No way, José!

Sendère-Innère Barbara R. has GOT to be jokingks.



  1. NO WAY!!!

  2. I’ve watched this site for nearly a year and haven’t commented until now.

    This video blew me away – it’s safe to say I’m pretty much impressed. I’d love to see my calico go anywhere near water, let alone scuba dive…

  3. That is effing awesome!!

  4. Only 3 comments (4 now) this post deserves more than that!

    As a scuba diver living in a landlocked state, I just have to say I’m so wanting to be this kitty right now!

  5. That is the most awesome cat ever! She’s a chubby little cutie pie too

    This is my first post ever btw and all it took was a cat in a scuba suit!!

  6. i love mr. hawkeye is like ” hey, u put me, a cat, into water in a giant THINGIE and you expect *me* to do the swomming? NO!!! i’m just gonna sit here with my legs stuck out and wait for you to push me… and cameraman?? the other side’s my good side, thnx

  7. That it just mean. Poor cat.

  8. now THERE’S a cat i could hang with.

    bet it drinks Jameson too.

  9. The kitteh might be bigger than the dog!

    I think the cat “enjoying” the scuba diving might be up for debate. He (in typical kitteh fashion) might just be binding his time before retribution. I

  10. That’s just ridiculous. Ridiculous I say!

  11. blueberries4me says:

    How did I miss this yesterday? This is too friggin awesome and totally brightened up my morning. Interspecies love, bay-bee!

  12. I think there are so few comments because this video left people *speechless*. Truly amazing.

  13. Blue4Me — I think there might’ve been a posting irregularity. I “missed” it too.

  14. There are so few comments because this video was not available yesterday.

    Odd how it’s “sandwiched” between pre-existing photos.

    Anyway, I’d bet this cat is loving his hefty dose of oxygen more than loving being under water.

    I’m of the opinion that this borders on cruelty…dog included!

  15. What would Darwin do?

  16. This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. When they suddenly showed the scuba dog, I totally lost it.

    I think some pets enjoy our company so much that they’ll wear a goofy contraption and go underwater, just to hang out with us (although they both enjoyed swimming in the pool, so who knows).

  17. Deb — normally scuba tanks don’t contain pure oxygen; it’s regular air (unless it’s a highly specialized helium-oxygen mix for reeeeeally deep dives). And from the vid, it looks like this particular cat’s quite happy to go swimming, with or without the gear.

  18. Heehee! I think it’s a timestamp mistake. This is brilliant! I have never seen such a supremely laid-back kitty. What’s next, rock climbing with Hawkeye? Shooting rapids with Hawkeye? Skiing with Hawkeye? I think this cat would be up for anything.

  19. I’d be up for a tandem skydive.

  20. YAY!!!

  21. I love the footage of the kitteh and pooch swimming beside each other. What a hoot!

    Cats are usually pretty vocal when they don’t like something. I actually don’t think hawkeye minds this. How hilarious.

    and yes, I think he’s probably cool with bungee jumping, snorkling or going on big roller coasters so long as the pupsters goes with.

  22. Figures it’s a calico! Mine has the same chutzpah and unpredictability, they are a wild bunch indeed!

  23. Ohhhh my head already aches from the nuffing that may ensue. *I* see the humor but, sadly, it is terribly true that some pet owners will take these ideas, of rafting, skydiving, etc. seriously. And most of the pet owners will not be smart enough to do it right.

  24. Wow… just watched the whole vid. That is one relaxed cat (AND dog).

  25. this is so surreal…i think there are few posts b/c it is so perplexing!

    ‘She’s a chubby little cutie pie too’



    I made that video! Or rather, I am the one who painstakingly captioned it for my deaf friends, and then uploaded it to Google Video. Nice to see the captions are still there when it’s embedded, too.

    Being on CO is an awesome birthday present – mine is tomorrow. 🙂

  28. chunkstyle says:

    Wow, i wonder if kitty gets frustrated if it sees fish swimming past 🙂
    So amazing!!!

  29. My cat never scuba dived, but he used to jump in the pool with me. He didn’t like water though…he was just that desperate for attention!

    Not that I didn’t give him LOTS AND LOTS of atention. He was just a needy kitty.

  30. violetgreen says:

    OK, maybe I’m projecting here because I have a phobia of being underwater but…how much choice did these animals have? Lucky for them they don’t intellectualize as we do, so they don’t panic in this situation…I would intellectualize and I would panic, so it’s hard to watch…

  31. Well, I’d imagine that after the first attempt, if Hawkeye really hated it, his owned would have a HELL of a time getting him back into that contraption! So I’m of the opinion that he likes diving. The swimming alone had me gaping! Such a big, fluffy, CUTE kitteh!!!

  32. Yeeps…
    …Meg musta re-posted this, or maybe TypePad barfed. Wish I knew how to move a batch of comments from one post to another (duplicate).

  33. OK, tell ya what… I’ll close the comments on THIS version, and everybody go comment at the NEW version. Okey dokes?