My Flashdance routine, by Kitty

[Living room rug, Kitty is wearing an off-the-shoulder pink sweatshirt. Irene Cara’s voice fills the room]

First when there’s nothing…[covers face with paw]
but a slow glowing dreeeam
That your fear seems to hide  [look out from under paw]
    deep inside…your mind [look at audience meaningfully]

All alone I have cried [trot to edge of rug like gymastics floor exercise]
    silent tears full of pride [waves paws over head to ‘heavens’]
In a world made of steel, made of stone [pushes right paw out in a ‘stop right there! move]

[skips to center of rug with one flip] Well I hear the music,
    close my eyes, feel the rhythm [cabbage patching]
Wrap around, take a hold of my heart

[Unbelievable fervor of Roger Rabbitting]

What a feline, seein’s believin’
I can have it all, now I’m dancin’ for my life
Take your passion, and make it happen
Pictures come alive, you can dance right through your life!!!


Kitty, that was an amazing ROUTINE!!! You’re in the Conservatory!!! [Red roses everywhere]
Nice submishe (and special outfit, MariNaomi!)

// UPDATE: had to edit the chorus lyrics, because Lauowolf‘s touch-up was just too good.  – Theo //



  1. Kewt!!

  2. Wow, kitteh is workin it 80’s style. My kits are jealous, because I just make them wear the cut-off sleeves of human sweatshirts.

  3. constance says:

    …I think the more important question here is, how exactly did this happen?



  4. Peg of Tilling says:

    …but can you be a welder by day without opposable thumbs?

  5. Oh my friggin’ God! I can’t stand it!

  6. And nooooow I’m going to have that song stuck in my head all day. What a feelin!

  7. Tiny Dancer.

  8. Peg,

    Am now imagining feline welders at work, and I tell you it isn’t pretty.
    (Especially since they’re in their sloppy warm-ups and warbling away)

    Thank all, another morning with only an asploded brain to work with.

    (Luckily I don’t really need it today anyway.)

  9. Dancing Queen

  10. Meg — you’ve outdone yourself. Awesome. But now I’m very curious…

    MariNaomi — what’s this one-limbed kitty sweater about? Background please?

  11. Oh what a feline..
    Seein’s believin
    She can have it all
    She’s dancin through her life..

  12. Lauo!
    [hands over a Gold Star For Editorial Proofreading]

    …though I reserve the right to depart just a bit from verbatim.

  13. LOVE IT!

  14. And didn’t even work up a sweat!

  15. Man, is it just me or have the submishes the past few days been extremely excellent mucho sweet??

    I need an insulin transfusion over heah!!

  16. I hope Flashdance Kitteh isn’t drinking too much Tab. And also that her pet pitbull is kind.

  17. Dat is a veddy, veddy schweet little black kitty. Patient, too, to put up with her little 80s outfit. LOL!

  18. Stop it! Just stop! You’re killing me.

  19. And I didn’t even remark on the perfect, beautiful flashdancer kitty.

    (Covet, covet, covet)

    And now I have to go off to the video store to get Flashdance for my dancer daughter who totally does *not* believe my plot summary….

  20. “She’s a kitty-cat, kitty-cat on the floor
    And she’s dancing like a lion bound to roar
    She’s a kitty-cat, kitty-cat on the floor
    And she’s dancing like she’s never danced before”

  21. The 80’s are back people! And better looking this time I might add.

  22. Love it! Oh, Flashdance your heart out wittle kitta!

  23. Darn, Aubrey beat me to the “Maniac” parody!

    Gorgeous black kitty!

  24. She’s pretty in pink!

  25. Pshaw! I’ve known plenty of welders without opposable thumbs…oh, wait, it’s that I’ve known plenty of welders who were indistinguishable from trained monkeys. Not quite the same.

  26. Awwww!!!!

  27. cat should be renamed alex

  28. Teughcats says:

    Oh my! My beautiful all-black kitty is named Alexandra (although I call her allie not alex). I must make her a little one-armed sweatshirt immediately! She’s such a laid-back kitty she might wear it too…

  29. Suggestion?

    I just wanted to suggest adding window clings to the store. I really want some cuteness on my car, but I have never been able to bring myself to deface my vehicle with stickers.

  30. Peg of Tiling well AmericanWeldingSsociety admits cats apparently

  31. Vigilant20
    Been recomended but CafePress doesn’t make them! (Why Cafe Press?) I’m holding out for the badges or even tee shirts, I’d have a CO tee shirt despite hating printed tees

  32. OH lovin’ the 80’s song lyrics here! Any more ideas out there???


  33. Christine says:

    Did anyone else ever hear “take your passion” as “take your pants off” (hey, I was 12 when that song came out)? Looks like the kitty did.

  34. LOL Christine!! *Definitely* better that way.

  35. I have a kitty that could fit that. his name is flipper, and as you can guess… he has a deformed FLIPPER!!! its sorta bent at an almost right angle, so he uses it for props when walking. but man can he fly!! and he’s evil. almost as evil as my extra thumbed kitty.

  36. useta hada kitteh says:

    This song’s from the wrong era (but I’m 50, so whaddya expect?)… This is what I’ve been singing…

    Iiiiii, I’m hooked on a feline…


    He who lives by the earworm…

  38. This made me LGS !! That’s what you do at the office when you’re sneaking a stress break on CO – LAUGH and GRIN SILENTLY!!

  39. Wait, I love the window cling idea! Yooohoooooo Meg, are you listening? Or are you too busy flashdancing?

  40. teughcats: haha! allie cat!! haha!

  41. Love the window cling idea too – DH would divorce me if I actually adhered a bumper sticker, no matter how cute, to the paint!

  42. Anne & SarahR (and Vigilant20) (and Dewi) — we’ll do up some T-shirts & windowy clings and all sorts & manner of wonderful things… it just takes a bit of that fleeting commodity: Time.

  43. Meg, this cinches it. You are absolutely, certifiably nuts. And I LOVES it!!! *seein’ the whole routine in my head and laughing hysterically*

  44. It was all part of a terrible welding accident! But if you ask, Kitty will say it was all for fashion’s sake.

    Kitty will now bask happily in her fifteen minutes of fame…prrrrr!

  45. OH lovin’ the 80’s song lyrics here! Any more ideas out there???

    Here you go, Janners

    straight from the 80’s …

    tada – Footloose

    Foot loose,
    Kick off your Sunday blues …
    Please, Ki-tty,
    Pull me offa my knees
    Cat, get back
    C’mon before we crack
    Lose your blues
    Everykitty cut footloose

    Cat footloose
    Cat, footloose, whoa!
    First, we’ve got to turn you around
    Then put your paws on the ground
    Now take a hold of your soul
    Now take a hold of your soul
    Ah – ah – ah – ah
    Everykitty cut everykitty cut
    Everykitty cut everykitty cut
    Everykitty cut footloose!!!

  46. I needs to know – was this pic taken before or after the bra-removal scene?

  47. I heard “I Will Survive” in my head as soon as I saw this… and then I heard “ZOMG, that’s my couch!!1”

    Because it is.
    I love that couch.

  48. “He who lives by the earworm…”

    Thank you T., thank you so bloody much.

  49. NOT MY FAULT! (this time.)

  50. I wanna see kitty voluntarily dump a bucket of water over herself.

  51. yeah! but kitty can swim:)

  52. like we saw in previous post….mumble….mumble…

  53. NOBODY puts kitty in a corner.

  54. Every once in a while this song comes over the corporate stereo at work, and oh yeah, I bust a move to it. Rock on kitteh no-pants! ROCK OOOOON!!

  55. acelightning says:

    [Nuff voice]
    How can you people think that’s cute? Look at that poor cat, inappropriately dressed up in clothing that impedes her movement and probably makes her overheated! Cruelty isn’t cute! (blah blah blah)
    [/Nuff voice]

    Seriously, folks… when I saw “torn sweatshirt”, I thought of “pin the ripped part together with a big safety pin for an early-punk look” 😉

  56. Lam-paw-da: The Forbidden Dance

  57. “She would Mew-ran-gue, and do the Chow-Chow…”

  58. do the mew-nuet, go to the Summer Catillion…

  59. And the scandalous Viennese Mrawltz….

    …okay, so that one was a bit of a stretch.

  60. She’s a cat-lypso dancer!

  61. Bwa ha ha ha ha!

    Where is my cat? I must try this.

    (If I never comment again you know what happened)

  62. She’s very good at The Cat-inental.

    And she does the Two-Step twice as well as any human!

  63. Suda, a person hasn’t lived until he’s seen her do the kitter-bug.

  64. Okay, the outfit was originally very utilitarian, created from an old (clean) sock to make Kitty stop licking at an itchy spot on her leg…and she absolutely hated it…but it worked and she healed up nicely, and got to look very punk rock in the meantime!

  65. I remember The Dead Milkmen:

    “On Monday morning I went on Cute Overload
    I saw a kitteh and my heart was boxed and sold

    Punk rock cat
    Please look at me
    Punk rock cat
    With eyes that yeem
    Let’s travel round the world
    Just you and me punk rock cat

    I saw one covered shoulder
    On the other I saw fur
    She looked at me and smiled
    Then she continued with her purr

    Punk rock cat
    Give me a chance
    Punk rock cat
    But no Flash Dance
    We’ll dress like maniacs
    Just you and me punk rock cat

    We went to the Petco Headquarters
    And ordered Fancy Feast
    The waitress said well no, we just have Pedigree
    So we jumped up on the table and shouted anarchy
    And someone came in to work on their computer
    And they turned on Cute Overload
    And so our minds were blown
    On such a winter’s day

    She took me to her parents for the Sunday fowl
    Her father took one look at me and he began to yeowl

    Punk rock cat
    It makes no sense
    Punk rock cat
    We need cats for president
    I love how your whiskers curl
    Yeah you’re for me punk rock cat

    We went to a shopping mall
    And laughed at all the shoppers
    And security dogs trailed us to a record shop
    We asked for The Puppy Bowl
    They said it’s not sold here
    We said if you don’t got The Puppy Bowl
    Then your store could use some more soul

    We got back on the street ran away on our paw pads
    How fast can you run on these
    They’re beginning to hurt bad

    Punk rock cat
    You look so sleek
    Punk rock cat
    Let’s both be freaks
    We’re always chasing rats
    Just you and me
    We’ll always be attacked
    Just you and me
    We’ll travel round the world
    Just you and me
    Punk rock cat”

  66. Aubrey—— I think you and Punk Cat will go far. Take a bow!

  67. …and another YAY for Aubrey!
    This one goes to 11.

  68. Wooooah, miss a day miss a lot.
    Shahisszzle – Aubrey. The last comment I saw of your’n was that you were goin’ out to get drunk. I guess you stayed in!

    (Doin’ a fe-line dance.)
    “Swing yer purrdner!”

  69. jump back to the 80’s …

    dancing kitteh’s just finished his version titled “Countin’ My Lives”

  70. oops … the vid was meant to be this one

  71. HRH — oddly, I quite enjoyed that.
    (er… both versions)

  72. this cat either:

    lives in brooklyn


    is a model for the cat version of project runway

  73. *holds her closer* (tiny dancer kitty)

    she’s had a busy day today.

  74. Doh. Delayed reaction.
    I looked up and realized I have an Otagiri music box with a dancing black & white kitty and you will never guess what tune it plays. “Flash Dance.” (!)
    Heh. How ’bout that.
    I know. You are so impressed.

    And here’s a too small image I found of it on Google images: