OK peeps the WHOLE DARN WORLD is jealous of the Monterey Bay Aquarium today.


OMG, snoozin’ baby otter paws… there’s a whole slideshow, too.  Check it out!


(top otterling) (listening closely) "…Something strange about this pillow."
(otter underling) "Uh yeah, it’s got your HEAD on it." (rolls eyes)

Can you imagine being the lucky zookeeper who gets to play with baby otters??  [headspins]



  1. Wow. I wouldn’t even know what to do with myself! They’re ADORABLE!

  2. am i first???

    moony eyes! hardly any ears at all!

  3. Damn! Thought I was first poster. Oh, well–second!

    I’m definitely a-splodin’ with teh Qteness.

  4. “I’m a wee little otter. I swim around on my back and do cute little human things with my hands!!!”
    My cuteness owns you.

  5. dammit!

  6. Keke in Pink says:

    SO CUTE! I love otters!

  7. I have always loved to watch otters on TV. They are just so adorable.

  8. michellemybelle says:

    I am dead now. It was nice knowing you all.


  9. GnomeLover says:

    *Ka-Blooie* I have just exploded because of the cuteness.

  10. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Me wantie me wantie, come to mummy Tarka and er um Tarkarete

  11. Their eyes in the lower picture reminds of the candy eyes on chocolate bunnies!

  12. my mother has just informed me i need to join COA (cute overloaders anonymous). i can stop any time. i swear!

  13. Yup. Head just asploded.

    AAAAH.. I want to hold one! OHMYGAWD.
    Spike, YES, you’re right – chocolate bunny eyes! Weird and cute at the same time!

  14. I waaaaaant one!

    She says, whining like a 3-year old!

  15. Do I see a disapproving otter??

  16. BenPanced says:

    Too bad otters are so fragile! I’d have a dozen or so as pets, if I could!

  17. Yay! One more reason to revisit my favorite city!

  18. Ottersottersottersottersottersottersotters
    [pant pant pant gasp]

    I think otter on right is giving us the patented Woodstock “innocent” look.

    (Why can I not find an image of that hi-larious Peanuts strip where Woodstock demonstrates the look? Are the internets busted today?)

  19. Beth — yep. Click either of the photos in the post & that’s where they’ll take you.

  20. I think my head just caved in from the cuteness here. I think otters are amazing.

    I really needed this post today after the terrible news I heard about the bombing of an Animal Market in Iraq yesterday. Let all of us animal lovers take a moment to honor the critters (and the 14 humans) that were lost. Dogs, cats, goats, rabbits, monkeys, snakes…the list goes on and on. 😦

  21. OMG i want one (two). Elvis wants one(two). I will make my back yard into a pond for them.

  22. You should change the post title to, “You Otter Know”. Sorry. :oP

  23. Martha in Washington says:

    Anner-“i can stop any time. i swear.” Yes, but why would you want to?

    I watched a whole hour-long show on National Geographic Channel (I think) the other day about OTTERS! I thought I’d just die when it ended.

    Chocolate bunny eyes- do you all eat them first? I always did and now my kids do too.

  24. They look like the perfect hand warmers. One for each pocket. Your hands get cold and you stick them into pockets full of furry goodness and otter nuzzles! 🙂

  25. Martha – NEVER!

  26. Hey cool! I live in Monterey! 😀

  27. The honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    I think I know why we all love em, they are a perfect cross of a dog and a cat,dontcha think?

  28. Throw a little “duck” in that mix & I think you’ve got it covered.

  29. I name one, Cute, and the other, Overload.

  30. useta hada kitteh says:


    I just asploded ded. I lurves me some OTTERZ!!!! I just went ded again.

    Me happy. Me ded but happy.


  31. It really makes me miss Monteray – where I spent some years as a little girl- I have fond memories of a restraunt on a ferry where you could take a seat and watch the otters fish. The best time was when the mamas had their babies, and they would put them on the kelp bed while they dove underneathe to fish. Then they would hold the babeh on their belly while they taught them to open oysters- sooo cute–

    I don’t remember anything else about the restraunt. 😛

  32. OMG!


  33. I think the cuteness is a cure.
    I’ve got a nasty repiratory infection, but the second I saw bebbeh otters
    I feel better.

