NO EFFING WAY, People.Anyone that has ever even HEARD of owning a kitteh will not believe this one.  A scuba diving, swimming kitteh. It’s really unreal. Check it.

Mark O.? YOu make the world MORE redonkulous with this submishe. Way to gerhe.

// NOTE FROM THEO — ahem… the other post just like this one may be found here… though I’ve closed the comments on that version 😉 //



  1. I saw this a few weeks ago…. LOVED IT!!!

  2. useta hada kitteh says:

    Hey! Where’d this kitteh come from? I just got finished telling MC2 and Sarah that the scuba diving kitteh was down among yesterday’s posts, and up she bobs to the top!

    Funny swimming kitteh! Woot!

  3. Teughcats says:

    And all the previous comments vanished! TypePad is entering another dimension again…

  4. Freaky Friday on Wacky Wednesday.

  5. ShelleyTambo says:

    Huh. I was wondering what Meg meant when she wrote that there were two vids in a row.

    Anyway, yay Hawkeye for destroying the stereotype of swimmers and divers being so svelte.

  6. wtf
    Alright when do we have the mountain climbing goldfish?
    Or is this cat very fussy about the freshness of her fish?

  7. It cracks me up the way he just floats and lets the guy drive him around in the water. I can’t believe this doesn’t totally freak him out!

  8. OMG! So cute. See those little foots floating in the water? 😛

  9. I wonder if that diving gear comes in a hamster size…?

  10. Is anyone else here seeing double? (i.e., vid. has been posted below, too) or is it just me?

  11. O.
    His feets!
    *dies again*

  12. Weird.

  13. Oops, this is posted twice. So our speculations about skydiving, rock climbing, rapids shooting, and downhill skiing with Hawkeye have all been lost.


  14. Jazzy_Joe says:

    That is so crazy! Who would have thought about it?

  15. sadiesauce says:

    I dunno. I kind of find it deeply disturbing.

  16. Now I’ve seen everything!

  17. A thinker:
    1. Scroll down!
    2. Cheer up!

  18. O.K. That’s just compeletly nutty!

    And Hawkeye’s owder has WAAAY too much time and money to spare!


  19. *mouth hanging open, eyes bugging out* SPEECHLESS… no way…. ????

  20. Ah. Equilibrium restored. Thanks, pyrit 😉

  21. A thinker – Thanks really to Theo.
    For a sec I was real worried about my *brilliant* Darwin comment becoming extinct.

  22. I don’t want to sound like a nuffingham – but this seems more disturbing than cute.

  23. brokentreasures says:

    I think it’s irresponsible to take chances with your pets like this!!!

  24. Catfish!

    … sorry. Had to. Scuba-diving cats .. I luv it. ^^
    Teh fishies will never be safe again… ^.~

  25. Of all the pro and con comments.. I happen to think this is lovely.. if either of my cats would even remotely tolerate scuba diving.. I’d totally take them along.. awesomeness.. definitely

  26. LOL! How cute is THAT!

  27. Oh my goodness… I visit CO every day (obv several times/day) and I never comment, but I *had* to here!!

    Instead of the doggy-paddle (how insulting, of course!), this kitteh is doing the Kitteh-paddle!

  28. Hey, if the cat (and her doggy friend) enjoy it, why not? Neither animal seemed at all traumatized or upset. It’s cute!

  29. My college has a rule that all pets must live underwater in an aquarium. Since I moved in, I’ve missed all my fuzzy animals!

    Well, looks like problem solved. I just need Hawkeye!

  30. What? I…*mind boggling*

    Where do I get one of these superkitties?

  31. does anyone know how i can get in touch with that dude? I NEEEEEED some scuba gear for my kitteh!

  32. Whew.
    Clearly we have completed a chaos today.

  33. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Oh, my god! That’s so cute! And she swims on her own, too… Se must have some tiger in her… ^_^
    And yay for cat/dog friendship! ^_^

  34. I’m sure the kitty or his mate are not traumatized… They seem to be very at ease in the underwater world. But… I completely agree with brokentreasures, this seems very irresponsible. A cat can’t pressurize his ears like we do. And what if he gets the decompression sickness? How do you recognize the symptoms? Who treats him if he gets sick? Nobody knows how a cat’s body reacts to increasing pressure, so you can’t really know what’s going to happen, even if he doesn’t dive very deep.
    It comes down to ethics again. I agree, this looks cute, but I wouldn’t take risks like that with animals or babies who can’t decide for themselves. I am a diver myself (just a beginner, but still) but I know and understand the risks, so it’s my own choice.

  35. I wonder how the Naked Ones would feel about this. They at least would have an easy dry off after swimming.

    The best part? Hawkeye’s little legs paddling away under water!!

  36. My favorite show! I get to watch another episode of “Squee Hunt”!

  37. So wait a minute…do I get to say that I was on CO TWICE then?!

    Er, I mean, that the video I found, liked, carefully captioned for my deaf friends, and posted to Google Video is on CO twice? (And yes, I did get the guy’s name wrong, can you spot the other error?)

    You. Made. My. Day. SRSLY.

  38. BTW, folks, for the people concerned about fish swimming by, kitty equalizing the water pressure for her ears, etc:

    She’s in a backyard swimming pool the whole time. It’s probably not deep enough to cause pressure changes, and there are no feesh.

  39. Hi Meredith. It’s been a crazy day. Do you know the cat & dog (and their handlers)?

  40. She’s a redonkulous kitteh. Does she maybe think she’s a dog, with the doggie best friend and loving to swim?

    The mind is boggled. But what a clever girl Hawkeye is! Getting her person to build her a special rig, and then having him move her around so she doesn’t have to exert any effort at all? Floating weightless must be nice since she seems a, er, sturdy cat.

    I shall be stunned all day by this. Hee!

  41. Puddles' Friend says:

    My cat, Puddles, is so named because we have never been able to keep her out of the water. She showers with EVERYONE in the house, everyday. If she hears the shower turned on and can’t get in the door, she meows and claws at it until you let her in. She jumps in the baby pool. She sits under the sprinkler.

    If she sees this video, she’s gonna want a scuba tank. Please–no one tell her. . .

  42. Well, I guess reincarnation is real because I keep dying and coming back to life. This one killed me, but here I am!! 😀

  43. OK, back again – my concern isn’t “animal abuse” here, more like “Why would you *want* to put a dog/cat/rabbit/whatever in scuba gear and *then* make them learn to dive/swim?”

    It just seems completely unnatural and, well – not quite sane, maybe? 😉

  44. Why would anybody WANT to make a career out of fixing databases, or reviewing music? Why would anyone WANT to climb Mt. Everest? Why would anyone WANT to grab that brass ring?


  45. “Why would anyone WANT to grab that brass ring?”

    Personally, T., I’m always scared that I’ll throw an elbow out. Those carousels are TOUGH.

  46. Who says cats can’t scuba dive? Go Hawkeye! He’s even got a Warrior name.

  47. ok for the comments about the cat pressurizing his ears… he doesn’t have to! His ears are in the helmet, not in the water!!! WTF!!

  48. I think that’s vaguely awesome, BUT I would be far too worried about something going wrong… But then, I’m mortally afraid of drowning. It’s beyond the normal fear.

  49. Brak_Silverbone says:

    That is awesome! The best part is how blase Hawkeye seems to be about it. Just takin’ it in stride, one more feline milestone reached!

  50. Has anyone seen the copy I loaned out of 20,000 Leagues Under the Squee?

  51. So you’re saying Hawkeye is in fact Cattin’ Nemeow, of the submarine vessel Pawtilus?

  52. Okay – somebody needs to check Hawkeye for a zipper, cause that is NOT a cat! It’s a tiny, tiny human diving addict who’s looking for a free ride. Seriously.

  53. Anyone who thinks it’s possible to force a cat to do something they don’t want to has never, ever lived with a cat!

  54. OMG this is just like Benji, back in the 80’s!


  55. Thank you for the captions to this video, since I have a mild hearing problem and really appreciate any captioning I can get to make sure I get all the words right. It means a lot to me.

  56. eikoleigh says:

    that’s fantastic – awesome!

  57. The epitome of redonk RIGHT HERE.

  58. Martha in Washington says:

    A scuba-diving, dog-loving cat?!
    Doesn’t anyone else realize that is one of the signs of the Apocalypse?!?!

    Other than that, cute.

  59. How cute is that!?!? She just kinda hangs there and lets him pull her around in the water. With her little tail trailing behind her….That is too cute!!

  60. superfurball says:

    I’m not happy with this video – it’s disturbing and I worry about the cat’s safety. Very irresponsible of owner.

  61. That kitteh deserves many *snorkels* [heee!] for her bravery and patience.

  62. That is so bizarre… and cute!

    I love how spoiled the kitteh is and I love that they feed Innova. Makes me feel good. 😀

  63. I don’t like this. It’s scary. How would the owner ever know if the cat ran out of air or something? It’s just dangerous and I’m worried for the cat and dog.

  64. Erm… Lauren and SuperFurBall… it’s not like Hawkeye goes diving *alone*.

  65. Hmmm…somehow I think that there’s far less to worry about in this situation than some peeps are fretting over. I suspect the dives only take place in the pool and not for very long.

  66. Wow! Never seen something like that!

  67. o.O;; Hehe I’m not as qorried for the cat’s safety, her owner is a veteran diver, I think he’d know if something ever went awry.

    The only concern I have is, is all that chlorine/salt water good for the cat’s skin?

  68. Well, both salt & chlorine tend to dry out *my* skin. Prolly bout the same for cats.

  69. ok, that beats the skateboarding bulldog hands down.

  70. “Cattin’ Nemeow, of the submarine vessel Pawtilus?”
    THEO!!!!!!! LOL

  71. You’d know when the cat runs out of air. Oxygen tanks have a meter on them. And some even have a back up. I’m pretty sure the diver, who seems to be a professional in that field, knew to cover all his bases when making the gear for his kitty. And don’t you think he’d notice when his own cat starts to act weird underwater? I bet you he even knows pet CPR (hell I do). I think some people are worrying just a little too much.