Teaspoon is tie-tie

OK, #1, WHO names their bun "Teaspoon" ’cause it should be OUTLAWED for being TOO PROSH.

#2, Please note the just about to close wonky eye action, and perfect paw parallellism:


And finally, #3: Will you please look at the complete lack of eyes (Where are they!) and schnozzle protrusion + buck teef combo on this newspaper-snuggling bun.


Bonk-shu…. Bonk-shu (B for when a bun is doing a honk-shu) Nice job, Ibis!



  1. Super Prosh.

  2. Wow… pink subnose!

  3. What a beautiful bun! And so schweet when he’s sleeping!


  4. misscrisp says:

    Beatrix Potter porn.

  5. OMG!!! *dies*

  6. Siamese bunny?

  7. i’ma gonna sneak up on that teaspoon and kiss it on the yips! yesh…right on the mouf!

  8. Bunny nose! Bunny nose! Bunny nose! *sploit!*

  9. useta hada kitteh says:

    What a gorgeous bun-bun! I didn’t know that bun-buns came in caramel and chocolate! I think I’m in love…

    Needs to huggle the bun-bun, now! I’ll snorgle that teaspoon on the floor, very gently, I promise! Oh what a teaspoon of delight!

    Ahhhhhhhhhh… bliss bun-bun…

  10. Wow! What a beautiful bunny! I love his/her markings.

    Luurrvv the second photo with the nose and teeth action!

  11. MissCrisp — those two concepts just don’t work well together in my head.

  12. Nice schnozz shot!

  13. Read on the newspaper….Intervention programm has a vacancy for passionate CEO…maybe he is finally in vacation…hein…hein

  14. SeaBreeze says:


  15. michellemybelle says:

    bunny lips!

  16. useta hada kitteh says:

    That bonk-shu-ing bunbun fell asleep while reading the want ads. I’m trying to figure out what GRIP stands for…Gorgeous Rabbits In P… Pwhat? It’s an intervention program, but I don’t like to think it’s Gorgeous Rabbits in Peril. Still, I’m sure that this bunbun would make a very passionate CEO when not sleppin’ on the job. Whatdya think peeps? Could you help me get a GRIP on the organization this bunbun wants to be CEO of? Of which this bunbun wants to be CEO? (Them pesky prepositionses…)

  17. Gorgeous Bunny In Person…at your sevice mam:) of course!

  18. oups! i meant service not sevice…my mistake here.

  19. I thought it was bonk-shu because he got bonked in the head and passed out. Sure looks like it to me. Cutie 🙂

  20. Renee in Texas says:

    EET’S TOO MOISHE!!!!!!!

  21. luckycliff says:

    this could be the most severe case of eye capsules since Danny the Beagle! http://mfrost.typepad.com/cute_overload/2006/06/perfect_dogsvil.html

  22. Meg – I think I see what you see but then I could be reading too much into your #3. And Theo didn’t even morph the 2nd one. Soooo, I like the top photo much better. Yup. Now that is a beautiful bunny.

  23. Peg of Tilling says:

    My mother used to tell me if a teaspoon fell asleep on the floor it meant someone was coming to visit.

  24. Want add: Gorgeous Rabbit In Person…definately!

  25. Peg of Tilling – This bunny is listening for horses too! ;-0

  26. where does that come from…i dont see any horses in that picture…horses bumper sticker marketing…i see…spread the cute!

  27. actually i dont think it need product pushing…i think it can spread itself easily…its like catching a cold or something…atchoo!

  28. luckycliff says:

    um is this the rare Siamese Bunny? according to Jennifer, such animals exist

  29. I was thinking the same thing about the Siamese Bunny. Now that’s funny.
    http://www.petafoo.com – We Love Animals

  30. You know, Fable, listening for horses? Like in a Western? The canny frontiersman lays his ear on the ground to listen for the vibrations of hooves hitting the ground? Like that. You know.

  31. Pyrit — right on. Have you seen this old comment thread?

  32. and then you get a good fever and you are healed and eternally live in tha land of the cute with all your cutefriends …the end!

  33. Peg o’ T — I believe Aragorn did that too, in The Two Towers.

  34. C’est le someil du juste:)

  35. I like the fact that it is also written tie-tie like in i have a red tie and not tie-die like in i have a tie-die shirt…bubble tea anyone?

