Oh oh oh oh please oh PLEEEASE play with meeeee???

YAAYYYYY play play play play play play play!

Wruff & stuff, Ceebs! …and Elvis, of course!



  1. oh yay first!

  2. Little doggy! Little doggy attacking a poor, innocent toy!

    Quick! Get PETSA!

    (People for the Ethical Treatment of Stuffed Animals)

  3. Eep!

    I just saw the raccoon on the basket. Such a cute stuffed animal, I hope it’s not one of the pup’s toys!

  4. Okay, I will come onto this site and see, like, 8 comments the second it’s up. Today I’m way by the top. How is this happening? Where IS everyone?

  5. He wants to be an elephant hunter when he grows up.
    You know elephants, those small grey and pink fuzzy things.

  6. GreenEyedHawk says:

    Haha, so much like my min pin, Dog. She will dance around my chair for hours, kill-shaking her stuffed toys, tossing them up in the air, and whining at me as if to say, “Look! Look how much fun I’m having! Don’t you want to have fun too? Come on! COME ON!! Play! Plaayyyyy! Play playplayplayplayplayplayplay! *stuffing flying everywhere*

  7. R Moore — I think I may have sneaked this past a lot of folks while they were eating dinner. The ones in Central and Western Time, anyway.

  8. empty 6 pack of Magic Hat #9 in the background and a super-cute dog- my kind of people!

  9. Indy's Mom says:

    OMG, Elvy is a star!! A star!!! Peeps, we knew him when! *sighs blissfully*

  10. Man, this site is like Prozac!

    *splodes! I feel like I just won an Oscar! hahah!
    There are a bunch of Elvis videos on YouTube, including him barking at that raccoon thing you see on the stool!
    *thank God my house is kinda clean & newly vacuumed!

  12. NebraskaErin says:

    I’ll play with the puppy!! *tosses elephant*





    What did I get myself into?!

  13. !!!
    d00d — Ceebs — YOU’RE CrankyPants??
    Did I ever know that??

  14. Oh, those soulful eyes! How can anyone resist this guy? He should be a silent movie star…

  15. I was looking at the carpet more than the dog…

  16. …no doubt! What IS that, Ceebs? Red velvet?

  17. I doubt that elephant lasts much longer as a fetching toy. My pup loves to tear little stuffed animals like those to pieces.
    ————————————- – We Love Animals

  18. SeaBreeze says:

    So cute! =) My neighbor’s cat fetches, too. It sure makes playtime a lot easier. =)

  19. All right. The carpet is hideous. THIS I KNOW. I live with it every day and it goes right up my stairs thru the hall. It’s gonna get gone one of these days.
    and Elvis has had that Elefont for about 6 years, it’s his favorite. He’s not gonna tear it up.
    YOU ARE TEHO????

  20. [snort]

  21. What the heck is strung all across the floor, a phone cord? Somebody please move that out of the way before he trips and breaks his ears!

  22. Brava — she was vacuuming. So, naturally, it’s pasta.

  23. Shouldn’t there be a soaring John Williams score for this romantic unmasking? Ceebs = Crankypants! Teho swoons. Cranky laughs. Elvis breaks Teho’s fall with his pet effalump. Audience applauds Our Hero. Credits roll…

  24. That is just _the_ definition of puppy dog eyes!

  25. here are more Elvideos
    I hope that works.

    yeah, the original idea was to get a video of him attacking the vac.
    It is now safely stowed.

  26. useta hada kitteh says:

    I got so excited playing wif da puppers that I nearly typed my email address for my name!

    Ceebs, he’s wonderful!

    NebraskaErin, when you get tired, I’ll throw the Elefont for a while…

  27. Indy’s Mom — ha, I can see the Academy Awards already. I mean, the carpet’s RIGHT THERE…

  28. Elizabeth B. says:

    “Is that your elephant?”


    Ach, I want to chew his ears off.

  29. Sooo… why does the elephant have mouse feet? 🙂

  30. oaklandcat says:

    Not to complain, but….i thought meggy promised more posts in 07! I’m deep in the throes of my winter blahs, and I need more POSTS!

  31. Oh, that pup is so cute. My heart is aching.

  32. Angela — because it’s not an elephant; it’s an elefont. there are subtle differences, apparently. (like, in Lord of the Rings there’s those oliphaunts, which must also be just a leetle bit different.)