  34. ::poit::

  35. There’s an adorable sea otter hand puppet project (made from a brown paper lunch bag, of all things) at

    It _says_ “preK-3, ages 4-9”, but I admit I downloaded the page of ‘otter pieces’, and will have to find my crayons this evening…

    Being a ‘responsible adult’ is vastly overrated, anyway.

  36. Hey it’s that subset of “Baroo”-ness again, but without the furbrows. Cuteologists, I think there needs to be a caucus on subsets of Baroo.

  37. These here are some otters
    The most loved in our land
    You can watch them swim and waddle
    When you watch them on this cam:

    (check this around 3-3:30P – it’s their feeding time)

  38. “we will kill you with cutenes and then eat you.. on our TUMMMEHS!”

  39. Long time watcher, first time poster (LTWFTP). So, “hi” ever’ body!

    There’s so much space between those teeny earsies that I just want to snorgle their smooth fur to my face. Too cute!

  40. I just watched the video. *dies*

  41. The second picture is so “We didn’t do nothin’!” that it’s killing me. Otters are such adorable, mischievous creatures. Who wouldn’t love an otter?

  42. azsumrg1rl says:

    Insert plug!!!!

  43. I would, but we *scooped* ’em. Hehehehehe.
    (OK OK… here ’tis: )

  44. i’m in ur cute overload, ownin’ ur rule 15.

  45. Thanks Theo, just checked out the site. A friend and I went kayaking near Moss Landing and had lots of otters close by for company. It was so awesome!! OTTERS!

  46. OTTERZ!

    A pinnacle (but not pinniped) of Qte.

  47. oh geez. baby otters (see Snowdrop:) are right up there with baby bears at the tippy top of my cute-o-meter. more baby bears, please!

  48. (annoying spellchecker)

    It’s MonterEy. A beautiful locale, indeed. I think I’ve been to that aquarium. Oh, that I could visit again today! *sniff*

    (/annoying spellchecker)

  49. My birthday’s Sunday, but you must have known that because you gave me otters! I love my present. Thanks!

  50. Wups! Will fix typos… thanks, Juliette…

  51. ah, cuteoverload! the only place you can whinge about spelling errors and get real, spelly results. how i love eet.

  52. …well, sometimes. 😉

  53. The EAR TO HEAD ratio, people, the EAR TO HEAD ratio!!

  54. How otterly adorable! We shall have to make a weekend trip as soon as they are out for us to see! 😀

  55. It’s spelled, Otterey Bay Aquarium.

  56. Thank you, Pyrit.
    I won’t be making THAT correction.

  57. two by two,
    hands of blue…

  58. GAAHH!! I suppose it was too much to hope for that nobody’d think of that one…
    [pulls gadget out of jacket]
    [clicks wands into place]

  59. They are just too cute!

    So envious of those lucky zookeepers!

  60. *splodes*

  61. uh oh- two by two, hands of blue…

  62. i just realized that my friend’s 6-year-old (human) makes that same “i don’t know what heck you’re talking about, but if you were very very young like me, you just MIGHT have a bit more of a clue…” face. if theese leetle ott-ehr (the one on the right) was mine, i’d name him Adonis after than little (sadly furless) boy.

  63. HAH! That’ll teach me to not read all the way to the bottom. Good call Firefly.

  64. I used to leave in Monterey.

    They have surrogate mothers for orphaned otters they find in the bay. Its so cute!

  65. GreenEyedHawk says:

    Oh my goodness! Otters! They’re like…like….Water ferrets!

  66. Slippery sleekity qte when wet, fuzzy fluffy qte when dry. Not to mention teh wheeskers. And teh muzzlepowshe. Otters own us all & I, for one, am okies with that. We must bow down to the otters & offer them much sushi lest they disapprove of us…

  67. GEH – that’s funny; i call ferrets “land otters.”

    i had wine with lunch, people. yer not getting rid of me today. 😉

  68. What were you drinking, anner? Ch-otter-nay?

    (hands anner some puddin)

  69. *Egad* Aubrey but that was a stinker. ESPECIALLY after the Buns of the Round Table, over in that other thread. [THPPPPPPT]

  70. pinonoi-otter!

    oh boy, puddin! how did you know i didn’t have any desert?

  71. [groan]

  72. (looks sympathetically at T.)

    anner, maybe we should save a little…

  73. I got to hold a baby otter once (it was a rescue, found in someone’s swimming pool): It was like holding a fur-covered slinky! Wonderful!

