Sleeping McQuackersons

First a shoe, then a shoulder, then a lap. "Martin" the duck (who turned out to be FEMALE, d’oh!) sleeping everywhere she can catch a break…  It goes without saying that Martin (Martina?!) is 110% prosh.




Wait for it….

there are EYE CAPSULES involved!!!



And now, all growed up—Ahn. Nice graceful neck curve, Martina.


As far as submishes go, this one is tops. Stherious, Katie J. Now, go back to class.



  1. oh, she’s absolutely beautiful…

  2. Ohhhh…. a duckling.
    I always wanted a pet duckling.
    At the U of Oregon there was a duckpond across the way from my department. Every spring the little ducklings would be scooting around the pond flexing their little wing nubbies all proud of themselves. They were one of the most marvelous things ever.

  3. Adorable! My sister lives in Hawaii, and there’s a canal behind the house where LOTS of duckies congregate. She’ll love this!

  4. Squee! So cute! And yes, eye capsules!

    …oh. The duck?

  5. sadiesauce says:


    I can hardly take the little tweaky beak.

  6. So cute!
    And the duck aint bad either….

  7. SweetPea: my sentiments exactly!

  8. Wow – *great* photo sequence!

    I want a shoeduck of my very own. 😉

  9. seriously, let’s take bets about how many comments there will be about the boy in these pictures…


  10. I’d like to see a boy vs. duck showdown in the cute tracker. Who do you think would win?

  11. A duckie on the shoulder? If I was a pirate, I might get a shoulder duckie instead of a parrot. Quacktastic!!

  12. He is a very cute emo boy in an adorable blue outfit, and he is an excellent accessory for the adorable yellow ducklette!

  13. kestrien, I think the guy would win. At least he does in my book. But then, this site *does* pander to a mostly-female demographic (honoured exceptions like Teho notwithstanding…)

  14. Melissa – Sometimes “if” is a very, very big word. 🙂

  15. leprechaun says:

    The duckie on the shoulder! EEEEE!

    That is one not-ugly duckling.

  16. Awwwwwww, it’s like the ugly duckling story, except that the duckie was cute from the beginning itself!

    I love how coy she looks in the last pic – as if she’s smiling bashfully!!!! *SPLODE*

  17. A friend and I raised an orphaned wild duckling, Mr. Peepers, one summer. Here is the secret about raising a duckling: If you have a tame duckiling with you, wild ducklings will not fear you. We would take Mr. Peepers out to the manmade lakeside in my friend’s backyard (she lived on a golf course) and all the wild ducklings and would waddle all over to us (and on us) and let us pet them. Presumably because Mr. Peepers told them we were okay. Mr. Peepers, like Martin, also turned out to be a girl and is now happily living a semi-wild life on the golf course lake.

  18. I want to raise a duck someday.

  19. /threadjack

    I just had to share this. If you’re easily offended, don’t look. Being raised catholic myself I was expecting to get all righteous, but I’m too lazy (insert deadly sin reference here).

    /end threadjack

    sweet duck btw. cute lil peekaboo beak…

  20. “Flappy Feet!”

  21. Oh my god ! How a so cute Duck (l)

  22. CG – love it.

  23. What a cutie, even at that young age they are very strong and agile.

  24. blueberries4me says:

    In the last pic it looks like she is wearing duck shoes.

  25. Shouldn’t that be “sleeping anywhere she can get a beak?”

  26. Tee-hee, pyrit!

  27. Stock up on Duck Diapers!

  28. eikoleigh says:

    Too cute. Pet ducks are snuggly birds and very affectionate (at least my duckie was).

  29. I wish it was “Slepping McQuackersons”.

    (Last time I posted, I think the robot spam checker called me a name and blew me a raspberry. It said “nrrdtf”.

  30. [snicker] to Laurie C. Twice.

  31. BenPanced says:

    There are just no words to describe how adorable a duckie on a shoulder looks.

    Oops. Just did.

  32. Constance says:

    Hey meg, you know that duck is sleeping in a *shoe* not a *show* right?


    Heck, I don’t care where she sleeps! That duckie is adorable!

  33. Now I love me some cute as much as the rest of you, and yes the duck is cute. But screw the duck!! Hotness in the car much?

  34. The cute boy will never be able to play the saxaphone!

  35. Puddles' Friend says:

    Has martina met flapper? Love connection? You be the judge. . .

  36. Ben — “screw the duck” just doesn’t rhyme.

  37. Constance I think we should just let sleeping ducks lie.

  38. just read CG’s threadjack and peeped the link. O. M. Cheebus. coffee sure hurts when it comes out the nose that fast (wiping down keyboard).

  39. T., you hit the nail on the head.

    As rivet-ing as what Ben said,

    It didn’t scan right for the thread.

  40. Chucky Ducky!
    Chucky Ducky!

    They look so sweet and soft–I wanna pet one!

  41. Laurie C – Shuyeah, spam checker has snrgld me, and asked me wtf? To which I answered Frakff. Once, I got Nyrhe. I like to think of it as a little game we play.

