Knittin’ Kitten

You know, God Bless ’em, sometimes peeps send in photos with no explanation, no story, barely a "voilà!".

I mean, what started this whole Marmelade Kitteh Knittin’ action photo below? Who the heck knows. It’s simply for your enjoyment.


No complaints here, Greyson Y. None whatsoever.



  1. artschild says:

    kitty looks horrified by his own taste in sweaters!

  2. gwenchocolate says:

    Look at the little holes for the ears!

    And I agree, kitteh TOTALLY disapproves of that sweater.

  3. I like that the little holes in the hat give it an elfin, +15 Strength quality…

  4. He has a little hood!

    “But Gramma! I don’t wanna wear this sweater, it’s itchy!”

  5. Id say thats ‘Carrie’ in cat form. The eyes O_O.

  6. For some strange reason it reminds me of “A Christmas Story”.

    Poor Ralfie!

    And Meg, that should be +15 to Dex, not Strength.

    Just saying, and you can hides in woods and stuff.

  7. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    “Heeeelp meeeee…”

  8. Knit, purl, knit, purr…

    I think kitteh looks like he’s smiling–in a crazy, maniacal kinda way.

    So small!

  9. Oh! That is almost too cute for words! I love that he has on a custom made hoodie (with ear slots and all). I think he likes the sweater, he looks quite content. See how someone very likely knitted this stylish hoodie by hand for him, I bet he has other kitteh fashions that he models from time to time….Ok, I just imagined a kitteh fashion show. It is really time for bed. The cuteness plus the late hour is making me delirious.

  10. awwww, robin hood 🙂

  11. aw… i wonder if my cats would wear a sweater.. most likely not. hey dose any one have any ideas for cat names i just got a new little girl kitty and she has no name.. she is a little torti

  12. I vote Sad, not Cute.


  13. It IS awfully cute but the comment above from FENM “help meeee”….LMAO!!! I can just hear it! In a little tiny high voice….Ha ha ha ha…and Keena, your post made me laugh too! Thanks guys!

  14. Oh I forgot….If I tried to put sweaters on MY guys? They would find a way to get it off, wrestle it to the ground, and shred it until it was totally unrecognizable. The indignity!!

  15. This should be crossposted to “What Not To Knit”

  16. That kitty looks like a miniature Granma herself! And look at that smile!!!

  17. I saw that submitted to the Cat Macros community on LiveJournal – . Maybe the original owner is there?

  18. Ear holes. Nice touch.

  19. Speaking of elfin, it’s Kahvi the kitten!

  20. From the “cats of the Balkans” photo series, apparently.

    Dunno why it makes me think that… it just seems right.


  21. Just hope kitty is in a cold State or else

    But the kitty looks like “is green really my colour”

  22. She would definitely identify with Isis on this page:

    But overall, I think cats like to play WITH yarn, folks, not be IN it: (Pumpkin) (Karma Salem)

  23. KnowTheFEAR says:

    cal, i totally argee. the kitten obviously hates it.

    and i’ve never seen how people think that dressing up pets is cute. sometimes it’s funny, but most of the time, the animal looks terrified!
    my bunny, bunzai, really hates being dried off with a towel if its been raining. he runs away and hides. how do you think he’d feel if i shoved a little tux on him?

    sry, got a bit carried away. maybe i don’t like it cause i’m scottish, i dunno

  24. Awwww!!!! The kitteh is a Green Bay Packer fan!

    When i saw this picture, i had to yell out loud, “Ah! I can’t take it!! Way too cute!”

  25. acelightning says:

    But it’s not the kitten who’s been knittin’… somebody else was knittin’ for the kitten. Because if the kitten were knittin’, s/he’d be knittin’ a mitten, and we’d have a Mitten-Knittin’ Kitten!
    (sorry… been up all night helping my son fix his car and install the icemaker on his refrigerator…)

  26. TastesLikeChicken says:

    Obviously one of THOSE Christmas pressies. The sort that make you wonder what they think you like to buy you something like that!

  27. NebraskaErin says:

    Not only did someone have the forethought to put ear holes in the little hood, but Marmie’s ears are too stubby to actually poke through them! That is, by definition, way to effin’ cute.

  28. Darth Kitty the little known Sith Lord…

  29. chumblefuzz says:

    I think he looks quite full of himself in his little Wood Elf sweater. He clearly thinks he’s stylin’ and is thrilled by this. A-Dora-Bul!

