And I thought the Cold War was over

Muchas mas elfitude happening… Apparently, the Russians are kickin’ tocks (while in crouch positions, dancing) in the prosh kittens department. Geeshe.


As discovered by LamerFreak. Right on, my bruthuh.



  1. Is this possibly the same kitty as in the previous sweater? Incredibly adorable both times, of course 🙂

  2. Are there little sleeves for the front legs on that sweater? I bet this kitten is nice and warm with that on. 🙂 Looks so cozy!

  3. I thought that too! But I love the little pointy ears sticking out from the hoodie. 🙂 So squishable.

  4. yoohoostereo says:

    Russians are Green Bay Packer Fans.

    Kitteh is still snorglable.

  5. I just can say one thing:

  6. Beautiful Drunk says:

    Look how cozy she looks! Those little ear holes are breathtaking. Gasp.

    If my Miss Pounce wouldn’t growl and glare at me when I try to put her santa hat on, I would be knitting her all the latest in kitten fashion…

  7. this is the same kitteh as before!

  8. Tee Hee 🙂
    There he is again! And even more adorable! I cannot believe my own eyes…

  9. Lilly's Slave in WI says:

    The teensy kitty Bretfavre naps between games in his Green Bay Packers warmup suit…..

  10. Still cute, but boy did that confuse me! Is it really the same kitten as yesterday, or did I just have a prescient dream about a kitten in a Green Bay Packers sweater? That would be a fabulous dream to have, but still rather odd, particularly first thing in the morning. 🙂

  11. awwww! i would so totally take a little nap with this kitten this morning:)

  12. The ear holes are killing me. They make the whole ensemble.

  13. you guys r silly says:

    it doesn’t take much AT ALL to totally confuse me these days…
    way to go, missy…
    P.S. STILL prosh as all get out — and even MORE SO with him’s widdle earsies actually sticking out like that…&:o)

  14. Plus the green really shows off his fabulous marmaladeness.

  15. Oh help me.. I feel a squee coming on..

  16. I can’t read cyrillic, but the site this kitteh pic came from ,
    tewtally looks like “CO – Russian branch”. about ½ of the pictures are from CO. MistressMeg, are you expanding internationally?

  17. So cute! I don’t know how my cat would take wearing a sweater but she burrows under any blankets she can find. Before I got to sit on my bed or on the couch with my afghan I have to do a cat check, or I sit down and get a very irritated meow.

  18. If I had a teeennnnyyyy kitteh, it would have a sweater w/teeennnyyyy ear holes. 2 paws up!

  19. Wait…uh…wha? We get Knitted Kitten again? Well, it’s worth the double. Orange and green rock!

  20. I’m ded already, and it’s still morning. Wanna snuzzle him.

  21. The ear holes! The ear holes! The ear holes!

  22. Totally squeee-worthy! Looky in the widdle footsie part–li’l pink beaners.

  23. Yup, same kitteh as the other day. Looks like the photo session wore him/her out!

  24. Arn’t these photos out of order, This is please get the {insert relevant expression i.e. touchdown, try, goal etc}and the earlier one is yes yes yes.

  25. Eet ees thee EYE SQUEEEEEZEZ.

    >>> poit < <<

  26. useta hada kitteh says:

    Even teh kitteh is overcome with his own cuteness and has to close hims eyeses! I loved him in the original picture, I loved him in the link to this picture posted yesterday, and I still loves him now! (But Meg, it ain’t a cold war no more, it’s a very warm and purry war…)

  27. Prosh pink paw pad protrusion! Mayday!

  28. BenPanced says:

    I wanna *beep* the teeny ickle nosey!


  29. SeaBreeze says:

    Babushka! =)

  30. special k says:

    You have got to be kidding me! This little guy is AWESOME!

  31. So cold. Whats this? A furry green and yellow hat shirt cobanation.Or maybe,Aliens! Aliens! aliens are attacking me! My poor kitty brain!But wait, the warmth. Maybe my brain could hold off for just a few seconds. Zzzzzz.

