Señor and Señora Rabies are ready to come raid your bird feeders. And cat food. Got any extry lying around? Consider it goooooooone! [singsong]


Who was that masked cat, John L.?



  1. Fiiiirst! For the first time!

  2. second! and i want one!

  3. awwwwwwww

  4. Toooooo cute! What are the odds that you’d just happen to have your camera in hand when these liddo faces popped out like that? Priceless!

  5. Arrrggghhh…. Too cute! Highly naughty and mischievious but very adorable!

  6. okay, not a big fan of the racoons, but this made me LOL!!!
    and it is pretty cute, I hafta admit.

  7. OMG and lmao @ Senor & Senora Rabies! *snert*


  9. Izit? Can eet be?… Señor Zorro and hees zidekeeks?

  10. omg! *squeeeeeeeeeeeees*

    I love raccoons!!!

  11. awww c’ mon with the rabies jokes…….

    I worked in a place that took wildlife “problem” calls. I had a woman ADAMANT that we come remove the raccoons who were in her yard. She lived on-the-river!!!! For cripes sake. And they only came out at nite. AND, and they ran away from people.

    They werent doing anything wrong, but she was livid that we wouldnt remove the animals that had every right to be there. Sorry that woman still gets under my skin…

    I’d love to see a view like this. And a reason (for me anyway) to live on a river, lol. I just saw my first raccoon in the wild just last month. (Im 31) so three at one time! WOOT!

  12. YAY! for raccoonses! I refuse to believe that anything this cute n’snorglable could have raybees – it’s a myth perpetrated by the Evil Squirrel Coalition to keep raccoons away from the bird feeders!

  13. I like the leetle senorita. She’s all “Where we goin’? Hanh? Hanh?”

  14. How do you even get a picture like this!?!?! How did the photographer not drop dead from the cuteness?

  15. Oh man. Wow. Way to be adorable in a totally unexpected way.

  16. It’s like they’re waiting to jump out and hijack the next car with cute!

  17. eikoleigh says:

    oh that is SO cute!!

  18. I’ve seen these before! A few months back I swear I saw the exact same thing just down the street from my house. It was dusk, and there were some over-achieving little buggers trying to snag the neighbor’s rabbits. They did not succeed. Sadly, a very large, beautiful raccoon very recently succeeded in eating, before my very eyes, my mother’s favorite chicken. CO actually helped me a lot, calming me down enough to smile and be able to get some sleep.

    Anyway, raccoons are my favorite animal for some reason, and I fully support International Raccoon Appreciation Day.

    As for rabies (which this site sadly doesn’t really mention–at least I don’t recall that it does), it’s pretty rare, and I know that in some states the most likely animal to carry the disease has a less than 1% chance of actually having it. And remember, even beloved pups could get it, so vaccinate!

  19. Awww! It’s a liddle fami-lee! Mommy and Daddy and baby Bandit!

  20. Was this photo taken from Over the Hedge? 🙂

  21. Oh my gosh, that’s so adorable! I love how their little heads are sticking out from the grate…

  22. Bob – OMG, wasn’t that the cutest movie EVAH!!???! Loved it! And I love it that a guy (you) loved it! 😀

  23. Three masked gutter-snipes!

  24. A Reminder From Your …

    Please do not pour your used raccoon down storm drains. All storm drains empty directly into local lakes and streams, and each year, during the rainy season, used raccoons flood into our waterways. Since raccoons are very clever animals, they quickly learn how to use little snorkels and flippers, and compete with fish for scarce resources, upsetting the delicate ecological balance.

    Instead, take your used raccoon, in carefully sealed containers, to your local Used Raccoon Collection Center, located at your nearest auto repair center, bowling alley, or house of worship.

    Keeping our waterways raccoon-free — it’s EVERYONE’S job.

  25. ok, so i was saying “peek!” to myself in my cute voice at the rat above, and then i scroll down here and see a treeple peek! peekpeekpeek! so cute! :-*

  26. littlelizard says:

    Hee! Peektastic. I watched Pom Poko the other night – did you know racoons can change shape?

  27. “Señor and Señora Rabies” LOVE IT!

