Oh, you did not just send this in!

Madi! Madi! Com’mere here Girl! C’mere! Commmme on!

Look at the bumper stickie! Look at it!

Paws up, Madi! Good girl! paws UP! [holds up treat]


ooooooh, Loooook, Madi! Loooooooook!

Sniff the sticker, Madi! Look at eeeet!


Stephanie M.—I lof you so moishe. HOORAY for the bumpère stickères!



  1. LOL!!
    Now THAT’S how to sell a bumpersticker.

  2. OMG sooo cute

  3. OMG that goes soo well with the bumpper sticker. *put’s paws up*

  4. I didn’t say Simon says…

  5. brilliant!

  6. Gah!! That’s too adorable! Definitely the best way to promote those bumper stickers!

  7. No fair putting tuna juice on the bumper sticker first.

  8. Bridget F. says:

    haha How cute.

    Talk about advertising, now I want a sticker.

  9. I agree with Suda Nim; there is sooooo a treat stuck to that bumper sticker!!!

    But still, awesome pictures. =D

  10. Can we get a two-for-one package with a bumper sticker and adorable dog? Please?

  11. I demand a CO parrot bumper sticker. We have OMG PONIES! We have paws, we have various varients, I want me some birdies.

  12. Love Madi’s l’il white paws, btw. I don’t know what it is about white paws, but they just slay me.

  13. I’d go for that deal too, R. Moore! But I don’ have a vehicle here in da big city. Maybe I could schtick it up on a cork board over my desk?

  14. Too Cute!

  15. LOL, what a great set of pics – and what a sweet dog. YAY for the adorable Madi and CO Bumper Stickers!

  16. Booh, can’t have Bumper Stickers *cries*
    Wannnnnnnnnnnt oooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnne!!!!!!!!!!
    *snif snif*

    Could someone help a belgian with no credit card?? I’m unnable to buy bumper stickers. Booh.

    Great dog, great picks and great sticker! Woohoooo!


  17. A smart doggy! Betcha he could sell the car to go with the sticker 🙂

    Lex-Be—-Why don’t you email Meg and see if you can send a MO. *sniffle* Don’t cry :o(

  18. That’s my Madi Dog! You’ll never find a cuter Beagle-Chiuaua mix in your life!

  19. awwww that is most excellent!!!!!

  20. Good demonstration of paws up.

  21. Wow, that bumper sticker looks really good. It looks better on a car than in the ad. I had not imagined it would look that good!
    A beagle/chihuahua mix?!?!?! That is CUTE.

  22. Oy vey! I never post in the comments, but this doggy was too cute to resist squeeing over. That’s the cutest dog I’ve seen in a long time!

    This message brought to you by a college student who hasn’t seen her pup in over five weeks 😦

  23. ‘scuse me auntie bekkahboo! But that’s my Beahuahua up there shamelessly promoting the new bumpy stickies. Gasp, I’m so proud…her first online ad!

  24. CUTE dog!

  25. misscrisp says:

    Captional Commentary and Mental Movie generated therein is Keeeeelink Meee.
    Top o’ the mornin peeps!

  26. misscrisp says:

    and may I say….the frinkled brow! the frinkle!

  27. What a cute doggy! I had to squeee because of they potty belly and the adorable eyebrows. I want this dog.

  28. … pot belly, obviously, not potty belly. Me speak no english. 🙂

  29. See, the prolbem with the stickers is that every single one that I would want is pink.

    I HATE pink. With a passion. Ugh.

    But that dog makes up for it! 😀

  30. jo zimmerman says:

    ahhhhh, that’s my oh so cute grand-puppy, I’m so proud of her new fame-to-fortune!

  31. Rebekkah, your dog is adorable and looks almost exactly like mine, except mine has a white stripe down her nose. We got her 4 years ago this January from a Kentucky animal shelter and have never been able to figure out what breed she was.

  32. Kaylee – Madi is 8, almost 9. She’s from a rescued litter in NC. Mom was a chihuahua and they said Dad was a beagle. But our Vet has since said that with her short legs, thick body, and undercoat (with some very fluffy tockage) that she looks more corgi than beagle. But either way she’s super cute with a matching personality.
    (rebekkah is madi’s aunt)

  33. I have a dog of the breed known as GOK (God Only Knows).

  34. All I have to say is that I’m the pop of this here pup – and when my wife called this morning to say that “FatMat” was on CO, she “squeee-ed” the definition of “squee”. It was “Squee-tastic”. We’ll have to take some picts of our tri-pod next.

  35. ^^ thanks for answering my message CARLISA.

    Well, if MO stands for Money Order (through the Post office right?) then it’s gonna costs me the hell of a lot. Really, they don’t make things easy if you try to pay with something else than a Sesame pass aka the credit card. Bleh. :-p

    Thanks anyway :-).

  36. I would love to paste one of those Eeeeeeeehn! stickers on my old Honda, but there’s no way I’m paying $3.50 plus $3.00 shipping…then add in the exchange rate…that would be one expensive bumpère stickère!

  37. Lex-Be—-I know what you mean. Everything is on plastic now-a-day :o( If you get a money order from the bank they ARE expensive but not at 7-11, Giant or CVS. You could set up an account with Paypal, it’s free, easy and secure.

  38. AHHHH! This pup’s head and esp. the earsies look so SOFT! I wanna pet ’em!

  39. Smazze and family, I died over this one because Madi looks so much like my corgi/pug mix in the body. Same coloring, shape, and habit of going paws up (fluffy tocks, too!). So I’d put money on your vet being right. And omg, I loooove Madi.

  40. I got my bumpehr steeekers, but my son took the OMG Ponies!!1! one, so I have to order more.

    I hope Meg makes enough from selling the CO goods so she can get an Allercat.

  41. That is the cutest dog i have ever seen!! what kind of dog is it?

  42. bzizzle says:

    That is SO cute. I wish i had a puppy. *makes pouty face*