Welcome to the Urban dictionary, Peeps

"Snorgle" is in thar now!

Check it out.

Thanks for pointin’ this out, MusicChick2…



  1. Bin in thar a whaal, now, ah reckon.

  2. I like cute-wad – http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=cute-wad
    http://www.petafoo.com – We Love Animals

  3. cutewad? whoa! good job, meg and teho…snorgles all around!

  4. YAY!!

  5. petafoo, no offense, but i’m getting sick of your comment spam. could you remove the links?

  6. Tsk…
    …tho y’know, Petafoo, Seth does have a point. Your site address is already in your name link — there’s no need to add the extra “email signature.”

    You could even set up a TypeKey ID here: http://www.sixapart.com/typekey/
    …it’s free and you can customize your profile page quite a bit, links included. Click on my name link for an example.

  7. “Sir Seth the Good”

    It is good manners to take off your hat in someone’s house.

  8. “Prosh” should be in there as well – I put it in several months ago.

  9. Yer welcome Miss Meg. Anytime! 😀

  10. I totally use the word “snorgle” in everyday life. My kids know to brace themselves when I tell them I’m going to snorgle them. :0D

  11. but I think my favorite is “enh”


  12. Great! Now I can speak Cutese without sounding silly!

  13. When I first saw the word “SNORGLE” I took it for granted it was ALREADY in the dictionary. Once in a while I got asked if that was a real word (okay…by my 8 y/o) but was never asked what it meant because the word just fit

  14. I submitted Snorgle, with the definition to blow raspberries on the furry belly of an animal. To the OED with CO as the coiner and they put it on their word watch list, in August last year.

  15. Kendracula — I think somebody needs to submit a more Cute-Overload-esque definition of “ehn” to Urban Dictionary, don’t you? I guarantee it’d get more “up” thumbs.

    Dewi — seriously?? The OED??
    Didja drop ’em the Glossary link too??

  16. Love the CO bumper stickers, however, I must have missed something. Not sure what “‘tocks up” means so tried to look it up on the Urban Dictionary and couldn’t find it there. Can anyone enlighten me?

  17. Karyn — try checking CO’s own “urban dictionary” which lives here…

  18. “snorgle” was even used on the SFGate.com website today, with their DIP! (Day In Pictures) slideshow referring to “Koala Snorgle”! 🙂