Morningk Kees

"Good morning James T. Kitteh"

"Good morning, Claire H."

[Day proceeds perfectly]


Um, WHERE can I get skin like yours, Claire? (you’re not so bad yerself, James T., just a skosh on the furry side)



  1. thedistractor says:

    kiss kiss, good morning world

  2. My kitty, Spot, does this every morning. She smells like.. cat breath.. but it’s still cute. If I’m lucky I’ll get a little nose-nibble, too. Then it’s always a good day. 🙂

  3. Look! They match! I love getting kitty kisses.

  4. LOL–that was what I first noticed—what nice skin she has! *green with envy*
    oh yeah, nice cat too! 🙂

  5. Awww, an updated “Study in Black and White.” Beautiful!

  6. AuntieMame says:

    James T. Kitteh! LOL! Where is Dr. McCat-toy?

    Handsome kitteh, and I want her skin, too!

  7. all these keesing kittehs is just too moische. I had no idea they were so into the smooches.

  8. heidilynn says:

    Looks like a Dove commercial to me 🙂

  9. Now THAT’S what I call cute!

    … and the cat ain’t bad either… 😉

  10. HeidiLynn — more like a Love commercial.

    (awwwww I so sappy)

  11. …oh and Claire, does the T. stand for Tiberius? Or maybe just “the”?

  12. now, that’s just adorable.

    *awww shucks!*

  13. THEO IS A TREKKIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Eskimo kisses from kittehs are the best.

  14. BOOTIFUL way to staht the day. Bofe ‘o dem is bootiful.

  15. The honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Taint fair kitty looks just like my dear departed Gladys Amelia Anstruther (DFC,DBE and bar) Who would do this (it smelt foul) and I would lick her nose back (ruff ruff)

  16. My cat does that too. If you’d taken our pic, the next shot would have been of him chomping my nose.

    Yeah- he’s that kind of cat.

  17. No kidding! Claire please make sure you TAKE CARE of that skin starting RIGHT NOW. Don’t wait! It’s SO worth it.

    James T. Kitteh is telling you the same thing by kissing your smooth creamy nose!

  18. Wow, a rare example of an alabaster complexion.

    Lucky girl!

  19. I know it’s been said, but I just LURV the “mirror-effect”: her black hair and fair skin mirroring his black fur and white face! That is just the proshest prosh! Eeek!

  20. Awww, they match! Both lovely.

  21. keeses! kitty keeses!
    What a great way to start the morning.

  22. Susie — erm. Theo is a geek, both technically and culturally.

    I find the term “Trekkie”… confining.

  23. BenPanced says:

    I don’t get kisses from my kitteh Max, but we do snorgle in the morning.

  24. Looks like I’m not the only one who noticed THEY ARE THE SAME COLOR!

    Well, you know what they say about pets and their people looking like each other.

  25. Peg of Tilling says:

    I once kissed a cat while wearing chapstick. I don’t recommend it.

    (Sound effect: PFTOOO!!!)

  26. Holy mackerel, I didn’t know skin could BE that perfect!

    *sighs, looks at own freckled-and-blemished epidermal vestment…*

    Kitty is so cute, too!


  27. Lol, I noticed her skin first, too. So clear, so rosy. It’s AMAZING! And with the blue eyes and black hair, she’s just a template of cuteness. I wonder if the kitteh’s eyes are blue, too?

  28. Peg of T, LOL! I bet that smelled like…uhm, “kitty breath”

  29. Persephone says:

    Such a happy picture! And no one has commented on Claire’s beautiful lips yet. 🙂

  30. I’ll have to tell my James that there is another kitteh named James on here…he’s never met another one. 🙂

    And Claire does have fabulous skin, truly.

  31. Aw, they’re both black and white 🙂

    I weesh I had a keety to kees een the morningk. I’m sure my days would go much better.

  32. thinkie, you can kees a bunny, no?

  33. Beautiful, both of you!!! Made my icky day go quite a bit better now. . . .

  34. Awww, doncha luv gettin cat kisses. 🙂

  35. I have freckles myself, and I always wanted skin that looked like the inside of a seashell…and a black and white kitty…sigh.

    Well at least my cat doesn’t look freckled, that would be weird.