  30. Wicked Kitty Queen: “Ee-hee-hee. Now I’ll be the fairest in the land!”
    (A bright red apple with one bite in it rolls away as Snow White drops to the floor.)

  31. Wow! Never thought to find so many EQ-ers on cuteoverload. 🙂

  32. falnfenix says:

    oh gawd…the eyes…THE EYES!!!

    bahah. looks like a little old lady.

  33. Teg EQer?

    But if that is ment to be elvish need to be a softer furry yarn and with kitties colouring a gray bluey-green, or a nice velvet

  34. The kitten probably prepares to travel to Lapland 🙂

  35. There’s even little holds for the ears!!!!

  36. artschild says:

    Erica – I agree. Kittn is most likely owned/controlled by Packer fans. It’s a very WI sort of thing to personally knit green and yellow sweaters for one’s pets. I feel nothing but the deepest of sympathy for those horrified little eyes. I used to feel the same way when my family tried to dress me Packer-appropriately!

  37. Yes, the holes for the ears did me in! Kitteh looks like she’s just come from the old country! Too prosh!

  38. Its like the cat is sssaying what you don’t like myt fur it came factory installed so to speak
    I like take this thing off mmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Oh, and one more thing no snaps of that camera until this thing is of me.
    thank you, human

  39. There once was a kitten while knittin
    told “acelightening” a mitten he was not gettin

    Out of your head, you put an icemaker instead
    into your son’s car and not the refriger!

  40. Piggalette says:

    Wow. As a knitter, I must say that this is the effing cutest thing I have ever seen. EVER! Totally my new desktop. 😀

  41. ooops! spelled wrong– “acelightning” sowwwwy!

  42. Awwwwww, Little Green Kittle Hood! It looks like it’s saying “I’m so unbelievably cute, it’s scary!”

  43. How many mittens might a kitten knit if a kitten could knit mittens?

  44. The kitten needs a cute pair of knitted pants to go with his little hat and sweater. Aren’t his little tocks cold?

  45. While knitting one of those cute little buggers for my kitty would be fun, I would love to see how successful I would be at getting her to wear it. Kitty says, “Nooooo!”

  46. Kitty are not like dog…try to put something on them and they will instantly take it off…oups!

  47. acelightning says:

    Carlisa – that’s not a bad idea… putting an ice maker in the car. It would help keep the sodas and sandwiches cold on long road trips, and if the air conditioner stopped working (again), people could just put ice cubes down each other’s shirts. Good thing the “car” is actually a van…
    (*goes back to sleep, dreaming confused dreams about kittens playing with ice cubes…*)

  48. misschelley says:

    the look on this kitty face is horrified, but only becuase he’s been caught. we all have ‘those’ clothes that we wear around the house, when we know they are awful, but we werat them anyway…. so kitty was wearing his green sweater, and got caught!

    such a guilty smile, ‘yes i know i look awful, but who cares! hee hee”

  49. There once was a Peep named Carlisa
    Who made up a funny tongue twista
    Then she cleared her throat
    And a limerick she wrote
    Applause for her word expertisa

  50. acelightning – Put a speaker on the roof playing dingly-jingles and you’ve got the makings of an ice cream truck.

  51. That little guy looks like he was scared and smiling at the same time. The human with the camera obviously surprised him. WAIT! I wasn’t ready! Take it again!

    He’s so tiny, he’s gonna grow out of that thing in like a day. And when that happens can I have it?!?!?

  52. you, all, must see, this *head explodes*

  53. What a little sweet pea!

  54. zelda kitteh!!

  55. misscrisp says:

    elseibi…why are teensy kittners so unbearably Qte!? My ovaries hurt.

    Clearly this prosh marmie knows how complementary green is for redheads.

  56. That is one of THE cutest things I personally have seen on CO. LOVE

  57. He looks like a little elf! I shall name him Frodo. Even though Frodo wasn’t an elf.

  58. That is sooo cute! I like the color combination on the sweater, but that kitty is WORKING it! 😉 You know, I swear he/she’s smiling at me.

  59. “Project Run-away”

  60. P.S. I adore this marmie kitteh. So sweet.

  61. misscrisp says:

    So, I came across a rather different marmie from somewhere in this thread. Pleez to ehnjoy eet:

  62. Poor kitteh! He looks like he wants to run and hide because he’s wearing that sweater!

    If I had tried that on Noel and Miss Kitty, then I’d be in the hospital getting treated for multiple scratches and bites!

  63. Tip-toes past a sleeping acelightning, careful not to disturb images of kitties playing ice hockey, and whispers the question to pyrit—“What the hell do you reckon he did to the frig?” (maybe put tires on it?)

  64. I’m of two minds.
    I feel conflicted.
    I am a man at war with himself.

  65. The kitten is making a serious fashion statement. Now I want to go out and buy a sweater and hood that matches his. He otta go into fashion marketing. He’d make a million $$$ !

    I agree, Marie. Getting a sweater and hood on him is one thing. Putting pants on him, or attempting to do so as it would most certainly end in failure, might cause enough bites to send one to the emergency room for some serious stitches. I bet his tiny little claws can still do some serious scratching damage. LOL

  66. I love those eyes, even though puss doesn’t approve of the headgear!

  67. (small intake of breath) (whispers) Ace is a “he”?! (short snert) While Ace is asleep, now’s the time to check! *You* look and see. (waggling fingers) G’head. Freeze frame.
    Secretly recalls Birkenstock’s comment under Rats in Pocket pics, mutters to self, “Do I want to know?” “Will Ace wake up?” “Can kitties play ice hockey?”
    Stay tuned!

  68. Theo

    My vote: knitting Rabies. Def.

  69. Sarah,

    I named my little tortie girl “Tango.” Her right front paw and one toe on her hind left foot are orange, as is the streak down her nose. I thought of calling ehr “tangerine,” but it didn’t sound like a kitten name. But “Tango” fits her perky, rambunctious little spirit. (I wasn’t even considering the fact that one of my other cats is named “Paris,” but lots of other people assume that I was purposely alluding to the movie. Actually, Paris had her name already when I adopted her from a rescue society.)

    Another cute girl name is Isis–Sissy for short.

  70. That kitten really doesn’t look convinced about that jumper. I can’t say I blame him – it does look an awful lot like the ones your gran knitted for you that you then *had* to wear when she visited. Do you think this kitten’s gran’s about to visit?

  71. Oh and pyrit, kittehs love to play ice hockey. Put an ice cube on a tile floor and my Ziggy would be bouncin off the walls. Tons of fun especially when the cubes start melting cuz then he would still want to play but not get wet. :-p

  72. Yes, love the ear holes…if he had any ears… and love the way the sweater is green, so as to be a perfect complimentary color to glorious cat orange.

  73. Kitty looks like “Oh NO, in a couple weeks, this adorable sweater will be too small for me! Oh well, I’m too cute not to get another one ;P”

  74. I think he is on something…just sayin:)

  75. Oh. My. God.

    That is the cutest thing I have seen in a long time. I want a kitten in a sweater RIGHT NOW.

  76. 3 guys were sitting in my room with me when I saw this picture, and I made some un-adult-ish silly little squeaking noise, soof course they look over. reactions follow.

    best friend (26): um… wth… gay.
    -he obviously has issues with his sexuality-

    roommate (24): awwww cute little kitehy! in a sweater!
    -theatre major, and he’s Straight!-

    boyfriend (29): huh? cute kitten.
    -obviously just wanted to get back to playing Ps2

  77. Oh SNAP! Well, thanks for pointing that out in such a subtle way, pyrit! LOL
    I thought I had made my comment w/o reference to gender. *red face* X**X

  78. b/t/w……Getting our first snow of the year here in Maryland. Who wants it?

  79. Carlisa — already got it. The sun just came out, though. With the clouds mostly still in the background & fresh snow covering everything, it’s darn pretty here.

  80. Little Green Riding Hood, face to face with the wolf!

  81. Obviously he is going to a Spiderman party and is dressed up as the Green Goblin. Duh.

  82. Carlisa – Awww, ees no need for teh red face. Gender schmender. You’re fine. Me, I’m a playah.

  83. Theo— I’ll just do what’s typical for this area. Go to the store and buy 6 loaves of bread, 4 gallons of milk, 20 pounds of kitty litter and 24 rolls of tp!

  84. In Paris they dress dogs like that; in America they dress cats. Maybe?

  85. Not *really* seeing it, RevWaldo… how ’bout this?

  86. falnfenix says:

    Carlisa – i only wish i were more prepared for this snowfall. i had to go get groceries tonight, but i KNOW the Baltimore idiots will be flooding the store in search of milk and TP.

    *sighs* sometimes i hate this state.

  87. I think its rather presumptious to say that the kitten didn’t knit that sweater Acelightning. It could be an incredibly talented kitty.

  88. guineapiggin9 says:

    It sorta reminds me of something from Lord Of The Rings. In a totally cute way,that is.

  89. I can’t decide if it’s a hooded sweater or a hooded scarf. Anybody?

  90. I really think lil’ kitters looks more like Sissy Spacek. Which is weird to me personally because I’ve been told I look like Sissy Spacek (mostly in the early part of Coal Miner’s Daughter), but I look nothing like this kitten. Although green does become me. Then again I never quite agreed with the comparison, which is not quite a relief because, although I’m cute, I’m not fuzzy and have often wished I could know what it was like to be covered in a layer of soft orange fur. Actually I can’t help but wonder if this kitten might be cuter if it had auburn hair, especially with that little hood on…the green is a bit dark, don’t you think? I think more of a lime-pulp green might suit this kitten’s coloring better.

    This stream-of-consciousness ramble brought to you by the makers of Xanax. Thank you, thank you very much.

  91. Link, he come to town
    Come to save the Princess Zelda
    Ganon took her away
    Now the children don’t play
    But they will when Link saves the day

  92. The green goes faboo with the orange kitters, but the yellow just doesn’t quite make it. Hopefully gramma will go with only green for kitteh’s next sweater.

  93. Mr. Frodo, would you like a potato?

  94. michellemybelle says:

    I think the kitteh looks confused because his person had to put him down long enough to get the picture – I’m sure this kit’s used to being snorgled and snuffled 24/7.

    Where can I get my kitteh one of these?!?!?!?

  96. falnfenix—So you know exactly what I mean. At least YOU had the sense to go last night. The roads are nasty! Just got back.

    Mitsu—LOL. She (OR HE!) does look like Sissy Spacek. That’s funny!

    pyrit—-You are SOOOO BAD!!!!
    I can see I have another one to watch out for this coming April 1st….
    *shifts eyes fromn pyrit to Theo and back*

  97. [Giant Eyes of Shocked Surprise]
    [much like Kitten Hood up there]

  98. LesbianNeoCon says:

    Kinda looks like what Brett Favre would like if he were a kitteh! Green Bay colors and all!

  99. Cathryn Bauer says:

    >They would find a way to get it off, wrestle it to the ground, and shred it until it was totally unrecognizable. <

    If I tried putting any clothing item at all on my cats, they would get it off, wrestle me to the ground, and shred me until I reminded them that I was the one who could open cat food.

  100. One hand over mouth, other hand holding up “2 finger rabbit ears” behind Theo’s head.

  101. [calmly peels lid off handy puddin’ cup]
    [whips it neatly over one shoulder]

  102. Tracy Flick says:

    *First Thought: It looks German.*
    *Second Thought: Like it grew up near the Black Forest, and collects berries in a basket.*

    Eat your heart out, Hans Christian Anderson.

    Excellent Work: A+

  103. The 13th Rabbit says:

    His eyes look like star sapphires.

    His overall expression looks to be that one present a half second before kitten goes ricocheting about the room…the small ‘pops’ you hear being miniature sonic booms as he repeatedly breaks the speed of sound.

  104. Ooch. AndersEn. A-
    Bonus points for imagery.

    Theo – Missed me.

  105. Gets hit in the face flyin puddin cup.

    Jeez I just wanted to stop by and tell Vicky how awesome she is for the Zelda jingle. This little guy totally looks like Link.

  106. acelightning says:

    Theo, pyrit, carlisa – I’m female, although reading CO is about the only “girly” thing I do 😉

    PuppyMomma – I figured the kitten would never knit anything that bizarre for him/herself, but s/he could very well be talented with knitting needles – a Mitten Knittin’ Kitten. Most cats prefer to *un*-knit things, though.

  107. Cathryn Bauer – LOL…I agree, and stand corrected. 😀

    Theo, Pyrit – I’m sooo glad I’m out of puddin’ lobbing range. *ducks back behind invisible barrier erected with my super powers*

  108. Sarah –

    As other tortie owners ’round these parts will attest, torties are temperamental queens of all they survey, and they deserve the title. Don’t saddle her with something condescending like Biscuit or Fluffy. She’ll only do bad things to you in your sleep. I recommend going back to the classics, or perhaps to the great woman rulers of old. Catherine (d’Medici, of course) comes to mind. Then you can call her “Cat” when you really want to get your point across.

