. It’s HILARIOUS! Everyone loves to see an underdog turn the tables, no one gets seriously hurt, and we all git to mock the rednecks.

    What’s not to like?

  202. All the more reason to love bunnies…


  203. GreenEyedHawk says:

    Circusk is right…this is a rat snake. Non-venomous and not big enough to eat the intrepid bunny, who probably had young’uns nearby, which ARE a perfect-sized snacklette for the snake.

    GEH, snake owner and lover

  204. Tank – Watership Down came to my mind too, I just couldn’t think of a publicly rational way to express it.

  205. no more nightmares about snakes, now just nightmares about bunnies.

  206. That snake got pwnd by the bunny. Fantastic.

  207. That rabbit reminds me of Monster of Caerbannog. Next time that snake better bring the Holy Handgrenade of Antioch 🙂

  208. I almost felt sorry for the snake…ALMOST. But it was sure funny to see that bun run that snake off like nobody’s business!

  209. I love bunnies AND snakes.

    I actually wasn’t too surprised by this, though. Bunnies can be very territorial, especially if they’re male. If this was a lady-bun, she probably had little ones nearby.

    My boyfriend’s old rabbit lived in a fenced area where his family’s blueberries grew. His grandma went to pick some one day, and the rabbit attacked her because she refused to pay a toll. (He was used to those coming to pick them dropping some for him, since he’d already eaten all the ones he could reach)

  210. I’ve heard the same kind of cheesy redneck laughter with a police video capture of a dog fight, too. Some people just get off on seeing animals fight, obviously.

  211. Holy crapola, Bun! Kicking butt and taking names!

  212. wow my first post but nessecery, holy smokin that bunny is so impressive, and as to monty python.

    Lancealot: Why is only a bunny, who’d be afraid of a bunny?

  213. [ahem]


  214. ice bunny says:

    This video completely demonstrates my online handle for the past 5 or so years.

    THANK YOU!! 😀

  215. reanimated says:

    god forbid some of you people ever watch the discovery channel. this is nature, not someone putting a pet in harm’s way deliberately. guess what, if you step out into the woods one day, you’re likely to see predators and prey doing their daily negotiations. it’s just likely that it’s not usually this funny…or non-fatal.

  216. oh no….poor bunny is invicible hein…bit it…ghb it it wont die!

  217. Some comments are best saved for places like this:

  218. It’s the legendary black beast of aaaaaaaaarrrrrgggghhhh!!! Quick, someone get the holy hand grenade of antioch!

  219. Andrea Bogolub says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, for this site. I love it. As a matter of fact I download or add almost all your stuff to my address book. Where do you find all this great info???????

    Andrea B.

  220. Connie Whitaker says:

    Go Bunny Go how Funny!

  221. Hugh - bunnanza! says:

    2. That snake is a rare pissss- toff snake.
    1. Snakes have been trying to get into the basketball
    game for years – having trouble with jumpoing and credibility. All they needed was a bit of encouragement . Good dog bunny

  222. Alice Shortcake says:

    “THUMPER, I’m not telling you again – leave the poor little snake alone or no more carrots for you!”

  223. That wabbit sure gave that snake a good licking!