  33. OaklandCat — the year is young. *Very* young.

  34. ELVIS!!!!!

    Yay Elvis!!!

    Love, Elvy’s Minions.

  35. AAAaahhhhh Much better and WAY Qte…

    Thank you Elvis and Ceebs and Teho and Theo.

  36. OY! how sweet. And that is some RED carpet!

    (I thought there were posts. Seemed like it to me anyway…)

  37. The snorts are just killing me. And the tail and the paw action. Never mind that he is actually obviously TALKING.

  38. Ceebs:

    I love that he rolls over when you tell him to lie down. My late pup would dance about no matter what command you gave. Eventually we called it her “Mamba”

  39. R Moore — bear in mind, YouTube is notorious for skewing the audio out of sync from your uploaded video. So Elvy most likely *is* right on cue, there’s just slight technical difficulties.

  40. yes, we, Elvy’s Minions, are *very* amused that he is here on C.O., but wondering why his mechanical raccoon vids are not here, too?


  41. holy nut! some mad scientist has combined a corgi and a chihuahua, to marvelous effect (affect?)!!!

  42. Another Angela says:

    Lol. Does he ever get the raccoon in the end?

  43. (Continuing Indy’s Mom’s story…)

    Theo: Ceebs! I am your father!

    Ceebs: Nooooooo!

  44. Actually, Theo, R. Moore is right. Well, you both are, because YouTube skews the timing on the sound a little but when I say “Sit” or “lie down” he rolls over because he knows he gets the treat after “roll over”.
    LOL @ Indy’s mom! 😉
    and E. Co—I guess Teho needed a quick fix & this was there! I don’t know maybe the raccoon ones are disturbing, haha.

  45. And in the front row of the theatre, there are three silhouettes: one man, and on either side of him a small robot…

    “In the not too distant future…”

  46. ka9q's wife says:

    yayyyyy it’s Elvis posted by his proud minion. I love the vids of Elvis.

  47. I love the little chirping sound after he barks. Almost like a dolphin. My Min Pin makes the same noise when she’s calming down from seeing a cat or a pigeon. Dogs are so freakin awesome.

  48. My dog would do the same thing — segue straight from sit into the rolling over, in order to hasten Treat Time.

    I became a Mean Mom and would not surrender treats when she did this. So when she was already on her back and I’d repeat “Sit!” there were serious furwrinkles. She gradually got it.

  49. I can’t see the puppeh! HELP!

  50. Me neither D-:

  51. I love the look from the eyes at the end! Precious.

  52. Elvy! Elvy!! *swoons*

    ~another Elvy Minion

  53. pugmamatimestwo says:

    too, too cute!! our little girl pug will do the same thing – literally stand over her toy staring for HOURS if she has to. it’s so funny when animals obsess… 😛

  54. Eee, the little squeeks at the beginning!

  55. Those that can’t see the video — it’s YouTube, so you need to have the Flash plugin installed in your browser. It’s free…
    …also, you have to be on a network where Flash isn’t blocked (like at some workplaces).

  56. michellemybelle says:

    Yay! You and Elvis have hit the big time!

    It’s almost better than Powerball…wait, no. I take that back.


  57. Wee Elvis is all:

    “Don’t touch my Elephant (touch it!)”
    “Don’t touch my Elephant (touch it!)”

    “You touched my Elephant, it’s on now Momma!”

    Yay for Elvis, I lof him.

  58. it’s the demoniacal insistence in the eyes…like ‘by sheer force of will I shall stare you into obeying me!’ or maybe, ‘you know what I want, so why the f–aren’t you doing it?!?!’

  59. Um Can I become an Elvy minion? So very prosh!

  60. rpennefe—you don’t have to ask, you just ARE! (or you aren’t!) 🙂

    TFMS–you got it–he’ll pick it up, drop it, pick it up, drop it, stand there, wait, whine….then as soon as my hand goes for it, he does too. I guess he feels like he has to fight for it, because he is, after all, a rottweiler in a chihuahua suit. soooo tuff.
    The best though is when I am watching tv, or otherwise occupied, and I don’t notice him standing there with his toy, ready to play. So he gets a bit adamant, growls/whines a bit, and stands in front of the toy, and the next step is for him to kick his hind leg and launch the elefont across the room behind him. If only I could get that on camera!

