Battle Royale!

It’s true, when your ears are folded back, you’re WAAAAY faster. Try it! [Flight of the Bumblebee music]


Iiiiiiii’m gittin’ awaaaay!!! Nyyyyyyyyyyyyerrrrowwww [drive-by sound]


OK, you caught moi, Forgiving licking action


People do you KNOW how lucky we are to have Malingering’s photo stream among us!? DIDN’T THINK SO!
Also, props to Eva H., who hand-picked these photos special.



  1. I love the second pic!! All I can see is Roadrunner!! Beep beep!!!

  2. Oh, and first comment!!


  3. That’s adorable and really shows the high jinks of kittens. Makes me want another kitten, but am sure my 8 and 11-year old cats would vote no!

  4. useta hada kitteh says:

    StormCat — those ain’t ducks, those is kittehs! (but I really do know what you meant…)

    Of course, putting your ears back makes you faster — reduces the air drag.

  5. BlueFairy says:

    I have three two year old ‘kittens’ and it’s like this all day at my house. They sound like a herd of ponies, especially after I go to bed at night.

  6. That second picture reminds me of the Rabbit logo on the old VW Rabbits (and the newly redesigned ones too)

  7. violetgreen says:

    Middle picture: beautiful action shot! A cartoon-cat cel come to life!

  8. Great photos, love this site (& Meg & Theo) more every day. What does “props” mean? Not in the glossary, is it geek speak I missed? Ta ever so…

  9. useta hada kitteh says:

    Yesterday, someone named Mary took issue with the sort of language we use here on Cute Overload, and I wanted to respond to her. Rather than scroll back and find where she commented, I’m just going to comment here and plead your indulgence.

    Mary, I’ve been considering your problem with the way Cute Overload uses the English language. You expressed a concern about the use of “childish” terms. I think that over the time that Cute Overload has been on the internet, people have discovered that using solemn, adult language doesn’t do justice to their feelings or to the pictures, when they are commenting on the attractiveness of a small mammal or bird. You also asked when this change in language occurred. Some time ago, I began a study of the development of Snorglish, as some of the perpetrators of the CO language refer to it, and although that study is incomplete (due to the lack of federal funding), I discovered that the transmogrification of the language from normal adult-speak to Snorglish began quite early in Cute Overload history. It now seems to have become an accepted, and for the most part, delighted in, development. It adds to the joy and fullness of expression of the comments.

    That’s just my two cents…or perhaps twenty-five…

    Sign me,

    One whose household, in the past, included domesticated felines

    ACKKKK!!! I cain’t do this no more! Look at the CYOOT K!TT1ES!!!!11!!! Run run run, kitteh!

    …my head just asploded from trying to hold my reaction to Teh Qte ™ in!

  10. Oh lawdy lawdy! This is just killin me!! Adorable!

  11. My day has just been made that much better by these pics.

    (my comment cherry has been popped!)

    And in response to ezreader:

    Props are what you “give” to someone for a job well done. You know, you prop something up against the wall… lift it up.

    Crap. It’s hard to explain. I’m too pasty for this.

  12. useta hada kitteh says:

    Also re: “props”, somewhere (wikipedia?) I read that it’s short for “giving someone their proper dues”. In other words, Yay!

    I keep having to come back and see this race-car kitteh again and again! (But doesn’t it bother the marmie to have its fur licked the wrong way?)

  13. I just saw the Flickr account that’s linked with those pics and ITS AWESOME!!!
    Besides the snorgleicious kittehs…there’s also funny “people watching” pics.

  14. marsheeeee says:

    My 7-year old cats do this all the time too, so it isn’t just kittens. These pictures made me laugh out loud…thanks for making my morning!

  15. That second photo ROCKS. I can just hear the Tom-n-Jerry cartoon scrambling sounds!!! Great photography, I’m envious.

  16. Awwwwww…my big kitteh and kitten do that several times a day! In fact, I think I have a few shots of them in the third-pic pose. Unfortunately, this is the closest that I have loaded to photobucket:

  17. I’m impressed by the toys. Obviously they own the house if the cat beds are strewn all over the place, even on the sofa.