  36. You stay out of the sun, Claire! I’ll bet you’re Irish–when I was your age, I had exactly the same combo. (Uh, I still have it, it’s just older and more damaged now!) And I have a “tuxedo” kitteh like James. Must try to capture a pic like this–beautiful kitteh and old Irish broad, for comparison!

    A beautiful way to start the day, indeed . . . .

  37. Hi. I usually just lurk but this is such a beautiful picture I had to comment. My daughter has very beautiful gold skin so I always notice nice skin. And what a beautiful kitty. Three of my cats will give me nose kisses. They also like for me to kiss the top of their heads. If I kiss my Romeo, however, he reacts as though I bit him. He was a street cat and has some aggression issues. So I just pet him when he lets me and give him a wide berth when he is eating.

  38. What a beautiful picture, it deserves framing I’d say. I love how you can see James T.’s fat cheek!

    Speaking of cheeks, I know someone with extraordinary skin like that. I could just look at her all day. But, I’m afriad that might creep her out a little bit… 🙂

  39. Hmm… looks like this little nose touch is soon to be followed by a loving little kronshe. 🙂

  40. I love getting kitty kisses- however, my sister’s cat Libby will give you the normal “nose” kiss and, every once in a while, a tiny little lick. It is the most ticklish thing you’ve ever felt- your lips buzz for like an hour. But I guess it’s a risk you have to take.

  41. She is really a beautiful girl. James is nice too, I love black and white cats..(are they tuxedos?)

  42. Jaypo, not any more 😦 Sadly, bunny had to go to a new home because his “mom” did not have time for him. Also, I had to move to a new place where there was no room for him to run (as opposed to the old place where he had a whole room to himself). I felt it was better for him…though I was very, very sad 😦 He went to a no-kill shelter and hopefully is now happily gamboling about in a great place with a loving family.

  43. Our cat Juarez would give me nose bonks, and put her paw on my face (a very great honor) but no kisses. Not that kind of girl.

    And I won’t comment on Claire’s skin. Too jealous.

  44. Peg of Tilling says:

    (Ralph Wiggum) My cat’s breath smells like cat food. (end Ralph Wiggum)

  45. Cute kiss. Cute kissers.

    Nimbus (my 15lb white and grey monstrosity) likes to take first base with me when I’m sleeping. He has onion catbreath.

    Needless to say, little dainty cat kisses are usually better.

  46. PoT, “Ralph Wiggum”?

    Thinkie, I be sorry about that. I had to give my parrot back to the breeder because he wanted me to be his birdette and was getting unmanageable.

  47. Nose prints, crossed paws, tail floof

  48. What means kiss?

    (And where is Mr. Spot?)

  49. Thanks, Jaypo. It was sad, but better for bunny.

    My sister has a bird who tries to woo her. He’s convinced she’s a female bird…

  50. Girl and kitty match! 😀 How cute is that?

  51. “Ebony and ivory live together in perfect harmoneee! Side by side on my piano keyboard oh no why can’t weeeeee…” Can’t believe no one posted this yet!

    Simply beautiful photo. My kitty gives kisses all the time, but her breath isn’t stinky at all. Maybe ’cause she doesn’t eat canned cat food?

  52. ka9q's wife says:

    that girl has absolutely beautiful skin. i pray she wears sunscreen

  53. They match perfectly!
    Dark hair and light skin 🙂

  54. OMG, that skin and I am not talking about the cat nose! Gorgeous

  55. what an adorable picture!

    This website is getting to me. Last night I dreamt I had a new fuzzy pet bunneh, only I was trying to keep him calm and snorgle ‘cept he kept getting wet.

  56. Wow! That is one helluva pretty girl (OMG that skin)… and both of them are pink & white & black! Awwwwww.

  57. I dunno about your folks, but all this “I want your skin” talk is getting a little too Buffalo Bill for me.

    *It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again*

  58. Awww…these smoochy pictures are the BEST! Beautiful cat and beautiful girl!

  59. greenighs,

    “Don’t you make me hurt your dog.”

  60. My kitty- Muprhy- does this to my boyfriend when he walks in our front door. He’ll hear the car pull up and go sit on the ledge and await his arrival. Murphy then gives him a few welcome keeses and he’s on his way!

  61. OK. I can’t even look at fava beans at the grocery store. Stop.

  62. She was white as alabaster
    He was cat, Lord and Master
    She said, “Love me true.”
    He replied, “Only you.”
    We’ll stick together like adhesive plaster.

