Onwards Furbrow Soldiers


It’s Rule of Cuteness #31, thanks to Jorden C., "Toasty" the queen of the Furrow, and YOU (with all yer opinions.)

Let’s just say that the ‘Furbrow’ is almost always accompanied by a "Baroo?!"




  1. Yeah, new rule!! And, s/he’s adorable!!!

  2. I need that dog.

  3. natalie q says:

    I’d also say theres a bit of Rule 5 in there as well. just a smidgen!

  4. Camera: Totaled.
    Photographer: Loss of one finger.
    Pup: So that’s what a cmaera tastes like.
    Oh this is not “Baroo?”, this is not “WTF”?, this is presuperpouncerowlf. And all the photographer was able to salvage was this one photo.

  5. Never mind the BROW… check out that MUZZLE! Reminds me of something…

  6. yes furrows are so cute!

  7. Maybe it’s the angle, but that’s one creepy looking dawg.

  8. He’s sayin’ “Is that ice cream? For me? you shouldn’t have.”

  9. qte! qte! qte!
    I have commented many times to my friends that have doggies, about how cool doggie eyebrows are – how expressive they are!
    Furbrows rule!

  10. It’a a Chinese shar-pei mixed with, maybe Shiba Inu.

  11. OMG! How freaking cute is that doggie??? LOL

  12. That pookie needs snorgling right on the top of the head in that furrow from the eyebrow lift!

  13. ‘ but you said i would get a cookie when the ride was over and and..and……
    cat hugs time

  14. that is the most giant nose i have ever seen.

  15. i mean, about http://www.knitemare.org/cats/hugstime.jpg
    yep, that’s the look

  16. “go byebye? are we goin’ byebye? cuz’ I really wanna go byebye!”

    Such a sweet looking pup.

  17. The best thing about CO is the fact that we can have a spirited debate about things like a furbrow rule. Then in the end, no matter what the outcome we can all feel good about it because it is attached to a picture of a scrumptious pupper like Toasty (with peanut butter? yum).

    Long live rule #31, long live Queen Meg!

  18. “Dogs…”

  19. “…love…”

  20. “…TRUCKS”

  21. “Baroo?!”

  22. This prosh pup makes me so happy.

  23. Methinks you need a “Baroo?!” category (on the sidebar).

  24. Can’t we just call this the rule of Baroo? And call that Baroo-brow?

  25. Christabel says:

    I do think he’s very cute, but there is something scary about him too. Maybe it’s because he’s in a car and dogs in cars often bark like they’ll eat my head if I come within 6 feet of their property.

  26. Peg of Tilling says:

    Toasty? That’s the best name since Teaspoon! I’m going to go home and rename my cats “Just slightly browned” and “Forty-eighth of a cup”–no, that would still just be copycatting. Never mind.

    Toasty = great name for real, though.

  27. There’s no way that pup’s schnoz is that big. I agree with Natalie, definitely Rule #5. Can anyone find a third so we can call it a Trifecta?

  28. it looks like he saying: and mom said we were taking me to get tutored, it must be really fun cause she sounded excited……..

  29. Christbel — THANK YOU. I was trying to understand why when i look at this photo i don’t feel the usual “oh cute!” feeling but foreboding dread. I just couldn’t put my finger on it. It IS the “what a cute dog in that car OMIGOD HE ATTACKING ME THROUGH THE WINDOW OMIGOD!” stance. Kind of like when you’re playing with your pup and you make him smile by lifting his lips and then you realize he looks like he’s growling at you and you want to go in your room and cry alone. Anyway — I need to look at the baby duck post again. That sh*t wasn’t scary cute.

  30. My kitty does the furrowed-brow thing well. I’d submit a pic, but the only one I have is way too dark. Unlike with dogs, the kitty furrow is usually paired with the death-lasers coming out of their eyes…

  31. I read recently (maybe it was here; I have no memory), that the most consistent way for a photographer to get a good expression from a dog is to say “Do you wanna?”

    This dog wanna.

  32. prettyprettyprincess says:

    The furbrow communicates concern.