  36. You’re right, Theo…is the bunny listening for orcs? Run, bunny! Run!

  37. Peg of Tilling made the funniest comment under Katzenfinder that one of the kittens was listening for horses.

  38. Theo – Re: Quick let’s scurry.
    Are you thinking of the bunny in the sky as a similar example to what I’m seeing in the 2nd bunny photo here?
    Remember the duck/bunny? That’s a great example.

  39. Bunny are always thinking about matting in the spring.,everybody knows that…ya know for easter…so bunny are listening to the soft paws of the closer matching mate…you cant reprogram nature guys…

  40. Itchy Fingers says:

    Must touch the soft bunny nose. . .

  41. BISWD…

  42. misscrisp says:

    Well Theo, I tend to agree.
    However, Potter was a shy woman who was most “passionate” about her animals, especially her rabbit Benjamin Bouncer, who slept in her bedroom, was walked on a lead, given tea parties and presumably snorgled regularly. So I guess I meant FOR her, if you get my drift. These pix are rather intimate in mood. 🙂

  43. oups! sorry guys…just talking to my self here:)

  44. Pyrit — um, still trying to scan that… erm, but yeah, ‘course I remember the dunkey.

  45. smells like Strawberry field forever:)

  46. Bunnies, ducks, monkeys, and now here we have a . . .
    Oh, and I Googled Moumalanga (see fine print on newspaper). It’s in So. Africa! But of course!!!
    OK, night-night.

  47. Leetle peeenk leeeps!

  48. WOW! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a SIAMESE BUNNY before!!! CUTE!

  49. AWWWWWWWWW!!! What a beautiful colour! I’m thinking rick dark coffee with the milk not quite mixed in fully …

  50. acelightning says:

    Awwww, what a lovely bunny! Beautiful color pattern… and they’re so sweet when they’re sleeping. (Even when they’re asleep, their little pink noses still go up and down… just v e r y s l o w l y…)
    All that being said…

  51. Oh my. There are no words for this. Can I have a teaspoon or two of this bun? It might just cure all my human woes.

  52. I’d rather pet bunny fur than almost anything else (present cats excepted as always). This Teaspoon – (wonder what the story is there!) would make me take my medicine regularly, no sugar needed. For a touch of reality, Beatrix Potter’s life has been made into a movie, out now, titled “Miss Potter”. Renee Zellweger is in it. I’d post a link to it but last time I did that CO’s electronic guardian made me prove I was human, and that’s too hard today.

  53. Does anyone else see the baboon face?

  54. Bunnies are like the cutest animallll =] I LOVE the sleeping picture.

  55. Teaspoon. Genius.

  56. Another Angela says:

    I think I see it pyrit. Scary.

  57. Hi guys, I’m ibis and Teaspoon is my bunbun 🙂

    He’s a Himalayan Dwarf rabbit (not a simaese, lol). To answer the other Q’s: he lives in South Africa, his name is Teaspoon cos when he was a baby he was vewy vewy tiny (like a teaspoon), and we figured that if he grows up to be big we can call him Mr T 😉

    You can see more pics of him here:

  58. Inspired name there ibis – and he is a gorgeous fluffkin of a bunny.

  59. I like “Mr. T” as a rabbit name. Just THINK of the potential disapproval!

  60. The whiskers. Jebus, the whiskers!

  61. I PITY da foo’ who doesn’t love this bunrab!

  62. ‘zackly

  63. I had a Nubian goat (ya’ know, floppy ears?) named Teaspoon… It seems to be a very appropriate name for something tasteeee!

  64. ibis, both Teaspoon and Pixie are beautiful.

    And everyone knows
    bunnies are perfect.

    ( )
    ” “

  65. OMG OMGOMG!!! Look at that little nose!!


  66. I saw a bunny yesterday while looking through my local Humane Society’s website who had similar coloring. Her name was Baby Mocha Grande. I think she and Teaspoon here would make a fine pair 😉 Bunny matchmaking, anyone?

  67. mandinkiwarrior says:

    anyone notice the newspaper shred that speaks of INTERVENTION?!


  68. Oh zeee bunny teeth! I’ll bet he’s dreaming of a carrot and will nibble the air!

  69. I had a friend 16 years ago named Ibis.
    I never thought another person on Earth would have that name. Its so unique!
    Unless you’re the same Ibis???

  70. OK, I googled “prosh” (and yes the Urban Dictionary explained everything I needed to know but was afraid to ask).

    But I don’t get the “teaspoon” thing.

    And of course I faint from cuteness!

    As Acelightning said: Bunny Bunny Bunny Bunny!

  71. Oh, I didn’t read the thread. Ibis already explained “teaspoon”