  18. Oops, sorry…’puter hiccup.

  19. Lof the tailio action in the second pic! A perfect example of the new Collapsacat Stadium seat. Comes with toys.

  20. martha in mobile says:

    I love how the kitten’s marking extends perfectly from her closed eye (3rd pic). Sort of like Cleopatra in an extravagant mood.

  21. OMG! Those are just like my cats. Same coloration, same hijinx. Especially the licking 🙂

  22. Wow – folded kitteh, convenient for transport – fits into the TSA-approved carry on.

  23. LOL on Snorglish, useta!

    llamas, what sweet babies!

  24. Ginger kitty: “Why you little…”

    Little Kitteh: “Yeehaw! Chasemechasemechaseme!”

    soo freakin’ cute…I also want a kitty, but my older ones would disapprove.

  25. First pic: We should be extremly pleased by the appearance of the rarest of the feline family: the elusive, not-often-captured-on-photo Kangaroo Kitteh!

  26. Dear “useta hada kitteh”:

    I agree completely with your post. I have noticed that most of us here at CO are not only literate, but well-acquainted with the intricacies of the English language … and therefore entitled to goof on it at will.

    Our poets laureate are Aubrey, Pyrit, Theo and Meg (and, please forgive me, any of you other brilliant ones that I’m spacing on right this minute!).

    Okay, lectern microphone turned off. Did you SEE that kitteh RUN?! Beep-beep indeed, and then the final chapter is a classic “I Shall Leeck You” photo-op!

    I never “squee.” I just go “tee-HEEEEEE!!!!”

    Er, ahem. Sorry. “Everything is back to norbal now.”

  27. There are some really great pics in that photostream, but this one made me LOL most:

    Flying ‘Tocks!


  28. my goodness! I went to the website and there is all sorts of great pictures of pouncing and racing and levitating oh my!

  29. blueberries4me says:

    sigh, love animal lurve.


  31. Simpson O'Brien says:

    What a beautiful sight! Hey, peeps, hug your varmints today. Last nite while walking my golden Maggie I came across a little kitteh (wild) scrounging for food in 25 degree weather. I tried everything to catch her but she’s pretty fearful. Put a blanket down under her “building” and will try the safe-trap tonite. Oh, the poor homeless little critters. HUMANS can be so mean…..I’d much rather hang out on CO anyday! meow and woof

  32. Well actually Leah…i dont know if this is what you meant…but i think that yes…the submissive look on the big cat face is quite cute…he looks so happy to have her on top:)

  33. TEH paws!!!

    Looks like my cat as a kitten. The grey one, love it, want to hug the stuffing out of it.

  34. Look at ’em go. This baby is FULL of high octane Kitten Juice.

  35. A couple of you have commented on how your “older” kittehs would disapprove of you getting a kitten – I’m too lazy to go back and look for names –
    after the initial hissing and growling, which can generally last a couple days to who knows how long, I would bet the adult kittehs end up lurvin it!
    I have older cats and younger cats together (a result of previously doing foster care), and they all run up and down the hall together at times.
    Even the two senior boys – somewhere around 13 to 15 years old!
    I think the younger ones keep them active and joyful!

  36. the little fella here is a total doppelganger for Baffle:

    btw, Baffle also makes an appearance in the !yay! picture:

  37. Wow! Love the action shots! Baby kitteh looks like she’s trying to break the sound barrier. I bet most of the time she’s just this blur and puff of air with the occasional cat hair floating down to mark her path.

    useta, i’m withya. Since the recent cuts in funding to major reserch, Snorglish research has been reduced to a small band of self-selecting Cuteologists who nevertheless faithfully carry out daily experiments.

    Studies have shown that regular English just doesn’t express the major chemical changes in our brains in reaction to QTE.

    ::looks at photo,slips on monocle, turns to fellow Cuteologist::

    oh my god. ponies.

    ::takes monocle off::

    …nope, doesn’t work.

  38. Airplane ears!

  39. you guys r silly says:

    They are ALL totally amazing! I think Malingering must have THE MOST HYPER kittehs EVAR! (*STHTUPER * KITTEHS*!)

  40. CG, did you elevate your pinky as you spoke? LOL! Oh, I do mean Laughing. Out. Loud.

  41. you guys r silly says:

    PLUS! : I forgot to mention, there is some
    in a whole lot of the shots!!

  42. Second photo is F-14 Tomcat in action.

  43. My older cat/new kitten chase each other all over the place, but unfortunately there is no forgiving licks/cuddles at the end. Sigh. I’m sooo jealous!

  44. That is teh AWESOMEST action shot ever!!!! It may have to become wallpaper…

  45. That is so presh.

  46. Haha! Wow! That was some awesome shooting there to catch the cat while he was “Accordian running” away. Those pictures win the internet.

  47. misscrisp says:

    That second shot is PURE Eadweard Muybridge. (pretty much best name evar)
    And it made me giggle out loud with joy.

  48. Stephanie S. says:

    And about malingering’s photostream, did you see this “gem”? gross!

  49. oy vey, that link of all of the deliciously cute kitteh pictures are taking up waaaaayyyy too much of my time!

  50. luckycliff says:

    what we have here is one of those mysterious cats with the stripy spots… could somebody please asplain to me how the cat hair knows to do that? thank you!

  51. To the victor(?)…go the spoils…

  52. I love how in the second pic, the little fella is on one paw!


  54. I see this all the time with my cats, but alas, no forgiving leeckingks ever happen.

    Just 24/7 the kitten harassing the older cat.


    That second picture, of kitten at full gallop, is not only anerable, it’s awesome photography.

  55. The fantastic loping action in picture 2! and the helicopter ears in pic 1! We call them helicopter ears at my house, anyway. Cats get helicopter ears when anything Odd is going on, as in this CO example:

  56. Zoom!


  57. The first one is just purrfect!!

  58. You guys are way too kind. The kitties thank you for your sweet words.

  59. you guys r silly says:

    Your kitties are amazing! I checked out most of the pics on flickr – I can’t believe how many awesome action pics you managed to capture! Very Cool!
    Please give your kittehs *schnorgles* from me!

  60. Ceejoe: I thought a kitten would perk up the older one, but no, she reacted as if I had brought something truly scary into the house. Once the baby figured THAT out, she took charge and mercilessly attacks and chases the old girl at every opportunity. It’s been 2 years, now and the routine never changes.

    Back to the pics: LURV the action sequences! But I recognize that lick – It’s the lick preceding the kick!

  61. CG, thank you thank you thank you for making me blow Sprite out my nose. Yes, please, let us all put on our monocles and discuss these photos in a rational, calm, grammatically correct manner.

    “I say, capital feline-age today. My, but the QTE runneth over, what what?”

    Nehhh… more like “OMGBBQ kiiiiiiitieeeeeeeeees!”

  62. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Yes, this is some beautiful photograph! Perfect motion-capture–check out how perfectly frozen the first photo is, with the big cat just pooouring off the couch in a liquid leap, and that li’l action figure kitten just sprinting away! And I think I’m totally completely in love with that second photo. NYEEEEEOOOOUUUUWWWWMMM!!!

    So when does the little parachute come out of the kitten’s heinie?

  63. Brak_Silverbone – “So when does the little parachute come out of the kitten’s heinie?” 😯 ROTFLMAO!!! Priceless!

  64. AuntieMame says:

    Yes, let’s all use propah English to discuss the C.O. photographs.

    “I say, Reginald, did you see the topping photographs of the levitating felines on Cute Overload today?”

    “Oh my, yes, Oliver. I did see them and my cranial cavity has detonated.”

    *discreet chirping vocalizations*

  65. the proper adult-like you guys r silly says:

    Yes, I certainly do agree that the two felines in the photographs presented for our amusement today are certainly entertaining.
    I found their light-hearted antics and comedy hijinks refreshing and I welcomed the delightful moments of levity that they brought to my normal routine this afternoon.
    Thank you ever so much for sharing these frolicking animal images with us.
    I always find CO to be of the utmost in pleasantness.

  66. nothing’s as good as make-up snorgles!

  67. Long time Malingering fan, first time poster to CO…

    If you think Milo and Zumi are cute, you oughta see Amir and the Garbage Lady. 😉

  68. hi-KEEBA!

  69. I have to say as a photographer – I would give me right arm (no, ’cause then I couldn’t take photos – maybe me left toe) to have taken that 2nd shot. Holy smokes!

    And the cuteness factor goes without saying, since it is kittehs, after all!

  70. Gorgeous kittens.

    And those responding to the individual who didn’t appreciate Snorglish, props. (I wanted to do the same in a more proper fashion, but I didn’t want to become embroiled in a face-off. Or write-off. Can’t we just all have dance-offs to settle disagreements and be done with it?)

  71. Goodness me, the second picture is top contender for funnies most heart warming kitteh picture ever to grace my line of vision. It made me feel young today, added that extra zip to my stroll.

  72. Sorry, Alexis, we can’t. I’d blow you away with my fabulousity of tap-dancing. No use just setting yourself up for failure.

  73. Laini LeStrange says:

    I luvs the taily-copter action in the second pic!

  74. Oh my goodness! I can’t take it, that’s too stinking cute. Love double X back feet in front of the front feet action. His tail looks like a crooked question mark.

  75. Oh – and I wanted to add, about the language. My above post was my first post ever, but I’ve been coming here a while. When I first saw this site I thought the language strangely familiar because it is very similar to what I think in my head when *speaking* to my own animals. Obviously offended person is not as up to date on this kind of stuff 😛

  76. GAhahahahahahahaaahah (continue on forever until *poit* head explodes)

    Kitteh Runnin Feets is way way way Qte!

  77. acelightning says:

    That second shot – of the kitten in mid-gallop – surely deserves some sort of “action photo” award! (But it’s not a rear view, so it’s not eligible for the cat-ass-trophy!)

    Luckycliff, a cat that has some colored/patterned parts and some white parts is whatever the color/pattern is – this one appears to be a grey tabby. The white areas are considered “white spots”, genetically, even when they cover more area than the underlying color. Sometimes they cover the entire cat, and only the eye color, and maybe a very faint ghost of the tabby “M” on the forehead, indicate that it’s not an albino cat. (I have a friend who has a cat that’s all white except for calico ears and tail. The tail looks like it belongs on a different cat!)

  78. I just put my ears back, opened my eyes really wide, and … RACED AROUND THE ROOM!!!!! The daily kitty run has begun!

  79. Somebody stole my kitten!

    That grey and white kitteh is a clone of my kitten, Simone. It’s spooky how similar they are! And that’s just how she acts, too…torment a big cat one minute, skitter away, then kiss and make up.

  80. AceLightning — [spbpphhhhthttt!!] …the WHAT trophy???

  81. the EYES !!!

    in the first pic …

    check out little kitteh’s eyes

  82. Acelightning????

    WoW that sounds familiar!!!

    I guess the only kitty i can have right now is a virtual one! :=0

  83. Pika Hikari KT says:

    [quote=Theo]AceLightning — [spbpphhhhthttt!!] …the WHAT trophy???[/quote]

    Pun of ‘catastrophy’. Otherwise known as a total disaster.XD Nya-nya!(yes, I was trying to imitate Road Runner using a cat sound…>^.^< )

    The third piccie’s so cute…the senior kitty is not amewsed at the attempt of an apology.:p

  84. acelightning says:

    Theo – I *know* I’m not the first person to ever refer to that particular award on CO… but if I were, it wouldn’t be a catastrophe 😉

    Rafael – I think you’re confusing me with someone else, because I’m pretty sure I don’t know anyone by that name. And if “WoW” is supposed to be a clue, no, I’ve never played it. Sorry.

  85. The first thing I thought of was the Road Runner (as many of y’all have as well).

    Beep beep, little kitteh!

  86. The third picture is adorable. I can’t quite describe how, but it sure is.