  63. I know it’s off-topic but it’s cute! check out the tonguelette on the one on the left

  64. (eyes pyrit up and down)

    “…just one more thing, love your suit.”

  65. Aubrey – The only Clarice I’ll admit to is Bambi’s girlfriend. I have no idea what you are talking about.

  66. Pyrit — that’d be Faline. Clarice was Rudolf the Red’s schmoopie.
    Nice verse, tho. 😉

  67. I once had a black and white cat too.
    She was lovely, her name was Shamu.

  68. Theo _ See, that’s how bothered I am, I meant Rudolph!!! Rudolph’s girl was Clarice. Rudolph. (putting hands over ears)

  69. Why pyrit…people will say we’re in love…

    What – is this going to drive you stark Starling mad?

  70. Peg of Tilling says:

    There’s always tomorrow, pyrit. Great limerick!

  71. Aubrey – Silence! (“And I mean it”)

  72. Simpson O'Brien says:

    My big black buddy, Ely,also known as fat-fat the water rat imprinted with me on his ride home from the animal shelter – 13 years ago! He clamped onto my bottom lip, put his little paws on my cheek, and “nursed” to his hearts content. I was encouraged to take the act on the road but never did! Now 13 years later, he STILL does it each morning and every night and will pitch a HUGE hit if I try to hide my face. I figured if anybody understood it would be my friends at the QTE!! meow and woof.

  73. Waaaaahaha!

    pyrit’s a genius

  74. Just as well; gotta go home to prepare – I’m having an old friend for dinner.

  75. Aubrey – Are you a gory-met chef?

  76. “I’m in yr face, steelin yr breath..”

    Or kitteh’s just admiring someone with Fritz-from-‘Love & Rockets’ skin.

  77. Crikey. She looks just like Snow White.

  78. Arvay – If you’re still there. I wrote you a poem once. Nov. 17, Mini Neigher. Don’t know if you saw it. Maybe you did and wondered.

  79. Lol, I understand Theo.

    I love it when I make a pop culture reference and I get blank stares back.

  80. pyrit, I studied under the master, Emeril Lestat-se. We don’t believe in the use of garlic, but cook with plenty of Rice.

  81. OMG. They are the purrrfect couple. How lovely, both of them.

    (in creepy voice) Hallo, pyRIT… (thp thp thp)

  82. Yes, only the best rice-pes, of corpse.

  83. Redzilla! Where are you???

  84. chupacabra says:

    You people are cruel to animals, no animal should be kept for entertainment which is not what nature intended

  85. Nice try, goatsucker.

  86. And the finest vegetables:

    Corn on the macabre, fresh green deceased…and the Nuffs provide the fertilizer.

  87. Simpson O'Brien says:

    hey, is that cupacabra-post for rreallll? NO BODY can be that dense.

  88. Corn on the macAubrey.

  89. Awww! Pyrit, I totally missed that! How very touching! My very own horsey bouquet! I feels like a princess, I does! 🙂

    And teho, I’m glad I’m not the only one who bookmarks past “dailies” so I can later get a fix. My favoritest EVAR is:


  90. Shucks, pyrit, that one never o-kerneled to me.

  91. Your puns are so silly, I can barley read what you wr’oat!

  92. Once they take root – it’s hard to leaf!

    But if you stay, there’s much to grain.

  93. Such rye wit! It’s s’wheat of you to share it!

  94. I can hardly field another one, I’m cornered and got muffin left.

  95. A cornnibal is a cereal miller.

  96. [sneaks behind Pyrit, half-inches the muffin, and scuttles back to his corner with it]

  97. I usually only like the critter photos without the people in them, but this picture is one of the best I’ve seen here, and I come here daily! The young lady is beautiful and yes, her coloring is so close to the cat’s that the image is a work of art. What makes it particularly so is that it looks very natural and spontaneous, i.e. not contrived or posed. Congratulations to models and photographer on a really great shot!

  98. I crust this improves. This is becoming hard to bake.

    (observes the quality of the puns)

    I Can’t Believe It’s Not Better

  99. Pop!

  100. Does anyone else see the resemblence to a Ms.Osbourne in the pic?

  101. Arvay – while Kevin the Bernese is absolutely precious, my bookmarked favorite dailypuppy is Wally and Timmy

    BFF’s forever!

