Reality-Casual Friday

Greets, Peeps.  Happy Friday!  Theo here, slapping up a quick mindbender in between Meg postingks.  It’s been a long week.  I’m all done with facing stark tedious reality head-on.  Ees now tyme for… ze SURREAL.

I picked these two little lovelies out of the submissions to "What’s Cuter?" …the morphing is my own dastardly design.  It was a bit eerie how well they fit together.



  1. whoaaaa….i could watch that for an hour

  2. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    “…This is your CuteOverload on drugs. Any questions?”

  3. chet's momma says:

    thanks, teho, I needed the fix!!!!! well done.

  4. Look at the ears on the kit-kit… she is ready to start running fast fast fast like a crazy. I recognize that look. I have a little darling of my own that is absolutely insane crazy with the run run running.

  5. must be trippin' you guys r silly says:

    wow man……it’s, like, a banana, then like, a auto then like, somethin’ else….
    man I am sooooooooo messed up on teh kewt…
    oooooooo…. look at my fingers, man…
    far out…………..

  6. reminds me of the kitty from “barely a kitteh!” with its tiny schnozzle

  7. thalias_ash says:

    Wow…and this is before the acid.

    Joking! (mebbe)

  8. …’swhy I never *needed* acid, Thalias Ash.

    Let’s all just cross fingers & hope Meg will be back after these messages.

  9. And while we’re on the subject, let us not forget…

  10. Angus and Misha says:

    Strange, neat and cute in a weird way. Go Theo.

  11. Great. Just great. THAT SONG is back in my head.

    Oh well. Theo, your morphing skills are cute-tastic!

  12. Another Angela says:

    Theo–I see a CO screensaver in your future.

  13. ceci n’est pas un kitteh…

  14. Theo – I see Community Service in your future.

  15. This is your hedgehog. This is your hedgehog on banana peel. Lordy – u jest killed me ded.

  16. teho, you are freaking us out!

  17. oh whoAAAAAaaaa. Pointy kitten banana hood…

  18. Whoaaa. That’s groovy yet weird with the morphing similarity.
    ————————————- – We Love Animals

  19. Trippy.

    Very trippy.

  20. Bwa ha ha ha, as I was posting that my mouse started freaking out and I couldn’t click “Post” for a moment. Timing.

  21. oh THANKS Shanchan….now I have that earworm in MY brain!! ACK! 😉

  22. Which is cuter? Erm, I’d have to say the hedgie. That little kittle is downright scary!

  23. The kitty reminds me of this little guy:

  24. AuntieMame says:

    Yikes! I don’t know whether to laugh or to run screaming and hide under the covers.

  25. acelightning says:

    Halfway through the transition, it looks weirdly like a ‘possum…

  26. The hedgehog is looking a lot more put-together than the scruffy little kitten. Although I have to say the kitten has a much higher snorglability and waif factor than the hedgehog.

    Teho, you are mad. In a good way.

  27. Tails…..pretty tails…..

  28. Yowies.

    Thanks, Teho.

    And DAMN this “bananaphone” earworm!

    [ringringringring … ARRGGHH!]

  29. galveston says:

    yeah, well, i’d have to say i like the song better without the animaniac visuals.
    so glad to meet you too.

  30. galveston says:

    the little calicos all look a bit scruffy but they blossom later

  31. Theo? Meg? Can you PLEASE feature the kitten in the huffing bowl? Please?

  32. R. Moore — do you perhaps mean thiiiiiis kitten?
    (pic 1 of 3)

  33. Yikes.

  34. Don’t know what to say except – I love it! There.

  35. That’s not a kitten–it’s a SHAPESHIFTER!
    It knows our weakness. It morphs into varying manifestations of Teh Qte in order to incapacitate Cuteologists everywhere.

  36. OMG Bananas!

    *Rubs eyes*

  37. astrogrrrl says:

    am I still drunk from last night or is this for real?

  38. Tree: Oh yeaahhh I wanna be paperrr towelsss.

  39. Car: Loooook I’m a Chevita Sedana.

  40. I THOUGHT it looked familiar!

    Thanks, Theo!

  41. The kitten wins the cute contest, paws down.

  42. hannahbelle says:

    AHAHAH! That’s so awesome.
    I took that picture! The kitteh’s name is Gizmo and she is the cutest thing ever! I’m so glad to see my submishe on cuteoverload! <3

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  44. Theo—My little boy looked at this and said “Let me see…those are Theo’s bananas….and that is Theo’s car.” He knew you posted that before I even read the caption. Funny!

  45. LOL!!

    …am I *that* obvious?

  46. Uh..for a moment I thought I was on a Cuteness overload
    trip! Whoa!

  47. Has your DNA all over it, Theo

  48. georgia wright says:

    this is totally over the top I love it. Georgia

  49. Carlisa: ewwww. Does NOT.

  50. OMG this is my hedgehog, Hans. I must have entered the contest. Check out his myspace page. He has a “brother” now –

  51. Cool… now does anybody know whose kitten that is?

  52. Jennifer says:

    banana— er car er banana I am the hedgekitten!!!!!!

  53. Goo goo gajoob.