Rule of Cuteness #29 AND 30!

OK, People, this is UN-PEE-RESS-A-DENTED!

Not one but TWO rules of Cuteness at ONCE! [hyperventilating]

I might have to sit down.

RULE #29: If you flex your paws repeatedly in a kneading motion in the air for no reason, IT’S CUTE!

RULE #30: If your breath shows in the form of your stomach moving in a quick, fluttering fashion, IT’S SO CUTE!

This day will live in INFAMAY, Jen S.!



  1. PLONK….pwease pawdon me…my heart just ‘sploded.

  2. semanticantics says:

    I’ve long contended that baby Tigers are the epitome of cuteness. Not only are the adorable on their own, I think it’s intensified by the fact they are going to grow up into killing machines.


  4. herpantsness says:

    I WANT EET! Dudes, check out the sleepy almost mauling of the Winnie teh Pooh! Well, the wiping of open mouth on said Winnie’s armlet. And the squawking meow-roar! Gaaaaaa…

  5. That is one awww-dorable and ti-ti tiger.

  6. For the love of jauntiness says:

    Oh no! I just peed on myself! That was too, too cute. I swear the little guy was waving at me. Also, I love how he gets all yawny and snuggletastic next to his Winnie the Pooh bear.

  7. Stephanie S. says:

    I declare this cuuuute tiger cub as being “lumpy”: the state of any animal that is in such a state of sleepy, that its body conforms to the shape of whatever is supporting it. I love lumpy lumps.

  8. OMG the ear squish against the soft blankie at the end!!!

  9. And those blue eyes when they’re little. Killer.

    I thought I could handle it until I saw those widdle paws in the air.
    But the snuggling with the stuffed Pooh just killed me.
    My head asploded.

  10. The most adorableish EVAH!! ‘Specially the ‘air muffins’. I wanna baby tiger keeettie. Well, until it gets to about 50 lbs…. then it might destroy the furniture…AND ME!

  11. Wow, that’s one BIG orange tabby kitten.

  12. Stephanie S. says:

    actually, I wish LUMPY was a Rule of Cuteness! Please….

  13. Renee in Texas says:

    OY VEY!!!
    That kind of cuteness shouldn’t be allowed!!! I just died from eet!

  14. EEEEE!!!! This widdo guy is in the zoo HERE IN SEATTLE!! Must go see him DIS WEEKEND!!

  15. Such funny noises! “Miyhre!” TOO CUTE! The wee face!? Those softie paws! The plonking falling alseep?!? REDONK.

  16. Meh! Meeeh! Knead! Yawn! Sleeeeeeeeeeep.

  17. Ok…here i go!

    SQUEEEE! So cuuute! OMG! Look at the toes! Lil face! Nibble teh earsies! Oh, my heart can’t take it!

  18. If that just isn’t the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

  19. I’ve watched this over and over…the CUTE and AWWWW factor are too overwhelming for ME! What a GREAT Thursday…thanks Meg!

  20. Maybe the sloooooow nod off into sleep (whether or not it’s immediately followed by a sudden “Baroo?” awakening, followed by another sloooooooow nod) needs to be its own ROC.

    Just a suggestion.

  21. OMG! *watches 5 more times* That is soo cute! I wish I could pet the tiger. Would that make it a tigger *i am kidding*? Maybe not. But it still is cute.

  22. sadiesauce says:

    I am a huge fan of the gravitational sleepyhead plop.

  23. ambracadabra says:

    OMG! Tiger biscuits.

  24. overload.

  25. I love it when animals have their own stuffed animals. I’m on the lookout for some for my cats.

  26. Ok…tigers are my all time FAV animal, and baby tigers are so adorably cute it actually causes me pain!

    Did anyone see that documentary on the tiger cubs who were born in that Tiger Sanctuary in New Zealand? It was on a few years ago, the keepers would walk the cubs around the park and there was this one segment where the guy and his baby tiger went past the gift shop and the little darling got spooked by the stuffed toys, so his human took him inside.


  27. OMG! Kitty waved at us! That’s so damned cute I do believe I may have to blog this one myself (with the requisite link back to CO).

  28. So cute! I want to sqeeeeeeeeeeeze him!

    musicchick2: do you know where mom’s at?

  29. Meg, you will never have to worry about CO having too big of an audience.

    Because you’re KEEEELINGK us off with the postings!

    The first person who figures out how to make a domestic kitty with perfect tiger colors will be rich beyond imagination.

    (Mr. LT wishes to add an “awww” about this, plus a “Baroo?” about yesterday’s scuba cat and shopping penguin.) (Not that he put it like that, of course)

  30. Sweet little wild baby…

  31. I think there should be a rule for resting your cute chin on objects to hold your head up.

  32. Violet's mama says:

    LOOOVVVE it! Big cats are my fave….love ’em!

  33. Violet's mama says:

    LOOOVVVE it! Big cats are my fave….love ’em!

  34. Violet's mama says:

    LOOOVVVE it! Big cats are my fave….love ’em!

  35. Violet's mama says:

    LOOOVVVE it! Big cats are my fave….love ’em!

  36. Violet's mama says:

    LOOOVVVE it! Big cats are my fave….love ’em!

  37. Violet's mama says:

    LOOOVVVE it! Big cats are my fave….love ’em!

  38. yeller tabby kitteh + steroids = bebeh tigger

    (another one for jaypo’s “Nanimath” series; see the rest at: )

  39. oooohmygod.
    my favorite part is his little grunts in the very beginning, as if he is saying, “i do NOT approve. oh, nevermind. now i’m just tired.”

  40. I think any baby animal trying not to fall asleep is automatically cute too. Remember sleepy puppy?


  41. My cat was a little alarmed when he saw this. I don’t think he’s grasp the “thing don’t come out of the computer” concept.

  42. I have actually petted a baby tiger. They’re not soft, more wiry. But WHO CARES? They’re *cute*.

    And I’m in agreement that you have a greater sense of the fleetingness of cute with a tiger.

  43. da paws! da paws! and then the ker-plunking head. too tired from being so chucking cute.

  44. I just love how he falls asleep mid head lollage.

  45. SQUEE~!!!!

    Trying not giggle here at work… I got a submission!! 🙂


    And yes, baby kitties of all sizes are teh major cute.

  46. ringtailroxy says:

    my epitome of cutenesss is seeing an apex predator, be it a tiger, lion, bear, wolf… all infantile and baby-baby and unable to kill so much as a flea… THAT”S cuteness! the fact that this lil’ cub will one day weigh around 600 pounds and eat 25 pounds of raw turkey a day seems sooo far off… so fer now, let’s enjoy this little tiger’s moment…

  47. AwwwwMyGaaaaaawd!!!

    That’s unbearable. So unbearable, i had to watch three times.

    If you go to, you can see that that baby is an endangered Sumatran tiger so is being “hand raising due to poor maternal care” …bad mommy!

    Although, i would say the mom wasn’t doing her job too if it meant i got to hand raise a baby tiger!!!!!! (not really)( really)

  48. Tigger found his pooh.

    COmpletely and totally overloaded. Big cat babes get me every time.

  49. tiny tiger pup yawn! shut the eff up!

  50. random girl says:

    to DunForGood–

    it isnt the moms fault. they arent made to be in zoos, so they stress out and dont care for their babies. shes not bad, she just isnt made to be in a zoo.

  51. kma in ky says:

    Okay, seriously, I had to check. How come “if you’re sleepy, you’re cute” isn’t a rule??!! There have been numerous posts with itty bitty sleepies…What’s a cutie got to do to get a new rule??

  52. plus, there’s the blinkily nodding off! this one wows the cute-o-meter, for sure!!

  53. Sweepy widde tigew!!!!!!!!

  54. blueberries4me says:

    I love their big noses. WOoeet!!

  55. GreenEyedHawk says:

    I read someplace that tigers don’t justh ave stripey fur…their skin is stripey too! I wonder if that’s true…

    I’ve gotten the chance to touch baby tigers too, adn they are kind of wiry feeling, but that doesn’t matter. They’re so darn cute that I’d cuddle them even if they felt like sandpaper!

  56. useta hada kitteh says:

    GreenEyedHawk — house cats’ skin seems to match their fur patterns, in my limited experience, so could be tiger skin does, too. Cool, isn’t it?

    This baybee is tooooooocute… I love the way the baby tigger has his own Pooh Bear. And his little head goes slidey slide slide down the bear and onto the blankie…zzzzzzz

  57. AAAAH!!!

    Meg, I have to agree: iddle things trying to resist the sandman need a category… the repeated head-nod should long have been acknowledged as classic cuteness.

    Best. Video. EVAH!!1!!6346!

  58. Yay Woodland Park Zoo! I shall go and squeal (quietly) this weekend. PAW!

  59. Wemoweh, wemoweh, wemoweh, wemoweh
    Wemoweh, wemoweh,
    In the vid-age, the peaceful vid-age,
    The tiger sleeps tonight.

  60. OMG!!! Itty bitty tigah meows! And then Pooh bear snuggles! I think my heart just asploded!

  61. Yes, tis true, tigers do have stripes on their skin, not just their fur. And, domesticated cats are most like tigers in terms of comparing them to the “big cats.”

    That said, after watching this video…


    T’anks Meg!

  62. Dang that’s cute! For more amazing air-kneading action, check out the… brace yourselves… possibly EVEN CUTER video of the same tiger kitten being bottle fed and sprawling around:

    Careful. Lotsa tiger squawks and yawning. You’ll probably asplode.

  63. I would propose a third rule, even. Slowly falling asleep (head bobbing around or starting awake a few times) is definitely cute!

  64. Huge AAAHHHH factor here, plus growly squeaks, air biscuits, and finally a baby ti-ti-tiger falling asleep with a huge smile on his tiny tiger face. Really OTT. This will hold me for awhile, b/c I have to keep replaying it.

  65. writergrrl says:

    OMG tiger cub!!1!
    That should be illegal!
    I can’t stop watching it!
    When he tries to bite the stuffed animal, but he can’t because he falls asleep! AAHHHHHHHH!!!!
    It’s too cute!

  66. I’m with the new-rule folks. Sleepy is cute – and I think we should specifically include the state of melty-ness as one of the defining factors:

    1) Melty-ness – or lumpiness, as defined by Stephanie S. –
    “the state of any animal that is in such a state of sleepy, that its body conforms to the shape of whatever is supporting it.”

    Here, we see it especially with the little tiger’s face/mouf when he’s sliding down the pooh – he’s kind of…melty.

  67. martha in mobile says:

    I was on a landscaping tour of an animal park (before public hours) and a trainer brought out a tiger cub on a leash for socialization (she said). Personally, I think it was to watch a bunch of stuffy academics go “Squee!”

  68. oh, and maybe these, too:

    2) a struggle NOT to fall asleep is extra cute

    3) giving up something you’re engaged in to suddenly to fall asleep is extra cute – as chelsea said:

    “my favorite part is his little grunts in the very beginning, as if he is saying, “i do NOT approve. oh, nevermind. now i’m just tired.”

  69. Aww… stripey Tigger baby loves his Pooh Bear.

  70. i’m dying i’m dying!!! i cant breathe!!! help!!!!!!!!!!! cute overload!!!!!!!!! aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  71. Nicolletta says:

    OMG…bebeh tigger is TEH CUTE!!

    I want one!

  72. This is another first for me- That was so cute that I was almost in tears. The only thing that has ever before been so cute that I was near tears was the movie “Dear Frankie”, but this totally did it for me just now. *takes up a box o’ tissues and flees*

  73. Oooooohhhhh. AWWWWW!!!!
    With a Pooh Bear?!?!?!?!


  74. They are great cuddlers:)

  75. *delurks*

    Um, everyone who hasn’t should watch the video linked in Daniel’s post. Warning – it will keeeeeel you, so get your affairs in order first.

    I especially enjoyed the zebra chomp.


  76. Pooh and Tigger!!

    I felt sorry for the little babe at the beginning, kneading the air; he wants his mommy.

  77. I followed that link. Oh. My. God.

    Chomping on his zebra. Do tigers eat zebras? Can’t start too young, I guess.

  78. EEEEK! Oh, the cuteness! I can’t stand it!!

  79. Another Proposed Cuteness Rule: If you look like you should roar, and you mew like a tiny kitten instead, its tewtally QTE!

  80. If you’re a tiger who can’t stay awake and is smaller than a Pooh bear doll, IT’S CUTE! 😀

  81. Rule #31 Your head is too big and heavy to hold up when you are sleepy..

    OMG!!!!!!! CUTEST thing EVER!!!

  82. OMG. A “vicious” tiger cuddling with a Pooh bear.

    And those little squeaky meows.

  83. toborzgrrl says:

    Tyger tyger burning bright
    In the forests of the night
    What immortal hand or eye
    could frame thy fearful…
    um, flufferful…
    um, snorgleful…
    oh, never mind!

  84. Oh mai gawd! So cute! The little paw kneeding made me cry tears of cuteness. Kitten, you are the king.

  85. ZOMG. Little slepping tiger.

    And what’s with that adorable vulturous crow/meow?

  86. i think there might be some misunderstanding of who the real tigger is here…

  87. deskprimate says:

    “Warning – it will keeeeeel you, so get your affairs in order first.” – haha, Lucizoe

    I loved the zebra munching, too. Sooo many stripes.

  88. I love tigers.
    They are just bigger cats.
    really cute

  89. Can we have a rule about muttering under your wee beh-beh breath? What did you say sleepeh tiger?

  90. logic.tigris says:

    I CANNOT believe that falling asleep in front of your eyes is NOT a rule of cuteness. That’s just WRONG.

    Adorable ^3. As a tiger, I approve. 😀


  91. Brak_Silverbone says:

    My cat almost jumped a foot out of my lap at the teeny tiger squawks! Then she got all big-eyed and was looking around like “Where is it? What’s making that bizarre noise!?!?”

    Aside from that, this is TOO DAMN CUTE. Brought tears to my eyes too.

  92. I think a new rule of cuteness should be the slow, unintentional slump into sleep that the kittehs do.

  93. I watched the first vid.. I watched the video with the bebeh tigger and the zebra.. I am DONE. It was just too cute to put into words. Just so anerable I wanted to go hug somebody.

  94. girlnextdoortn says:

    ok. Actual tears of joy here. Including sobbing/hyperventilating breathing because I couldn’t take it.

  95. eeeeesh!!!! oh, i LURVE the sleepy head-slidey can’t hold it up anymore thing! so cute.

  96. That zeh-bra is DOOMED. Only in Kenya.

  97. OZOMG the little sleppyhead…[thud]

  98. Possibly the cutest video evar!

  99. I would just like to point out that in my household the act of kneading is called “making biscuits.” Therefore, that tiger cub is making very light and airy biscuits.

  100. zomg I want it. SO CUTE!

    In case it hasn’t been posted yet, this video (of the same little guy) is also really really really really adorable:

  101. One of my kitties does the kneading-the-air thing too. It’s adorable.

  102. I was wondering when this was going to get around to being posted here. I volunteer at the Woodland Park Zoo, so I knew about her birth quite soon after it happened. (No, I don’t work with her, unfortunately. I work with the farm animals.)

    Anyway, onto the gushing: This little girl is sooooo cute! Anerable, simply anerable! I want to cuddle her and soft-kronsche those ears. And the mea-aghles at the beginning! *dies*

    Too bad her mother, JoJo, couldn’t take care of her. She’s had two litters before, twins each time. Maybe it is because she was so little? Or had no siblings? I dunno. Go here for all the info:

    Anywho, I can’t wait until she’s ready for her public debut! I’m definitely gonna be there. Yay for the Sumatran tiger! We will save them yet! (I <3 tigers, can you tell? ^_~)

    P.S. Awesome video of her at three weeks, Daniel. I also love the zebra kronsche. ^_^

  103. Or maybe it was because the cubs and the mom where parked in an unnatural environment…hence…stress on the mother…hence difficulty taking care of the children;)who knows!but anyway…it looks perfectly fine to me. You think they will bring it back to the wild forest of Bengali one day or keep it has an attraction…

  104. I am just saying…it will need a tiget friend at some point…and a hut to put other cubs…and friends…and food….i mean it takes place….

  105. OMG. A tiger kitten with a stuffed Winnie the Pooh? Too. Damn. Cute. 🙂

  106. Have to say it again, this is soooooooo cute.

  107. My kitty is sleeping under my desk & was very alarmed at the meow-squeak!

    But awww it’s SOO CUTE look at those big pawpads.

  108. Really, honestly. This is one of the most profoundly cute things I’ve ever seen on this site. And that is saying quite a bit!! The vid Lola posted is heartbreakingly adorable too.


    Sweet wittle baby so tye-tye.

    I wanna eat ‘im!

  110. I propose a new Law of Cuteness: “Slowly nodding off while trying to stay awake is TEH CUTEST THING EVAR.”

  111. This is like film of my biggest dream evar coming true. (dies of joy)

  112. AuntieMame says:

    Teri, I think you mean the “Awesome Pawsome” show that was on Animal Planet a few years ago. I saw it and loved it. Especially the birthday cake celebration where the big pushy one snagged his little sister’s cake.

    Tigers are my favorite animal ever, and this one is just too adorable for her own good.

  113. Another Angela says:

    It’s in Seattle? We could have a cuteologist meeting and do some analyses!

  114. I don’t care if he’s going to grow up to eat me. I could go happy. COME HERE FOR A SNORGLE!!!

  115. It… it’s got a Pooh Bear!! And… it… it snuggles with the Pooh Bear!!!!

    I think Rule of Cuteness #31 should be… If you fall asleep slowly but surely… it’s cute!! 😉 Haha

  116. this same cub is in another video 🙂

  117. dang it! that was the wrong link 😦 apologies! this one is correct. I promise.

  118. It is interesting that the tiger cub is not much different in its actions that a domestic kitten. It is very cute and loveable. I wonder how domesticated a tiger can become through constant love and being fed regularly. Obviously it would be risky to attempt, but it has been done by some with large land areas. I would prefer tigers (lions etc) be left in the wild and it is a shame when they are hunted.

  119. and once the tiger is asleep, the following poem is appropriate:

    Tranquil Tiger
    This tiger is sprawled
    So still and so flat
    A question arises
    When glancing thereat-
    Is he asleep?
    To be perfectly frank
    He looks more as if
    He was creamed by a tank!

    i hope at least a couple of you know where that’s from.
    the pics today are great and today is my birfday!

  120. The perfect sleepy-time meditation type content. Something so zen about this *yawn* *falling into adorable dreams of cuddly zzz’s* G’night folks.

  121. I love both the massivity and passivity of those paws.

  122. Oh, its all about sleepy squirming. I think that should be a rule: Sleepy + Squirming = So Cute its Painful To Others.

    I want to take you and hold you with your head tucked under my chin and we will have a nice stripey nap.

  123. acelightning says:

    Baby *anythings* are cute – I’ll bet even baby armadillos make people go “awwww…”. Big-cat babies (lions, tigers, pumas, ocelots, etc.) are just big ole kittens, and kittens are practically the definition of cute. (And that little squawky meow just slays me!)

  124. Shanchan… I’ll call the zoo on Friday and see if they’re able to be viewed, if the mama is there, how many in the litter, etc. I didn’t see anything on the Woodland Park Zoo website, so… I shall update as soon as I know anything. *I’m comin’ little Tigger!*

  125. UPDATE: Here’s the story of the baby tiger and more video clips

  126. Aww…. he won’t be able to ‘have visitors’ until he’s 3 or 4 mos. old. But the zoo will be updating the site with videos and news of his development. Guess I’m not gonna go see ‘im this weekend after all. *kicks a rock*

  127. Could there be a new category called something like “Must…not…sleep…zzzzzz”. There’d be loads of vids in that one!

  128. I really think that babies falling asleep while being filmed should be yet another rule of cuteness. It’s simply precious!

  129. Cats do that pushing thing with their paws because they are so comfortable they are reminded of when they were at their mother’s teat. They do that to help the milk come out.

    I think knowing this makes it even more cute, so I thought I’d share it!

  130. AIEEEEEEEE!!! I wanna cuddle it!

    Geoffrey and Pyscho’s kitties are getting more and more ill-behaved by the day. Geoffrey nearly chewed my shoes to shreds today in college. Bad kitties.

  131. OH BLESS!! What an adorable leetle bebeh!! I want one! With a Pooh-Bear!

  132. I do believe that rule #29 can also be referred to as “air muffins”. tooo cute!

  133. AAAAAAHHHH!!! Its so *CUTE*!!! I didn’t know tiger cubs meowed ^_^

    Oh and ‘The first person who figures out how to make a domestic kitty with perfect tiger colors will be rich beyond imagination.’…I’ve seen one thats pretty close sat on the wall by my house. It was grey and orange rather than black and orange and looked like a tiny little tigger ^_^

  134. More sad than cute, where’s its mommy? It looks so lonely.

  135. The grumbly snurffle noise! *gasp* Eeeeeee!

  136. Award-winning! I think baby was trying to nurse on that stuffed zebra ear! Adorable mews — I wondered how our cats would react to that! hee-hee! Both of my girls had stuffed tigers in their cribs. I call the “making muffins” move “pitty-pat paws” or “kneading”. God, I think I just started LACTATING from the sheer cuteness of that cub!!!!! Must change shirt ….

  137. oh my god, soo cute, I want one!

  138. Cathryn Bauer says:

    I’ve been compelled to watch this video three times already. I’m working at home today, so Goddess knows how many times it will get a workout.

    I can’t believe the adorable face markings. The squawk, the paws.

    I also wonder, though, where this baby’s mommy is.

  139. I think there are definitely some sleepy eyes there too. Rule of cuteness!

  140. Tony James says:

    IWANNABABYTIGGAH!! I got to see the “new” babies at the Seattle Zoo a couple of years ago – not fair that the Seattleites get all the skwee 😦
    Is anyone else thinking what I’m thinking? ROADTRIP!!! 🙂

  141. Just watched the youtube video. Now I have to go take a low dose of aspirin to prevent that upcoming heart attack.

  142. OMG! TIGERZ!!1!

  143. Wowee zappo! I MUST SNORGLE IT! So tie-tie, and the little kitteh grunts just MAKE it for me! Both videos made me chuckle out loud and induced an instantaneous desire to snorgle his little belly while his paws “make biscuits” in my hair – GAWD!!

    (And the poetic quote above about tanks HAD to come from the Immortal Bill Watterson and Calvin & Hobbes…?)

  144. Long time lurker, first time poster. OH MY dOG. This is the cutest thing ever. I love all things tiger, leopard, lion…you know the BEEEEG cats. This baby tiger is how do you say it? ANERABLE.

  145. useta hada kitteh says:

    Hey! colurker! Happy birfday from yesterday! Hope you had lotsa cake and snorgles and stuff!

  146. “Baby animal falling asleep” should be another Rule of Cuteness.

  147. Has this vid been posted?Scottish Fold Kitten

  148. i think i just died and went to cute heaven. O. M. G.

  149. “Teri, I think you mean the “Awesome Pawsome” show that was on Animal Planet a few years ago. I saw it and loved it. Especially the birthday cake celebration where the big pushy one snagged his little sister’s cake.”

    That might well be the show I was thinking of AuntieMarmie! My hubby and I came across it while channelsurfing (he had the remote) and if there’s one thing the pair of us cannot resist, it’s babeh tiggers!

    I wish Animal Planet would air it again. 😦 I want to go to that place for certs, apparently they walk the tiggers.

  150. It’s all about that snarfully snorty annoyed sound.

  151. oy. the ‘tock action. too much 🙂

  152. Leetle widdew teeger squeaks…brief flash of zerbert-worthy pink teeger belleh…perfect oversize jellybean toe-padsies…oh my…the room is spinning…everything…going…black…


  153. Those are some PAWS. They are very cute but could do some major damage. I looked at my leather sofa while watching this and was happy my clawed kitty was well behaved.

  154. yes alicorn! that was definitely a calvin and hobbes poem!

  155. SlowLoris says:

    Never mind the falling asleep; surely there’s a guarantee of cuteness when any animal is at the stage of development where 50% of it is feet, and the other 50% is still trying to work out what to do with the feet.

  156. SlowLoris says:

    Oh yes – what I meant to say: check these out!

    And sorry for double post!

  157. I swear I can see how much the cub has grown in the last 24 hours…

  158. i want to take him home and snuggle with him!!!!

  159. Oh, the sweet adorable baby! I feel the same way this morning *claws at the air in a ‘world-go-away-now-I-need-sleepies’ motion*

  160. SlowLoris — fixed it.

  161. Ga ga ga ga ga ga ga ga

    I can’t talk adult talk now

    Ga ga ga ga goo goo gooooo


    Help??? lol

  162. So adorable. I think I just died.

  163. Oooh, the little baby tie tie is soooo…tie tie!

  164. It made my dog bark.

  165. Loose translation of kneading paw motion:

    must maul, must maul, must… something…so soft… zzzz

  166. Oh my goodness, did I kill Meg with teh cute???

  167. Jen S. me thinks you may have.

  168. My heart just cried (and so did my face, but over Algebra). I think he wants his Mommy! Here’s a hug to you you wittle kitty witty! *baby voice*

  169. Karen in Toronto says:

    Well, nuffin much is happening, so… I thought this was cute:

  170. LATEST UPDATE FROM SEATTLE: The little tiger is a “she” and they’re going to try to reunite her with her mother, and then, if all goes well, THEN she’ll be able to be viewed by the public. So for all those Seattle-ites like me (and those crying ROAD TRIP!)who wanted to race over there this weekend, the news frpm the zoos is that she’s still being kept out of sight for the time being. 😦

  171. (On phone to Emergency Services)
    “Peeps are losing their powairs of zair speech, nay fainting, nay dyingk, all around!”

    “Hold the phone.” (interrupted by Karen in Toronto)

    OK, Apparently, Karen in Toronto says, “nuffin is happening…”

    “Nevermind.” (hanging up phone call to Emergency Services)

    (Walking through C Of Peeps)
    Karen in Toronto! May I call you KiT? (not waiting for answer) Ah! Loved the kitty vid. LOVED it. (kicking away Peep grabbing at pant leg) SOOOO, the tail action on that kitty. Fabulous. The tail. Marvelous. Let’s go find Meg!

  172. gravyboat says:

    Awww, how about the way his ear gets smooshed down at the end because he’s too tired to keep his head up? Adorable!!!

  173. [snicker]
    That cat was NEVER going to attack. Ears forward, question-mark tail, watching for the next pawstep as much as the camera… good soundtrack & payoff, though.

  174. ROFLM squee off!
    Great kitvid Karen in T!

  175. Had I been the videographer of deah KiT’s linkatage I dare say I could not have held still the camera for fits of apoplexia. Surely, there was a sure and steady, nay, steely hand at the lens. Lucky for us.

  176. No New Qte?

    Luckily, this one will do to tide us over.

    Wuvs the paddy-paws and the overwhelming seepy-ness.

  177. Karen in Toronto says:

    Stheriously sinuous tail. The Iams web site pointed out a few cat body language tips, but that tail: positively eleGAWNT!

    If that kitteh had a dark grey chin and a half-pink nosicle, he’d look very much like Fiasco T. Peabrain (has The Appointment at the Vet in two weeks — for de-bobbling, you know).

  178. Mr. C.O. Vocab. (meeep) takingk. “will do”. out-of-lurkertype’s-vocab. This. wont. hurt. a. bit. (meeep).

  179. KiT, that was fabooo!! Snarky title, sharky music, then tiny “meeeeeeiuuuuuu.”

  180. aaand….super tailio action!

  181. MEG!!!!! Where are you? I need my dose of cute today…it’s a Friday from H-E-double toothpicks!!!

  182. Tony James says:
  183. ***********************
    I NEED MY DOSE!!!!!!!!!

  184. (Gingerly sidestepping, fang-faced, from SweetPea)
    “Grim times. Welp,…” (drumming fingers) . . .

    “Let’s get this party started!
    Get this party starteh-hed!”

    Quick! What’s the plural of platypus!


    I know a game. Let’s ask rhetorical questions and answer them with rhetorical questions!

  185. Pyrit… platipi? platipeese? platiparty?

  186. MamaDawn – Bbbrrreeppp. Try again. Or you can buy a hint.

    MamaDawn wants to buy a hint!

    Rhymes with Star Wars wise character who talks in reverse. “Jedi, you are?” for example. Real ear-y Dude.

  187. …Rhoda??

  188. Theo wins a trip to Minneapolis.

  189. Oh woo HOO.
    [looks out window]
    …close enough

  190. wait WAIT wait Pyrit waitjussasec… “Rhoda” is the plural of “platypus”?!
    (SOMEbody just may be weirder even than me)

  191. Aww, sure, (makes game-show-host-quotes)
    MamaDawn wins a trip to Tigerrific Seee-yattle!
    She got extra points for

    Stay tuned for the next round of Wheel of Platypus.
    Er, Platypoda.


    You know, I think that sleeping with a stuffed animal when you are, in fact, an animal, should be a rule of cuteness as well.

    But that’s just my humble opeenion.

  193. Oh yeah, Rhoda is TOTALLY the plural of platypus. I’ll buy that.

    Also, has anyone heard that the Monterey Bay Aquarium has two baby otters?

  194. Without trying to fling around the honourable ROC quals., I agree that surely, at the very least, ‘Trying not to fall asleep’ should be a Rule. (May I suggest ‘Must. Stay. Awake.’ as a title.) Which I think covers
    – falling asleep mid- action,
    – nodding off,
    – head lolling, and
    – blinky-nodding off.
    Though I think a ROC for sleeping with stuffed animals may not narrow the field much.

  195. People!

    I just found out that yesterday (when this was posted) was WINNIE THE POOH DAY!

    Who knew?

  196. GreenEyedHawk says:

    That noise that the baby tiger makes…is that tiger-language for “MEER!!”?

  197. When I played that one, my bestest dog ever woofed at the puter.

  198. I would suggest an additional Rule of Cuteness: if you’re so tired that you’re struggling to keep your head up (and, preferably, falling onto the pillow in slow motion) then you’re cute!


    Scroll down a little bit for all the tiger links. Thanks!

  200. “I am a huge fan of the gravitational sleepyhead plop.”


    Thees ees SO a Tigger (look, it cuddled up to Pooh!).

    Major cute-osity. Snorglicious.

  201. darkshines says:

    Because of this ideo, I had the most amazing dream last night, that my mat managed to breed little babies tiger cubs…….that had mniture angel wings! Little white fluffy wings! They were too little to fly yet though ^_^

  202. I liked this but it made me feel ssaaaaaaaaaad! Cats do that kneading when they stimulate their mother’s milk gland. That little tiger hasn’t got a Mummy!

  203. Aimee – check out the press releases and video clips on my blog at
    I live in Seattle, where the baby tiger lives, and I’ve been in touch with the people at the zoo and am trying to keep my blog updated with any new news.

  204. jbrisson says:

    Another rule.. if your eyes close before your head hits the pillow, its gotta be cute.

  205. paralogik says:

    Rule of Cuteness #31

    If you will one day be a very big thing, but are currently a very small thing, you are a cute thing.