  32. SeaBreeze — babushKIT.

  33. Sleepy kitteh. SO CUTE!

  34. SeaBreeze says:

    Yes! BabushKIT =)

  35. Rosalynde says:

    I love the just visible kitty toes.

  36. awwwww….an “after” pic. I like this one better because of the ears showing thru, plus you can see the tip of the foot. I think the kitty likes it’s sweater just fine :o)

  37. His red is so orangey it looks like he was sprinkled with Cheeto dust!

  38. Awwwwww, Knittin Kitten Part II! Even sweeter!

  39. Well, this one nests inside the last one, and then there’s a big mama marmie, holding knitting needles and green yarn, that they both fit in.

  40. ooooo,
    tips of one paw peep out of a sleeve.
    I am slayed.

  41. mariser,

    thanks for the link to the russian branch of CO. it’s really good! except for the occasional mutant two-headed turtle or 4-legged chicken, it’s definitely worth looking at.

  42. LOL! Looks like “Grammy” kitten was so tired of being all awake and smiley in the previous post that she fell asleep!

  43. ssssshhhuuuuut! i am sure she is dreaming aboutsomebody she miss a lot!

  44. lauowolf – May I call you Lauowolfgang Mozart?

  45. Maybe it’s cause I’m from Chicago, or maybe it’s cause I hate football – but I don’t see the Packer’s connection. Other than the colors, of course. This little baby looks like a little Link-kitty from the Legend of Zelda! All tuckered out after a day of defeating evil – with CUTENESS!

  46. Link looks low on hearts.
    Hehehehehe. <3<3

  47. Wee little ears poking out of the wee cap! OMG! I can’t believe they put little earholes in the cap!

  48. Corinne – Footie is in the eye of the Green ‘n Golder.

  49. Stephanie says:

    I am completely obsessed with this kitty. I circulated yesterday’s photo all around the office.

    Soooooooooooooo tute.

  50. This is sooo much cuter! The last one kitteh looked a bit freaky… But I totally luff the ears holes and OMG, the little pink toes peeking out….

  51. caerulius says:

    he’s such a little cutie.

    Check this out:
    at, there is a cat in a chicken suit. I kid you not. (tried to post link, but it wouldn’t let me.)

    Kinda looks like this little guy, when he’s all growed up.

  52. What I want to know is: Where do I get the pattern for this kitteh hoodie so I can knit it?

  53. This guy totally kicks Yoda’s ass up and DOWN the block, no lightsaber needed.

    You can just feel the Force shooting out from his ear tips…

  54. Nice kitten-elf!

  55. Ummm.. please to esplain.. what are tocks?

  56. acelightning says:

    I think I liked the earlier picture better – the one where only one ear is through the ear-hole, and the kitten’s big blue eyes are open in an expression of “WTF?!?!” But I guess knitting all day must have tired him out 😉

  57. aieee! the Knitten returns!but what is the STORY with this little guy?

  58. Ears! Ears! Ears! ::insert crazed giggling here::

  59. thedistractor says:

    You made reference to the Venture Bros. I love this site even more now.

  60. *And the teeny paw pads on the left foot*

  61. Am I weird? Cuz I kind a wanna moinshe those little ear parts stickin out…..

  62. I’m not usually a big “marmie” kitteh fan (of course ALL kittehs are wonderful, they’re just among my leastest favorites) but I do have to admit, this little guy has stolen my heart.
    I do hope he has some little boots to go with that outfit.

  63. useta hada kitteh says:

    Caitlin asked “What’s the STORY with this little guy?”

    Story? You want a story? Okay, settle down now, get your blankie…

    Once upon a time there was a pretty lellow Knitten, and he dressed all up in his pretty green hooded sweater that his gramma made him, and decided to go to visit gramma to show her how good he looks in his sweater. But he got tooooooo tie-tie and went to sleep instead. The end.

    Thank you.