  109. Susie – Didn’t see you there or I would have advised you to duck! Spoon? Or wet wipe?

    acelightning – I’m female too. Well!!! We cleared that up in a weird way. Hey, hang on, CO is “girly”. Hmmm. Oh have I got a quote for this…brb…

  110. I’m hopin it’s chocolate and tewtally a SPOON!

  111. useta hada kitteh says:

    You mean there are peeps out there who would clean off puddin’ wif a wet-wipe?? What a waste. Can I have a weensy taste, if it’s choklit, Susie?

    And about Little Green Kitten Hood, I think he/she is so sweet in his/her little hood. I think the reason the earses don’t show very much is because gramma knitted it so when he/she grows a little, it’ll still fit (for a little while, anyway).

    The picture is giving me flashbacks to the fateful day when I tried to dress my rabbit in my doll’s plastic rain cape. Talk about a disapprovin’ rabbit! (I was a little kid, what did I know??) Anyway, I’m amazed this kitteh is taking the hood-thing so calmly. And I won’t dream of a white furry blur with claws divesting herself of a red plastic cape tonight. Nope, I won’t dream about that… … …

  112. OMG this kitteh was toooo cute My bf even thought so and he doesn’t care for this site. I loved it he thought it was so cute that it deserved to go on my desktop background.

  113. I just can’t get over the fact that that kitty is soo cute. Maybe I should adopt a kitty because I don’t have one… for seriousness. All my pets pics are at my website:

  114. acelightning says:

    Pyrit – if going “Squeeeeeeeee!” over bunnies and kitties and ratties and puppies and moosies (and talking about them in baby-talk) isn’t “girly”, then I don’t know what is 😉
    Though I’m mostly straight, I’ve always had a pretty “butch” approach to life. I drive a stick-shift car, I hate “chick flicks”, and I prefer a shot of Jack Daniels over a sweet pink drink with a silly name. And I do stuff like fix cars and install ice machines – almost everything I’ve ever done for a living involved machinery, one way or another.

    But I just can’t resist the power of Teh Qte!

  115. Hey Ace,

    My man squeee’s for teh qte all the time and he is FAR from girly.

    I’d like to think that the CO is non gender specific.

    usta, I saved a spoonful just for you.

  116. My husband is a masculine geek, 100% hetero and completely secure in his testosterone. He’s also the man responsible for introducing me to this site. He’s also unafraid to weep at sentimental movies, or squeal in delight at cute things…which is precisely why I fell in love with him in the first place! ^__^

    Oh–and teh keetie is a cyootie! 🙂


  117. what a nice little hat and scarf!

  118. Ahahah. This cat reminds me of the orange cats as illustrated by Richard Scarry (well-known illustrator for childrens’ books such as Busytown.)

    To see what I mean:

  119. freakin adorable!!

  120. acelightning says:

    Susie and TwoDragons – I know that these days it’s acceptable for a man to display his softer side, and I applaud any man who does. I’m just a crazy old lady who had to ruthlessly suppress whatever bits of femininity (not many) I might have had, in order to get taken seriously as a technician, back in the bad old days.

    Hey, I like pudding… creme brulee, basic chocolate pudding, _panna cotta_, chocolate mousse, chocolate moose… whoops 😉

  121. M. Griffin says:

    The best part of that photo is that the knitter included tiny holes for the kitty’s ears.

  122. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    It’s a pixie cat!

  123. this picture reminds me of those little ewoks from Star Wars Eps. 3. They have those same big eyes, but the sweater is cuter !!!!!!!!

  124. Wow! Missed the puddin fight!

    I know I shouldn’t post off the wall stuff but wanted to get back to Ace

    Ace—I’m female and I graduated from the Diesel Institute of MD back when I was young. Took an automotive course. The guys in Diesel picked on me because I was the only girl in the school but my fellow classmates were awesome. They stood behind me when I pulled the torque on the main bearings of my 472 (think that’s what it was-’72 Cadi before the 500)They were like—“Put some a** in it Carlisa, the diesel guys are watching!” We were allowed to bring our engine to school to rebuild as part of the grade. It was so much fun!

  125. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Sarah, how about shortie the tortie

  126. in re the clothing on cats: I always like putting a scarf over their backs (sort of like a saddle) and watching how insanely long a time they will walk around until it finally falls off…god, you’d think I had no life!

  127. random girl says:


  128. Ace, Susie, D2D, Carlisa – CO is not gender speific and may it stay that way.
    I wasn’t going to post this quote thinking it may not be appropriate. Here goes. It’s from, Orlando, a great movie based on a book by Virginia Woolf (who is not gender specific herself).

    “Orlando: If I were a man…
    Shelmerdine: You?
    Orlando: I might choose not to risk my life for an uncertain cause. I might think that freedom won by death is not worth having. In fact…
    Shelmerdine: You might choose not to be a real man at all. Say, if I were a woman…
    Orlando: You?
    Shelmerdine: I might choose not to sacrifice my life caring for my children, nor my children’s children, nor to drown anonymously in the milk of female kindness, but instead, say, to go abroad. Would I then be…
    Orlando: A real woman?”

  129. pyrit—-We ALL enjoy CO equally. NOT a problem there. I think it’s cool to meet a fellow female auto enthusiast, that’s all. Not a femisist (lol…can’t even SPELL IT!) Should’ve emailed Ace instead, I guess.

  130. Carlisa – Paws Up! If I may, ever so sweetly as I can, suggest that I think I read a little bit of defense in your comment??? My comments sometimes sound harsh and I will work on that but I really was only being conversational. I was agreeing with Susie’s comment about about CO being “Non-gender specific.” I think you all are teh bestest. Truth!

  131. Oh believe me, I’m quite a tomboy myself, which is why DH and I mesh so well. We don’t fit any mold! 🙂

    And I think y’all are tha bestest too, ya bunch of non-gender-specific nuts! GROUP HUG, Y’ALL! *moooooosh!*


  132. pyrit—-Not at all. You’re cool! I meant that I should’ve emailed Ace directly because I didn’t want to sound like I was stereotyping or something. I enjoy your posts so don’t change nothin! :o)

  133. ~smooooosh~ Hugzzzzzzzzz!

  134. We’re justa big old ball (and non-ball) of CO nuts (and non-nuts) ROTFLMAO

  135. Arghh Carlisa! I don’t know whether to hug you or fling a puddin’ at you!
    D2D, what do you think?

  136. Throw the puddin! D-double dare ya!

    (goes to freezer to pull out the frozen go-gurts)

  137. Carlisa – If you go to the fridge, we’ve gone full circle. Check if Ace put wheels on it! Oh my head.

  138. Why do kittens this young almost always look wall-eyed? It just adds to their helpless cuteness.

  139. that is just so adorable. He even has little holes for his little ears to go through. Very cute.

  140. Grace and Mum Catherine says:

    Grace often looks at CO with her Mum wt bedtime. This is the first picutre that has made us SCREEEEAM!!!

    Grace (age 7) says “I want to smoooosssshh him!!!!!”

  141. I didn’t send the original in, but I did find a follow-up of what is obviously the same and emailed it in… pic URL here for anyone interested:

  142. Oooohhhhh! EYE SQUEEZES!!

    Peeps, check out J’s link. Must.

  143. Good advice, Theo.
    Doh, that’s a St. Patrick’s Day outfit to keep the kitten from gettin’ pinches.

  144. Poor little thing. Who would do this to a darling marmalade kitten. Not me.

  145. I can’t look away from the ear stubbages! I’m being sucked in…

  146. LMAO—Da whole bunch of youse!! One of my cats, Charlie, a Maine Coon-type who is so laid back he would probably wear it for longer than a nanosecond. But then he’s always been somewhat fashion-forward….he used to drag around a purple feather boa!

  147. Charlotte says:

    I cannot help but squee out loud whenever I see this pic, it’s so prosh and cute and anerable and *dies* HEE!

    ^_^ Me loves!

  148. I think the kitten’s giving an embarassed-yet-resigned smile.


  150. J’s follow-up URL has a .ru extension, which I take to mean Russia. Cuteness is international! Can anyone render QTE in Cyrillic?

  151. Oh. M’god. The “followup” is too much. Little poompkin.

  152. Kitteh Citeh says:

    Erica-just saw your post-I’m always there two days later. That was my first thought too. The little kitteh IS obviously a Green Bay Packer-name-Brett Furve!!! He gonna have quite an arm on him and NEVER miss a game-even if he choking on a furve ball!!! Green & gold clothes OK on kittehs if for a short time and portraying famous Tom Cats!!! Go Kitteh Go111

  153. too many comments and not enough pictures what’s up with that????

  154. That is so cute! It looks like Link from Legend of Zelda!

  155. Why? Why you people have to tease poor kittens like that?

    Let cats be cats. Get a baby if you want to dress something cute…

  156. mary Schroeder says:

    did you say I’d get the milk for doing this?