Crank your sound up for MINI MEWS!

Serious—if you’re at work, you get grab those headphones so you can CRANK EET, and hear the mini-mewing action provided by this Scottish Fold kitteh.

Beyond prosh, Jody W.! (AND Alexandra W., Shuffledog, Laurie and Ethan G. ;) (and Elisa) (and Koko) (and my other brother Darryl)


  1. Whatever she wants, I will do it.
    I just have to figure out what meep means,

  2. you guys r silly says:

    i can’t see videos on my stinkin’ computer…

  3. It looks like it’s wearing a wee helmet.

  4. What a little angel!!!I could smoosh that little face all day long!! Ahhhh……..

  5. you guys r silly says:

    my head will just have to ‘splode vicariously through you guys…

  6. Oh. Oh. Oh.

    Will this guy visit me in the office today? Please??

    This reminds me of little foster kitties I had and the way they would greet me and demand food. And how could you ever say no to a sweet little mewer like that?

    It’s a lot cuter when it isn’t happening at 3:00 a.m., though.

  7. KAWAII!! Times a million.

  8. BenPanced says:

    Night-night, kitteh!

  9. This is what happened at my house:

    Kitten: “meeew!”

    Maude: “meow!”

    Kitten: “meeew!”

    Maude: “Meow!”

    Kitten: “meeeeww!”

    Maude: “MEOW!”

    It was most certainly a conversation, but I’ve no idea what they said to each other.

  10. GAH!!
    My braiiinz!!!
    Squooshed by the foldie kitteh toes!!!!
    Squuooshed, sez I!

  11. I <3 the closeup of the nose on this one!

  12. OMG, My head a-splode!



  13. I love it when they’re too wobbly to stand straight. Sweeeeeeet!

  14. ohjeez…
    see this is why I’d prefer it if Maya would just HURRY UP WITH THEM KITTENS ALREADY.
    ::: plonk :::

  15. EXCRUCIATING tineh pink button nosie and mouth. ooooooohhhhhhhh….*swoon*

  16. Scotty says ” god dammit paparazzi, get out of my FACE!!!!!

  17. Peg of Tilling says:

    9.0 on the dismount from the shoe…seriously, was this video taken straight from the Rules of Cuteness or what?

    Fuzzitude: check.

    Earsitude: check.

    Tiny mew: check.

    Object for scale: check.

    Pawsitude: check.

    Extreme closeup: check.

    Slepping: check.

    It’s a double-double trifecta or something!

  18. I think that an “I need an adult” meew!

    Now, about that bed – I want one! Not that my kittehs would use it, they prefer sleeping on me!

  19. Paws up, little dudelet!

    If I snorgle your belleh, will you put teeny kitteh needle claws into my head? That’s okay; I don’t mind.

  20. That almost felt *wrong* watching that. That’s how cute it was. I feel it should be pay-per-view. Or should I say… PAY-PER-MEW!

  21. OMG!! Warm fuzzy need to cuddle something ROGHT NOW!

  22. Awww The baby kitteh looks like it wants it’s mummy. It’s so wittle, he must be lonely. Where’s the mama kitty and it’s brothers and sisters.

  23. O…M…G. This is just pitiful! Pitiful, I tell you! The cuteness, can’t take it, almost painful. Writing in sentence fragments now, due to allure of kitteh. Thanks, C.O., for making my brain explode from the sheer proshness of and snorgability of this kitteh. The end.

  24. aww. what’s that little munchkin doing in a shoe? looks like there’s space for both of us in that gi-normous kitty bed, though! incoming! [but careful not to squish the wee one]

  25. I loved the little thump when it jumped out of the boot. Oh kitty! You keell me with your cuteness!

  26. Oh My!

    How Precious!

    And Delicious!

    Especially when the wittle baby is all sleepy!

  27. AWWWWWW! The cameraman zeroed in on PAWPAD ACTION! And WEE SCHNOZZ ACTION! GAH!

  28. I have to go now; it’s time for me to clean up the mess made when my head exploded a few moments into that video.

  29. PAY-PER-MEW!! I love it!

  30. Gah… blrg… kitten… wrf… cute… aaaaaaah!


  31. OMG!! sooooooo cute!!! thanks!

  32. eatyourjung says:

    My cat was not impressed. She left my lap upon hearing the mews and went to chew on a plastic envelope; once the video was over she returned. Perhaps she was not amused by my suggestions that she “find the baby.”