  33. I love him. what a lil’ sweetie!

  34. That cutie isn’t a Shiba Inu. Shibas are a bit floofier, with pointy ears that stand up and thinner muzzles.

    I *heart* my Shiba!

    For more info on this really neat breed, check out: http://www.shibas.org/

  35. Peg,

    My godmother always takes in stray kittens, and quite a few years ago, me and my brother were helping to raise them because we went there for vacation. One was just the perfect color, like a light, pale brown. We named it L.T.A…. Lightly Toasted Almonds.

  36. Brak_Silverbone says:

    LOL! Oh, look at that precious, puzzled pupface! Look at those worried eyebrows! Someone needs a smooch! *smooch* *smooch* *smooch*

    Look at the MUZZLEPUFF!!

  37. I second Sally’s call for a “Baroo!?” Category! And also, “Kronsche”! (The Leeeekers have one! Why not the Kronschers, eh?)

  38. This puppeh’s expressive use of brows and nose is often referred to as ‘brow-nosing’.

  39. …and Aubrey comes through with the pun! 😉


  40. I love any website where one can say “the furbrow is clearly a subcategory of ‘Baroo?'” and everyone will know precisely what you’re talking about.

    Actually, I think this is the only website that fits that description.

    Meg, if we didn’t have you, we’d have to invent you.

  41. Martha in Washington says:

    This is the exact same expression that my black lab mix gets when you sit down with a bowl of fresh, hot popcorn.

    “Can I have some? CanI,canI,canI, please?!!”

  42. Puppy has such a LARGE head!

  43. Such a cute pup!!

    (And hey .. I’m a dummy …. could someone please fill me in on how to submit a photo (or two) for possible C.O. “exposure”? Thanks!)

  44. Sissy — it’s in the middle of the right-hand margin. Look for the heading “Got Cute?”

  45. That is an unbelievably perfect muzzle/eyebrow combo. So why did the psychopath owners decide to cut their dog’s ears?!

  46. Thanks, Theo!!! ; )

  47. My dogs get Pupcorn whenever I fix some for myself. I have one of those stovetop paddle-makers so it’s no-fat.

    Before I dress up the bowlful for myself, I grab great handfuls and throw them around yelling “it’s snowing!”

    They do know, though, that they’ll get *none* of mine, so they don’t beg.

    Grandma gave them a bag of popcorn for Xmas one year. It’s nice to have a relative who doesn’t think I’m nuts.

  48. hay! there he is!

    i was wondering where rocky went after microsoft canned him.

    (see story here:)


    glad to see he’s got fine peeps and clean upholstery seating to keep him in top pupperhood-of-the-travelling-baroo form

  49. Oh, if I had a dime for every time my little Buddy (a PBGV) looked at me like that – I could retire! I adore that face!!!


  51. EAR FLOP!!

  52. I think it is a trifecta..

    Rule 31 with the Furbrow, Rule 5 with the Fisheye lens, and Rule 3, with an inquisitive look.

  53. Finally we are recognizing the cuteness of the uplifted eyebrow. C.f.: http://sassyjane.vox.com/library/post/rule-of-cuteness-31.html

  54. P. Erasmus says:

    RAMBO Kitty!

    (She’s survived the suicide mission, and she’s rescued the feather duster P.O.W…
    Now all that’s left to do is settle the score with Murdock…)

  55. this dog is ADORABLE!! Definitely some Shar-Pei in there. I love doggie brows – they say so much 🙂

    AMLitt – are the ear definitely cropped? Let’s not go calling people”psychopaths” just because we might not agree with their choices (or the breeders in many cases).

  56. we going to the park to play, or over to grandma’s house to play?? I just wanna have fun, yea I just wanna hve fun !!!!

  57. TAJ – The comma in my comment was confusing. I know this pup is not a Shiba Inu. I think it is a Chinese Shar pei mix. I think it is possibly mixed with Shiba Inu. It is also possibly just a very poor example of a Shar pei. “Poor” being very subject to opinion. All I mean is this pup doesn’t have the Shar pei coat.