  28. USED racoons? hmmmmm….nope, i’m still needing mine.

  29. Did someone say “raccoons with snorkels”? I give you:

    Porter Air in Toronto knows the cuteness of raccoons, and uses one as their mascot. He shows up in various ways on all their braded stuff. The snorkel image came off their water bottle. I just flew with them this week for the first time. For more see:

  30. LOL! Firstly at the pic, then at NTMTOM.

    After living in Toronto for a while, I know what nuisances raccoonses can be–but still, oh so cute.

  31. This looks like a parking lot at a scenic overlook and I’ll guess there are picnic tables nearby.

    On a camping trip once a raccoon was being a space invader so much that the person I was with dumped a big bucket of water on it and do you know what that raccoon did? It stamp-stamp-stamped its’ front feet at us and hiiiiisssssed! Which cracked me up and still makes me laugh.

  32. martha in mobile says:

    A raccoon mom lives in one of the oak trees in my backyard. She waits for me to bring in my mutt at dusk and then trundles down the tree, babies close behind, and saunters across the street (dead end) to the lady in the woods who feeds about 30 of them on her porch every evening. Livin’ Large in the ‘Burbs.

  33. Aww! Our two bassimungas (that’s basset hounds, for the uninitiated) treed a VERY big raccoon in their back yard not long ago. Poor masked bebbeh was making a very distressed noise. I’d never heard a raccoon vocalization until then. Very distinctive (and cute, natch!)

  34. I feed ‘coons on my back stairs, there was one plate and two ‘coons and they were having a tiff over it, so one of them just pick up the plate in his two front paws, put it in his mouth and waddled down the stairs. Spilled everything, of course, but proved his point.

  35. GOLD STAR for Other Mike.

  36. Were rockin the suburbs!

  37. One night, years ago, when a cat who still went outside lived at my house, we’d have to go out and shake a food dish to get him in at night. One night I saw him (gray/brown tabby) “sharpening” his claws on one of the trees on the boulevard and proceeded toward him, shaking food. About six feet away, I realized that my cat’s tail wasn’t *quite* as strongly striped as that animal’s, and backed away very carefully, to leave the raccoon to his business. (Raccoons were one of the reasons we tried to keep the cat in at night.)

  38. There used to be a vacant parking lot in the middle of the Metro Parks in my city that only had a bathroom and nothing else. People would go there to make out, etc. There were sewer holes in either far corner of the lot where a good 15-20 of these little masked guys lived. They came out after dark and walked all over your car while you were trying to get laid or whatnot. Many people would come to that particular lot just to watch them and feed them too. Cat food, marshmallows and animal crackers were their favorites. Adorable!

  39. Raccoons loooove chocolate! I’ve lost count of how many times they have broken into camping coolers, stolen the Reese’s and the Hershey’s and left everything else! They have such good taste and so cute!

  40. I have a Prius, which (when it’s running on the electric motor) is _very_ quiet. I was just coasting down my extremely urban street (about 4 blocks from City Hall) late one night and discovered that it wasn’t the local outdoor cats who were getting the left-on-the-porch dog food. (Yes, the dog is inside at night.)

    Waddling across the street, oblivious to the big nasty car with its lights shining (but _very_ quietly), was the Biggest Racoon In The World, clearly having just having snacked on some large breed puppy food nuggets…

  41. marsmannix says:

    Aww…racoons are so cute, esp.the bebehs.

  42. MagillasMom says:

    I lurv racconses!!!! I had a friend who had one as a pet. (He had been injured as a baby so he couldn’t live in the wild) It was so adorable to watch him take his food to the bathtub, (they always kept a little water in there for him) to wash his food…. They are TOO cute!!!

  43. michellemybelle says:

    NTMOM: Priceless (as your comments usually are!)

    And Meg is dead on with her captions in this last batch of postings – Senor Rabies just killt me!

  44. nermalkitty says:

    we live way out in the way out, between the rr & the river. mom feeds a family of coonsies that live under her back porch. the little ones come out at night and growl and fight with one another over the food, till their mama smacks ’em around and puts an end to their shenanigans. mom leaves her front door propped over every nite for her elderly kitty to come & go. once she peeked into the kitched and caught a BIG coon sitting in the middle of her table with the cereal box turned upside down shaking the contents into his mouth. it was hilarious. he scrammed tho when mom showed up.