  61. What kind of dog is Elvis?

  62. Sara — see the comment just above yours! Rottie in a wahwah suit.

  63. I want one. 😀 S/he’s so cute!

  64. tiny_munkie says:

    So cute, so lively!! My Boston Gomez talks all of the time… even in his sleep and if I don’t pay attention to him when he wants to play, he will either just drop the toy in my lap or fling it across the room himself so he can fetch it. They truly are better than Prozac!!!

  65. (throw the ball) ceebs – (Hang on. Throw the ball.) My Jack Russell (wait a sec. throw the ball.) is the same. (Excuse me. t.t.b.) Fetch obsessed. (t.t.b.) Elvis is so good not to (I’m sorry. t.t.b.) chew up his toys. (t.t.b.d.t.s.) And Elvis looks so cuddly. White tip tails are my fave. (d.t.s. = down the stairs.)

  66. ceebs-
    I love it when they get so impatient with human denseness that they start playing with the toy alone to demonstrate.

    See! See!
    This is how I’d chase it if you’d tossed it!
    It’s soo fun!
    Look here!
    See, fun!

    (My kitty loves me, but thinks I’m a bit slow.)

  67. OMG it’s CEEBS/ CRANKYPANTS AND ELVIS!!! WHOOHOO!!! Way to go, sistah!!!

  68. Damn. I used to watch that corgi video over and over and oooover again, it almost made my heart *weep*. I think this one almost tops that video.

    I’ve always loved the way dogs show their enthusiasm, not just the tail, but with their entire backside 🙂

  69. Thanks Cuteoverload! I just saw on YouTube where my stuff is #52 most watched today! *bows* haha
    Holy crikey! The highest # of views I’d had before yesterday was like, 72, LOL now just this one video has over 19,000 views. as Mariser said, “’tis the Power of Teh Qte” !!!
    weird wild stuff!
    thanks for all the nice comments & for loving Elvy. he’s quite a little character, always has been, I suspect he always will be.

  70. TastesLikeChicken says:

    Love the now! bark – as in play now!, food now!, out now!
    Glad to hear/see that others are also slaves to a small tyrant in a fur suit.

  71. holy toledo it’s ELVY! and CRANKY! 😀

    and a small world. a small internet world. well, I guess I did hear about this site from Elvis, and that lady who feeds him.

  72. How about that, Ceebs? Worlds ARE colliding!

  73. My last three dogs, all rescues, have from neglect or outright abuse been totally indifferent to toys, and to play in general.

    I’d *love* to once again have a dog staring at me, toy in mouth, ready to drive me insane.

  74. aw, that is so sad, Suda…:-(
    Hi Crixpy!
    Teho/Theo, she’s in a few of my worlds now, just not the real one, hahah!!! (but they are all vox related)

  75. AuntieMame says:

    There is something wrong with the video because I could see it just fine last night here at home, and tonight there isn’t even anything to click on.

    I know I don’t have the latest version of Flash, but that’s because I uninstalled it a few weeks ago. It was crapping up my browser.

  76. violetgreen says:

    How ’bout that one subtle sideways head toss/glance: “See, THIS, right here, THROW it, for Crow Pete!”

  77. *TEWTALLY late to the party*

    ELVY IS ON CO! (uh, newsflash.)

    Hooray, Ms. Pants!

  78. Wait a minute… I had first post! I did! That is my comment up there that says “oh yay first” and now it says that comment was made by DePlane… how did that happen?!?!

  79. My gosh. I have no #&@%ing idea how that might have happened.

  80. Karen in Toronto says:

    Duelling puff balls:

    This is quayte kee-oot.

  81. Hi Theo!

    I’m at youtube all the time so that wasn’t the problem. This happens from time to time, can’t explain it. Same computer too, I work from home and use only one.

    Anyway, now it works and I
    can see the wonderful little rascal :-)!

  82. georgia wright says:

    okay i need a photo of the wha wha & corgi mix now please

  83. Where is my penguin pleasssse! i have been goood! please!

  84. ceebs——FINALLY got to see Elvis! I tried downloading and rebooting 6 times but worth it! He’s so cute :o)

  85. Awwww I’m glad it was worth it! 🙂

  86. HOORAY!!!
    I totally missed all of last week and I am SO glad I got to see Elvy now!
    Such a great video, ceebs!!!!
    Go Elvy!!!