  74. They are so cute I just punched myself in the face!

  75. Fooey — that wasn’t *exactly* the result I was trying for.

    Cool kiddie clothes, btw.

  76. Teughcats says:

    Fur-covered slinky! LOL What a great description.

  77. ka9q's wife says:

    steps back as Meg’s head asplodes.

  78. ka9q's wife says:

    steps back as Meg’s head asplodes.

  79. ka9q's wife says:

    steps back as Meg’s head asplodes.

  80. ka9q's wife says:

    steps back as Meg’s head asplodes.

  81. ka9q's wife says:

    steps back as Meg’s head asplodes.

  82. ka9q's wife says:

    steps back as Meg’s head asplodes.

  83. KW — actually, I did this one. We’ll have to wait ’til tomorrow for Megsplosion.

  84. NICE! i am going to the monterey bay aquarium in 5 weeks.. i hope those guys are still little and adorable!

  85. OMG… watch the vid… They chirp I tell you… chirpin bebeh otters…chirpin…..
    *chirp chirp chirp*

  86. PixelPixi — they do that as adults, too. And it’s *L*O*U*D* lemme tell ya. Earsplitting.

  87. Oh, come ON! Did you see the feets, the little webby feets with the little toes?? The chins alone would be enough to keeel me, and then I had to see the feets. And in the vid, when the baby is held up to the light, you can see a halo of fuzz all over his body. Oy.

  88. I didn’t know it before, but apparently I am in need of an otter. These pictures have made me realize this. Now I just need to find out how to get one.

  89. On the otter hands…

  90. You aren’t kidding about otters being loud as adults Teho. I was a volunteer at the Shedd Aquarium and the first time I heard the sea otters screech I couldn’t believs such a loud scary noise came out of something so cute and fuzzy.

  91. Do they finally have pictures up? I tried looking for them a few weeks ago and found nothing. Glad to finally get the otterness in 🙂

  92. OMG! These leetle ones are otterly cute! =)

  93. Sneezy coins a new C.O. word: “Cutegasm” hee hee hee… I would like to use that too please 😉

  94. My guidance counselor never told me you could get a job holding otters. 😦

  95. Oh yeah, and the photos and comments are otter-ly adorable too!! Good job, T! *pats you on your fuzzy widdo hey-ed”* 😉

  96. Otters AAAAAHH! I loves me some roly poly otters! Dig those crazy eyes on the bottom one.

  97. Oh.

    Baby otts. I must squeeze their brains out now.

  98. Otter than what??

  99. does anyone else notice the princess Di eyes on that little guy?!

  100. Okay, I think it’s all about the doubting or worried looks. That otter on the right? Doubting. That puppy from the other day with the eyebrowage? Worried. SO cute.

  101. attackbunny says:

    OMG they’re so CUUTTE! OMG they’re so CUUTTE! OMG they’re so CUUTTE! OMG they’re so CUUTTE! OMG they’re so CUUTTE! OMG they’re so CUUTTE! OMG they’re so CUUTTE! *stop for breath* OMG they’re so CUUTTE! OMG they’re so CUUTTE! OMG they’re so CUUTTE! Look at ’em, with their little fuzziness, and the webbed toes, and the big eyes, and they’re so CUUUUTE!

  102. *Blorp*

    (underwater nose beeps)

  103. two words:


    okay, so there are no pants involved in this c.o., but, still, it had to be said


  104. More otter info and a video too on my blog at


  105. Oh my gosh, I just stumbled over here.. which probably isn’t a good thing if I could die from cuteness on the first post I read!!

    I must hug those otters!!

  106. Am I the first one to point this out? The Chinese have run out of names for baby pandas and WE MUST HELP THEM!

  107. i love that place

  108. *eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*

    Judging by all the comments, it looks like many, many people share my undying love for otters 😀

  109. useta hada kitteh says:

    Del — I certainly share your undying love for otters (even though I asploded ded early on in the comments, here I am back again to lurve them otterses some more!)

    Be sure to check out the baby otterses on musicchick2’s vox!!!!! Do it. Just go do it right now. She’s not too far up. Go do it. You’ll be glad you did. BAYBEE OTTERS!!!!

  110. useta hada kitteh says:


    Everybody bink on down to the rabbit vs snake encounter below, and scroll way down the comments to check out musicchick2’s prosh song! It ROCKS!!!