    I see a lot of things in this pup but I don’t see the “baroo” in its’ expression.

  58. Ahh, gotcha! I lurve me some mutts, but when you start mixin’ things up, it starts to become difficult to tell what’s in what!

    And yeah, I see more “WTF Mate?” than “baroo” 😉

  59. Mutts are great! Shiba’s are way cool. I met a few when I worked at the vets’. Once, we found a pure bred Shiba that was a stray. It got a good home. All the Shibas I’ve met were the red color. Lots of shedding. They are so keen/alert/observant. They’re so serious and playful at the same time. Great face and tail. They look like small Akitas! Yours looks like a real beauty. Love the color!

  60. Hey Theo, got a mop? Someone barfed in this comments thread…


  61. army_kitten says:

    oh, the magic of shar-pei wrinkles. you could get lost in their folds of soft squishy cuteness!

    that said, i still feel like this dog is going to jump up and bite my face. so i’ll go with scary-cute.

  62. Some of these comments make me sad! This is my beautiful Toasty-the day I brought her home from the shelter. She was a stray, she is a mix, and no one cropped her ears, they are just little. She was nervous, understandably, but never mean. She has brought us joy beyond measure.

  63. Oh yeah! Wanna know a fun way to get a “furbrow” anytime you want? I call it ‘mushface’. Get face to face with your pet. Take your pet’s whole face in your two hands being sure to get the ears too. Slowly, slowly (need I say it, gently) moooooosh your pets’ face in, bring in the ears too, while hypnotically saying, “mmmmooooooosh faaace”. Then give your pet a big fat kiss on the schnoz and let go. You might see some ‘baroo’ along the way.

    (Sometimes if I take their collars off over their head, I get some great furbrows and ‘enh’!)

  64. Jorden – Thanks for explaining! Please don’t be sad. Toasty sounds perfect. You were meant for her. She does look nervous in this photo and like she’s never seen a camera before. Now we know this was the first day of her happy new life. Shelter pets – yay!

  65. Toasty is adorable and now I want a puppy just so I can try the moooooosh face. 😀

  66. Sooooooo cute! This lovebug is such a beautiful mix he should have his own breed (like schnoodles & puggles). I’d adopt one. =)

  67. DTD I think 88 is just seeking attention. And maybe sniffing some dog’s anus again.

  68. pyrit — I used to have a Neapolitan mastiff (“Fang” in the Harry Potter moviews, if you’re not familiar). He had, as the breed should, an incredible amount of wrinkles and extra skin around his face and head.

    So much so that I could encircle the base of his neck with my hands and push all the skin up to the tip of his nose, saying “Look! He’s not circumcised!”

  69. This website makes my life. I check it every night before I go to bed and it always makes me squeal and giggle at the cuteness, no matter what kinda day I’ve had. This pup is no exception–so much expression in those eyes! 😀

  70. Jorden – don’t be sad! You have that wonderful Toasty. Please give her a hug and a smooch from me and Buddy!!!

  71. Jorden – Toasty is cute. I wouldn’t have been able to resist her if I saw her at a shelter. I would be her bacon slave any day!

  72. What a cute doggie! I bet she’s got a ton of personality, too. *smooch pooch!*

    Suda Nim—— Don’t worry! A new study shows that it isn’t necessary! :o)

    —also loved the popcorn idea.

  73. I Must Pet This Dog!

  74. LOL! What a mug!

  75. Jess the Mess says:

    Toasty is one of the cutest dog names I’ve ever heard.

  76. Jess the Mess says:

    P.S. to Suda Nim: That is hilarious!!!

  77. “Aaaayyyyyiiiii don’t want to work!
    I just want to look at teh Cute all day!
    Aaayyyiii don’t want to play!
    I just want to look at teh Cute all day!”

    Speaking of mutts. What do you get when you cross a pit bull and a poodle? Ha! A vicious gossip! I love that one.
    Oh stop it. I’m not making broad stereotypical assumptions about a breed with a bad reputation! I KNOW not all Poodles are gossips.


