A new rule of cuteness? What do you think?

Pug/Dach mix "Henry" is displaying what might possibly be a new rule of Cuteness. I’ll let The People™ decide. This potential new rule has to do with the "eyebrow" area, because furry brows enhance the "chub" category and the "Puppy dog eyes" category.

But can it stand on it’s own as "upward furbrows"?

Can. it. standonit’sown? [Shatner voice]


Only the People can judge. Oh, and sender-inner Sadie K.



  1. um! yes!! browsable brows!

  2. Hmmm, the sad puppy eyes are killer – but one must define how they differ from sleepy sleeps eyes, I think!

  3. YES!!!!
    Brows are VERY cute!

  4. Would this be a subcategory of the “Baroo?” look?

  5. mellamella says:

    it’s as if the puppy is saying “whatchu talkin about? this isn’t already a rule?”

  6. I doesn’t know about brows, but that muzzlepuff is begging for keeses.

  7. I’m not sure this rule is altogether fair. Some species of incredibly cute animals just don’t have the eyebrows to be considered for this qualification! Sure, any dog that is part Pug is going to be all “up-ins” with the redonk eyebrows, but think of the kittens!

  8. If we send in more pics of emphasized brows, maybe it will be forced to be a new category!!

  9. A pug-daschund mix?
    With the floppy kronche-able ears, the ‘baroo?’ eyes and the velvety fur…

    Oh my yes. New rule indeed.

  10. Brows or Baroo? That is a hard call. Brows are almost integral to Baroo.

    But “therisously” who can think about that in the presence of such EARAGE?
    Nyam nyam nyam nyam…

  11. ChristyMs. says:

    As much as I love critter-brows, I think that brows relate too much to “baroo?”

  12. The eyebrows are a must — there’s nothing like a good furrowed brow. it says vulnerability, whcih says cute.

  13. Cheryl Bailey says:

    New Rule – Call it the worried, concerned or inquisitive eyebrows rule.

  14. Yes! Love eyebrows on pups – they look like little confused furry people. And if we make an eyebrow rule this guy has to be included!

  15. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Oh, God! So cute! Want to snorgle!!

    I think I’m in agreement with shanchan and ChristyMs; this is really more an extension of “baroo?” than a new rule.

  16. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Oh, God! So cute! Want to snorgle!!

    I think I’m in agreement with shanchan and ChristyMs; this is really more an extension of “baroo?” than a new rule.

  17. Cute pup, but I’m with the “that’s not a new rule” people.

    I think some rule involving falling asleep (much discussed during baby-tiger discussion, below) might be more urgently needed.

  18. I don’t know. I think you ought to give us a post with several examples in order to convince us. ::hard to get::

  19. Look his little face is so cute…I AGREE let the eyebrows be a new rule for cutness.

  20. further evidence of brow cuteness (I may be a little biased, though).


  21. I can’t even think about whether brows should be a new rule…a pug/doxie mix?? Are we kidding??? That has got to be the cutest puppy I’ve ever seen!! (Of course I’ll probably be thinking that of the next puppy I see too…) I really could not contain my squee..thank God I’m in my own little cave here at work!

  22. deskprimate says:

    Sarah – I luf your puddle of pooch. Wrinkly brows def = luvable

  23. And BTW, is this mixed breed called a Pixie?!

  24. New rule – yes! If for no other reason than to say “furbrows” more often. 🙂

  25. I vote in favor of this measure, but think that “Kronschable Ears” sbould be a rule of cuteness.

  26. I WANT IT!

  27. I NEED to see more pictures of this little guy! NEED! My two favorite breeds together in one adorable package?! Squeeeeee!

  28. If the rule is more of a “worried/concerned animal” one (not brow-specific), then the kitties could certainly get in on it, too.

  29. yes, the worried look is cute.

  30. it differs from “Baroo” in that “Baroo” involves a headtilt and inquisitive nature, while the worried look is more defined by the extreeeeeeem wrinkling of the forehead and worried brow. sarah’s link is a prime example.

