Lil’ Street Kitteh

This morning, I go out to my car, and as ushe, Monday morning, I get a street cleaning ticket, ’cause I’m too dern lazy to leave the house by 8. Please contrast this by a different street-sweeping experience. The kitteh below was scooped up by sender-inner Mamu C. on the street. What a prosh morsel, and MUCH better than a citation.


Niiiiiiiiiiice street sweepin’, Mamu…



  1. Oh! She’s precious. I hope she gets taken in and given a loving home.

  2. AuntieMame says:

    I used to get street sweeping citations, too. I’d much rather get a kitteh.

    Good thing this one was picked up, tho. His fur and his eyes are the same color as the cement, and he might have gotten squished!

  3. i so need that- cute

  4. wow, that kitty looks like a fairy. what gorgeous color-coordinated eyes!

  5. i wish i could get a kitteh instead of a parking ticket. that’s something i would plead guilty to!

  6. Awwwww…what a sweetie and now the kitteh will have a lovin home and not be on the mean streets! Take care of the kitteh…too CUTE!

  7. How adorable! He doesn’t look all too happy about it yet, but he’ll come around once the food comes regularly. 😉

  8. what a prosh bebeh! poor guy’s prolly scared. just needs some snorglin’.

  9. i’m reminded of the puppy-coat from the tv show andy richter is the king of the world (? don’t remember exactly) and the idea of meter maids wearing kitten coats to give out violation-kittens. it’s funny! trust me!

  10. SixFootJen says:

    Snorgle snorgle snorgle! This kitteh is definitely not litter or debris. And my, what big ears he has!

  11. I want one!

  12. What a shuggie-pie…and looks sleepy too. Looks like it could use some regular meals and a bit of cuddles.


  14. I’ll take TWO please…

  15. Whatever – Apparently you shouldn’t be looking at this website. Go away…

  16. Just adorables! Kinda reminds me of when my mum found Mystery, her little tabby and white kitteh. We lived in a small town of about 4000 at the time and she spied him playing in the wheel of a truck parked at the doughnut shop. She came home, bawling her eyes out as she prepared a meal for the babeh, took the meal to the shop and rescued the little fellow. He’s lived on the fat of the land ever since.

  17. Sweet tabby bebeh!!

  18. Oh, and ‘whatever’, I’m going to put forth that YOU are the fugly little monster. I’m so tired of seeing YOU on this website all the time.

  19. Whatever– well.. whatever. 😛

  20. Rosalynde says:

    Wow, she has sexy little witchy eyes . . . maybe it’s just the ‘sleepy’ look?

  21. Aw how sweet! He’s found a new home – it was meant to be….!

  22. Li’l M-faced tabbikit.
    [teh lurrve]

  23. I’d like to find that tabby under my windshield wiper.

  24. That’s the Audrey Hepburn look. This one’s gonna be in movies.

  25. Teughcats says:

    Sweet sweet little bebeh! I never find kittens…

    Teri, Tracey, 19petals – shhhh. maybe if we ignore whatever he will go away. [Theo? Right, Theo?]

  26. Agreed. You always have to wonder if Turdsifters are just trying to get a rise out of people. They aren’t worth our time.

  27. Usually that’s the logic….lol. But every once in a while I have this overwhelming urge to turn around the words of the common Troll and toss it right back at them.

  28. Karen in Toronto says:

    Ooooff! Just sucker-punched by the cute. Must. bend. over. barf. skittles.

    Just kidding. No, really.

  29. Kitty looks so tired and the world is a tough place for the lost ones.
    A good home with regular food and water and lots of love will make a happy kitty.

    I recently have had the honor of finding a little lost male kitty. He had the same look in his eyes -so tired and hungry and thirsty and cold. About 2 years old and in much need of a safe home and food and water and treats. I live in an area where there are coyotes on the prowl and not a good place for little animals to be unprotected.
    I named him Bocelli.
    So much personality and found him around Christmas time and such a nice sweet gift.

  30. hmmmm… cute overload…. seeing as cats (especially kittens) are quite cute and makes an overload of squee’s and gaaah’s and awwww’s, i’d say people really like them.

    P.S. this site is really getting to me. i accidentally spelled it qte before i caught myself and spelled it the “grammatically, politically correct” way of cute…

  31. Karen in Toronto says:

    Well done, Carole!! People can cause animals so much misery.

    Speaking of misery, Handsome Stranger’s new nocturnal game is biting my feet through the blanket. At least he’s stopped launching himself at my butt and scaling my back when I’m cooking. He still mashes his forehead into the back of my head while he’s kneading in my hair.

  32. 19Petals — you get a big ol’ gold star for being the first person to use that variant of “Nuff” in context. (Besides me.)

    2Cats — who?


  33. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Sure, he looks all cute and sweet and innocent, but look at that face. He’s totally panning world domination. Don’t be fooled, people! He wants to take over! If you let your guard down, he’ll… he’ll…!
    Awwwww… so cute….

  34. Karen in Toronto says:

    Rosie: definition of “politically correct”: picking up a turd by the clean end.

  35. What lovely eyes! I bet I can use them to distract the officer into not citing me on street sweeping day >:D.

  36. Jiminy & Cooper's Mum says:

    That poor kitten looks a little dazed – probably doesn’t know which way is up just yet. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep us all updated with how he’s doing and pictures and everything. We’re all vicarious parents, now!

  37. is that what you call a 5-head?

    soooooo darling! just like a little kittie doll. like a Bratz in kitty form, with the big pretty head and glamorous doe-eyes and ‘tude. she needs some bling!

  38. look at those ears! prosh!

  39. The kitty’s cute but looking rather peeved. Perhaps he’s not happy with the thumb in his trachea?

  40. acelightning says:

    What a sweet kitty! And so lucky to be rescued off the street by a kitty-lovin’ CO reader! Give that little sweetheart a warm, soft place to sleep, a nice little dish of tuna, and a lifetime of love and snorgles!

  41. EEEEEP


    bebeh is so CUTE!

    (I love the big M on its forehead)

  42. all i can say is “earsies!”

  43. If the city adopted a policy of handing out these sigh-tations instead of tickets, there will be chaos in the streets, but at least there won’t be any kittehs!

  44. Looks alot like my kitty at that age. She was handraised and is a momma’s baby. And if cute, adorable kitties are not your thing, I would advise staying off of this site….

  45. Whatever, if you hate cats so much, what the heck are you doing at this web site???
    Go find other Web sites to bother with your anti-cat sentimentally! I’m sick of cat haters!
    Cats will rule the world with their cuteness!
    If I had a kitten, he/she would end up the king/queen of the house, almost complete with a little robe, throne, and scepter (spelling?)!
    I picture a wee kitten wearing a little golden crown with jewels in it.
    By the way, I love cats, obviously. LOL!

  46. Every cell in my body yearns for this kitten. What a cutie! As far as “whatever”, if you don’t like cats just keep scrolling. That’s what I do on the bug pictures. It’s like television. You don’t have to watch it if you don’t like it. Plus, I am sure non of us would miss your negativity.

  47. Wow, I hope elvish kitty finds a home there.

    I’d love to find random kitties on the street…

  48. Kitteh has clearly always relied upon the kindness of strangers.
    Love the wisps!

  49. Meeewww?

  50. This little guy is a perfect example of Rule #28, is it not?

    Karen in Toronto – “At least he’s stopped launching himself at my butt and scaling my back”. Oh I’m SO glad someone else has experienced this. If I bend over at the waist and my Tipper is behind me on the bed, he will climb right up onto my back like I’m a drawbridge or sumfin’! Silly kitties! Thas’ why we lurves dem soooo moishe!

  51. I thought only dogs could do the Princess Di look, but that is def a Princess Di! Way to melt us, little kit…

  52. Tracy Flick says:


  53. He has the look of a soon-to-be-hardened street moggy already. The lyrics to “It’s a hard-knock life” are going through my head.
    Poor thing.
    Thank goodness he was found. Hopefully he can be snorgled back into kittenhood, those cold days as a vagrant nothing but a distant memory…

  54. Found kitties are the best kitties! Pick up one today!

    Seriously… every kitty I’ve ever adopted (plus a few other fabulous kitties I’ve found homes for) I’ve found on the street (under the porch, on the woodpile, etc.). They’re the best! Even though sometimes it’s hard being a cat magnet.

  55. I must also add a Yay for Carole for taking this little dude off the street.

  56. Wow, what big ears on that little head!

    I can’t stop gazing at those ears!

  57. Precioussss… <333

  58. If you press your palms together and pray real hard, “Please no parking ticket today, no parking ticket today.”, when you open your hands a little kitteh will pop out! You know how there’s always parking tickets and stuff around on the sidewalks? That’s why it’s called “litter”. It’s true.

  59. BCteagirl says:

    Awwwww…. haven’t had time to post in a loooong time but this is a cutie! Didn’t even notice the cute ‘M’ on his head until someone kindly pointed it out!

  60. GreenEyedHawk says:

    This seems like an opportune post to share the story of Velcro.

    I lived, at that time, in a basement suite in the downtown area of a large city. Across the lot from us was a large, empty barn-like building, home to many stray cats. I’m sure. One blustery November day, I was making lunch and because my apartment was always insufferably hot, I had the kitchen window open (no screens) to try and cool things down, in spite of the fact that it was about -15C outside.

    Suddenly I hear *whump* as something falls from the window about two and a half feet down onto my kitchen table. I turn to see a very stunned-looking, dirty, fuzzy kitten sitting on my table. She looked far too young to be away from Momma cat, she looked very skinny, and she was so dirty it was hard to even tell what colour she was.

    So I gathered her up, tucked her inside my sweater and I go upstairs to my crazy-cat-lady neighbour, asking to borrow some kitten food. She gives me a generous amount and back downstairs we go, now-warm and relaxed kittin rumbling away with her little dirty face peeking out of the neck of my hoodie.

    This is her after a couple days, after a bath and many good feedings. She now lives with my friend Doug, since I already had far too many pets.

  61. GreenEyedHawk – Applause! I love stray pet stories. Love ’em. Been there. Great story. Yay for happy endings. I bet Velcro remembers you when/if you visit your friend.

  62. I love all the wonderful people that frequent this web site and post wonderful, sweet encouraging things. It makes me feel really good, ahppy and hopeful to know that there are so many great souls out there that genuinely care for all the sweet beybeys just like I do. I love cats and kittens so much (moishe)and I love all of you that take sushh gooood care of the little wonderful animal souls. A generous personal THANK YOU to each and everyone of you. This babe is so dear. Thanks for doin the right thing and giving this darling heart kitten the loving home that every cat and kitten deserves— and puppiedoggles too!! Blessings to all and to all our beloved,dear animal friends. May they all have good homes.

  63. “Asphalt” would be a good name for the street kitty.

  64. Are there houses available on that street? I want one of those.

  65. GreenEH, you were definitely guided to open that window. Bless you for being too hot when it’s -15!

  66. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Whatever F off

  67. Does anybody else think it looks like Asphalt is thinking, “I *heard* that, bitch” ?

    A message to nuffs everywhere: You can run, but you can’t hide.
    (with apologies to Joe Louis, not Ron Reagan)

  68. GEH, I love that the kitten began purring before even getting fed. Just getting warm and being held made it happy.

  69. You are super for givin’ that kitty a home. By the looks of her though, she still has street cred.

  70. That does it. MUST get glasses! At first I thought kitty was stuck in that cement. (heart palpitations!)

  71. hot damn that’s a cute kitten


    *messy splosion*

    GreenEyedHawk – YAY for your rescued stray!

  73. Such sweet fluffy bebehs…stories about the wee rescued kitters are guaranteed to make me bawl, even at work… *takes a moment*

  74. Several months ago at a cousin’s 3rd birthday party, I spied a wee tiny dark kitten hopping through the weeds of the city park, trying to find someone to pay attention to it. She (as it turns out) was far too tiny to be away from her mother just yet, but we couldn’t find where she’d come from, and ended up taking her home.

    She now has a love-hate relationship with a Jack Russell/rat terrier mix and is a true minx of the outdoors. No one messes with her. We decided just to call her Cat, because to burden her with a name beneath her toughness just seemed too mean 😉 She had that same look, too, so … kudos to whomever ended up rescuing the poor kit!

  75. THE TABBY “M” – Have you heard about what the “M” on a little Tabby’s forehead means? I read this not too long ago and it’s so sweet I have to share. Please check it out!

  76. Green Eyed Hawk – The bebeh has white gloves! How precious! And kudos to you for taking her in & finding her a loving home. Brava!

  77. ok guys, I have to tell you something…

    I’m the sender of this pic, and I created a total confusion. And I feel so guilty, because of all the enthusiasm in your comments 😦

    I live in Bucharest, the capital of Romania, and here stray cats are everywhere, there’s millions of’em.
    I already own two cats and placed a few found kitties in friends’ homes, but I din’t adopt this one. Because my cats are extremely territorial and would have eaten this little cutie alive, and because I just can’t adopt every little kitten that crosses my path, because there are so many of them.

    I hate to break your hearts, but the kitty is still on the street, with her dousens of brothers, sisters, uncles, grandma etc etc.

    If it makes it any better, the kitties are usually fed generously every day by old ladies.

    I saw little Asphalt (hihi, cute name) several times, he was living in the garden of an appartment building with his two brothers/sisters, just as tiny but not quite as cute.

    I’ll post some more pics of them if y’all still want them.

    Best wishes,
    not the kind soul you thought me to be.

  78. musicchick2, I just now read the story of the Tabby “M,” and I just about started bawling, and I don’t cry easily! Wow, what a precious story!

  79. Mamu, Paws up! It’s OK.

    CO Peeps road trip to Bucharest, ASAP. I want to be a gypsy with the kitties. So I might not be coming back.

