Um, do we have to add the GERMANS to the list of people kicking our asses in the Cute department? I THINK SO!!!! Move over, Das Japanese, ’cause these beyond-prosh British Shorthair kittehs are gonna show you their first gigs as photo models:

First, it’s "Watchoo ‘Tockin’ ‘Bout Willis"?


Please note extendo claw action and completely smooshed face:


Circe-like features and tonguelette:




Um—please, put your ‘tocks away. Like the first four images didn’t already make us grab the monitor and throw it out the window


"Tigers Deluxe" is so completely over the top I can’t believe it. Thanks to the Lizard Queen for pointing them out—Aieee!



  1. Kitty porn!

  2. Zee gurrls are beautiful, even zee orchestra is beautiful. 😉

  3. These kittens are just the MOST adorable things I’ve seen in a loooong time. So fuzzy wuzzy floofy! I wanna snuggle dem all in my lap at once and then do some serious kitten huffing!

  4. Ok….I know all of the rest of you always talk about your heads asploding from these adorable pics. But after going to that website and looking at all those kittens I think my HEART is going to asplode! OMG!!

    By the way, to translate the website from German to English, copy Meg’s link location above and paste it into http://world.altavista.com/ Don’t forget to select “German to English”. Enjoy!

  5. AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!111!!!!!

    Toooooo moshie!!!!!


  6. Oh, and I’m just over in that website now, and I hereby claim to all and sundry that the little grey kitteh with the peach smudge on it’s wee little forehead is MINEMINEMINEMINE!!!!!!!!

  7. Und ist es nicht amazingk, ja, dass all ze Kaetze on zet vebseite ze very same EYES haff!

  8. OMG.. that is just amazing. haha

  9. Second kitteh is totally going, “I had to have a new girl do my nails today. What do you think?”

  10. Well, now I don’t have to worry about what to do this weekend, since I am DED!

    Kittenz are the international language of Qte.

  11. The eyes of the last kitteh! The EYES, people!

  12. Damen und Herren, die Girls of die Kit Kat Klub.

    You don’t belieff me?

    Well, do not take my vord for it. Go ahead. Ask Helga!

  13. Tak, the Hideous New Girl says:

    I generally don’t post, but I just have to say that between the Deutschland Kitteh Butts and the “Cabaret” reference, that this is the best CO entry ever.

    Tigers Deluxe gets my vote for Best Kitty Website ever (and believe me, I look at *lots* of kitty websites!)

  14. Another Angela says:


  15. zomg fluffballs! where do i get one.

  16. Just to make things doubly Cherman, the first poster to make a Cabaret reference is named “M.”

  17. *ahem*

    i would like to make a motion that we consider a new rule of cuteness:

    if your ‘tocks are lifted higher than your head, it’s QTE! (as per the 5th piccie in the series)

    please discuss.




    I need another drink.

  19. Mein Gott! Die Katzen sieht so schoen aus! Ich will sie snorgeln.

  20. Peg of Tilling says:

    Kitten #5 is listening for approaching horses.

  21. jenni joon says:

    (mouth hanging open, dumbfounded-type look on face, alternating with bouts of hilarious laughter over extreme cuteness)

    Holy sweet jesus. This one is too moishe. Good people..! What’s a body to DO with this level of cute??? *jenni joon faints from cute overload*

  22. I have a sneaking suspicion those eyes are ‘shopped. Which seems like a perfectly acceptable correction, since my kittens turn out looking like possessed demons in most photos.

    Oh, and I second that motion for the ‘Tocks-Higher-Than-Your-Head Rule of Cuteness!

  23. Loff the sexy kitties.

  24. “Ich will sie snorgeln”

    Ich liebe!

    I must schmoosch deh kittehs. I must schcoop dem up my armsh and nuzzzzzzzzle them repeatedly.

    Way to kill me 2 days before my bday, Megs. Way. 2. Go.

    (PS – I’ll be 21. Not that it matters – I get drunk on snorgles, not booze.)

  25. ‘Tocks alert! Warning, fluffy behinds and foofy legs coming through!

  26. Another movie reference:

    This must be heaven.
    It’s not heaven, it’s Cute Overload.

    If you build it they will come.

    If you build CO they will come.

    Who could resist these kittahs. Not even people from Iowa.

  27. Toot, toouuuoot!

  28. Seriously. These kittehs are too much. I must get to germany and acquire one for myself. Especially the little grey one. I am still in shock from the shopping penguin the other day, and this has simply put me over the edge!! I just overdosed on adorable, people!!

  29. Oh Faye, if only I had thought of it in the same comment, it would have been so cute. But you’re right, Meg (and all them adorables) built it, and we sure come ;D

  30. Faye is correct: I am from Iowa, and I couldn’t resist. There are many Iowans, however, who prefer their Qte in the form of pig. And I ain’t talkin’ pink little Wilburs, either — I’m talkin’ hundreds of pounds of hawwwwwggggggg. 🙂

    “Squee and let squee”

  31. Kay, what is toot?

    These kittahs put me right in heaven.

    CO = a little corner of paradise.

  32. alright, folks, i am not the kind of girl who normally does this, but i physically cannot hold back:






  33. Toot, like a tugboat.

    Bob, I watched Babe two days ago. Squee!

  34. Thanks Kay, that was tootally cute.

    Hey Bob, glad you didn’t resist. 🙂

    Big hawwwwwgggggggses are gte by me. Even those big black and white ones and I’m far away from Iowa.

  35. The widdo kitteh with extendo claws should have them painted green. “Divine decadance”.

    What good is sitting all alone in you room,
    come watch the kittehs play.
    Life is a cat-baret old chum
    Come snorgle at the cat-baret!

  36. Oh.


    Lifts head weakly to vote for “tocks higher than head” rule.


  37. If I had that fourth kitteh for an exercise partner then I might be able to stick to a workout program.

  38. Claudia — no offense, but we *will* have to ask that if you do, you will have to do a better job of covering your Naughty Bits than the kitteh did.

    I mean, really.

  39. This is the best post in a long time. It just gets better as you scroll down. How did the germans get kitton #2 to do an interpretive dance? And the leg-lifting kittle? It gives true meaning to “overload”!

  40. BenPanced says:

    Kitteh #2 is makin’ faces at me.


  41. acelightning says:

    How do you say “unbearable floofyness” in German?

  42. AceL, “untragbar flockigheit”

  43. Martha in Washington says:

    Cat-beret reference: I had a kitten when I was little that looked just like kittie #3 (the one with the Tongue!) and his name was SALLY. Yes, HIS name- I was young and confused. Sally went on to father a LOT of barn cats and most of our cats for generations were that pretty blue-gray color.

  44. Acelightening – according to http://www.freetranslation.com, it’s “Unerträglich floofyness”

  45. the_becca says:

    That last one is just ridiculous. It’s like the kitteh is trying to fit all their cute parts into the shot at once.

  46. Schtrictly schpeaking it should be “unerträglich Flüffigkeit,” no?

  47. Meg, your posts are getting absolutely tocksic.

    But I love getting poisoned by teh cute!

  48. stroganova says:

    Unerträgliche Fluffigkeit! Yay!

  49. darkshines says:

    This kitty from the same site is soooooo cheeky……..


  50. omfg, British Shorthair is my fave… *worships*
    One day I’ll have some around. But first I need a british mansion for them.

  51. Louise, London says:

    Err “British Shorthair”?? Surely the clue is in the name. Gonna have to claim some of the credit back for Blighty.

    Believe it or not I have one of each of these. And they are adorable! The cream is called Teddy and the blue is Elwood (named after the Blues Brother of course!). And he does actually look blue in sunlight.

  52. Awwww! So nice

  53. God is great, God is good, let us thank him for these photos…Amen!

  54. acelightning says:

    Ach, unerträglich Flüffigkeit!
    (I copied-and-pasted that. I know how to do umlauts and other unusual characters, but it’s a pain in the ‘tocks.)

  55. Now I have seen it all. This is the End of Cuteness. There will never be anything cuter than those kitties.

  56. I am so sick of cats

  57. I`d say you`re pretty close… it`s “unerträgliche Fluffigkeit” though the nomen Fluffigkeit didn`t exist in German until today 😀

    I`m German and get my daily CO fill for over a year now. I found CO because of a short article in an otherwise very serious German computermagazine….