    He’s saying, “WHAT is that thing on your face?”

    [I’m wearing a big silly grin right now.]

  79. Three words:

    Screen. Sa. Ver.

  80. Suda Nim–thanks, my monitor needed cleaning anyways… 😉

    Toasty is adorabibble! We simply MUST have more pics of her!


  81. pyrit —

    Everyday when I get in to work,
    I feel so frustrated; the boss is a jerk!
    I grab my mouse and I head to the Net,
    I surf CO ’til the Qte a-splodes my head!

  82. ppattibpatt says:

    Nicely done, Pheas, nicely done…..
    Oh! and….HOLY BAROO!!

  83. …..N…N…NNNOSE!!!!!
    *falls down*

  84. WHAT A FACE!! brows and floppy ears the perfect touch!

  85. Noel (with a migraine at the moment) says:

    I have a rather nasty migraine right now, and my head is on fire. I need that sweet furbrowed doggie to snorgle with right now, and get lots of doggie hugs and doggie kisses. Doggie lovees + pain pill + coffee = no more nasty migraine. Where can I borrow that doggie for just when I need him?

  86. Noel (with a migraine at the moment) says:

    Martha in Washington, it sounds like your dog puts the “Can I” in CANINE. lol
    (In reference to the post about your black lab’s “can I” facial expression when you sit down with a bowl of fresh hot popcorn)

  87. Noel (with a migraine at the moment) says:

    If I had two dogs like that, I’d name one Cinnamon, and the other Sugar. 🙂

  88. first squirble, now moooshface?

    pyrit, you’re gonna need your own section in the CO dictionary!!

  89. Put the “Can I” in “Canine”?


  90. That is a super cute dog. Anyone who thinks she looks mean in that photo clearly has some deep doggie issues. Nothing but cuteness here!!

  91. Noel (with a migraine at the moment) says:


    The more pain I am in with the migraines, and the more drugged up I am on pain meds, the more wacky and creative I get.

    Right now I keep looking at cat photos. Got what I call “that feline feeling.”

    Migraines make me nuts. I am DEFINITELY not myself right now.

  92. so much for ‘more posts more often’ eh?

    /waits for everyone to pick on me

  93. Or the Feel I in feline?

    How about the Rabbi in rabbit?

  94. Noel (with a migraine at the moment) says:

    Jewish rabbi rabbit? LOL

  95. Noel (wamatm) – Hand over the meds. C’mon, share.

  96. gills at Carlisle, Cumbria UK says:

    We think there should be a BAROO?!! bumpere stickere what do you reckon?

  97. Noel (with a migraine at the moment) says:

    Rabbi Rabbit in the Synadog Synagogue, with a parrot reciting from the Torah from memory, and the kittens singing the Jewish songs with mini-mews, with the Scottish Fold kitten being the song leader….ok…I think the Percocet is kicking in now….LOL

    The severe headache is mostly gone, but so has my mind.

    Pyrit, u have to have a migraine before I can give u a pill.

    By the way, I’m not Jewish. But, the picture that came to my mind is definitely off-beat.

  98. Martha in Washington says:

    Do your friends give you headaches just so you can be so witty? I have a headache right now too -sinuses 😦 I was thinking about soaking in the tub but I like your idea better-dog lovees and a pain pill, no coffee though thank you.

  99. Noel (wamatm) – Fine. Don’t share.
    Anyway, the one time I was given pain meds. I saw kittens in the wallpaper. They were beautiful. Then the med. wore off and I couldn’t find the kittens. I tried. There were only big roses.

    OK Noel, back to you, encore!

  100. Martha in Washington says:

    My Jewel knows which pot the popcorn is popped in and when she hears us getting it out of the cabinet she comes and sits by the stove waiting for her share. Then she follows you to your seat and has at times drooled on our legs when we weren’t fast enough in giving her some. I admit it, she is a TERRIBLE beggar, especially for popcorn.

