Sarah B. says that her Guinea piglette "Snicky" lays on Dad’s chest every night. They are best pals. Love the look on Dad’s face. He’s all "Don’t interupt the Colbert Report, Sarah!"



She couldn’t help but take a snap of Snicky’s "tiny ‘tocks". Well, doi, they’re like, tewtelly irresistable.



  1. The widdo peeenk feets!!! AAAAHHHHH!!! Oh, yeah and…bleen?

  2. constance says:


    omg. feets!

  3. *pumping the air with fists, bouncin’ up and down, Rocky style* Oh yeah, I wuz first, I rock!! *big cheesy grin*

    *ducks around corner before Teho sees me*

  4. oh, de feets! de feets! so prosh,
    love the guinea-sprawl too!

  5. Whos imitating who here?! D:

  6. That pig is so relaxed and happy just where he is. The dad and him make quite a pair. Very cute. I miss having relaxing piggies on me. Thanks for the pictures!

  7. Oh wow, that guinea pig is HUGE!

    Or maybe I’m just used to my dearly departed mini-pig… She had some mysterious illness that caused her to lose much of her weight and density… She was a mini-guinea-pig! (It rimes, get it?)

  8. Colbert Report mention + CO? <333333

  9. That is one relaxed piggy! Mine rarely lay like that.. hehe and they always have to have a towel on them as they pee everytime.

  10. Haha. That is one very relaxed dad + peeg.

  11. The Piggee!!! Too cute – piggee tocks, tiny piggee feet – my day is all set!

  12. The Guy Over There says:

    Are pigs normally that big or is that guy a bit smaller? Might just be the photo, but that piggy looks like a tub o’ lovin.

  13. Tri, I had a piglette named Jack, he layed on me all the time and never went wee on meee…he went to sleep a few times on my chest on the porch.. good times..

  14. Pigs can be THAT big, or even more! 🙂 My family had three piggies, and the youngest was the biggest one of ours – her parents were even bigger than her! Her dad weighed more than 1 kg. Go and figure! 🙂

  15. Oceanology says:

    I used to put my guinea pigs on my dad’s chest all the time while he watched TV, when I was growing up. Now I’ve got pigs again for the first time in a decade, and I’m putting them on my boyfriend’s chest. Pigs are good.

  16. MC2: you can run, but you can’t hide from the mighty BLEEEEEEEN!!!!

  17. That is the best TV clicker ever! I want one. I wonder if it would work with my Pignavox. And it would go great with my rabbit ears.

  18. leprechaun says:

    Ok so…. what is “bleen”? I checked the glossary and found nada. :\

  19. EXACTLY.

  20. Wow, I’ve never seen a pg *that* relaxed. I used to have one that’d sprawl out on me like that, but I think she still kept the feet under her.

  21. misscrisp says:

    Meg said “doi.”

  22. It is a Small Dad or Big Pig?

    Both are cute! I love cool dads and I love the piggies … such sweet little snuggly creatures and oh so lovely to hold.

  23. *hehe* I want to paint a face on that tock :3

  24. michellemybelle says:

    My dearly departed piggy Mojo and I would veg out on the couch and watch tv – he was much smaller but would completely zonk out. I miss him (tho’ I don’t think he and kiki would get along…)

  25. The first pic would be funny photoshopped with a red cape -like he’s flying.

  26. Doctors are happy to announce a new non-evasive tummy-tocks surgery.

  27. LOL! I have a Maine Coon that sleeps in that same position with his feet stretched out behind him.

    Either dad is a small man or that’s a tres big piggie! They look like great pals.

  28. Hey, no one’s explained “bleen” yet. I’m new and therefore a little clueless.

  29. Awwwww, both look soooo cozy.

    And yeah, that’s a big pig.

  30. HamTocks! Quel Cute!

  31. Jenn Jordan says:

    Dad looks like Frohike from X-Files. Not that I watched X-Files..obsessively…because I didn’t…wait whats that? (runs and hides)

  32. If I had to guess about ‘Bleen’ I’d say it means ‘nothing’ considering Theo’s comment below your question.. I’m just guessin here…

    I lurve the piggie and his wittle pink feets. I wanna peeg

  33. Jenn J — ummmm… actually I’d say you’re right on.

  34. …and you too, Golden.

  35. That is really cute! My piggies dont lie like that on me, unless they are very contented! One of mine died last week ( 😦 ), bless her little wriggle fluffy self, but she would lie on me (on a towel…) and dangle her feet off the side so i could tickle the little pink bits!
    Go pigs go!!

  36. Awww! That pig kinda looks like my dear departed Zippy, except the Zipster had a rosette in the middle of his head and he wasn’t quite as, ahem, large a pig as this guy.

    Super cute!

  37. I love piggies–I saw some at the stock show here in Denver that were as big as footballs. Beautiful agouti fur and big brown eyes–sigh…

  38. It’s like the pig beached itself on a dad bar.

  39. guineapiggin9 says:

    Hey guys! Thanks for all the great comments! I came on CO today (as i do every day) to find my lil piggy!! I was all like OMG! OMG! OMG! So anyway, about the big pig or small guy thing…its just a big pig! She is a lil well y’know large. I was so interested to hear all of the stories about how u guys have had cuddly piggies 2! Keep the comments coming!
    Sarah and the piggies
    P.S. Alexis, I currently have a pig named Zippy with one lil rosette in the middle of her head…weird…but true!

  40. Jeff_from_MD says:

    My guinea pig does that when she’s super relaxed. Until she starts to slide off whatever pillow she’s on and needs to pull her feets back in.

  41. OMG!! The cute feet! The tocks! The outstretched legs. This little piggy loves Daddy

  42. guineapiggin9—- Such a cute piggie! Both Dad and piggie seem to be very fond of one another.

  43. My dad was amused—our piggen sacks out in his lap all the time! And that is not a big pig, she’s just regular size! WHHHHEEEEEK!!

  44. hahaaa guinea pig butt! x)

  45. *bwahahahaha*

    this post earned a maniacal laugh from me. LOVELY.