Floating Fluffbombs

They might as-plode WITH FEATHERS!


Speaking of asploding, you gotta check out sender-inner Tracy M.’s photostream of "Monty," her boid, taking a bath on the kitchen counter. Awesome scchtuff [say in Dana Carvey doing Johnny Carson voice]



  1. bucky spalding says:

    It’s the Ducky Armada! They’re armed, they’re dangerous! They quack!!!

  2. fluf fluf fluf………………..fluf

    I’m going insane cause of the fluffyness


  3. *sigh*
    I think ducklette fluff is second only to kitteh fluff for me… 🙂

  4. Holy Smokes! They’re so bright they look like little fire-balls. They MIGHT just “as-plode”!

  5. Peg of Tilling says:

    It’s the D (for duck) day invasion!

  6. It is not just the cuteness and the fluff, but the incredible lighting that makes this pic so great. Nice catch.

  7. Gahh! And Monty is adorable!! Love da boids I do.

  8. When fluffbombs meet beautiful photography..

    Fluffbombs, really, is my new favorite word. And the Monty bathtime is rather priceless 🙂

  9. I think I just died… Away from work with fever today, but these little fluffbombs made my day. Great word!

  10. awwww, little peeperzes! baby duckies are just the sweetest. We used to feed them off our dock & occasionally they’d swim right across our feet if we had them dangling over the side. *sigh*

  11. Wow. That’s some great backlighting on the floof. I’d like a few of these for my tub, please.

  12. SeaBreeze says:

    …. can’t breathe, can’t breathe! Too cute!! Way too fluffy ‘n’ cute!!! …

  13. Why are the ducks amassing such a cute army? Should we be worried?!

  14. No worries, Ned. They’re not vampire ducks. (Note the sunshine.)

  15. Baby ducks will be the death of me! *faints*

  16. They look like carnival duckies, turn them over to see what you have won!

  17. Fluffy duckies
    You’re the one(s)
    You make Teh Qte
    Too much fun!

    Fluffy duckies
    We’re awfully fond of you(s)

  18. LOL!! Love the sequence of comments up there by Ned, Theo, and Jessica!

  19. Duckies with halos are definitely cute!

  20. Ou, ou, zay eyelinair. Ees, how do you say, dramatique, ou and zo watairproofay.
    Ees zo Egypcheeyohn, zo Cleopatray.
    I vant. And I vill name zem Maybelline, L’Oreal, Revlon, Almay.

  21. awww, pyrit, what cute names for ze ducklettes! I know someone that named their cats after candy bars.

  22. Oh gawsh I wanna pick one up! *sooo cute*

  23. Hee! Lookee tha little duckies wif da runny-mascara lines on their eyesies! *poit!*

    Ahhhhh, nothing like a duckie in the sun to make the gloomies run…


  24. juggle geese says:

    theo, maybe it is artificial lighting, I am pretty sure I can see some fanged teeth. Otherwise it could be wereducks.

  25. Oooh, sunlit ducklings! How lovely!!!

  26. Can I get a few of these instead of peeps for easter? They look far more appealing.

  27. OMG, ducks, they are everywhere. I like this. Wing nubbies up y’all!

  28. Let me tell you guys — when I was photographing these wee bebbehs they were COMPLETELY unafraid of me! They just swam right up to my camera — that’s why most of my shots ended up blurry 😀

  29. Frequent baths can ensure that these duckies receive clean bills of health.

  30. Sunlit duckies have cured me of winter blahs!

  31. Vampire duckies,
    moving at speed,
    in the sunlight.

  32. OMG, Lauowolf… Urduck-hai!

  33. Theo, you never know. Maybe all the fluff prevents the sunlight from getting to them…. can you see the *actual* reflection of the ducks? NO!!! For all we know, that could be some tree in the background!! and, if you look closely at the ‘reflections’ you can see that it tewtally doesn’t fit the duckie’s proper shape.

  34. Quack-quack-quack 🙂
    They are lovely!

  35. OMG !!1! I-i-i-it’s, Count Duckula!!!11!

  36. Aren’t they precious. One of the cutest things in the world is watching a Mama duck followed by her little parade of ducklings. I’ve seen normally “road raged” people grin while all the cars stop to let them cross the street.

    When I lived in Laguna Niguel, CA there was a mallard & a drake that hung out regularly outside the Ralph’s grocery store. They were there late in the evening and early early in the morning. They’d quack quack quack at people coming out, begging for food. I could never resist….digging through my groceries and giving them some (shelled)sunflower seeds or bread.

  37. I think my head just asploded!

  38. I love the clarity to capture the individual little water droplets in their fuzziness!

  39. Who likes the little little duckies in the pond?

  40. channeling John Denver.
    Sunshine on the duckies makes me happy…

  41. acelightning says:

    Fuzzy ducks! Ducky fuzz!

  42. When you’re a duck, you’re a duck all the way,
    From your first bit of fluff
    Til you all fly away.

    When you’re a duck, well you’re not just some nerd.
    You got brothers around
    You’re a family bird.

    You’re never a loon,
    A pelican or vulture.
    A pigeon or a swan,
    Man, you got your own culture.

    When you’re a duck
    You stay
    A duck.

    And then they all swim off in formation, sort-of tough like, scaring all the other water birds.

  43. I bet that’s what heaven looks like… cute, fluffy, glowing duckies… And they would totally be all “Peep peep – we love you, peeeeeeeeep!” *sigh*

  44. I was just telling my sister the other day that she is a shameful, horrible person for getting her boyfriend ducklings before Easter, when there will be baby ducks aplenty needing good homes after the initial charm has worn off.

    That said, these are adorable. My sisters and I, attending the same college, would try to make out paths to classes go past the pond every spring. As an added bonus, we found crawfish and turtles!

  45. mad props (and fingersnaps) for lauowolf!

  46. SO CUTE! And I love the post title. “Fluffbomb” is a wonderful word.

  47. YAY for Lauowolf! (You’ve been really on, just lately, don’t think we haven’t noticed.)

  48. I’ve given up giving up caffeine

  49. lauowolf – What is this, “caffeine”? It’s not in the CO Glossary.

  50. [sipping dark roast]
    That’s right.

  51. “I had some dreams there were ducks in my coffee, ducks in my coffee…”

  52. You’re so strange,
    You probably think this song is about you.

  53. Hey guys — thanks for loving my fuzzy duckling shot! I’ve got some more shots of the little bebehs here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/fuzzball/sets/72157594453354706/

    (Plus you can view the original picture LARGE)

    Yay FUZZBOMBS!! 😉

  54. Duckfuzz Lover says:

    Tracy M, those pics are so cute I could die!

  55. Tracy M-
    Love the crow pix.
    Those guys have toes!