  45. I grew up in the country, and ‘coons were always around. our dog kept them away until she got old and sick and moved inside. then they got into our trash – and more. we kept birdseed in our garage in a big industrial garbage can, and the persistent buggers chewed a hole through the plastic to get at the seed. we went through 3 garbage cans before we could find a good metal one that was raccoon proof.
    it’s weird to see them now that I live in the city. we feed a stray cat on the porch of our townhouse, and one night my roommate heard crunching outside, so he opened the door to say hi to our kitty. but it was a big ol’ raccoon, who hissed and lunged at him! he closed the door just in time.

  46. wolfwhocriedboy says:

    Shannon: I hear you with the rabies thing. I’ve worked in wildlife Rehab once upon a time and we had no end of people who’d insist that we somehow relocate any Merlins or Great Horned Owls from their neighborhood. The reason: They might kill the songbirds that people have lured to their backyards with their handouts. That’s nature people! HEELOOoo – you just created a perfect hunting ground, what do you expect?

    Anyhoo… that was a bit off – topic.

    THIS is a cute shot. I love our oft’ misunderstood bandito friends. I have nothing but respect for city raccoons. Funny how we malign critters that manage to make a good ‘go’ of things in the city.

  47. now for my sad coon story…. one of our neighbors puts out illegal traps, and a small one was hooked onto the biggest-coon-you-ever-saw’s poor not so little leg. he crawled into our barn, and was actually trying to attack our barn cats and dog!!! it didn’t look like he was in too much pain, and he could walk easily, but wae didn’t wanna shoot it, so my mom and dad let it stay on it’s way….well that next night when we went into the bottom part of the barn, we SCREAMED (my mom and me) because his chain had been caught on one of the steps and he was hanging upside down, dead. i thought he could still be alive like a possum, but we knew he couldn’t be. our barn stairs are like those of a ladder, there’s nothing inbetween them, so when we went up, we could see him staring at us. i made my mom turn on the lights because the switch was right past his body!!!! once when she was going upstairs, she fell backwards because she had forgotten about Rocky and just saw him again. the same neighbors had a very large trap in their woods, (illegal for the time, you can only shoot the animals) and the bait in it attracted my peaceful little collie. he was in it all day, and we couldn’t find him, i thought he was hit by a car, so we looked for him a couple miles off in each direction. then that night during our walk, i could hear him howling, and he’s debarked!! my dad went over to that neighbors house to see if it grew louder, which it did, and they just stared at him throught the window!!! we finally found him in the woods, and we were able to get the trap off of him, and carry him home. within a couple of weeks, he was just fine, but really wanted attention, so he’d fake limp. we could tell it was fake because he’d switch feet!!! well, my dad was really mad at the neighbor, so he took the dead coon and tied it to their mail box with the chain. teach them!!! we’ve also had 3 possum come and steal our cat food, so we had to make them go…the scary thing is, they get bigger every time. it’s like i’ll come home from school and be like “i didn’t know my mom got a new hors—-holy crap look at it’s tail!!!!”

  48. wolfwhocriedboy says:

    Awh, Rosie that’s a SUPER SAD story. Traps like that make me CRAZY! 😦

  49. LMAO @ NTMTOM!!! We just got something in to the office from the borough called “We all live Downstream: a guide to Urban Stormwater Issues and solutions” I have to check to see if they cover the raccoon issue.

    and you might not think raccoons were cute if they were living in your ceiling and pee was raining into your bedroom. and the scratching noises above your bed woke you up at 3 am. I’m just sayin. I USED to think they were cute. This pic is cute (as I already admitted) of course!

  50. There’s a family of racoons that live in the storm drain in front of my apartment building…mom and four babies. They come out at dusk, cross our parking lot, and head uphill to dine in the subdivision trash cans. I love seeing them; I live in a very urban area now (San Diego) as opposed to the semi-rural area (Tennessee) where I use to live, and seeing the ‘coons makes me feel closer to nature.

  51. My Buddha-tabby used to hang out with the possums.
    I’d call him in at night and five or six stripey guys would all come running up together.

    Always made me feel weird to send away his little friends —
    “Felix needs to come in now for dinner, you boys should run along home too.”

    (Same kitty would sit curled up on the doormat with the possums for hours.)

  52. OMG! Way cute! Masked robbers staking out the trash cans!

  53. I had a friend who lived in a very nice house in a very nice neighborhood. When she and her husband had a raccoon frequenting their yard in the evening, they live-trapped him, and because she didn’t want him to starve, let him loose in a *better* neighborhood.