  101. Noel (with a migraine at the moment) says:

    I have what’s called Chronic Daily Headache, of the migraine type. I am seeing a headache specialist 90 miles away, it’s that bad. The doctors in my county could never find a treatment regimen that would actually work. The migraine pain I sometimes get is very severe. But, at least now I don’t get the really bad ones as often.

    I love coffee, and the caffeine helps the pain drugs work better. That’s why I pour myself a cup of it when I get a migraine, and take it with a pain pill. I don’t usually use Percocet, though, unless it’s REALLY bad. Makes me too loo-loo.

    By the way, I don’t have a tub. I have a shower. Bummer. It’s kinda hard to soak in a shower. 😦

  102. Martha in Washington says:

    My husband is in the Navy and used to be stationed on a submarine. Well he loves to soak and they didn’t put any bathtubs on submarines so he told me that sometimes he would put duct tape all around the door to the shower and fill it up and soak that way. He could be full of BS too but maybe it could work for you.

  103. Noel (with a migraine at the moment) says:

    Ok. Here. Just one Percocet. Enjoy the kittens in the wallpaper. I’m sitting here having fun and crazy daydreams of puppies and bunnies and stuff doing off-the-wall things. Fun ’til the drug wears off.

    You should have seen me when I severely burned my left hand with boiling water and second-degree burns a couple months ago and the ER gave me morphine. Now THAT was fun!

  104. Martha in Washington says:

    I had morphine for the first time last Halloween when my appendix decided it didn’t like me anymore. You know, it got rid of the pain but it just made me feel a little tipsy-very disappointing.

  105. Noel (with a migraine at the moment) says:

    My shower door is an accordion, folding type, and the drain is large and flat. I don’t think duct tape would work, and I don’t know of a way offhand that I can stop up the drain with anything that I have on hand. It’s much too big for my drain plugs. I live in public low-income housing, and have to put up with what they give me to live with. It’s what it’s like to be poor and on permanent disability. (Yes, chronic daily headache/migraine can be that bad.)

    But, I’m fighting this with diet, exercise, and meds, and it will gradually keep getting better and better.

    I’m probably going to go off to bed in a bit and lie down. I’m getting very sleepy from the drug.

    I really want kitten/puppy snoozes. But, I can’t afford the pet deposit, vet bills, pet food, etc., right now. So, I have stuffed animals and CO for my kitty/puppy fixes, for now.

  106. Noel, it’s nice that people consider the cost of vet care BEFORE they look into a life with a furreh companion.

    Stuffed animals/CO – I’m with you there, my friend.

  107. Martha in Washington says:

    Feel better soon and dream of warm kitties and wet doggie noses.

  108. Noel (with a migraine at the moment) says:

    Having a cat or dog is a serious investment. That’s why, as painful as it is, I am waiting until I get in better health and get in better financial shape before I adopt a furreh friend. Right now I can hardly take care of myself, let alone a pet. Would not be at all fair to the pet.

    CO = no vet bills

    Thanks, folks. 🙂 I’ll have a nice nap.

  109. Martha in Washington – Isn’t that a line from Princess Bride? Oh wait, it was, “dream of large women!” Ha!

  110. FYI peeps… if evening rolls around without a Meg post, I’ll slap something new up. Maybe I’ll stuff Maya into my rack.
    [evil snicker]

  111. “Oh wait – was she a great big fat person?”

    Oops. Sorry – wrong movie.

    T: My God man, have you taken leave of your senses?

    Wear the Hawaiian shirt, please.

  112. Which?

  113. T., you know which Hawaiian shirt. don’t make me post [the picture]

    if you need post ideas, Steven E. wants you to know he has a portfolio for you.

  114. PLEASE. Don’t make her post the picture.

  115. you are right Aubs, the world is not ready.
    it may never be ready.

  116. “Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?…”

  117. What picture?!?!!?!
    Post the picture – post the pic-ture!!! (crazy-googly-spinning-eyes)

  118. Maybe it’s time you got yerself some Vox bloggerage, Pyrit.

  119. no! no, pyrit, don’t do it!
    look away now!
    Vox will swallow you whole and spit yer bones!