  33. The cuteness is too much! Mew Mew…such meaning in those little squeakies!
    Lovin it as usual :oD

  34. random girl says:

    so, i started this video and tossed on headphones.

    i was SHOCKED to hear a rap song called “HANDS UP” by lloyd banks as the soundtrack to this prosh kitteh.

    then i thought how fitting it was, because it is HANDS UP, like PAWS UP, and i had CRANKED IT to jam with the kitten.

    then i couldnt hear the meows, and realized my internet radio was still streaming.


    still so cute!

  35. I saw this over the weekend and seriously thought about sending it in. Too adorable, but definitely needs her littermates back!

  36. Usually my dog’s all over the keyboard, demanding I stop looking at the screen an start scratching him.

    This got him listening, though. Finally! No more sabotage, from now on I’ll expect him to enjoy the CO as much as I!

  37. *melts into a puddle of goo*

    ‘Nuff said?

  38. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    Ehn! I am asploding all over my desk now, geesh. That’s okay though… cause several of my coworkers asploded all over it, too. They can’t blame just moi! Ehn! EHN! And a SQUEEEEE!

  39. Cat F — you’ll hear no nuffin’ from me.


  40. My version of what happened at my house:
    Kitteh: Meew!
    Me: Aww!
    Kitteh: Meew!
    Me: Awwwh!
    Kitteh: Meeew!
    Me: AWWWHH!

    That was wonderful, the boot-dismount was the best, aside from the tiny mews.

  41. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Good heavens! That shoe just gave birth to a kitty!

  42. My kitty wasn’t impressed either. He just walked all over the keyboard. I think he thinks he’s the cutest kitten of all time.

  43. Holy CRAP. Stop it. Stop it RIGHT NOW.



  45. wow. I just squeed for two minutes straight. A record for me.

    Love how it tries to chew its way out of the shoe at first then decides to just plop over the side.

    and the pink paws! I feel another squee coming on…

  46. aww….i think the little kit is lonely–the teeny mews are sort of pitiful

  47. TeratoMarty says:

    I think you can quite literally hear it go “enh!” during the boot dismount.

  48. SOOOOO cute! But C.O. peeps have posted the link to this one in comments at least 3 times in the past few weeks. I’m jus’ sayin’.

  49. Okay, clearly I need to go out and buy a new pair of shoes. Maybe there will be a round-headed little kitten inside!

  50. As good an excuse as any, Angela P. ;)

  51. army_kitten says:

    omg that close-up on the tiny sleeping kitten’s paw…


    DBC, man. DBC.

    (Death By Cute).

  52. Noel (pronounced: no-el) says:

    My most favorite part is, of course, the mini-mews. A close second is the part where the little cutie tries to get out of the shoe and just falls out. *Plop!* Just about killed me dead.

  53. Noel (pronounced: no-el) says:

    I’m going to be checking all of my shoes before wearing them, from now on. I don’t want to put my shoes on, and start walking around the apartment, and find out there’s a kitten inside one of them! In this case, good thing I don’t actually have any cats! Scary, though! Some of the neighbors have cats and kittens. One of them could sneak in here and hide in a shoe! LOL

  54. I actually squeled and my boyfriend asked “What was that, are you ok?”

  55. Noel (pronounced: no-el) says:

    Kitten has me wrapped around his widdle paws. I want one! I’m going to have to get one, as soon as I can afford the pet deposit!

  56. Noel (pronounced: no-el) says:

    Helene, you can tell him that you are suffering from a case of acute kitten-itis. There’s no cure, and the only treatment is large quantities of CO viewing. It is a deadly disease because it causes people’s heads to asplode from CO cuteness overdosing. Later. I have to go work out at the gym and run some errands and stuff. It’s hard to want to leave this tiny kitteh, though.

  57. Noel (pronounced: no-el) says:

    Quick question, though, before I run out the door, but I’m dying of curiosity. The time when the kitteh appears to be chewing something while lying down on the cat bed (not the time when he’s chewing the shoe), what is he eating? I can’t see anything in his mouth, but he’s moving his little chompers up and down like he’s eating something. Kitten chow? Must be yum-yum.

  58. Noel — air faeries.

  59. Tracy Flick says:


    Get over yourselves. This is clearly the new ad campaign for Timberland. Everyone knows the retro-urban market for Timberland loves cat babies and makes one purchase of a mew-face at least once a month. It’s demographics and sales, folks.

    Gah could you imagine if they did? The focus groups. THE FOCUS GROUPS.

  60. Is this from the same people who made the Welsh Corgi video that turned up here a while back?

    The title at the beginning, the filming style (and of course the cuteness level) are similar.

  61. Beautiful Drunk says:

    Horray! All my ‘this IS cute’ emails have paid off. I knew this one would get the attention of Meg BC, MC.

    BC = Bachelor of Cuteness
    MC = Masters in Cuteness

  62. Yum yum, air fairies! Crunchy and tastey, full of all the nutrients a bebeh kitteh needs!

    So that’s what they eat when we’re not looking!

    Air fairies must be an endangered species.


  63. …well *I’ve* never seen one.

  64. oh my. i love the closeups toward the end. how did they know that’s just what we’d want to see? those mews are so precious — just like the ones my grownup kitties use when they want Mom’s attention *right now!*

  65. ::head splody::

    The wee mews keels mee.

  66. BeautifulDrunk: Can one get a Ph.C.?

  67. Ok this is one of those incidents where if this kitten was in my presence I would snorgle it until it’s head popped off.

    I love the kitty grapevine action. He’s tewtally ready for a country music video.


  68. Beautiful Drunk says:

    I plan on getting a PhC, but am only in my first year of cute grad school.

  69. The people who made this video, they are TRYING TO KILL US ALL.

    World domination through cuteness.

  70. useta hada kitteh says:

    I watched this earlier at work, where I don’t have headphones, so I’ve been meep-deprived until now.

    Now my head’s all asplody, and my heart’s all melty, and awwwwwwww!

    It’s definitely air fairies he’s chompin’ on. There’s one place in the video where you can see him catch one and put it in his mouf. You don’t ackshally see the air fairy, but you see the paw-grab action and then the chompage. Gotta be air fairies.

  71. the only thing that came 2 my mind from this video was, “AWWWWW!!! THAT’S SOOO CUTE!!!”

  72. The cameraperson must have ice water instead of blood — to not put down the camera to snorgle that little fuzzy cutey who so clearly needed it!

  73. useta hada kitteh says:

    I wuz just thinkin’ (and now my brain hurtz…)

    A Scottish Fold speaking Japanese sounds just the same as an American Shorthair speaking Canadian!

    (See why my brain hurtz?)

  74. Me want pick kitteh up. Me want cuddle kitteh. Me want to squeeeeallll when kitteh mew mew!!!


  75. That’s it.

    I’m going out to get drunk.

  76. that kitteh looked so sweet and round, it might be half cupcake!

  77. Aubrey — Scots whiskey, certainly? Or whiskery?

    To all of you wondering where its mommy is — I’ve seen this video before as a part of a set. Mommy and littermates are just off-camera, each getting their own videos, and all are finally united. So fret not.

  78. mew….mew…prrrr.mew

  79. little black tail: check

    little fold ears: check

    little mews: check

    me falling out my chair from the cute: check

  80. ka9q's wife says:

    i believe people that DBC should be in the glossary if it is not already.

    Having kept it together long enough to get that out head esplodes.

  81. acelightning says:

    Tiniest possible Itty Bitty Kitty (again) – I wonder if it’s really even old enough to be away from its mama. And, of course, I’m powerless against the unbearable cuteness of the Micro-Mew ™!

  82. Rich Fader says:


    Ahhh, new kitten smell…


    …crap. Damned allergies.

  83. I have literally HOURS of footage like this from when my cat had kittens. I was planning to make a documentary. That didn’t pan out. But OMG, are baby kittehs cute.

    I actually squealed aloud when I saw this.

  84. violetgreen says:

    This is why you should always shake yer boots out after hikin’ thru the pussy-willows.

  85. Another Angela says:

    tootally kitty porn

  86. Laura Greenfield says:

    I just had to tell you all, i played this video while my adopted cat (she lived on the street in one of the worst cities in MA for 7 years) sat on the arm of the chair watching…. well when that little kitten started mewing my Simone climbed right onto the laptop sniffing and SEARCHING to try to protect the poor defenseless bebeh!!! talk about maternal instinct!