  54. I’ve always found raccoons cute. Even *I* don’t always wash my food before I eat it!!!

  55. Re: Raccoon vocalizations.
    They can make a sound like electric cables sparking. Like the slo-mo helicopter rotor sound in Smoke on the Water but crackly-er. In the woods in the dark it will sh*t the scare out of you. It will erase your face. For about 30 minutes there were witches in my back yard.
    And wait until you hear a porcupine scream. You’ll be calling the police.
    (And if a skunk toddles into your tent – do not jump up and dance a jig.)

  56. So, so cute. I raised a family of four baby racoons at one point in the past. I was driving at night and saw them huddled at the side of the road, with their mother dead. Brought em’ home and kept them for a few months, with help from the wildlife people as to what to feed them.

    They do indeed wash their food – and the love to climb everywhere. I love their little trills, too.

  57. The racoon family peeking out of the storm drain is priceless!

  58. Peeps, before crossing the street to pet these robbers, make sure to put on your KEVLAR GLOVES.

    If you don’t have gloves, T. will be glad to lend you his kevlar blankie.

    (T., I returned it long ago.)

  59. They are secret agents 🙂

  60. The 13th Rabbit says:

    Pyrit> Reminds me of when we had a cougar screaming in the swamp behind an apartment complex I lived in once. The sound makes your skin crawl. Then my dog decided THAT was the exact moment she needed to go walkies. o____O

  61. The 13th Rabbit – If my skin was going to go mobile I think a cougar scream would do it. But it would be awesome. You’re lucky to have heard that.

  62. Soooo way cuter than the ones that ravage my garbage.

  63. OOPS! That comment above, my name does not go to my blog…mistake, mistake…correction on my name below THIS comment. sorry.

  64. Meg – Your commentary on this one ranks way up there. Ay, yi yi yi. Dragon laughs from me. My brain is slain by the first four words of your comment under your title.

  65. i see you…..

  66. I have a friend who was once locked out of her house by a very crafty raccoon in the middle of the night. The kicker? She was completely naked at the time. I’m not sure how she managed to get back inside. Smart little buggers.

  67. DKN — now THAT sounds like a campfire drinkin’ story. Y’know, a tale of the tall variety.

  68. DKN–you got any video of that? I think it would surely make that Funniest Videos show. ^_^

    Also, in the crafty racoon category, my grandfather had one that he had taught to open and close doors and use and flush the toilet.

  69. Can’t believe no one’s posted this yet:


  70. Martha in Washington says:

    My husband and I built a small water feature (small pool with birdbath and waterfalls) in our backyard several years ago. We decided we wanted to put some fish in it so we went to the local PetsMart and bought goldfish. Well they survived for quite a while and some of them got to be several inches long. Then they started disappearing, one at a time. Completely gone, no little floating fishes. Could NOT figure out where they were going, until… one night we saw a very well-fed raccoon on our back fence. So when all those fishes were gone we went and bought some more and then one night I saw Mama and two babies on the fence. They were soooo anerable I wanted to pick them up and squish them but they hissed when I got too close (I was taking their picture) so I left them alone. I haven’t seen them since that night. I hope they went on to live very happy lives.

  71. Thats nuts…..I can’t believe you actually got that on film…..what are the chances…all I can say is wow!!!

    I have to add some of those kind of pictures to my site, I have some neat pictures of animals we have seen on job sites

    Great pic!!!

  72. SeaBreeze says:

    Thees peectoore ees soooo cute! =)

    My little coon story has a happy ending. I was out walking one day when I saw a small group of people gathered around the apartment dumpster. I headed over to see what was up … and there were two little coons stuck in the recently-emptied dumpster. After trying for awhile to lure them out (to no avail) and because there wasn’t enough human muscle to gently tip the dumpster over on it’s side, it was decided to put a long piece of wood in the dumpster so they could get themselves out. We all backed far enough away and soon, out came our little banditos who quickly took off for the nearby field.

    Bebehs saved! =)

  73. Oh! I actually gasped out loud at the cuteness of this one. Lookit them all in a row! 😀

  74. What an interesting bit of synchronicity: I am listening to “Shake Senora” by Harry Belafonte as I was reading this entry.

  75. So did I!! Totally uverwhelmingly cuten-shmuten! The cutest post I have seen in a loo-hong time (not to say that the others aren’t cute but this one’s, like, GRAND).