  58. barely legal cat porn!

  59. NebraskaErin says:

    I’m laughing my ‘tocks off, because I was scrolling through the uber-adorable pics (don’t know how to do umlauts, sorry), I was thinking “Willkommen, bien venue, welcome…” Then I read the comments. What do you think that says about CO-ers?

  60. Nicolletta says:

    Little fluffy kittehs!! I want them all!

  61. Here’s another tasty morsel: http://www.tigers-deluxe.de/galerie/1006/1006_029.jpg

    Very cute 🙂

  62. Oh my god! Too cute for words. I really needed that.

  63. Holy Cheebus. I think I just died.
    Such a sweet widdle collection of floofballs!

    Das Schnorglen!

  64. Kittehs mek ze vorld go around,
    Vorld go around,
    Ze vorld go around.
    Kittehs mek ze vorld go around,
    Zey mek ze vorld go ’round.
    ‘Tock and eyes,
    Muzzlepuffs shall abound,
    Zey mek ze vorld go ROOOUUND!

    *weird voice*
    Kitteh, kitteh, kitteh,
    kitteh, kitteh, kitteh,
    kitteh, kitteh, kitteh,
    kitteh, kitteh, kitteh,
    kittehkittehkittehkittehkittehkittehkittehkittehkitteh….*trails off, as she can’t remember anymore of the lyrics to fake them*

  65. Ahhh! Look at the mini kitteh couch!!


  66. AAAH!H!!!325!! Ich will die kleine Kätzchen schnuggeln!! Und die kleine Tockchen kitzeln. A-BOOBOOBOO!!

    Aaahh… only on CO could you have a comments-thread to do with Germany where nothing is offensive. But then again, who could find the energy to be mean or prejudiced after those little FLOOFBALLS!

    Is snorgling derived from schnuggeln?

  67. We need some international bumper stickers, no?

    Unerträgliche Fluffigkeit

    And I’m thinking a pic with these kittahs with the caption:

    Resistance is futile.

  68. Ben, the cute cancels mean thoughts or prejudice instantly.

  69. Cats’ bottoms. Honestly.
    On the other hand, I hugely agree with Faye that ‘unertragliche Fluffigkeit’ (sorry no umlauts) is the most awesome bumper sticker and please please please can we have it Meg??

  70. holy shit mang.

  71. That last picture is the best. Those eyes. Those ‘tocks. Too effin’ cute.

  72. that last one should be titled: “Miss January”. Very seductive.

  73. well I’d like to thank meg for posting this, making it totally ridiculous for me to ever think of contributing anything ever again…. She’s ruined me for finding cute… even in my own animals. EVEN IN MY OWN WORLD OF CUTENESS ON THE FARM!

    I can’t even find one little bit of cute in my 6 year old adorable SON today.

    I shall SUE. I want all the kittehs in payment, except the smooshed face one, I don’t like smooshed faced anything, dogs or kittehs.

    But my opossum is just as cute as the smooshed faced kittehs.

    SEE the cute has me rambling like an idiot!

  74. Those are the come-hitherest of come hither looks. They work.

  75. Supermodels please note: The new “sexy” is chubby, smooshie and round.

  76. I am dead. Just dead. Thet gray one, I needs it!

  77. First the Japanese, now the Germans. People, what we have here is an Axis of Cute.

  78. ::blink::


  79. okaasan59 says:

    That last picture has done me in. And my harddrive is about to collapse from Cute Download-itis.

  80. Strudel, knodel, dumplingen
    Pumpernickel, lebkuchen
    I will eat all of them
    One by one, danke kitten

  81. AGH! I want a smooshy fluffy. It’s beyond cruel to post pictures of such extreme floofy cuteness tantalizingly out of snorgling reach…

  82. chelonianmobile says:


    *scrolls down to last pic*


    The eyes! THE EYES!

  83. You didn’t post this pic too?

    It’s one of the rules


  84. To Pic #1
    O where are you going kitteh in your deepest dark of night?
    Without the moon or one star for guiding light?
    What keeps you safe from impending fright?
    Are you tough stuff?
    Are you rough enough under your fluff?
    You have gained favor with twilight
    By your stealth and keen eyesight
    The dark is blind to your beauty which slays us
    While our adoration of you betrays us
    Now these serious lines have gone too long so I should stop
    Because the cuteness here is over the top
    Soon Cute babbling will begin
    Awwww wookit teh widdle schmittenzen

  85. candyapple says:

    OK, so I just spent an hour on the tigers site getting a cute overdose – get me some fluffadone stat!

  86. Die Katzenporn!

  87. They’re all so cute! The 3rd picture down reminds me of a pose Amy Sedaris did while covered in sprinkles.

  88. Ja! Zee “Unerträgliche Fluffigkeit” boomper schticker, bitte!

  89. That site is RIDICULOUS. I’ve never seen so many beautiful babies all in one place.

  90. luckycliff says:

    Everyone of our sweet heart crushers is somewhat completely special!
    Schnurr fun!

  91. OK, Port-A-Snorg, these pictures have sent me into a Cute Emergency. I need at least one of these floofballs to huff, STAT, if I’m going to make it. Extra-super-expedited delivery, please.

  92. GAH!! Look at the sthuper-sthpooning kitteh stack:


  93. NebraskaErin says:

    “Supermodels please note: The new “sexy” is chubby, smooshie and round.”

    Yay! I’m the New Sexy!

    Alas, I do not have a stubby tail.

  94. Tigers Deluxe is blowing my mind.

  95. I always know it’s a good one when I feel a squeal welling up and I start bouncing up and down 😛

    The only thing is that the little kitten claws reminded me of my leg being SHREDDED by litter after litter growing up…

  96. Very cute kitties, and photos.

    Heads up, though: according to SpySweeper, the source website is known to be associated with spyware, so you may not want to click through …

  97. wolfwhocriedboy says:

    I made the mistake of going to that site too. O.M.G. Did you see those Queens! The EYES, the eeyyyyeeeezzzz!!!

    *shudder* *die* *twitch*

    Seriously, I’ve never seen eyes like that on cats – evahr. I never knew what true beauty was. *shniff*

  98. wolfwhocriedboy says:

    I mean, COME ON! Tell me this kitty exists IN THE REAL WORLD?! No freaking WAY!


    *heart irregularities*

  99. This is a cute overload emergency! Cute overload emergency! This is not a test! I repeat, this is not a test! I need one of those cute little kittens, one with the cute floofy tocks, STAT!

  100. Such Kitteny cuteness! so…innocent, and sweet, and Puffy!!

  101. “Bob
    “Squee and let squee” “

    My new motto! Normally I do not enjoy smooshy faced kitties, but I will be making an exception! ‘specially for the Caberet references…

  102. Dustbunny says:

    Did anybody notice the guestbook on that site is called the “Paws Book”. Heh. I knew my knowledge of German would come in handy eventually.

  103. wolfwhocriedboy says:

    ysabet – I’m with you on that one. In fact, I’ve been a teeny bit vocal about over-breeding for such features but these kitties knocked me off my feet! For me, it’s their eyes more than their smosh-faceness. 😉

    Diva – the queen on the TigersDeluxe site is ,to date, the most gorgeous animal I’ve ever seen. That’s saying a lot considering I find a LOT of creatures beautiful. 🙂

    I’d never actually buy one of these cats though. I’m a dedicated rescue-hound. That’s not going to keep Diva out of my dreams though. 😉

  104. hey people, I am the mom of these cute furballs…
    and I’m so happy you like my fluffy babies so much!
    yeah, thx for all of you visiting my site tigers-deluxe.de,
    me and my kitties feel very honoured. 🙂
    but please, very important: don’t forget to leave your sign …
    or pawprint … in our guestbook… if you had a good time …
    it would be the biggest pleasure to me. 😀
    my tiger ladies and kitties send a huge purring to all of you –
    and we promise to take some more cute overload pictures again…
    we expect our next little heartbreakers soon..
    (we need some sweet names which must begin with “j”…
    and I would be glad to get some ideas!)

    fluffy greetings from germany!
    sabine + tigers

  105. GOOD LORD, THAT’S THE CUTEST THING EVER. (not that i don’t have that thought at least once a week, on this site) but oh, the carefully-groomed eyedropped little fuzzies. i WANT!

  106. Squeeeak!

  107. Squeeeeeeeaaakkk!

  108. sabine rath, do you get *anything* done at home, ever?! I’m not, not after seeing zese bebehs.

    You are one lucky mama!

  109. is it rude to right-click an entire website?

  110. These are some of the most cutest kittenses I’ve ever ever ever encountered. *melts*

  111. Sabine – With those beautiful eyes, I think “Jade” would make a lovely name…

    Aside from that, love your kittens and your site! I speak some German so it’s great fun to read everything 🙂

  112. So adorable. I wonder if there is a calendar?

  113. /threadjack
    For those of you wondering about the baby tiger (video posted a few days ago) Please check out the press releases and video clips on my blog at http://musicchick2.vox.com/library/post/breaking-news-from-seattle-zoos.html
    I live in Seattle, where the baby tiger lives. I’ve been in touch with the people at the zoo and am trying to keep my blog updated with any new news. There are links to at least 5 videos. I hope this helps all those who have been wondering about the little tiger cub, who is a girl, by the way! 😀
    /end threadjack

  114. TehKittehs! says:

    o.o; Oh….oh….The floofiness, the eyes, the…the…kerfluffle!!!! OoO; *melts into goo*

  115. little gator says:

    Beedle dee dee dee!

    Cute Kittehs!

    Beelde dee dee dee !

    And they’ve got awesome ‘tocks,


    The last one has Princess Di eyes.

  116. Oh Shizz! OVERLOAD! That is soo cute, all the pictures remind me of peace and happiness… I love the little creamish/white kitteh =]

  117. WAY TO CUTE! How long did it take to catch those poses? I bookmarked the website–LOVE IT!

    —-All models in these photographs are of legal age

  118. Now this post defines “CuteOverload!”

  119. my head has expolded from all the cute these kitteh’s have given. my day is now over.

  120. I thought all the pics were very cute, and then the last one was so cute I had to say “Oh my god” out loud. That was one crazy cute photo shoot.

  121. Holy crap, I just had an aneurysm. I love how the captions are written how I really talk. BABIES!!!

  122. Looking at the beauties..all I can think of is the old commercial where the girl says…”Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful!! Now I need a kitten because the three cats I already have are “too big to cuddle!” xoxoxo

  123. Oh..my so cute!
    But.. anymore shot like that we will have to have a MA rating! Too cool!

  124. *boom*

    I’m dead. stheriously.

  125. We have the answer to the question that hasn’t yet been asked: Can they have cataloons at a young age, or do they need to be all grown up first? Pic #1 shows us that the answer is yes, even behbee kittehs can indeed have cataloons! I think #1 is scared of her own cuteness, though, because her little talio is poofed!

  126. AWWWWW!!! I LOVE the first pic of the tocks. And pic#3 is feline purrrrfectitude.

  127. Let see–J names:

    JEZEBEL (for the last kitty)
    JAYPO….*ducks and runs!*

  128. I want to hum that “Wizard of Oz” tune when I look at the 1st pic—“OH…DE…OH…oh de yo….OH….DE…OH…oh de yo” (the lion’s wardrobe malfunction of the tail)

  129. ringtailroxy says:

    okay, all these kitty pics are just too much! but the bottom kitty? the one with her ‘tocks in the air, and a playful stare? talk about a sex kitten! so prosh & floofy and all…

  130. OMC! One look and I became goo all over my keyboard. Now who’s going to clean it up???

  131. Core: wouldn’t behbeh cataloons be kittehloons…behbehloons…proshaloons…or in the case of #1 & #5 – poofaloons? How about tocklettes? …Mama always said, “Life is like a box of tocklettes…”

  132. Oh goodness those are the cutest little kits evar. Tigers Deluxe is awesome! Such beautiful felines.

  133. little gator says:

    To continue my song.

    Kitteh2: I do my toenails!
    Kitteh4: I wave to my friends!

    Und ve show off daily with our ‘tocks above our heads!

    But w’eve vun zing in common:
    und me.

    Zee squee!
    beedle dee dee
    Zee Squee!
    beddle dee dee

    Oviously if you want J names you must name a grey kitteh Joel.

  134. @all: thx for all this wonderful crazy comments, you made my day!
    and there are some fine names with j you suggested, great! :-))
    (but, please tell me, what’s the meaning of “tock”… does it mean “butt”??!)

    purrs from kitty mom sabine

  135. Sabine — you could dig through the old posts & comments… or you COULD just go here:

  136. emmm… oh no… did I really ask that silly question? shame on me…

    good stuff, I love it!

  137. JNO, that picture you posted is not one of the rules–it’s two of the rules. Notice that the gorgeous, elegant queen has the tiniest tip of her tongue sticking out:

  138. Don’t take my word for it…go ahead, ask Helga!

    My blood sugar just spiked through the roof seeing these adorable fluffballs. I hold you personally responsible, Meg…

  139. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Verst ve take over the cute zen tomorrow zer verld!

  140. Dese kittens are “pluffy”- plump and fluffy. I love it.

  141. Could you please stop making fun of german accents?


  142. Moses — I see the wink, but I figured I’d reply anyway.

    We’re not exactly making fun of the accent. I mean, this is all printed-word stuff here; we can’t *speak* to each other. And I, for one, certainly don’t expect Colonel Klink (from the old TV show “Hogan’s Heros”) to represent modern-day Germany. What we’re doing is using poorly-rendered accents to emphasize silliness.

    We certainly don’t limit ourselves to “German” accents, either…

  143. kitten nude art!

  144. little gator says:

    Actually, I was making fun of Joel
    Gray’s fake German accent in Cabaret.

    You can make fun of my suburban Boston accent if you want, even though I’m not an R dropper.

  145. Gator — I had a speech impediment as a child, where I couldn’t pronounce Rs, and went through successful therapy for it.

    Then we moved to Texas, and I met a woman in our church who I figured had the same impediment. It was *years* before I learned she was from Boston.

    I’ve now lived in Texas long enough to have an accent and give the group full permission to mock it.


  146. awwww!

  147. Move over Tyra Banks! There’s a new model in town and its name is kitty!

  148. /trivia on

    Theo — you mentioned “Colonel Klink” (I was reading about him yesterday, coincidentally). Werner Klemperer took on the role of Klink on the condition that he never win anything.

    Klemperer was once invited to be a parade marshal but then asked to withdraw after a local uproar about having a “Nazi”. To avoid a fuss, he did so, but he sent a letter to the local letter asking why a Jewish Hitler-persecution escapee and US Army veteran would have been a problem.

    He was also the son of conducter Otto Klemperer and a world-class musician himself.

    …..annnnnddddd….he won a Tony for being in Cabaret with a REAL German accent!

    /trivia off

  149. umm…that would be a letter to the local PAPER…..

  150. Cat-twisters

  151. Those Germans are so perverted!

  152. Suda — wow. Not sure HOW or WHEN that knowledge will come in handy, but I’m actually pretty sure that it WILL. Thanks, for real.

  153. I KNEW those 3 years of high school German would come in handy someday!!

    “Familienmitglieder” is now my favourite German word ever.

  154. Kim — that sounds to me like a family with a small unpowered aircraft, instead of a Volkswagen.

  155. @ theo + kim: LOL! no, familienmitglied means actually family member.
    or member of family. or whatever you’d exactly say. 😉

  156. Well, I guess that makes us even, then. One explanation of “‘tocks” for you, one definition of “Familienmitglieder” for me.


  157. did I mention, that “tocks” is my new favourite english word?! ;-))

  158. Not sure if “‘tocks” is an English word. I think it is a Meglish word?


  160. (slapping palm to forehead) Silly me, of course. Sorry.

  161. little gator says:

    Since sabine praised the word ‘Tocks” I would like to say that my favorite German name is Liesle.
    Vute yet dignified. The only Liesle I ever knew was an adorabale Standard Poodle who belonged to a German lady.

  162. @ little gator: ha! I guess that must have been a bavarian lady and poodle.
    besides, liesel (short form of lieselotte or anneliese) is not german, it’s originally POODELISH.
    and poodelish is very related to snorglish, a special accent.