Have you checked your pockets lately?

Um, ’cause you JUST MIGHT have a super prosh pocket pet in thar. Have you looked lately!? I think you should. Some rattles might’ve crawled in. And they MIGHT be munching on a morsel of something…with both hands.


"Rurrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" (rat purring)




They purr, right Sarah B.? ;)!



  1. Karen in Toronto says:

    Beady Eye Factor.

  2. Okay, I squee’d in my pants.

    At work.


  3. aaaaaakkk!!!! i had just sat down, but then i had to get up to make sure i didn’t have one lurking in my pockets!!!! (checks) nope, its all clear


  5. Please, may I find one of those in my pocket? Please?

  6. um… can someone please explain the use of “ponies” and “11”, “eleven” or even “111” as a sign of extreme squeedom? i guess i’m new…

  7. Are you sure these are the same guy. The one on top seems to have perfectly manicured fingers while the one on the bottom in the pink seems to have some SERIOUS tangles in his whiskers. Which twetally doesn’t detract from his muzzlepuff but all the same.

    Same ratty?! Or different rattys?!?! That is the question.

  8. omg are you kidding? I tooootally want that in my pocket

  9. oh, and intense squee-diddles to the homie rattles with the wee gnome-hands…

  10. Susie — that might just be the rodent equivalent of Bed Head.

  11. definitly three rats – one white muzzle puff, two not, and one wrangle-whisker.
    three different pockets too.

    so says i phi

  12. If you put a bunch of exclamation marks in a row sometimes you’ll accidentally put the number 1 in between your marks. Thus the 1s, the eleven is just leet speak takin it to a whole new ridiculous level. It’s supposed to be funny. I’m fairly sure that ponies is an alteration of pwned. Which is more leet speak stuff. See it started off owned, but the p and the o are so close to each other on the keyboard that it turned into powned.

  13. Theo in that case let’s get that last guy a hairbrush!

  14. That is one serious manicure on dat li’l guy! All he needs is the red polish, the up-do, the heels and the fancy dress and he’ll be ready for the prom! Rodents usually don’t do it for me, but hafta say, this guy rocks!


  16. Simpson O'Brien says:


  17. huh. now i knpw!

  18. useta hada kitteh says:

    iphi and Susie — there’s a discussion of OMG PON1ES!!!!1!! on the post about the newest bumper stickers that might help you. involves Pon1es, which can pwn you, but sometimes they just horse around…

    as for dis pic: ratses in de pocketses is cute!! I didn’t even used to like ratses and meeses, and what are you doing to me, CO????

    OMG RATS1ES!!!!1!!!1!!

  19. Looks like it’s two Zuli pix (blue pocket) and one Jema (pink pocket). Equals a great way to end my workday, folks! love ’em!!!!!!!!!

  20. Lol I think Theo got a little overwhelmed. Perhaps he’s met his match!??!? Mwahahahha.

  21. teratomarty says:

    Uh, I know that cutie is in the eye of the beholder, but if I found a rat in *my* pocket, I would flip my sh!t, and not in a good way.

  22. Love the subtle smoky color.

  23. Speaking of pow1es. I vote that we have legit pony posts soon. Any1?

  24. Theo I’m in love with that pic that you left. I’m leavin it on my bf’s myspace right now.

  25. Don’t know if I’d want one in my pocket but, these little gray cuties are too much!

  26. you guys r silly says:

    pleeeeeeeeeeeease let a precious teeny wee morsel-munching rattie be in my pocket when I look there…
    plllllllllllllleeeeeeease oh please oh please…..

  27. Ratties!
    Look at those perfect fingers–and those cute little eyes!!

    I want one in my pocket to pet ever so gently on it’s widdle head.

  28. Susie — re: rodentfight2.jpg
    I found the pic on IRCimages; the speech bubbles are mine.

  29. Theo,
    genius, and I’ll be sure to give you credit when I repost it. 😉

  30. onionpencil musashi says:

    rex rats have funky whiskers…

  31. Rats don’t exactly purr, but they do brux – they grind their teeth together when they’re content, and occasionally when they’re stressed. It does sound a bit like purring.

    The little fellow in the bottom picture obviosuly has a bit of rex blood in him, which is what makes his whiskers curly.

  32. OMGz no way. Those are curls!?!? How freakin’ adorable! Now I want one.

  33. awwwww…..this makes me miss my ratties….too bad thay don’t live longer than they do!

  34. Another Angela says:

    And when super relaxed and happy, they both brux and boggle–which is partially popping their eyeballs and and out of their sockets.

  35. BenPanced says:

    That first looks like he’s just woken up from a nap and is having a nibble. Looks all warm and cozy.

  36. Oooooh, shiny silver fur! And curly whiskers! I wants it!

    Oh wait, I have 5 ratties of my own I can stuff in various pockets. *squee!*

  37. i gotta say, popping eyeballs in and out of sockets sounds kinda weird..
    dunno if *that* would be qte…
    but these guyses sure are!

  38. OK… I MUST check my pockets before doing laundry now, I won’t be able to start the cycle ever again otherwise!

  39. OK, I’ve always thought having a pet rat was kinda icky, but I have to admit this little guy (girl?)is awfully cute. The widdo hands!! And the widdo velvet ears! I wanna feel dose earses in my mouf. Ya’ know…the velvety goodness. So sweet!

    Btw, um, I looked at the C.O. Glossary and, um, this isn’t there so….can someone PLEASE explain to me what PONIES!11! means?? I’m a regular and I don’t know! *hanging head in shame*

  40. Oops… I shoulda read all da posts furst. I gets it. Kinda.. *scratches head*

  41. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Darn, I’m not wearing pockets today! [pouts]
    That second picture is just too sweet! Awww…

  42. Aww! The rexy one has fuzzy ears! Hee!

  43. I think the use of “OMG Ponies!!!” was popularized on April Fools Day, when Slashdot changed their front page to pink and linked to Cute Overload and had various childishly cute phrases. Ponies of course, are an object of desire for 7 year old girls everywhere.

  44. What’s up with rattie in pic #3’s whiskas? I’ve never seen curly whiskas or furry rat ears. It’s like this rat comes with built-in earmuffs!

  45. I’m jumping too many bridges on this one but, I wonder if any curly-whiskered Rex Rat owners name their ratties, “Shirley Templeton”.
    Ow, that hurt me.

  46. Shirley Templeton! Ha!

    Love the teeny paws and teeny claws and dreamy expression!

  47. “…Ponies of course, are an object of desire for 7 year old girls everywhere.”
    Errata, I’m a few times 7, and I STILL want a pony. It’s my cats who want a rattie, but they’re getting a new sister, or more if my resistance is low. Rescued animals shouldn’t have to be re-rescued, but this time it’s nobody’s fault. I’m off to donate & help these: http://www.jacksonville.com/tu-online/stories/011707/neR_7283609.shtml

  48. useta hada kitteh says:

    Good for you, Jesserakitty! I’m sure the sister or more that your kitties get will have a wonderful home! Yay for you!

  49. I’d say it’s time to put “rurrr” (rat purring) into the CO Glossary.

  50. StephanieD says:

    When ratties are happy, they grind their teeth together- it’s called bruxxing and it’s a lot like cat purring. But they’re more like dogs than cats, so when they’re happy and excited they’ll brux faster like a dog wags it’s tail faster. So the fun thing to do is to get them happy enough they brux really fast- which creates a vacuum in the sinus passages and makes their eyes bulge in and out a bit. That’s eye boggling and yes, it’s disconcerting if you’re a non-rat owner because one minute you have this tiny, happy ball of fluff and the next their eyes look like they’re going to fall out. But once you know what it is, well, then it’s all good.

  51. Lookit that velvety face! MUST…STROKE…EET!

  52. michellemybelle says:

    I need to beep the nosicles.

  53. Thanks for remembering me to check my pocket! Indeed i received a great present!
    Feel like X-mas!!!!!

  54. Couldn’t help myself. Had to check pockets. Alas, I found nothing.

  55. Is that a rat in your pocket . . . or are ya just glad to see me!?

  56. PLEASE…I BEG YOU…What does PONIES!11! mean? It’s not in the “Cuteloverload Glossary”


  57. The top picture looks exactly like lord palpatine rat. Search your feelings. You know it to be true.

  58. Theo, maybe it’s time to put PON1ES!!1 in the glossary…

    But the rattehs – it’s the teeny ears that get me every time!

  59. re: OMG PONIES!!!1`1!!11cheezwhiz!!!!1!
    …it’s a Slashdot-ism that’s leaked into Cute Overload. It’s just meant to mock over-excited net rats (er, younglings with AOL Instant Messenger).

  60. Awww! Those are the cutest little things I’ve seen in awhile. Teeny-tiny hands! XD

    Makes me miss my own little ratty. It’s a pity they don’t live longer, but any rat owner who’s seen the boggling knows their rats are awfully happy while they’re here. 🙂

  61. Stephanie Dang says:

    although the animals are cute – the stuff/captions you write are so damn lame.

    and writing “!11!!eleven” is NOT FUNNY, nor was it ever, and it’s for stupid lil kidiots. so everyone, please stop embarrassing yourselves.

    cute rats though

  62. AuntieMame says:

    although the animals are cute – the bitching and moaning in the comments is so damn lame.

    and writing “it’s NOT FUNNY” is NOT FUNNY, nor was it ever, and it’s for stupid lil trolls. so everyone, please stop embarrassing yourselves.

  63. I have pet Rats & when they are very happy & content they purr but it is called “Bruxing” because they make a sound while grinding their teeth.

  64. I would like to embarrass myself:

    *burst of very bad tapdancing*

    Thank you. I’ll be here all week.

  65. [enthusiastic clapping for suda]

  66. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    [points at laughs at suda nim]

    /just giving ya a hard time..

  67. Suda Nimble Toes !!!

    Gettin’ jiggety wid it!

  68. All together now:


  69. i don’t know about purring, but research has shown that rats giggle when they’re tickled 🙂 the giggling sounds are different than bruxxing, since the sounds are actually vocalizations.

    like any good nerd, i’ve cited some sources:

  70. The PAWS, people! They’re like little hands!

    Sooooo qte.

  71. I just wish I could have rats, but alas, my little carnivorous friends would be a little *too* happy about it I think. 😦

    And, I’m not sure anyone here knows the actual origin of the ponies thing, unlike the 11!! which is easy to figure out. I’ve seen it elsewhere too, maybe it doesn’t really have a literal translation.

  72. mc2, ratties make the best pets ever!

    The only bad thing is they don’t live long enough. 😦


  73. How about a little of the ol’ Soft Suda?

    “I new mouse named Jingles and he rolled a spool…”

  74. Take a Walk on the Suda side,
    da doo
    da doo
    da doo da doo doo da doo da doo
    da doo da da doo da doo da doo”

    Louda Reed

  75. *checks pockets* DARN IT. I don’t have one…

  76. Beautiful little rat – I love the curly whiskers. I wish I could have rodents, but with two cats it doesn’t sound like a good plan…

    (Also, Stephanie Dang, it IS Meg’s page, and she writes her captions as she pleases.)

  77. My rattie won’t go into pockets, but she purrs even better than that. After that pic, I want to double check my pockets for her though 😉

  78. Lauri…. yeah but, like the hammies, I think my kitties would like a rat a little TOO much, if ya know whadImean. With the hammies there’s the awe inspiring habitrail condos you can create, but… I don’t even know ‘nuttin ’bout rat raisin’. The cats would be FOREVER alert and the rodents would always be fearin’ fo’ their lives. No fun fo’ dem. 😦

  79. Oh my goodness, so cute!

  80. I have often found that domestic rats are, perhaps. the most charming of little creatures.

    Inquisitive, friendly, enjoying interacting with humans.

    What’s not to love about them?

  81. Is that the same rat in the red pocket as in the black pockets? I’m not seeing the same whisker curlage in the black pocketed rat.

    I’m also nitpicking…looong day at work…:)

  82. Yea Stephanie Dang: I think that Meg has a right to post whatever she wants on her site mmk? What’s your problem anyway. I don’t see you having a site like cuteoverload. We’re all “supposed” to be at least a bit friendly here dontcha think.

  83. oh ratties! so cute. my two don’t like pockets either, but they do like snuffling in my ear 🙂 the vet i take them to has said in the past that she recommends rats over guinea pigs and rabbits as pets for kids (we don’t get hammies in Australia).

  84. Squeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So. Darned. Cute! I want a rattie!


    Sorry…I just had some serious CO!

  86. My four girl ratties are staring at me from their hammock in the cage…they’re not big on staying in pockets, though. When they’re loose, they run and run and run and run…

    You can keep rats and cats in the same house. Just not necessarily loose in the same room. We have two very good hunter cats, and our four rat babies, and we’re all fine!

  87. Oh I miss my rats sooooo much!!! I loved it when they would tunnel through my sleeves and pop out of my collar or sit in the hood of my sweatshirt.

    No, rats definitely do not live long enough :(((

  88. *looks in pockets*

    *is sad to find no ratties there*

  89. Theo how did it come about that you’re managing the glossary page? I know you’re a frequent commenter (duh) but is that the beginning and end of it?

  90. I found your blog by accident but I love it!!!! I have recommend to other people including my daughter. My little granddaughter would love it.

  91. lil’ bit late to the squee party, but…*squeeeeee* anyway 🙂 What sweet, comfy little ratties! I’m starting to think rattie snoots are almost as cute as puppy snoots!

  92. constance says:

    Dang. I just checked. No ratties 😦

    My pockets suck.

  93. SQUEEEE!!! Those widdle pink paws! That leetle fuzzy grey head! The whiskers!!! My head just ex/im ploded.

    How is it that I squee at a rat on CuteOverload and then screech when I spot one behind my computer in the college lab?

    Susie – Theo is TEH MOD. ‘Splains the glossaritude.

  94. This mouse is so cute!

  95. Another Angela says:

    For anyone who is still with us, here is my special selection of boggling links!


    takes long to load, and you have to wait til the end

  96. Another Angela says:

    Mouse!? Exsqueak me?

  97. Another Angela says:

    Fancy rats come in more colors than you can shake a stick at! http://www.hawthorn.org.uk/varieties.asp

  98. elizabells says:

    De first one makes me think of the Secret of Nimh. I think it’s the little handsies.

    Stephanie, do you go to other people’s houses and tell them how much you hate their wallpaper and could they maybe stop cooking so much spaghetti because you think it’s stupid?

  99. Elizabeth says:

    the first one looks like a sith-rat

  100. soooooooooooooooofuckingcute!!!!

  101. I LOVE those little fingers – they’re too cute!

  102. Sub, I always thought T. was a mocker.

  103. luckycliff says:

    Theo is Megasilly’s partner in mischief and actually their relationship remains unexplained, and is kind of mysterious…. speculation abounds about a shadowy mad genius who is the real driving force behind their attempts to take over the world one asploding squee at a time….

  104. Positive Jube says:

    i have seriously just died from cute……..

  105. Rats don’t purr, they brux and boggle and a few of them will waggle their tails when you stroke their forehead just right.

    For those wondering, these are 3 different ratties … notice the ear position. The one in the middle is a “dumbo” (yes like the cartoon character) while the others are standard ear and the third one is rex that his has wavy / curly fur and whiskers.

  106. RKEM, rex isn’t an ear type, there’s top earred, standard and dumbo. Rex traits just give the lil guys curly whiskers and curly fur sometimes too. These little ratlets are adorable. 😀 Don’t like the sound of all these singular “my rat” without the s’s though, everyone should know rats should never be kept alone! 😦

  107. chumblefuzz says:

    rats are adorable. As a long time skeptic on the possible cuteness of rats as pets, I must attest – once you’ve had rats, you’re doomed to have rats forever. They have so much personality. Tiny pocket puppies. And very clean! (they clean themselves as much/more than cats do.)

  108. OMG RATTIES!!!1


  109. Wow I needed this. And the comments, too. I shouldn’t be up for another hour and a half, but a raccoon just got two of my chickens and sleep is pretty much out for me. The real irony, though, is that raccoon was beautiful. Perfect markings, plump, healthy shape…

    This my friends, is why you don’t feed raccoons. They associate your backyard with food.

    Anyway, thanks to all the commenters and to Meg for brightening my spirits 🙂

  110. Would this be a case of “I’m in ur pocket, usin ur curling tongs, stylin mah whiskers”? It *looks* right, but then, I sort of always think of rats as having a firm grasp of standard English and disdaining netspeak at all times.

    Or is that just me?

  111. PS – Net*squeak*, obviously.

  112. yes, Kat, i think it’s really important that people realize that ratties need cagemates with whom to wrestle and to curl up in a sweepy wittle rattie-ball.

    yay rattiepics! tiny handses! i’m feeling pretty bruxxy myself now.

  113. R. Moore — sorry to hear about your chickens. Amazed that you still have regard for the raccoon. Good on ya.

  114. Two of my favorite coffee mugs at home have rats on them. Pics, not the real thing! 😉

  115. forgot my other comment! as far as rats being clean, i always thought that rodents like mice and rats are health hazards because they have no control over their urination, etc? comments?

  116. Kat, I know rex is not an ear type, guess my comment lent itself to confusion. I rarely describe rats as “top eared … something something” … it’s sort of the default for me.

    Not many people know that rats need buddies and sometimes (as in my case), a strain of antibiotic-resistant myco forces me to let my colony die off and I am currently left with one rat.

  117. useta hada kitteh says:

    MC2 — you said somethin’ way up there about rat raisin’… I don’t think I’d like rat raisins. I’m just sayin’.

    This is a very intrustin’ and edumactional site, I gotta say. I never knew all this stuff about ratses before. I’m starting to think they’re kinda cool — the pet ones, that is. The wild ones, on the loose, still freak me out. Bigtime.

    But dis, er, dese ratties is ubercute!

  118. I used to babysit a friend’s rats. He had the only agoraphobic rat I’ve ever met. If you opened the cage door, it would not try to escape. If you took it out of the cage, it would head right back in. And if there was no cage available, it would climb up you for some shoulder-sitting or pocket-nesting time!

    Ah… the joys of having a rat sitting on your shoulder, hiding under your hair. He also would lick your nose in a little rattie kiss.

  119. karen – in my experience, most rats can actually be cage-trained, and even prefer to relieve themselves their cage if it is accessible. maybe they feel safer there; less chance of some predator sneaking up on them while they’re busy squatting.

    just like with other pets, you certainly want to avoid coming in contact with their – ahem – “leavings”, and wash up after cleaning the cage. but, as long as your domestic rats are healthy and aren’t playing with the sewer-dwellering (just like you wouldn’t want your dog hanging out with coyotes), they don’t have any inherent means of making you sick.

    i’m sure other rat-lovers have additional input. it’s always a pleasure to help introduce people to these delightful little critters. truly, the only major drawback is the short life span – because you WILL become attached! 😦

  120. Karen, that whole “no control over urination” is not true. Rats can and will select an area to relieve themselves. When my rattie man is out and about in the living room, he will actually go back in his cage to use his litter pan and if you’re holding him he will wiggle and try to leave to get back to his cage.

    However, rats do like to “scent mark” that which they consider cool, good tasting, important, their property, including their humans and other rats. They will often leave one drop of pee on your skin as they walk by. It’s acutally a sort of compliment and from the amount that has been on my skin throughout the years, I can say that either it’s not toxic or you just build a tolerance to it.

    When kept in a healthy environment and given enough space, rats are surprisingly clean animals and their urine smells a lot less than that of mice.

  121. anner and rkem: thanks for the posts, those were very illuminating. next question is, how are domesticated rats related to the “wild ones”?

  122. oh boy, karen, you’ve really got me started now. as i am just a lowly dork (not an exhalted nerd) i will not be siting my sources, as i can’t remember all of them anyway. also, i’m not a scientist by any stretch, so i hope i get this right for the most part.

    ANYWAY, domestic rats, like the wild rats – brown rats – that we know as vermin, are of the species “rattus norvegicus,” which migrated from asia to europe on trade ships in the middle ages (spreading the plague via fleas) and later to North America on german mercenary ships during the revolutionary war. they were so adaptable, proliferate, and aggressive, they all but edged out “rattus rattus,” known as the black rat or roof rat, everywhere they went.

    their adaptability and intellegence also made them ideal labaratory test subjects, and as they began to be bred to be more handle-able, people started keeping them as pets, and breeding them not only for personality but for physical traits like coat, color and markings, coat type, eye color and even taillessnes, among other things.

    so, to answer your question, they are pretty much the same as wild rats, but bred from generations of other relatively healthy (although many develop a pesky repiratory infection called mycoplasmosis, which cannot be spread to humans) domestics and usually socialized from birth.

    so that we (i) stop expounding too much on this thread, here are some sources for further info:

    yay ratties!

  123. awwwww.. my rattie girl is asleep on muh feets right now.
    When i first got her, no one could wrap their heads around the fact that being dripped on by a rat is a compliment. or that she was litterbox trained! i’ve had her about a year and a half now, and i couldn’t ask for a better companion. A few words of advice if you are considering getting one of these cuties as a pet. First off, they need companionship. If you dont have tons and tons of time to spend with your ratty, get two so they can keep eachother company. Another thing is to consider spaying or neutering you rat- it can help cut down on tumors (because most fancy rats were bred from lab rats, they have a tendancy to get cancer and tumors). Also, the cleaner and bigger the cage, the happier and healthier your rat will be. Lastly.. rat snot is red. don’t be disturbed if you see a bit around thier noses, its not blood, just rat sneeze! too much, however, is a bad sign, and your rat needs to see a small animals vet because it most likely is indicative of chest infection.

  124. chumblefuzz says:

    Another note on ratties as pets – if you’re looking for an energetic little minx that will amuse you for days with antics and mischeif, get a female. If you’re looking for a big soggy lap rat to bet and kiss on, get a male. While there are exceptions, males tend to be more laid back, where as females are “on the go, on the go” all the time.

  125. GreenEyedHawk says:

    Once again, I loudly protest the illegality of having rats as pets in Alberta. I want one!!

  126. now it is i who has a question. my rattie girls have been staying with my mom for a long time (long story) and the pee-mark all over her and her furniture. but they never do that to me, or on my watch. i thought it meant i was the alpha rat. are you telling me they just like Grammy WAAAAAYYYY better? please no!

  127. While I have never found rats to be cute, I will admit that after looking at these pics I now think that they have the potential for cuteness.

    Having said that, Awwwww, he likes his head scratched 🙂

  128. I looked in my sweatshirt and found ratties!! YEAH for ratties!
    Check out my URL:

  129. To the Peeps with pet rats: Impressive. Inspirational. Eloquent. Endearing!
    Me hearties.

  130. piscespixie, that blue with the face blaze is adorable!!

    And yayy for everyone here working to bring more rat lovers into the fold. They can’t be beat as pets, IMO! Cute, cuddly, friendly, clean, intelligent and companionable.

    Time to go feed my girls some yogies!

  131. Another Angela says:

    Seems there are several rat slaves here at CO! I have five boys and it is true–once you have them, you can’t live without them. Domestication of the Norway Rat has allowed them to bloom into highly intelligent, friendly, human socialized companions that are nothing like wild rats in terms of behavior. It’s great to see them get some good PR on CO! Squee!

  132. acelightning says:

    Darnit, I’m not wearing a single item of clothing that has pockets!

  133. Okay, I’m offically convinced.

    I want a rat.

    Now…how to convince The Husband…

  134. AceLightning — do you mind if I fix your comment? It’s three words too long.

  135. layla42 – Just show hubby the pics here, and have him read the comments. If he’s at all an animal lover, he’ll be won over as well! Just keep in mind, if you get his approval, I’d highly recommend you get TWO rats, two boys or two girls. Ratties are highly social creatures, and *need* to be with buddies during the time you won’t be spending with them.

    Good luck!

  136. Back in high school, one of my girlfriends had six pet rats. We would sometimes take them to school, tucked happily in our pockets or the hoods of our sweatshirts. lol…nothing makes a 2 hour exam pass faster than a happy little rat snuggled in your shirt.

  137. And to add to what Pam said, make sure you do lots of research! 😀 Most people don’t realise the fact that you should never keep rats on wood shavings, they’re highly sensitive to the dust and the smells on it (can’t think what they’re called!), and the cage needs to be huuuge. 🙂 I do realise that the chances are you weren’t being altogether serious about getting rats. But so many people are clueless about how they should be kept, so I get a bit overkeen! 😥

  138. Laurie C:

    Thanks, I’m doing better than the family… And when I was able to scare off the raccoon again last night BEFORE he (or she) got to the chickens I felt MUCH better 🙂

  139. acelightning says:

    Theo – this may be TMI, but if you did, it would be true 😉 (Unless you count my Birkenstocks.)

  140. Actually, rats do purr! They do what’s called brusking, a faint clicking, rubbing kind of a sound with their teeth that’s actually very soothing. 🙂 Only done when relaxed and happy, just like a purr. 🙂 Rurrrurrrurr works 😉 Rats front teeth continue to grow throughout their lives, so they do a little manual wearing down at times to keep them trim and pretty (and functional!) 🙂

  141. They are two different ratties, sisters. Zulie is the Russian Silver, Jema is the Russian Blue Rex (all crinkly wiskers) if you all would like to see more pics, click the URL thingy, or: http://s7.photobucket.com/albums/y266/wldkiwi274/Ratty/

    I take LOTS of pics, cause they are so dang cute!!

  142. Oh, and I forgot to mention, yes, Zulie is a dumbo, and Jema is a top-ear.

  143. I checked my pockets… And this is what I found!