Listen up Peeps, I’m being mimicked perfectly by sender-inner Jacquelyn W. She writes:

"Moms eeees using bebeh poneee as a piiiiiiiiillow! Momma ees all "Better than memory foam!" And bebeh ees all "Ehn! Ehn!! Can’t mooooooof! Can’t moooozzzzzzzzzzzzzz…"


Jacquelyn W., you do me better than me.



  1. Bridget F. says:

    That is just too precious.
    I love it when people are at the right place at the right time with a camera!!

  2. They look way too comfortable

  3. Bah! The dorable-ness! The widdle horsie! Squee!

  4. can I put my head on the momma?

  5. teehee the horses are listening for horses (or maybe listening TO horses)

  6. Whoa! Major Rule of Cuteness # 7!

  7. agh! too cute! i want my very own pony pillow too!

  8. Just noticed a pattern developing….. “Paws Up” followed by “OMG Ponies!!!11!”

  9. I love the face that the mom horse is making… it’s the visual snore.


  10. I see that Mom has not yet regained her pre-pregnancy figure.

  11. After awhile the baby horse is going to be all – “Ummmm… Mum… Can you move your head? …Please??? You’re laying on my bladder!!!”

  12. I’m not sure if lying down so much is good for Mom. She should be using bebeh as a foal-ding chair.

  13. One day I will take my baby, and, while at least one person is watching, flop my head on it and say, “Mmmm, better than memory foam!”

    Actually, I’m going to try that on the next sibling that I can get close enough to…

  14. Aubrey, that was a colt-hearted comment.

  15. Awwww…. I do this wif da kitties, with mixed results. If they’re REALLY sweepy, I can get away wif it. Tee hee

  16. Suda, I’ve had my filly of your belly achin’!

  17. Martha in Washington says:

    That is so sweet it’s giving me a toothache! They baby is adorable-so clean and white! Just “AWWWW”.

  18. LOL, cute!

  19. obviously the momy isn’t *just* sleeping…. She has a cold and is a little hoarse.

  20. useta hada kitteh says:

    That’s one way to hold down an overactive child and get some rest at the same time!

    Oh to be in sleepland now that mornin’s here…

  21. I think Mama has another foal in there…

  22. I’m not expert in horses, but isn’t a horse lying (laying?) down not a good thing?

  23. pny— She DOES look like she’s pregnant.

    How close together could she have another? Love horses but don’t know a lot about them. Adorable pic!

  24. Laying down is the only way horses can get REM sleep – so they will do it quite often.
    Horses gestate for approx. 11 months and can get pregnant on their foal heats, about 10 days after giving birth. It takes most mares a while to snap back into shape. That foal is quite young still, so if she is pregnant, the fetus is microscopic.
    Prob. not too good that the mare has her head on the foal’s barrel like that – but oh well!
    Sorry for the novel/lecture.
    Love the site!

  25. meglet—-Thanks for the info. Didn’t know they stayed pregnant THAT long! YIPES!

  26. Heehee. I have nevair seen this before, but what a novel use for your child. Foal doesn’t look like he/she minds too much…

  27. This is why we have children.

  28. What I’d like to see is the “after nap” pix – where they’re both completely covered in mud!

  29. Our older horse Jack rarely lays down (at least when we can see him), so when we got Chex, our younger colt, we rushed out the day he was sleeping outstretched on the ground (that belly can look really, really big when they’re laying down!), but he just snorted like “what’s your problem?” Then he rolled over and went back to sleep. Silly ponies!

  30. It’s funny!
    Should be a very cozy pillow 🙂

  31. Looks photoshopped to me… The mare’s head doesn’t look right. I don’t think a mare would lay on her foal like that.

  32. Brava, Lisa. Cute Overload is the world… that has been pulled over your eyes… to blind you from the truth.

  33. Aubrey, it would behoof you to pay more attention to me.

    Or I’ll sic my TV lawyer, Fetlock, on you.

  34. Yep she just had that lil foal! love the fact that the mare’s head is about the size of the foal’s body (at least from this angle

  35. …better than memory foam, it’s MEMORY FOAL(TM)!

  36. brownamazon says:

    ZOMG, Palominos!!

  37. aw..w..w..w..w..w
    laws of cuteness obeyed.
    mammal stacking.

  38. Dammit, chilli beat me to the OMG PONIES!!!1! reference. 😛

  39. Meredith — here’s a consolation prize…

  40. We had a foal born just last week from a paint mare. she is cute but dont think I can get her to act as a pillow like that.