Meet “Lala” your personal shopper

I know, I know, TWO movies in a row today and you have a teeny tiny small modem connection! This is an awesome submishe. Check it out. “Lala” the penguin goes fish shopping in Japan. HOLY MACKEREL!

Arigato, Mark O.! 😉



  1. Jenn Jordan says:


  2. I want one for my house too!!

  3. Oh crap I remember this, but forget how I came to see it. Maybe I even saw it on Animal Planet originally. The best part is the LITTLE PENGUIN BACKPACK.

    ::: ded :::

  4. OMG. That is awesome.

  5. I want one! ;D so cute!

  6. OMG – a penguin with a penguin backpack! I needed this so much today….thank you, thank you, thankyou, oh thank you!

  7. useta hada kitteh says:

    I luvs pen-goo-ins!!! And a little Pingu backpack! I wants one. Now! (I luvs Pingu mostest of all…)

  8. nuh uh… that is not real..

  9. Lovelylisa_4 says:

    Omigod that is gorgeous.

    I’m gonna get me one o’ them

  10. useta hada kitteh says:

    …I hope you’re all familiar with Pingu. If not, check out for a cute (if animated) pen-goo-in!!! Obviously, this pengooin watches Pingu all the time, and begged his mommy for a Pingu backpack for when he goes shopping!

  11. However cute it may be… I can’t help but think of child labor laws only in penguin version…

  12. TreeDwellinGnome says:

    Oh he’s so cute! I want a penguin!

  13. Heather S – probably as with most non-cat animals the penguin is happy to have a job. Not to mention the tewtally awesome penguin bachelor pad. Fish for me, fish for you…

  14. OMG!!!!! THAT HAS GOT to be ABOUT the cutest darn thing I’ve EVER seen!! And a penquin backpack to boot! THANK YOU!! : )

  15. Yeah, saw this years ago. Was really nice to see it again. Very smart lil dude.

  16. Oh look at his lil feets flippa flopping along the pavement…..

  17. Heather S and Mouse — yer both silly in the head. This is OBVIOUSLY a fully-grown penguin. Penguin children are gray & fuzzy. (Heh.) I must say, though, that Lala doesn’t seem to be in any special *hurry* to get that fish back home. Tsk.

  18. this is even better than that March of the Penguins movie.

    (there are no bad birds, for one.)

  19. I had a moment of suspense thinking she wasn’t going to make it up that step into the sliding doors. How do they do that with those short-short legs?

  20. P.S. I think I may be becoming a robot. I had to really study those letters in the little gray box to make my last post before I worked them out.

  21. “What Lisa said”.
    The webbyfeet crack me up.

    Check out the “Galgh” moment!

    So, when is he going to flush the greenbeans down the toilet? (Extra points for Peeps who know that one)

  22. That is so adorable! The japanese win again in the cute department. I mean, a penguin with a plush penguin backpack going shopping? That’s a tough one to beat.

  23. This makes me want to run around like a three year old with a GIANT grin on my face yelling,”LOOKIT! LOOKIT! A PENGUIN! MOMMY, A PENGUIN WITH A BACKPACK!!! CAN I HAVE ONE MOMMY? CAN I? CAN I? PLEEEEEEEEZE MOMMY? PLEEEEEEEEEEZE?” Yup. A three year old. And in all reality, I’m a grad student. *sigh*

  24. Cat-astrophe says:

    I love when he swallows the fish – I always wonder how they get that really big fish into that little tiny throat. Amazing!

    And he goes shopping! If only I could train the cats…. (HA! Like that would ever happen!)

  25. On second thought… maybe I can get a penguin who will write my thesis for me. Just think of those leedle wingies tap tap tappin’ on the keyboard. How utterly awesome would that be???

  26. Cat-astrophe:
    “I always wonder how they get that really big fish into that little tiny throat.”

    practise, mon pet.

  27. I wonder when his family discovered he could do the fish shopping for them…gawd that’s cute. I hope he gets a girlfiend, then they could go shopping together. Props to his Japanese family!

  28. This is why we like Teh Finn.

  29. that is beyond fabulously cute!

  30. useta hada kitteh says:

    I wuz hopin’ those Pingu backpacks were still available, so I googled “Pingu backpack”. Guess they came out in the mid 1990s, and the only ones around are on ebay. Sigh. Anyway, this pengooin’s backpack is really cool! And so is the pengooin. Guess I’ve said that before… Oh well, I luvs pengooins. Could we have an all pengooin Wednesday, Meg?? Pleeeeze? I’ve been good…

  31. The backpack, the cute flippers–I think I’m going to pass out from cuteness.

  32. But… Meg says TWO movies today? Where’s the other movie? Am I blind?

  33. another student says:

    yeah, we can put a man on the moon, but there’s been NO progress in the thesis-writing-penguin department for years!!! The people demand progress!

  34. Could those packpacks be pen-gooin out of style?

    Regardless, this is o-fish-ially the most amazing thing I’ve seen in days.






    Final dying words: “A penguin…with a penguin backpack…”

  36. Psssttt… SarahR….I was wondering the same thing!

  37. Oh dear, the cuteness quotient of this made me de-lurk. Is there anything that penguins can’t do?! I think not.

  38. useta hada kitteh says:

    SarahR and musicchick2:

    Maybe Meg’s referring to the scuba-diving kitteh that suddenly showed up in between a couple of yesterday’s posts? I think maybe s/he’s supposed to be one of today’s posts.

  39. Lol.. I saw that movie on Animal Planet’s Amazing animal video’s months ago.. it’s STILL adorable.. And cute..hehe

  40. mc2 & SarahR, I think Meg’s referring to the “Unpossible!” post, which somehow wound up not just below this one, but sandwiched between two earlier posts earlier today. Look for it under Recent Posts on the right.

  41. OK, seriously.

    I have seen a lot of cute things, and my cuteness quotient has gone up immensely since finding Cute Overload.

    But this. THIS, is seriously, the best thing EVER posted on CO. It beats kitties, and for me, that’s saying a lot. I couldn’t stop laughing. And “awwwing”. Not only is Lala redonkulously cute with his penguin backpack, waddle, and fish shopping, but he has such a heartwarming story to boot. Bravo, Meg. I think we’ve been Overloaded.

  42. I’ve got penguin envy. 😉

  43. omygawt! I lurve it. That pengween is so cute, and obviously so happy to do his duty to get a feesh. I love how he chokes down that hyooge feesh!

    I’ve been frequenting this site way too much.

  44. omg, I missed the scuba diving kitteh below…
    Thanks for the tip!

  45. this is the sweetest thing i’ve ever seen. reminds me of evangelion!

  46. balsamicdragon says:

    Pengi-san, Pengi-san, Pengi-san, Pengi-san!!!

    Reminds me of Card Captor Sakura 🙂 But Evangelion works too!

  47. I could have sworn I’d seen this on CO before, but cut from a Japanese TV show instead of Animal Planet. Oh, well! It’s still awesome with awesome sauce! 😀

  48. I am sorry, but Dr. Cox must be channeled:

    Wrong Wrong Wrong Wrong

    Wrong Wrong Wrong Wrong

    Wrong Wrong Wrong Wrong

    Wrong Wrong Wrong Wrong

    You’re WRONG!

    You’re WRONG!

    Somehow my sensibilities were offended by Lala wearing a penguin backpack.

  49. OMG PENG1EZ!!!!

    SO cute.

  50. What a lucky family. And a penguin. I want a Pingu backpack, too!

  51. rpennefe – shouldn’t there be “Barbie” or another girl’s name in there?

  52. The backpack is just too too moishe. It is Pen Pen come to life.

    The Japanese are a strange and wonderous folk.

  53. Okay… first the swimming, scuba diving kitty and now the shopping penguin… I’m completely awestruck. I think I need a jack to pick my jaw up off the floor. Meg, don’t do that again – not one, but TWO unbelievable scenes in a row! W00t, indeed!

  54. RPennefe — …and yet oh so right

    Subhangi — [tsnerk]

    RJ —

  55. This is sooooooo cool! I want a pet pengiun too!

  56. I find it a little cruel and sad that this little guy is working for people and living alone in a dingy a/c’d room. Yeah, I’m SURE he wouldn’t rather be sliding into icy waters somewhere with his brethren!

  57. yeah, pny, he *looks* pretty upset. All that free fish and all. And petting. And his own personal room…

    Yup, I’d say that’s penguin exploitation right there, at its finest…

  58. I like the quick view of the pengie eyeball near the end of the video. Shiny!

  59. awww, i LOVE the Pingu backpack!

  60. Cute, cute, cute! I love the penguin backpack as well!

  61. OMG. That is TOO much!

    I wonder if he does other errands too? I think a penguin might make a very good butler. They already have the outfit, and they could carry your drinks or messages or whatever in their little penguin backpacks.

  62. midnightd says:

    I’m worried about the poor little guy getting squashed by a car!! Did you see how close he came?

    Totally adoreable, I will agree, but also very dangerous.

  63. eikoleigh says:

    That is the cutest little thing but I agree….I’m concerned he’s gonna get squished by a car too!

    Not as cute, but there all the same…..

  65. Omg, that’s too cute. I’m gonna die!

  66. Stephanie says:

    Gee thanks Meg, I nearly had a stroke when I saw the backpack! Seriously though, thank you…that made my month.


  68. That’s just so awesome! 😀

  69. Oh Oh oh ohoooooooh!!!! I had a migraine yesterday so I missed it, but why has no one mentioned Mr. Popper’s Penguins?!?!? One of my absolute favorite books when I was little. Um. And now.

  70. uhm, thank you, A Thinker, for explaining to me what penguins like. I had NO IDEA they liked being kept in a dingy air-conditioned room and getting squirted by a hose after shlepping fish on a tied-on backpack! All these years, I was under the impression penguins enjoyed freedom in icy waters among their own species! Silly me!

  71. Oh shush now. Nobody’s cracking a whip over that bird.

    Wah wah wah internets pissing and moaning.

  72. Did soooooomone *cough pny cough* miss the line where the narrator said “Lala refused to leave the family”? Now that is sad. A poor nuffer needs hearing aids.

  73. acelightning says:

    I have an online friend who is absolutely nuts about penguins. I don’t know whether she reads CO, but I sent her that video. It’s impossible not to laugh when you see a penguin! The “tuxedo”, the funny little wings, the beak, the flipflopping feet… I swear, it’s almost enough to make me learn Linux!

  74. OMG!!! No fair!! I want a penguin sooo bad!! They’re my favorite animals in the whole world! This is soooooo cute and his litte backpack ahh!

  75. Selianth? Hello? Have you ever heard of Stockholm Syndrome? Clearly, the penguin is sympathizing with his captor! This poor bird isn’t about to leave — he’s terrified!

  76. This video makes my heart melt. La La likes having a job to you and does it well at that!

  77. OMG. LOL. A penguin… with #&@%ing Stockholm Syndrome. ROTFLMAO.

    PNY, you’re a comic genius (or possibly deeply and clinically delusional).

  78. … >’<

    You said it, Teho. I can’t even get my brain cells around a critter with Stockholm Syndrome. I like cute just as much as the next overloader, but that takes personification a little too far. No animal will stay around someone their afraid of. Their instincts work better than ours, for one! And /begin sarcasm Lala looks terrified, yeah. Sure. /end sarcasm.

  79. And if I could remember how to type… that should be they’re afraid of, not their. (My editor father would disown me, so no one tell him pretty please? Not to mention the dangling participle. Shudder.)

  80. (OK, yes, I was taking my point to the extreme on the Stockholm Syndrome) But back to my original point? Can you kinda see how, er, INHUMANE it is keeping a pet penguin around to do your grocery shopping in exchange for a squirt of the hose and a long stay in your chilly cement bunker?

  81. PNY — don’t worry about the penguin. Penguins don’t take no $#!% from nobody.

  82. I cried at this! I love that penguin…

  83. ScarketLiberal says:

    How did this penquin learn or develop his shopping habit?
    It is such a wonderous thing to watch — thank you for sharing/taping this.
    Do the people in your town know LaLa and how can you trust that one of them won’t take him for their own when he’s out shopping? He’ so irresistible!

  84. Is that Terri Erwin narrating this video? What do you think? I love the penguin. He is so precious. Wish I had one.