    //end threadjack//

  111. *sings* “In my oooootter’s eeeeeyeeesss…”

    Hehehe. Man, the eyes of the otter on the right kill me.

  112. OMG!! BABY OTTERS!? I just want to snorgle them!! They are soooo cute!!

  113. did anyone else see the 1st picandthink: 2 by 2, hands of blue?

  114. To me, the gloves just keep shouting Ty D Bol.

  115. Hanna,
    I vote MegMeg and TehoTeho

  116. These two are so damned cute…their expressions are priceless!

    Their ear to head ratio…off the charts!


    *deep breath*

    Otters Otters Otters Otters Otters Otters Otters Otters Otters Otters Otters Otters Otters Otters Otters Otters Otters Otters Otters Otters Otters Otters Otters Otterglubglubglubglub

  118. How about, “Gotter milk?”

  119. I had to come back and take another peep at the baby otters to start my birthday off with an extra dose of cuteness.

    I decided not only are the comments on here cute – but I can’t understand half of them!

    So I will post what my 3-year-old says in her sleep all the time “dook dookie get me cookie”

  120. Why did the Otter cross the road?

    I don’t know why?

    To get to the Otter side.
    ———————————– – We Love Animals


    I saw a sea otter at the Vancouver Aquarium once, and he was just a floatin’ around on his back, and he was actually taking his paw, and putting it over his head like he was slicking back his hair on his head, like “oh I’m SOOO gorgeous!” and he kept doing it, they have such personalities. Saw a few otters here in Florida at a nature preserve, and they were just playin’ and chasing each other in the water, going round and round… LOVE THE OTTERS!!

  122. overtly- Yup. 🙂

  123. PEOPLE!!!

    CO is up for a Weblog Award at SXSW! The Bloggies!


  124. Useta – Gracias! Wanna ‘nother cute’splosion? Check out the Panda babies….Squeeee!!!

  125. Theo——Did you add the caption? Too TOO funny! And they’re adorable

  126. useta hada kitteh says:

    Thanks, MC2!! Those pandas are exceedingly squee-tiful. (I’ve been kinda goin’ into cute withdrawal…those pandababies may see me through…)

  127. sandypartridge says:

    The otters are very cute but where ish Meg?????? Meg?

  128. SandyP — it’s been a busy week at Meg’s “real” job.

  129. sandypartridge says:

    hmm…maybe Meg can get an assistant-Meg for times like these? We are dying of withdrawal issues ………. Pershnaps, the Teho can do it?

  130. the video

  131. Blargh, feed me the CUTE! (Ok ok, I’m grateful that Meg posts as often as she does…) We need interns.

  132. I miss iloveusame. 🙂

  133. elizabells says:

    Okay, so two of y’alls got to the “Two by two, hands of blue” joke before I did, so I will simply say that these otters? Look like they aim to misbehave. You know, ’cause otters are kinda … mischevious … and all? Ahhh, get on with yez…

  134. oaklandcat says:

    meggy’s created a bunch of drooling cute-addicts…c’mon meg! (slapping inner elbow) I need a fix!

  135. Pyrit — you whaa??

    Yeah if Meg’s not on tomorrow, I’ll put something up. But bear in mind, peeps, I *don’t* have access to the regular CO submissions mailbox. This is not to say I don’t have resources… just not the mother lode. Think of me as the genie of the ring, not the genie of the lamp.

    [EDIT — Ha!! Spoke too soon! New Meg post went up as I was WRITING this! w00t!!]

  136. *faints*

  137. Oh my sweet Lord – Baby Water Weasels!! I dont often comment but BabyOtters! BabyOtters! BabyOtters! Unbearable Cuteness.

  138. Do the baby pandas wear pandaloons?

  139. useta hada kitteh says:

    Pyrit, if you’re reading this, iloveyousame has changedhishername to fable, I do belive.

  140. Theo, useta – If I explain, it wont be funny. My sick, twisted, warped sense of so-called humor, (rolling eyes) AGAIN.

  141. Pyrit — what Useta said.

  142. (oh dear @ baby pandas, some of them looked oh so silly :D)

  143. great day

  144. This is great job

  145. If you like otters, you can get a pair of sterling silver cloisonne drop earrings with otter faces on them from . I looked at the website to see if I could direct-link to the catalog entry, but no photo is available, alas. 😦 However, I’ve seen them in the print catalog, and they’re darned cute.

    [EDIT — fixed link]

  146. Bad Little Otter says: