Goodnight, Hon.


See ya in the mo-mo.

Don’t forget to turn out the lights.



Sender-inner Seth T. says Harmon the cat likes to give stinky kisses. One night, Seth had a Jedi sense for stinkiness and started to pull away from a kees. That’s when Harmon said not-so-fast, and held it all together with a paw.



  1. That is one sweet photo!

  2. I shall keeeeeeees you!

  3. Kissy kitty!

  4. violetgreen says:

    Awww, I miss those stinky tuna-scented kisses! Reminds me of the T-shirts which say, “J’embrace mon chat/chien sur la bouche!”

  5. acelightning says:

    If his kisses are stinky…feed him a different flavor of cat food 😉
    (If he’ll eat it, of course.)

  6. Don’t know about anyone else, but I can smell fishy breath from here

  7. Aww.

  8. Bridget F. says:

    What a cute picture, of both!

    I wish my cat was that nice. :/ haha

  9. Seth should mix mouth wash with Harmon’s water. 🙂
    I have a friend who does that for his doggies…

  10. awww! look at the little baby face!! I love kitties and this one is certainly friendly enough!

  11. Kitteh is punishing Seth with stinkbreath for not bringing new kitteh toys. Bad Seth! You shall be kissed until kitty is done ammusing herself.

  12. “Before I close my feline yeems
    And sleep away on seafood dreams
    I would be very much remiss
    If I don’t give Seth T. a kiss.”

  13. leprechaun says:

    Aww, how appropriate for right now. G’night everyone! Cat smooshes for yoooooo! :-*

  14. My cats don’t give kisses, but I once had a VERY elderly cat who would wake me at 6:00 every morning by sitting on my chest and meowing, producing a lovely spray of cat spit all over my face. I felt bad not getting up to get her food, as she had only half her teeth and wanted to eat while the other cats were sleeping, so it was this horrid cycle of cat spit and face washing.

  15. this is SOOOOOOOOOOO cute …

    esp the closed eyes – just short of a tongue-kiss;

    my 2 kittehs give me sloppy, drooly kisses, together with the pat-on-(face)cheek …

    & of course, they get kissed by moi (the kitteh hair in mouth is a bit yukky tho)

  16. I see that I must tap-dance again….

  17. Adorables! My kitties won’t kiss either, but they will come that close to sniff me. I think they just wanna know what I had to eat and didn’t offer them! 😉


  19. Theo,
    could you deep 6 88?

  20. Nothing like the taste of cat ass by proxy.

  21. awww my kitteh does that too…only it’s followed by a very hard and sometimes a little painful head-butt.

  22. Martha in Washington says:

    The cat’s cute but ANY guy who will kiss a cat is OKAY by me!!
    P.S. My husband wouldn’t.

  23. darkshines says:

    Mmmm…..I think I need a better picture of Seth….. 😉

  24. That is amazing! I had never seen a cat like to kiss human style.

  25. I love stinky kitty breath!

  26. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    I miss my stinky kisses and cat drool, alas Glad is no more.

  27. LOL + Ewww + Cute! (That’s a BIG paw, btw.)

    Anyone remember the kid & the pig?

  28. Hey at least its a kiss one of mine is into hard head banging and meowing and not just when its time to go to bed she loves to repeat thisat 3am or 4am or anytime she pleases so a little stinky cat breath one time a night is better. very cute pic, indeed.

  29. I have one elderly Kitty who will kiss like this… Then I have a black kitty who does the nose bop on your nose… Then I have a patio cat who likes to like my chin, while nuzzling… I guess I’m a lucky person,ay?

    This pic makes me want to go back home and get some more keesses!!!!

  30. Stacy Horn says:

    The stinky breath might also mean the cat needs dental work, don’t forget!

    It might be time for a visit to the vet for Harmon.

  31. And this is when I realized what true love was allllll about…

  32. Isn’t this the same cute boy who has the duck?

  33. What a lover boy! (both of them…)

  34. Awww! My kitten kisses my face every morning to wake me up. I get a free exfoliation from that little sandpaper tongue of hers! So cute!

  35. So sweeeet! Kitty looks like he’s puckering up, too! I have a kitty who will hold the back of your head with his paw and pull you closer to him.

  36. Awwww I am in lurve with Harmon!!!!

  37. Sigh. The paw.

  38. This photo is zee most precious, and he reminds me of my Parsley:

    He’s a fatty, And on a diet. He hates me now because of it, and I no longer get zee head scritches. :**(

  39. Hi, Car!!! [blows a kees again]

  40. Dear Seth T.,

    Please call me. Seriously.

    Erin R.

  41. squeee.. ze keeses are teh cuteness.

    My kitty gives kisses every now and then. I always feel special to get kissy love. 🙂

  42. Haha. Keesy kitties are the BESTEST. If you can stand the steenk, that is. I’ve been lucky to have two very kissy kitties and consider it an honour (even if you do have to wipe cat spit off your face afterward).

  43. Maya does this! (That’s our foster mama.) Especially when I’m trying to type.

  44. Lauo — looks like Meg gottim.

  45. jack kisses constantly. really he smears his mouth on my face.

  46. Aww yeah, the tuna breath, the fang biff, the lick-purr, the head butt, the sandpaper tongue. Then they turn around, tail up and it’s not a “head” butt.
    Goofy ol’ cats.
    In Awwwwe is right.

    Hey, maybe our breath is stinky to a super sensitive kitty nose.

  47. Hi Jaypo! ~blows keees back~

    Just visited your VOX -left comment :o)

  48. that is just too too cute.. i almost fell out of my chair by the cuteness factor

  49. So adorable! I sure to miss my kitty keeses.

  50. Aww, my kitty looks just like that one, and he insists on kisses too.

  51. Sweet gesture and all, but COME ON PEOPLE! That mouth licks its butt! Give me chin and / or nose snorgling any way. I will kiss people, thank you very much.

  52. My cat Elric does this, too! If he sees me feeling down or stressed, he’ll climb into my lap and put his paws gently on my chest, then give me a kees on my lower lip. So sweet!


  53. Cute.

    Until you remember where that leetle cat tongue has leeked. Ewww

  54. Tizzylish says:

    Too darlink! I lurve the tender paw action. If only my lil’girl would do this and not just smack me when she wanted attention.

  55. I have to admit that one of my absolute favorite cat things is when they use their hands.

    So hands Plus kiss?

    Sadly, the best this lot do if an occasional nose lick.
    (My nose biter is gone, alas)

    It’s alright Ben. o, if you don’t want kitty kisses, I’ll just have yours then.

  56. Oopf.
    forry about the founding fatherf moment.
    I meant *is* an occaffional nofe lick, of courfe.

  57. I bet our breath smells to the kittahs but they kiss us anyway.

    Did you ever wonder if they worry about where our hands have been when we pet them.

    If we were going to catch something from the kittahs kissing us some of us would be dead by now.

    I always accept a kittah or doggah kiss when ever they offer. I consider it an honor.

  58. whenever I really miss my cats I know I can come to this site see something and forget for a bit. This is one of the most precious things I’ve ever seen!

  59. Fantastic inter species pic by the way. They Luff each other.

  60. “Puppies are cute,
    But kitties are prosh!
    This pic surely must mean,
    A coming apocalosh!!”
    *people running, screaming..etc..*

  61. [snicker]
    You said “apocalosh”.

  62. my kitteh, izzy, does this too. she’s a big face licker, and will definitely put a paw out to keep you where she wants you, and for as long as she wants you there. and it’s all fine and good until she starts licking the eyelids. that just hurts.

  63. Nash Flash says:

    Quick ! Look at the mini blinds in the background ! I have some that have been kitty cat altered JUST like that. The true sign of a cat person. All blinds WILL have a “kitteh door”. That is just a fact of life. Thanks for what you do. It eees just GREAT !!!!! When anyone is uptight, I always ask “Have you seen Cute Overload today ?” Then they look and melt.

    Nash Flash

    P.S. My pics are comeeeng soon.

  64. Nash Flash — good eye.
    The Catcave’s solution? …CURTAINS. And just toss ’em in the washer when they get too furry.

  65. WHEE! I’m still catching up on all the vids now that I have cablelicious bandwidth. Theo, you sound exactly like I thought you would!

    And man, I missed some classic cuteness with the Dooneses…*sniffle*


  66. Nash Flash: Yeah, I had blinds like that for many years. Now my new domicile has “Cat Curtain Syndrome”–the lining facing the windows are shredded, and the bottoms are almost as furry as the cats themselves! *LOL*


  67. 😎

  68. D2D – Welcome to teh fast lane! Hope you like the view!

  69. I wouldn’t marry a man who refused to kiss a cat. What a catch!

  70. D2D — yeah, what Pyrit said.
    Just make sure you see the stop signs, and let the comments come in verse.

  71. Aw jeez, thanks cuteoverload for posting this pic of me and my kitty and our undying love. unless i’ve just brushed my teeth, then he has no interest in my clean mouth.
    only stinky exchanges please!

