I think I hear a parrot purring

Eagle-eyed sender-inner Yolanda spotted this parrot snuggling action and had to send it in. It’s from the photographer Roy Berger. Roy calls his studio "ParrotHouse" Hmmmm. Roy. Hmmmm.

Kinda reminds me of ‘tiniest Mohawker’ Oliver. Only less sherbet-y.


Yolanda, way to pick ’em, and Roy, way to shoot ’em!



  1. That completely melts my heart!

  2. squawk-shu?


  4. Man, its feathers look so soft. Wish I could hold a parrot like that

  5. Such pretty colors!

  6. Do they really sleep? I though it was just a legend….but one easy to make them dose off is to put a blanket on their cage, they instantly stop cacking! Nonetheless that is real sweet!

  7. The wee birdie is tie-tie. So sweet!

  8. Of course birdies sleep! When else would they be able to dream about sunflower seeds, baths, etc.?

  9. Avian eye capsules!

  10. constance says:


    er! oh! I mean

    *whispers* squee


    “brawk-shu, brawk-shu, brawk-shu”

  12. I’ve never seen a bird cuddle up like that in a person’s hand before. Love the birds colors, ~nice!~

  13. awwww…my parakeet used to nap on my chest and shoulder. Sometimes they peep and squirble in dreams…


  14. you guys r silly says:

    I’ve never seen a bird sleeping in someone’s hand before either…how cool!
    This little guy is a lovebird. And you MIGHT not be able to tell from the pic, but birdies turn their head around to their back a full 180 degrees and then tuck it under their wing when they slep…
    I think I hear a tiny squawk-shu…..&:o)

  15. http://www.pbase.com/parrothouse/image/70110619

    I think this one’s my fave from the site. You can just hear ‘ta-DAAAAAAAAAAH!’ echoing in the air. 😀

  16. polly-wants-a-cracker-shu!


  18. My ducks used to go to sleep in my hands all the time, when they were babies. When they were grown they’d still try it! They tuck their feet into their wing pockets, their bills under their wings, and you’d have an adorable feathery bundle.

  19. Aw, he looks like he’s smiling in his sleep.

  20. hmmm bpase

  21. jaypo–squirble? That’s a great word!
    I need to use that in a sentence today…

    The birdie looks so comfy!

  22. Alia wrote – I think this one’s my fave from the site. You can just hear ‘ta-DAAAAAAAAAAH!’ echoing in the air. 😀

    Hoo boy! Haveing been around a Double-Yellow Head Amazon when he sounded off, believe me, it’s not “Ta-Daaaaaa” you’re going to be hearing. It’s ear-paralyzing screams. Remember, these guys’ voices are designed to be heard at distances a mile or more! Thank God they don’t often cut loose at full voice!

  23. Oops–that should read “Having”! Sorry for the typo!

  24. jaypo-
    aw. squirble.
    i think babies dogs and kittiz do it too…

  25. Sleepy = cute in almost any species. Well, maybe not overweight husbands that fall asleep on the couch, mouth hanging open, SNORING LOUDLY, empty beer can in his hand. Definitely NOT cute. LOL…. I prefer the birdies and da kitties, thank you very much.

  26. Methinks “squirble” is the CUTEST new word EVAH! Jaypo… submit it to UrbanDictionary.com. I checked, it’s not in there. But this is http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=anerable

  27. Lovely, just lovely!

  28. “Hmmmm. Meg. Hmmmm.”

  29. I have to tell you guys a story.
    A long time ago, a friend had an amazon, I’m not sure which flavor, but it would say a couple of phrases:
    Jesus loves me
    It’s not easy being green

    And after these friends covered his cage at night, he would talk in his sleep and garble these phrases. So we would be treated to the likes of, “Jesus is green”
    “It’s not easy being Jesus”

    it was better than any nighttime TV.

  30. http://www.pbase.com/parrothouse/image/54758335
    Jimmy Buffett fans, take note: *THIS* is a parrothead. [snerk]

  31. I wish this was me on a Monday morning.

  32. Ooh… and this one makes an *awesome* desktop pic (with black background)

  33. thanks theo, now i have a *new* background!!!

  34. sillygirl says:

    Mmmmmmmmmmm eye capsules!

  35. Awwwww! Makes me miss my old lovebord so much! And yep, Peaches used to peep and twitter to herself while sleeping all the time. Cutest thing evar!

  36. AuntieMame says:


    Andi, that’s hilarious! I’ll bet it’s not easy being Jesus. 😀

    The squonk-shu’ing boid is pretty cute, too.

  37. Yep i am sure everybody ever felt like this parrot…like a friend of mine when her boyfriend left her.Love sometimes is like a cage and its not easy being heartbroken.

  38. GreenEyedHawk says:

    Looks like the photographer is an Albertan…if not, he sure likes taking pictures of our province’s landscape!

  39. darkshines says:

    We had a pair of lovebirds called Romeo and Juliet. Juliet got egg bound and died, and Romeo refused to eat, and died to. He couldn’t live without her. They are such beautiful and complex birds…..

    Now we have a cockatiel called Charlie, who wakes us up every morning making the sound of a car alarm full blast. Niiiiice…..

  40. useta hada kitteh says:

    Finally checked out the ParrotHouse photos, wow he’s a good photographer. And you’re definitely right, GreenEyedHawk, he’s an Albertan. Check out the section marked “Where We Live”.

    (And, by the way, hi there, neighbour! I’m just to the east!)

    I could wish I was all curled up asleep like this guy — but I wouldn’t look nearly as pretty. What a gorgeous color!

  41. Awww…sweet little chicken. When our parrotlets are tie-tie, they lull themselves to sleep by softly chirruping to each other. They then bury their heads in EACH OTHERS’ wings. It’s so painfully anerable.

    Our pionus, Cyril, gets night terrors sometimes, so you’ll hear a flappy squarking from his cage if you’re awake late at night. Poor pooper.