  42. Aubrey — well “Chuck” rhymes. See also: Layla42

    [keeps on truckin’]

  43. But why add “Chuck” at all? Viachuck?

  44. Sorry, again, but how about a, “Duckies and Dickies” category?

  45. That last picture really makes me miss my old pet duck, Ernie (who also turned out to be a girl despite her name). That look is TEWTELLY the ducky equivalent of the Princess Di puppy-dog eyes.

  46. I went to that “get behind me jesus” website…becuz my weakness is curiousity.
    well now my coworkers think I’m a perv that’s into dog butts.

  47. I was referring to a link somebody posted on this comments page earlier.

  48. looks tewtally like my ducklings as babies then grown up…. and i luuuuuurve how he’s all how the QUACK did you get off of my back? feathers = stay on!!!!

  49. aubrey–

    aww chucks, i can’t think of anywhere they’d use that either…

  50. and with a baby duck asleep on his lap and not pooping (ours crapped everywhere) what a lucky duck!!!

  51. AlbertaGirl says:

    Duck Martin(s)?

    I can’t believe I’m the first person to say that…

  52. AlbertaGirl says:

    You know, because she’s slepping in shoes.

  53. Rosie –

    What the chuck! Use “chuck” too much and you’ll find it driven into the ground round here.

  54. Oh my gosh this is overwhelming. My friend Katie posted these pictures of my Martin as a surprise! Thanks for all the compliments– She was the most affectionate and cuddly pet I’ve ever had! She lived with me in my dorm room at college for a week before we drove out to her now more suitable home. As far as the boy goes, I can’t accept compliments on his behalf, but I’m sure he’d be flattered. : )

  55. My grey matter just imploded from the cutie-ness

  56. The sneakers, the car, the sideburns . . .it’s gotta be a Gremlin or a Pinto.

  57. Actually, it’s a civic, haha.

  58. Whitworthian says:

    Dave Weaver?

  59. What a beautiful duck! Or…is it a goose? >.>

  60. Absolutely wonderful photos of a duck gettin’ down with her boy!

  61. Wow, now I want a duck, too. Rat + duck + two cats = mayhem and not-good stuff.

    Cute posts today!!

  62. HEY everybody!!!!!!!!

    how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? HEY! a woodchuck could chuck all the wood if a woodchuck could chuck wood.
    … BEAT THAT!!!!

  63. Foo.
    Checked out every closet in the house, and no ducks in any of the shoes.
    Maybe I need more shoes?

  64. Yes, cute duck. But that boy is seriously cute enough for his own posts on C.O.! Take pictures of him sleeping on a the sink..and ‘tocks!

  65. Lookit that litle tush! All Martin needs is a blue gingham bow around her neck and she would fit right in with my mom’s collection of duck tchotchkes.

  66. so, when is she gonna start wearing (sleeping in) “duck martens?”

  67. Spookymuffins says:

    Ding dong! – double cute! I’m off to the shops to get myself one of those hot emo boy & little duckie combo packs. – Thank’s CO!

  68. avathebunny says:

    Yeah…i gotta add yet another comment about the boy. Nice pants, hottie!

  69. okaasan59 says:

    Prettiest duck I’ve ever seen.

  70. gravyboat says:

    It’s not a Martina it’s a Martini! And that yis hawt, too.

  71. Are you kidding? I can’t take it.

  72. Good lord that prosh boy is distracting!!!! Yummo!

    oh..sorry was there a duck in that pic?

  73. avathebunny says:

    He’s all blue and sillohetted by the sun. Like an angel!

  74. I can’t decide who is cuter- the duck, or the boy. I mean, the little yellow duckie is so fuzzy! But I would rather go out with the boy *sigh*

  75. Don’t be blue, emo boy! There’s concentrated sunshine on your shoulder.

  76. acelightning says:

    I love how the duckie is so bright yellow, with a pale pink beak, when she’s little and fluffy, and yet she’s pure white with a bright yellow beak when she’s all grown up. I love how the cute emo boy and the duckling are both dozing off together in the fourth picture. And I love how the duck seems to be holding her head and neck in the same position in the fourth picture and in the “all grown up” picture. (I wonder what the emo boy looks like now?)

  77. Can we start a new category? Dudes with ducks? It’s only fair, for the ladies.

  78. Sarah — let’s wait until we get an influx of photos featuring burly men holding roosters.

  79. I wish I was that duck…(daydreaming)

  80. Forget the gorgeous little duckie – that guy is cute! Hey, there should be a ‘cute guy’ thread…

  81. spookymuffins says:

    Oh my god – nice one Sarah. Let the ‘Dudes with ducks’ calender commence.

  82. Scoobsz21 says:

    Seriously, I can’t decide which is cuter–the duck or the boy! Boy get 10’s in my book :0)

  83. mmhm, the boy is even cuter than the duckling! you should have a cute boy category, methinks.