  31. observe little Henry. He does not appear to be saing “baroo?” but something more like “ohgodohgod don’t let it get me”

  32. In my house this is called the Velvet Frown, but it does seem to be a very species-specific cuteness, very localized to wrinkly-faced pups. But then, Paws Up does exclude species without paws. Cute does discriminate my friends. It has to.



  34. I’m happy to add a “brow rider” to the definition for Baroo, in the Glossary…

  35. Love the brows but maybe we should wait until there’s at least three (?) photos that fit only that category? Still, the category might sit a little too close to “chub” “eye capsules” and “sleepy eyes”

  36. Bridget F. says:

    Oh yes. Absolutely!! Half my dogs personality is in his eye brows. It’s so funny.

  37. Tracy Flick says:

    This dog belongs on Frasier. Frasier would say something and then the dog would just look at him. The new Eddie. Ahhaha.

  38. scruffylove says:

    Do schnauzer brows fit into this in some way? Because I know my little schnau-schnau is even that much more freakin’ adorable with them. Especially when he combs them forward in an “aw-shucks” manner.

  39. Stephanie S. says:

    I agree with Sven. What about the kittehs! or the salamanders!

  40. Yes! My dog’s cute brows get me every time. All her expression is concentrated there. I think she knows I think it’s cute, and manipulates me with her brows. It works.

  41. AuntieMame says:

    Frinkles! You’ve gotta call ’em frinkles!

  42. Well, is baroo actually a rule or just a term?

    As such I think we should move that the definition of baroo make some mention of the furbrows AND make a rule that if you are blatantly showing off your furbrows, it’s cute!

  43. scruffylove says:

    The next time I make a homebrew I’m totally calling it Schnauzer brau.

  44. Nancy Hard says:

    It might be called the “Gromit” effect: almost a subset of the coy “Princess Di” head-down-eyes-up, but the expressive eyebrow element is critical.

    It’s very special when they lay with their chin on their paws and watch you walk by, without moving their head at all.

  45. Baroo Brows and Frinkled Frows. I like AuntieMame’s word “frinkle”

  46. AAAAAAAAAAARGH!! Rogue apo’strophe’s! Rogue apo’strophe’s!! AACK!

    /grammar freak 😉

    Definitely needs a new category, called it “Just Brow-sing!” *GRIN*


  47. The Concerned Pup– sounds like a viable category to me.

  48. …or maybe a local pub.

  49. OK, first, I’ve held my tongue long enough. I’m afraid that I don’t think that this little guy fits the “your head looks down, but your eyes look up” rule because he is, in fact, looking to the side. He does, however, fit the rule I proposed many moons ago about visible eye whites being cute. Second, I do think that upward furbrows can stand on their own as a rule of cute. And third, he is sooooooooo cute. A pug-dachsie mix? I thought he was a puggle. Is he all long like a wiener dog, SadieK? I think I’m in love.

  50. I call this eyebrow wrinkle, some horsies have this too. Usually when their mom walks out of the room and they’re left alone.

  51. I think we can group this with the freaked-out chihuahua getting the horsey snorgle a couple of days ago, or the freaked-out kitteh watching the other kitteh getting the doggy head chomp a couple of months ago. Subcategory of Baroo…

  52. as cute as he is, I don’t think it needs a new category yet.

  53. puppehdogeyez says:

    it definately stands on its own as a reule of cuteness

  54. I vote FRINKLE. A new term and a rule. Seems to fit the C.O. “way.”

  55. useta hada kitteh says:

    I’m in the “new rule” camp. Doesn’t look like Baroo? to me, looks too sad and worried. I luvs him.

    Does anybody remember a TV show from a while back (gah, I can’t remember the name or anything…) — had a doctor and his two adult daughters living in a house in Florida… AND a wonderful St. Bernard who was always doing the eyebrow thing to the max — looking worried, lifting one brow then the other…I loved that dog! This little guy reminds me of him.

  56. I vote in favor as well.

  57. AuntieMame says:

    To give credit where it’s due, the word “frinkle” actually came from misscrisp in Madi’s bumpère stickère thread.

  58. useta — “Empty Nest”? TV Boy in my office had the title immediately. I only remembered a couple of the actors.

  59. Oh forehead rolls should definately stand on their own as a rule – think of the “pensive critter” possibilities!

  60. UHK-

    Empty Nest! And the dog’s name was Dreyfus. sooooo cute! With Park Overall, Dinah Manhoff and Christy McNichol. how embarassing that i know this.

    Yes, brows absolutely warrant a new rule. My husband and I call this “worry face.”

  61. I vote no. The eyebrow wrinkle appears to be an attribute of two common Qte terms:

    1. “Baroo?” While this is not a “Baroo??” look per se, the eyebrow furrow is similar.

    2. Princess Di Eyes. This piccie bears more similarity to Princess Di Eyes than “Baroo?”, and again, furrowed eyebrows are an attribute.

    It is my humble opinion that any time we see a furrowed eyebrow (or two), the overall effect will be either (as stated above) 1 or 2.

  62. Unbelievably cute.
    Make this a new breed. I want one. I need one!! I can’t live without the cute!

  63. It was called Empty Nest, and the prosh doggie in that was name Dreyfuss. Now, for puppy haiku:

    Dear puppeh
    oh how i love your wrinkled goodness
    crazy brows
    cool beans

  64. Oh no! That is precious!!!

    (I see another designer dog on the horizon…the Puggle will be out, the Pugsund will be in.)

  65. These brows are NOT a subset of “baroo”, IMHO.

    They ARE one of the cutest things about dawgs, tho.

  66. If this is a new rule of cuteness, I will finally make a submission, because my dog has that look almost all the time! Including the wrinkly furbrows!


  67. YOU TOO can own this rare breed.

    Logon to Petfinder.com, type in “pug/doxie mix”, view list of shelters with said mixes, visit said shelter, pick out your pup and …. WALLAH!

  68. The ears, the muzzle, the brows! Must have! *head explodes from cuteness*

  69. I luvs it! My hubbie and I call this look “triangles of worry” (and they don’t have to have smooshy faces to get this kind of brow action, both our dogs are kind of houndy and they do it all the time). But I also love AuntieMame/misscrisp’s term “frinkles”. I vote for new rule! Maybe it could be combo’d with JulieB’s idea of visible whites? ‘Cause I think they go hand in hand. (or eye in lid?)

  70. the oh noes! look

  71. Is is just me, or is anyone else overwhelmed by the sudden need to wipe away the little eye boogie this pup is sportin?? Okay…i’m odd.

  72. Nope, Over, odd you are not. I also wipe the boogies, can’t stand to just sit there and look at it. Kitties don’t like it much, but I kind of sneak it in while I’m petting them. So, don’t feel bad, or odd, or overloaded lol.

  73. I have to wipe too! At least my rabbits and lil’ piggie….when i see it on my sister’s Rottie, i tell her to wipe 😉

  74. I vote no on the eyebrow rule, because I’m not a dog person and don’t find it cute. More ducklings, hedgehogs and kittens, please.

    Of course, I normally wouldn’t comment on a dog post, but you did ask…

  75. I’m all for a new rule – eyebrows can express SO much more than just “baroo”-ness.
    (see below for examples)

    HOWEVER, I think there will need to be some discussion as to WHETHER EYEBROWS are the SAME category as FORE-WRINKLES.

    They can occur together:

    fore-wrinkles & eyebrows –

    fore-wrinkles & eyebrows – malevolence: http://flickr.com/photos/vinathegreat/135326312/ (look at right eyebrow!)

    OR fore-wrinkles can appear BY THEMSELVES:

    disdainful fore-wrinkles:

  76. I definitely think wobbly eyebrows are automatically cute!!

  77. absolutely qualifies as a new rule of cuteness!!!

  78. Absolutely! That part-inquistive, part-vulnerable eyebrow trick is separate from both chub and puppy-dog eyes. It creates a whole new expression and definitely desereves its own Rule. 🙂

  79. Brows Up, peeps!

  80. I think I agree with the worried, concerned or inquisitive eyebrow rule BUT that IS awfully close to the Baroo? rule. So…. *decisions decisions*

    This little guy is soooooo cute, btw. I think he definitely looks concerned about something.

  81. It’s got my vote.

  82. jenni joon says:

    To boldly go where no cuteoverloader has gone before (cue in those goofy ‘ethereal’ sounding voices and the picture of the Starship Enterprise “zooming” by). Meg, I’m just a doctor, *dammit,* not a cuteologist.

    Jim (eyebrows knit together, serious look on face): bring it, Bones. Let’s make it a rule. Let’s make it a rule (cue in lots of cheesified chicks with big boobs and big hair in polyester, as they swarm all over Jim).


  83. friskies fiend says:

    I think it would also qualify as the “animals imitating humans” category.

  84. Auntie Mame, so very kind of you. After I had bothered to go and get this, in support of
    Teh New Rule of Qteness…FRINKLE:
    He ees a perfect example of zee furrow+wrinkle=frinkle. Wow, that was only 8 this morning. Time sure flies when you’re having Qte™.

  85. I vote a huge YES on the brows. Actually, I can’t believe it isn’t a rule already.

  86. I’m partial to “frinkle” mahself.

  87. Brow-wow!

  88. Def. =D

  89. brows <3

  90. Alas that this represents a Bad Word, because I think a “WTF?” category might work, like with that “Please don’t eat me, Mr. Horse” Wa-Wa and the Knittin’ Kitten….

    Maybe “WTH?”

  91. tut.tut.tut….i still think kiiten and horses dont belong in the same catrgory….let me consider my animalia…..yep. only common point….four paws…eyes…and ears!and mammals!

  92. oh yes and i almost forgot…the tail…the tail…..sploded:)

  93. Fable — that’s a puppy up there. Not a kitten, not a horse.
    Please try to keep it together.

  94. sorry Theo! mumble…mumble…but…but..i was not the one who talked about horses first!!!!

  95. How about a category “Cute but Worried”? This puppy and Little Green Kittle Hood could be the first entries.

  96. yay eyebrows!
    just think of the possibilities!
    not only do you have the:
    “I’m worried.” or the “I’m concerned.”
    but you’ll have the:
    “You’ve got to be kidding me.”
    my doggy gives me that one all the time!
    therefore it should so be a new rule of cuteness!

  97. It counts, because I guessed the rule before I read it.

  98. “Poozled?”


  100. I votes yesh.

  101. Also, what about a hybrid of the names floating around out there? Like “furbrow frinkles” for long, and just furbrow for short (b/c its easier to say and catchier than frinkles)

  102. Hehehe!!! Smooshy face!!! That pup needs some super pats! I want!!! Love you Henry, you’re sooooo A-DOOR-RUBBLE!!!

  103. Not brows. Preemie wrinkles.

  104. My pups got the furry brows down nicely… they’re standard with the sad puppy face that wants a treat.
    http://www.petafoo.com – We Love Animals

  105. GreenEyedHawk says:

    My dogs are big on using their eyebrows, and since they are both typically patterend black-and-tan dogs, their tan eyebrows on their black faces emphasise their ‘sad puppy’ expressions even more.

    Oh, and I’m partial to ‘frinkles’ myself.

  106. Hmm, I’m a little confused… Could I see more examples?

  107. It may be a bit too much like the other rules….

    It is cute, though. ^_^

  108. Yesh! I vote yesh! to a new ROC 🙂

  109. I vote yes if this will mean more pictures of horsies(not just ponies!!!!11!)They are the only animal besides dogs I have ever seen this feature on.http://www.flickr.com/photos/shawhouse/364024822/

  110. Teh Capain –
    Make sure you tell others to Roc The Vote.

  111. “furbrows”. *melts*
    “frinkles”! *puddles into carpet*

    One of my childhood bestdoggiefriends was a Basset, so I’m biased–I lof dem frinkly furbrow tings.
    Yesh, please. New rule. 🙂

  112. Yes. Rule. A loved mongrel Nico does this a lot and when my boyfriend imitates I have to do whatever he wants, because of the eyebrows.
    Also, see Gromit, as in ‘Wallace and’, it’s all about the doggy eyebrows.

  113. http://photos1.blogger.com/img/7/2728/640/PDRM0171.jpg

    That’s a picture of Bowser, a foster dog that I rescued at 10 weeks old. He’s happy in a forever home now, but that was him on the first day I got him after his first bath.

    Notice the eyebrow action.