  76. Chasmyn — OK, I believe you.

    (jump in de line)

  77. FieryAngel says:

    What an adorable sight! A family of masked rascals looking for a tasty trash can or a fish pond to raid!

  78. We had a raccoon get into our attic once. We used to live in the top floor apartment of a converted house in a not-so-good neighborhood. Our apartment had a door that led up a short set of stairs to the attic, which was only partially finished. One night at around 3am, we were awakened by what sounded like a huge object falling down the attic stairs. I immediately thought someone had somehow broken into the attic space and was trying to get into our apartment. My husband crept out into the hallway carrying a baseball bat, and carefully opened the attic door. Out stepped a very grizzled and very dazed raccoon! And he was huge! He had gray hairs around his muzzle and he looked older and a little on the rough-and-tumble side, but still very cute.

    I ran around the house collecting the cats and locking them in the bathroom so they wouldn’t try to attack him (or vice versa) and we called Animal Control. I was sort of concerned that the poor guy had hurt himself falling down the stairs, and that he might be a little cranky. Not this guy! He simply wandered down the hall, relaxed as could be, and checked out our living room. I opened a window in case he wanted to make a break for it, but he was too interested in the mirror leaning against the wall by the couch. He was fascinated by it, and spent most of half an hour looking at himself and trying to figure out where the other raccoon was. By the time animal control had arrived, he was curled up on the couch and snoring like you wouldn’t believe. I was kind of sad to see him go!

  79. oops! Sorry for the double post! I guess I was just overcome by the cute.

  80. Eris — me fix

  81. Eris – That was no raccoon. That was my Uncle Larry.

  82. Adorable! I want one. :]

  83. Give me a BREAK! Little robbers!

  84. Eris, that is so effing funny!! LOL! I really can’t get over how smart they are (see my story way up above) so I can only imagine what that ‘coon must’ve thought of his reflection…one that they probably only see when they are looking in pools of water to wash their food!

  85. Ok Pyrit, the “That was my Uncle Larry” cracked me up..
    I had raccoons in former neighborhood and one evening I was outside and there was raccoon family (mom, dad, two bebehs) in the front yard. (yard was terraced up to street and more hill upward across street) Anyway the family took off across the street and into neighbor’s shrubbery but a little one wasn’t paying attention and was left behind. (He was sniffing the roses and had his back to the others.) When he realized it, he started to cry and ran around the yard (bushes) whimpering. Suddenly he put his nose to the ground and started tracking but it led back to where they’d come from so he stopped that and came back to my yard again and kept trying to figure out where they went. He was getting pretty distressed when suddenly from across the street come the family back again. THey had missed him and were barrelling back downhill to him. WHen they met up they got up on hind legs and kind of “danced” around each other and sniffed noses and meanwhile everyone was “whuh whuh” in kind of high, soft voices. It was really touching. Once the reunion was over, all 4 headed across the street again and disappaeared into the shrubbery. I watched the whole thing, it was really sweet.
    By “barrelling” I mean, they had one of the adults in front and another one on each shoulder making a triangle with them all touching. Once Junior was added back in, it was a diamond.
    I do like them but I don’t feed them or encourage them to come around. I do see some in my current neighborhood too sometimes. So they do fine without me.

  86. oh and by the way, they aren’t exactly washing their food, they’re moistening it because they have no saliva glands. I think that’s what I read somewhere. Makes more sense than “washing” considering what they eat.

  87. BCteagirl says:

    awww! So cute! Haven’t seen any up here yet… we are more likely to get bears in our trash :{

  88. Mary – I have no idea what you’re on about.
    Lovely story, yours. Very good. You, watching the whole thing, playing Mother Nature. She is cruel isn’t she? More like a Wicked Step-Mother Nature. Survival of the fittest and all that. But thank you very much for using the word, “shrubbery”, twice. So, I rather think, you would be more in the area of The Queen Mother Nature, or a, Monty Python Mother Nature. Yes, yes, mmm.

  89. Wow Mary i didn’t know that about the saliva glands. Makes sense…

  90. Mary – (singsong) I can see by that look on your face that you have taken me far too seriously. Am I hooked on bantering and farce? A bit. Smidgen. So was my Uncle Larry. Runs in the family.

  91. Why did you name the jpg. rabies? 😦