  72. My boy gives me kisses every once in awhile but I am allergic to his saliva. So I get red puffy lips if I go get keeses, but they are worth it!

    I love the sign to all cat lovers that a cat lives here – check the blinds with the cat box cut out of them.

  73. Seth — dunno if this is actually *helpful* — but try a really minty toothpaste. Like, Tom’s of Maine natural spearmint or something like. Catnip is in the mint family, y’know.

    Shannon — cat DOOR, please, or maybe cat PORTAL. See what I’m sayin’? [shudder]

  74. Sadly, a moment later, Seth disapears to be replaced by a frog prince.

  75. army_kitten says:

    actually, human mouths harbor far more dangerous bacteria than cat mouths do. my personal preferences do not include cat-kissing, but there you are.

    …i’m not above a good kitten huffing once in awhile, however.

    and thees peeksure is adorable! mwah mwah! (mewah mewah!)

  76. i can’t believe you sent this in to this website.

  77. believe it.

  78. Just love you and your kitty, too dang cute! In the words of Weezie from Dragon Tales: Loooooooove it!

  79. My kitteh seems to love equally if I blow on her with “morning breath” (probably smells like dead mouse) and “minty fresh” toothpaste breath (as someone mentioned, catnippy perhaps). Either will probably get me a kees. But regular daily breath isn’t nearly as interesting, apparently.

  80. BEWARE: This is really cute, but all cats have a bacteria in their mouths that is really dangerous to humans. Last week a friend of mine was bitten on the finger by her cat and within 6 hours she had pain in her armpit and a red line going up the lymph line of her arm. People at the urgent-care center she went to set up immediate surgery with a hand surgeon because the infection had entered the tendon sheath. She was hospitalized for two days and is now in rehab for her hand. They wouldn’t let her travel out of town until she’d had a week of antibiotics.

  81. GT3T — whoa, that sounds like sepsis. Foreign bacteria under the skin (or in the bloodstream) is a lot more dangerous than, y’know, in the mouth (I know, ick) where such things are commonly found. Hope your friend’s better.

  82. Awwww! I would like to see Seth T & Harmon sing a duet that ends with this kiss!

  83. My gorgeous boy got me to adopt him off the street like so: He popped out of the bushes to romp around my feet, winningly. Then when I knelt down to pet/play with him, he suddenly reared up on his hind feet, placed a paw gently on either side of my face, smooched me swiftly and sat back down purring.

    Needless to say, after a week of bringing the housemates to see him, and flyering the neighborhood to make sure he was free, he was mine (and I was his). Eight years later he is still a purry huggy kissy cat with muchas (stinky) smooches for me.

    Thanks for posting that sweetest cat kiss, btw; YAY FOR CAT LIPS!

  84. Ah – yes. I see. Cat DOOR. I stand corrected. My apologies.

    (Who wants a cat box in the window, lol!)

  85. darkshines says:

    OMG, Seth myspaced me…..:)

  86. hester13 – Thanks for using “winningly”. No wonder you get muchas kitty smooches.

  87. Cute! The cat’s no so bad either! 😉

  88. Um, this is seriously way too cute 🙂

  89. gigglingpear says:

    Darleen, maybe you should ask your friend to check over the ingredients of the mouthwash he gives to his dogs! My bottle says to contact a Poison Control Centre or doctor if ingested!!


    “Seth should mix mouth wash with Harmon’s water. 🙂
    I have a friend who does that for his doggies…”

    Posted by: Darleen | Jan 21, 2007 at 10:01 PM

  90. Aluriaphin says:

    OMG, he looks just like Danielbeast!

  91. I have one kitty who kisses all the time and one who never does…but she snuggles constantly.

    The one who kisses also likes to sit behind me on the couch and rest her chin on the top of my head…she will fall asleep like that – all you hear is “purr-snore-purr-snore”. Then I end up with kitty drool in my hair from all the contentedness. 🙂

    Also, the best way to solve the blind problem – VERTICAL blinds. They just slide out of the way of kittehs.