    My vote is yes.

  114. ~JUS 2 KUTE~

  115. For a new Rule o’ Cute, how about “BE A DACH/PUG MIX”? Because just about ANY pup with that kind of heritage is head-explody.

  116. Furrowed puppy brow gets two thumbs up from me!

    And don’t forget–I vote a zillion times over for EYEBROW DOTS!!!!!

  117. I have no idea why my last post appeared 4 times. Sorry.

    Kittens can also have the furrowed brow, so that’s not a reason to exclude this from the ROC. It’s not just for dogs!!!!!

    Princess Di eyes doesn’t call for furrows, neither does baroo. Furrows can be added to either look, but they are their own special look.

  118. Yes! I’ve been saying for years that dogs with furrowed eyebrows that look either worried or like they’re concentrating with all their might are CUUUUUUUUTE 😀

  119. Beth — fixed it.


    There have been better suggestions in recent comment threads – falling asleep slowly is one exampe of much greater cuteness.

  121. I vote for the new rule, definitely.

    I was looking at some celeb gossip page the other day and thought, I could totally see brtiney spears under “cute or sad”
    i think that’s proof my brain has turned to rice pudding.
    plus it’s more ‘gross or sad’ in her case. I vote sad. What is wrong with me? help!
    going to go and stare at kitteh in green sweater a bit more to re-set cerebellum.

  122. Oh, I really like the “WTF?” category idea. It incorporates the worried/puzzled/alarmed look. The frinkles and furbrows add to it. And lots of critters can qualify.

  123. Alas, I fear that the upward furbrows is too much a sub-category of many rules of cuteness and therefore cannot be promoted to the front line as a Rule of Cuteness. (As a 6 degrees issue, there are at least 6 rules of cuteness to which this photo’s cutes are subordinate.)

    A “WTF” category is perhaps not amiss, but I would think that the expression would need to carry more alarm than this pug/dach. And are we sure this isn’t a puggle? I’m just sayin.’

    Cute is cute, so do not hesitate to hold to your high standards in carving out new rules to designate the cute. Cute will out; cute will wait.

  124. I’m gonna vote no in agreement with the ‘it kinda goes with other rules already’ commenters… but we still have to get ‘#27 – Shifty Eyes Are Cute’ in the official rules, people!


    (I’m a little biased, I’ll admit, but where’s the love for the shifty-eyed green guy? he’s awesome! 🙂

  125. OK I’ll weigh in.
    I have a basic biosciences degree, so forgive the nerdiness, but taxonomically I’m a “lumper” rather than a “splitter”. So, what I think is, the CO Categories (and Cute Overload itself) has grown & expanded to a point where it really ought to be re-organized, and the classifications broadened. For example, one supercategory might be Human Emulation or Anthropomorphism, and LOTS of existing “rules” could fall under that.

    Of course, one sticking point is that TypePad pretty much only allows top-level categories, with no subs, and then only a limited number of THOSE. [academic sigh]

  126. Theo –
    “I’m a “lumper”-jack and I’m OK!”

  127. [groan + headshake]

    …I file all night, while my hair turns gray

  128. I always called those “worry wrinkles”. And yes, they are their whole own category of cute. Because you can kiss them.

  129. Just a note on “Empty Nest” and Dreyfuss…that was a spinoff of “The Golden Girls”. They lived next door, and Blanche always had the hots for Dr. Weston (Richard Mulligan). Also, one episode, Sophia was dog-sitting Dreyfuss and lost him, so got another look-a-like dog, then Dreyfuss came back, so there were 2 of them!

    (acknowledged TV geek)

  130. Brak_Silverbone says:

    “Henry” is the perfect name for this little guy!

  131. misscrisp says:

    Theo…I (heart) you. Especially when you sigh.

  132. I can see my tombstone now… Here Lies the Heaving Hierarchical Heartthrob.


  133. Just the word “brows” is cute. So its a definite cute factor. Brows…Say it 20 times in a row and it gets cuter.

  134. Thanks for all your great comments about my pup! Here are a bunch more photos for ya’ll too enjoy. He’s grown lots…


  135. Where can i find a puppy that is as cute as this one??? email me and let me know!!!