  80. Mamu, I’m glad the kitties are at least being fed. Maybe your photo has done good in that it raised some awareness about rescuing kitties for others.

  81. PLEASE keep her, give her a good home ! She was meant for you to find !

  82. awww.. so small

  83. LC, I agree. I honestly think that sometimes people have no idea.

    pyrit – ‘Gypsy’s Transient Squees’ But I think you should Cher.

  84. pyrit, you need to do some research, Romania isn’t all about gypsies. And we have electricity, too >_>
    Judie, I don’t know about the little kitty being ment for me to find… that would mean all the zillions of cats on the streets here are meant for me to find, and I don’t really have that much space for now.
    But I plan to open a shelter for stray cats “when I grow up”. For now I just have to limit myself to placing a few of them in the homes of my acquaintances…
    I really do love cats, but it’s physically impossible that I adopt all of them 😦

  85. Mamu – I’m not sure if you are being funny. Just in case you are being serious, pleae let me explain my “gypsy” comment!

    First, I really meant it from the heart. I would love to be the Mother Teresa of the kitties in Bucharest. (Will mother Teresa be mad at me for comparing her to a gypsy? Ack!)

    Second, many of my comments are so ‘tongue-in-cheek’. I’ll need to work on a disclaimer or something.

    Third, I am up to date on Romania. I have a next of kin born in Czechoslovakia. I have been on the Danube in Hungary. My 2nd cousin is married to a Romanian. And I went to an unforgettable lecture by Elie Wiesel, oh dear 15(?) years ago. And, a close relative hitch-hiked through Bulgaria.

    But I have an incurable romantic fascination with Romania.

    Paws up! Best wishes and good luck with the kitties!
    How do you say, “Come here?” It’s “Butsem” or something.

  86. Aubrey – (Flinging hair over shoulder) “I got you, Babe!”

  87. pyrit, I think it might be fair to think of the kitties in the street as “gypsy”, since they have no fixed domiciles and clearly travel from house to house.

  88. LC, maybe they’re dancers too?

  89. pyrit – great impression: you are a true, Bono-fide Cher!

  90. pyrit, I’m sorry then, I think I’ve developed a slight form of paranoia when it comes to how other nations see us 🙂 (because most of the Romanians that go abroad to steal or beg are gypsies and create a terrible image for the rest of us)
    I thought you wanted to come here and be a gypsy… like the rest of us :))
    Sorry again, and cheers!

  91. PS: “come here” is “vino aici” in Romanian 😉

  92. Hey… It’s got Princess Di eyes going on. Sahweet.

  93. Mamu – How do I explain you don’t need to say sorry at all. This is a great conversation.

    (You know, there are people from lots of countries who give gypsys a bad name!)

    You are concerned about the Romanian’s reputation. I am concerned about Americans’ reputation.

    I have had more than a few foreigners sit at my dinner table in my house cutting down Americans. Sigh, smile, and sip the wine like a good host. So I think maybe I can relate to your “paranoia”???

    Please be patient with Americans’ reputations (for being loud, rich and ignorant of geography and the rest of the world.) Reputations aren’t 100% true. Americans are people, just like people are.

    There are reasons why we are the way we all are. But all we are is people.


  94. Bahtalo Drom, everyone!

  95. Cathryn Bauer says:

    I keep seeing that kitty in a Mohawk…

    Mamu, no apologies necessary. What I hope you understand is that often Americans blunder because our press does a seriously lousy job of covering the rest of the world. If you look at a typical U.S. newspaper, it’s going to be 98 percent about us. There might be a column with a title like “International News,” and then perhaps eight to a dozen five-line paragraphs that barely cover the headlines. The news broadcasts are IMO even worse. So the problem is that U.S. folk often don’t know how little they know about the world around them. IMO, that’s the basis for a lot of embarrassing and sometimes offensive behavior on the part of U.S. citizens.

    And it does go both ways. For example, on our first trip to Europe in 1981, Ted and I were disappointed to learn how few Europeans knew how widespread opposition to the Vietnam War had been in the 1960s. (I grew up in a conservative area with a nearby Air Force base, e.g., the town was making money off the influx of troops whose next step was Saigon. Nevertheless, by 1970, everyone just assumed that everyone else was against the war. And they were right. NO ONE in that jumped-up farm town of Sacramento, California wanted the war!)

    Hope this rambling post clarifies a bit….

  96. darkshines says:

    Aw. I’m feeling the love everyone. Are you feeling the love?

    BTW, I guess every culture has a different story of the tabby M, I was always brought up being told it was Muhammad who stroked the kitty………..

  97. DarkShines — yep, I’ve heard that version too. Seems everybody likes tabbies.