  102. rubbing the kitteh nose… purrrrrrrrrrrrrrfect way to start the day
    ————————————– – We Love Animals

  103. Awwww!!! Bookmarked! Chubby-lish! I luuuuurves me some fat paws!

  104. Y’know Arvay — I *do* bookmark archives of old sites (well… more like I go look up links when appropriate) but that kitten link is from today. Hot off the Daily Kitten postpresses.

  105. chet's momma says:

    CG what a great video! and great use of “tonguelette!!”

  106. Definitely share your love of fat paws, though I enjoy calling them “meaty feeties” 🙂

  107. oh yeah! and i really love the big cat that will reatreat in his shell just when we talk about he power of the underworld…..scare of the abysss or what? whoooot!

  108. acelightning says:

    I can’t let my Loki kiss me, or even put his paw on my face. It’s not the kitty-breath; it’s just that, if he gets anywhere near my face, my eyes swell shut. (Other than that, any allergy I might have doesn’t bother me very much. And, yes, I had the same problem when I had bunnies, although there it was more usual that I’d get a face-ful of fur when they were shedding – same thing happens with Loki.)

  109. Meg – If you were ever to declare an Official CuteOverload themesong, may I suggest “Over the Rainbow/ What a Wonderful World” by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole? Pleeease! Everytime I come here and I get inspired, that’s the song that plays in my mind.

  110. my name is claire, too!! and i have a black & white kitten, too!!


  111. AuntieMame says:

    Kevin! And Timmy and Wally!


    Seriously, folks, check out Wally’s Princess Di eyes. And Timmy’s toothy back-sleeping photos!

    And I’d join the pun parade, but it’s nearly midnight and I can’t think of anything to rhyme with Weetabix…

  112. Auntie Em, Auntie Em,
    (Couldn’t resist.)

    Well, I’d try a photo of my kitty too,
    But we can’t * beat da tricks*
    of Clare & James T.

  113. Auntie, I’m not going to bed just yet; I could Weetabix…

  114. I just love the way cat and owner resembles. Sam colours, same attityde..

  115. Kay — I can hear too. Except… it’s a heart-breakingly sad song. It’s kind of Israel’s own epitaph (and… um… also for Dr. Green, from E.R.)

    Even the original Judy Garland/Wizard of Oz version of “Over the Rainbow” is sad. Though I must say Louis Armstrong singing “What a Wonderful World” does kinda make me smile.

  116. “Though I must say Louis Armstrong singing “What a Wonderful World” does kinda make me smile.”

    Teho, could it possibly because of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy? (the radio or TV series, not the movie). That’s my association with it.

  117. Laurie C — nope, in my mind, that song’s all about Satchmo.
    I never saw the old radio/TV HHGTTG. I read all the books, tho.

  118. There was a TV show on the BBC channel called “Hex” and Claire looks just like the ghostly sidekick, Thelma. At least from this angle.

  119. Good observation…”Hex”, fabulous show!

  120. Has it been mentioned yet that Claire is very, very hot? Just wanted to be sure.

    Also, that’s one great cat. Having had a succession of stand-offish cats, I envy those with cuddly, loving cats.

  121. Lisa D – Actually Hex was on Sky One, not BBC wasn’t it?

  122. The first thing I noticed in that picture was Claire’s skin, and then I saw the caption, and was like, “whoah!” I kiss my kitty like that too. I love my kitty…

  123. You can get that kind of skin at the Whitefolks factory! Say yesh when they try to upsell you with the protectant foam.

  124. Awww – my late Bella-baby always used to give me kisses on the nose like that. I miss it so much.

  125. Wow!!! I wasn’t sure if our pic would get posted and this is the first time I’ve had chance to check. I’m so proud! :o)

    Thanks for the lovely comments folks! Skin-wise, I’m English and therefore just don’t tan…

    James’s middle name is indeed “The.” I met him at an animal shelter last summer and we bonded straight away. My last cat bit me on the nose one memorable time, but Jamesy has made all that better with his love of faces and snuggling.

    [I took the pic on the spur of the moment while taking myspace photos – he can’t resist a camera and always joins in!]

    x x x x x

  126. Hih, Claire! Is this you and James T., too? Getting a gentle leeeck on teh nosicle. 😀

  127. awww that’s cute!! It’s not us unfortunately, James isn’t that licky. x x x

  128. Brak_Silverbone says:

    This photo just makes me happy!