  120. ysabet-needin' some Qte baaaad! says:

    Jorden, your Toasty baby is just beautiful. I want his clone! (Or her clone!)

    Theo, is it evening there yet? Is Meg okay? I’m jonesin’ for some qte! I have one of those pounding tension head/backaches and I need some Qte-aminophen STAT!

  121. i’m sick of looking at this dog…

  122. pyrit, T. is pointing you towards the abyss. You toe the border between madness and sanity.

    T. has an elaborately embroidered kimono. He has a blue kevlar blankie. He has a HAWAIIAN SHIRT.

    Run away! Run away!

  123. hey ali, there is over a year worth of posts here, just for your browsing pleasure.
    I suggest you hop to ’em

  124. I have a Vox blog, but I don’t have any friends yet. How do I add them?

  125. I’m currently at home with bronchitis and the Really Fun ™ prescription cough syrup with codeine. And I’m Not Sharing because the bottle is small and I’m going to hog it all for myself.

  126. Don’t bogart that syrup, ‘Nim. The peeps hurt too.

  127. “(Yes, chronic daily headache/migraine can be that bad.)”

    So true, Noel. I have two sisters (out of four) on permanent disability with migraines, one with every-other-day cluster migraines, the other with ones that last six weeks at a time. They’ve essentially been told to wait for new drugs to be invented because nothing we have now works.

    All good thoughts to you.

  128. Kelly Mc, adding friends (what Vox calls a “neighborhood”) is kinda difficult to explain. a relatively easy way is to add from someone else’s neighborhood. for example, if youd’ like, I can add you to my neighborhood, and then you can check my ‘hood (which is full of CO peeps) and add them to your own neighborhood.
    [I swear, is easier to do than to explain]. let me know if you’d like to do this.

  129. Noel — If you’ve got the time and logistics, one way to get a kitty fix is to go to a local shelter and play with the inmates.

    Our SPCA here has three cat rooms where the inmates lounge freely, and they (the people) like to have people play with them (the cats) for socialization.

  130. Just what IS it these pups have to be so worried about?

  131. Thanks for the heads up Marisa I been having same trouble as Kelly (couldn’t work out how) once again the peeps come to the rescue

  132. mariser, seen ’em.

  133. useta hada kitteh says:

    Teho, I wuz just thinkin’. If you post a picture of Maya, and we all wish really really hard, and say “Here, kitty, kitty, kitty” altogether in unison, do you think it would help produce the kitters???

    I keep having to tell myself “I do still believe in kitters, I do still believe…” I sure hope Maya believes in kitters, too…

  134. Theo – Maybe you suggest Vox to me b/c I comment too much on CO?

    Mariser sounds a tad less than encouraging.

    So, … duct tape my keyboard instead?

    “T. has an elaborately embroidered kimono. He has a blue kevlar blankie. He has a HAWAIIAN SHIRT.”
    That is worth repeating Aubrey!

  135. So far I’ve only worn the shirts, though. Aubrey “borrowed” the kimono & fire-blankie back in June, and I haven’t seen ’em since.

    At least I still have Pervert…

  136. Pyrit — er… the Vox suggestion is because you miss out on anything we Voxers don’t mark “Viewable By Public” if you’re not at least in our Vox neighborhoods. Like, oh say, wackass pix of dudes in flowered shirts getting their brains sucked out with Dyson hand vacuums. Left-field example.

  137. yeah, pyrit, what HE said. ‘cept the flowered shirt happens to be a HAWAIIAN shirt. important detail.

    and I should have had a winkie 😉 with my comment; didn’t mean to be disencouraging. more a heads-up that VOX can be somewhat *cough*addicting*cough*

  138. I’m going to regret this (geezer alert!), but what is VOX?

  139. hi Suda,

    VOX is a blogging platform from 6 Apart (the same folks that created TypePad, the platform used by CO). basically VOX is a place to host your blog and even though there is a learning curve, it is a fairly easy place to setup and maintain your own blog.
    Theo posted the link above to sign up (is free!), but here it is again:

    many cuteologists have signed up for VOX and maintain blogs with whatever interests (cuteness being one, obvy). there are even bunnehs and kittehs blogging. ’tis fun

  140. useta hada kitteh says:

    I’ve thought about VOXing, but well, you need to have something to say, don’t you? I don’t think I could fill up a space with anything half worth reading. (Ack, I can’t believe I just said that — I’m a wannabe writer, for Pete’s sake!)