  64. this kitteh has officially caused me to die from too much snorgling! *falls over keyboard and dies*

  65. Thanks, Meg! LamerFreak is I from the comments in the original Knittin’ Kitten thread. I saw the first pic, then coincidentally found the second and just *had* to send it in. Starting to think it’s a series, and it’s so obsessively cute I want to find it…

  66. 1) They totally should have used this kitten in the Hobbit movies.

    2) All sleepy from making cookies in the magic Keebler tree?

    3) Lil’ Green Riding Hood, gonna take basket of goodies to Granny?

  67. useta hada kitteh – Please tell another ‘tory. And can we have a song? Then can I have a drink of water?

  68. Pyrit — you just missed a story. It was on all the channels. And quite a story it was.

  69. Theo – Shoot, and I really like fiction too.

  70. Not just fiction, pyrit. Fantasy.

  71. useta hada kitteh says:

    Just one more story, Pyrit, and then you have to go night-night. It won’t be as good (!) as the one Theo was listenin’ to, but I’ll do my best (by the way, Teho, that story wasn’t quite on all the channels, I was watchin’ HGTV…no fiction or fantasy there…)

    Now Pyrit, once upon a tie-tie there was a little pyrit kitteh that wanted to sail the ocean blue. The Pyrit Kitteh’s momma said “no, babbeh pyrit, the ocean blue is all full of icky water! Oooh, bad stuff!” So little pyrit kitteh asked momma for some puddin’ instead, and slorped it all up, and then had a drink of water in a cup (because that kind of water is okay, it’s just the ocean blue that’s too scary for little pyrit kittehs). And then they had a song.

    “Lullaby and good night,
    Kitteh pyrits sleep tight,
    dream of puddins and of toys,
    stuff for kitteh girls and boys,
    Close your eyes,
    start to purr,
    While your momma licks your fur,
    Close your eyes,
    start to purr,
    go to dreamland,
    ball of fur.”

    Night night…

  72. When I grow up I’m gonna be a brave pyrit kitty and you can be on my boat. Can we get a pet whale?
    Please leave the door open a bit.
    And don’t forget my nightlight.

    (***REALLY*** thanks, that was lovely.)

  73. Useta — heh, mostly what I was doing INSTEAD of paying attention to *that* story was organizing recorded episodes of Offbeat America and World’s Most Extreme Homes. No foolin’.

  74. misscrisp says:

    I’m one smitten kitten useta.



  77. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    This reminds me of me on the way to work this morning,wearing my hoody. You my American cousins might not understand but here in the U.K. we only have to have a light dusting of snow and everything grinds to a halt. The local council, to whom we pay a huge amount of council tax and are responsible for gritting the road failed to do so. So no motor bike and forced onto our overpriced late running public transport. Recovers composure and realises I am a bit off subject. Aint he cute and so are all the other postings especially the lion cub, who acts as a restorative when I am pissed off!

  78. GAH!!!!


  79. Richard Scarry puss! Its the earholes that do it…

  80. Knitted Cuteness!

  81. pyrit-

    Actually, sure.Must be a family thing.
    Goes with my kitty, Wolfgang Amadeus Pusscat.

    I must learn how to post pix because he is a heartbreakingly lovey puss, especially since we’ve coaxed him out of the laundryroom.

  82. LindsayBear says:

    I think this website is TRYING TO KILL ME.

  83. Some inspirations attract a second glance.

    Wove zee kitteh >.<

  84. I honestly never thought I would be a fan of pets in costumes…until now. Is there some way to order those kittens, cause I’ll take a dozen.

  85. Has anyone found the pattern yet? I would so love to knit this…

  86. Kim H — I think you may have to freestyle it. Source image is from Russia (most likely).

  87. PUTTING CLOTHING ON LITTLE ANIMALS IS CRUEL! YOU SHOULD BE ASHAM……..awe…….cu….te……..can’t resist…all…the…cute…

  88. AAAAWWWWW!!!!!! *huggles*