  87. I’m in love with the kitteh, the little fuzzy baby. AWWWW, and the close up of it’s pink paw paw, TOO MUCH!

  88. I’m in love with the kitteh, the little fuzzy baby. AWWWW, and the close up of it’s pink paw paw, TOO MUCH!

  89. Kitty City says:

    This was my first visit to CO!!! That was SO CUTE I’m nauseated from the sugar!!! I may ‘splode!!! My kittehs both woke up and C O’ded!!! Usually, they only awaken for food!!! You Scots are funny!!! I’m a fifth of scotch!!! Gotta go snorgle kittehs before they rourke sugar cubes!!! I’ll be back!!!

  90. Oh, that’s got to be a new rule – tiny thing using paws as pillow when sleeping. Just too sweet!

    I wonder where mum is? Little one seems far to young to be too far from mum!

  91. damn, I tried to email the link as fast as I could yesterday but I guess I was too late to make the credit list ;)

  92. “Aubrey — Scots whiskey, certainly?”

    Lord, yes. And I’ll sober up with a pot of Fold-gers tomorrow morning.

  93. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    My cats were (sad to say past tense)both rescue cats, I always wondered what they were like as kittens, this shows me what I missed

  94. Agh! It’s wobbyly. And soft. And peenk. And I wants it.

  95. fishandchips says:

    Ahhhhhhh that’s almost too much cuteness for me to handle. But where’s her mom and litter mates?? She looks very young to be all alone :( :(

  96. Actually i was thinking exactly the same thing fish and chips…

  97. That’s it, I’m done for the day!! My heart sploded!!

  98. damn.

    is something wrong with me if i think that baby animalz are cuter than baby people?

  99. Dahlia — nope.

  100. Saw this on Mew Tube

  101. [snicker]
    Y’know, there actually is a MewTube website, and it’s even powered by Ning (like “CuteCast” and a couple of the Cute Overload widgets)… but I’ve checked it out, and sadly it’s nothing like what I imagine Granny means.

  102. If you substitute those *adorable* little mews with cries of “MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!” the whole thing is a little scarring. :(

  103. omg!!! How adorable!

    My neurotic cat (who gets upset with our other cats) was less than amused, though. I think she thought I’d snuck in a kitten!

  104. My kitties were torked at the little one :( I already had one sitting on my lap and when the other two heard the little one crying they came in growling! Sheesh! Poor wittle kitteh!

    ow ah oh tooo painful! those close ups are kiiillling me! I need some kitty action in my life!

  106. You posted footage from these folks several weeks ago, I hate seeing this little one without mama or litter mates!

    I detect the sound of a childs toy in the beginning of this…makes me wonder where the heck this is being filmed!

    Anyone have a clue what the sporadic grunting noise in the background is?

  107. pistache268 says:


  108. Deb — air bears.

  109. (I might be having just a leetle too much fun with the idea of invisible creatures, here.)

  110. I’m having a sense of deja vu right now.I am certian I posted this video on another CO post and emailed it to Meg.This is wierd she forgot to include me in this.Cute kiity tho!Awww!

  111. Elisa — apparently everybody & their brother submitted a link to this vid. PLUS it was in at least a couple of comments, under earlier posts. Happens a lot.

    I can stick your screen name into the parentheses, there, if you really want.

  112. “DeBearrrsss”

  113. Awwwwww, what a little darling!


  114. Tried it again today and got the same reaction from Maude, for each mew a meow. But then she meows at the high pitched beeps the bread machine makes (though not the microwave’s or the timer on the stove’s) when you’re cycling through the settings. It’s really funny in a sad/cute of way–where’s the kitten? Did the bread machine eat the kitten? Where is it? but it’s also kinda mean so we try not to do it too often. But it’s *so* hard to resist. Am I a bad person?

    Poor Maude.

    (Yeah, right, like she is abused and doesn’t actually live a life of luxury–fer cryin’ out loud the cats have their own stockings at Christmastime. Hand made embroidered appliquéed paw shaped stockings.)

  115. Thalia,

    FWIW, so does (did) mine: velvet (in appropriate colors; the tabbie’s grey velvet was crushed), cuffs hand-embroidered with Holbein-stitched mice and the name, satin linings, paw pads made out of Ultrasuede (TM)…

    Seriously tough life…

  116. Yay! I was one of the (apparantly many) people who sent this in. I’m so glad it’s here now! MEW!

  117. HEY there was a link to this video at the bottom of my MSN Messenger thing just now!

  118. useta hada kitteh says:

    Teho said “(I might be having just a leetle too much fun with the idea of invisible creatures, here.)” — If it’s any consolation, Teho, I’m having a lot of fun with your invisible creatures, too. I think I far prefer Air Bears to Care Bears, in fact. And it’s such a good ‘splanation of the “noises off”.