    Besides, I feel as though Vox is for the cool kids, the “in” crowd, not for peeps like me.

  141. T., I’m sure those quotation marks are merely strays and just wandered into your comment by accident.

    And that was a VERY left field example. A behind the bleachers example, in fact. A should be buried in the parking lot example.

  142. Mm-hmm. And who was all grown up & sitting on Santa’s lap, at the same time?

  143. ah useta, don’t say that. believe me, if *I* can have a blog, trust me, is not for the “in” crowd.
    besides, one of the nifty things is that you can decide what (if anything) you wish to share with the public, or your friends, or leave private. and you can do this at each individual post level.
    [no, I’m not in VOX’s payroll. I swears]

  144. Useta — depends on what you mean by “something to say”…

  145. T.! I didn’t know you were sitting on Santa’s lap all growed-up and stuff.
    you need to share that picture!

  146. useta, if you’re a peep, you are the “in” crowd. Come on in, the water’s fine.

  147. Har har, Mariser.
    Aubrey, can I share it?

  148. There are 6th grade hackers. So how can Vox guarantee privacy? (Not that if I had a Vox blog it would be much worth hacking.)

  149. ‘zactly Laurie. you said it so much better than my poor attempt.
    [of course, that’s why you are a writer and stuff. ‘cos you can write]

  150. useta hada kitteh says:

    Yeah, what Pyrit said. I’m a nervous nellie when it comes to teh interwebs…

  151. [spit take]
    er yeah… Pyrit, that’s why there’s this concept of “Neighbors” in Vox. And there’s also “Friends” and “Family” groupings too. *YOU* choose who you want in your own neighborhood. Then, if you want to post something that not everybody should be able to see (say for example, photos of your birthday party?) then you designate the post & attached photos as “Viewable By Family”.

    Simple. Just don’t add any “6th grade hackers” to your Vox neighborhood.

  152. Nervous nellies don’t like nosey nellies. Or worse.

  153. …Also, and more basically, you could simply take the approach that the internet is the Wild Wild West, and simply not post anything that you wouldn’t post on your front door at home, or office wall at work. Like, I don’t generally post my face on teh internets. Nor do I write down my sister’s address, what car I drive, my ATM card PIN, etc etc etc…

  154. Yes, T. – do.

  155. How can it be free? Gotta be a catch.

    I’ll go check out the Vox site you posted. Thanks Theo & mariser.

  156. Pyrit — there are ads interspersed. But it’s free, all right.

  157. Yes, Mariser. That would be fantastic.

  158. If you’re uncomfortable putting your name out there, you can always create a Suda Nim.

  159. Aubrey — really? Well… OK, as long as you’re sure…

  160. Oh, crikey. We forgot to get Santa’s permission! He’s going to set his elves after us; it’s going to mean…liti-sleigh-tion! CO will go bankrupt!

  161. I’d run
    From the pun
    but the next one
    will still come

    …snow use

  162. No need for you to be a pain, deer.

  163. Now that’s an interesting way to start my day. Aubrey morphing into Amelie?
    And I’ve seen that skirt somewhere before. And is Santa holding a lambie?

  164. Pyrit: Aubrey Tautou.
    It works.

  165. pyrit, it’s explained more fully on my VOX BLOG.

    But I will tell you that Santa’s holding a bunny.

  166. Hi, buddy! 🙂

  167. Aubrey – *You* have a Vox blog!? (Fagan-like drumming fingers on chin) I’m reviewing the situation . . .

  168. Pyrit — here’s a good starter menu of Voxen:

  169. in case anyone was wondering who rocky is, i just happen to still run an old version of MS Office around here:


  170. one of the cutest pics.

  171. I think I’m in love with that dog.