    Tank you.

    I’m off to look for air bears. How I’ll know ‘em when I don’t see ‘em, I’m not sure… but I know they’ll be there, Teho said so.

  119. useta hada kitteh – pssst:

  120. AWWW! So darn cute! I hope the momma kitty is nearby, tho. Isn’t the cuteness a little too young to be weaned? I mean he/she can barely walk! Don’t get me wrong, though.. Total cuteness. If a lot of human-snorgles and a soft lined basket will make this kitteh happy and healthy, then more power to ya! meep!

  121. Aww! I….just…..awwww! I want to snuzzle.

  122. OMG! Cute Overdose! LMAO–it looks like he’s wearing a wee lil toupee!

  123. The kitteh is so prosh. Splode! Splode! Squeeeeeee! Mew Mew Meow! Snuggle! Snuggle! Bump!

  124. Brak_Silverbone says:

    *nawm nawm nawm* (kitten gnawing on shoe)

    *NAWM NAWM NAWM* (me ever so gently gnawing on kitten)

  125. Pika Hikari KT says:

    For the Pokémon fans here, I just want to say that I was just reminded of the ‘Mew on the Windmill’ scene from the first movie. So terrible kawaii, I wanna huggle the pink kitty of doom every time(not to be confused with the purple cat of doom–Mewtwo).

    Now THIS…mee~eew! I love when they’re just a few weeks old and just toddling around. This makes up for not going to my voluntary job at the kitty adoption place yesterday(I threw up from a really bad cramp).>^.^<

  126. That’s actually pretty loud for a baby kitty.

  127. Pfft, an avid seeker of cute would have discovered this clip ages ago! :p

  128. I kid you not, my cat is sitting here watching this little kitten, and she even started taking her paw and touching the screen with it, I have NEVER seen my cat react to something like this before! She is just enthralled with this little kitten! The mews and everything!!!!

    I wish I had a video camera!!!!!

  129. Frosm — let me see if I understand you right. You’re saying that *you* discovered this clip “ages ago,” and (of course) promptly submitted it to Cute Overload?

  130. Hey, what about me? I sent this video in too!

  131. Our kitteh looks very attentively at my computer when I play this clip. She sniffs the air and wonders where the bebbeh kitteh is!

  132. This is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen in my LIFE!

  133. Lindsay M. says:

    The other day, and the good ol’ YMCA, I did about a bazillion ab curls on the ab curl machine thing.

    That did not hurt NEARLY as much as my tum-tum did after this film SO THOROUGHLY ENDED ME WITH BOTH TEARS AND LAUGHTER.

    The lil’ pug/dachs mix after it nearly sent me into coma.

  134. Thanks Theo.My mom has CO as her secret homepage at work so that would mean alot.Thank u!
    CO rocks!:)

  135. Noel (with a migraine at the moment) says:

    Lindsay M., I have to work out every day at the YMCA so that I can have the stamina, endurance, and muscle to be able to withstand so much cuteness without it doing me in.

    I have to really put in an intense cardio workout on the treadmill so that my heart won’t asplode from all this cuteness overloading.

    I just wish that at the YMCA, they had a weightlifting machine called the Kitten Kurl, where you do bicep curls with kittens instead of weights. It would be very popular, indeed, with long lines forming of people eager to do their Kitten Kurls.

    It would make workouts WAY more fun.


  136. New level of cute:
    I cried
    I really did
    That is so cute it made me cry

  137. Aiyeee! *squeeeee*

    *brain goes numb*

    TOO cute. Amazing.

  138. FieryAngel says:

    Ohmigosh, I’m in love.

  139. I just exploded due to serious cuteness overloading of my hard drive. GAAAAAAAHHHH. BOOOOOOOM

  140. AW! I want one!

  141. That tiny furry face filling my screen with its tiny bebeh mews turned me into a puddle. What a sweet, sweet little kitteh.

  142. Alice Shortcake says:

    Oh God…the wobbly legs, the little paws, the mini-mews…I must have a lie down…


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